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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  John McNamara, Joe Morgan
General Manager:   Lou Gorman
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  2,464,851
Payroll:  $15,544,592
Playoffs:  Lost ALCS (Athletics)

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dwight Evans (36)
Youngest Player:  Zach Crouch (22)
Longest Tenure:  Dwight Evans (17)
Top Hitter:  Mike Greenwell (2)
Top Pitcher:  Roger Clemens (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Tom Fischer (#12)

Roster Continuity:  70.93%
Top Prospect:   Brady Anderson
American League Standings
NY Yankees8576.5283.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-04-04vs DET1L  3-50-1534,781 Roger ClemensJack MorrisJack MorrisLee SmithMike Henneman35-2
1988-04-06vs DET2W  6-51-1416,965 Bruce HurstDoyle AlexanderDennis LampGuillermo HernandezLee Smith910-1
1988-04-07vs DET3L  6-111-2613,807 Steve EllsworthFrank TananaFrank TananaSteve Ellsworth 1521-6
1988-04-08@ TEX4W  4-02-2418,470Oil Can BoydMike JeffcoatOil Can BoydMike Jeffcoat 1921-2
1988-04-09@ TEX5W  2-13-2327,527Roger ClemensCharlie HoughRoger ClemensCharlie HoughLee Smith2122-1
1988-04-10@ TEX6L  1-43-3314,024Jeff SellersPaul KilgusPaul KilgusJeff SellersMitch Williams2226-4
1988-04-12vs MIL7W  3-14-3312,045 Bruce HurstChris BosioBruce HurstChris BosioLee Smith2527-2
1988-04-13vs MIL8W  6-35-3314,114 Oil Can BoydJuan NievesOil Can BoydJuan NievesLee Smith31301
1988-04-14vs MIL9W  2-06-3315,693 Roger ClemensBill WegmanRoger ClemensBill Wegman 33303
1988-04-15vs TEX10L  2-36-4312,369 Jeff SellersCharlie HoughCharlie HoughWes Gardner 35332
1988-04-16vs TEX11L  0-26-5425,936 Steve EllsworthPaul KilgusPaul KilgusSteve EllsworthMitch Williams35350
1988-04-17vs TEX12W  15-27-5432,243 Bruce HurstMike JeffcoatBruce HurstMike Jeffcoat 503713
1988-04-18vs TEX13W  4-38-5433,976 Oil Can BoydBobby WittLee SmithMitch Williams 544014
1988-04-19@ DET14W  7-39-5311,920Roger ClemensJack MorrisRoger ClemensJack Morris 614318
1988-04-21@ DET15W  12-310-5313,862Steve EllsworthJeff RobinsonSteve EllsworthJeff Robinson 734627
1988-04-24@ MIL16W  4-011-5316,379Roger ClemensTeddy HigueraRoger ClemensTeddy Higuera 774631
1988-04-25@ MIL17W  5-112-5311,109Bruce HurstBill WegmanBruce HurstBill Wegman 824735
1988-04-28@ CHA18L  0-612-628,204Oil Can BoydDave LaPointDave LaPointOil Can Boyd 825329
1988-04-29vs MIN19W  6-513-6232,022 Roger ClemensJoe NiekroLee SmithJuan Berenguer 885830
1988-04-30vs MIN20W  8-314-6232,708 Bruce HurstCharlie LeaBruce HurstCharlie LeaWes Gardner966135
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-05-01vs MIN21L  0-214-7231,124 Jeff SellersFrank ViolaFrank ViolaJeff Sellers 966333
1988-05-02vs KCA22L  0-214-8320,400 Steve EllsworthFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterSteve EllsworthGene Garber966531
