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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  65-97   .401
Result:   6th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Art Howe
General Manager:   Bill Wood
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,196,152
Payroll:  $11,546,000
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mike Scott (36)
Youngest Player:  Jeff Juden (20)
Longest Tenure:  Mike Scott (9)
Top Hitter:  Jeff Bagwell (13)
Top Pitcher:  Pete Harnisch (10)
Top Draft Pick:  John Burke (#6)

Roster Continuity:  55.53%
Top Prospect:   Andujar Cedeno
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9369.5741.0
San Diego8478.51910.0
SF Giants7587.46319.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-04-08@ CIN1L  2-6-55,205Mike ScottTom BrowningTom BrowningMike ScottRob Dibble26-4
1991-04-10@ CIN2L  5-6-17,785Jim DeshaiesJose RijoTed PowerDarryl KileRandy Myers712-5
1991-04-11@ CIN3W  4-1-18,012Pete HarnischNorm CharltonPete HarnischNorm CharltonCurt Schilling1113-2
1991-04-12vs SFN4W  3-2-25,632 Mark PortugalRick ReuschelMark PortugalRick ReuschelDwayne Henry1415-1
1991-04-13vs SFN5L  2-16-22,411 Mike ScottScott GarreltsScott GarreltsMike ScottEric Gunderson1631-15
1991-04-14vs SFN6W  7-2-12,834 Jimmy JonesJohn BurkettJimmy JonesJohn Burkett 2333-10
1991-04-15@ ATL7W  3-1-6,729Jim DeshaiesJohn SmoltzAl OsunaKent MerckerCurt Schilling2634-8
1991-04-16@ ATL8L  4-10-7,759Pete HarnischCharlie LeibrandtDoug SiskXavier Hernandez 3044-14
1991-04-17@ ATL9W  4-3-8,342Mark PortugalSteve AveryMark PortugalSteve AveryCurt Schilling3447-13
1991-04-19@ SFN10L  2-5-12,392Jimmy JonesJohn BurkettJohn BurkettJimmy JonesJeff Brantley3652-16
1991-04-20@ SFN11L  0-4-18,856Jim DeshaiesBuddy BlackBuddy BlackJim Deshaies 3656-20
1991-04-21@ SFN12L  0-1-27,405Pete HarnischMike LaCossDave RighettiCurt Schilling 3657-21
1991-04-22vs CIN13W  2-1-8,692 Xavier HernandezNorm CharltonDwayne HenryRandy Myers 3858-20
1991-04-23vs CIN14L  1-3-9,232 Jimmy JonesChris HammondChris HammondJim CorsiRob Dibble3961-22
1991-04-24vs CIN15W  1-0-10,869 Darryl KileJack ArmstrongDwayne HenryScott Scudder 4061-21
1991-04-26vs ATL16L  2-7-16,391 Jim DeshaiesCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJim Deshaies 4268-26
1991-04-27vs ATL17L  1-2-17,527 Pete HarnischSteve AveryDoug SiskJim CorsiJeff Parrett4370-27
1991-04-28vs ATL18W  2-0-11,817 Jimmy JonesTom GlavineJimmy JonesTom GlavineDwayne Henry4570-25
1991-04-30@ CHN19L  3-10-27,523Mark PortugalMike BieleckiMike BieleckiMark Portugal 4880-32
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-05-01@ CHN20L  8-11-17,606Jim DeshaiesGreg MadduxGreg MadduxJim Deshaies 5691-35
1991-05-03@ PIT21L  0-1-24,145Pete HarnischZane SmithZane SmithPete Harnisch 5692-36
