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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Kansas City,MO
Team Record:  64-51   .557
Result:   3rd in American League - Central Division
Manager(s):  Hal McRae
General Manager:   Herk Robinson
Stadium:  Kauffman Stadium
Attendance:  1,400,494
Payroll:  $40,481,334
Playoffs:  -

Kansas City Royals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Hubie Brooks (37)
Youngest Player:  Jeff Granger (22)
Longest Tenure:  Mark Gubicza (11)
Top Hitter:  Brian McRae (20)
Top Pitcher:  David Cone (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Matt Smith (#16)

Roster Continuity:  75.14%
Top Prospect:   Jeff Granger
American League Standings
Chi White Sox6746.593--
KC Royals6451.5574.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04@ BAL1L  3-60-1347,549Kevin AppierMike MussinaMike MussinaKevin AppierLee Smith36-3
1994-04-06@ BAL2L  2-40-2444,778David ConeBen McDonaldBen McDonaldDavid ConeLee Smith510-5
1994-04-08vs CLE3L  3-80-3538,496 Tom GordonCharles NagyCharles NagyTom GordonSteve Farr818-10
1994-04-10vs CLE4W  6-11-3416,342 Chris HaneyDennis MartinezChris HaneyDennis Martinez 1419-5
1994-04-11vs BOS5L  5-81-4415,883 Mark GubiczaFrank ViolaPaul QuantrillMike Magnante 1927-8
1994-04-12vs BOS6L  11-221-5413,968 Kevin AppierDanny DarwinDanny DarwinKevin Appier 3049-19
1994-04-13vs BOS7W  2-12-5415,845 Tom GordonAaron SeleBilly BrewerJeff Russell 3250-18
1994-04-15@ CLE8W  2-13-5440,490David ConeDennis MartinezDavid ConeDennis MartinezHipolito Pichardo3451-17
1994-04-16@ CLE9W  12-94-5436,439Chris HaneyMark ClarkMike MagnanteRuss SwanBilly Brewer4660-14
1994-04-17@ CLE10W  8-35-5438,974Kevin AppierJack MorrisKevin AppierJack Morris 5463-9
1994-04-18@ DET11W  11-16-5310,988Tom GordonJohn DohertyTom GordonJohn Doherty 65641
1994-04-19@ DET12L  5-96-639,727Mark GubiczaMike MooreMike MooreMark Gubicza 7073-3
1994-04-20@ DET13W  11-67-639,991David ConeJose LimaDavid ConeJose Lima 81792
1994-04-22@ MIL14L  8-97-7410,544Kevin AppierJaime NavarroJesse OroscoJeff Montgomery 89881
1994-04-23@ MIL15L  2-37-8424,363Tom GordonBill WegmanGraeme LloydStan BelindaMike Fetters91910
1994-04-24@ MIL16L  0-77-9423,493Mark GubiczaRicky BonesRicky BonesMark Gubicza 9198-7
1994-04-25vs TOR17W  4-38-9417,100 David ConeDave StewartDavid ConeDave StewartJeff Montgomery95101-6
1994-04-26vs TOR18L  6-88-10416,571 Chris HaneyTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreChris HaneyMike Timlin101109-8
1994-04-28vs DET19W  13-49-10416,768 Kevin AppierTim BelcherKevin AppierTim Belcher 1141131
1994-04-30vs MIL20L  3-49-11423,098 Tom GordonRicky BonesJeff BronkeyHipolito Pichardo 1171170
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01vs MIL21W  6-211-1140 David ConeCal EldredDavid ConeCal Eldred 1231194
1994-05-01vs MIL22W  7-311-11426,190 Mark GubiczaTeddy HigueraMark GubiczaTeddy Higuera 1301228
1994-05-03@ TOR23L  0-111-12448,173Kevin AppierPat HentgenPat HentgenKevin Appier 1301237
1994-05-04@ TOR24W  6-412-12447,244Chris HaneyAl LeiterBilly BrewerDarren HallJeff Montgomery1361279
