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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  70-92   .432
Result:   6th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Whitey Herzog, Joe Torre, Red Schoendienst
General Manager:   Dal Maxvill
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  2,573,225
Payroll:  $20,923,334
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Collins (37)
Youngest Player:  Omar Olivares (22)
Longest Tenure:  Willie McGee, Ozzie Smith (9)
Top Hitter:  Willie McGee (29)
Top Pitcher:  Jose DeLeon (19)
Top Draft Pick:  Donovan Osborne (#13)

Roster Continuity:  80.41%
Top Prospect:   Todd Zeile
National League Standings
NY Mets9171.5624.0
Chi Cubs7785.47518.0
St. Louis7092.43225.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-04-09vs MON1W  6-51-0248,752 Joe MagraneDennis MartinezKen DayleyMark Gardner 651
1990-04-10vs MON2W  4-22-0322,571 Bryn SmithZane SmithBryn SmithZane SmithScott Terry1073
1990-04-11vs MON3L  4-62-1226,174 Jose DeLeonOil Can BoydOil Can BoydGreg MathewsTim Burke14131
1990-04-13@ PHI4W  11-03-1232,173John TudorKen HowellJohn TudorKen HowellBob Tewksbury251312
1990-04-14@ PHI5L  2-63-2215,613Joe MagraneBruce RuffinBruce RuffinJoe MagraneJeff Parrett27198
1990-04-15@ PHI6L  0-43-3514,435Bryn SmithDennis CookDennis CookBryn SmithRoger McDowell27234
1990-04-16@ PIT7W  6-44-337,136Jose DeLeonJohn SmileyJose DeLeonJohn SmileyRicky Horton33276
1990-04-17@ PIT8L  2-74-443,981Greg MathewsNeal HeatonNeal HeatonGreg Mathews 35341
1990-04-18@ PIT9W  3-05-4311,626John TudorBob WalkJohn TudorBob WalkKen Dayley38344
1990-04-19vs PIT10L  1-55-5420,495 Joe MagraneDoug DrabekDoug DrabekJoe Magrane 39390
1990-04-20vs PHI11L  0-35-6529,343 Bryn SmithDennis CookDennis CookBryn Smith 3942-3
1990-04-21vs PHI12L  6-75-7639,798 Jose DeLeonTerry MulhollandRoger McDowellScott Terry 4549-4
1990-04-22vs PHI13L  3-55-8636,819 Greg MathewsPat CombsPat CombsRicky HortonRoger McDowell4854-6
1990-04-23vs PIT14W  7-46-8622,748 John TudorBob WalkJohn TudorBob Walk 5558-3
1990-04-24@ LAN15L  0-36-9627,366Joe MagraneMike MorganMike MorganJoe Magrane 5561-6
1990-04-25@ LAN16W  5-17-9532,584Bryn SmithOrel HershiserBryn SmithOrel Hershiser 6062-2
1990-04-26@ LAN17W  7-18-9527,609Jose DeLeonTim BelcherJose DeLeonTim Belcher 67634
1990-04-27@ SFN18L  3-128-10519,516Greg MathewsAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerGreg Mathews 7075-5
1990-04-28@ SFN19W  5-09-10521,963John TudorScott GarreltsJohn TudorScott Garrelts 75750
1990-04-29@ SFN20L  7-99-11534,969Joe MagraneRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJoe MagraneSteve Bedrosian8284-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-05-01@ SDN21W  2-110-11418,562Bryn SmithEd WhitsonBryn SmithEd WhitsonScott Terry8485-1
1990-05-02@ SDN22L  3-410-12618,697Jose DeLeonBruce HurstBruce HurstJose DeLeonCraig Lefferts8789-2