1991-05-04@ PIT22W  8-3-19,257Jimmy JonesJohn SmileyJimmy JonesJohn SmileyJim Clancy6495-31
1991-05-05@ PIT23W  6-4-17,727Mark PortugalDoug DrabekMark PortugalDoug DrabekCurt Schilling7099-29
1991-05-06vs CHN24L  3-4-9,736 Jim DeshaiesGreg MadduxGreg MadduxJim DeshaiesDave Smith73103-30
1991-05-07vs CHN25L  3-4-13,640 Xavier HernandezBob ScanlanBob ScanlanXavier HernandezDave Smith76107-31
1991-05-08vs CHN26W  4-2-11,307 Pete HarnischShawn BoskiePete HarnischShawn BoskieCurt Schilling80109-29
1991-05-10vs SLN27L  5-7-15,932 Jimmy JonesBob TewksburyJuan AgostoCurt SchillingLee Smith85116-31
1991-05-11vs SLN28W  6-1-18,010 Mark PortugalJose DeLeonMark PortugalJose DeLeon 91117-26
1991-05-12vs SLN29L  3-7-11,007 Jim DeshaiesBryn SmithCris CarpenterAl Osuna 94124-30
1991-05-14vs PIT30L  3-6-7,846 Pete HarnischZane SmithZane SmithPete Harnisch 97130-33
1991-05-15vs PIT31L  7-8-9,577 Jimmy JonesJohn SmileyBob KipperCurt SchillingBill Landrum104138-34
1991-05-16vs PIT32L  4-6-8,419 Mark PortugalDoug DrabekDoug DrabekJim ClancyStan Belinda108144-36
1991-05-17@ SLN33W  5-4-40,231Jim DeshaiesJose DeLeonJim DeshaiesLee SmithAl Osuna113148-35
1991-05-18@ SLN34L  2-12-37,638Xavier HernandezBryn SmithBryn SmithXavier Hernandez 115160-45
1991-05-19@ SLN35L  2-9-31,446Pete HarnischKen HillKen HillPete Harnisch 117169-52
1991-05-20vs LAN36W  4-1-9,058 Jimmy JonesKevin GrossJimmy JonesKevin GrossAl Osuna121170-49
1991-05-21vs LAN37L  3-7-9,053 Mark PortugalBob OjedaBob OjedaJim Corsi 124177-53
1991-05-22vs LAN38W  3-2-12,310 Jim DeshaiesMike MorganJim DeshaiesMike MorganAl Osuna127179-52
1991-05-23vs LAN39L  0-2-9,386 Xavier HernandezTim BelcherTim BelcherXavier HernandezJay Howell127181-54
1991-05-24vs SDN40W  1-0-15,310 Pete HarnischAndy BenesCurt SchillingAndy Benes 128181-53
1991-05-25vs SDN41L  2-4-14,618 Jimmy JonesDennis RasmussenRich RodriguezAl OsunaCraig Lefferts130185-55
1991-05-26vs SDN42W  13-3-15,726 Mark PortugalEd WhitsonMark PortugalEd Whitson 143188-45
1991-05-27@ LAN43L  1-4-43,680Jim DeshaiesMike MorganMike MorganJim DeshaiesJay Howell144192-48
1991-05-28@ LAN44L  2-8-22,617Xavier HernandezTim BelcherTim BelcherXavier Hernandez 146200-54
1991-05-29@ LAN45W  8-2-39,127Pete HarnischOrel HershiserPete HarnischOrel HershiserAl Osuna154202-48
1991-05-30@ SDN46L  0-4-13,066Jimmy JonesDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenJimmy Jones 154206-52
1991-05-31@ SDN47L  4-5-17,749Mark PortugalJose MelendezJose MelendezMark PortugalCraig Lefferts158211-53
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-06-01@ SDN48L  2-7-54,517Jim DeshaiesBruce HurstBruce HurstJim Deshaies 160218-58
1991-06-02@ SDN49L  1-3-16,239Xavier HernandezAdam PetersonAdam PetersonXavier HernandezCraig Lefferts161221-60