1994-05-05@ TOR25W  11-913-12450,076Tom GordonJuan GuzmanTom GordonJuan GuzmanJeff Montgomery14713611
1994-05-06@ CHA26W  6-514-12430,756David ConeJason BereDavid ConePaul AssenmacherHipolito Pichardo15314112
1994-05-07@ CHA27L  2-414-13428,124Mark GubiczaJack McDowellJack McDowellMark GubiczaRoberto Hernandez15514510
1994-05-08@ CHA28W  9-715-13228,361Kevin AppierAlex FernandezKevin AppierAlex FernandezJeff Montgomery16415212
1994-05-09vs MIN29L  5-915-14321,347 Chris HaneyKevin TapaniKevin TapaniChris HaneyCarl Willis1691618
1994-05-10vs MIN30L  4-715-15317,778 Tom GordonCarlos PulidoCarlos PulidoTom Gordon 1731685
1994-05-11vs MIN31W  9-016-15317,740 David ConeJim DeshaiesDavid ConeJim Deshaies 18216814
1994-05-13vs OAK32W  16-617-15221,302 Mark GubiczaBobby WittMark GubiczaBobby Witt 19817424
1994-05-14vs OAK33L  4-517-16234,213 Kevin AppierRon DarlingRon DarlingKevin AppierDennis Eckersley20217923
1994-05-15vs OAK34L  2-617-17328,629 Jeff GrangerTodd Van PoppelTodd Van PoppelJeff GrangerDennis Eckersley20418519
1994-05-16@ SEA35W  6-418-17223,290Tom GordonChris BosioTom GordonChris BosioJeff Montgomery21018921
1994-05-17@ SEA36W  4-019-17218,815David ConeRoger SalkeldDavid ConeRoger Salkeld 21418925
1994-05-18@ SEA37W  7-620-17211,976Mark GubiczaDave FlemingStan BelindaBill RisleyJeff Montgomery22119526
1994-05-19@ CAL38L  4-520-18320,595Kevin AppierJohn FarrellJohn FarrellKevin AppierJoe Grahe22520025
1994-05-20@ CAL39L  6-720-19423,339Jeff GrangerJoe MagraneMark LeiterStan Belinda 23120724
1994-05-21@ CAL40L  0-320-20430,436Tom GordonPhil LeftwichPhil LeftwichTom GordonMike Butcher23121021
1994-05-22@ CAL41W  4-021-20435,915David ConeMark LangstonDavid ConeMark Langston 23521025
1994-05-24vs TEX42L  0-221-21422,581 Mark GubiczaKenny RogersKenny RogersMark Gubicza 23521223
1994-05-25vs TEX43W  8-322-21317,587 Kevin AppierKevin BrownKevin AppierKevin Brown 24321528
1994-05-26vs TEX44W  3-123-21224,169 Tom GordonRoger PavlikTom GordonRick HoneycuttJeff Montgomery24621630
1994-05-27vs NYA45L  2-523-22330,840 David ConeJimmy KeyJimmy KeyDavid ConeBob Wickman24822127
1994-05-28vs NYA46L  3-523-23437,242 Bob MilackiMelido PerezXavier HernandezJeff MontgomerySteve Howe25122625
1994-05-29vs NYA47W  10-624-23327,463 Mark GubiczaTerry MulhollandMark GubiczaTerry MulhollandBilly Brewer26123229
1994-05-30@ BOS48L  5-624-24333,341Kevin AppierAaron SeleKen RyanHipolito Pichardo 26623828
1994-05-31@ BOS49W  9-725-24322,537Tom GordonJoe HeskethTom GordonJoe HeskethRusty Meacham27524530
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01@ BOS50L  2-425-25428,307David ConeRoger ClemensTony FossasMike MagnanteJeff Russell27724928
1994-06-03@ NYA51W  7-426-25326,617Bob MilackiMelido PerezBilly BrewerPaul GibsonJeff Montgomery28425331
1994-06-04@ NYA52W  4-327-25330,693Mark GubiczaTerry MulhollandMark GubiczaTerry Mulholland 28825632
1994-06-05@ NYA53W  3-128-25332,432Kevin AppierJim AbbottKevin AppierJim AbbottRusty Meacham29125734
1994-06-06vs BAL54L  2-428-26325,781 Tom GordonMike MussinaMike MussinaTom GordonLee Smith29326132
1994-06-07vs BAL55W  7-329-26321,777 David ConeBen McDonaldDavid ConeBen McDonald 30026436