1990-05-04vs CIN23L  3-810-13641,655 John TudorRon RobinsonRon RobinsonJohn TudorRob Dibble9097-7
1990-05-05vs CIN24L  2-410-14644,552 Joe MagraneJose RijoJose RijoJoe MagraneRandy Myers92101-9
1990-05-06vs CIN25L  1-510-15638,772 Bryn SmithScott ScudderScott ScudderBryn SmithNorm Charlton93106-13
1990-05-07vs CIN26L  0-310-16628,018 Jose DeLeonTom BrowningTom BrowningJose DeLeon 93109-16
1990-05-09vs SDN27W  11-511-16619,717 John TudorAndy BenesRicky HortonAndy Benes 104114-10
1990-05-10vs SDN28L  1-911-17628,597 Joe MagraneDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenJoe Magrane 105123-18
1990-05-11vs ATL29W  5-212-17641,408 Bryn SmithJohn SmoltzBryn SmithJohn SmoltzLee Smith110125-15
1990-05-12vs ATL30W  4-313-17630,068 Jose DeLeonDerek LilliquistLee SmithJoe Boever 114128-14
1990-05-13vs ATL31L  1-313-18629,022 Greg MathewsMarty ClaryTony CastilloScott TerryJoe Boever115131-16
1990-05-15vs HOU32W  4-014-18616,790 Joe MagraneMike ScottJoe MagraneMike Scott 119131-12
1990-05-16vs HOU33W  10-615-18619,432 Bryn SmithJim DeshaiesBryn SmithJim Deshaies 129137-8
1990-05-17@ CIN34W  3-016-18522,741Jose DeLeonTom BrowningJose DeLeonTom BrowningLee Smith132137-5
1990-05-18@ CIN35L  0-116-19634,968Greg MathewsRon RobinsonNorm CharltonKen Dayley 132138-6
1990-05-19@ CIN36L  0-416-20636,005John TudorJack ArmstrongJack ArmstrongJohn Tudor 132142-10
1990-05-20@ CIN37W  6-217-20632,249Joe MagraneDanny JacksonJoe MagraneDanny Jackson 138144-6
1990-05-21@ ATL38L  5-617-2166,237Bryn SmithJohn SmoltzJoe BoeverScott Terry 143150-7
1990-05-22@ ATL39W  4-318-21611,313Jose DeLeonDerek LilliquistJose DeLeonDerek LilliquistLee Smith147153-6
1990-05-23vs SFN40L  1-618-22635,760 Greg MathewsBob KnepperBob KnepperGreg Mathews 148159-11
1990-05-24vs SFN41W  3-219-22634,253 John TudorDon RobinsonFrank DiPinoEd Vosberg 151161-10
1990-05-25vs LAN42L  1-419-23636,264 Joe MagraneRamon MartinezRamon MartinezJoe Magrane 152165-13
1990-05-26vs LAN43L  0-819-24647,077 Bryn SmithMike MorganMike MorganBryn Smith 152173-21
1990-05-27vs LAN44L  7-1419-25645,895 Jose DeLeonJohn WettelandTim CrewsJose DeLeon 159187-28
1990-05-28@ HOU45L  1-519-26617,229Greg MathewsBill GullicksonBill GullicksonGreg MathewsDave Smith160192-32
1990-05-29@ HOU46W  3-220-26610,897John TudorDan SchatzederJohn TudorDan SchatzederLee Smith163194-31
1990-05-30@ HOU47L  1-220-27612,870Joe MagraneMike ScottJuan AgostoJoe MagraneDave Smith164196-32
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-06-01vs CHN48W  6-421-27643,773 Jose DeLeonGreg MadduxJose DeLeonGreg MadduxLee Smith170200-30
1990-06-02vs CHN49L  6-721-28648,051 Greg MathewsMike BieleckiLes LancasterLee SmithMitch Williams176207-31
1990-06-03vs CHN50W  7-422-28645,393 Bryn SmithKevin BlankenshipBryn SmithKevin Blankenship 183211-28
