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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  55-60   .478
Result:   3rd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Cito Gaston
General Manager:   Pat Gillick
Stadium:  SkyDome
Attendance:  2,907,933
Payroll:  $41,937,668
Playoffs:  -

Toronto Blue Jays affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Paul Molitor (37)
Youngest Player:  Alex Gonzalez (21)
Longest Tenure:  Todd Stottlemyre, Pat Borders (7)
Top Hitter:  Paul Molitor (6)
Top Pitcher:  Pat Hentgen (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Kevin Witt (#28)

Roster Continuity:  74.41%
Top Prospect:   Alex Gonzalez
American League Standings
NY Yankees7043.619--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04vs CHA1W  7-31-0450,484 Juan GuzmanJack McDowellJuan GuzmanJack McDowell 734
1994-04-05vs CHA2W  5-32-0444,471 Dave StewartAlex FernandezDave StewartAlex FernandezTodd Stottlemyre1266
1994-04-06vs CHA3L  2-92-1444,164 Pat HentgenWilson AlvarezWilson AlvarezPat Hentgen 1415-1
1994-04-08vs SEA4W  8-23-1348,152 Al LeiterDave FlemingAl LeiterDave Fleming 22175
1994-04-09vs SEA5W  8-64-1249,179 Juan GuzmanGreg HibbardTony CastilloBobby Thigpen 30237
1994-04-10vs SEA6W  12-65-1150,471 Dave StewartRandy JohnsonDave StewartRandy Johnson 422913
1994-04-11@ OAK7W  14-56-1140,551Pat HentgenBobby WittPat HentgenBobby Witt 563422
1994-04-12@ OAK8L  4-86-2224,970Paul SpoljaricRon DarlingRon DarlingPaul Spoljaric 604218
1994-04-13@ OAK9L  7-86-3212,397Al LeiterBob WelchSteve OntiverosGreg Cadaret 675017
1994-04-14@ CAL10L  4-66-4321,243Juan GuzmanMark LeiterMark LeiterJuan GuzmanJoe Grahe715615
1994-04-15@ CAL11L  13-146-5420,413Dave StewartBrian AndersonCraig LeffertsScott Brow 847014
1994-04-16@ CAL12W  5-47-5329,757Pat HentgenJohn DopsonPat HentgenBob Patterson 897415
1994-04-17@ CAL13W  5-48-5335,518Al LeiterChuck FinleyTodd StottlemyreJoe Grahe 947816
1994-04-19vs TEX14W  13-39-5248,149 Juan GuzmanKevin BrownJuan GuzmanKevin Brown 1078126
1994-04-20vs TEX15W  4-310-5147,116 Dave StewartRick HellingTodd StottlemyreTom Henke 1118427
1994-04-22vs MIN16W  8-211-5246,268 Pat HentgenScott EricksonPat HentgenScott Erickson 1198633
1994-04-23vs MIN17W  8-612-5250,504 Al LeiterCarlos PulidoAl LeiterCarlos PulidoMike Timlin1279235
1994-04-24vs MIN18L  3-712-6250,464 Juan GuzmanKevin TapaniKevin TapaniJuan Guzman 1309931
1994-04-25@ KCA19L  3-412-7317,100Dave StewartDavid ConeDavid ConeDave StewartJeff Montgomery13310330
1994-04-26@ KCA20W  8-613-7216,571Todd StottlemyreChris HaneyTodd StottlemyreChris HaneyMike Timlin14110932
1994-04-27@ TEX21L  3-1113-8438,055Pat HentgenKenny RogersKenny RogersPat Hentgen 14412024
1994-04-28@ TEX22L  0-113-9427,287Al LeiterKevin BrownKevin BrownAl LeiterTom Henke14412123
1994-04-29@ MIN23W  12-714-9425,898Juan GuzmanKevin TapaniJuan GuzmanKevin Tapani 15612828
1994-04-30@ MIN24L  9-1114-10424,479Dave StewartJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesDave StewartRick Aguilera16513926