1994-06-08vs BAL56L  4-629-27317,892 Bob MilackiSid FernandezAlan MillsBob MilackiLee Smith30427034
1994-06-09@ TEX57L  4-729-28446,433Mark GubiczaKenny RogersKenny RogersMark Gubicza 30827731
1994-06-10@ TEX58L  2-329-29446,379Kevin AppierKevin BrownKevin BrownKevin AppierCris Carpenter31028030
1994-06-11@ TEX59W  4-330-29446,582Tom GordonRoger PavlikTom GordonDan SmithJeff Montgomery31428331
1994-06-12@ TEX60W  7-231-29439,844David ConeHector FajardoDavid ConeHector FajardoRusty Meacham32128536
1994-06-13vs CAL61W  12-732-29424,645 Bob MilackiMark LangstonHipolito PichardoJohn Dopson 33329241
1994-06-14vs CAL62L  0-132-30417,422 Mark GubiczaChuck FinleyChuck FinleyMark Gubicza 33329340
1994-06-15vs CAL63W  4-333-30422,013 Kevin AppierJoe MagraneJeff MontgomeryCraig Lefferts 33729641
1994-06-16vs SEA64W  4-134-30427,245 Tom GordonChris BosioMike MagnanteChris BosioJeff Montgomery34129744
1994-06-17vs SEA65L  1-534-31424,470 David ConeDave FlemingDave FlemingDavid Cone 34230240
1994-06-18vs SEA66L  1-334-32432,899 Bob MilackiGreg HibbardMilt HillJeff MontgomeryBobby Ayala34330538
1994-06-19vs SEA67W  12-935-32428,898 Mark GubiczaRoger SalkeldHipolito PichardoBill Risley 35531441
1994-06-21@ OAK68W  2-036-32413,724Kevin AppierRon DarlingStan BelindaRon DarlingRusty Meacham35731443
1994-06-22@ OAK69W  10-137-32312,420Tom GordonTodd Van PoppelTom GordonTodd Van Poppel 36731552
1994-06-23@ OAK70L  0-437-33423,567David ConeBobby WittBobby WittDavid Cone 36731948
1994-06-24@ MIN71L  1-437-34427,069Bob MilackiJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesBob MilackiRick Aguilera36832345
1994-06-25@ MIN72W  4-138-34433,136Mark GubiczaPat MahomesMark GubiczaPat MahomesJeff Montgomery37232448
1994-06-26@ MIN73L  4-1138-35425,560Mike MagnanteScott EricksonScott EricksonMike Magnante 37633541
1994-06-27@ MIN74W  2-139-35424,181Tom GordonKevin TapaniTom GordonKevin TapaniJeff Montgomery37833642
1994-06-28@ CHA75W  4-340-35331,776David ConeWilson AlvarezDavid ConeWilson AlvarezJeff Montgomery38233943
1994-06-29@ CHA76L  6-740-36330,434Bob MilackiJason BereRoberto HernandezBilly Brewer 38834642
1994-06-30@ CHA77L  2-340-37430,236Mark GubiczaScott SandersonScott SandersonMark GubiczaRoberto Hernandez39034941
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01vs TOR78W  4-341-37321,496 Kevin AppierTodd StottlemyreJeff MontgomeryWoody Williams 39435242
1994-07-02vs TOR79L  6-741-38327,800 Tom GordonAl LeiterTony CastilloRusty MeachamDarren Hall40035941
1994-07-03vs TOR80W  11-642-38325,421 David ConeDave StewartDavid ConeDave Stewart 41136546
1994-07-04vs TOR81L  4-942-39338,039 Bob MilackiPat HentgenPat HentgenBob Milacki 41537441
1994-07-05vs MIL82W  10-543-39318,239 Mark GubiczaBill WegmanRusty MeachamBill WegmanBilly Brewer42537946
1994-07-06vs MIL83L  3-443-40318,213 Kevin AppierBob ScanlanBob ScanlanRusty MeachamMike Fetters42838345
1994-07-07vs MIL84W  8-344-40323,247 Tom GordonCal EldredTom GordonCal Eldred 43638650
1994-07-08@ TOR85W  6-545-40350,515David ConeDave StewartHipolito PichardoDarren HallJeff Montgomery44239151
1994-07-09@ TOR86L  4-945-41350,524Bob MilackiPat HentgenPat HentgenBob Milacki 44640046
