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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Montreal,QC
Team Record:  85-77   .525
Result:   3rd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Buck Rodgers
General Manager:   Dave Dombrowski
Stadium:  Olympic Stadium
Attendance:  1,373,087
Payroll:  $16,656,388
Playoffs:  -

Montreal Expos affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dennis Martinez (35)
Youngest Player:  Delino DeShields (21)
Longest Tenure:  Tim Raines (12)
Top Hitter:  Tim Wallach (10)
Top Pitcher:  Dennis Martinez (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Shane Andrews (#11)

Roster Continuity:  70.27%
Top Prospect:   Delino DeShields
National League Standings
NY Mets9171.5624.0
Chi Cubs7785.47518.0
St. Louis7092.43225.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-04-09@ SLN1L  5-60-1448,752Dennis MartinezJoe MagraneKen DayleyMark Gardner 56-1
1990-04-10@ SLN2L  2-40-2422,571Zane SmithBryn SmithBryn SmithZane SmithScott Terry710-3
1990-04-11@ SLN3W  6-41-2526,174Oil Can BoydJose DeLeonOil Can BoydGreg MathewsTim Burke1314-1
1990-04-13vs NYN4L  1-41-3544,183 Kevin GrossDavid ConeJulio MachadoDrew HallJohn Franco1418-4
1990-04-14vs NYN5W  6-52-3316,165 Dennis MartinezDwight GoodenDennis MartinezDwight GoodenSteve Frey2023-3
1990-04-15vs NYN6W  3-13-3210,187 Zane SmithRon DarlingZane SmithRon DarlingTim Burke2324-1
1990-04-16vs PHI7W  5-44-3211,063 Oil Can BoydTerry MulhollandJoe HeskethJeff ParrettSteve Frey28280
1990-04-17vs PHI8W  2-15-328,406 Mark GardnerPat CombsDrew HallTodd FrohwirthSteve Frey30291
1990-04-18vs PHI9L  3-45-4210,096 Kevin GrossKen HowellKen HowellKevin GrossRoger McDowell33330
1990-04-19@ PHI10W  5-06-428,417Dennis MartinezBruce RuffinDennis MartinezBruce Ruffin 38335
1990-04-20@ NYN11W  2-17-4124,130Zane SmithRon DarlingZane SmithRon DarlingTim Burke40346
1990-04-21@ NYN12L  4-57-5120,748Oil Can BoydFrank ViolaFrank ViolaOil Can BoydJohn Franco44395
1990-04-22@ NYN13L  0-57-6232,843Mark GardnerSid FernandezSid FernandezMark Gardner 44440
1990-04-24@ HOU14W  5-38-629,542Kevin GrossMike ScottKevin GrossMike ScottTim Burke49472
1990-04-25@ HOU15W  1-09-6211,251Dennis MartinezJim DeshaiesSteve FreyDave SmithTim Burke50473
1990-04-27@ CIN16L  2-39-7225,564Zane SmithTom BrowningRob DibbleDrew Hall 52502
1990-04-28@ CIN17L  4-69-8321,775Oil Can BoydJack ArmstrongJack ArmstrongOil Can BoydRandy Myers56560
1990-04-29@ CIN18W  6-310-8227,344Kevin GrossDanny JacksonKevin GrossRon RobinsonTim Burke62593
1990-04-30vs HOU19L  2-410-9210,060 Dennis MartinezJim DeshaiesLarry AndersenDennis MartinezDave Smith64631
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-05-01vs HOU20W  2-111-929,700 Mark GardnerMark PortugalDrew HallLarry Andersen 66642
1990-05-02vs ATL21L  1-811-1039,575 Zane SmithMarty ClaryMarty ClaryZane Smith 6772-5
