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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  82-80   .506
Result:   5th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Hal Lanier
General Manager:   Bill Wood
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,933,505
Payroll:  $13,454,667
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Nolan Ryan (41)
Youngest Player:  Craig Biggio (22)
Longest Tenure:  Terry Puhl, Denny Walling (12)
Top Hitter:  Glenn Davis (12)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Scott (4)
Top Draft Pick:  Willie Ansley (#7)

Roster Continuity:  81.51%
Top Prospect:   Craig Biggio
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9467.584--
San Diego8378.51611.0
SF Giants8379.51211.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-04-05vs SDN1W  6-3-39,906 Mike ScottEd WhitsonMike ScottLance McCullersDave Smith633
1988-04-06vs SDN2W  5-1-14,865 Bob KnepperAndy HawkinsBob KnepperAndy Hawkins 1147
1988-04-08@ CIN3W  8-3-32,286Nolan RyanTom BrowningLarry AndersenJose Rijo 19712
1988-04-09@ CIN4L  4-5-25,615Danny DarwinDennis RasmussenJose RijoDave Smith 231211
1988-04-10@ CIN5W  12-3-29,954Mike ScottRon RobinsonMike ScottRon Robinson 351520
1988-04-12@ ATL6W  8-3-1,938Nolan RyanZane SmithNolan RyanZane Smith 431825
1988-04-13@ ATL7W  4-0-3,810Jim DeshaiesPete SmithJim DeshaiesPete Smith 471829
1988-04-14vs CIN8W  9-3-17,835 Danny DarwinDennis RasmussenDanny DarwinDennis Rasmussen 562135
1988-04-15vs CIN9L  2-4-32,417 Mike ScottRon RobinsonJose RijoLarry AndersenJohn Franco582533
1988-04-16vs CIN10L  2-8-21,308 Bob KnepperMario SotoJose RijoErnie Camacho 603327
1988-04-17vs CIN11W  5-3-32,586 Nolan RyanDanny JacksonNolan RyanDanny JacksonDave Smith653629
1988-04-19vs ATL12L  4-5-13,131 Jim DeshaiesPete SmithBruce SutterJim DeshaiesPaul Assenmacher694128
1988-04-20vs ATL13W  1-0-13,383 Mike ScottTom GlavineMike ScottTom Glavine 704129
1988-04-21vs ATL14W  8-0-12,491 Bob KnepperKevin CoffmanBob KnepperKevin CoffmanErnie Camacho784137
1988-04-22@ SDN15L  1-3-35,695Nolan RyanJimmy JonesJimmy JonesNolan RyanMark Davis794435
1988-04-23@ SDN16L  0-4-11,104Danny DarwinEd WhitsonEd WhitsonDanny Darwin 794831
1988-04-24@ SDN17L  0-3-15,976Jim DeshaiesAndy HawkinsAndy HawkinsJim Deshaies 795128
1988-04-26vs PHI18W  3-1-13,152 Mike ScottShane RawleyMike ScottShane RawleyDave Smith825230
1988-04-27vs PHI19W  3-2-14,462 Nolan RyanKevin GrossDave SmithKent Tekulve 855431
1988-04-29vs MON20W  6-4-34,331 Danny DarwinDennis MartinezJuan AgostoTim BurkeDave Smith915833
1988-04-30vs MON21W  3-0-30,384 Jim DeshaiesBryn SmithJim DeshaiesBryn SmithDave Smith945836
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-05-01vs MON22L  3-7-26,231 Mike ScottNeal HeatonJeff ParrettJeff Heathcock 976532
1988-05-02@ PHI23L  1-7-18,931Nolan RyanKevin GrossKevin GrossNolan Ryan 987226
1988-05-03@ PHI24W  4-0-16,443Bob KnepperBruce RuffinBob KnepperBruce Ruffin 1027230
1988-05-04@ NYN25L  0-8-29,936Danny DarwinSid FernandezSid FernandezDanny DarwinTerry Leach1028022
1988-05-06@ MON26L  5-6-16,572Mike ScottNeal HeatonBob McClureErnie Camacho 1078621
1988-05-07@ MON27L  3-4-12,661Nolan RyanPascual PerezJeff ParrettJeff Heathcock 1109020
