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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  81-81   .500
Result:   4th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Tom Trebelhorn
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,970,735
Payroll:  $10,373,000
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jerry Reuss (40)
Youngest Player:  Gary Sheffield (20)
Longest Tenure:  Robin Yount (16)
Top Hitter:  Robin Yount (3)
Top Pitcher:  Chris Bosio (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Cal Eldred (#17)

Roster Continuity:  77.47%
Top Prospect:   Gary Sheffield
American League Standings
NY Yankees7487.46014.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-04-03@ CLE1L  1-2-40,618Don AugustGreg SwindellGreg SwindellDon AugustDoug Jones12-1
1989-04-06@ CLE2W  3-0-4,905Chris BosioBuddy BlackChris BosioBuddy Black 422
1989-04-07@ DET3L  3-10-51,473Bill WegmanDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBill WegmanGuillermo Hernandez712-5
1989-04-08@ DET4W  5-2-12,892Don AugustFrank TananaDon AugustFrank TananaDan Plesac1214-2
1989-04-10vs TEX5L  4-6-54,301 Chris BosioCharlie HoughJeff RussellChuck Crim 1620-4
1989-04-12vs TEX6L  1-8-7,590 Bill WegmanNolan RyanNolan RyanBill Wegman 1728-11
1989-04-13vs TEX7L  1-6-7,266 Don AugustBobby WittBobby WittDon August 1834-16
1989-04-14vs CLE8W  8-4-9,533 Mike BirkbeckGreg SwindellMark KnudsonJoe SkalskiDan Plesac2638-12
1989-04-15vs CLE9W  5-1-19,043 Chris BosioTom CandiottiChris BosioTom CandiottiChuck Crim3139-8
1989-04-16vs CLE10W  4-3-18,547 Bryan ClutterbuckJohn FarrellChuck CrimKeith Atherton 3542-7
1989-04-17@ TEX11W  8-1-38,274Bill WegmanNolan RyanBill WegmanNolan RyanDan Plesac43430
1989-04-18@ TEX12L  2-6-21,528Don AugustBobby WittBobby WittDon August 4549-4
1989-04-19@ TEX13L  1-5-19,444Mike BirkbeckJamie MoyerJamie MoyerMike BirkbeckCecilio Guante4654-8
1989-04-21vs DET14W  2-1-11,767 Chris BosioJack MorrisChris BosioJack MorrisDan Plesac4855-7
1989-04-22vs DET15L  3-6-22,237 Bill WegmanCharles HudsonFrank WilliamsChuck Crim 5161-10
1989-04-23vs DET16L  3-11-21,854 Don AugustJeff RobinsonPaul GibsonDon AugustGuillermo Hernandez5472-18
1989-04-24vs MIN17W  5-4-9,311 Mike BirkbeckFrank ViolaDan PlesacJeff Reardon 5976-17
1989-04-25vs MIN18W  10-4-10,034 Bryan ClutterbuckRoy SmithBryan ClutterbuckRoy Smith 6980-11
1989-04-26vs MIN19W  12-0-10,912 Chris BosioAllan AndersonChris BosioAllan Anderson 81801
1989-04-28@ KCA20L  1-8-27,515Bill WegmanCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtBill Wegman 8288-6
1989-04-29@ KCA21L  3-4-30,475Don AugustBret SaberhagenTom GordonDan Plesac 8592-7
1989-04-30@ KCA22L  0-2-40,113Mike BirkbeckFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterMike BirkbeckSteve Farr8594-9
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-05-01@ CHA23L  0-6-7,625Teddy HigueraJerry ReussJerry ReussTeddy Higuera 85100-15
1989-05-02@ CHA24L  1-6-6,534Chris BosioEric KingEric KingChris Bosio 86106-20
1989-05-03@ MIN25W  7-2-21,479Bill WegmanShane RawleyBill WegmanShane RawleyBill Krueger93108-15
1989-05-04@ MIN26W  3-2-27,037Don AugustFrank ViolaDon AugustFrank ViolaDan Plesac96110-14
1989-05-05vs KCA27L  4-5-16,751 Mike BirkbeckFloyd BannisterJeff MontgomeryMark KnudsonSteve Farr100115-15
