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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  85-77   .525
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Art Howe
General Manager:   Bill Wood
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  2,084,618
Payroll:  $28,854,500
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Doug Jones (36)
Youngest Player:  Jeff Juden (22)
Longest Tenure:  Ken Caminiti (7)
Top Hitter:  Craig Biggio (17)
Top Pitcher:  Pete Harnisch (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Billy Wagner (#12)

Roster Continuity:  63.73%
Top Prospect:   Todd Jones
National League Standings
SF Giants10359.6361.0
LA Dodgers8181.50023.0
San Diego61101.37743.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-04-05vs PHI1L  1-3-44,560 Doug DrabekTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandDoug Drabek 13-2
1993-04-06vs PHI2L  3-5-18,686 Greg SwindellCurt SchillingCurt SchillingGreg SwindellMitch Williams48-4
1993-04-07vs PHI3L  3-6-16,471 Pete HarnischDanny JacksonJose DeLeonEric BellMitch Williams714-7
1993-04-09@ NYN4W  7-3-21,314Mark PortugalSid FernandezDoug JonesAnthony Young 1417-3
1993-04-10@ NYN5W  6-3-21,419Doug DrabekDwight GoodenDoug DrabekDwight Gooden 20200
1993-04-11@ NYN6W  5-4-21,856Greg SwindellPete SchourekGreg SwindellPete SchourekDoug Jones25241
1993-04-13@ MON7W  9-6-51,539Pete HarnischKen HillBrian WilliamsMel Rojas 34304
1993-04-14@ MON8W  9-5-12,345Mark PortugalChris NabholzMark PortugalMike Gardiner 43358
1993-04-15@ MON9L  1-2-13,377Doug DrabekDennis MartinezJimmy JonesDoug DrabekMel Rojas44377
1993-04-16vs FLO10W  9-3-34,579 Greg SwindellCharlie HoughGreg SwindellCharlie Hough 534013
1993-04-17vs FLO11L  4-9-29,459 Darryl KileJack ArmstrongJack ArmstrongBrian Williams 57498
1993-04-18vs FLO12W  3-0-22,702 Pete HarnischChris HammondPete HarnischChris HammondDoug Jones604911
1993-04-20@ CHN13L  1-2-22,946Mark PortugalMike HarkeyMike HarkeyMark PortugalRandy Myers615110
1993-04-21@ CHN14W  2-0-22,943Doug DrabekMike MorganDoug DrabekMike Morgan 635112
1993-04-23@ PIT15W  4-2-13,487Greg SwindellDave OttoGreg SwindellDenny NeagleDoug Jones675314
1993-04-24@ PIT16W  8-4-19,498Pete HarnischBob WalkXavier HernandezJohn Candelaria 755718
1993-04-25@ PIT17L  2-7-15,102Mark PortugalRandy TomlinRandy TomlinMark Portugal 776413
1993-04-26vs SLN18L  2-3-16,511 Doug DrabekJoe MagraneJoe MagraneDoug DrabekLee Smith796712
1993-04-27vs SLN19W  9-2-14,624 Darryl KileRheal CormierDarryl KileRheal CormierBrian Williams886919
1993-04-28vs CHN20W  6-1-16,814 Greg SwindellJose GuzmanGreg SwindellJose Guzman 947024
1993-04-29vs CHN21W  5-4-16,403 Pete HarnischGreg HibbardPete HarnischGreg HibbardDoug Jones997425
1993-04-30vs PIT22W  11-2-31,867 Mark PortugalBob WalkMark PortugalBob WalkXavier Hernandez1107634
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-05-01vs PIT23W  7-3-39,242 Doug DrabekRandy TomlinDoug DrabekRandy Tomlin 1177938
1993-05-02vs PIT24L  2-6-24,485 Greg SwindellSteve CookeSteve CookeGreg Swindell 1198534
1993-05-04@ SLN25L  1-6-23,203Pete HarnischBob TewksburyBob TewksburyPete Harnisch 1209129
1993-05-05@ SLN26W  6-3-27,864Mark PortugalDonovan OsborneMark PortugalDonovan OsborneDoug Jones1269432
1993-05-06vs CIN27L  4-5-21,453 Doug DrabekTim BelcherMilt HillDoug JonesJeff Reardon1309931
