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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  53-61   .465
Result:   3rd in National League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Jim Leyland
General Manager:   Cam Bonifay
Stadium:  Three Rivers Stadium
Attendance:  1,222,520
Payroll:  $20,265,500
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Lance Parrish (38)
Youngest Player:  Midre Cummings (22)
Longest Tenure:  Andy Van Slyke (8)
Top Hitter:  Jay Bell (32)
Top Pitcher:  Denny Neagle (17)
Top Draft Pick:  Mark Farris (#11)

Roster Continuity:  73.00%
Top Prospect:   Midre Cummings
National League Standings
St. Louis5361.46513.0
Chi Cubs4964.43416.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04@ SFN1L  0-80-1558,077Zane SmithJohn BurkettJohn BurkettZane Smith 08-8
1994-04-05@ SFN2L  0-20-2520,674Steve CookeBill SwiftBill SwiftSteve CookeRod Beck010-10
1994-04-06@ SFN3L  2-40-3519,567Denny NeagleMark PortugalMark PortugalDenny Neagle 214-12
1994-04-08vs COL4L  3-70-4544,136 Paul WagnerDavid NiedDavid NiedPaul Wagner 521-16
1994-04-09vs COL5W  10-51-4517,458 Zane SmithArmando ReynosoZane SmithArmando Reynoso 1526-11
1994-04-12vs SDN6W  4-22-458,840 Steve CookeAndy AshbyMark DeweyMark DavisRick White1928-9
1994-04-13vs SDN7W  3-23-458,471 Denny NeagleTim WorrellDenny NeagleTim WorrellRick White2230-8
1994-04-14vs SDN8W  4-24-4413,654 Paul WagnerAndy BenesPaul WagnerAndy BenesJeff Ballard2632-6
1994-04-15vs LAN9W  6-45-4416,510 Zane SmithKevin GrossRick WhiteGary Wayne 3236-4
1994-04-16vs LAN10W  4-36-4217,180 Randy TomlinOrel HershiserRavelo ManzanilloDarren Dreifort 3639-3
1994-04-17vs LAN11L  2-196-5322,590 Steve CookeTom CandiottiTom CandiottiSteve Cooke 3858-20
1994-04-19@ CIN12L  2-86-6423,891Denny NeagleJose RijoJose RijoDenny Neagle 4066-26
1994-04-20@ CIN13L  4-56-7420,341Paul WagnerTim PughJohnny RuffinPaul WagnerHector Carrasco4471-27
1994-04-22@ ATL14W  5-27-7449,223Zane SmithJohn SmoltzZane SmithJohn SmoltzRick White4973-24
1994-04-23@ ATL15W  6-18-7449,350Randy TomlinSteve AveryJeff BallardGreg McMichael 5574-19
1994-04-24@ ATL16L  0-38-8449,522Steve CookeGreg MadduxGreg MadduxSteve Cooke 5577-22
1994-04-25@ HOU17L  3-78-9416,007Denny NeaglePete HarnischPete HarnischDenny Neagle 5884-26
1994-04-26@ HOU18W  7-49-9423,151Paul WagnerBrian WilliamsMark DeweyTodd JonesRick White6588-23
1994-04-27vs CIN19W  3-110-9410,343 Zane SmithJohn SmileyZane SmithJohn Smiley 6889-21
1994-04-28vs CIN20L  7-1910-10410,846 Randy TomlinErik HansonErik HansonRandy Tomlin 75108-33
1994-04-29vs ATL21W  8-511-10427,615 Steve CookeSteve AverySteve CookeSteve Avery 83113-30
1994-04-30vs ATL22W  2-112-10325,967 Denny NeagleGreg MadduxDenny NeagleGreg MadduxRick White85114-29
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01vs ATL23W  4-113-10230,614 Paul WagnerTom GlavinePaul WagnerTom Glavine 89115-26
1994-05-03vs HOU24L  4-713-1139,790 Zane SmithDoug DrabekDoug DrabekZane SmithMitch Williams93122-29