1990-05-03vs ATL22L  1-411-1139,057 Oil Can BoydTom GlavineCharlie KerfeldDrew HallJoe Boever6876-8
1990-05-04vs SFN23W  5-412-11314,001 Kevin GrossRick ReuschelKevin GrossRick ReuschelTim Burke7380-7
1990-05-05vs SFN24L  1-412-12314,544 Dennis MartinezJohn BurkettJohn BurkettDennis MartinezJeff Brantley7484-10
1990-05-06vs SFN25W  7-013-12316,043 Mark GardnerAtlee HammakerMark GardnerAtlee Hammaker 8184-3
1990-05-07vs SFN26W  7-614-1239,265 Zane SmithScott GarreltsSteve FreySteve Bedrosian 8890-2
1990-05-08vs LAN27W  9-115-12212,599 Bill SampenTim BelcherBill SampenTim BelcherDrew Hall97916
1990-05-09vs LAN28W  5-316-12213,215 Kevin GrossFernando ValenzuelaKevin GrossFernando ValenzuelaTim Burke102948
1990-05-10vs LAN29W  8-217-1229,157 Dennis MartinezRamon MartinezDennis MartinezRamon Martinez 1109614
1990-05-11@ SDN30L  3-517-13331,080Mark GardnerEd WhitsonCraig LeffertsDrew Hall 11310112
1990-05-12@ SDN31L  2-517-14324,493Zane SmithBruce HurstBruce HurstZane Smith 1151069
1990-05-13@ SDN32W  15-018-14316,197Oil Can BoydEric ShowOil Can BoydEric Show 13010624
1990-05-14@ LAN33L  2-318-15328,758Kevin GrossFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaKevin GrossDon Aase13210923
1990-05-15@ LAN34L  2-318-16324,308Dennis MartinezRamon MartinezRamon MartinezDennis MartinezTim Crews13411222
1990-05-16@ LAN35L  2-318-17324,158Mark GardnerMike MorganMike MorganDrew Hall 13611521
1990-05-18@ SFN36L  2-718-18322,932Oil Can BoydRick ReuschelAtlee HammakerSteve Frey 13812216
1990-05-19@ SFN37W  7-419-18322,575Kevin GrossBob KnepperKevin GrossBob KnepperTim Burke14512619
1990-05-20@ SFN38W  6-520-18325,285Dennis MartinezJohn BurkettBill SampenAtlee HammakerTim Burke15113120
1990-05-22vs SDN39W  6-121-18311,690 Mark GardnerEd WhitsonMark GardnerEd Whitson 15713225
1990-05-23vs SDN40W  4-022-18312,469 Oil Can BoydBruce HurstOil Can BoydBruce Hurst 16113229
1990-05-24vs CIN41L  1-722-19314,562 Kevin GrossRon RobinsonRon RobinsonKevin Gross 16213923
1990-05-25vs CIN42L  0-522-20317,058 Dennis MartinezJack ArmstrongJack ArmstrongDennis Martinez 16214418
1990-05-26vs CIN43L  3-522-21314,653 Zane SmithDanny JacksonRob DibbleTim BurkeRandy Myers16514916
1990-05-27vs CIN44W  5-323-21330,183 Mark GardnerJose RijoDrew HallTim BirtsasTim Burke17015218
1990-05-28@ ATL45W  4-124-21325,152Oil Can BoydDerek LilliquistKevin GrossDerek Lilliquist 17415321
1990-05-30@ ATL46W  9-625-21310,372Bill SampenTom GlavineDave J. SchmidtTom GlavineDrew Hall18315924
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-06-01@ PIT47W  4-126-21227,410Kevin GrossDoug DrabekKevin GrossDoug DrabekDale Mohorcic18716027
1990-06-02@ PIT48L  3-426-22347,374Zane SmithNeal HeatonBill LandrumDrew Hall 19016426
1990-06-03@ PIT49W  4-327-22327,817Dennis MartinezBob WalkBill SampenStan BelindaDave J. Schmidt19416727
1990-06-04@ NYN50W  5-328-22224,433Mark GardnerDavid ConeBill SampenDavid ConeDave J. Schmidt19917029