1989-05-06vs KCA28W  1-0-29,692 Bryan ClutterbuckMark GubiczaBill KruegerTom Gordon 101115-14
1989-05-07vs KCA29W  8-2-22,524 Chris BosioCharlie LeibrandtChris BosioCharlie LeibrandtChuck Crim109117-8
1989-05-09vs CHA30L  1-10-9,475 Bill WegmanShawn HillegasShawn HillegasBill Wegman 110127-17
1989-05-10vs CHA31L  2-12-16,172 Teddy HigueraMelido PerezMelido PerezTeddy Higuera 112139-27
1989-05-12@ OAK32L  4-5-30,743Mike BirkbeckStorm DavisTodd BurnsDan Plesac 116144-28
1989-05-13@ OAK33L  3-4-33,053Chris BosioBob WelchBob WelchChris BosioDennis Eckersley119148-29
1989-05-14@ OAK34W  2-1-26,989Bryan ClutterbuckMike MooreChuck CrimMike MooreDan Plesac121149-28
1989-05-15@ OAK35L  2-12-25,974Don AugustDave StewartDave StewartDon August 123161-38
1989-05-16@ SEA36L  5-6-9,651Teddy HigueraMark LangstonMichael JacksonBill WegmanMike Schooler128167-39
1989-05-17@ SEA37W  9-6-9,271Mike BirkbeckScott BankheadChuck CrimScott BankheadDan Plesac137173-36
1989-05-18@ SEA38L  5-9-9,416Chris BosioBill SwiftBill SwiftChris BosioMike Schooler142182-40
1989-05-19@ CAL39L  1-3-39,978Bryan ClutterbuckChuck FinleyChuck FinleyBryan Clutterbuck 143185-42
1989-05-20@ CAL40W  5-3-34,764Don AugustBert BlylevenDon AugustBert BlylevenDan Plesac148188-40
1989-05-21@ CAL41L  9-12-35,122Bill WegmanKirk McCaskillDan PetryBill Wegman 157200-43
1989-05-23vs OAK42W  9-1-13,882 Chris BosioBob WelchChris BosioBob Welch 166201-35
1989-05-24vs OAK43L  2-6-13,932 Mike BirkbeckMike MooreMike MooreMike Birkbeck 168207-39
1989-05-25vs OAK44W  4-1-18,898 Bryan ClutterbuckDave StewartBryan ClutterbuckDave StewartDan Plesac172208-36
1989-05-26vs SEA45L  2-7-16,561 Don AugustLuis DeLeonMichael JacksonDon August 174215-41
1989-05-27vs SEA46W  3-2-26,094 Teddy HigueraScott BankheadDan PlesacBrian Holman 177217-40
1989-05-28vs SEA47W  6-4-30,959 Chris BosioBill SwiftChuck CrimDennis PowellDan Plesac183221-38
1989-05-29vs CAL48L  3-12-15,762 Mike BirkbeckBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMike Birkbeck 186233-47
1989-05-30vs CAL49L  2-3-8,012 Bryan ClutterbuckJim AbbottJim AbbottBryan ClutterbuckBob McClure188236-48
1989-05-31vs CAL50W  4-1-14,129 Don AugustMike WittDon AugustMike WittDan Plesac192237-45
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-06-01vs NYA51W  5-0-18,991 Teddy HigueraDave LaPointTeddy HigueraDave LaPointJay Aldrich197237-40
1989-06-02vs NYA52L  2-3-28,876 Chris BosioClay ParkerDave RighettiChuck Crim 199240-41
1989-06-03vs NYA53W  2-0-47,387 Bill KruegerRichard DotsonBill KruegerRichard DotsonDan Plesac201240-39
1989-06-04vs NYA54L  9-12-52,179 Bryan ClutterbuckJimmy JonesJimmy JonesBryan ClutterbuckLee Guetterman210252-42
1989-06-05@ TOR55W  5-3-48,378Don AugustJimmy KeyDon AugustJimmy KeyDan Plesac215255-40
1989-06-06@ TOR56W  6-4-45,520Teddy HigueraFrank WillsJay AldrichDuane WardChuck Crim221259-38
1989-06-07@ TOR57L  2-4-45,372Chris BosioJohn CeruttiJohn CeruttiChris Bosio 223263-40
1989-06-08@ BAL58W  6-2-30,378Bill KruegerBob MilackiMark KnudsonBob Milacki 229265-36
1989-06-09@ BAL59L  1-7-31,156Bryan ClutterbuckBrian HoltonMark WilliamsonBryan Clutterbuck 230272-42
1989-06-10@ BAL60W  6-0-44,294Don AugustJeff BallardDon AugustJeff Ballard 236272-36
1989-06-11@ BAL61W  3-1-44,993Teddy HigueraJay TibbsChuck CrimKevin HickeyDan Plesac239273-34