1994-05-04vs HOU25L  4-713-12410,121 Steve CookeDarryl KileDarryl KileRandy Tomlin 97129-32
1994-05-06vs CHN26L  1-1013-13422,426 Denny NeagleAnthony YoungAnthony YoungDenny Neagle 98139-41
1994-05-08vs CHN27W  9-215-1330 Paul WagnerWillie BanksPaul WagnerWillie Banks 107141-34
1994-05-08vs CHN28W  9-315-13321,772 Zane SmithMike MorganZane SmithMike Morgan 116144-28
1994-05-09@ FLO29W  9-516-13228,738Steve CookeRyan BowenAlejandro PenaRyan Bowen 125149-24
1994-05-10@ FLO30L  0-116-14227,177Randy TomlinChris HammondChris HammondRandy TomlinJeremy Hernandez125150-25
1994-05-11@ FLO31W  5-117-14235,187Denny NeagleDavid WeathersDenny NeagleDavid Weathers 130151-21
1994-05-12@ PHI32L  4-617-15232,481Zane SmithTommy GreeneTommy GreeneZane SmithDoug Jones134157-23
1994-05-13@ PHI33L  1-1217-16332,281Paul WagnerDanny JacksonDanny JacksonPaul Wagner 135169-34
1994-05-14@ PHI34L  2-317-17439,916Steve CookeMike WilliamsMike WilliamsSteve CookeDoug Jones137172-35
1994-05-15@ PHI35L  0-117-18453,396Jon LieberShawn BoskieShawn BoskieJon LieberDoug Jones137173-36
1994-05-16vs SLN36W  7-218-18315,067 Denny NeagleBob TewksburyDenny NeagleBob Tewksbury 144175-31
1994-05-17vs SLN37L  0-218-19411,173 Zane SmithTom UrbaniTom UrbaniZane SmithRene Arocha144177-33
1994-05-18vs SLN38L  3-418-20410,043 Paul WagnerVicente PalaciosMike PerezRick WhiteRene Arocha147181-34
1994-05-20vs MON39L  3-518-21430,804 Steve CookeKen HillKen HillAlejandro PenaJohn Wetteland150186-36
1994-05-21vs MON40W  6-019-21428,022 Jon LieberKirk RueterJon LieberKirk Rueter 156186-30
1994-05-22vs MON41L  2-319-22439,037 Denny NeaglePedro MartinezPedro MartinezDenny NeagleJohn Wetteland158189-31
1994-05-24vs NYN42L  2-419-23411,781 Zane SmithBobby JonesBobby JonesRick WhiteJohn Franco160193-33
1994-05-25vs NYN43L  3-619-24416,847 Paul WagnerBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenPaul WagnerJohn Franco163199-36
1994-05-26vs NYN44W  11-1020-24414,132 Steve CookeMauro GozzoAlejandro PenaFrank Seminara 174209-35
1994-05-27@ LAN45L  5-620-25444,145Jon LieberRamon MartinezAl OsunaRick White 179215-36
1994-05-28@ LAN46W  7-221-25447,771Denny NeaglePedro AstacioDenny NeaglePedro Astacio 186217-31
1994-05-29@ LAN47L  3-421-26544,622Zane SmithKevin GrossKevin GrossZane SmithDarren Dreifort189221-32
1994-05-30@ SDN48L  2-1021-27512,756Paul WagnerAndy AshbyAndy AshbyRavelo Manzanillo 191231-40
1994-05-31@ SDN49L  5-1521-2857,094Steve CookeAndy BenesAndy BenesSteve Cooke 196246-50
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01@ SDN50L  4-621-29513,505Jon LieberScott SandersPedro MartinezJon LieberTrevor Hoffman200252-52
1994-06-03@ COL51L  4-621-30553,737Denny NeagleMarvin FreemanMarvin FreemanDenny NeagleBruce Ruffin204258-54
1994-06-04@ COL52W  4-322-30461,619Zane SmithKevin RitzZane SmithKevin RitzMark Dewey208261-53
1994-06-05@ COL53W  4-323-30463,653Paul WagnerGreg HarrisRick WhiteMarcus MooreJeff Ballard212264-52
1994-06-06vs SFN54L  3-423-31417,249 Steve CookeBill SwiftBill SwiftAlejandro PenaRod Beck215268-53