1988-05-03vs KCA23L  3-914-9321,602 Oil Can BoydBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenOil Can Boyd 997425
1988-05-04vs CHA24L  2-614-10421,191 Roger ClemensJack McDowellJack McDowellRoger Clemens 1018021
1988-05-05vs CHA25W  16-315-10424,135 Bruce HurstRicky HortonBruce HurstRicky Horton 1178334
1988-05-06@ MIN26L  0-515-11429,767Jeff SellersFrank ViolaFrank ViolaJeff Sellers 1178829
1988-05-07@ MIN27L  2-515-12533,416Steve EllsworthBert BlylevenBert BlylevenSteve Ellsworth 1199326
1988-05-08@ MIN28W  10-616-12528,896Oil Can BoydAllan AndersonOil Can BoydMike Mason 1299930
1988-05-09@ KCA29W  2-017-12424,806Roger ClemensMark GubiczaRoger ClemensMark Gubicza 1319932
1988-05-10@ KCA30L  2-717-13521,645Bruce HurstFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterBruce Hurst 13310627
1988-05-13vs SEA31W  14-818-13429,582 Oil Can BoydMike CampbellOil Can BoydMike CampbellWes Gardner14711433
1988-05-14vs SEA32W  3-019-13433,846 Roger ClemensScott BankheadRoger ClemensScott Bankhead 15011436
1988-05-15vs SEA33L  7-1119-14433,109 Bruce HurstMark LangstonMichael JacksonLee Smith 15712532
1988-05-16vs OAK34L  0-319-15424,642 Jeff SellersStorm DavisStorm DavisJeff SellersDennis Eckersley15712829
1988-05-17vs OAK35L  7-1219-16428,407 Steve EllsworthSteve OntiverosSteve OntiverosSteve EllsworthRick Honeycutt16414024
1988-05-18vs OAK36W  4-120-16424,683 Oil Can BoydDave StewartOil Can BoydDave StewartLee Smith16814127
1988-05-20vs CAL37L  2-420-17431,032 Roger ClemensChuck FinleyDeWayne BuiceRoger ClemensBryan Harvey17014525
1988-05-21vs CAL38W  8-421-17432,180 Bruce HurstRay KrawczykBruce HurstRay KrawczykLee Smith17814929
1988-05-22vs CAL39W  12-422-17432,678 Jeff SellersWillie FraserBob StanleyWillie Fraser 19015337
1988-05-23@ SEA40L  3-1422-18415,511Oil Can BoydBill SwiftBill SwiftOil Can Boyd 19316726
1988-05-24@ SEA41L  1-1422-1949,473Mike SmithsonMike CampbellMike CampbellMike Smithson 19418113
1988-05-25@ SEA42W  4-023-19417,968Roger ClemensMark LangstonRoger ClemensMark Langston 19818117
1988-05-27@ OAK43L  2-323-20432,723Bruce HurstCurt YoungCurt YoungBruce HurstDennis Eckersley20018416
1988-05-28@ OAK44L  5-723-21443,177Oil Can BoydDave StewartRick HoneycuttDennis LampDennis Eckersley20519114
1988-05-29@ OAK45L  4-523-22543,427Jeff SellersStorm DavisGene NelsonJeff SellersEric Plunk20919613
1988-05-30@ CAL46W  5-224-22546,598Roger ClemensDan PetryRoger ClemensDan Petry 21419816
1988-05-31@ CAL47W  4-325-22424,005Mike SmithsonWillie FraserMike SmithsonWillie Fraser 21820117
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-06-02vs TOR48L  4-525-23432,144 Bruce HurstJose NunezDavid WellsBruce HurstMark Eichhorn22220616
1988-06-03vs TOR49L  3-625-24532,292 Oil Can BoydJohn CeruttiTodd StottlemyreOil Can BoydTom Henke22521213
1988-06-04vs TOR50L  2-1025-25533,067 Roger ClemensJim ClancyJim ClancyRoger ClemensDuane Ward2272225
