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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  53-62   .461
Result:   5th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Sparky Anderson
General Manager:   Joe Klein
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  1,184,783
Payroll:  $40,042,501
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Skeeter Barnes (37)
Youngest Player:  Jose Lima (21)
Longest Tenure:  Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker (18)
Top Hitter:  Travis Fryman (10)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Moore (18)
Top Draft Pick:  Cade Gaspar (#18)

Roster Continuity:  77.16%
Top Prospect:   Justin Thompson
American League Standings
NY Yankees7043.619--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-04-04@ BOS1L  8-90-1534,023Mike MooreRoger ClemensScott BankheadStorm DavisJeff Russell89-1
1994-04-06@ BOS2L  4-50-2517,977David WellsFrank ViolaRicky TrlicekDavid WellsJeff Russell1214-2
1994-04-07@ BOS3L  6-90-3515,304Tim BelcherDanny DarwinDanny DarwinTim BelcherGreg Harris1823-5
1994-04-08@ NYA4L  0-40-4520,222John DohertyJim AbbottJim AbbottJohn DohertySteve Howe1827-9
1994-04-09@ NYA5W  5-21-4525,596Mike MooreJimmy KeyMike MooreJimmy KeyMike Henneman2329-6
1994-04-10@ NYA6W  8-32-4526,327David WellsMelido PerezDavid WellsSterling HitchcockMike Gardiner3132-1
1994-04-11vs BAL7L  4-72-5550,314 Tim BelcherBen McDonaldBen McDonaldTim Belcher 3539-4
1994-04-13vs BAL8W  6-33-5510,251 John DohertyJamie MoyerJohn DohertyJamie MoyerMike Henneman4142-1
1994-04-14vs BAL9L  1-33-6511,243 Mike MooreMike MussinaMike MussinaMike MooreLee Smith4245-3
1994-04-15vs NYA10L  5-73-7514,315 David WellsMelido PerezMelido PerezDavid WellsJeff Reardon4752-5
1994-04-16vs NYA11W  5-44-7515,276 Tim BelcherBob OjedaMike HennemanDonn Pall 5256-4
1994-04-17vs NYA12L  6-84-8516,059 Bill GullicksonTerry MulhollandXavier HernandezBill KruegerJeff Reardon5864-6
1994-04-18vs KCA13L  1-114-9510,988 John DohertyTom GordonTom GordonJohn Doherty 5975-16
1994-04-19vs KCA14W  9-55-959,727 Mike MooreMark GubiczaMike MooreMark Gubicza 6880-12
1994-04-20vs KCA15L  6-115-1059,991 Jose LimaDavid ConeDavid ConeJose Lima 7491-17
1994-04-22@ CHA16L  2-75-11529,505Tim BelcherScott SandersonScott SandersonTim Belcher 7698-22
1994-04-23@ CHA17L  3-95-12539,846Bill GullicksonWilson AlvarezWilson AlvarezBill GullicksonKirk McCaskill79107-28
1994-04-24@ CHA18W  7-66-12541,149John DohertyJason BereMike GardinerJose DeLeonMike Henneman86113-27
1994-04-26@ TEX19L  1-66-13522,995Mike MooreRick HellingRick HellingMike Moore 87119-32
1994-04-28@ KCA20L  4-136-14516,768Tim BelcherKevin AppierKevin AppierTim Belcher 91132-41
1994-04-29vs CHA21W  4-37-14513,892 Bill GullicksonJason BereBill GullicksonJason BereMike Henneman95135-40
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-05-01vs CHA22W  8-58-14514,381 John DohertyJack McDowellJohn DohertyJack McDowellMike Henneman103140-37
1994-05-02vs TEX23W  10-89-14511,569 Mike MooreKenny RogersMike GardinerTom Henke 113148-35
