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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  84-78   .519
Result:   2nd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Joe Torre
General Manager:   Dal Maxvill
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  2,448,699
Payroll:  $21,435,001
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob McClure (38)
Youngest Player:  Mark Clark (23)
Longest Tenure:  Ozzie Smith (10)
Top Hitter:  Felix Jose (17)
Top Pitcher:  Lee Smith (25)
Top Draft Pick:  Dmitri Young (#4)

Roster Continuity:  57.71%
Top Prospect:   Ray Lankford
National League Standings
St. Louis8478.51914.0
Chi Cubs7783.48120.0
NY Mets7784.47820.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-04-09@ CHN1W  4-11-0231,622Bryn SmithDanny JacksonBryn SmithDanny JacksonLee Smith413
1991-04-10@ CHN2L  0-21-1411,204Jose DeLeonGreg MadduxGreg MadduxJose DeLeonDave Smith431
1991-04-11@ CHN3W  5-42-1310,830Ken HillMike HarkeyKen HillMike HarkeyLee Smith972
1991-04-12@ PHI4L  4-112-2438,227Jamie MoyerPat CombsPat CombsJamie Moyer 1318-5
1991-04-13@ PHI5L  2-42-3515,485Bob TewksburyTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandBob TewksburyMitch Williams1522-7
1991-04-14@ PHI6W  11-73-3520,337Bryn SmithDave LaPointBryn SmithDave LaPointLee Smith2629-3
1991-04-15@ MON7W  5-44-3335,238Jose DeLeonOil Can BoydCris CarpenterTim BurkeLee Smith3133-2
1991-04-16@ MON8L  1-44-449,159Ken HillRick MahlerRick MahlerKen HillTim Burke3237-5
1991-04-17@ MON9L  0-14-547,870Jamie MoyerBill SampenBill SampenJamie MoyerBarry Jones3238-6
1991-04-19vs PHI10W  3-15-5421,468 Bob TewksburyTerry MulhollandBob TewksburyTerry MulhollandLee Smith3539-4
1991-04-20vs PHI11W  12-16-640 Jose DeLeonJason GrimsleyJose DeLeonJason GrimsleyOmar Olivares47407
1991-04-20vs PHI12L  5-66-6427,482 Bryn SmithDave LaPointRoger McDowellCris CarpenterMitch Williams52466
1991-04-21vs PHI13W  7-67-6426,701 Ken HillJose De JesusLee SmithMitch Williams 59527
1991-04-22vs CHN14W  3-28-6323,943 Jamie MoyerShawn BoskieJuan AgostoDave Smith 62548
1991-04-23vs CHN15W  4-29-6325,384 Bob TewksburyRick SutcliffeBob TewksburyRick SutcliffeLee Smith665610
1991-04-24vs CHN16L  0-19-7325,339 Jose DeLeonMike BieleckiMike BieleckiJose DeLeonPaul Assenmacher66579
1991-04-26vs MON17W  4-010-7324,023 Bryn SmithOil Can BoydBryn SmithOil Can BoydJuan Agosto705713
1991-04-27vs MON18W  2-111-7332,000 Ken HillRick MahlerKen HillRick MahlerLee Smith725814
1991-04-28vs MON19L  6-911-8325,778 Jamie MoyerBill SampenTim BurkeMike Perez 786711
1991-04-29vs ATL20W  4-312-8219,010 Bob TewksburyJohn SmoltzLee SmithDoug Sisk 827012
1991-04-30vs ATL21W  5-313-8219,844 Jose DeLeonCharlie LeibrandtCris CarpenterCharlie LeibrandtLee Smith877314
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-05-01vs ATL22L  4-513-9227,043 Bryn SmithSteve AveryKent MerckerMike Perez 917813