1993-05-07vs CIN28L  5-7-31,845 Greg SwindellJose RijoJose RijoGreg SwindellJeff Reardon13510629
1993-05-08vs CIN29W  12-1-25,134 Darryl KileJohn SmileyDarryl KileJohn Smiley 14710740
1993-05-09vs CIN30W  6-3-15,040 Pete HarnischTim PughPete HarnischTim PughDoug Jones15311043
1993-05-10vs ATL31W  5-2-15,599 Mark PortugalGreg MadduxXavier HernandezJay HowellDoug Jones15811246
1993-05-11vs ATL32L  4-5-22,890 Doug DrabekJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzDoug DrabekMike Stanton16211745
1993-05-12vs ATL33L  2-5-21,024 Greg SwindellSteve AverySteve AveryGreg SwindellMike Stanton16412242
1993-05-14vs LAN34W  9-1-34,445 Pete HarnischTom CandiottiPete HarnischTom Candiotti 17312350
1993-05-15vs LAN35W  7-1-22,618 Mark PortugalOrel HershiserMark PortugalOrel Hershiser 18012456
1993-05-16vs LAN36W  3-2-33,940 Doug DrabekPedro AstacioDoug DrabekPedro MartinezDoug Jones18312657
1993-05-17@ SFN37L  7-8-17,618Greg SwindellBuddy BlackDave BurbaDoug Jones 19013456
1993-05-18@ SFN38L  2-7-19,798Darryl KileJohn BurkettJohn BurkettDarryl Kile 19214151
1993-05-19@ SFN39L  3-6-20,267Pete HarnischJeff BrantleyJeff BrantleyPete Harnisch 19514748
1993-05-21@ SDN40L  2-3-13,763Mark PortugalWally WhitehurstRich RodriguezDoug Jones 19715047
1993-05-22@ SDN41L  4-9-16,684Doug DrabekAndy BenesAndy BenesDoug Drabek 20115942
1993-05-23@ SDN42W  9-7-13,895Greg SwindellDave EilandGreg SwindellDave EilandDoug Jones21016644
1993-05-25vs COL43L  5-7-18,812 Pete HarnischLance PainterGary WayneXavier HernandezAndy Ashby21517342
1993-05-26vs COL44L  2-3-22,267 Mark PortugalArmando ReynosoBryn SmithDoug JonesJeff Parrett21717641
1993-05-27vs COL45W  8-0-22,372 Doug DrabekDavid NiedDoug DrabekDavid Nied 22517649
1993-05-28@ FLO46L  4-5-37,874Greg SwindellJack ArmstrongRichie LewisTom Edens 22918148
1993-05-29@ FLO47W  4-2-40,520Darryl KileCharlie HoughDarryl KileCharlie HoughDoug Jones23318350
1993-05-30@ FLO48W  2-1-36,686Pete HarnischLuis AquinoPete HarnischLuis AquinoDoug Jones23518451
1993-05-31vs MON49W  2-1-21,176 Brian WilliamsBrian BarnesDoug JonesMel Rojas 23718552
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-06-01vs MON50L  1-2-21,132 Doug DrabekKen HillJohn WettelandDoug Drabek 23818751
1993-06-02vs MON51W  5-4-21,405 Greg SwindellGil HerediaDoug JonesMel Rojas 24319152
1993-06-04vs NYN52W  7-2-33,022 Pete HarnischFrank TananaPete HarnischFrank Tanana 25019357
1993-06-05vs NYN53W  7-5-32,012 Mark PortugalBret SaberhagenDarryl KileMike MadduxXavier Hernandez25719859
1993-06-06vs NYN54W  5-4-28,469 Doug DrabekPete SchourekAl OsunaPete SchourekDoug Jones26220260
1993-06-07@ PHI55L  5-7-26,445Greg SwindellDanny JacksonDanny JacksonGreg SwindellMitch Williams26720958
1993-06-08@ PHI56W  6-3-24,669Darryl KileBen RiveraDarryl KileBen RiveraDoug Jones27321261
1993-06-09@ PHI57L  0-8-25,389Pete HarnischTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandPete Harnisch 27322053
1993-06-11@ COL58L  4-5-57,136Mark PortugalArmando ReynosoJeff ParrettXavier HernandezDarren Holmes27722552
1993-06-12@ COL59L  11-14-60,864Doug DrabekAndy AshbyKeith ShepherdDoug Jones 28823949
1993-06-13@ COL60L  1-9-60,349Greg SwindellBruce RuffinBruce RuffinGreg Swindell 28924841
1993-06-15vs SDN61L  0-3-18,381 Pete HarnischWally WhitehurstWally WhitehurstPete HarnischGene Harris28925138
