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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  83-79   .512
Result:   4th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Tom Trebelhorn
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,478,729
Payroll:  $24,398,000
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Rick Dempsey (41)
Youngest Player:  Gary Sheffield (22)
Longest Tenure:  Robin Yount (18)
Top Hitter:  Paul Molitor (2)
Top Pitcher:  Bill Wegman (12)
Top Draft Pick:  Kenny Henderson (#5)

Roster Continuity:  64.58%
Top Prospect:   Chris George
American League Standings
NY Yankees7191.43820.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-04-08@ TEX1W  5-4-40,560Mark KnudsonNolan RyanMark KnudsonNolan RyanEd Nunez541
1991-04-10@ TEX2W  6-0-15,293Chris BosioKevin BrownChris BosioKevin Brown 1147
1991-04-11@ TOR3L  3-7-38,286Ron RobinsonDavid WellsDavid WellsRon Robinson 14113
1991-04-12@ TOR4L  4-5-43,150Jaime NavarroDenis BoucherMike TimlinDan Plesac 18162
1991-04-13@ TOR5W  7-3-49,872Kevin BrownDave StiebKevin BrownDave StiebChuck Crim25196
1991-04-14@ TOR6L  0-9-47,136Don AugustJimmy KeyJimmy KeyDon August 2528-3
1991-04-15vs BAL7L  2-7-50,058 Chris BosioJose MesaJose MesaChris BosioMark Williamson2735-8
1991-04-17vs BAL8W  7-3-8,053 Jaime NavarroDave JohnsonJaime NavarroDave JohnsonMark Lee3438-4
1991-04-18vs BAL9W  4-3-7,693 Mark KnudsonJeff BallardEd NunezJose Bautista 3841-3
1991-04-19vs TOR10L  2-5-9,604 Don AugustDave StiebDave StiebDon August 4046-6
1991-04-20vs TOR11L  2-4-13,545 Chris BosioJimmy KeyJimmy KeyChris BosioDuane Ward4250-8
1991-04-21vs TOR12W  11-8-14,920 Kevin BrownTodd StottlemyreChuck CrimFrank Wills 5358-5
1991-04-23vs TEX13L  5-6-6,896 Jaime NavarroBobby WittRich GossageChuck CrimJeff Russell5864-6
1991-04-24vs TEX14L  2-8-9,822 Mark KnudsonKevin BrownKevin BrownMark Knudson 6072-12
1991-04-25vs TEX15W  9-1-10,034 Chris BosioKenny RogersChris BosioKenny Rogers 6973-4
1991-04-26@ BAL16W  5-4-28,657Kevin BrownJose MesaDarren HolmesJose MesaEd Nunez7477-3
1991-04-27@ BAL17W  5-2-31,488Don AugustJeff RobinsonDon AugustJeff Robinson 79790
1991-04-28@ BAL18L  4-5-32,989Jaime NavarroBen McDonaldBob MilackiDarren HolmesGregg Olson8384-1
1991-04-30vs CHA19W  8-2-9,136 Chris BosioAlex FernandezChris BosioAlex FernandezChuck Crim91865
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-05-01vs CHA20W  10-9-13,973 Mark KnudsonGreg HibbardDon AugustWayne Edwards 101956
1991-05-02vs MIN21W  5-1-8,902 Kevin BrownKevin TapaniKevin BrownKevin TapaniChuck Crim1069610
1991-05-03vs MIN22W  6-5-13,033 Jaime NavarroJack MorrisJaime NavarroRick AguileraEd Nunez11210111
1991-05-04vs MIN23L  4-7-26,503 Chris BosioMark GuthrieMark GuthrieChris BosioSteve Bedrosian1161088
1991-05-05vs MIN24L  2-5-11,183 Bill WegmanAllan AndersonRick AguileraEd Nunez 1181135
1991-05-07@ CHA25L  1-2-35,451Kevin BrownGreg HibbardBobby ThigpenMark Lee 1191154
1991-05-08@ CHA26L  1-2-36,026Jaime NavarroJack McDowellJack McDowellJaime Navarro 1201173
1991-05-10vs KCA27L  1-2-18,915 Chris BosioBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenChris Bosio 1211192
1991-05-11vs KCA28L  2-4-27,372 Bill WegmanTom GordonTom GordonBill WegmanJeff Montgomery1231230