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01@ MIN25L  3-714-11426,669Todd StottlemyrePat MahomesCarl WillisWoody Williams 16814622
1994-05-03vs KCA26W  1-015-11448,173 Pat HentgenKevin AppierPat HentgenKevin Appier 16914623
1994-05-04vs KCA27L  4-615-12447,244 Al LeiterChris HaneyBilly BrewerDarren HallJeff Montgomery17315221
1994-05-05vs KCA28L  9-1115-13450,076 Juan GuzmanTom GordonTom GordonJuan GuzmanJeff Montgomery18216319
1994-05-06vs MIL29L  1-715-14447,150 Dave StewartCal EldredCal EldredDave Stewart 18317013
1994-05-07vs MIL30W  3-216-14450,458 Todd StottlemyreRicky BonesTony CastilloJeff Bronkey 18617214
1994-05-08vs MIL31W  3-117-14448,252 Pat HentgenTeddy HigueraPat HentgenTeddy HigueraDarren Hall18917316
1994-05-09@ BAL32L  1-417-15447,369Al LeiterSid FernandezSid FernandezAl LeiterLee Smith19017713
1994-05-10@ BAL33L  3-617-16447,194Juan GuzmanJamie MoyerMike OquistJuan GuzmanLee Smith19318310
1994-05-11@ BAL34L  1-417-17447,386Todd StottlemyreMike MussinaMike MussinaTodd Stottlemyre 1941877
1994-05-13@ BOS35L  3-517-18432,579Pat HentgenJoe HeskethJoe HeskethPat HentgenKen Ryan1971925
1994-05-14@ BOS36L  2-1117-19433,771Al LeiterDanny DarwinDanny DarwinAl Leiter 199203-4
1994-05-16vs DET37W  7-218-19450,456 Juan GuzmanMike MooreJuan GuzmanMike Moore 2062051
1994-05-17vs DET38L  6-1318-20446,439 Todd StottlemyreTim BelcherTim BelcherTodd Stottlemyre 212218-6
1994-05-18vs DET39W  9-319-20447,247 Dave StewartBill GullicksonDave StewartBill Gullickson 2212210
1994-05-20vs CLE40W  2-020-20450,501 Pat HentgenCharles NagyPat HentgenCharles Nagy 2232212
1994-05-21vs CLE41W  9-721-20450,519 Al LeiterChris NabholzAl LeiterChris NabholzScott Brow2322284
1994-05-22vs CLE42L  0-821-21448,154 Juan GuzmanDennis MartinezDennis MartinezJuan Guzman 232236-4
1994-05-23vs CLE43W  6-522-21448,080 Todd StottlemyreMark ClarkDarren HallJose Mesa 238241-3
1994-05-24@ NYA44L  1-622-22426,217Dave StewartTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandDave Stewart 239247-8
1994-05-25@ NYA45L  2-522-23423,250Pat HentgenJim AbbottJim AbbottPat Hentgen 241252-11
1994-05-27vs CAL46L  2-622-24448,244 Al LeiterPhil LeftwichPhil LeftwichAl Leiter 243258-15
1994-05-28vs CAL47W  9-423-24450,509 Juan GuzmanMark LangstonJuan GuzmanMark Langston 252262-10
1994-05-29vs CAL48W  5-024-24450,529 Todd StottlemyreChuck FinleyTodd StottlemyreChuck Finley 257262-5
1994-05-30vs OAK49L  2-624-25450,088 Dave StewartSteve OntiverosMark AcreScott Brow 259268-9
1994-05-31vs OAK50L  2-724-26450,211 Pat HentgenRon DarlingRon DarlingPat HentgenDennis Eckersley261275-14
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01vs OAK51L  5-924-27550,471 Al LeiterTodd Van PoppelBob WelchTony Castillo 266284-18
1994-06-03@ SEA52W  9-625-27523,310Juan GuzmanRoger SalkeldJuan GuzmanRoger SalkeldDarren Hall275290-15
1994-06-04@ SEA53L  0-225-28537,127Todd StottlemyreRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonTodd Stottlemyre 275292-17
1994-06-05@ SEA54W  5-426-28526,339Dave StewartDave FlemingDave StewartDave FlemingDarren Hall280296-16
1994-06-07@ CHA55W  9-527-28537,184Pat HentgenWilson AlvarezPat HentgenWilson AlvarezDarren Hall289301-12
