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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Pittsburgh,PA
Team Record:  85-75   .531
Result:   2nd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Jim Leyland
General Manager:   Syd Thrift
Stadium:  Three Rivers Stadium
Attendance:  1,866,713
Payroll:  $7,627,500
Playoffs:  -

Pittsburgh Pirates affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Hostetler (32)
Youngest Player:  Miguel Garcia (21)
Longest Tenure:  Rafael Belliard (7)
Top Hitter:  Bobby Bonilla (3)
Top Pitcher:  Doug Drabek (20)
Top Draft Pick:  Austin Manahan (#13)

Roster Continuity:  73.81%
Top Prospect:   Vicente Palacios
National League Standings
NY Mets10060.625--
Chi Cubs7785.47524.0
St. Louis7686.46925.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-04-05@ PHI1W  5-31-0346,394Mike DunneShane RawleyMike DunneShane RawleyJeff Robinson532
1988-04-06@ PHI2L  5-61-1515,532Doug DrabekKevin GrossMike MadduxBob Kipper 1091
1988-04-08@ SLN3W  4-32-1351,647Brian FisherDanny CoxBrian FisherDanny CoxJeff Robinson14122
1988-04-09@ SLN4L  0-32-2336,542Bob WalkGreg MathewsGreg MathewsBob WalkTodd Worrell1415-1
1988-04-10@ SLN5W  5-33-2331,968John SmileyJoe MagraneBob KipperTodd WorrellJim Gott19181
1988-04-11vs PHI6W  5-14-2254,089 Doug DrabekKevin GrossDoug DrabekKevin Gross 24195
1988-04-13vs PHI7W  7-05-219,825 Brian FisherBruce RuffinBrian FisherBruce Ruffin 311912
1988-04-14vs PHI8W  4-26-216,222 Bob WalkDon CarmanBob WalkDon CarmanJeff Robinson352114
1988-04-15@ CHN9L  0-66-3335,084John SmileyRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeJohn Smiley 35278
1988-04-16@ CHN10W  4-07-3230,564Doug DrabekGreg MadduxDoug DrabekGreg Maddux 392712
1988-04-17@ CHN11W  12-78-3229,562Vicente PalaciosCalvin SchiraldiJeff RobinsonCalvin Schiraldi 513417
1988-04-19vs SLN12W  3-09-315,048 Brian FisherDanny CoxBrian FisherDanny Cox 543420
1988-04-20vs SLN13W  8-110-3115,522 Bob WalkGreg MathewsBob WalkGreg Mathews 623527
1988-04-21vs SLN14L  3-910-416,833 John SmileyRandy O'NealRandy O'NealJohn Smiley 654421
1988-04-22vs CHN15W  8-411-4116,250 Doug DrabekCalvin SchiraldiDoug DrabekLes Lancaster 734825
1988-04-23vs CHN16W  5-412-4120,214 Brian FisherAl NipperJim GottRich Gossage 785226
1988-04-24vs CHN17W  4-213-4119,934 Bob WalkRick SutcliffeBob WalkRick SutcliffeJeff Robinson825428
1988-04-26@ SFN18W  2-014-4111,738John SmileyRick ReuschelJohn SmileyRick ReuschelJim Gott845430
1988-04-27@ SFN19L  4-614-5110,137Doug DrabekDave DraveckyDave DraveckyDoug DrabekJoe Price886028
1988-04-28@ SFN20W  2-115-5110,520Mike DunneKelly DownsJeff RobinsonCraig LeffertsJim Gott906129
1988-04-29@ SDN21L  3-615-6116,185Brian FisherAndy HawkinsAndy HawkinsVicente PalaciosMark Davis936726
1988-04-30@ SDN22W  5-116-6124,357Bob WalkMark GrantBob WalkMark Grant 986830
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-05-01@ SDN23W  4-217-6121,694John SmileyEric ShowJohn SmileyEric ShowJim Gott1027032
1988-05-02@ LAN24L  3-617-7126,821Doug DrabekDon SuttonJesse OroscoDoug Drabek 1057629
1988-05-03@ LAN25L  6-1417-8226,943Mike DunneTim BelcherTim BelcherMike Dunne 1119021
1988-05-04@ LAN26L  5-817-9230,423Vicente PalaciosOrel HershiserOrel HershiserVicente Palacios 1169818
1988-05-06vs SDN27W  4-118-9225,045 Bob WalkMark GrantBarry JonesMark Davis 1209921