1988-05-08@ MON28W  7-2-14,873Bob KnepperFloyd YoumansBob KnepperFloyd Youmans 1179225
1988-05-09vs NYN29W  6-2-18,388 Danny DarwinSid FernandezDanny DarwinSid Fernandez 1239429
1988-05-10vs NYN30L  2-5-19,064 Jim DeshaiesDavid ConeDavid ConeErnie CamachoRoger McDowell1259926
1988-05-11vs NYN31L  8-9-29,565 Mike ScottDwight GoodenTerry LeachDave Smith 13310825
1988-05-13vs CHN32W  8-2-27,448 Nolan RyanJamie MoyerNolan RyanJamie Moyer 14111031
1988-05-14vs CHN33W  3-1-33,894 Bob KnepperAl NipperBob KnepperAl NipperDave Smith14411133
1988-05-15vs CHN34L  1-2-32,755 Danny DarwinRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeDanny Darwin 14511332
1988-05-16vs PIT35W  9-2-13,570 Jim DeshaiesBob WalkJim DeshaiesBob Walk 15411539
1988-05-17vs PIT36W  3-2-15,000 Mike ScottJohn SmileyMike ScottJohn SmileyDave Smith15711740
1988-05-18vs PIT37W  4-2-19,259 Nolan RyanDoug DrabekNolan RyanDoug DrabekDave Smith16111942
1988-05-20@ SLN38W  5-3-48,787Bob KnepperLarry McWilliamsBob KnepperScott TerryDave Smith16612244
1988-05-21@ SLN39L  4-7-47,320Danny DarwinRandy O'NealBob ForschJoaquin Andujar 17012941
1988-05-22@ SLN40W  2-1-42,632Jim DeshaiesJohn TudorJuan AgostoKen DayleyLarry Andersen17213042
1988-05-23@ PIT41W  3-0-7,480Mike ScottJohn SmileyMike ScottJohn Smiley 17513045
1988-05-24@ PIT42L  4-5-8,200Nolan RyanDoug DrabekJim GottLarry Andersen 17913544
1988-05-25@ PIT43L  3-4-8,108Bob KnepperMike DunneMike DunneJoaquin AndujarJeff Robinson18213943
1988-05-27@ CHN44L  2-3-22,958Danny DarwinGreg MadduxGreg MadduxDanny DarwinRich Gossage18414242
1988-05-28@ CHN45L  7-14-34,690Mike ScottCalvin SchiraldiCalvin SchiraldiMike ScottFrank DiPino19115635
1988-05-29@ CHN46W  7-1-35,356Nolan RyanJamie MoyerNolan RyanJamie Moyer 19815741
1988-05-30vs SLN47W  5-4-26,000 Jim DeshaiesCris CarpenterJim DeshaiesScott TerryDave Smith20316142
1988-05-31vs SLN48L  7-9-19,666 Bob KnepperLarry McWilliamsLarry McWilliamsBob KnepperTodd Worrell21017040
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-06-01vs SLN49L  2-3-20,833 Danny DarwinRandy O'NealSteve PetersJeff HeathcockTodd Worrell21217339
1988-06-03@ SFN50W  8-4-18,840Mike ScottMike KrukowDave SmithScott Garrelts 22017743
1988-06-04@ SFN51L  2-8-24,031Nolan RyanMike LaCossMike LaCossNolan RyanJoe Price22218537
1988-06-05@ SFN52L  3-9-31,144Jim DeshaiesRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJim DeshaiesCraig Lefferts22519431
1988-06-06@ LAN53W  10-4-19,327Bob KnepperDon SuttonBob KnepperAlejandro PenaLarry Andersen23519837
1988-06-07@ LAN54W  5-2-25,509Danny DarwinTim BelcherDanny DarwinTim Belcher 24020040
1988-06-08@ LAN55L  1-11-33,737Mike ScottFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaMike Scott 24121130
1988-06-09@ LAN56L  2-4-25,959Nolan RyanOrel HershiserOrel HershiserNolan RyanJay Howell24321528
1988-06-10vs ATL57L  3-10-35,601 Jim DeshaiesTom GlavineJuan EichelbergerDave Smith 24622521
1988-06-11vs ATL58W  5-4-32,459 Bob KnepperZane SmithDave SmithCharlie Puleo 25122922
1988-06-12vs ATL59W  5-0-31,778 Mike ScottRick MahlerMike ScottRick Mahler 25622927
1988-06-13vs ATL60W  6-5-21,485 Nolan RyanKevin CoffmanJuan AgostoJose AlvarezDave Smith26223428
1988-06-14@ CIN61L  1-7-25,681Danny DarwinJose RijoJose RijoDanny Darwin 26324122