1994-05-03vs TEX24L  2-79-15512,013 Tim BelcherKevin BrownKevin BrownTim Belcher 115155-40
1994-05-04vs TEX25W  14-710-15512,179 Bill GullicksonRick ReedJoe BoeverRick Reed 129162-33
1994-05-06vs SEA26W  9-411-15514,256 John DohertyRandy JohnsonJohn DohertyRandy Johnson 138166-28
1994-05-07vs SEA27W  10-412-15521,855 Mike MooreChris BosioMike MooreChris Bosio 148170-22
1994-05-08vs SEA28L  3-412-16515,610 Tim BelcherDave FlemingDave FlemingTim BelcherBobby Ayala151174-23
1994-05-10vs OAK29W  10-213-16512,482 Bill GullicksonTodd Van PoppelBill GullicksonTodd Van Poppel 161176-15
1994-05-11vs OAK30W  6-214-16511,472 John DohertyBob WelchJohn DohertyBob Welch 167178-11
1994-05-12vs OAK31W  6-515-16514,099 Mike MooreMiguel JimenezJoe BoeverBilly TaylorMike Gardiner173183-10
1994-05-13@ CLE32L  0-215-17539,650Tim BelcherMark ClarkMark ClarkTim Belcher 173185-12
1994-05-14@ CLE33L  3-915-18539,106Bill GullicksonJack MorrisJack MorrisBill Gullickson 176194-18
1994-05-15@ CLE34L  6-1115-19541,546John DohertyCharles NagyCharles NagyJohn Doherty 182205-23
1994-05-16@ TOR35L  2-715-20550,456Mike MooreJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanMike Moore 184212-28
1994-05-17@ TOR36W  13-616-20546,439Tim BelcherTodd StottlemyreTim BelcherTodd Stottlemyre 197218-21
1994-05-18@ TOR37L  3-916-21547,247Bill GullicksonDave StewartDave StewartBill Gullickson 200227-27
1994-05-20vs MIL38W  10-417-21519,495 John DohertyMike IgnasiakJohn DohertyDoug Henry 210231-21
1994-05-21vs MIL39W  7-618-21528,760 Mike MooreJaime NavarroMike MooreJaime Navarro 217237-20
1994-05-22vs MIL40W  9-619-21526,031 Tim BelcherCal EldredTim BelcherCal EldredMike Gardiner226243-17
1994-05-24vs CAL41L  5-819-22512,626 Bill GullicksonChuck FinleyChuck FinleyBill GullicksonJoe Grahe231251-20
1994-05-25vs CAL42W  9-720-22513,305 John DohertyJohn FarrellJohn DohertyJohn FarrellMike Henneman240258-18
1994-05-26vs CAL43L  5-720-23515,858 Mike MooreJoe MagraneJoe MagraneMike MooreJoe Grahe245265-20
1994-05-27@ MIN44L  2-520-24516,409Tim BelcherKevin TapaniKevin TapaniTim BelcherRick Aguilera247270-23
1994-05-28@ MIN45L  9-1020-25519,553Bill KruegerJim DeshaiesMark GuthrieMike Henneman 256280-24
1994-05-29@ MIN46W  5-121-25523,936Bill GullicksonPat MahomesBill GullicksonPat Mahomes 261281-20
1994-05-30@ BAL47W  5-322-25547,851John DohertyJamie MoyerKurt KnudsenTom BoltonJoe Boever266284-18
1994-05-31@ BAL48W  7-623-25546,843Mike MooreMike OquistMike MooreMike OquistMike Henneman273290-17
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-06-01@ BAL49W  11-324-25446,773Tim BelcherMike MussinaTim BelcherMike Mussina 284293-9
1994-06-02@ BAL50L  5-1124-26447,341Bill KruegerScott KlingenbeckScott KlingenbeckBill Krueger 289304-15
1994-06-03vs MIN51W  9-825-26422,608 Bill GullicksonJim DeshaiesJoe BoeverDave Stevens 298312-14
1994-06-04vs MIN52L  7-2125-27423,780 John DohertyPat MahomesPat MahomesJohn Doherty 305333-28
1994-06-05vs MIN53W  5-326-27425,205 Mike MooreScott EricksonMike MooreScott Erickson 310336-26
1994-06-06vs BOS54W  11-527-27419,570 Tim BelcherJoe HeskethTim BelcherJoe Hesketh 321341-20