1988-05-07vs SDN28L  2-318-10224,555 John SmileyEric ShowEric ShowJim Gott 12210220
1988-05-08vs SDN29W  6-219-10220,756 Doug DrabekJimmy JonesDoug DrabekJimmy Jones 12810424
1988-05-09vs SFN30L  6-819-1126,388 Mike DunneMike KrukowDon RobinsonJeff RobinsonCraig Lefferts13411222
1988-05-10vs SFN31W  6-220-1129,275 Vicente PalaciosKelly DownsVicente PalaciosKelly DownsJim Gott14011426
1988-05-11vs LAN32W  2-121-11226,367 Bob WalkFernando ValenzuelaScott MedvinAlejandro Pena 14211527
1988-05-12vs LAN33W  7-422-11211,072 John SmileyOrel HershiserJohn SmileyOrel Hershiser 14911930
1988-05-13vs CIN34W  6-523-11231,705 Doug DrabekRon RobinsonJeff RobinsonRob Murphy 15512431
1988-05-14vs CIN35L  3-523-12228,059 Mike DunneMario SotoMario SotoMike DunneJohn Franco15812929
1988-05-15vs CIN36L  6-723-13233,789 Brian FisherDanny JacksonJohn FrancoBarry Jones 16413628
1988-05-16@ HOU37L  2-923-14213,570Bob WalkJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesBob Walk 16614521
1988-05-17@ HOU38L  2-323-15215,000John SmileyMike ScottMike ScottJohn SmileyDave Smith16814820
1988-05-18@ HOU39L  2-423-16219,259Doug DrabekNolan RyanNolan RyanDoug DrabekDave Smith17015218
1988-05-20vs ATL40W  10-324-16218,880 Mike DunneTom GlavineMike DunneTom Glavine 18015525
1988-05-21vs ATL41W  7-325-16221,211 Brian FisherKevin CoffmanBrian FisherKevin Coffman 18715829
1988-05-22vs ATL42L  4-625-17232,683 Bob WalkRick MahlerRick MahlerBob WalkBruce Sutter19116427
1988-05-23vs HOU43L  0-325-1827,480 John SmileyMike ScottMike ScottJohn Smiley 19116724
1988-05-24vs HOU44W  5-426-1828,200 Doug DrabekNolan RyanJim GottLarry Andersen 19617125
1988-05-25vs HOU45W  4-327-1828,108 Mike DunneBob KnepperMike DunneJoaquin AndujarJeff Robinson20017426
1988-05-27@ CIN46L  3-527-19229,445Brian FisherDanny JacksonPat PacilloBrian FisherJohn Franco20317924
1988-05-28@ CIN47W  5-228-19242,232Bob WalkTom BrowningBob WalkTom BrowningJeff Robinson20818127
1988-05-29@ CIN48W  4-229-19230,660John SmileyDennis RasmussenJohn SmileyDennis RasmussenJim Gott21218329
1988-05-30@ ATL49W  14-230-1926,893Doug DrabekPete SmithDoug DrabekPete Smith 22618541
1988-05-31@ ATL50L  1-1130-2024,483Mike DunneTom GlavineTom GlavineMike Dunne 22719631
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-06-01@ ATL51L  2-1430-2126,059Brian FisherRick MahlerRick MahlerBrian Fisher 22921019
1988-06-02vs MON52L  3-730-22211,070 Bob WalkNeal HeatonNeal HeatonBob WalkJoe Hesketh23221715
1988-06-03vs MON53W  2-131-22219,162 John SmileyJohn DopsonJohn SmileyJohn Dopson 23421816
1988-06-04vs MON54L  3-731-23230,669 Doug DrabekDennis MartinezDennis MartinezDoug DrabekBob McClure23722512
1988-06-05vs MON55L  2-331-24236,305 Mike DunneBryn SmithBryn SmithMike DunneJeff Parrett23922811
1988-06-07vs CHN56L  5-831-2529,287 Brian FisherGreg MadduxGreg MadduxBrian FisherRich Gossage2442368
1988-06-08vs CHN57W  5-132-25222,220 Bob WalkCalvin SchiraldiBob WalkCalvin Schiraldi 24923712
1988-06-09vs CHN58W  4-333-2528,200 John SmileyJamie MoyerJim GottFrank DiPino 25324013
1988-06-10vs PHI59L  10-1233-26220,001 Doug DrabekShane RawleyGreg HarrisJeff RobinsonSteve Bedrosian26325211
1988-06-11vs PHI60W  8-234-26219,926 Mike DunneDavid PalmerMike DunneDavid Palmer 27125417