1991-05-03@ CIN23W  4-214-9233,643Ken HillNorm CharltonCris CarpenterScott ScudderLee Smith958015
1991-05-04@ CIN24L  1-314-10339,008Jamie MoyerJack ArmstrongJack ArmstrongJamie MoyerRob Dibble968313
1991-05-05@ CIN25L  2-414-11324,758Jose DeLeonTom BrowningTom BrowningLee SmithRob Dibble988711
1991-05-07@ ATL26L  2-914-12317,196Bryn SmithSteve AverySteve AveryBryn Smith 100964
1991-05-08@ ATL27L  1-1714-1339,699Ken HillTom GlavineTom GlavineKen Hill 101113-12
1991-05-10@ HOU28W  7-515-13315,932Bob TewksburyJimmy JonesJuan AgostoCurt SchillingLee Smith108118-10
1991-05-11@ HOU29L  1-615-14318,010Jose DeLeonMark PortugalMark PortugalJose DeLeon 109124-15
1991-05-12@ HOU30W  7-316-14311,007Bryn SmithJim DeshaiesCris CarpenterAl Osuna 116127-11
1991-05-13vs CIN31W  1-017-14329,271 Ken HillChris HammondKen HillRandy MyersLee Smith117127-10
1991-05-14vs CIN32L  1-317-15324,672 Jamie MoyerNorm CharltonNorm CharltonJamie MoyerRob Dibble118130-12
1991-05-15vs CIN33W  8-218-15334,953 Bob TewksburyTom BrowningBob TewksburyTom Browning 126132-6
1991-05-17vs HOU34L  4-518-16340,231 Jose DeLeonJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesLee SmithAl Osuna130137-7
1991-05-18vs HOU35W  12-219-16337,638 Bryn SmithXavier HernandezBryn SmithXavier Hernandez 1421393
1991-05-19vs HOU36W  9-220-16331,446 Ken HillPete HarnischKen HillPete Harnisch 15114110
1991-05-21@ PIT37L  3-520-1739,226Jamie MoyerJohn SmileyJohn SmileyJamie MoyerBill Landrum1541468
1991-05-22@ PIT38W  5-321-17319,630Bob TewksburyDoug DrabekCris CarpenterDoug DrabekLee Smith15914910
1991-05-23@ PIT39W  8-222-1728,557Jose DeLeonRandy TomlinJose DeLeonRandy TomlinScott Terry16715116
1991-05-24@ NYN40L  2-622-18330,795Bryn SmithDavid ConeDavid ConeBryn Smith 16915712
1991-05-25@ NYN41W  7-223-18239,113Ken HillWally WhitehurstKen HillWally Whitehurst 17615917
1991-05-26@ NYN42W  14-424-18236,254Omar OlivaresDwight GoodenCris CarpenterDwight Gooden 19016327
1991-05-27vs PIT43L  0-824-19240,667 Bob TewksburyDoug DrabekDoug DrabekBob Tewksbury 19017119
1991-05-28vs PIT44L  8-924-20322,766 Jose DeLeonRandy TomlinStan BelindaJose DeLeonBill Landrum19818018
1991-05-29vs PIT45L  0-624-21327,178 Bryn SmithZane SmithZane SmithBryn Smith 19818612
1991-05-31vs NYN46L  5-1024-22338,473 Ken HillDwight GoodenWally WhitehurstJuan Agosto 2031967
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-06-01vs NYN47W  6-525-22340,839 Omar OlivaresFrank ViolaJuan AgostoJohn Franco 2092018
1991-06-02vs NYN48W  3-126-22333,241 Bob TewksburyRon DarlingBob TewksburyRon DarlingLee Smith21220210
1991-06-04vs LAN49W  3-227-22326,211 Jose DeLeonOrel HershiserLee SmithJim Gott 21520411
1991-06-05vs LAN50L  0-227-23324,722 Bryn SmithRamon MartinezRamon MartinezBryn Smith 2152069