1993-06-16vs SDN62W  5-4-17,715 Mark PortugalDoug BrocailMark PortugalDoug BrocailAl Osuna29425539
1993-06-17vs SDN63W  4-1-19,803 Darryl KileAndy BenesDarryl KileAndy BenesBrian Williams29825642
1993-06-18vs SFN64L  0-5-38,365 Doug DrabekBuddy BlackBuddy BlackDoug Drabek 29826137
1993-06-19vs SFN65L  3-10-49,075 Greg SwindellJohn BurkettJohn BurkettGreg Swindell 30127130
1993-06-20vs SFN66L  5-8-29,790 Pete HarnischBryan HickersonJeff BrantleyBrian WilliamsRod Beck30627927
1993-06-21@ LAN67L  0-7-48,436Mark PortugalRamon MartinezRamon MartinezMark Portugal 30628620
1993-06-22@ LAN68W  5-1-33,039Darryl KileKevin GrossDarryl KileKevin Gross 31128724
1993-06-23@ LAN69W  5-3-52,203Doug DrabekTom CandiottiDoug DrabekJim GottBrian Williams31629026
1993-06-24@ LAN70W  1-0-36,765Greg SwindellOrel HershiserGreg SwindellOrel HershiserAl Osuna31729027
1993-06-25@ ATL71L  2-8-48,769Pete HarnischSteve AverySteve AveryPete Harnisch 31929821
1993-06-26@ ATL72L  5-6-47,864Mark PortugalTom GlavineMike StantonDoug Jones 32430420
1993-06-27@ ATL73W  3-0-48,796Darryl KileGreg MadduxDarryl KileGreg MadduxXavier Hernandez32730423
1993-06-29@ CIN74L  0-3-29,215Doug DrabekTom BrowningTom BrowningDoug DrabekRob Dibble32730720
1993-06-30@ CIN75L  4-5-27,380Greg SwindellTim BelcherJeff ReardonAl Osuna 33131219
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-07-01@ CIN76W  8-1-24,551Pete HarnischJose RijoPete HarnischJose Rijo 33931326
1993-07-02vs SLN77W  7-1-35,582 Mark PortugalJoe MagraneMark PortugalJoe Magrane 34631432
1993-07-03vs SLN78W  6-0-25,642 Darryl KileRheal CormierDarryl KileRheal Cormier 35231438
1993-07-04vs SLN79W  9-4-24,737 Doug DrabekRene ArochaDoug DrabekRene Arocha 36131843
1993-07-05vs SLN80L  4-10-19,959 Greg SwindellDonovan OsborneDonovan OsborneGreg Swindell 36532837
1993-07-06vs PIT81L  3-10-17,582 Pete HarnischJeff BallardJeff BallardPete Harnisch 36833830
1993-07-07vs PIT82L  2-5-24,682 Mark PortugalTim WakefieldPaul WagnerMark PortugalStan Belinda37034327
1993-07-08vs PIT83W  10-4-19,999 Darryl KileZane SmithDarryl KileZane Smith 38034733
1993-07-09@ CHN84L  2-5-35,361Doug DrabekMike MorganMike MorganDoug DrabekRandy Myers38235230
1993-07-10@ CHN85W  4-0-0Pete HarnischMike HarkeyPete HarnischMike Harkey 38635234
1993-07-10@ CHN86W  5-2-39,008Brian WilliamsJose GuzmanBrian WilliamsJose GuzmanXavier Hernandez39135437
1993-07-11@ CHN87W  10-1-38,379Mark PortugalGreg HibbardMark PortugalGreg Hibbard 40135546
1993-07-15@ SLN88L  2-4-35,739Doug DrabekRene ArochaRene ArochaDoug DrabekLee Smith40335944
1993-07-16@ SLN89W  7-6-47,928Darryl KileJoe MagraneTom EdensLee GuettermanDoug Jones41036545
1993-07-17@ SLN90L  3-5-46,571Brian WilliamsBob TewksburyBob TewksburyBrian WilliamsLee Smith41337043
1993-07-18@ SLN91L  6-7-37,345Mark PortugalAllen WatsonLee GuettermanDoug Jones 41937742
1993-07-19@ PIT92W  4-2-14,068Pete HarnischBob WalkPete HarnischBob WalkDoug Jones42337944
1993-07-20@ PIT93L  1-2-18,008Doug DrabekRandy TomlinRandy TomlinDoug Drabek 42438143
1993-07-21@ PIT94W  5-3-28,227Darryl KileSteve CookeDarryl KileSteve CookeDoug Jones42938445
1993-07-22vs CHN95W  9-4-24,334 Brian WilliamsMike HarkeyBrian WilliamsMike Harkey 43838850
1993-07-23vs CHN96W  5-1-43,472 Mark PortugalGreg HibbardMark PortugalGreg HibbardDoug Jones44338954