1988-06-12vs PHI61L  4-534-27236,134 Brian FisherKevin GrossKevin GrossBrian FisherSteve Bedrosian27525916
1988-06-13@ CHN62W  8-035-27227,142Bob WalkCalvin SchiraldiBob WalkCalvin Schiraldi 28325924
1988-06-14@ CHN63W  6-336-27228,077John SmileyJamie MoyerJohn SmileyJamie MoyerJeff Robinson28926227
1988-06-15@ CHN64L  4-736-28226,126Doug DrabekJeff PicoPat PerryJim GottRich Gossage29326924
1988-06-17vs SLN65L  3-736-29230,267 Mike DunneJoe MagraneJoe MagraneMike Dunne 29627620
1988-06-18vs SLN66L  3-636-30236,682 Brian FisherJohn TudorJohn TudorBrian FisherScott Terry29928217
1988-06-19vs SLN67W  3-237-30227,656 Bob WalkLarry McWilliamsBob WalkLarry McWilliamsJim Gott30228418
1988-06-20@ NYN68W  8-538-30242,413John SmileyBob OjedaJohn SmileyBob OjedaJeff Robinson31028921
1988-06-21@ NYN69L  0-938-31245,225Doug DrabekRon DarlingRon DarlingDoug Drabek 31029812
1988-06-22@ NYN70L  0-338-32241,816Mike DunneDwight GoodenDwight GoodenMike DunneRandy Myers3103019
1988-06-23@ MON71W  6-439-32214,839Brian FisherJohn DopsonJeff RobinsonJeff ParrettJim Gott31630511
1988-06-24@ MON72W  5-340-32215,781Bob WalkDennis MartinezJim GottBob McClureBarry Jones32130813
1988-06-25@ MON73W  5-141-32217,777John SmileyBrian HolmanJohn SmileyBrian Holman 32630917
1988-06-26@ MON74W  3-042-32226,593Doug DrabekPascual PerezJeff RobinsonTim Burke 32930920
1988-06-27vs NYN75W  2-143-32241,489 Mike DunneDwight GoodenMike DunneDwight GoodenJim Gott33131021
1988-06-28vs NYN76L  2-543-33245,011 Brian FisherSid FernandezSid FernandezBrian FisherRoger McDowell33331518
1988-06-29vs NYN77L  7-843-34241,217 Bob WalkDavid ConeRoger McDowellBob Kipper 34032317
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-07-01@ SFN78W  5-244-34239,484John SmileyRick ReuschelJeff RobinsonAtlee Hammaker 34532520
1988-07-02@ SFN79L  1-244-35222,355Doug DrabekMike LaCossMike LaCossDave RuckerScott Garrelts34632719
1988-07-03@ SFN80L  0-444-36225,463Mike DunneKelly DownsKelly DownsMike Dunne 34633115
1988-07-04@ SDN81L  3-444-37335,406Brian FisherEric ShowMark DavisJim Gott 34933514
1988-07-05@ SDN82W  3-245-37210,415Bob WalkJimmy JonesBob WalkJimmy JonesBarry Jones35233715
1988-07-07@ SDN83W  2-046-37216,076John SmileyAndy HawkinsJohn SmileyAndy HawkinsJim Gott35433717
1988-07-08@ LAN84W  4-347-37240,690Doug DrabekTim LearyDoug DrabekTim LearyJim Gott35834018
1988-07-09@ LAN85W  8-248-37246,662Mike DunneShawn HillegasMike DunneShawn Hillegas 36634224
1988-07-10@ LAN86W  7-249-37243,014Bob WalkOrel HershiserBob WalkOrel Hershiser 37334429
1988-07-14vs SFN87W  9-250-37228,325 John SmileyRick ReuschelBrian FisherRick Reuschel 38234636
1988-07-15vs SFN88W  8-551-37228,315 Bob WalkKelly DownsBob KipperKelly DownsJim Gott39035139
1988-07-16vs SFN89W  10-152-37228,997 Doug DrabekMike LaCossDoug DrabekMike LaCoss 40035248
1988-07-17vs SFN90W  5-453-37225,512 Mike DunneTerry MulhollandJeff RobinsonJoe PriceJim Gott40535649
1988-07-19vs SDN91L  2-654-3820 John SmileyJimmy JonesJimmy JonesJohn Smiley 40736245
1988-07-19vs SDN92W  9-554-38215,847 Brian FisherAndy HawkinsBrian FisherAndy Hawkins 41636749
1988-07-20vs SDN93W  3-255-38224,575 Bob WalkDennis RasmussenBob WalkDennis RasmussenJim Gott41936950
1988-07-21vs LAN94W  3-256-38227,510 Doug DrabekOrel HershiserDoug DrabekOrel HershiserJim Gott42237151
