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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Baltimore,MD
Team Record:  63-49   .562
Result:   2nd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Johnny Oates
General Manager:   Roland Hemond
Stadium:  Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Attendance:  2,535,359
Payroll:  $37,669,769
Playoffs:  -

Baltimore Orioles affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Lonnie Smith (38)
Youngest Player:  Armando Benitez (21)
Longest Tenure:  Cal Ripken (14)
Top Hitter:  Rafael Palmeiro (11)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Mussina (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Tommy Davis (#54)

Roster Continuity:  66.29%
Top Prospect:   Jeff Hammonds
American League Standings
NY Yankees7043.619--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04vs KCA1W  6-31-0147,549 Mike MussinaKevin AppierMike MussinaKevin AppierLee Smith633
1994-04-06vs KCA2W  4-22-0144,778 Ben McDonaldDavid ConeBen McDonaldDavid ConeLee Smith1055
1994-04-08vs TEX3L  5-72-1447,252 Jamie MoyerJack ArmstrongJay HowellMark EichhornTom Henke15123
1994-04-09vs TEX4W  7-53-1347,225 Mike MussinaKevin BrownMike MussinaKevin BrownLee Smith22175
1994-04-10vs TEX5L  7-83-2346,469 Arthur RhodesRick HellingJay HowellArthur RhodesTom Henke29254
1994-04-11@ DET6W  7-44-2350,314Ben McDonaldTim BelcherBen McDonaldTim Belcher 36297
1994-04-13@ DET7L  3-64-3310,251Jamie MoyerJohn DohertyJohn DohertyJamie MoyerMike Henneman39354
1994-04-14@ DET8W  3-15-3211,243Mike MussinaMike MooreMike MussinaMike MooreLee Smith42366
1994-04-15@ TEX9L  3-85-4237,760Arthur RhodesRick HellingRick HellingArthur Rhodes 45441
1994-04-16@ TEX10W  6-46-4246,607Ben McDonaldKenny RogersBen McDonaldRick HoneycuttLee Smith51483
1994-04-17@ TEX11W  6-57-4129,228Sid FernandezJack ArmstrongMark WilliamsonJack ArmstrongLee Smith57534
1994-04-19vs CAL12W  4-38-4143,876 Jamie MoyerPhil LeftwichJamie MoyerPhil LeftwichLee Smith61565
1994-04-20vs CAL13L  2-88-5345,851 Mike MussinaMark LeiterMark LeiterMike Mussina 6364-1
1994-04-21vs CAL14L  8-118-634,585 Arthur RhodesBrian AndersonBrian AndersonArthur Rhodes 7175-4
1994-04-22vs SEA15W  6-49-6347,051 Ben McDonaldDave FlemingBen McDonaldDave FlemingLee Smith7779-2
1994-04-23vs SEA16W  4-310-6345,059 Sid FernandezRoger SalkeldJim PooleBobby ThigpenLee Smith8182-1
1994-04-24vs SEA17L  6-710-7446,640 Jamie MoyerGreg HibbardJohn CummingsBrad PenningtonBobby Ayala8789-2
1994-04-25vs OAK18W  8-611-7446,941 Mike MussinaSteve KarsayMike MussinaJohn BriscoeLee Smith95950
1994-04-26vs OAK19W  10-412-7347,565 Arthur RhodesBobby WittArthur RhodesBobby Witt 105996
1994-04-27@ CAL20W  13-113-7220,569Ben McDonaldChuck FinleyBen McDonaldChuck Finley 11810018
1994-04-28@ CAL21W  4-214-7216,415Sid FernandezJohn DopsonSid FernandezJohn DopsonLee Smith12210220
1994-04-29@ SEA22L  4-514-8221,203Jamie MoyerGreg HibbardBill RisleyAlan MillsBobby Ayala12610719
1994-04-30@ SEA23W  6-415-8250,006Mike MussinaRandy JohnsonMike MussinaRandy JohnsonLee Smith13211121