1988-06-05vs TOR51L  4-1225-26533,756 Jeff SellersDave StiebDuane WardMike Smithson 231234-3
1988-06-06@ NYA52W  3-226-26537,244Bruce HurstNeil AllenBruce HurstNeil AllenLee Smith234236-2
1988-06-07@ NYA53L  3-426-27537,081Oil Can BoydCharles HudsonCharles HudsonOil Can BoydCecilio Guante237240-3
1988-06-08@ NYA54W  4-327-27542,804Roger ClemensTommy JohnRoger ClemensTommy JohnLee Smith241243-2
1988-06-10@ TOR55L  0-327-28535,201Jeff SellersDave StiebDave StiebJeff SellersTom Henke241246-5
1988-06-11@ TOR56L  3-427-29540,461Bruce HurstMike FlanaganDuane WardDennis Lamp 244250-6
1988-06-12@ TOR57W  8-228-29540,123Oil Can BoydJohn CeruttiOil Can BoydJohn Cerutti 2522520
1988-06-13vs NYA58L  6-1228-30534,288 Roger ClemensRichard DotsonRichard DotsonRoger ClemensCecilio Guante258264-6
1988-06-14vs NYA59W  7-329-30533,367 Mike SmithsonNeil AllenMike SmithsonNeil AllenLee Smith265267-2
1988-06-15vs NYA60W  8-330-30533,870 Bruce HurstAl LeiterBruce HurstAl Leiter 2732703
1988-06-16@ BAL61L  4-830-31524,499Jeff SellersJeff BallardJeff BallardJohn TrautweinMark Williamson277278-1
1988-06-17@ BAL62L  2-330-32534,340Oil Can BoydJay TibbsDave J. SchmidtDennis Lamp 279281-2
1988-06-18@ BAL63W  5-031-32532,175Roger ClemensJose BautistaRoger ClemensJose Bautista 2842813
1988-06-19@ BAL64W  15-732-32531,046Mike SmithsonDickie NolesWes GardnerDickie Noles 29928811
1988-06-20@ CLE65W  14-733-32519,870Bruce HurstGreg SwindellBruce HurstGreg Swindell 31329518
1988-06-21@ CLE66W  10-634-32426,681Jeff SellersRick RodriguezBob StanleyRick RodriguezLee Smith32330122
1988-06-22@ CLE67L  1-334-33418,843Oil Can BoydJohn FarrellJohn FarrellOil Can BoydDoug Jones32430420
1988-06-24vs BAL68L  2-634-34535,333 Roger ClemensJose BautistaJose BautistaRoger Clemens 32631016
1988-06-25vs BAL69W  10-335-34434,573 Bruce HurstMike BoddickerBob StanleyMark Williamson 33631323
1988-06-26vs BAL70W  10-136-34434,374 Mike SmithsonOswaldo PerazaMike SmithsonOswaldo Peraza 34631432
1988-06-27vs CLE71W  9-537-34433,318 Oil Can BoydJohn FarrellDennis LampJohn Farrell 35531936
1988-06-28vs CLE72W  6-138-34434,661 Wes GardnerScott BailesWes GardnerScott Bailes 36132041
1988-06-29vs CLE73W  5-139-34335,035 Roger ClemensTom CandiottiRoger ClemensTom CandiottiLee Smith36632145
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-07-01@ KCA74L  7-839-35325,970Bruce HurstBret SaberhagenJeff MontgomerySteve EllsworthSteve Farr37332944
1988-07-02@ KCA75L  1-339-36437,098Oil Can BoydCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtOil Can BoydSteve Farr37433242
1988-07-03@ KCA76L  2-339-37436,220Mike SmithsonMark GubiczaJeff MontgomeryLee SmithSteve Farr37633541
1988-07-04@ KCA77W  9-240-37340,804Roger ClemensTed PowerRoger ClemensTed Power 38533748
1988-07-05@ MIN78L  4-640-38444,091Wes GardnerFreddie ToliverJuan BerenguerLee SmithJeff Reardon38934346