1991-06-06vs LAN51L  0-127-24326,878 Ken HillBob OjedaBob OjedaKen HillTim Crews2152078
1991-06-07vs SFN52L  2-527-25335,017 Omar OlivaresDon RobinsonDon RobinsonOmar OlivaresDave Righetti2172125
1991-06-08vs SFN53W  3-228-25338,381 Bob TewksburyTrevor WilsonCris CarpenterFrancisco Oliveras 2202146
1991-06-09vs SFN54L  2-328-26329,564 Jose DeLeonJohn BurkettJohn BurkettJose DeLeonJeff Brantley2222175
1991-06-10vs SFN55W  3-229-26328,829 Bryn SmithScott GarreltsScott TerryJose SeguraLee Smith2252196
1991-06-11@ SDN56W  10-430-26324,383Ken HillJose MelendezKen HillJose Melendez 23522312
1991-06-12@ SDN57L  2-730-27315,636Omar OlivaresBruce HurstBruce HurstCris Carpenter 2372307
1991-06-13@ SDN58W  12-131-27219,292Bob TewksburyAtlee HammakerBob TewksburyAtlee Hammaker 24923118
1991-06-14@ LAN59L  1-231-28239,041Jose DeLeonOrel HershiserJay HowellScott Terry 25023317
1991-06-15@ LAN60W  5-432-28246,101Bryn SmithRamon MartinezBryn SmithRamon MartinezLee Smith25523718
1991-06-16@ LAN61L  2-732-29245,293Ken HillBob OjedaBob OjedaKen Hill 25724413
1991-06-17@ SFN62W  5-433-29212,871Omar OlivaresDon RobinsonJuan AgostoDave RighettiLee Smith26224814
1991-06-18@ SFN63W  3-134-29211,140Bob TewksburyTrevor WilsonBob TewksburyTrevor WilsonLee Smith26524916
1991-06-19@ SFN64W  3-235-29221,024Jose DeLeonJohn BurkettJose DeLeonJohn BurkettLee Smith26825117
1991-06-21vs SDN65W  4-336-29240,927 Bryn SmithDennis RasmussenJuan AgostoLarry Andersen 27225418
1991-06-22vs SDN66L  3-436-30241,808 Ken HillJose MelendezJose MelendezKen HillCraig Lefferts27525817
1991-06-23vs SDN67L  2-336-31230,882 Omar OlivaresBruce HurstBruce HurstJuan Agosto 27726116
1991-06-24vs SDN68L  1-436-32232,096 Bob TewksburyAdam PetersonAdam PetersonBob Tewksbury 27826513
1991-06-25vs PHI69W  10-937-32230,798 Jose DeLeonDanny CoxScott TerryRoger McDowellLee Smith28827414
1991-06-26vs PHI70W  14-138-32225,706 Bryn SmithPat CombsBryn SmithPat Combs 30227527
1991-06-27vs PHI71W  4-239-32226,419 Ken HillTommy GreeneKen HillTommy GreeneLee Smith30627729
1991-06-28@ CHN72W  14-640-32235,220Omar OlivaresBob ScanlanOmar OlivaresBob Scanlan 32028337
1991-06-29@ CHN73L  4-640-33234,957Bob TewksburyLes LancasterLes LancasterBob TewksburyPaul Assenmacher32428935
1991-06-30@ CHN74L  4-740-34232,736Jose DeLeonGreg MadduxChuck McElroyJose DeLeon 32829632
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-07-01@ PHI75W  1-041-34217,281Bryn SmithBruce RuffinBryn SmithBruce RuffinLee Smith32929633
1991-07-02@ PHI76W  6-142-34216,847Ken HillTommy GreeneKen HillTommy GreeneLee Smith33529738
1991-07-03@ PHI77W  4-343-34250,156Omar OlivaresJose De JesusOmar OlivaresJose De JesusLee Smith33930039
1991-07-04@ PHI78L  1-743-35314,921Bob TewksburyTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandBob Tewksbury 34030733