1994-06-07vs SFN55L  2-323-32415,744 Jon LieberWilliam VanLandinghamRod BeckRick White 217271-54
1994-06-08vs SFN56W  3-124-32414,822 Denny NeagleSalomon TorresDenny NeagleSalomon Torres 220272-52
1994-06-09vs FLO57W  3-125-32411,395 Zane SmithCharlie HoughZane SmithCharlie HoughAlejandro Pena223273-50
1994-06-10vs FLO58W  5-426-32425,120 Paul WagnerChris HammondPaul WagnerChris HammondAlejandro Pena228277-49
1994-06-11vs FLO59W  10-427-32424,763 Steve CookeKurt MillerSteve CookeKurt Miller 238281-43
1994-06-12vs FLO60W  5-128-32434,728 Jon LieberDavid WeathersJon LieberDavid Weathers 243282-39
1994-06-13@ MON61L  2-1028-33417,236Denny NeagleJeff FasseroJeff FasseroDenny Neagle 245292-47
1994-06-14@ MON62L  7-1228-34415,781Zane SmithPedro MartinezPedro MartinezZane SmithJohn Wetteland252304-52
1994-06-15@ MON63L  2-1328-35421,269Paul WagnerKen HillKen HillPaul WagnerButch Henry254317-63
1994-06-16@ SLN64W  7-529-35428,011Steve CookeOmar OlivaresAlejandro PenaMike PerezRick White261322-61
1994-06-17@ SLN65W  7-430-35434,177Jon LieberBob TewksburyJon LieberBob TewksburyAlejandro Pena268326-58
1994-06-18@ SLN66L  0-930-36442,050Denny NeagleAllen WatsonRene ArochaDenny Neagle 268335-67
1994-06-19@ SLN67W  3-231-36436,152Zane SmithVicente PalaciosZane SmithVicente PalaciosAlejandro Pena271337-66
1994-06-21vs PHI68W  7-132-36419,568 Steve CookeShawn BoskieSteve CookeShawn Boskie 278338-60
1994-06-22vs PHI69W  5-433-36426,376 Jon LieberDavid WestRavelo ManzanilloHeathcliff SlocumbAlejandro Pena283342-59
1994-06-24@ NYN70W  9-434-36419,977Denny NeagleDwight GoodenDenny NeagleDwight Gooden 292346-54
1994-06-25@ NYN71W  3-135-36332,962Zane SmithBret SaberhagenZane SmithBret SaberhagenAlejandro Pena295347-52
1994-06-26@ NYN72W  7-336-36329,814Paul WagnerBobby JonesPaul WagnerBobby Jones 302350-48
1994-06-27@ CHN73L  1-236-37434,665Steve CookeWillie BanksWillie BanksJeff BallardRandy Myers303352-49
1994-06-28@ CHN74W  6-537-37430,783Jon LieberMike MorganJon LieberMike MorganAlejandro Pena309357-48
1994-06-29@ CHN75L  5-637-38429,267Denny NeagleAnthony YoungChuck CrimRavelo Manzanillo 314363-49
1994-06-30vs CIN76W  6-438-38416,330 Zane SmithPete SchourekMike DyerHector CarrascoRavelo Manzanillo320367-47
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01vs CIN77L  2-438-39432,956 Paul WagnerJohn RoperJohn RoperPaul WagnerJeff Brantley322371-49
1994-07-02vs CIN78L  2-838-40427,376 Steve CookeErik HansonErik HansonSteve Cooke 324379-55
1994-07-03vs CIN79L  3-438-41427,499 Jon LieberJohn SmileyJohn SmileyJon LieberJeff Brantley327383-56
1994-07-05@ ATL80W  3-139-41449,493Denny NeagleJohn SmoltzDenny NeagleJohn Smoltz 330384-54
1994-07-06@ ATL81W  3-140-4230Zane SmithKent MerckerZane SmithMark WohlersMike Dyer333385-52
1994-07-06@ ATL82L  2-440-42346,387Paul WagnerSteve AverySteve AveryPaul WagnerGreg McMichael335389-54
1994-07-07@ CIN83L  7-840-43428,488Steve CookeErik HansonJohnny RuffinBlas Minor 342397-55
1994-07-08@ CIN84L  4-1240-44434,167Jon LieberJohn SmileyJohn SmileyJon Lieber 346409-63