1994-06-07vs BOS55L  1-527-28413,708 David WellsRoger ClemensRoger ClemensDavid Wells 322346-24
1994-06-08vs BOS56W  14-528-28417,414 Bill GullicksonGar FinnvoldBill GullicksonGar Finnvold 336351-15
1994-06-09@ CAL57W  7-429-28420,963Greg GohrChuck FinleyJoe BoeverChuck FinleyMike Henneman343355-12
1994-06-10@ CAL58W  8-430-28422,735Mike MooreJoe MagraneMike MooreJoe Magrane 351359-8
1994-06-11@ CAL59W  11-531-28425,713Tim BelcherRuss SpringerTim BelcherRuss Springer 362364-2
1994-06-12@ CAL60L  6-831-29422,381David WellsBrian AndersonBrian AndersonDavid WellsJoe Grahe368372-4
1994-06-14@ MIL61W  10-832-29421,137Bill GullicksonRicky BonesGreg GohrGraeme Lloyd 378380-2
1994-06-15@ MIL62L  7-1132-30415,743Mike MooreBill WegmanBill WegmanMike Moore 385391-6
1994-06-16@ MIL63L  4-532-31415,603Tim BelcherBob ScanlanGraeme LloydBuddy Groom 389396-7
1994-06-17vs TOR64L  4-732-32436,210 John DohertyDave StewartDave StewartMike GardinerDarren Hall393403-10
1994-06-18vs TOR65W  6-533-32337,534 David WellsPat HentgenJoe BoeverWoody Williams 399408-9
1994-06-19vs TOR66W  3-134-32335,772 Greg GohrJuan GuzmanGreg GohrJuan GuzmanMike Gardiner402409-7
1994-06-20vs CLE67L  1-734-33323,097 Mike MooreCharles NagyCharles NagyMike Moore 403416-13
1994-06-21vs CLE68W  7-535-33324,955 Tim BelcherJason GrimsleyJoe BoeverDerek Lilliquist 410421-11
1994-06-22vs CLE69L  6-935-34424,040 John DohertyDennis MartinezDennis MartinezJohn Doherty 416430-14
1994-06-24@ OAK70L  3-435-35424,456David WellsSteve OntiverosSteve OntiverosDavid WellsDennis Eckersley419434-15
1994-06-25@ OAK71L  1-235-36430,041Greg GohrCarlos ReyesMark AcreJoe BoeverDennis Eckersley420436-16
1994-06-26@ OAK72L  5-1035-37423,694Mike MooreRon DarlingRon DarlingMike Moore 425446-21
1994-06-27@ SEA73W  11-136-37429,696Tim BelcherDave FlemingTim BelcherDave Fleming 436447-11
1994-06-28@ SEA74L  4-636-38419,210John DohertyChris BosioBill RisleyJohn DohertyBobby Ayala440453-13
1994-06-29@ SEA75L  4-936-39416,012David WellsRoger SalkeldTim DavisStorm DavisBobby Ayala444462-18
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-07-01@ TEX76L  6-1036-4140Greg GohrKevin BrownDarren OliverMike Henneman 450472-22
1994-07-01@ TEX77L  6-836-41440,852Bill GullicksonJohn DettmerMatt WhitesideJoe BoeverTom Henke456480-24
1994-07-02@ TEX78W  6-137-41446,668Mike MooreRoger PavlikMike MooreRoger Pavlik 462481-19
1994-07-03@ TEX79L  3-537-42446,164Tim BelcherHector FajardoHector FajardoTim BelcherTom Henke465486-21
1994-07-04@ TEX80L  3-437-43446,265John DohertyKenny RogersDarren OliverMike Gardiner 468490-22
1994-07-05vs CHA81W  6-238-4440 David WellsScott SandersonDavid WellsScott Sanderson 474492-18
1994-07-05vs CHA82L  4-638-44420,149 Greg GohrJack McDowellJack McDowellGreg GohrRoberto Hernandez478498-20
1994-07-06vs CHA83L  2-638-45418,353 Bill GullicksonAlex FernandezDane JohnsonMike Henneman 480504-24
1994-07-07vs CHA84L  5-938-46422,110 Mike MooreWilson AlvarezWilson AlvarezMike MooreJose DeLeon485513-28
1994-07-08vs TEX85W  7-339-46427,414 Tim BelcherHector FajardoTim BelcherHector FajardoMike Gardiner492516-24