1990-06-05@ NYN51L  5-628-23326,670Oil Can BoydBob OjedaJohn FrancoDale Mohorcic 20417628
1990-06-06@ NYN52L  3-428-24326,238Kevin GrossFrank ViolaFrank ViolaKevin GrossJohn Franco20718027
1990-06-07vs SLN53W  3-229-24315,360 Zane SmithJose DeLeonZane SmithJose DeLeonDave J. Schmidt21018228
1990-06-08vs SLN54W  18-230-24220,127 Dennis MartinezBryn SmithDennis MartinezBryn Smith 22818444
1990-06-09vs SLN55W  3-131-24227,388 Mark GardnerScott TerryMark GardnerScott TerryDave J. Schmidt23118546
1990-06-10vs SLN56L  3-531-25230,349 Oil Can BoydJoe MagraneJoe MagraneOil Can BoydLee Smith23419044
1990-06-11@ PHI57W  5-033-2520Kevin GrossDennis CookKevin GrossDennis Cook 23919049
1990-06-11@ PHI58W  3-233-25222,700Chris NabholzPat CombsDrew HallJeff ParrettDave J. Schmidt24219250
1990-06-12@ PHI59L  2-733-26219,169Zane SmithKen HowellKen HowellZane Smith 24419945
1990-06-13@ PHI60W  4-334-26218,655Dennis MartinezJose De JesusDave J. SchmidtRoger McDowellDrew Hall24820246
1990-06-14@ SLN61W  3-235-26233,575Mark GardnerBryn SmithBill SampenTom NiedenfuerDave J. Schmidt25120447
1990-06-15@ SLN62W  7-436-26234,377Oil Can BoydJoe MagraneSteve FreyJoe MagraneDave J. Schmidt25820850
1990-06-16@ SLN63L  3-536-27243,553Kevin GrossBob TewksburyBob TewksburyDrew HallTom Niedenfuer26121348
1990-06-17@ SLN64L  1-736-28234,810Zane SmithJose DeLeonJose DeLeonZane Smith 26222042
1990-06-18vs CHN65W  5-137-28215,898 Dennis MartinezMike HarkeyDennis MartinezMike Harkey 26722146
1990-06-19vs CHN66L  1-237-29220,306 Mark GardnerShawn BoskieShawn BoskieMark GardnerLes Lancaster26822345
1990-06-20vs CHN67W  3-238-29222,058 Oil Can BoydGreg MadduxDale MohorcicGreg MadduxDave J. Schmidt27122546
1990-06-22vs PIT68W  4-339-29222,968 Kevin GrossWalt TerrellBill SampenStan BelindaDave J. Schmidt27522847
1990-06-23vs PIT69W  6-140-29127,605 Zane SmithDoug DrabekZane SmithDoug Drabek 28122952
1990-06-24vs PIT70L  3-540-30241,054 Dennis MartinezNeal HeatonNeal HeatonDennis MartinezStan Belinda28423450
1990-06-25@ CHN71W  7-341-30232,231Mark GardnerShawn BoskieMark GardnerShawn BoskieBill Sampen29123754
1990-06-26@ CHN72W  6-542-30231,676Oil Can BoydGreg MadduxDave J. SchmidtLes LancasterSteve Frey29724255
1990-06-27@ CHN73L  3-542-31232,830Kevin GrossJeff PicoJeff PicoKevin GrossSteve Wilson30024753
1990-06-28@ CHN74L  2-342-32331,974Zane SmithMike BieleckiLes LancasterBill Sampen 30225052
1990-06-29vs ATL75L  2-442-33314,210 Dennis MartinezTom GlavineTom GlavineDennis MartinezJoe Hesketh30425450
1990-06-30vs ATL76L  6-742-34316,514 Mark GardnerCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtMark GardnerJoe Hesketh31026149
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-07-01vs ATL77W  5-143-34327,763 Oil Can BoydSteve AveryOil Can BoydSteve Avery 31526253
1990-07-02vs ATL78L  3-643-35314,425 Howard FarmerJohn SmoltzJohn SmoltzHoward FarmerJoe Boever31826850
