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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  78-84   .481
Result:   5th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  John McNamara
General Manager:   Lou Gorman
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  2,231,551
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Don Baylor (38)
Youngest Player:  Ellis Burks (22)
Longest Tenure:  Dwight Evans (16)
Top Hitter:  Wade Boggs (1)
Top Pitcher:  Roger Clemens (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Reggie Harris (#26)

Roster Continuity:  80.41%
Top Prospect:   Ellis Burks
American League Standings
NY Yankees8973.5499.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-04-06@ MIL1L  1-50-1552,585Bob StanleyTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraBob Stanley 15-4
1987-04-08@ MIL2L  2-30-257,412Al NipperBill WegmanChuck CrimWes GardnerDan Plesac38-5
1987-04-09@ MIL3L  11-120-379,628Jeff SellersMike BirkbeckChris BosioSteve CrawfordMark Clear1420-6
1987-04-10vs TOR4W  3-01-3633,679 Bruce HurstDave StiebBruce HurstDave Stieb 1720-3
1987-04-11vs TOR5L  1-111-4633,365 Roger ClemensJimmy KeyJimmy KeyRoger Clemens 1831-13
1987-04-12vs TOR6W  8-32-4627,521 Bob StanleyJim ClancyBob StanleyJim Clancy 2634-8
1987-04-14vs TEX7W  4-13-4613,740 Al NipperEd CorreaAl NipperEd CorreaCalvin Schiraldi3035-5
1987-04-15vs TEX8W  5-44-4416,870 Bruce HurstCharlie HoughBruce HurstDale MohorcicWes Gardner3539-4
1987-04-16@ TOR9L  2-44-5622,065Roger ClemensJimmy KeyJimmy KeyRoger ClemensTom Henke3743-6
1987-04-17@ TOR10L  5-104-6636,400Bob StanleyDuane WardJohn CeruttiBob StanleyMark Eichhorn4253-11
1987-04-18@ TOR11W  6-45-6639,107Jeff SellersJim ClancyJeff SellersJim ClancyCalvin Schiraldi4857-9
1987-04-19@ TOR12W  4-16-6528,140Al NipperJoe JohnsonAl NipperJoe JohnsonWes Gardner5258-6
1987-04-20vs KCA13L  2-106-7635,486 Bruce HurstBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenBruce Hurst 5468-14
1987-04-21vs KCA14W  8-07-7429,082 Roger ClemensRick AndersonRoger ClemensRick Anderson 6268-6
1987-04-22vs KCA15W  1-08-7424,589 Bob StanleyDanny JacksonBob StanleyDanny Jackson 6368-5
1987-04-24@ TEX16L  4-68-8426,982Al NipperBobby WittGreg HarrisCalvin Schiraldi 6774-7
1987-04-25@ TEX17L  1-28-9434,643Bruce HurstJose GuzmanJose GuzmanBruce Hurst 6876-8
1987-04-26@ TEX18L  3-58-10424,470Roger ClemensCharlie HoughMitch WilliamsCalvin Schiraldi 7181-10
1987-04-27@ OAK19L  2-58-11525,109Bob StanleyCurt YoungCurt YoungBob Stanley 7386-13
1987-04-28@ OAK20L  1-78-12514,148Jeff SellersJoaquin AndujarDennis EckersleyJeff Sellers 7493-19
1987-04-29@ SEA21W  11-59-12510,378Al NipperMike MooreAl NipperMike Moore 8598-13
1987-04-30@ SEA22L  2-119-1369,985Bruce HurstScott BankheadScott BankheadBruce Hurst 87109-22
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-05-01@ CAL23W  12-310-13450,352Roger ClemensUrbano LugoRoger ClemensUrbano Lugo 99112-13
1987-05-02@ CAL24L  2-410-14443,726Bob StanleyMike WittMike WittBob Stanley 101116-15
1987-05-03@ CAL25L  4-1110-15440,018Al NipperJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaAl Nipper 105127-22
1987-05-05vs OAK26W  6-011-15416,444 Bruce HurstDave StewartBruce HurstDave Stewart 111127-16