1988-06-15@ CIN62L  3-5-23,461Jim DeshaiesTom BrowningTom BrowningJim DeshaiesJohn Franco26624620
1988-06-16@ CIN63W  7-4-22,614Mike ScottMario SotoMike ScottMario SotoDave Smith27325023
1988-06-17@ ATL64L  3-4-0Bob KnepperRick MahlerPaul AssenmacherLarry AndersenBruce Sutter27625422
1988-06-17@ ATL65L  5-6-12,878Joaquin AndujarCharlie PuleoJuan EichelbergerDave Smith 28126021
1988-06-18@ ATL66W  14-7-17,437Nolan RyanKevin CoffmanJuan AgostoPaul AssenmacherLarry Andersen29526728
1988-06-19@ ATL67W  6-4-9,750Danny DarwinPete SmithRocky ChildressBruce SutterDave Smith30127130
1988-06-20vs CIN68L  1-2-18,889 Jim DeshaiesTom BrowningTom BrowningJim DeshaiesJohn Franco30227329
1988-06-21vs CIN69W  3-1-18,220 Mike ScottJack ArmstrongLarry AndersenJack ArmstrongDave Smith30527431
1988-06-22vs CIN70W  5-1-20,677 Bob KnepperDanny JacksonJuan AgostoDanny Jackson 31027535
1988-06-24vs SFN71L  0-11-35,141 Nolan RyanKelly DownsKelly DownsNolan Ryan 31028624
1988-06-25vs SFN72L  1-4-33,218 Danny DarwinMike KrukowMike KrukowDanny Darwin 31129021
1988-06-26vs SFN73W  6-0-25,754 Jim DeshaiesMike LaCossJim DeshaiesMike LaCoss 31729027
1988-06-27vs LAN74L  0-4-27,185 Joaquin AndujarShawn HillegasShawn HillegasJoaquin AndujarAlejandro Pena31729423
1988-06-28vs LAN75W  4-3-28,838 Bob KnepperDon SuttonBob KnepperBrian HoltonJuan Agosto32129724
1988-06-29vs LAN76L  0-2-27,678 Nolan RyanOrel HershiserOrel HershiserNolan Ryan 32129922
1988-06-30@ NYN77L  6-12-48,671Danny DarwinBob OjedaBob OjedaDanny DarwinTerry Leach32731116
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-07-01@ NYN78L  2-3-0Joaquin AndujarRon DarlingRon DarlingJoaquin AndujarRandy Myers32931415
1988-07-01@ NYN79W  6-5-42,042Jim DeshaiesRick AguileraDave MeadsGene Walter 33531916
1988-07-02@ NYN80L  2-7-44,715Bob KnepperDwight GoodenDwight GoodenBob Knepper 33732611
1988-07-03@ NYN81L  0-5-40,973Nolan RyanSid FernandezSid FernandezNolan Ryan 3373316
1988-07-04vs MON82L  4-7-15,130 Danny DarwinDennis MartinezDennis MartinezDanny DarwinJeff Parrett3413383
1988-07-05vs MON83L  3-4-13,342 Joaquin AndujarBrian HolmanJeff ParrettDave SmithNeal Heaton3443422
1988-07-06vs MON84L  2-4-13,553 Jim DeshaiesPascual PerezPascual PerezJim DeshaiesJoe Hesketh3463460
1988-07-08vs NYN85W  4-2-34,803 Bob KnepperDwight GoodenBob KnepperDwight Gooden 3503482
1988-07-09vs NYN86W  6-3-36,652 Nolan RyanSid FernandezNolan RyanRick AguileraJuan Agosto3563515
1988-07-10vs NYN87W  6-5-33,772 Danny DarwinDavid ConeJuan AgostoRoger McDowell 3623566
1988-07-14@ PHI88W  7-5-24,302Mike ScottShane RawleyJuan AgostoKent TekulveDave Smith3693618
1988-07-15@ PHI89W  5-2-26,545Jim DeshaiesKevin GrossJim DeshaiesKevin GrossDanny Darwin37436311
1988-07-16@ PHI90L  6-10-32,871Nolan RyanDon CarmanBruce RuffinDanny Darwin 3803737
1988-07-17@ PHI91L  4-10-28,149Bob KnepperMike MadduxKent TekulveBob Knepper 3843831
1988-07-18@ MON92W  6-1-17,390Joaquin AndujarBryn SmithJoaquin AndujarBryn SmithDanny Darwin3903846
1988-07-19@ MON93W  4-3-30,757Mike ScottPascual PerezMike ScottPascual PerezDave Smith3943877
1988-07-20@ MON94W  3-2-17,476Jim DeshaiesJohn DopsonJim DeshaiesJohn DopsonLarry Andersen3973898
1988-07-21vs PHI95W  2-0-29,654 Nolan RyanMike MadduxNolan RyanMike Maddux 39938910
1988-07-22vs PHI96W  5-3-40,922 Bob KnepperDavid PalmerBob KnepperDavid PalmerDanny Darwin40439212