1991-07-05vs CHN79L  1-543-36349,251 Jose DeLeonFrank CastilloFrank CastilloJose DeLeon 34131229
1991-07-06vs CHN80L  2-1243-37348,313 Bryn SmithMike BieleckiMike BieleckiBryn Smith 34332419
1991-07-07vs CHN81W  8-744-37339,595 Ken HillLes LancasterWillie FraserLaddie Renfroe 35133120
1991-07-11@ ATL82L  1-444-38317,060Jose DeLeonSteve AverySteve AveryJose DeLeonJuan Berenguer35233517
1991-07-12@ ATL83L  2-644-39328,114Bryn SmithJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzBryn Smith 35434113
1991-07-13@ ATL84L  5-1044-40343,424Ken HillCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtKen Hill 3593518
1991-07-14@ ATL85L  1-244-41322,684Bob TewksburyTom GlavineTom GlavineBob Tewksbury 3603537
1991-07-15@ CIN86W  5-245-41329,710Omar OlivaresGino MinutelliOmar OlivaresGino MinutelliLee Smith36535510
1991-07-16@ CIN87W  8-746-41328,082Jose DeLeonChris HammondWillie FraserRob DibbleLee Smith37336211
1991-07-17@ CIN88W  6-547-41330,239Bryn SmithJack ArmstrongBryn SmithJack ArmstrongLee Smith37936712
1991-07-19vs ATL89L  3-847-42335,259 Ken HillCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtKen HillJuan Berenguer3823757
1991-07-20vs ATL90W  2-148-42339,383 Bob TewksburyTom GlavineLee SmithMike Stanton 3843768
1991-07-21vs ATL91L  1-548-43332,274 Omar OlivaresSteve AverySteve AveryOmar Olivares 3853814
1991-07-22vs HOU92W  9-149-43327,289 Jose DeLeonRyan BowenJose DeLeonRyan Bowen 39438212
1991-07-23vs HOU93W  5-150-43324,360 Bryn SmithJim DeshaiesBryn SmithJim Deshaies 39938316
1991-07-24vs HOU94W  4-351-43329,182 Ken HillPete HarnischLee SmithAl Osuna 40338617
1991-07-26vs CIN95W  5-152-43344,472 Bob TewksburyChris HammondBob TewksburyChris Hammond 40838721
1991-07-27vs CIN96L  1-1352-44347,252 Omar OlivaresKip GrossKip GrossOmar Olivares 4094009
1991-07-28vs CIN97W  3-253-44338,148 Jose DeLeonRandy MyersJose DeLeonRandy MyersLee Smith41240210
1991-07-29@ HOU98L  2-653-45315,615Bryn SmithJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesBryn Smith 4144086
1991-07-30@ HOU99L  5-753-46316,208Ken HillPete HarnischAl OsunaCris Carpenter 4194154
1991-07-31@ HOU100L  5-953-47315,589Bob TewksburyDarryl KileDarryl KileBob TewksburyDean Wilkins4244240
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-08-01vs PIT101W  6-354-47328,276 Omar OlivaresRandy TomlinOmar OlivaresRandy TomlinLee Smith4304273
1991-08-02vs PIT102W  4-355-47336,228 Jose DeLeonZane SmithBob McClureStan Belinda 4344304
1991-08-03vs PIT103W  6-556-47240,627 Bryn SmithDoug DrabekLee SmithBob Patterson 4404355
1991-08-04vs PIT104L  1-256-48234,243 Ken HillJohn SmileyJohn SmileyKen Hill 4414374
1991-08-06vs MON105W  7-657-48226,089 Bob TewksburyChris NabholzScott TerryBarry Jones 4484435
1991-08-07vs MON106L  0-157-49225,591 Omar OlivaresMark GardnerMark GardnerOmar OlivaresBarry Jones4484444