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01@ SEA24L  0-615-9220,962Arthur RhodesChris BosioChris BosioArthur Rhodes 13211715
1994-05-03@ OAK25W  9-116-9212,762Ben McDonaldRon DarlingBen McDonaldRon Darling 14111823
1994-05-04@ OAK26W  4-317-9210,399Sid FernandezTodd Van PoppelLee SmithDennis EckersleyMark Williamson14512124
1994-05-06vs CLE27L  2-417-10247,508 Mike MussinaDennis MartinezDennis MartinezAlan Mills 14712522
1994-05-08vs CLE28W  8-618-10347,345 Ben McDonaldMark ClarkBen McDonaldMark ClarkLee Smith15513124
1994-05-09vs TOR29W  4-119-10247,369 Sid FernandezAl LeiterSid FernandezAl LeiterLee Smith15913227
1994-05-10vs TOR30W  6-320-10247,194 Jamie MoyerJuan GuzmanMike OquistJuan GuzmanLee Smith16513530
1994-05-11vs TOR31W  4-121-10247,386 Mike MussinaTodd StottlemyreMike MussinaTodd Stottlemyre 16913633
1994-05-13@ MIN32L  1-421-11317,898Ben McDonaldPat MahomesPat MahomesBen McDonaldLarry Casian17014030
1994-05-14@ MIN33L  5-821-12325,223Sid FernandezScott EricksonScott EricksonSid FernandezCarl Willis17514827
1994-05-15@ MIN34L  2-521-13314,254Jamie MoyerKevin TapaniKevin TapaniJamie Moyer 17715324
1994-05-17vs BOS35W  3-222-13347,420 Mike MussinaRoger ClemensMike MussinaRoger ClemensLee Smith18015525
1994-05-18vs BOS36L  2-522-14347,612 Ben McDonaldAaron SeleAaron SeleBen McDonald 18216022
1994-05-19vs BOS37L  2-322-15347,467 Sid FernandezDanny DarwinDanny DarwinSid FernandezJeff Russell18416321
1994-05-20@ NYA38L  1-522-16328,953Jamie MoyerJim AbbottJim AbbottJamie Moyer 18516817
1994-05-21@ NYA39L  4-522-17342,105Arthur RhodesMelido PerezMelido PerezArthur RhodesSteve Howe18917316
1994-05-22@ NYA40W  6-523-17339,865Mike MussinaJimmy KeyMark WilliamsonXavier HernandezLee Smith19517817
1994-05-23@ MIL41W  5-324-17310,849Ben McDonaldRicky BonesBen McDonaldRicky BonesLee Smith20018119
1994-05-24@ MIL42W  13-525-17312,420Sid FernandezTeddy HigueraMark EichhornTeddy HigueraAlan Mills21318627
1994-05-25@ MIL43W  6-326-17316,846Jamie MoyerMike IgnasiakJamie MoyerMike IgnasiakLee Smith21918930
1994-05-27@ CHA44L  0-326-18334,351Mike MussinaWilson AlvarezWilson AlvarezMike Mussina 21919227
1994-05-28@ CHA45L  2-626-19343,589Ben McDonaldJason BereJason BereBen McDonald 22119823
1994-05-29@ CHA46W  8-427-19337,454Sid FernandezJack McDowellSid FernandezJack McDowellLee Smith22920227
1994-05-30vs DET47L  3-527-20347,851 Jamie MoyerJohn DohertyKurt KnudsenTom BoltonJoe Boever23220725
1994-05-31vs DET48L  6-727-21346,843 Mike OquistMike MooreMike MooreMike OquistMike Henneman23821424
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01vs DET49L  3-1127-22346,773 Mike MussinaTim BelcherTim BelcherMike Mussina 24122516
1994-06-02vs DET50W  11-528-22347,341 Scott KlingenbeckBill KruegerScott KlingenbeckBill Krueger 25223022
1994-06-03vs CHA51L  2-428-23347,243 Sid FernandezJason BereJason BereSid FernandezRoberto Hernandez25423420
1994-06-04vs CHA52L  1-728-24346,518 Jamie MoyerJack McDowellJack McDowellJamie Moyer 25524114