1989-06-13vs TOR62L  3-4-15,469 Chris BosioFrank WillsDuane WardDan Plesac 242277-35
1989-06-14vs TOR63L  1-6-14,808 Bill KruegerDave StiebDave StiebBill Krueger 243283-40
1989-06-15vs TOR64W  6-4-16,964 Bryan ClutterbuckJimmy KeyTony FossasJimmy KeyDan Plesac249287-38
1989-06-16@ MIN65W  8-6-35,047Don AugustAllan AndersonChuck CrimJuan BerenguerDan Plesac257293-36
1989-06-17@ MIN66L  3-7-42,107Teddy HigueraRoy SmithLee TunnellMark Knudson 260300-40
1989-06-18@ MIN67L  6-8-38,075Chris BosioFrank ViolaJeff ReardonChuck Crim 266308-42
1989-06-19@ MIN68W  11-8-27,154Bill KruegerFrancisco OliverasBill KruegerFrancisco OliverasDan Plesac277316-39
1989-06-20vs KCA69L  2-8-17,185 Jaime NavarroCharlie LeibrandtTom GordonMark Knudson 279324-45
1989-06-21vs KCA70L  0-6-18,086 Don AugustBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenDon August 279330-51
1989-06-22vs KCA71W  3-2-21,607 Teddy HigueraLuis AquinoChuck CrimSteve Farr 282332-50
1989-06-23vs CHA72W  17-5-0 Chris BosioSteve RosenbergChris BosioSteve Rosenberg 299337-38
1989-06-23vs CHA73L  4-6-28,702 Bryan ClutterbuckMelido PerezMelido PerezBryan ClutterbuckBobby Thigpen303343-40
1989-06-24vs CHA74L  3-5-52,021 Bill KruegerBill LongBill LongBill KruegerBobby Thigpen306348-42
1989-06-25vs CHA75W  3-1-40,201 Jaime NavarroJerry ReussJaime NavarroJerry ReussDan Plesac309349-40
1989-06-27vs BOS76W  5-4-17,541 Don AugustRoger ClemensDon AugustRoger ClemensDan Plesac314353-39
1989-06-28vs BOS77W  12-5-18,813 Teddy HigueraMike SmithsonTeddy HigueraMike Smithson 326358-32
1989-06-29vs BOS78L  1-2-31,202 Chris BosioJohn DopsonJohn DopsonChris BosioLee Smith327360-33
1989-06-30@ NYA79L  3-4-26,374Jaime NavarroAndy HawkinsAndy HawkinsChuck CrimDave Righetti330364-34
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-07-01@ NYA80L  1-5-24,851Randy VeresClay ParkerClay ParkerRandy Veres 331369-38
1989-07-02@ NYA81W  10-2-33,631Don AugustLance McCullersDon AugustLance McCullers 341371-30
1989-07-03@ NYA82W  8-5-23,035Teddy HigueraDave EilandTeddy HigueraDave EilandDan Plesac349376-27
1989-07-04@ BOS83W  4-3-26,120Chris BosioJohn DopsonChris BosioJoe PriceDan Plesac353379-26
1989-07-06@ BOS84L  4-5-33,538Jaime NavarroMike BoddickerMike BoddickerJaime NavarroLee Smith357384-27
1989-07-07vs BAL85W  6-4-27,313 Don AugustPete HarnischDon AugustPete HarnischDan Plesac363388-25
1989-07-08vs BAL86L  2-5-42,237 Teddy HigueraBrian HoltonBrian HoltonTeddy HigueraGregg Olson365393-28
1989-07-09vs BAL87W  7-2-39,328 Chris BosioDave J. SchmidtChris BosioDave J. Schmidt 372395-23
1989-07-13@ CHA88L  4-5-13,966Don AugustJerry ReussBobby ThigpenTony Fossas 376400-24
1989-07-14@ CHA89L  4-6-14,437Chris BosioGreg HibbardBill LongChris BosioDonn Pall380406-26
1989-07-15@ CHA90L  1-2-22,404Teddy HigueraMelido PerezMelido PerezTeddy HigueraBobby Thigpen381408-27
1989-07-16@ CHA91L  0-2-19,379Jaime NavarroRichard DotsonRichard DotsonJaime NavarroBobby Thigpen381410-29
1989-07-17@ KCA92L  2-3-37,961Tom FilerTom GordonTom GordonTom FilerJeff Montgomery383413-30
1989-07-18@ KCA93L  4-9-28,358Don AugustMark GubiczaMark GubiczaDon August 387422-35
1989-07-19@ KCA94W  7-1-29,132Chris BosioCharlie LeibrandtChris BosioCharlie Leibrandt 394423-29