1991-08-09@ PIT107W  5-158-49238,136Bryn SmithJohn SmileyBryn SmithJohn Smiley 4534458
1991-08-10@ PIT108L  5-1158-50249,939Ken HillHector FajardoNeal HeatonKen Hill 4584562
1991-08-11@ PIT109L  4-658-51231,814Bob TewksburyRandy TomlinRoger MasonBob TewksburyBill Landrum4624620
1991-08-12@ PIT110L  3-458-52226,328Jose DeLeonZane SmithBob PattersonLee Smith 465466-1
1991-08-13vs NYN111W  7-459-52233,487 Omar OlivaresFrank ViolaOmar OlivaresFrank ViolaLee Smith4724702
1991-08-14vs NYN112W  5-460-52231,399 Bryn SmithDavid ConeCris CarpenterJohn FrancoLee Smith4774743
1991-08-15vs NYN113W  4-161-52232,096 Rheal CormierWally WhitehurstRheal CormierWally WhitehurstLee Smith4814756
1991-08-16@ MON114W  4-262-52214,587Bob TewksburyChris NabholzBob TewksburyChris NabholzLee Smith4854778
1991-08-17@ MON115L  0-362-53215,024Jose DeLeonDennis MartinezDennis MartinezJose DeLeon 4854805
1991-08-18@ MON116W  4-163-53221,330Omar OlivaresMark GardnerOmar OlivaresMark GardnerLee Smith4894818
1991-08-21@ NYN117W  7-364-5420Bryn SmithDavid ConeBryn SmithDavid Cone 49648412
1991-08-21@ NYN118L  0-864-54226,169Rheal CormierSid FernandezSid FernandezRheal Cormier 4964924
1991-08-22@ NYN119L  0-664-55225,439Bob TewksburyDwight GoodenDwight GoodenBob TewksburyTim Burke496498-2
1991-08-23vs LAN120W  2-165-55240,465 Jose DeLeonBob OjedaCris CarpenterTim CrewsLee Smith498499-1
1991-08-24vs LAN121W  7-366-55245,962 Omar OlivaresMike MorganOmar OlivaresMike Morgan 5055023
1991-08-25vs LAN122W  5-267-55235,640 Rheal CormierTim BelcherRheal CormierTim BelcherLee Smith5105046
1991-08-26vs SFN123W  7-668-55225,554 Bryn SmithBuddy BlackCris CarpenterBuddy BlackLee Smith5175107
1991-08-27vs SFN124W  5-469-55223,167 Bob TewksburyJohn BurkettScott TerryDon RobinsonLee Smith5225148
1991-08-28vs SDN125L  1-269-56220,479 Jose DeLeonBruce HurstBruce HurstScott TerryCraig Lefferts5235167
1991-08-29vs SDN126L  0-169-57223,887 Omar OlivaresAndy BenesAndy BenesOmar Olivares 5235176
1991-08-30@ SFN127L  3-869-58215,939Rheal CormierBuddy BlackBuddy BlackRheal CormierJeff Brantley5265251
1991-08-31@ SFN128L  1-669-59221,546Bryn SmithBryan HickersonBryan HickersonBryn Smith 527531-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-09-01@ SFN129W  14-170-59221,844Bob TewksburyJohn BurkettBob TewksburyJohn Burkett 5415329
1991-09-02@ LAN130W  7-471-59237,794Ken HillBob OjedaWillie FraserJay Howell 54853612
1991-09-03@ LAN131L  4-571-60226,793Omar OlivaresMike MorganJay HowellScott Terry 55254111
1991-09-04@ LAN132L  3-871-61232,372Rheal CormierTim BelcherRoger McDowellBob McClure 5555496
1991-09-05@ SDN133L  1-371-62210,097Bryn SmithGreg HarrisGreg HarrisScott TerryJose Melendez5565524
1991-09-06@ SDN134L  2-671-63214,791Bob TewksburyRicky BonesRicky BonesBob Tewksbury 5585580
1991-09-07@ SDN135L  0-171-64217,609Ken HillBruce HurstMike MadduxCris Carpenter 558559-1