1988-07-22vs LAN95L  2-456-39244,888 Mike DunneTim BelcherTim BelcherMike DunneJay Howell42437549
1988-07-23vs LAN96L  2-656-40235,817 John SmileyTim LearyTim LearyJohn Smiley 42638145
1988-07-24vs LAN97L  1-256-41235,677 Brian FisherShawn HillegasShawn HillegasBrian FisherJay Howell42738344
1988-07-25@ SLN98L  1-556-42230,763Bob WalkJohn TudorJohn TudorBob Walk 42838840
1988-07-26@ SLN99W  2-157-42232,735Doug DrabekDanny CoxDoug DrabekDanny CoxJim Gott43038941
1988-07-27@ SLN100W  3-258-42231,618Mike DunneJoe MagraneJeff RobinsonKen DayleyJim Gott43339142
1988-07-29@ NYN101L  0-158-43249,584John SmileyBob OjedaBob OjedaJohn Smiley 43339241
1988-07-30@ NYN102L  0-358-44250,815Brian FisherSid FernandezSid FernandezBrian FisherRandy Myers43339538
1988-07-31@ NYN103L  1-258-45246,917Bob WalkRon DarlingRon DarlingBob Walk 43439737
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-08-01@ NYN104W  7-259-45252,231Doug DrabekDwight GoodenDoug DrabekDwight Gooden 44139942
1988-08-02vs MON105W  3-260-45212,296 Mike DunneBryn SmithJim GottNeal Heaton 44440143
1988-08-03vs MON106L  4-660-46216,099 John SmileyPascual PerezPascual PerezJohn SmileyTim Burke44840741
1988-08-04vs MON107L  2-360-47217,726 Brian FisherJohn DopsonJohn DopsonBrian FisherTim Burke45041040
1988-08-05vs NYN108L  2-360-48239,925 Bob WalkRon DarlingRon DarlingBob WalkRandy Myers45241339
1988-08-06vs NYN109L  3-560-49248,272 Doug DrabekDwight GoodenBob McClureJim GottRoger McDowell45541837
1988-08-07vs NYN110L  2-660-50344,931 Mike DunneDavid ConeDavid ConeBob Kipper 45742433
1988-08-08vs NYN111W  1-061-50238,307 Rick ReedBob OjedaRick ReedBob OjedaJim Gott45842434
1988-08-09@ MON112W  10-862-50237,681Brian FisherJohn DopsonBrian FisherJohn DopsonJim Gott46843236
1988-08-10@ MON113L  4-562-51229,196Bob WalkDennis MartinezDennis MartinezBob WalkTim Burke47243735
1988-08-11@ MON114W  6-163-51233,599Doug DrabekBrian HolmanDoug DrabekBrian HolmanJim Gott47843840
1988-08-12@ PHI115L  1-963-5320Mike DunneKevin GrossKevin GrossMike Dunne 47944732
1988-08-12@ PHI116L  4-663-53237,673John SmileyDavid PalmerSteve BedrosianBob Kipper 48345330
1988-08-13@ PHI117W  10-464-53235,432Rick ReedGreg HarrisJeff RobinsonGreg Harris 49345736
1988-08-14@ PHI118W  9-865-53236,468Brian FisherMarvin FreemanJim GottSteve Bedrosian 50246537
1988-08-15vs ATL119L  3-465-54212,112 Bob WalkJohn SmoltzCharlie PuleoBob WalkEd Olwine50546936
1988-08-16vs ATL120W  4-266-54213,994 Doug DrabekPete SmithDoug DrabekPete SmithJim Gott50947138
1988-08-17vs ATL121W  2-167-54233,164 Dave LaPointTom GlavineDave LaPointTom GlavineJim Gott51147239
1988-08-19vs HOU122L  1-567-55226,352 Mike DunneDanny DarwinDanny DarwinMike Dunne 51247735
1988-08-20vs HOU123W  2-168-55223,183 John SmileyNolan RyanJohn SmileyNolan RyanJim Gott51447836
1988-08-21vs HOU124L  1-268-56238,290 Bob WalkJim DeshaiesJuan AgostoBob Kipper 51548035
1988-08-22vs CIN125L  0-268-57217,540 Doug DrabekDanny JacksonDanny JacksonDoug Drabek 51548233
1988-08-23vs CIN126W  2-069-57213,406 Dave LaPointNorm CharltonDave LaPointNorm CharltonJim Gott51748235
1988-08-24vs CIN127L  2-669-58224,660 Mike DunneTom BrowningTom BrowningMike Dunne 51948831
1988-08-26@ HOU128L  0-269-59227,650John SmileyJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesJohn Smiley 51949029