1990-06-04vs PHI51W  3-223-28429,937 John TudorTerry MulhollandFrank DiPinoMarvin Freeman 186213-27
1990-06-05vs PHI52L  6-923-29526,522 Joe MagraneBruce RuffinDon CarmanScott Terry 192222-30
1990-06-06vs PHI53W  12-1124-29528,319 Greg MathewsDennis CookFrank DiPinoRoger McDowell 204233-29
1990-06-07@ MON54L  2-324-30515,360Jose DeLeonZane SmithZane SmithJose DeLeonDave J. Schmidt206236-30
1990-06-08@ MON55L  2-1824-31520,127Bryn SmithDennis MartinezDennis MartinezBryn Smith 208254-46
1990-06-09@ MON56L  1-324-32627,388Scott TerryMark GardnerMark GardnerScott TerryDave J. Schmidt209257-48
1990-06-10@ MON57W  5-325-32630,349Joe MagraneOil Can BoydJoe MagraneOil Can BoydLee Smith214260-46
1990-06-11vs PIT58L  7-825-33627,403 Greg MathewsDoug DrabekStan BelindaTom NiedenfuerBill Landrum221268-47
1990-06-12vs PIT59L  3-625-34630,815 Jose DeLeonNeal HeatonNeal HeatonJose DeLeonBill Landrum224274-50
1990-06-13vs PIT60L  5-625-35626,926 John TudorBob WalkMark HuismannFrank DiPinoRick Reed229280-51
1990-06-14vs MON61L  2-325-36633,575 Bryn SmithMark GardnerBill SampenTom NiedenfuerDave J. Schmidt231283-52
1990-06-15vs MON62L  4-725-37634,377 Joe MagraneOil Can BoydSteve FreyJoe MagraneDave J. Schmidt235290-55
1990-06-16vs MON63W  5-326-37543,553 Bob TewksburyKevin GrossBob TewksburyDrew HallTom Niedenfuer240293-53
1990-06-17vs MON64W  7-127-37534,810 Jose DeLeonZane SmithJose DeLeonZane Smith 247294-47
1990-06-19@ NYN65L  0-627-38627,668John TudorDavid ConeDavid ConeJohn Tudor 247300-53
1990-06-20@ NYN66L  3-627-39635,237Bryn SmithSid FernandezSid FernandezBryn SmithJohn Franco250306-56
1990-06-22@ CHN67W  7-028-39530,764Joe MagraneSteve WilsonJoe MagraneSteve Wilson 257306-49
1990-06-23@ CHN68W  8-729-39533,721Bob TewksburyMike BieleckiBob TewksburyMike BieleckiLee Smith265313-48
1990-06-24@ CHN69L  2-329-40534,229Jose DeLeonMike HarkeyPaul AssenmacherTom Niedenfuer 267316-49
1990-06-25vs NYN70L  2-329-41533,598 John TudorDavid ConeDavid ConeLee SmithJohn Franco269319-50
1990-06-26vs NYN71L  6-829-42532,220 Bryn SmithRon DarlingAlejandro PenaKen Dayley 275327-52
1990-06-27vs NYN72L  2-529-43631,705 Joe MagraneFrank ViolaFrank ViolaJoe Magrane 277332-55
1990-06-28vs PIT73W  5-130-43622,602 Bob TewksburyDoug DrabekBob TewksburyDoug DrabekLee Smith282333-51
1990-06-29@ LAN74L  0-630-44638,583Jose DeLeonFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaJose DeLeon 282339-57
1990-06-30@ LAN75W  6-531-44639,914John TudorRamon MartinezJohn TudorJim GottLee Smith288344-56
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-07-01@ LAN76W  6-532-44635,265Scott TerryMike MorganFrank DiPinoTim CrewsLee Smith294349-55
1990-07-02@ SFN77L  2-332-45615,396Joe MagraneDon RobinsonDon RobinsonJoe MagraneJeff Brantley296352-56
1990-07-03@ SFN78L  0-432-46648,900Bob TewksburyTrevor WilsonTrevor WilsonBob Tewksbury 296356-60
1990-07-04@ SFN79L  2-932-47625,538Jose DeLeonJohn BurkettJohn BurkettJose DeLeonJeff Brantley298365-67