1990-07-03vs CIN79L  0-243-36314,944 Zane SmithTom BrowningTom BrowningZane SmithRandy Myers31827048
1990-07-04vs CIN80W  5-344-36315,827 Dennis MartinezScott ScudderDennis MartinezScott ScudderDave J. Schmidt32327350
1990-07-05vs HOU81W  11-045-36314,885 Mark GardnerMike ScottMark GardnerMike Scott 33427361
1990-07-06vs HOU82W  3-246-36315,806 Oil Can BoydDanny DarwinBill SampenJuan AgostoDave J. Schmidt33727562
1990-07-07vs HOU83W  3-147-36320,171 Zane SmithJim DeshaiesZane SmithJim DeshaiesDave J. Schmidt34027664
1990-07-08vs HOU84L  3-547-37326,016 Dennis MartinezMark PortugalMark PortugalDennis MartinezDave Smith34328162
1990-07-12@ ATL85W  3-048-3737,654Mark GardnerTom GlavineMark GardnerTom Glavine 34628165
1990-07-14@ ATL86L  2-349-3830Dennis MartinezJohn SmoltzKent MerckerDave J. Schmidt 34828464
1990-07-14@ ATL87W  6-249-38320,452Oil Can BoydCharlie LeibrandtOil Can BoydCharlie LeibrandtDale Mohorcic35428668
1990-07-15@ ATL88W  16-1450-38311,237Bill SampenSteve AverySteve FreyKent MerckerDave J. Schmidt37030070
1990-07-16@ CIN89L  3-850-39325,521Zane SmithChris HammondTim LayanaZane Smith 37330865
1990-07-17@ CIN90L  2-650-40330,828Mark GardnerScott ScudderScott ScudderMark Gardner 37531461
1990-07-18@ CIN91L  7-850-41327,180Dennis MartinezTom BrowningRick MahlerDave J. Schmidt 38232260
1990-07-19@ HOU92L  3-450-42316,312Oil Can BoydJim DeshaiesLarry AndersenBill Sampen 38532659
1990-07-20@ HOU93L  6-1250-43315,734Kevin GrossDanny DarwinDanny DarwinKevin Gross 39133853
1990-07-21@ HOU94W  3-251-43325,427Zane SmithMark PortugalZane SmithJuan AgostoTim Burke39434054
1990-07-22@ HOU95L  2-351-44320,028Mark GardnerBill GullicksonJuan AgostoDave J. SchmidtDave Smith39634353
1990-07-23vs PIT96W  5-052-44327,499 Dennis MartinezJohn SmileyDennis MartinezJohn Smiley 40134358
1990-07-24vs PIT97L  3-552-45324,444 Kevin GrossDoug DrabekDoug DrabekKevin GrossStan Belinda40434856
1990-07-25vs PIT98W  8-753-45321,669 Zane SmithBob WalkBill SampenStan Belinda 41235557
1990-07-26vs CHN99W  3-254-45319,129 Oil Can BoydShawn BoskieTim BurkeMitch Williams 41535758
1990-07-27vs CHN100L  0-254-46321,980 Mark GardnerGreg MadduxGreg MadduxBill SampenBill Long41535956
1990-07-28vs CHN101L  7-1054-47324,808 Dennis MartinezMike BieleckiBill LongTim Burke 42236953
1990-07-29vs CHN102L  1-254-48324,333 Kevin GrossMike HarkeyMike HarkeyKevin GrossMitch Williams42337152
1990-07-31vs NYN103W  7-455-48324,386 Oil Can BoydSid FernandezOil Can BoydSid FernandezTim Burke43037555
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-08-01vs NYN104L  4-655-49328,556 Zane SmithRon DarlingBob OjedaBill Sampen 43438153
1990-08-02vs NYN105L  1-555-50332,507 Dennis MartinezFrank ViolaFrank ViolaDennis Martinez 43538649
1990-08-03@ CHN106L  4-1055-51333,318Mark GardnerMike HarkeyMike HarkeyMark Gardner 43939643