1988-08-27@ HOU129L  1-369-60225,993Bob WalkMike ScottDave MeadsBob WalkJuan Agosto52049327
1988-08-28@ HOU130W  4-370-60220,368Doug DrabekDanny DarwinDoug DrabekDanny DarwinJim Gott52449628
1988-08-29@ CIN131W  8-171-60219,519Dave LaPointKeith BrownDave LaPointKeith Brown 53249735
1988-08-30@ CIN132L  4-671-61217,429Brian FisherDanny JacksonDanny JacksonBrian FisherJohn Franco53650333
1988-08-31@ CIN133L  1-471-62218,586John SmileyNorm CharltonNorm CharltonJim GottJohn Franco53750730
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-09-02@ ATL134L  1-271-6327,938Bob WalkTom GlavinePaul AssenmacherJim Gott 53850929
1988-09-05vs NYN135L  5-771-64238,876 Dave LaPointDavid ConeDavid ConeJeff RobinsonRandy Myers54351627
1988-09-06vs NYN136W  3-272-64221,296 John SmileyBob OjedaJohn SmileyBob OjedaJim Gott54651828
1988-09-07vs MON137W  5-473-64216,494 Doug DrabekBryn SmithDoug DrabekBryn SmithJim Gott55152229
1988-09-08vs MON138L  4-573-65211,289 Bob WalkPascual PerezPascual PerezJeff RobinsonJoe Hesketh55552728
1988-09-09vs PHI139W  5-274-65215,446 Mike DunneBob SebraMike DunneBob SebraJim Gott56052931
1988-09-10vs PHI140W  5-175-65227,804 Dave LaPointShane RawleyDave LaPointShane Rawley 56553035
1988-09-11vs PHI141L  4-775-66218,132 John SmileyMarvin FreemanMarvin FreemanJohn Smiley 56953732
1988-09-12@ NYN142L  2-375-67239,576Doug DrabekRon DarlingRandy MyersJeff Robinson 57154031
1988-09-13@ NYN143W  1-076-67236,633Bob WalkDwight GoodenBob WalkDwight GoodenJim Gott57254032
1988-09-14@ MON144W  4-177-67210,886Mike DunneBrian HolmanBrian FisherTim Burke 57654135
1988-09-15@ MON145L  4-977-6829,494Dave LaPointRandy JohnsonRandy JohnsonDave LaPointAndy McGaffigan58055030
1988-09-16@ PHI146W  7-578-68217,446John SmileyMarvin FreemanJeff RobinsonGreg HarrisJim Gott58755532
1988-09-17@ PHI147W  7-279-68214,528Doug DrabekDon CarmanDoug DrabekDon CarmanJeff Robinson59455737
1988-09-18@ PHI148L  5-679-69221,282Bob WalkKevin GrossSteve BedrosianRandy Kramer 59956336
1988-09-19@ SLN149W  5-480-69219,683Mike DunneGreg MathewsJeff RobinsonKen DayleyJim Gott60456737
1988-09-20@ SLN150W  5-181-69227,441Dave LaPointScott TerryScott MedvinScott TerryJim Gott60956841
1988-09-21@ SLN151W  5-082-69228,350John SmileyJose DeLeonJohn SmileyJose DeLeon 61456846
1988-09-23vs CHN152L  3-582-70219,552 Doug DrabekGreg MadduxJamie MoyerBob Kipper 61757344
1988-09-24vs CHN153L  1-282-71216,161 Bob WalkMike BieleckiRich GossageDave RuckerFrank DiPino61857543
1988-09-25vs CHN154W  7-483-71223,095 Mike DunneRick SutcliffeRandy KramerRick SutcliffeJim Gott62557946
1988-09-26vs SLN155L  1-783-7229,044 Dave LaPointJose DeLeonJose DeLeonDave LaPoint 62658640
1988-09-27vs SLN156W  3-284-7228,994 John SmileyKen HillJohn SmileyKen HillJim Gott62958841
1988-09-28vs SLN157L  1-284-73221,004 Doug DrabekJoe MagraneJoe MagraneDoug Drabek 63059040
1988-09-30@ CHN158W  10-985-7329,805Mike DunneRick SutcliffeScott MedvinRich GossageBrian Fisher64059941
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttPIT PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-10-01@ CHN159L  7-985-74221,433Randy KramerKevin BlankenshipKevin BlankenshipRandy KramerCalvin Schiraldi64760839
1988-10-02@ CHN160L  4-885-75222,909John SmileyJamie MoyerJamie MoyerJohn Smiley 65161635

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