1990-07-05@ SDN80W  4-133-47615,502Bryn SmithAndy BenesLee SmithGreg Harris 302366-64
1990-07-06@ SDN81W  5-334-47616,992John TudorDennis RasmussenJohn TudorDennis RasmussenLee Smith307369-62
1990-07-07@ SDN82L  1-334-48651,124Joe MagraneBruce HurstBruce HurstJoe Magrane 308372-64
1990-07-08@ SDN83W  4-135-48617,174Bob TewksburyEd WhitsonBob TewksburyEd Whitson 312373-61
1990-07-12vs SFN84L  2-435-49632,136 Bryn SmithScott GarreltsScott GarreltsBryn Smith 314377-63
1990-07-13vs SFN85L  1-635-50635,961 Jose DeLeonDon RobinsonDon RobinsonJose DeLeonJeff Brantley315383-68
1990-07-14vs SFN86W  2-136-50543,690 Joe MagraneTrevor WilsonLee SmithTrevor Wilson 317384-67
1990-07-15vs SFN87L  3-536-51629,624 John TudorJohn BurkettSteve BedrosianTom NiedenfuerJeff Brantley320389-69
1990-07-16vs LAN88L  2-536-52625,405 Bob TewksburyTerry WellsTerry WellsBob TewksburyJay Howell322394-72
1990-07-17vs LAN89W  3-037-52625,716 Bryn SmithFernando ValenzuelaBryn SmithFernando ValenzuelaLee Smith325394-69
1990-07-18vs LAN90L  1-637-53625,328 Jose DeLeonRamon MartinezRamon MartinezJose DeLeonJay Howell326400-74
1990-07-19vs SDN91W  8-338-53629,688 Joe MagraneBruce HurstJoe MagraneBruce HurstFrank DiPino334403-69
1990-07-20vs SDN92W  4-239-53628,298 John TudorEd WhitsonJohn TudorEd WhitsonLee Smith338405-67
1990-07-21vs SDN93W  4-240-53638,535 Bob TewksburyEric ShowBob TewksburyEric ShowFrank DiPino342407-65
1990-07-22vs SDN94W  6-441-53631,261 Bryn SmithDerek LilliquistKen DayleyGreg HarrisLee Smith348411-63
1990-07-23vs CHN95L  1-341-54640,534 Jose DeLeonGreg MadduxGreg MadduxJose DeLeonMitch Williams349414-65
1990-07-24vs CHN96W  9-442-54638,974 Joe MagraneSteve WilsonScott TerrySteve Wilson 358418-60
1990-07-25vs CHN97W  9-043-54637,826 John TudorMike HarkeyJohn TudorMike Harkey 367418-51
1990-07-26@ NYN98L  1-644-5560Bob TewksburyRon DarlingRon DarlingBob Tewksbury 368424-56
1990-07-26@ NYN99W  3-144-55645,936Ken HillBob OjedaKen HillBob OjedaLee Smith371425-54
1990-07-27@ NYN100L  1-1044-56643,184Bryn SmithFrank ViolaFrank ViolaBryn Smith 372435-63
1990-07-28@ NYN101W  1-045-56645,870Joe MagraneDavid ConeJoe MagraneDavid ConeLee Smith373435-62
1990-07-29@ NYN102L  0-645-57641,946Jose DeLeonDwight GoodenDwight GoodenJose DeLeon 373441-68
1990-07-31@ PHI103W  4-246-57625,463John TudorKen HowellJohn TudorKen HowellLee Smith377443-66
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-08-01@ PHI104L  10-1146-58623,142Ken HillTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandKen HillRoger McDowell387454-67
1990-08-02@ PHI105W  4-347-58621,898Bob TewksburyJose De JesusBob TewksburyJose De JesusLee Smith391457-66
1990-08-03vs NYN106L  4-547-59638,087 Jose DeLeonDavid ConeJulio MachadoLee SmithJohn Franco395462-67
1990-08-04vs NYN107W  7-548-59641,874 Ken HillDwight GoodenKen HillDwight GoodenFrank DiPino402467-65