1988-07-06@ MIN79L  1-840-39441,027Bruce HurstFrank ViolaFrank ViolaBruce Hurst 39035139
1988-07-07@ MIN80W  4-341-39432,724Oil Can BoydCharlie LeaOil Can BoydCharlie LeaBob Stanley39435440
1988-07-08@ CHA81L  5-642-4040Mike SmithsonJerry ReussJohn DavisMike SmithsonBobby Thigpen39936039
1988-07-08@ CHA82W  10-742-40418,963Steve EllsworthBill LongDennis LampBill Long 40936742
1988-07-09@ CHA83L  7-843-4140Wes GardnerMelido PerezMelido PerezTom BoltonBobby Thigpen41637541
1988-07-09@ CHA84W  8-243-41423,699Roger ClemensJeff BittigerLee SmithRicky Horton 42437747
1988-07-10@ CHA85L  1-443-42415,163Steve CurryDave LaPointDave LaPointSteve CurryBobby Thigpen42538144
1988-07-15vs KCA86W  3-145-4230 Roger ClemensBret SaberhagenRoger ClemensBret Saberhagen 42838246
1988-07-15vs KCA87W  7-445-42335,412 Mike SmithsonCharlie LeibrandtMike SmithsonCharlie LeibrandtLee Smith43538649
1988-07-16vs KCA88W  7-646-42334,466 Oil Can BoydMark GubiczaLee SmithSteve Farr 44239250
1988-07-17vs KCA89W  10-847-42334,181 Wes GardnerTed PowerWes GardnerTed Power 45240052
1988-07-18vs MIN90W  6-548-42333,397 Steve CurryBert BlylevenDennis LampBert BlylevenLee Smith45840553
1988-07-19vs MIN91W  5-049-42332,036 Mike SmithsonAllan AndersonMike SmithsonAllan Anderson 46340558
1988-07-20vs MIN92W  9-750-42335,313 Roger ClemensCharlie LeaTom BoltonKeith Atherton 47241260
1988-07-21vs CHA93W  6-151-42332,049 Oil Can BoydJack McDowellOil Can BoydJack McDowellBob Stanley47841365
1988-07-22vs CHA94W  4-352-42333,477 Wes GardnerMelido PerezWes GardnerJohn DavisLee Smith48241666
1988-07-23vs CHA95W  11-553-42335,129 Steve CurryDave LaPointMike SmithsonDave LaPoint 49342172
1988-07-24vs CHA96W  3-254-42333,394 Bruce HurstBill LongBruce HurstBill LongLee Smith49642373
1988-07-25@ TEX97W  2-055-42334,175Roger ClemensCharlie HoughRoger ClemensCharlie Hough 49842375
1988-07-26@ TEX98L  8-955-43320,456Oil Can BoydJose GuzmanCraig McMurtryTom BoltonMitch Williams50643274
1988-07-27@ TEX99W  10-756-43317,639Wes GardnerJeff RussellBob StanleyMitch WilliamsLee Smith51643977
1988-07-29vs MIL100W  6-458-4330 Bruce HurstBill WegmanBruce HurstBill WegmanLee Smith52244379
1988-07-29vs MIL101W  5-458-43335,169 Mike SmithsonTom FilerDennis LampChris BosioBob Stanley52744780
1988-07-30vs MIL102W  3-259-43333,964 Roger ClemensTeddy HigueraRoger ClemensTeddy Higuera 53044981
1988-07-31vs MIL103W  5-060-43333,527 Mike BoddickerDon AugustMike BoddickerDon August 53544986
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-08-02vs TEX104W  7-261-43235,462 Wes GardnerJeff RussellWes GardnerJeff Russell 54245191
1988-08-03vs TEX105W  5-462-43134,380 Bruce HurstBobby WittDennis LampBobby WittLee Smith54745592
1988-08-04@ DET106L  6-1162-44240,980Roger ClemensWalt TerrellWalt TerrellRoger Clemens 55346687
1988-08-05@ DET107L  1-362-4620Mike SmithsonJack MorrisJack MorrisBob StanleyMike Henneman55446985