1993-07-24vs CHN97L  6-7-31,984 Pete HarnischFrank CastilloFrank CastilloPete Harnisch 44939653
1993-07-25vs CHN98L  1-3-32,889 Doug DrabekMike MorganBob ScanlanDoug JonesRandy Myers45039951
1993-07-26vs CIN99L  1-6-16,161 Darryl KileJose RijoJose RijoDarryl Kile 45140546
1993-07-27vs CIN100W  6-5-17,232 Brian WilliamsTom BrowningBrian WilliamsTom BrowningDoug Jones45741047
1993-07-28vs CIN101W  4-2-22,567 Mark PortugalTim PughMark PortugalTim PughXavier Hernandez46141249
1993-07-29vs ATL102W  2-0-29,060 Pete HarnischKent MerckerPete HarnischKent Mercker 46341251
1993-07-30vs ATL103L  1-4-47,413 Doug DrabekTom GlavineTom GlavineDoug DrabekGreg McMichael46441648
1993-07-31vs ATL104L  3-4-46,130 Darryl KileGreg MadduxGreg MadduxDarryl KileMike Stanton46742047
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-08-01vs ATL105L  2-3-38,275 Greg SwindellJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzGreg SwindellGreg McMichael46942346
1993-08-03vs LAN106W  6-1-19,132 Mark PortugalKevin GrossMark PortugalKevin GrossXavier Hernandez47542451
1993-08-04vs LAN107L  2-4-23,065 Pete HarnischTom CandiottiTom CandiottiPete HarnischJim Gott47742849
1993-08-05vs LAN108L  2-5-25,965 Doug DrabekPedro AstacioPedro AstacioDoug DrabekJim Gott47943346
1993-08-06@ SFN109L  3-4-26,146Darryl KileJohn BurkettJohn BurkettDarryl KileRod Beck48243745
1993-08-07@ SFN110W  6-5-46,316Greg SwindellScott SandersonGreg SwindellScott SandersonDoug Jones48844246
1993-08-08@ SFN111W  4-1-41,086Mark PortugalBryan HickersonMark PortugalBryan HickersonDoug Jones49244349
1993-08-09@ SDN112W  5-4-8,237Pete HarnischTim WorrellXavier HernandezTrevor HoffmanDoug Jones49744750
1993-08-10@ SDN113L  2-7-8,822Doug DrabekAndy AshbyAndy AshbyDoug Drabek 49945445
1993-08-11@ SDN114W  9-6-11,141Darryl KileAndy BenesDarryl KileAndy BenesDoug Jones50846048
1993-08-12@ SDN115W  5-3-10,340Greg SwindellScott SandersGreg SwindellTrevor HoffmanDoug Jones51346350
1993-08-13vs COL116L  3-5-37,972 Mark PortugalMo SanfordGary WayneDoug JonesDarren Holmes51646848
1993-08-14vs COL117W  9-0-41,523 Pete HarnischGreg HarrisPete HarnischGreg Harris 52546857
1993-08-15vs COL118L  3-4-21,690 Doug DrabekKent BottenfieldBruce RuffinXavier HernandezDarren Holmes52847256
1993-08-17vs FLO119W  4-0-14,602 Darryl KilePat RappDarryl KilePat Rapp 53247260
1993-08-18vs FLO120W  2-1-16,018 Greg SwindellJack ArmstrongGreg SwindellJoe KlinkTodd Jones53447361
1993-08-19vs FLO121W  8-3-18,662 Mark PortugalCharlie HoughMark PortugalCharlie Hough 54247666
1993-08-20vs PHI122L  4-6-33,080 Pete HarnischCurt SchillingDavid WestTodd JonesMitch Williams54648264
1993-08-21vs PHI123W  3-2-27,507 Doug DrabekTerry MulhollandDoug JonesLarry Andersen 54948465
1993-08-22vs PHI124W  7-3-28,940 Darryl KileBen RiveraDarryl KileBen Rivera 55648769
1993-08-24@ FLO125W  4-0-31,423Greg SwindellJack ArmstrongGreg SwindellJack Armstrong 56048773
1993-08-25@ FLO126W  3-2-29,492Mark PortugalCharlie HoughMark PortugalCharlie HoughXavier Hernandez56348974
1993-08-26@ FLO127L  4-5-30,005Pete HarnischRyan BowenRichie LewisDoug Jones 56749473
1993-08-27@ MON128L  1-3-16,429Doug DrabekDennis MartinezDennis MartinezDoug DrabekJohn Wetteland56849771
1993-08-28@ MON129L  3-7-24,203Darryl KileKirk RueterKirk RueterDarryl KileMel Rojas57150467