1994-07-09@ CIN85L  3-540-45442,044Rick WhiteJose RijoJose RijoRick WhiteJeff Brantley349414-65
1994-07-10@ CIN86W  7-641-45433,419Denny NeaglePete SchourekSteve CookeHector CarrascoBlas Minor356420-64
1994-07-14vs HOU87W  8-242-45415,847 Jon LieberDarryl KileJon LieberDarryl Kile 364422-58
1994-07-15vs HOU88W  11-843-45319,185 Denny NeagleGreg SwindellRavelo ManzanilloShane ReynoldsMike Dyer375430-55
1994-07-16vs HOU89L  1-743-46330,595 Zane SmithPete HarnischPete HarnischZane Smith 376437-61
1994-07-17vs HOU90L  0-943-47323,290 Paul WagnerDoug DrabekShane ReynoldsPaul Wagner 376446-70
1994-07-18vs ATL91L  2-343-48316,528 Steve CookeKent MerckerKent MerckerSteve Cooke 378449-71
1994-07-19vs ATL92W  13-1044-48318,147 Jon LieberSteve AveryDan MiceliGregg Olson 391459-68
1994-07-20vs ATL93W  5-445-48336,087 Denny NeagleTom GlavinePaul WagnerTom GlavineMike Dyer396463-67
1994-07-21@ HOU94L  6-1345-49327,659Zane SmithPete HarnischPete HarnischZane Smith 402476-74
1994-07-22@ HOU95W  4-146-49337,002Rick WhiteDoug DrabekRavelo ManzanilloDoug DrabekMike Dyer406477-71
1994-07-23@ HOU96L  0-1146-50341,262Steve CookeShane ReynoldsShane ReynoldsSteve Cooke 406488-82
1994-07-24@ HOU97L  1-1346-51336,874Jon LieberDarryl KileDarryl KileJon Lieber 407501-94
1994-07-25vs CHN98W  6-247-51313,346 Denny NeagleWillie BanksDenny NeagleWillie BanksDan Miceli413503-90
1994-07-26vs CHN99L  4-847-52312,839 Zane SmithAnthony YoungJose BautistaMark Dewey 417511-94
1994-07-27vs CHN100W  9-448-52311,766 Rick WhiteMike MorganRick WhiteMike Morgan 426515-89
1994-07-28vs CHN101L  3-1048-53313,492 Steve CookeKevin FosterKevin FosterSteve Cooke 429525-96
1994-07-29vs NYN102L  1-448-54333,349 Jon LieberBobby JonesBobby JonesJon LieberJohn Franco430529-99
1994-07-30vs NYN103W  3-249-54329,516 Denny NeagleBret SaberhagenDan MiceliRoger Mason 433531-98
1994-07-31vs NYN104L  4-649-55324,308 Zane SmithJuan CastilloMauro GozzoMike DyerJohn Franco437537-100
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-02@ PHI105W  3-250-55340,164Rick WhiteBobby MunozRick WhiteBobby MunozDan Miceli440539-99
1994-08-03@ PHI106L  0-750-56336,542Steve CookeDanny JacksonDanny JacksonSteve Cooke 440546-106
1994-08-04@ PHI107W  5-151-56337,481Jon LieberCurt SchillingJon LieberCurt Schilling 445547-102
1994-08-05vs SLN108L  3-1151-57323,029 Denny NeagleAllen WatsonVicente PalaciosDenny Neagle 448558-110
1994-08-06vs SLN109L  3-651-58322,741 Zane SmithOmar OlivaresRich RodriguezDan MiceliRene Arocha451564-113
1994-08-07vs SLN110W  6-552-58321,858 Rick WhiteTom UrbaniPaul WagnerBryan Eversgerd 457569-112
1994-08-08vs MON111L  2-352-59316,722 Steve CookeGil HerediaGil HerediaSteve CookeJohn Wetteland459572-113
1994-08-09vs MON112L  3-452-60318,183 Jon LieberKirk RueterKirk RueterJon LieberJohn Wetteland462576-114
1994-08-10vs MON113L  0-452-61315,690 Denny NeaglePedro MartinezPedro MartinezDenny NeagleJohn Wetteland462580-118
1994-08-11vs MON114W  4-053-61316,896 Zane SmithButch HenryZane SmithButch Henry 466580-114

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