1988-08-05@ DET108L  2-362-46244,334Mike BoddickerEric KingEric KingMike BoddickerMike Henneman55647284
1988-08-06@ DET109L  2-462-47344,838Wes GardnerDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderWes Gardner 55847682
1988-08-07@ DET110W  3-063-47341,623Bruce HurstJeff RobinsonBruce HurstJeff Robinson 56147685
1988-08-09@ MIL111L  2-364-4820Roger ClemensJuan NievesChuck CrimRoger Clemens 56347984
1988-08-09@ MIL112W  5-164-48220,816Mike BoddickerBill WegmanMike BoddickerBill WegmanBob Stanley56848088
1988-08-10@ MIL113L  3-864-49219,739Mike SmithsonTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraMike Smithson 57148883
1988-08-11@ MIL114L  0-464-50232,351Wes GardnerDon AugustDon AugustWes Gardner 57149279
1988-08-12vs DET115W  9-465-50234,732 Bruce HurstDoyle AlexanderBruce HurstDoyle AlexanderBob Stanley58049684
1988-08-13vs DET116W  16-466-50233,601 Mike BoddickerJeff RobinsonMike BoddickerJeff RobinsonTom Bolton59650096
1988-08-14vs DET117L  6-1866-51233,757 Roger ClemensEric KingEric KingRoger Clemens 60251884
1988-08-16vs SEA118L  0-766-52233,924 Wes GardnerScott BankheadScott BankheadWes Gardner 60252577
1988-08-17vs SEA119W  7-267-52231,548 Bruce HurstBill SwiftBruce HurstBill Swift 60952782
1988-08-18vs SEA120L  1-667-53233,944 Mike BoddickerMark LangstonMark LangstonMike Boddicker 61053377
1988-08-19vs OAK121W  7-668-53233,993 Mike SmithsonDave StewartBob StanleyDave Stewart 61753978
1988-08-20vs OAK122W  7-569-53234,372 Oil Can BoydTodd BurnsJeff SellersTodd BurnsLee Smith62454480
1988-08-21vs OAK123L  4-569-54233,282 Wes GardnerStorm DavisRick HoneycuttBob StanleyDennis Eckersley62854979
1988-08-22vs CAL124W  6-270-54233,828 Bruce HurstTerry ClarkBruce HurstTerry Clark 63455183
1988-08-23vs CAL125W  10-271-54234,313 Mike BoddickerChuck FinleyMike BoddickerChuck Finley 64455391
1988-08-24vs CAL126L  3-471-55232,522 Roger ClemensMike WittMike WittRoger ClemensBryan Harvey64755790
1988-08-26@ SEA127W  5-372-55216,109Oil Can BoydScott BankheadOil Can BoydScott BankheadLee Smith65256092
1988-08-27@ SEA128L  6-872-56219,706Wes GardnerTerry TaylorBill WilkinsonTom BoltonMike Schooler65856890
1988-08-28@ SEA129W  7-273-56217,047Bruce HurstMike MooreBruce HurstMike Moore 66557095
1988-08-29@ OAK130L  1-373-57240,423Mike BoddickerBob WelchBob WelchMike BoddickerDennis Eckersley66657393
1988-08-30@ OAK131L  0-173-58235,220Roger ClemensDave StewartDave StewartRoger Clemens 66657492
1988-08-31@ OAK132L  2-773-59237,151Mike SmithsonStorm DavisStorm DavisMike Smithson 66858187
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-09-01@ CAL133W  4-274-59227,771Wes GardnerTerry ClarkWes GardnerTerry ClarkLee Smith67258389
1988-09-02@ CAL134L  2-374-60229,325Bruce HurstChuck FinleyChuck FinleyBruce HurstBryan Harvey67458688
1988-09-03@ CAL135L  1-274-61233,376Mike BoddickerMike WittMike WittDennis Lamp 67558887