1994-06-08@ CHA56L  2-327-29529,920Al LeiterJason BereDane JohnsonDarren Hall 291304-13
1994-06-09vs NYA57W  7-528-29550,521 Juan GuzmanTerry MulhollandWoody WilliamsTerry MulhollandScott Brow298309-11
1994-06-10vs NYA58W  7-229-29550,522 Todd StottlemyreJim AbbottTodd StottlemyreJim Abbott 305311-6
1994-06-11vs NYA59L  2-929-30550,530 Dave StewartJimmy KeyJimmy KeyDave StewartBob Wickman307320-13
1994-06-12vs NYA60W  3-130-30550,511 Pat HentgenScott KamienieckiPat HentgenScott KamienieckiTony Castillo310321-11
1994-06-13@ CLE61L  3-730-31541,598Brad CornettMark ClarkMark ClarkBrad Cornett 313328-15
1994-06-14@ CLE62L  5-730-32541,887Juan GuzmanJack MorrisJose MesaJuan GuzmanPaul Shuey318335-17
1994-06-15@ CLE63L  3-430-33541,794Todd StottlemyreCharles NagyJose MesaScott Brow 321339-18
1994-06-17@ DET64W  7-431-33536,210Dave StewartJohn DohertyDave StewartMike GardinerDarren Hall328343-15
1994-06-18@ DET65L  5-631-34537,534Pat HentgenDavid WellsJoe BoeverWoody Williams 333349-16
1994-06-19@ DET66L  1-331-35535,772Juan GuzmanGreg GohrGreg GohrJuan GuzmanMike Gardiner334352-18
1994-06-20vs BOS67L  1-431-36550,028 Todd StottlemyreJoe HeskethJoe HeskethTodd StottlemyreTony Fossas335356-21
1994-06-21vs BOS68L  1-1331-37549,460 Brad CornettAaron SeleAaron SeleBrad Cornett 336369-33
1994-06-22vs BOS69L  2-331-38550,288 Dave StewartNate MincheyNate MincheyDave StewartKen Ryan338372-34
1994-06-24vs BAL70L  1-531-39550,508 Pat HentgenMike OquistMark EichhornDave Righetti 339377-38
1994-06-25vs BAL71L  1-431-40550,526 Juan GuzmanJamie MoyerMark EichhornJuan GuzmanLee Smith340381-41
1994-06-26vs BAL72L  1-731-41550,229 Todd StottlemyreMike MussinaMike MussinaTodd Stottlemyre 341388-47
1994-06-27@ MIL73L  1-531-42515,746Al LeiterCal EldredCal EldredAl Leiter 342393-51
1994-06-28@ MIL74L  4-631-43518,905Dave StewartAngel MirandaJose MercedesDave StewartMike Fetters346399-53
1994-06-29@ MIL75W  5-032-43520,576Pat HentgenRicky BonesPat HentgenRicky Bones 351399-48
1994-06-30@ MIL76L  2-932-44527,231Juan GuzmanBill WegmanBill WegmanJuan Guzman 353408-55
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01@ KCA77L  3-432-45521,496Todd StottlemyreKevin AppierJeff MontgomeryWoody Williams 356412-56
1994-07-02@ KCA78W  7-633-45527,800Al LeiterTom GordonTony CastilloRusty MeachamDarren Hall363418-55
1994-07-03@ KCA79L  6-1133-46525,421Dave StewartDavid ConeDavid ConeDave Stewart 369429-60
1994-07-04@ KCA80W  9-434-46538,039Pat HentgenBob MilackiPat HentgenBob Milacki 378433-55
1994-07-05@ MIN81W  14-335-46522,380Juan GuzmanPat MahomesJuan GuzmanPat Mahomes 392436-44
1994-07-06@ MIN82L  4-535-47526,479Todd StottlemyreScott EricksonScott EricksonTodd StottlemyreRick Aguilera396441-45
1994-07-07@ MIN83W  4-336-47531,180Al LeiterEddie GuardadoTony CastilloCarl WillisDarren Hall400444-44
1994-07-08vs KCA84L  5-636-48550,515 Dave StewartDavid ConeHipolito PichardoDarren HallJeff Montgomery405450-45
1994-07-09vs KCA85W  9-437-48550,524 Pat HentgenBob MilackiPat HentgenBob Milacki 414454-40