1990-08-05vs NYN108W  8-349-59635,997 John TudorSid FernandezJohn TudorSid Fernandez 410470-60
1990-08-06vs NYN109W  5-150-59637,130 Joe MagraneRon DarlingJoe MagraneRon DarlingLee Smith415471-56
1990-08-07@ CHN110L  3-550-60634,271Bob TewksburyMike BieleckiPaul AssenmacherScott TerryMitch Williams418476-58
1990-08-08@ CHN111L  3-450-61634,977Jose DeLeonMike HarkeyBill LongTom Niedenfuer 421480-59
1990-08-09@ CHN112W  3-151-61636,328Ken HillLance DicksonKen HillLance DicksonLee Smith424481-57
1990-08-10@ PIT113W  8-352-61623,701John TudorRandy KramerKen DayleyRandy Kramer 432484-52
1990-08-11@ PIT114W  3-253-61646,720Joe MagraneRandy TomlinJoe MagraneRandy TomlinLee Smith435486-51
1990-08-12@ PIT115W  6-054-61530,335Bob TewksburyJohn SmileyBob TewksburyJohn Smiley 441486-45
1990-08-14vs CIN116L  4-954-62636,552 Jose DeLeonJack ArmstrongJack ArmstrongJose DeLeonRick Mahler445495-50
1990-08-15vs CIN117L  1-354-63631,924 Ken HillNorm CharltonRob DibbleTom NiedenfuerTim Layana446498-52
1990-08-16vs HOU118L  2-454-64623,756 Joe MagraneDanny DarwinDanny DarwinJoe MagraneDave Smith448502-54
1990-08-17vs HOU119W  5-055-64633,934 Bob TewksburyBill GullicksonBob TewksburyBill Gullickson 453502-49
1990-08-18vs HOU120L  2-355-65640,609 Omar OlivaresMark PortugalDave SmithFrank DiPino 455505-50
1990-08-19vs HOU121W  7-356-65632,165 Jose DeLeonMike ScottJose DeLeonMike Scott 462508-46
1990-08-20vs ATL122W  7-257-65622,729 Ken HillTom GlavineKen HillTom Glavine 469510-41
1990-08-21vs ATL123L  2-757-66627,388 Joe MagraneJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzJoe Magrane 471517-46
1990-08-22vs ATL124L  1-257-67629,464 Bob TewksburyTony CastilloTony CastilloBob TewksburyKent Mercker472519-47
1990-08-24@ HOU125W  3-258-67616,459Omar OlivaresMike ScottScott TerryDave SmithLee Smith475521-46
1990-08-25@ HOU126L  4-658-68622,410Jose DeLeonJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesJose DeLeonJuan Agosto479527-48
1990-08-26@ HOU127L  2-458-69617,216Ken HillDanny DarwinDanny DarwinKen Hill 481531-50
1990-08-28@ CIN128L  1-258-70625,846Joe MagraneJose RijoJose RijoJoe MagraneRandy Myers482533-51
1990-08-29@ CIN129W  9-159-70626,193Bob TewksburyTom BrowningBob TewksburyTom Browning 491534-43
1990-08-30@ ATL130W  5-360-7053,672Omar OlivaresTom GlavineFrank DiPinoDwayne HenryTom Niedenfuer496537-41
1990-08-31@ ATL131L  1-460-7166,957Jose DeLeonJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzJose DeLeonKent Mercker497541-44
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-09-01@ ATL132L  3-460-72614,673Ken HillPaul MarakTony CastilloKen HillKent Mercker500545-45
1990-09-02@ ATL133L  0-560-73610,070John TudorCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJohn Tudor 500550-50
1990-09-03vs NYN134L  3-960-74627,156 Bob TewksburyDwight GoodenDwight GoodenBob Tewksbury 503559-56