1988-07-23vs PHI97W  7-6-32,931 Joaquin AndujarShane RawleyDave SmithSteve Bedrosian 41139813
1988-07-24vs PHI98L  4-6-25,811 Mike ScottKevin GrossKevin GrossMike ScottSteve Bedrosian41540411
1988-07-26@ SDN99L  1-5-16,691Jim DeshaiesDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenJim Deshaies 4164097
1988-07-27@ SDN100W  4-1-15,850Nolan RyanEd WhitsonNolan RyanEd WhitsonDave Smith42041010
1988-07-28@ SDN101W  3-2-17,030Bob KnepperEric ShowBob KnepperEric ShowLarry Andersen42341211
1988-07-29@ LAN102W  3-1-48,268Mike ScottShawn HillegasMike ScottShawn Hillegas 42641313
1988-07-30@ LAN103W  14-6-35,835Joaquin AndujarFernando ValenzuelaDanny DarwinBrian Holton 44041921
1988-07-31@ LAN104L  1-6-44,811Jim DeshaiesOrel HershiserOrel HershiserJim Deshaies 44142516
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-08-01@ SFN105L  1-4-10,742Nolan RyanAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerNolan Ryan 44242913
1988-08-02@ SFN106W  13-10-21,457Bob KnepperRick ReuschelDanny DarwinRon DavisDave Smith45543916
1988-08-03@ SFN107W  3-2-28,357Mike ScottJoe PriceMike ScottScott GarreltsDave Smith45844117
1988-08-05vs LAN108W  6-4-43,426 Jim DeshaiesOrel HershiserJim DeshaiesOrel HershiserDave Smith46444519
1988-08-06vs LAN109L  3-5-43,521 Nolan RyanTim BelcherTim BelcherNolan RyanJay Howell46745017
1988-08-07vs LAN110W  4-2-40,339 Bob KnepperTim LearyBob KnepperTim LearyJuan Agosto47145219
1988-08-08vs LAN111W  10-0-39,786 Mike ScottShawn HillegasMike ScottShawn Hillegas 48145229
1988-08-09vs SFN112W  3-2-22,733 Joaquin AndujarKelly DownsJuan AgostoKelly DownsDave Smith48445430
1988-08-10vs SFN113L  0-5-25,717 Jim DeshaiesDon RobinsonDon RobinsonJim Deshaies 48445925
1988-08-11vs SFN114L  0-6-29,876 Nolan RyanAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerNolan Ryan 48446519
1988-08-12vs SDN115L  3-4-24,122 Bob KnepperDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenBob KnepperMark Davis48746918
1988-08-13vs SDN116W  1-0-29,381 Mike ScottEd WhitsonMike ScottEd Whitson 48846919
1988-08-14vs SDN117L  1-6-28,455 Joaquin AndujarEric ShowEric ShowJoaquin Andujar 48947514
1988-08-15vs SDN118W  7-3-23,396 Nolan RyanAndy HawkinsNolan RyanAndy Hawkins 49647818
1988-08-16@ SLN119L  0-3-26,044Jim DeshaiesScott TerryScott TerryJim DeshaiesKen Dayley49648115
1988-08-17@ SLN120W  1-0-25,343Dave MeadsJoe MagraneDave MeadsJoe MagraneDave Smith49748116
1988-08-18@ SLN121L  1-2-27,355Mike ScottBob ForschBob ForschMike ScottTodd Worrell49848315
1988-08-19@ PIT122W  5-1-26,352Danny DarwinMike DunneDanny DarwinMike Dunne 50348419
1988-08-20@ PIT123L  1-2-23,183Nolan RyanJohn SmileyJohn SmileyNolan RyanJim Gott50448618
1988-08-21@ PIT124W  2-1-38,290Jim DeshaiesBob WalkJuan AgostoBob Kipper 50648719
1988-08-22@ CHN125W  9-7-30,417Mike ScottRick SutcliffeJuan AgostoRich Gossage 51549421
1988-08-23@ CHN126L  3-9-34,668Danny DarwinJamie MoyerJamie MoyerDanny Darwin 51850315
1988-08-24@ CHN127L  2-3-35,065Nolan RyanGreg MadduxJeff PicoJuan Agosto 52050614
1988-08-26vs PIT128W  2-0-27,650 Jim DeshaiesJohn SmileyJim DeshaiesJohn Smiley 52250616
1988-08-27vs PIT129W  3-1-25,993 Mike ScottBob WalkDave MeadsBob WalkJuan Agosto52550718