1990-08-04@ CHN107L  2-1055-52335,176Kevin GrossShawn BoskieShawn BoskieKevin Gross 44140635
1990-08-05@ CHN108L  1-355-53333,481Oil Can BoydGreg MadduxGreg MadduxOil Can Boyd 44240933
1990-08-07@ PIT109L  3-455-54323,666Zane SmithJohn SmileyMark RossDale Mohorcic 44541332
1990-08-08@ PIT110W  6-256-54321,180Dennis MartinezDoug DrabekDennis MartinezDoug Drabek 45141536
1990-08-09@ PIT111W  7-657-54321,499Kevin GrossNeal HeatonSteve FreyBill LandrumBill Sampen45842137
1990-08-10vs PHI112W  4-358-54317,904 Oil Can BoydTerry MulhollandOil Can BoydTerry MulhollandSteve Frey46242438
1990-08-11vs PHI113W  5-459-54323,708 Mark GardnerJason GrimsleyBill SampenDon Carman 46742839
1990-08-12vs PHI114W  6-360-54329,186 Chris NabholzJose De JesusChris NabholzJose De JesusTim Burke47343142
1990-08-14@ SDN115W  8-361-54315,855Dennis MartinezDennis RasmussenDennis MartinezDennis Rasmussen 48143447
1990-08-15@ SDN116W  5-362-54314,271Kevin GrossBruce HurstBill SampenJohn Davis 48643749
1990-08-16@ SDN117L  2-362-55314,331Oil Can BoydEd WhitsonRich RodriguezTim Burke 48844048
1990-08-17@ LAN118L  6-762-56333,737Mark GardnerJim NeidlingerJim NeidlingerMark GardnerJay Howell49444747
1990-08-18@ LAN119L  2-362-57345,687Chris NabholzFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaMel RojasJim Gott49645046
1990-08-19@ LAN120W  2-163-57340,603Dennis MartinezRamon MartinezDennis MartinezRamon MartinezSteve Frey49845147
1990-08-20@ SFN121L  2-463-58313,888Kevin GrossDon RobinsonDon RobinsonKevin Gross 50045545
1990-08-21@ SFN122W  10-564-58316,759Oil Can BoydJohn BurkettMel RojasTrevor Wilson 51046050
1990-08-22@ SFN123L  1-264-59328,429Mark GardnerScott GarreltsSteve BedrosianSteve Frey 51146249
1990-08-24vs SDN124L  1-264-60317,473 Dennis MartinezAndy BenesAndy BenesDennis MartinezCraig Lefferts51246448
1990-08-25vs SDN125W  2-165-60318,239 Chris NabholzDennis RasmussenChris NabholzDennis RasmussenMel Rojas51446549
1990-08-26vs SDN126W  4-266-60327,650 Kevin GrossBruce HurstSteve FreyBruce Hurst 51846751
1990-08-27vs SDN127L  1-466-61313,403 Oil Can BoydEd WhitsonEd WhitsonOil Can BoydCraig Lefferts51947148
1990-08-28vs SFN128W  5-267-61315,357 Mark GardnerScott GarreltsMark GardnerScott GarreltsTim Burke52447351
1990-08-29vs SFN129L  5-667-62314,029 Dennis MartinezKelly DownsJeff BrantleyBill SampenSteve Bedrosian52947950
1990-08-31vs LAN130W  5-268-62314,514 Chris NabholzMike MorganChris NabholzMike MorganSteve Frey53448153
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-09-01vs LAN131W  6-069-62316,236 Oil Can BoydMike HartleyOil Can BoydMike Hartley 54048159
1990-09-02vs LAN132L  5-1269-63322,776 Mark GardnerJim NeidlingerTim CrewsMark Gardner 54549352
1990-09-03vs CHN133W  3-270-63322,629 Howard FarmerRick SutcliffeSteve FreyRandy Kramer 54849553
1990-09-04vs CHN134L  1-370-64310,605 Dennis MartinezMike BieleckiMike BieleckiDennis MartinezPaul Assenmacher54949851