1993-08-29@ MON130L  2-3-20,701Greg SwindellKen HillKen HillGreg SwindellJohn Wetteland57350766
1993-08-30@ NYN131L  4-5-18,061Mark PortugalEric HillmanMike MadduxXavier HernandezJohn Franco57751265
1993-08-31@ NYN132W  10-2-18,211Pete HarnischDwight GoodenPete HarnischDwight Gooden 58751473
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-09-01@ NYN133W  3-2-15,851Doug DrabekSid FernandezDoug DrabekSid FernandezDoug Jones59051674
1993-09-03vs MON134L  0-3-28,257 Darryl KileKirk RueterKirk RueterDarryl KileJohn Wetteland59051971
1993-09-04vs MON135L  5-7-22,771 Greg SwindellKen HillKen HillGreg SwindellJohn Wetteland59552669
1993-09-05vs MON136W  7-1-19,636 Mark PortugalJeff FasseroMark PortugalJeff Fassero 60252775
1993-09-06vs NYN137W  7-2-18,233 Pete HarnischSid FernandezPete HarnischSid FernandezXavier Hernandez60952980
1993-09-07vs NYN138W  4-3-16,298 Doug DrabekBobby JonesTodd JonesJohn Franco 61353281
1993-09-08vs NYN139W  7-1-15,684 Darryl KileFrank TananaDarryl KileFrank Tanana 62053387
1993-09-10@ PHI140L  2-6-31,146Greg SwindellCurt SchillingCurt SchillingGreg Swindell 62253983
1993-09-11@ PHI141W  4-1-45,738Mark PortugalMike WilliamsMark PortugalMike WilliamsTodd Jones62654086
1993-09-12@ PHI142W  9-2-46,238Pete HarnischBen RiveraPete HarnischBen Rivera 63554293
1993-09-14@ COL143L  4-9-0Doug DrabekArmando ReynosoArmando ReynosoDoug DrabekBruce Ruffin63955188
1993-09-14@ COL144L  5-6-42,657Darryl KileCurt LeskanicDarren HolmesXavier Hernandez 64455787
1993-09-15@ COL145L  4-6-40,813Greg SwindellGreg HarrisMike MunozBrian WilliamsDarren Holmes64856385
1993-09-16@ COL146L  3-6-41,847Mark PortugalKent BottenfieldBruce RuffinTodd JonesDarren Holmes65156982
1993-09-17vs SDN147W  3-0-29,595 Pete HarnischAndy BenesPete HarnischAndy Benes 65456985
1993-09-18vs SDN148W  4-2-18,611 Doug DrabekScott SandersDoug DrabekScott Sanders 65857187
1993-09-19vs SDN149L  3-6-24,690 Darryl KileAndy AshbyAndy AshbyDarryl KileMark Davis66157784
1993-09-20vs SFN150L  2-7-18,066 Greg SwindellJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesGreg Swindell 66358479
1993-09-21vs SFN151W  6-0-25,697 Mark PortugalSalomon TorresMark PortugalSalomon Torres 66958485
1993-09-22vs SFN152L  0-1-31,507 Pete HarnischBill SwiftBill SwiftPete HarnischRod Beck66958584
1993-09-23vs SFN153L  0-7-22,418 Doug DrabekJohn BurkettJohn BurkettDoug Drabek 66959277
1993-09-24@ LAN154L  3-6-29,442Darryl KilePedro AstacioPedro AstacioDarryl Kile 67259874
1993-09-25@ LAN155W  12-4-33,461Greg SwindellPedro MartinezGreg SwindellPedro Martinez 68460282
1993-09-26@ LAN156W  5-4-29,985Mark PortugalRamon MartinezMark PortugalRamon MartinezDoug Jones68960683
1993-09-28@ ATL157W  5-2-49,242Pete HarnischGreg MadduxPete HarnischGreg MadduxDoug Jones69460886
1993-09-29@ ATL158L  3-6-49,032Doug DrabekTom GlavineTom GlavineDoug DrabekGreg McMichael69761483
1993-09-30@ ATL159W  10-8-49,021Darryl KileJohn SmoltzXavier HernandezJohn Smoltz 70762285
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1993-10-01@ CIN160W  2-0-26,944Greg SwindellJose RijoGreg SwindellJose Rijo 70962287
1993-10-02@ CIN161W  3-1-26,820Mark PortugalLarry LuebbersMark PortugalRoss PowellXavier Hernandez71262389
1993-10-03@ CIN162L  4-7-26,491Shane ReynoldsJohn RoperBobby AyalaJeff JudenScott Service71663086

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