1988-08-28vs PIT130L  3-4-20,368 Danny DarwinDoug DrabekDoug DrabekDanny DarwinJim Gott52851117
1988-08-29vs CHN131L  1-2-23,142 Nolan RyanGreg MadduxScott SandersonLarry AndersenDrew Hall52951316
1988-08-30vs CHN132W  7-4-17,053 Joaquin AndujarCalvin SchiraldiJoaquin AndujarCalvin SchiraldiDave Smith53651719
1988-08-31vs CHN133L  1-3-14,200 Jim DeshaiesRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeJim Deshaies 53752017
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-09-02vs SLN134L  0-2-16,054 Mike ScottJoe MagraneJoe MagraneMike Scott 53752215
1988-09-03vs SLN135W  10-1-24,463 Nolan RyanLarry McWilliamsNolan RyanLarry McWilliams 54752324
1988-09-04vs SLN136W  4-3-20,309 Bob KnepperGreg MathewsBob KnepperGreg MathewsDave Smith55152625
1988-09-05vs CIN137W  3-0-17,128 Bob ForschNorm CharltonBob ForschNorm CharltonDave Smith55452628
1988-09-06vs CIN138L  3-10-13,345 Jim DeshaiesTom BrowningTom BrowningJim Deshaies 55753621
1988-09-07@ LAN139L  1-4-35,874Mike ScottTim LearyTim LearyMike ScottJay Howell55854018
1988-09-08@ LAN140W  2-1-36,504Nolan RyanJohn TudorNolan RyanJohn Tudor 56054119
1988-09-09@ SFN141W  4-3-13,670Bob KnepperRick ReuschelDanny DarwinScott Garrelts 56454420
1988-09-10@ SFN142L  2-3-20,054Bob ForschTrevor WilsonCraig LeffertsJuan AgostoLary Sorensen56654719
1988-09-11@ SFN143W  4-1-28,304Jim DeshaiesAtlee HammakerJim DeshaiesAtlee Hammaker 57054822
1988-09-13@ CIN144L  2-5-15,067Mike ScottJose RijoJose RijoMike ScottJohn Franco57255319
1988-09-14@ CIN145W  7-1-16,833Nolan RyanDanny JacksonNolan RyanDanny Jackson 57955425
1988-09-15@ CIN146L  5-7-17,610Bob ForschNorm CharltonNorm CharltonBob ForschJohn Franco58456123
1988-09-16vs SFN147L  4-5-14,344 Bob KnepperAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerBob KnepperCraig Lefferts58856622
1988-09-17vs SFN148L  2-4-19,593 Jim DeshaiesRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJim Deshaies 59057020
1988-09-18vs SFN149L  3-10-13,097 Mike ScottDon RobinsonDon RobinsonMike Scott 59358013
1988-09-19vs LAN150L  0-1-16,173 Nolan RyanOrel HershiserOrel HershiserDanny Darwin 59358112
1988-09-20vs LAN151L  0-6-12,291 Bob ForschTim BelcherTim BelcherBob Forsch 5935876
1988-09-21vs ATL152W  1-0-7,411 Bob KnepperPete SmithBob KnepperPete Smith 5945877
1988-09-22vs ATL153W  3-2-19,633 Jim DeshaiesTom GlavineJim DeshaiesTom GlavineDave Smith5975898
1988-09-23@ SDN154L  3-4-9,929Mike ScottAndy HawkinsDave LeiperDanny Darwin 6005937
1988-09-24@ SDN155L  0-3-21,252Jeff HeathcockEd WhitsonEd WhitsonJeff Heathcock 6005964
1988-09-25@ SDN156L  1-9-11,796Bob ForschGreg HarrisGreg HarrisBob Forsch 601605-4
1988-09-27@ ATL157W  3-2-3,071Jim DeshaiesPete SmithDanny DarwinJoe Boever 604607-3
1988-09-28@ ATL158L  3-4-2,822Bob KnepperTom GlavineCharlie PuleoJeff Heathcock 607611-4
1988-09-29@ ATL159W  5-4-5,789Mike ScottJohn SmoltzMike ScottJohn SmoltzDave Smith612615-3
1988-09-30vs SDN160L  1-5-9,711 Dave MeadsEd WhitsonGreg HarrisDave Meads 613620-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1988-10-01vs SDN161L  3-6-10,452 Bob ForschGreg BookerGreg BookerBob ForschMark Davis616626-10
1988-10-02vs SDN162L  1-5-15,056 Jim DeshaiesDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenJim Deshaies 617631-14

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