1990-09-05@ SLN135W  6-271-64319,808Chris NabholzJose DeLeonChris NabholzJose DeLeonTim Burke55550055
1990-09-06@ SLN136L  2-471-65310,897Mark GardnerKen HillKen DayleyMark GardnerLee Smith55750453
1990-09-07@ PIT137W  4-172-65322,083Oil Can BoydJohn SmileyOil Can BoydJohn SmileyTim Burke56150556
1990-09-08@ PIT138L  1-672-66344,614Howard FarmerDoug DrabekDoug DrabekHoward Farmer 56251151
1990-09-09@ PIT139W  9-573-66322,023Dennis MartinezBob WalkMel RojasBob Walk 57151655
1990-09-10@ CHN140W  7-474-66326,774Chris NabholzMitch WilliamsChris NabholzBill LongTim Burke57852058
1990-09-11@ CHN141L  6-1174-67318,984Kevin GrossJose NunezDave PavlasKevin Gross 58453153
1990-09-12vs SLN142W  6-275-67310,128 Oil Can BoydBob TewksburyOil Can BoydBob Tewksbury 59053357
1990-09-13vs SLN143L  4-675-6839,185 Bill SampenOmar OlivaresOmar OlivaresBill SampenLee Smith59453955
1990-09-14vs PIT144W  4-276-68315,880 Brian BarnesBob WalkSteve FreyNeal Heaton 59854157
1990-09-15vs PIT145W  4-377-68320,392 Chris NabholzZane SmithBill SampenZane SmithTim Burke60254458
1990-09-16vs PIT146W  4-178-68321,286 Scott AndersonRandy TomlinScott RuskinRandy TomlinSteve Frey60654561
1990-09-18@ NYN147W  4-379-68329,435Oil Can BoydDwight GoodenTim BurkeJohn Franco 61054862
1990-09-20@ NYN148W  6-481-6830Brian BarnesFrank ViolaMel RojasFrank ViolaTim Burke61655264
1990-09-20@ NYN149W  2-081-68333,711Chris NabholzSid FernandezChris NabholzSid Fernandez 61855266
1990-09-21@ PHI150L  4-581-69323,274Dennis MartinezJose De JesusChuck MaloneBill Sampen 62255765
1990-09-22@ PHI151L  2-381-70317,215Scott AndersonTommy GreeneTommy GreeneScott AndersonRoger McDowell62456064
1990-09-23@ PHI152L  1-281-71325,715Oil Can BoydJason GrimsleyDon CarmanHoward Farmer 62556263
1990-09-24@ PHI153L  0-381-72311,527Brian BarnesPat CombsPat CombsBrian Barnes 62556560
1990-09-25vs NYN154L  1-381-73311,959 Chris NabholzSid FernandezAlejandro PenaChris Nabholz 62656858
1990-09-26vs NYN155L  0-481-74310,116 Dennis MartinezDavid ConeDavid ConeDennis Martinez 62657254
1990-09-27vs NYN156L  0-681-75310,123 Kevin GrossRon DarlingRon DarlingKevin Gross 62657848
1990-09-28vs PHI157L  4-581-7638,230 Oil Can BoydJason GrimsleyJason GrimsleyOil Can BoydRoger McDowell63058347
1990-09-29vs PHI158W  5-182-7638,985 Brian BarnesPat CombsBrian BarnesPat Combs 63558451
1990-09-30vs PHI159L  1-282-77317,464 Chris NabholzTerry MulhollandTerry MulhollandChris Nabholz 63658650
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMON PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1990-10-01vs SLN160W  15-983-7734,120 Howard FarmerBryn SmithTim BurkeKen Dayley 65159556
1990-10-02vs SLN161W  2-184-7734,636 Kevin GrossOmar OlivaresKevin GrossOmar OlivaresSteve Frey65359657
1990-10-03vs SLN162W  9-285-7734,262 Scott AndersonKen HillBill SampenKen Hill 66259864

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