1994-07-10vs KCA86W  7-338-48550,504 Juan GuzmanMark GubiczaJuan GuzmanMark GubiczaDanny Cox421457-36
1994-07-14@ TEX87L  3-738-49542,621Todd StottlemyreHector FajardoHector FajardoTodd Stottlemyre 424464-40
1994-07-15@ TEX88W  7-539-49546,511Juan GuzmanJohn DettmerJuan GuzmanJohn DettmerDarren Hall431469-38
1994-07-16@ TEX89L  2-439-50546,510Pat HentgenKevin BrownKevin BrownPat HentgenTom Henke433473-40
1994-07-17@ TEX90W  3-140-50546,394Dave StewartKenny RogersDave StewartKenny RogersDarren Hall436474-38
1994-07-18vs MIN91W  7-441-50548,060 Al LeiterEddie GuardadoAl LeiterEddie GuardadoDarren Hall443478-35
1994-07-19vs MIN92W  4-242-50447,222 Todd StottlemyreKevin TapaniTony CastilloKevin TapaniDarren Hall447480-33
1994-07-20vs MIN93W  9-243-50448,162 Juan GuzmanScott EricksonJuan GuzmanScott Erickson 456482-26
1994-07-21vs TEX94W  9-344-50449,618 Pat HentgenTim LearyPat HentgenTim LearyDanny Cox465485-20
1994-07-22vs TEX95W  3-245-50450,522 Dave StewartKenny RogersDave StewartKenny RogersDarren Hall468487-19
1994-07-23vs TEX96W  9-146-50450,529 Al LeiterHector FajardoAl LeiterHector Fajardo 477488-11
1994-07-24vs TEX97W  4-247-50450,521 Brad CornettRoger PavlikBrad CornettRoger PavlikDanny Cox481490-9
1994-07-26vs MIL98L  5-747-51449,098 Juan GuzmanRicky BonesRicky BonesJuan GuzmanMike Fetters486497-11
1994-07-27vs MIL99L  0-547-52447,172 Pat HentgenBill WegmanBill WegmanPat Hentgen 486502-16
1994-07-28vs MIL100L  4-547-53447,061 Dave StewartBob ScanlanJesse OroscoDanny CoxMike Fetters490507-17
1994-07-29@ BAL101W  4-348-53447,497Al LeiterJamie MoyerAl LeiterJamie MoyerDarren Hall494510-16
1994-07-30@ BAL102L  5-748-54447,000Todd StottlemyreMark WilliamsonMark EichhornMike TimlinLee Smith499517-18
1994-07-31@ BAL103W  6-449-54447,684Juan GuzmanBen McDonaldJuan GuzmanBen McDonaldDarren Hall505521-16
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01@ BOS104W  6-250-5540Pat HentgenAaron SelePat HentgenAaron Sele 511523-12
1994-08-01@ BOS105L  3-450-55433,429Brad CornettNate MincheyNate MincheyBrad CornettKen Ryan514527-13
1994-08-02@ BOS106W  8-751-55432,976Dave StewartJoe HeskethDanny CoxScott BankheadDarren Hall522534-12
1994-08-03@ BOS107L  2-751-56432,047Al LeiterTim VanEgmondTim VanEgmondAl Leiter 524541-17
1994-08-04@ BOS108W  5-252-56433,199Todd StottlemyreRoger ClemensTodd StottlemyreRoger ClemensDarren Hall529543-14
1994-08-05vs DET109W  4-253-56350,522 Juan GuzmanDavid WellsJuan GuzmanDavid WellsDarren Hall533545-12
1994-08-06vs DET110L  2-353-57450,512 Pat HentgenMike MooreMike MoorePat HentgenJoe Boever535548-13
1994-08-07vs DET111L  7-853-58450,509 Dave StewartBill GullicksonStorm DavisTony CastilloGreg Cadaret542556-14
1994-08-08vs CLE112L  1-653-59450,515 Al LeiterCharles NagyCharles NagyAl Leiter 543562-19
1994-08-09vs CLE113W  12-554-59350,527 Todd StottlemyreAlbie LopezTodd StottlemyreAlbie Lopez 555567-12
1994-08-10vs CLE114L  3-554-60350,510 Juan GuzmanJason GrimsleyJason GrimsleyJuan GuzmanEric Plunk558572-14
1994-08-11@ NYA115W  8-755-60337,333Pat HentgenMelido PerezDarren HallJoe Ausanio 566579-13

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