1989-07-21vs MIN95W  5-3-40,417 Teddy HigueraShane RawleyTeddy HigueraShane Rawley 399426-27
1989-07-22vs MIN96L  1-6-52,908 Jaime NavarroRoy SmithRoy SmithJaime NavarroJeff Reardon400432-32
1989-07-23vs MIN97W  4-1-34,663 Tom FilerFrank ViolaTom FilerFrank ViolaDan Plesac404433-29
1989-07-24vs DET98W  10-0-17,981 Chris BosioJack MorrisChris BosioJack Morris 414433-19
1989-07-25vs DET99L  2-7-16,737 Don AugustDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderDon August 416440-24
1989-07-26vs DET100W  3-2-23,957 Teddy HigueraFrank TananaTeddy HigueraEd NunezDan Plesac419442-23
1989-07-27vs DET101W  11-1-30,451 Jaime NavarroPaul GibsonJaime NavarroPaul Gibson 430443-13
1989-07-28@ TEX102W  15-3-27,105Tom FilerMike JeffcoatTom FilerMike Jeffcoat 445446-1
1989-07-29@ TEX103W  8-2-37,867Chris BosioBobby WittChris BosioBobby WittChuck Crim4534485
1989-07-30@ TEX104L  3-9-37,943Don AugustNolan RyanNolan RyanDon August 456457-1
1989-07-31vs CLE105W  6-1-17,434 Teddy HigueraScott BailesTeddy HigueraScott BailesChuck Crim4624584
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-08-01vs CLE106W  4-2-22,396 Jaime NavarroEd WojnaJaime NavarroDoug JonesDan Plesac4664606
1989-08-02vs CLE107L  0-1-25,813 Chris BosioTom CandiottiTom CandiottiChris BosioJesse Orosco4664615
1989-08-04vs CAL108L  2-6-27,596 Jerry ReussChuck FinleyChuck FinleyJerry ReussWillie Fraser4684671
1989-08-05vs CAL109W  5-2-42,324 Teddy HigueraMike WittTeddy HigueraMike Witt 4734694
1989-08-06vs CAL110L  0-6-31,455 Jaime NavarroJim AbbottJim AbbottJaime Navarro 473475-2
1989-08-07@ DET111L  3-5-0Chris BosioKevin RitzKevin RitzTony FossasMike Henneman476480-4
1989-08-07@ DET112W  5-2-18,577Tom FilerPaul GibsonTom FilerPaul GibsonDan Plesac481482-1
1989-08-08@ DET113L  3-6-16,503Don AugustJeff RobinsonJeff RobinsonDon AugustGuillermo Hernandez484488-4
1989-08-09@ DET114W  6-1-24,348Jerry ReussJack MorrisChuck CrimJack MorrisDan Plesac4904891
1989-08-10@ CLE115W  10-3-15,506Teddy HigueraBuddy BlackTeddy HigueraBuddy Black 5004928
1989-08-11@ CLE116L  0-5-0Jaime NavarroJohn FarrellJohn FarrellJaime Navarro 5004973
1989-08-11@ CLE117W  8-7-47,795Mark KnudsonEd WojnaMark KnudsonEd WojnaDan Plesac5085044
1989-08-12@ CLE118W  5-1-21,325Chris BosioScott BailesChris BosioScott Bailes 5135058
1989-08-13@ CLE119W  5-4-22,344Tom FilerTom CandiottiDan PlesacDoug Jones 5185099
1989-08-14vs NYA120W  5-4-22,829 Jeff PeterekAndy HawkinsTony FossasDave Righetti 52351310
1989-08-15vs NYA121W  1-0-38,829 Teddy HigueraClay ParkerTeddy HigueraClay Parker 52451311
1989-08-16vs NYA122W  5-1-41,036 Mark KnudsonWalt TerrellMark KnudsonWalt TerrellChuck Crim52951415
1989-08-17vs BOS123W  8-4-33,978 Chris BosioWes GardnerChris BosioWes Gardner 53751819
1989-08-18vs BOS124W  5-2-42,215 Tom FilerTom BoltonTom FilerTom BoltonBill Krueger54252022
1989-08-19vs BOS125L  1-3-49,539 Jeff PeterekMike BoddickerGreg HarrisMark Knudson 54352320
1989-08-20vs BOS126W  6-3-45,579 Teddy HigueraMike SmithsonJaime NavarroMike SmithsonTony Fossas54952623
1989-08-21@ BAL127L  0-5-31,912Jerry ReussJeff BallardJeff BallardJerry Reuss 54953118
1989-08-22@ BAL128L  2-4-31,726Chris BosioDave JohnsonDave JohnsonChris Bosio 55153516
1989-08-23@ BAL129L  1-3-32,702Tom FilerBob MilackiBob MilackiTom FilerGregg Olson55253814