1994-07-09vs TEX86L  4-1039-47430,574 John DohertyKenny RogersKenny RogersJohn Doherty 496526-30
1994-07-10vs TEX87W  6-540-47429,217 David WellsKevin BrownJoe BoeverTom Henke 502531-29
1994-07-14@ KCA88L  2-540-48424,790Tim BelcherKevin AppierKevin AppierTim BelcherJeff Montgomery504536-32
1994-07-15@ KCA89W  14-241-4940David WellsTom GordonDavid WellsTom Gordon 518538-20
1994-07-15@ KCA90L  3-541-49425,431Mike MooreMark GubiczaMark GubiczaMike MooreJeff Montgomery521543-22
1994-07-16@ KCA91W  13-742-49429,164Bill GullicksonBob MilackiJoe BoeverBob Milacki 534550-16
1994-07-17@ KCA92L  1-442-50421,757Greg GohrDavid ConeDavid ConeGreg GohrJeff Montgomery535554-19
1994-07-18@ CHA93L  9-1042-51441,860Mike GardinerScott SandersonKirk McCaskillStorm Davis 544564-20
1994-07-19@ CHA94L  5-1042-52531,367Tim BelcherAlex FernandezAlex FernandezTim Belcher 549574-25
1994-07-20@ CHA95L  0-342-53538,095David WellsJack McDowellJack McDowellDavid Wells 549577-28
1994-07-22vs KCA96W  5-243-53527,760 Mike MooreMark GubiczaMike MooreRusty MeachamJoe Boever554579-25
1994-07-23vs KCA97L  1-443-54535,528 Bill GullicksonDavid ConeDavid ConeBill GullicksonJeff Montgomery555583-28
1994-07-24vs KCA98L  4-643-55523,479 Tim BelcherJose De JesusJose De JesusTim BelcherJeff Montgomery559589-30
1994-07-26vs SEA99W  9-144-55520,590 David WellsJim ConverseDavid WellsJim Converse 568590-22
1994-07-27vs SEA100W  3-145-55520,150 Mike MooreRandy JohnsonMike MooreRandy JohnsonGreg Cadaret571591-20
1994-07-28vs SEA101W  4-246-55522,946 Bill GullicksonDave FlemingJoe BoeverBobby Ayala 575593-18
1994-07-29vs OAK102L  4-646-56526,971 Tim BelcherTodd Van PoppelBob WelchTim BelcherDennis Eckersley579599-20
1994-07-30vs OAK103W  14-247-56535,615 Sean BergmanBobby WittSean BergmanBobby Witt 593601-8
1994-07-31vs OAK104W  5-448-56518,748 David WellsSteve OntiverosStorm DavisEd VosbergGene Harris598605-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1994-08-01@ CLE105L  2-648-57541,922Mike MooreJason GrimsleyJason GrimsleyMike Moore 600611-11
1994-08-02@ CLE106W  12-949-57541,286Bill GullicksonJack MorrisGreg CadaretJeff RussellBuddy Groom612620-8
1994-08-03@ CLE107L  4-749-58541,611Tim BelcherCharles NagyCharles NagyTim BelcherJeff Russell616627-11
1994-08-04@ CLE108L  0-549-59541,926Sean BergmanAlbie LopezAlbie LopezSean Bergman 616632-16
1994-08-05@ TOR109L  2-449-60550,522David WellsJuan GuzmanJuan GuzmanDavid WellsDarren Hall618636-18
1994-08-06@ TOR110W  3-250-60550,512Mike MoorePat HentgenMike MoorePat HentgenJoe Boever621638-17
1994-08-07@ TOR111W  8-751-60550,509Bill GullicksonDave StewartStorm DavisTony CastilloGreg Cadaret629645-16
1994-08-08vs MIL112L  4-1251-61530,803 Tim BelcherAngel MirandaAngel MirandaTim Belcher 633657-24
1994-08-09vs MIL113W  10-452-61515,874 Sean BergmanCal EldredSean BergmanCal Eldred 643661-18
1994-08-10vs MIL114W  4-053-61517,705 David WellsRicky BonesDavid WellsRicky Bones 647661-14
1994-08-11vs MIL115L  5-1053-62518,857 Mike MooreBill WegmanJesse OroscoStorm Davis 652671-19

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