1991-09-09vs PHI136W  4-272-64216,597 Omar OlivaresAndy AshbyOmar OlivaresAndy AshbyLee Smith5625611
1991-09-10vs PHI137L  2-572-65216,210 Rheal CormierTommy GreeneTommy GreeneRheal CormierMitch Williams564566-2
1991-09-11vs PIT138L  1-372-66220,457 Bob TewksburyZane SmithZane SmithBob Tewksbury 565569-4
1991-09-12vs PIT139W  1-073-66221,412 Ken HillDoug DrabekKen HillDoug DrabekLee Smith566569-3
1991-09-13vs NYN140L  2-473-67226,680 Mark ClarkFrank ViolaTim BurkeWillie Fraser 568573-5
1991-09-14vs NYN141W  2-174-67231,583 Omar OlivaresDavid ConeOmar OlivaresDavid ConeLee Smith570574-4
1991-09-15vs NYN142W  7-275-67226,379 Rheal CormierPete SchourekRheal CormierPete Schourek 5775761
1991-09-16@ PHI143W  3-076-67213,892Bob TewksburyJose De JesusBob TewksburyJose De JesusLee Smith5805764
1991-09-17@ PHI144L  2-476-68214,059Ken HillCliff BrantleyCliff BrantleyKen HillMitch Williams5825802
1991-09-18@ PIT145L  5-676-69230,123Bryn SmithBob WalkRoger MasonWillie Fraser 5875861
1991-09-19@ PIT146L  1-576-70222,904Omar OlivaresJohn SmileyStan BelindaOmar Olivares 588591-3
1991-09-20@ NYN147L  0-176-71215,683Rheal CormierDavid ConeDavid ConeRheal Cormier 588592-4
1991-09-21@ NYN148L  3-576-72220,887Bob TewksburyPete SchourekPete SchourekBob TewksburyJohn Franco591597-6
1991-09-22@ NYN149W  2-177-72221,113Ken HillAnthony YoungKen HillAnthony YoungLee Smith593598-5
1991-09-23vs MON150W  10-178-7320 Bryn SmithDennis MartinezBryn SmithDennis Martinez 6035994
1991-09-23vs MON151L  1-578-73216,172 Jose DeLeonChris NabholzChris NabholzMark Clark 6046040
1991-09-24vs MON152W  4-379-73213,310 Omar OlivaresChris HaneyOmar OlivaresChris HaneyLee Smith6086071
1991-09-25vs MON153L  2-779-74215,973 Rheal CormierBrian BarnesBrian BarnesRheal Cormier 610614-4
1991-09-27vs CHN154W  5-480-74230,429 Bob TewksburyFrank CastilloBob TewksburyFrank CastilloLee Smith615618-3
1991-09-28vs CHN155W  3-281-74238,304 Ken HillGreg MadduxKen HillGreg MadduxLee Smith618620-2
1991-09-29vs CHN156L  3-581-75242,665 Bryn SmithRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeBryn SmithPaul Assenmacher621625-4
1991-09-30vs MON157W  11-182-75210,289 Jose DeLeonChris HaneyMark ClarkChris HaneyJuan Agosto6326266
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-10-01vs MON158W  3-183-75215,137 Omar OlivaresBrian BarnesOmar OlivaresBrian BarnesLee Smith6356278
1991-10-02vs MON159W  6-484-75212,344 Rheal CormierMark GardnerRheal CormierMark GardnerLee Smith64163110
1991-10-05@ CHN160L  2-384-7720Ken HillLes LancasterBob ScanlanWillie Fraser 6436349
1991-10-05@ CHN161L  5-784-77221,295Mark ClarkShawn BoskieYorkis PerezJuan AgostoPaul Assenmacher6486417
1991-10-06@ CHN162L  3-784-78217,169Omar OlivaresGreg MadduxGreg MadduxOmar Olivares 6516483

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