1991-05-12vs KCA29L  4-6-15,119 Kevin BrownMike BoddickerMike BoddickerKevin BrownJeff Montgomery127129-2
1991-05-14@ MIN30L  1-5-13,395Jaime NavarroJack MorrisJack MorrisJaime Navarro 128134-6
1991-05-15@ MIN31W  4-2-15,992Chris BosioKevin TapaniChris BosioKevin TapaniDan Plesac132136-4
1991-05-16@ MIN32W  6-3-15,182Bill WegmanAllan AndersonBill WegmanAllan AndersonDarren Holmes138139-1
1991-05-17@ KCA33W  7-5-26,644Kevin BrownTom GordonChuck CrimMark DavisJulio Machado1451441
1991-05-18@ KCA34L  4-7-34,727Don AugustStorm DavisMark DavisMark LeeJeff Montgomery149151-2
1991-05-19@ KCA35W  4-2-26,483Jaime NavarroMark GubiczaJaime NavarroMark GubiczaJulio Machado1531530
1991-05-20@ BOS36L  0-3-28,983Chris BosioMatt YoungMatt YoungChris BosioJeff Reardon153156-3
1991-05-21@ BOS37L  6-10-28,646Bill WegmanDana KieckerJoe HeskethJim Hunter 159166-7
1991-05-22@ BOS38L  0-4-33,182Kevin BrownDanny DarwinDanny DarwinKevin BrownGreg Harris159170-11
1991-05-23vs CLE39W  7-3-12,623 Don AugustCharles NagyDon AugustCharles NagyDarren Holmes166173-7
1991-05-24vs CLE40W  1-0-16,598 Jaime NavarroRod NicholsJaime NavarroRod Nichols 167173-6
1991-05-25vs CLE41L  4-5-17,664 Chris BosioEric KingDoug JonesJulio Machado 171178-7
1991-05-26vs CLE42W  7-6-23,214 Bill WegmanGreg SwindellChuck CrimDoug Jones 178184-6
1991-05-27vs DET43L  9-15-27,667 Kevin BrownBill GullicksonMike HennemanChuck Crim 187199-12
1991-05-28vs DET44W  15-2-12,981 Don AugustFrank TananaDon AugustFrank Tanana 2022011
1991-05-29vs DET45W  6-2-21,673 Jaime NavarroWalt TerrellJaime NavarroWalt Terrell 2082035
1991-05-31@ NYA46L  2-3-19,084Chris BosioPascual PerezSteve HoweChuck Crim 2102064
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-06-01@ NYA47W  6-3-23,599Bill WegmanChuck CaryBill WegmanChuck Cary 2162097
1991-06-02@ NYA48L  4-7-30,507Teddy HigueraWade TaylorWade TaylorTeddy HigueraSteve Farr2202164
1991-06-04@ OAK49L  3-4-22,214Jaime NavarroBob WelchBob WelchJaime NavarroDennis Eckersley2232203
1991-06-05@ OAK50L  4-6-21,271Chris BosioDave StewartDave StewartChris BosioSteve Chitren2272261
1991-06-06@ OAK51L  8-9-26,365Don AugustAndy HawkinsBruce WaltonChuck CrimDennis Eckersley2352350
1991-06-07@ SEA52L  1-2-16,968Teddy HigueraBill KruegerBill KruegerTeddy HigueraMichael Jackson236237-1
1991-06-08@ SEA53L  2-6-25,835Bill WegmanRich DeLuciaRich DeLuciaBill WegmanDave Burba238243-5
1991-06-09@ SEA54L  1-6-41,397Jaime NavarroBrian HolmanBrian HolmanJaime Navarro 239249-10
1991-06-10@ CAL55W  7-2-21,147Chris BosioKirk McCaskillChris BosioKirk McCaskill 246251-5
1991-06-11@ CAL56L  3-4-23,044Don AugustMark LangstonMark LangstonKevin BrownBryan Harvey249255-6
1991-06-12@ CAL57W  8-0-32,515Teddy HigueraFernando ValenzuelaTeddy HigueraFernando Valenzuela 2572552
1991-06-15vs OAK58W  6-4-0 Jaime NavarroDave StewartJaime NavarroDave StewartDan Plesac2632594
1991-06-15vs OAK59L  3-7-33,797 Kevin BrownAndy HawkinsAndy HawkinsKevin BrownSteve Chitren2662660
1991-06-16vs OAK60W  11-7-28,774 Chris BosioJoe SlusarskiChuck CrimGene Nelson 2772734
1991-06-17vs OAK61W  5-0-20,431 Don AugustMike MooreDon AugustMike Moore 2822739
1991-06-18vs CAL62W  10-6-17,915 Teddy HigueraJoe GraheTeddy HigueraJoe GraheDan Plesac29227913