1988-09-04@ CAL136W  6-575-61130,224Roger ClemensDan PetryBob StanleyBryan HarveyLee Smith68159388
1988-09-05@ BAL137W  4-176-61119,614Mike SmithsonDave J. SchmidtMike SmithsonDave J. SchmidtLee Smith68559491
1988-09-06@ BAL138W  6-177-61119,124Wes GardnerJay TibbsWes GardnerJay Tibbs 69159596
1988-09-07@ BAL139L  3-477-62135,569Bruce HurstCurt SchillingMark ThurmondBob Stanley 69459995
1988-09-09vs CLE140W  7-478-62133,349 Mike BoddickerRich YettMike BoddickerRich YettLee Smith70160398
1988-09-10vs CLE141W  6-079-62134,099 Roger ClemensBuddy BlackRoger ClemensBuddy Black 707603104
1988-09-11vs CLE142L  2-479-63133,154 Wes GardnerTom CandiottiTom CandiottiBob StanleyDoug Jones709607102
1988-09-12vs BAL143W  6-180-63132,619 Bruce HurstCurt SchillingBruce HurstCurt Schilling 715608107
1988-09-13vs BAL144W  6-481-63132,842 Mike SmithsonPete HarnischMike SmithsonPete HarnischLee Smith721612109
1988-09-14vs BAL145W  4-382-63132,745 Mike BoddickerJose BautistaMike BoddickerJose BautistaLee Smith725615110
1988-09-15vs NYA146L  3-582-64135,320 Roger ClemensRick RhodenRick RhodenRoger ClemensDave Righetti728620108
1988-09-16vs NYA147W  7-483-64135,226 Wes GardnerAl LeiterWes GardnerSteve ShieldsLee Smith735624111
1988-09-17vs NYA148W  3-184-64135,051 Bruce HurstCharles HudsonBruce HurstCharles Hudson 738625113
1988-09-18vs NYA149W  9-485-64135,146 Mike SmithsonRon GuidryMike SmithsonRon GuidryLee Smith747629118
1988-09-19@ TOR150L  4-585-65128,455Mike BoddickerJim ClancyJim ClancyDennis LampDuane Ward751634117
1988-09-20@ TOR151W  13-286-65130,352Roger ClemensJeff MusselmanRoger ClemensJeff Musselman 764636128
1988-09-21@ TOR152L  0-186-66130,344Wes GardnerMike FlanaganMike FlanaganWes GardnerDuane Ward764637127
1988-09-23@ NYA153W  10-987-66151,511Bruce HurstCharles HudsonDennis LampDale MohorcicLee Smith774646128
1988-09-24@ NYA154L  4-587-67151,392Mike BoddickerRichard DotsonLee GuettermanLee Smith 778651127
1988-09-25@ NYA155W  6-088-67154,774Roger ClemensRick RhodenRoger ClemensRick Rhoden 784651133
1988-09-26vs TOR156L  1-1188-68133,953 Wes GardnerJeff MusselmanJeff MusselmanWes Gardner 785662123
1988-09-27vs TOR157L  9-1588-69134,442 Mike SmithsonMike FlanaganMike FlanaganMike Smithson 794677117
1988-09-28vs TOR158L  0-188-70134,873 Bruce HurstJimmy KeyJimmy KeyBruce Hurst 794678116
1988-09-29@ CLE159W  12-089-7015,879Mike BoddickerRod NicholsMike BoddickerRod Nichols 806678128
1988-09-30@ CLE160L  2-489-71115,497Roger ClemensRich YettRich YettRoger ClemensDoug Jones808682126
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-10-01@ CLE161L  0-189-72114,972Jeff SellersJohn FarrellJohn FarrellJeff SellersDoug Jones808683125
1988-10-02@ CLE162L  5-689-73110,456Mike BoddickerTom CandiottiTom CandiottiDennis LampBuddy Black813689124

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