1994-06-05vs CHA53W  8-529-24347,257 Mike OquistAlex FernandezMark EichhornDennis CookLee Smith26324617
1994-06-06@ KCA54W  4-230-24325,781Mike MussinaTom GordonMike MussinaTom GordonLee Smith26724819
1994-06-07@ KCA55L  3-730-25321,777Ben McDonaldDavid ConeDavid ConeBen McDonald 27025515
1994-06-08@ KCA56W  6-431-25317,892Sid FernandezBob MilackiAlan MillsBob MilackiLee Smith27625917
1994-06-10@ BOS57W  10-732-25233,673Jamie MoyerDanny DarwinMike OquistKen RyanLee Smith28626620
1994-06-11@ BOS58W  5-233-25233,295Mike MussinaAaron SeleMike MussinaAaron SeleAlan Mills29126823
1994-06-12@ BOS59W  8-434-25232,280Ben McDonaldNate MincheyBen McDonaldNate Minchey 29927227
1994-06-13vs NYA60L  1-334-26247,383 Sid FernandezMelido PerezMelido PerezSid FernandezBob Wickman30027525
1994-06-14vs NYA61L  3-434-27247,480 Mike OquistTerry MulhollandSterling HitchcockLee SmithSteve Howe30327924
1994-06-15vs NYA62W  8-435-27247,306 Jamie MoyerJim AbbottAlan MillsBob Wickman 31128328
1994-06-16vs NYA63L  1-635-28246,345 Mike MussinaJimmy KeyJimmy KeyMike Mussina 31228923
1994-06-17vs MIN64W  9-236-28247,475 Ben McDonaldKevin TapaniBen McDonaldKevin Tapani 32129130
1994-06-18vs MIN65W  11-637-28247,426 Sid FernandezJim DeshaiesSid FernandezJim Deshaies 33229735
1994-06-19vs MIN66L  4-1037-29247,088 Mike OquistPat MahomesPat MahomesMike Oquist 33630729
1994-06-20vs MIL67L  5-637-30247,262 Jamie MoyerBill WegmanBill WegmanJamie MoyerGraeme Lloyd34131328
1994-06-21vs MIL68W  6-138-30246,599 Mike MussinaBob ScanlanMike MussinaBob Scanlan 34731433
1994-06-22vs MIL69L  2-938-31247,186 Ben McDonaldCal EldredCal EldredBen McDonald 34932326
1994-06-24@ TOR70W  5-139-31250,508Mike OquistPat HentgenMark EichhornDave Righetti 35432430
1994-06-25@ TOR71W  4-140-31250,526Jamie MoyerJuan GuzmanMark EichhornJuan GuzmanLee Smith35832533
1994-06-26@ TOR72W  7-141-31250,229Mike MussinaTodd StottlemyreMike MussinaTodd Stottlemyre 36532639
1994-06-27@ CLE73W  7-642-31241,663Ben McDonaldCharles NagyTom BoltonCharles NagyLee Smith37233240
1994-06-28@ CLE74L  8-942-32241,747Arthur RhodesJason GrimsleyEric PlunkAlan Mills 38034139
1994-06-29@ CLE75W  7-643-32240,238Mike OquistDennis MartinezMark EichhornJose MesaLee Smith38734740
1994-06-30@ CLE76L  2-443-33241,814Jamie MoyerMark ClarkMark ClarkJamie Moyer 38935138
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01vs CAL77W  14-744-33247,342 Mike MussinaJoe MagraneMike MussinaJoe Magrane 40335845
1994-07-02vs CAL78L  0-144-34247,154 Ben McDonaldMark LangstonMark LangstonBen McDonald 40335944
1994-07-03vs CAL79W  10-345-34247,092 Arthur RhodesBrian AndersonMark WilliamsonBrian Anderson 41336251
1994-07-04vs SEA80W  9-346-34247,336 Sid FernandezChris BosioSid FernandezChris BosioMark Eichhorn42236557
1994-07-05vs SEA81W  5-247-34247,842 Jamie MoyerJim ConverseJamie MoyerJim ConverseLee Smith42736760
1994-07-06vs SEA82W  5-448-34247,697 Mike OquistRoger SalkeldMike OquistRoger SalkeldLee Smith43237161
1994-07-07vs OAK83L  4-648-35247,722 Ben McDonaldTodd Van PoppelTodd Van PoppelMark EichhornDennis Eckersley43637759