1991-06-19vs CAL63L  1-4-26,512 Bill WegmanJim AbbottJim AbbottBill WegmanBryan Harvey29328310
1991-06-20vs SEA64W  4-0-19,174 Jaime NavarroBrian HolmanJaime NavarroBrian Holman 29728314
1991-06-21vs SEA65L  1-5-18,409 Chris BosioRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonChris Bosio 29828810
1991-06-22vs SEA66L  0-5-25,260 Don AugustErik HansonErik HansonDon August 2982935
1991-06-23vs SEA67W  5-2-25,159 Teddy HigueraBill KruegerTeddy HigueraBill KruegerDan Plesac3032958
1991-06-25@ DET68W  11-3-13,765Bill WegmanWalt TerrellBill WegmanWalt Terrell 31429816
1991-06-26@ DET69L  7-8-13,355Jaime NavarroDan GakelerJohn CeruttiJulio Machado 32130615
1991-06-27@ DET70W  9-3-13,606Chris BosioBill GullicksonChris BosioBill Gullickson 33030921
1991-06-28vs NYA71W  5-2-19,442 Don AugustScott KamienieckiDon AugustScott KamienieckiDan Plesac33531124
1991-06-29vs NYA72L  8-9-31,992 Teddy HigueraJeff JohnsonLee GuettermanDan PlesacSteve Farr34332023
1991-06-30vs NYA73L  6-8-27,400 Bill WegmanTim LearyGreg CadaretMark LeeSteve Farr34932821
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-07-01vs BOS74L  0-6-14,955 Jaime NavarroRoger ClemensRoger ClemensJaime Navarro 34933415
1991-07-02vs BOS75L  4-14-16,019 Mark KnudsonTom BoltonDennis LampMark Knudson 3533485
1991-07-03vs BOS76L  3-5-23,935 Don AugustGreg HarrisGreg HarrisDon AugustJeff Reardon3563533
1991-07-04@ CLE77L  0-3-25,699Jim HunterCharles NagyCharles NagyJim Hunter 3563560
1991-07-05@ CLE78W  4-2-13,221Bill WegmanRod NicholsBill WegmanRod NicholsDan Plesac3603582
1991-07-06@ CLE79L  0-2-15,461Jaime NavarroGreg SwindellGreg SwindellJaime NavarroShawn Hillegas3603600
1991-07-07@ CLE80W  10-6-14,989Mark KnudsonMike YorkChuck CrimJeff ShawDan Plesac3703664
1991-07-11vs CHA81W  5-1-23,875 Bill WegmanCharlie HoughBill WegmanCharlie Hough 3753678
1991-07-12vs CHA82L  6-8-24,102 Jaime NavarroAlex FernandezMelido PerezDan PlesacBobby Thigpen3813756
1991-07-13vs CHA83W  8-2-44,850 Don AugustGreg HibbardDon AugustGreg Hibbard 38937712
1991-07-14vs CHA84L  1-15-31,345 Mark KnudsonJack McDowellJack McDowellMark Knudson 390392-2
1991-07-15vs MIN85L  7-11-16,201 Jim HunterScott EricksonMark GuthrieJim HunterSteve Bedrosian397403-6
1991-07-16vs MIN86W  4-3-15,954 Chris BosioKevin TapaniDoug HenryRick Aguilera 401406-5
1991-07-17vs SEA87W  6-1-16,059 Bill WegmanRandy JohnsonBill WegmanRandy Johnson 4074070
1991-07-18vs SEA88L  0-12-26,621 Jaime NavarroErik HansonErik HansonJaime Navarro 407419-12
1991-07-19@ CHA89L  3-14-42,055Don AugustJack McDowellJack McDowellDon August 410433-23
1991-07-20@ CHA90L  6-7-40,583Jim HunterRamon GarciaBobby ThigpenDan Plesac 416440-24
1991-07-21@ CHA91W  2-1-41,207Chris BosioCharlie HoughChris BosioCharlie Hough 418441-23
1991-07-22@ CHA92L  4-5-42,295Bill WegmanGreg HibbardGreg HibbardBill WegmanBobby Thigpen422446-24
1991-07-23@ KCA93L  7-8-23,169Jaime NavarroMark GubiczaMark GubiczaJaime NavarroJeff Montgomery429454-25
1991-07-24@ KCA94L  4-7-26,620Don AugustBret SaberhagenStorm DavisChuck CrimJeff Montgomery433461-28
1991-07-25@ KCA95L  0-2-30,309Jim HunterLuis AquinoLuis AquinoJim HunterJeff Montgomery433463-30