1989-08-25@ TOR130L  1-3-49,457Jeff PeterekJimmy KeyJimmy KeyJeff PeterekTom Henke55354112
1989-08-26@ TOR131L  0-7-49,507Teddy HigueraDave StiebDave StiebTeddy Higuera 5535485
1989-08-27@ TOR132L  4-5-49,312Chris BosioTodd StottlemyreTodd StottlemyreChris BosioDuane Ward5575534
1989-08-28@ TOR133W  8-2-49,219Tom FilerJohn CeruttiTom FilerJohn CeruttiBill Krueger56555510
1989-08-29vs SEA134L  3-5-15,720 Jaime NavarroErik HansonErik HansonJaime NavarroMike Schooler5685608
1989-08-30vs SEA135L  3-7-13,938 Jeff PeterekRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonJeff PeterekMichael Jackson5715674
1989-08-31vs SEA136W  6-1-15,540 Mark KnudsonBrian HolmanMark KnudsonBrian Holman 5775689
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-09-01vs OAK137W  6-5-17,465 Chris BosioBob WelchChuck CrimTodd Burns 58357310
1989-09-02vs OAK138L  2-7-36,980 Tom FilerDave StewartDave StewartTom Filer 5855805
1989-09-03vs OAK139L  0-5-30,583 Jaime NavarroStorm DavisStorm DavisJaime NavarroGene Nelson5855850
1989-09-05@ CAL140L  4-8-22,951Mark KnudsonKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillMark KnudsonWillie Fraser589593-4
1989-09-06@ CAL141W  7-4-22,459Chris BosioDan PetryChris BosioDan PetryDan Plesac596597-1
1989-09-07@ CAL142W  7-1-24,012Tom FilerMike WittTom FilerMike Witt 6035985
1989-09-08@ SEA143W  7-3-11,214Jaime NavarroClint ZavarasJaime NavarroClint Zavaras 6106019
1989-09-09@ SEA144W  7-3-11,179Jerry ReussErik HansonJerry ReussErik Hanson 61760413
1989-09-10@ SEA145W  7-1-8,888Mark KnudsonRandy JohnsonMark KnudsonRandy Johnson 62460519
1989-09-12@ OAK146W  7-6-23,862Chris BosioBob WelchDon AugustMatt YoungDan Plesac63161120
1989-09-13@ OAK147L  6-7-21,246Tom FilerDave StewartDennis EckersleyChuck Crim 63761819
1989-09-15vs TEX148W  6-2-18,290 Jaime NavarroJamie MoyerJaime NavarroJamie Moyer 64362023
1989-09-16vs TEX149W  5-3-44,115 Jerry ReussJohn BarfieldDon AugustJohn BarfieldDan Plesac64862325
1989-09-17vs TEX150L  2-4-22,129 Chris BosioBobby WittBobby WittChris BosioKenny Rogers65062723
1989-09-21@ NYA151W  14-1-0Mark KnudsonGreg CadaretMark KnudsonGreg Cadaret 66462836
1989-09-21@ NYA152L  4-5-11,230Jaime NavarroAndy HawkinsLee GuettermanDan Plesac 66863335
1989-09-22vs TOR153L  3-7-15,569 Jerry ReussDave StiebDave StiebJerry Reuss 67164031
1989-09-23vs TOR154W  4-1-24,640 Don AugustTodd StottlemyreDon AugustTodd StottlemyreDan Plesac67564134
1989-09-24vs TOR155W  8-3-17,485 Tom FilerJohn CeruttiTom FilerJohn CeruttiChuck Crim68364439
1989-09-25vs BAL156L  3-5-12,284 Teddy HigueraPete HarnischPete HarnischTeddy HigueraGregg Olson68664937
1989-09-26vs BAL157W  7-3-12,814 Jaime NavarroDave JohnsonJaime NavarroDave Johnson 69365241
1989-09-27vs BAL158L  0-4-14,463 Jerry ReussBob MilackiBob MilackiJerry Reuss 69365637
1989-09-28@ BOS159L  6-12-28,954Don AugustMike BoddickerMike BoddickerDon August 69966831
1989-09-29@ BOS160L  4-5-32,906Tom FilerOil Can BoydLee SmithChuck Crim 70367330
1989-09-30@ BOS161W  3-1-33,243Mark KnudsonRoger ClemensMark KnudsonRoger ClemensDan Plesac70667432
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1989-10-01@ BOS162L  1-5-33,027Jaime NavarroJohn DopsonJohn DopsonJaime NavarroDennis Lamp70767928

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