1991-06-04vs MON50L  1-4-8,442 Pete HarnischMark GardnerMark GardnerPete HarnischBarry Jones162225-63
1991-06-05vs MON51L  2-8-7,027 Jimmy JonesDennis MartinezDennis MartinezJimmy Jones 164233-69
1991-06-06vs MON52W  9-8-7,528 Mark PortugalChris NabholzCurt SchillingBarry Jones 173241-68
1991-06-07vs NYN53L  3-6-15,527 Jim DeshaiesRon DarlingDoug SimonsCurt Schilling 176247-71
1991-06-08vs NYN54L  3-4-19,462 Darryl KileWally WhitehurstAlejandro PenaMike CapelJohn Franco179251-72
1991-06-09vs NYN55W  1-0-21,073 Pete HarnischDavid ConePete HarnischDavid Cone 180251-71
1991-06-10vs NYN56W  6-4-11,809 Jimmy JonesDwight GoodenCurt SchillingJohn FrancoMike Capel186255-69
1991-06-11vs PHI57W  1-0-7,953 Mark PortugalPat CombsAl OsunaRoger McDowell 187255-68
1991-06-12vs PHI58W  3-2-8,374 Jim DeshaiesTommy GreeneAl OsunaJoe Boever 190257-67
1991-06-13vs PHI59L  4-5-14,362 Darryl KileJose De JesusJose De JesusDarryl KileMitch Williams194262-68
1991-06-14@ NYN60W  4-1-35,497Pete HarnischDavid ConeMike CapelJohn FrancoJim Clancy198263-65
1991-06-15@ NYN61L  0-6-41,709Jimmy JonesDwight GoodenDwight GoodenJimmy Jones 198269-71
1991-06-16@ NYN62W  5-4-37,550Mark PortugalFrank ViolaMark PortugalFrank ViolaAl Osuna203273-70
1991-06-17@ MON63L  2-3-10,523Jim DeshaiesOil Can BoydJeff FasseroCurt Schilling 205276-71
1991-06-18@ MON64L  2-3-11,971Darryl KileBrian BarnesBill SampenJim Corsi 207279-72
1991-06-19@ MON65L  1-3-15,188Pete HarnischMark GardnerMark GardnerPete HarnischJeff Fassero208282-74
1991-06-20@ PHI66L  3-7-23,415Jimmy JonesDanny CoxDanny CoxJimmy Jones 211289-78
1991-06-21@ PHI67L  0-3-21,120Mark PortugalBruce RuffinBruce RuffinMark PortugalMitch Williams211292-81
1991-06-22@ PHI68W  4-3-25,506Jim DeshaiesTommy GreeneAl OsunaRoger McDowellMike Capel215295-80
1991-06-23@ PHI69W  6-4-23,455Darryl KileJose De JesusDarryl KileJose De JesusJim Clancy221299-78
1991-06-25vs ATL70W  1-0-22,617 Pete HarnischTom GlavinePete HarnischTom Glavine 222299-77
1991-06-26vs ATL71L  2-3-23,589 Jimmy JonesJohn SmoltzMike StantonJim ClancyJuan Berenguer224302-78
1991-06-27vs ATL72L  0-3-30,145 Mark PortugalCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtMark Portugal 224305-81
1991-06-28@ CIN73L  5-8-33,157Jim DeshaiesTom BrowningTom BrowningJim DeshaiesRob Dibble229313-84
1991-06-29@ CIN74W  6-2-42,608Darryl KileGino MinutelliDarryl KileDon CarmanJim Clancy235315-80
1991-06-30@ CIN75L  4-5-31,775Pete HarnischChris HammondChris HammondPete HarnischRob Dibble239320-81
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-07-02@ SFN76W  8-4-13,294Mark PortugalBuddy BlackMark PortugalBuddy Black 247324-77
1991-07-03@ SFN77W  9-0-33,774Jim DeshaiesJohn BurkettJim DeshaiesJohn Burkett 256324-68
1991-07-04@ SFN78W  14-6-29,341Darryl KileTrevor WilsonDarryl KileTrevor Wilson 270330-60