1991-07-26@ MIN96L  3-6-39,211Chris BosioKevin TapaniKevin TapaniDarren HolmesRick Aguilera436469-33
1991-07-27@ MIN97L  4-7-47,632Bill WegmanDenny NeagleCarl WillisBill Wegman 440476-36
1991-07-28@ MIN98W  11-2-47,524Jaime NavarroJack MorrisJaime NavarroJack Morris 451478-27
1991-07-30vs KCA99W  9-3-18,952 Don AugustBret SaberhagenDon AugustBret SaberhagenDan Plesac460481-21
1991-07-31vs KCA100L  4-5-15,941 Chris BosioLuis AquinoLuis AquinoChris BosioJeff Montgomery464486-22
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-08-01vs KCA101L  5-6-20,631 Jim HunterMike BoddickerTom GordonDarren HolmesJeff Montgomery469492-23
1991-08-02vs TEX102L  1-15-22,323 Jaime NavarroBrian BohanonBrian BohanonJaime Navarro 470507-37
1991-08-03vs TEX103L  5-14-31,312 Bill WegmanJose GuzmanJose GuzmanBill Wegman 475521-46
1991-08-04vs TEX104W  3-2-28,464 Chris BosioOil Can BoydChuck CrimJeff Russell 478523-45
1991-08-05@ BAL105W  6-5-25,824Don AugustRoy SmithDoug HenryMark WilliamsonEd Nunez484528-44
1991-08-06@ BAL106L  5-13-25,883Jim HunterDave JohnsonDave JohnsonJim Hunter 489541-52
1991-08-07@ BAL107W  4-2-24,239Jaime NavarroBen McDonaldJaime NavarroBen McDonald 493543-50
1991-08-08@ BAL108W  6-4-27,079Bill WegmanBob MilackiBill WegmanBob MilackiEd Nunez499547-48
1991-08-09@ TEX109W  10-8-35,009Chris BosioJose GuzmanChris BosioGerald AlexanderEd Nunez509555-46
1991-08-10@ TEX110W  5-2-41,286Dan PlesacOil Can BoydDan PlesacOil Can BoydDoug Henry514557-43
1991-08-11@ TEX111L  4-5-31,169Don AugustKevin BrownKenny RogersJulio Machado 518562-44
1991-08-12@ TEX112W  14-7-21,590Jaime NavarroBobby WittJaime NavarroBobby WittDoug Henry532569-37
1991-08-13vs TOR113W  5-4-22,996 Bill WegmanTom CandiottiChuck CrimTom Henke 537573-36
1991-08-14vs TOR114W  5-3-19,193 Chris BosioDavid WellsChris BosioDavid WellsDoug Henry542576-34
1991-08-15vs TOR115L  1-4-24,519 Dan PlesacTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreDan PlesacTom Henke543580-37
1991-08-16vs BAL116W  8-5-18,050 Don AugustDave JohnsonDon AugustRoy Smith 551585-34
1991-08-17vs BAL117W  7-6-31,063 Jaime NavarroBen McDonaldJaime NavarroBen McDonaldEd Nunez558591-33
1991-08-18vs BAL118W  2-1-22,638 Bill WegmanBob MilackiBill WegmanBob MilackiDoug Henry560592-32
1991-08-20@ TOR119L  1-3-50,311Chris BosioTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreChris BosioTom Henke561595-34
1991-08-21@ TOR120W  3-0-50,306Dan PlesacJimmy KeyJulio MachadoJimmy KeyEd Nunez564595-31
1991-08-22@ TOR121W  8-7-50,309Don AugustJuan GuzmanMike IgnasiakDuane WardDoug Henry572602-30
1991-08-23@ OAK122W  13-4-30,115Jaime NavarroDave StewartJaime NavarroDave Stewart 585606-21
1991-08-24@ OAK123W  7-0-41,317Bill WegmanJoe SlusarskiBill WegmanJoe Slusarski 592606-14
1991-08-25@ OAK124W  8-2-37,624Chris BosioRon DarlingChris BosioRon Darling 600608-8
1991-08-26@ SEA125L  4-5-22,079Mike IgnasiakBill KruegerMike SchoolerDoug Henry 604613-9
1991-08-27@ SEA126L  4-6-12,067Don AugustRich DeLuciaRich DeLuciaDon AugustMichael Jackson608619-11
1991-08-28@ SEA127L  6-7-11,470Jaime NavarroBrian HolmanBrian HolmanJaime NavarroBill Swift614626-12
1991-08-30vs CAL128W  6-2-16,606 Bill WegmanKirk McCaskillBill WegmanKirk McCaskill 620628-8