1994-07-10@ TOR87L  3-745-42350,504Mark GubiczaJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanMark GubiczaDanny Cox44940742
1994-07-14vs DET88W  5-246-42324,790 Kevin AppierTim BelcherKevin AppierTim BelcherJeff Montgomery45440945
1994-07-15vs DET89L  2-1447-4330 Tom GordonDavid WellsDavid WellsTom Gordon 45642333
1994-07-15vs DET90W  5-347-43325,431 Mark GubiczaMike MooreMark GubiczaMike MooreJeff Montgomery46142635
1994-07-16vs DET91L  7-1347-44329,164 Bob MilackiBill GullicksonJoe BoeverBob Milacki 46843929
1994-07-17vs DET92W  4-148-44321,757 David ConeGreg GohrDavid ConeGreg GohrJeff Montgomery47244032
1994-07-18@ MIL93W  2-049-44314,040Chris HaneyAngel MirandaChris HaneyAngel MirandaJeff Montgomery47444034
1994-07-19@ MIL94L  3-449-45314,829Kevin AppierCal EldredJose MercedesHipolito Pichardo 47744433
1994-07-20@ MIL95L  1-1149-46320,085Tom GordonRicky BonesRicky BonesTom Gordon 47845523
1994-07-22@ DET96L  2-549-47327,760Mark GubiczaMike MooreMike MooreRusty MeachamJoe Boever48046020
1994-07-23@ DET97W  4-150-47335,528David ConeBill GullicksonDavid ConeBill GullicksonJeff Montgomery48446123
1994-07-24@ DET98W  6-451-47323,479Jose De JesusTim BelcherJose De JesusTim BelcherJeff Montgomery49046525
1994-07-25vs CHA99W  6-452-47332,459 Kevin AppierJack McDowellHipolito PichardoRoberto Hernandez 49646927
1994-07-26vs CHA100W  3-253-47321,971 Tom GordonWilson AlvarezTom GordonWilson AlvarezJeff Montgomery49947128
1994-07-27vs CHA101W  4-154-47323,405 Mark GubiczaJason BereRusty MeachamKirk McCaskillJeff Montgomery50347231
1994-07-28vs CHA102W  5-355-47335,052 David ConeScott RuffcornDavid ConeScott RuffcornJeff Montgomery50847533
1994-07-29vs MIN103W  5-356-47329,584 Jose De JesusKevin TapaniJose De JesusKevin TapaniHipolito Pichardo51347835
1994-07-30vs MIN104W  5-457-47331,962 Kevin AppierScott EricksonBilly BrewerMark Guthrie 51848236
1994-07-31vs MIN105W  9-558-47326,625 Tom GordonJim DeshaiesRusty MeachamJim Deshaies 52748740
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttKCA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01vs OAK106W  4-259-47324,462 Mark GubiczaRon DarlingMark GubiczaRon DarlingJeff Montgomery53148942
1994-08-02vs OAK107W  6-460-47323,343 David ConeTodd Van PoppelDavid ConeTodd Van PoppelJeff Montgomery53749344
1994-08-03vs OAK108W  9-561-47322,193 Jose De JesusBobby WittJose De JesusBobby WittStan Belinda54649848
1994-08-04vs OAK109W  5-262-47326,886 Kevin AppierCarlos ReyesKevin AppierCarlos ReyesJeff Montgomery55150051
1994-08-05vs SEA110W  8-063-47325,663 Tom GordonJim ConverseTom GordonJim Converse 55950059
1994-08-06vs SEA111L  2-1163-48332,702 Mark GubiczaTim DavisTim DavisMark Gubicza 56151150
1994-08-07vs SEA112L  6-1063-49326,483 David ConeRoger SalkeldBill RisleyDavid Cone 56752146
1994-08-08@ CAL113L  1-663-50318,315Jose De JesusMark LangstonMark LangstonJose De Jesus 56852741
1994-08-09@ CAL114W  5-364-50317,876Kevin AppierBrian AndersonHipolito PichardoMark LeiterJeff Montgomery57353043
1994-08-10@ CAL115L  1-264-51319,605Tom GordonChuck FinleyChuck FinleyTom Gordon 57453242

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