1991-07-05vs CIN79L  0-1-24,117 Pete HarnischChris HammondChris HammondPete HarnischRob Dibble270331-61
1991-07-06vs CIN80W  3-0-31,452 Jimmy JonesJack ArmstrongJimmy JonesJack Armstrong 273331-58
1991-07-07vs CIN81W  7-3-20,790 Mark PortugalTom BrowningMark PortugalTom Browning 280334-54
1991-07-11@ CHN82W  6-4-32,313Jim DeshaiesGreg MadduxAl OsunaDave SmithMike Capel286338-52
1991-07-12@ CHN83L  2-5-33,772Mark PortugalFrank CastilloFrank CastilloMark PortugalPaul Assenmacher288343-55
1991-07-13@ CHN84L  3-4-32,588Pete HarnischLes LancasterLes LancasterMike Capel 291347-56
1991-07-14@ CHN85L  3-4-33,750Darryl KileMike BieleckiMike BieleckiDarryl KilePaul Assenmacher294351-57
1991-07-15@ PIT86L  0-8-21,642Jimmy JonesRandy TomlinRandy TomlinJimmy Jones 294359-65
1991-07-16@ PIT87L  4-6-18,028Jim DeshaiesZane SmithZane SmithDarryl KileStan Belinda298365-67
1991-07-17@ PIT88W  10-2-38,736Mark PortugalDoug DrabekJimmy JonesDoug DrabekAl Osuna308367-59
1991-07-19vs CHN89W  5-2-27,577 Pete HarnischMike BieleckiPete HarnischBob ScanlanAl Osuna313369-56
1991-07-20vs CHN90L  0-6-37,970 Darryl KileGreg MadduxGreg MadduxDarryl Kile 313375-62
1991-07-21vs CHN91L  2-4-28,847 Jimmy JonesFrank CastilloFrank CastilloJim Clancy 315379-64
1991-07-22@ SLN92L  1-9-27,289Ryan BowenJose DeLeonJose DeLeonRyan Bowen 316388-72
1991-07-23@ SLN93L  1-5-24,360Jim DeshaiesBryn SmithBryn SmithJim Deshaies 317393-76
1991-07-24@ SLN94L  3-4-29,182Pete HarnischKen HillLee SmithAl Osuna 320397-77
1991-07-26vs PIT95L  1-8-26,185 Darryl KileBob WalkNeal HeatonDarryl Kile 321405-84
1991-07-27vs PIT96L  5-11-24,447 Jimmy JonesRandy TomlinRandy TomlinJimmy Jones 326416-90
1991-07-28vs PIT97W  9-7-20,754 Ryan BowenZane SmithRyan BowenZane SmithJim Clancy335423-88
1991-07-29vs SLN98W  6-2-15,615 Jim DeshaiesBryn SmithJim DeshaiesBryn Smith 341425-84
1991-07-30vs SLN99W  7-5-16,208 Pete HarnischKen HillAl OsunaCris Carpenter 348430-82
1991-07-31vs SLN100W  9-5-15,589 Darryl KileBob TewksburyDarryl KileBob TewksburyDean Wilkins357435-78
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-08-02vs LAN101W  9-8-26,079 Jimmy JonesBob OjedaDean WilkinsJay Howell 366443-77
1991-08-03vs LAN102W  2-1-29,085 Ryan BowenMike MorganDean WilkinsJay Howell 368444-76
1991-08-04vs LAN103W  2-1-23,701 Jim DeshaiesTim BelcherAl OsunaKevin Gross 370445-75
1991-08-05vs SDN104W  2-1-14,577 Pete HarnischGreg HarrisDwayne HenryLarry Andersen 372446-74
1991-08-06vs SDN105W  6-1-17,196 Darryl KileAdam PetersonDarryl KileAdam PetersonAl Osuna378447-69
1991-08-07vs SDN106L  4-7-19,305 Jimmy JonesBruce HurstBruce HurstDean WilkinsLarry Andersen382454-72
1991-08-08vs SDN107L  3-5-22,606 Ryan BowenAndy BenesAndy BenesRyan BowenCraig Lefferts385459-74
1991-08-09@ ATL108L  2-7-34,700Jim DeshaiesSteve AverySteve AveryJim Deshaies 387466-79