1991-08-31vs CAL129W  8-2-18,313 Chris BosioJoe GraheMark LeeJoe Grahe 628630-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-09-01vs CAL130W  3-1-12,710 Jaime NavarroChuck FinleyJaime NavarroChuck Finley 6316310
1991-09-02vs CAL131L  6-7-22,517 Don AugustJim AbbottJim AbbottDon AugustBryan Harvey637638-1
1991-09-03vs OAK132W  5-3-9,047 Dan PlesacDave StewartEd NunezDennis Eckersley 6426411
1991-09-04vs OAK133W  2-0-12,599 Bill WegmanRon DarlingBill WegmanRon DarlingDoug Henry6446413
1991-09-06@ CAL134L  1-2-21,417Chris BosioJoe GraheJoe GraheChris Bosio 6456432
1991-09-07@ CAL135L  0-1-26,366Jaime NavarroChuck FinleyChuck FinleyJaime NavarroBryan Harvey6456441
1991-09-08@ CAL136L  0-1-21,390Dan PlesacJim AbbottJim AbbottDan PlesacBryan Harvey6456450
1991-09-10vs CLE137L  2-5-7,950 Bill WegmanDoug JonesDoug JonesBill WegmanSteve Olin647650-3
1991-09-12vs DET138W  7-0-9,835 Chris BosioMark LeiterChris BosioMark Leiter 6546504
1991-09-13vs DET139L  2-3-14,554 Jaime NavarroBill GullicksonBill GullicksonMark LeeJeff Kaiser6566533
1991-09-14vs DET140L  4-6-26,644 Dan PlesacScott AldredScott AldredDan Plesac 6606591
1991-09-15vs DET141W  5-3-13,296 Bill WegmanFrank TananaBill WegmanFrank TananaDoug Henry6656623
1991-09-16@ NYA142W  5-4-17,751Don AugustWade TaylorMark LeeWade TaylorDoug Henry6706664
1991-09-17@ NYA143W  2-0-12,575Chris BosioPascual PerezChris BosioPascual Perez 6726666
1991-09-18@ NYA144L  1-2-13,160Jaime NavarroJeff JohnsonSteve FarrJaime Navarro 6736685
1991-09-20@ DET145W  8-5-13,966Dan PlesacMark LeiterDan PlesacMark LeiterDoug Henry6816738
1991-09-21@ DET146W  5-2-18,317Bill WegmanFrank TananaBill WegmanFrank TananaDoug Henry68667511
1991-09-22@ DET147W  9-5-15,752Chris BosioWalt TerrellChris BosioWalt Terrell 69568015
1991-09-23vs NYA148L  8-9-8,193 Jaime NavarroJeff JohnsonRich MonteleoneMark LeeSteve Farr70368914
1991-09-24vs NYA149W  5-4-9,378 Cal EldredEric PlunkCal EldredEric PlunkDoug Henry70869315
1991-09-25vs NYA150L  6-8-7,691 Dan PlesacScott SandersonAlan MillsDon August 71470113
1991-09-26vs NYA151W  6-2-9,841 Bill WegmanWade TaylorBill WegmanWade Taylor 72070317
1991-09-27vs BOS152W  7-5-11,944 Chris BosioKevin MortonChris BosioKevin MortonJulio Machado72770819
1991-09-28vs BOS153W  4-1-14,856 Jaime NavarroMike GardinerJaime NavarroMike GardinerDoug Henry73170922
1991-09-29vs BOS154W  5-4-12,063 Cal EldredTom BoltonJulio MachadoJeff ReardonDoug Henry73671323
1991-09-30vs BOS155L  8-9-9,333 Dan PlesacGreg HarrisDennis LampMike IgnasiakDan Petry74472222
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-10-01@ CLE156W  11-0-0Bill WegmanRod NicholsBill WegmanRod Nichols 75572233
1991-10-01@ CLE157L  2-6-4,346Chris GeorgeDave OttoDave OttoDarren Holmes 75772829
1991-10-02@ CLE158W  11-4-3,785Chris BosioDoug JonesChuck CrimDoug JonesDarren Holmes76873236
1991-10-03@ CLE159W  9-3-5,050Jaime NavarroGreg SwindellJaime NavarroGreg Swindell 77773542
1991-10-04@ BOS160W  3-2-31,894Cal EldredMike GardinerCal EldredMike GardinerDoug Henry78073743
1991-10-05@ BOS161W  13-4-32,185Dan PlesacTom BoltonMike IgnasiakTom Bolton 79374152
1991-10-06@ BOS162W  6-3-31,837Bill WegmanRoger ClemensJulio MachadoRoger ClemensDoug Henry79974455

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