1990-09-04vs NYN135W  1-061-74619,873 Joe MagraneSid FernandezJoe MagraneSid FernandezLee Smith504559-55
1990-09-05vs MON136L  2-661-75619,808 Jose DeLeonChris NabholzChris NabholzJose DeLeonTim Burke506565-59
1990-09-06vs MON137W  4-262-75610,897 Ken HillMark GardnerKen DayleyMark GardnerLee Smith510567-57
1990-09-07@ CHN138W  4-363-75623,353Bob TewksburyGreg MadduxBob TewksburyGreg MadduxLee Smith514570-56
1990-09-08@ CHN139L  4-563-76632,039Omar OlivaresRick SutcliffeDave PavlasKen DayleyPaul Assenmacher518575-57
1990-09-09@ CHN140W  9-264-76627,362Bryn SmithMike BieleckiJohn TudorMike Bielecki 527577-50
1990-09-10@ NYN141L  1-1064-77626,577Jose DeLeonFrank ViolaFrank ViolaJose DeLeon 528587-59
1990-09-11@ NYN142L  8-1064-78625,126Ken HillJulio ValeraJohn FrancoLee Smith 536597-61
1990-09-12@ MON143L  2-664-79610,128Bob TewksburyOil Can BoydOil Can BoydBob Tewksbury 538603-65
1990-09-13@ MON144W  6-465-7969,185Omar OlivaresBill SampenOmar OlivaresBill SampenLee Smith544607-63
1990-09-14vs CHN145W  4-266-79634,473 Bryn SmithMitch WilliamsBryn SmithMitch WilliamsMike Perez548609-61
1990-09-15vs CHN146L  2-666-80642,282 Jose DeLeonRandy KramerLes LancasterJose DeLeon 550615-65
1990-09-16vs CHN147L  4-866-81639,402 Ken HillJose NunezJose NunezKen HillMike Bielecki554623-69
1990-09-18vs PHI148L  3-666-82615,588 Bob TewksburyJason GrimsleyJason GrimsleyBob TewksburyJoe Boever557629-72
1990-09-19vs PHI149L  4-866-83615,828 Joe MagranePat CombsPat CombsJoe Magrane 561637-76
1990-09-20vs PHI150W  5-467-83614,744 Bryn SmithTerry MulhollandMike PerezRoger McDowell 566641-75
1990-09-21@ PIT151L  0-167-84629,048Jose DeLeonZane SmithZane SmithJose DeLeon 566642-76
1990-09-22@ PIT152W  3-268-84622,895Ken HillRandy TomlinKen HillRandy TomlinLee Smith569644-75
1990-09-23@ PIT153L  2-768-85630,635Bob TewksburyJohn SmileyJohn SmileyBob TewksburyVicente Palacios571651-80
1990-09-25@ PHI154W  1-069-85613,615Joe MagraneTerry MulhollandJoe MagraneTerry MulhollandKen Dayley572651-79
1990-09-26@ PHI155W  8-170-85612,443Bryn SmithJose De JesusBryn SmithJose De Jesus 580652-72
1990-09-27@ PHI156L  3-470-8669,119Jose DeLeonTommy GreeneTommy GreeneJose DeLeonJoe Boever583656-73
1990-09-28vs PIT157L  4-670-87624,837 Ken HillJohn SmileyBill LandrumKen HillStan Belinda587662-75
1990-09-29vs PIT158L  0-870-88623,571 Bob TewksburyBob WalkBob WalkBob Tewksbury 587670-83
1990-09-30vs PIT159L  0-270-89632,672 Joe MagraneDoug DrabekDoug DrabekJoe Magrane 587672-85
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-10-01@ MON160L  9-1570-9064,120Bryn SmithHoward FarmerTim BurkeKen Dayley 596687-91
1990-10-02@ MON161L  1-270-9164,636Omar OlivaresKevin GrossKevin GrossOmar OlivaresSteve Frey597689-92
1990-10-03@ MON162L  2-970-9264,262Ken HillScott AndersonBill SampenKen Hill 599698-99

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