1991-08-10@ ATL109L  0-4-41,251Pete HarnischJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzPete Harnisch 387470-83
1991-08-11@ ATL110L  1-3-23,646Darryl KileArmando ReynosoArmando ReynosoDarryl KileMike Stanton388473-85
1991-08-12@ SDN111L  5-6-13,896Jimmy JonesBruce HurstJose MelendezMike CapelCraig Lefferts393479-86
1991-08-13@ SDN112W  12-9-12,688Mark PortugalAndy BenesRyan BowenMike MadduxAl Osuna405488-83
1991-08-14@ SDN113L  1-4-12,586Jim DeshaiesDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenJim DeshaiesLarry Andersen406492-86
1991-08-15@ LAN114W  6-1-42,829Pete HarnischRamon MartinezPete HarnischRamon Martinez 412493-81
1991-08-16@ LAN115L  1-4-37,029Darryl KileOrel HershiserKevin GrossJim Corsi 413497-84
1991-08-17@ LAN116L  7-8-46,001Ryan BowenBob OjedaJay HowellDwayne Henry 420505-85
1991-08-18@ LAN117W  8-4-43,122Mark PortugalMike MorganMark PortugalMike MorganRob Mallicoat428509-81
1991-08-20vs SFN118L  3-9-12,201 Jim DeshaiesPaul McClellanKelly DownsJimmy JonesJeff Brantley431518-87
1991-08-21vs SFN119W  13-4-10,260 Pete HarnischBuddy BlackPete HarnischBuddy Black 444522-78
1991-08-22vs SFN120L  8-11-9,411 Darryl KileDon RobinsonJeff BrantleyDarryl KileDave Righetti452533-81
1991-08-23vs MON121W  9-2-15,052 Ryan BowenDennis MartinezRyan BowenDennis Martinez 461535-74
1991-08-24vs MON122L  1-5-15,194 Mark PortugalBrian BarnesMel RojasMark Portugal 462540-78
1991-08-25vs MON123L  0-4-10,851 Jim DeshaiesMark GardnerMark GardnerJim DeshaiesJeff Fassero462544-82
1991-08-26vs NYN124L  4-6-7,720 Pete HarnischSid FernandezJohn FrancoDwayne Henry 466550-84
1991-08-27vs NYN125W  8-3-9,175 Darryl KileWally WhitehurstDarryl KileWally WhitehurstCurt Schilling474553-79
1991-08-28@ PHI126L  10-11-24,981Ryan BowenTerry MulhollandMike HartleyAl Osuna 484564-80
1991-08-29@ PHI127W  5-1-20,321Mark PortugalDanny CoxMark PortugalDanny Cox 489565-76
1991-08-30@ MON128L  1-3-7,704Jim DeshaiesMark GardnerMark GardnerJim DeshaiesBarry Jones490568-78
1991-08-31@ MON129L  4-5-11,009Pete HarnischChris HaneyJeff FasseroAl Osuna 494573-79
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-09-01@ MON130L  1-6-13,860Darryl KileChris NabholzChris NabholzDarryl Kile 495579-84
1991-09-02@ NYN131W  3-0-16,870Ryan BowenFrank ViolaRyan BowenFrank ViolaAl Osuna498579-81
1991-09-03@ NYN132L  1-6-12,974Mark PortugalAnthony YoungAnthony YoungMark Portugal 499585-86
1991-09-04@ NYN133W  8-3-12,512Jim DeshaiesDavid ConeJim DeshaiesDavid Cone 507588-81
1991-09-06vs PHI134W  3-1-7,868 Pete HarnischJose De JesusPete HarnischJose De JesusAl Osuna510589-79
1991-09-07vs PHI135W  6-0-12,952 Darryl KileBruce RuffinDarryl KileBruce Ruffin 516589-73
1991-09-08vs PHI136L  0-5-7,847 Ryan BowenTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandRyan Bowen 516594-78