1994-07-08vs OAK84W  13-349-35246,674 Mike MussinaBobby WittMike MussinaBobby Witt 44938069
1994-07-09vs OAK85W  8-750-35247,310 Sid FernandezSteve OntiverosAlan MillsBob Welch 45738770
1994-07-10vs OAK86L  4-550-36246,477 Jamie MoyerRon DarlingRon DarlingLee SmithDennis Eckersley46139269
1994-07-14@ CAL87W  3-251-36218,821Ben McDonaldMark LangstonBen McDonaldMark LangstonLee Smith46439470
1994-07-15@ CAL88W  9-252-36218,886Sid FernandezPhil LeftwichSid FernandezPhil Leftwich 47339677
1994-07-16@ CAL89L  3-452-37223,371Mike MussinaChuck FinleyJoe GraheLee Smith 47640076
1994-07-17@ CAL90W  10-553-37217,525Jamie MoyerRuss SpringerJamie MoyerRuss Springer 48640581
1994-07-18@ SEA91L  5-753-38222,694Mike OquistGeorge GlinatsisBill RisleyMark EichhornBobby Ayala49141279
1994-07-21@ OAK92L  3-453-39223,504Ben McDonaldRon DarlingDennis EckersleyMark Eichhorn 49441678
1994-07-22@ OAK93W  5-454-39220,212Mike MussinaMike MohlerMike MussinaMike MohlerLee Smith49942079
1994-07-23@ OAK94L  3-654-40232,068Sid FernandezTodd Van PoppelTodd Van PoppelSid FernandezDennis Eckersley50242676
1994-07-24@ OAK95L  6-754-41236,227Jamie MoyerBobby WittDennis EckersleyTom Bolton 50843375
1994-07-26vs CLE96W  10-455-42243,578 Ben McDonaldAlbie LopezBen McDonaldAlbie Lopez 51843781
1994-07-26vs CLE97L  2-955-42246,531 Mike OquistDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMike Oquist 52044674
1994-07-28vs CLE98L  2-755-4420 Mike MussinaJack MorrisJack MorrisMike MussinaEric Plunk52245369
1994-07-28vs CLE99L  2-555-44247,632 Sid FernandezJason GrimsleyJason GrimsleySid FernandezJeff Russell52445866
1994-07-29vs TOR100L  3-455-45247,497 Jamie MoyerAl LeiterAl LeiterJamie MoyerDarren Hall52746265
1994-07-30vs TOR101W  7-556-45247,000 Mark WilliamsonTodd StottlemyreMark EichhornMike TimlinLee Smith53446767
1994-07-31vs TOR102L  4-656-46247,684 Ben McDonaldJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanBen McDonaldDarren Hall53847365
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01@ MIN103W  1-057-46227,712Arthur RhodesPat MahomesArthur RhodesPat Mahomes 53947366
1994-08-02@ MIN104W  10-058-46221,364Mike MussinaCarlos PulidoMike MussinaCarlos Pulido 54947376
1994-08-03@ MIN105L  3-458-47225,190Jamie MoyerKevin TapaniKevin TapaniLee Smith 55247775
1994-08-04@ MIL106L  3-558-48230,150Mark WilliamsonCal EldredCal EldredMark WilliamsonMike Fetters55548273
1994-08-05@ MIL107W  4-059-48223,174Ben McDonaldRicky BonesBen McDonaldRicky Bones 55948277
1994-08-06@ MIL108W  5-060-48229,077Arthur RhodesJaime NavarroArthur RhodesJaime Navarro 56448282
1994-08-07@ MIL109W  6-361-48229,223Mike MussinaBob ScanlanMike MussinaBob Scanlan 57048585
1994-08-08@ NYA110L  5-661-49234,045Sid FernandezSterling HitchcockSteve HoweMark Eichhorn 57549184
1994-08-09@ NYA111W  6-562-49250,070Jamie MoyerJim AbbottJamie MoyerJim AbbottLee Smith58149685
1994-08-10@ NYA112W  8-163-49238,624Ben McDonaldJimmy KeyBen McDonaldJimmy Key 58949792

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