1991-09-09vs SDN137L  0-3-5,528 Mark PortugalAndy BenesAndy BenesMark PortugalCraig Lefferts516597-81
1991-09-10vs SDN138L  6-7-4,353 Chris GardnerDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenChris GardnerCraig Lefferts522604-82
1991-09-11vs LAN139L  1-9-7,642 Pete HarnischOrel HershiserOrel HershiserPete Harnisch 523613-90
1991-09-12vs LAN140L  2-6-10,146 Darryl KileBob OjedaRoger McDowellAl Osuna 525619-94
1991-09-13@ CIN141L  2-13-22,205Ryan BowenJack ArmstrongJack ArmstrongRyan Bowen 527632-105
1991-09-14@ CIN142W  7-3-25,829Mark PortugalRandy MyersXavier HernandezRob DibbleCurt Schilling534635-101
1991-09-15@ CIN143L  0-10-19,585Chris GardnerJose RijoJose RijoChris Gardner 534645-111
1991-09-16@ SDN144L  1-6-19,175Brian WilliamsGreg HarrisGreg HarrisBrian WilliamsLarry Andersen535651-116
1991-09-17@ SDN145W  3-0-6,695Pete HarnischBruce HurstPete HarnischBruce HurstXavier Hernandez538651-113
1991-09-18@ LAN146L  4-5-28,345Darryl KileMike MorganMike MorganRob MallicoatSteve Wilson542656-114
1991-09-19@ LAN147L  3-4-25,850Mark PortugalKevin GrossKevin GrossMark PortugalRoger McDowell545660-115
1991-09-20vs CIN148W  3-2-7,872 Ryan BowenJose RijoRyan BowenJose RijoXavier Hernandez548662-114
1991-09-21vs CIN149L  1-4-11,144 Jeff JudenScott ScudderScott ScudderJeff JudenRob Dibble549666-117
1991-09-22vs CIN150W  4-1-9,076 Chris GardnerTom BrowningXavier HernandezTom BrowningMark Portugal553667-114
1991-09-23vs SFN151W  8-0-4,103 Pete HarnischTrevor WilsonPete HarnischTrevor WilsonCurt Schilling561667-106
1991-09-24vs SFN152L  7-9-10,972 Brian WilliamsGil HerediaRod BeckMark Portugal 568676-108
1991-09-25vs SFN153L  1-2-7,322 Darryl KileJohn BurkettJohn BurkettDarryl KileJeff Brantley569678-109
1991-09-27vs ATL154L  2-4-10,701 Ryan BowenTom GlavineMark WohlersRob MallicoatAlejandro Pena571682-111
1991-09-28vs ATL155L  4-5-8,647 Jeff JudenKent MerckerMike StantonXavier HernandezAlejandro Pena575687-112
1991-09-29vs ATL156L  5-6-13,767 Pete HarnischSteve AveryJim ClancyMark Portugal 580693-113
1991-09-30@ SFN157W  2-0-5,379Chris GardnerGil HerediaChris GardnerGil HerediaXavier Hernandez582693-111
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1991-10-01@ SFN158L  4-6-6,174Darryl KileJohn BurkettJohn BurkettDarryl KileJeff Brantley586699-113
1991-10-02@ SFN159W  7-5-5,823Ryan BowenPaul McClellanRyan BowenPaul McClellanAl Osuna593704-111
1991-10-04@ ATL160L  2-5-45,815Jeff JudenSteve AverySteve AveryJeff JudenAlejandro Pena595709-114
1991-10-05@ ATL161L  2-5-44,994Mark PortugalJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzMark Portugal 597714-117
1991-10-06@ ATL162W  8-3-42,764Pete HarnischCharlie LeibrandtPete HarnischCharlie Leibrandt 605717-112

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