1987-05-06vs OAK27W  6-212-15419,154 Roger ClemensDennis EckersleyCalvin SchiraldiDennis Eckersley 117129-12
1987-05-08vs CAL28W  6-413-15432,072 Bob StanleyJohn CandelariaJoe SambitoDeWayne Buice 123133-10
1987-05-09vs CAL29L  1-813-16534,205 Al NipperWillie FraserWillie FraserAl Nipper 124141-17
1987-05-10vs CAL30W  7-014-16532,121 Bruce HurstDon SuttonBruce HurstDon Sutton 131141-10
1987-05-11vs SEA31L  3-414-17521,410 Roger ClemensScott BankheadScott BankheadRoger ClemensEd Nunez134145-11
1987-05-12vs SEA32W  3-215-17519,193 Jeff SellersMike TrujilloJeff SellersMike TrujilloWes Gardner137147-10
1987-05-13vs SEA33L  4-515-18520,270 Al NipperMark LangstonMark LangstonJoe SambitoSteve Shields141152-11
1987-05-15@ MIN34L  1-315-19513,878Bruce HurstJuan BerenguerGeorge FrazierBruce Hurst 142155-13
1987-05-16@ MIN35W  6-116-19523,414Roger ClemensBert BlylevenRoger ClemensBert Blyleven 148156-8
1987-05-17@ MIN36L  8-1016-20620,716Jeff SellersFrank ViolaKeith AthertonCalvin Schiraldi 156166-10
1987-05-18@ KCA37L  2-416-21634,110Al NipperMark GubiczaMark GubiczaAl NipperDan Quisenberry158170-12
1987-05-19@ KCA38L  1-416-22625,340Bob StanleyBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenBob Stanley 159174-15
1987-05-20@ KCA39W  7-117-22624,168Bruce HurstDanny JacksonBruce HurstDanny Jackson 166175-9
1987-05-22vs CHA40L  3-417-23631,894 Roger ClemensRichard DotsonJim WinnRoger ClemensBob James169179-10
1987-05-23vs CHA41L  1-917-24631,263 Al NipperFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterAl Nipper 170188-18
1987-05-24vs CHA42L  1-417-25631,369 Bob StanleyJose DeLeonRay SearageBob StanleyBob James171192-21
1987-05-25vs CLE43W  10-618-25619,858 Bruce HurstTom CandiottiSteve CrawfordMark Huismann 181198-17
1987-05-26vs CLE44W  6-519-25618,493 Al NipperGreg SwindellAl NipperGreg Swindell 187203-16
1987-05-27vs CLE45W  1-020-25622,906 Roger ClemensPhil NiekroRoger ClemensPhil Niekro 188203-15
1987-05-28vs CLE46W  12-821-25622,305 John LeisterSteve CarltonSteve CrawfordRich YettWes Gardner200211-11
1987-05-29@ CHA47L  6-821-26618,805Bob StanleyFloyd BannisterJim WinnBob StanleyBob James206219-13
1987-05-30@ CHA48L  2-321-27619,053Bruce HurstJose DeLeonBob JamesWes Gardner 208222-14
1987-05-31@ CHA49W  10-922-27621,138Al NipperJoel DavisCalvin SchiraldiRay Searage 218231-13
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-06-01vs MIN50L  5-922-28620,221 Roger ClemensFrank ViolaFrank ViolaRoger Clemens 223240-17
1987-06-02vs MIN51W  6-523-28616,910 John LeisterJuan BerenguerCalvin SchiraldiJeff Reardon 229245-16
1987-06-03vs MIN52W  7-624-28620,638 Bob StanleyLes StrakerCalvin SchiraldiJoe Klink 236251-15
1987-06-04vs DET53W  8-525-28624,660 Bruce HurstWalt TerrellBruce HurstWalt Terrell 244256-12
1987-06-05vs DET54L  2-425-29633,827 Al NipperJeff RobinsonJeff RobinsonAl NipperEric King246260-14
1987-06-06vs DET55L  3-525-30633,902 Roger ClemensFrank TananaEric KingWes Gardner 249265-16
1987-06-07vs DET56L  8-1825-31633,254 John LeisterDan PetryMike HennemanJohn Leister 257283-26
1987-06-08@ BAL57W  6-226-31632,039Bob StanleyJeff BallardBob StanleyJeff Ballard 263285-22
1987-06-09@ BAL58W  2-127-31617,548Bruce HurstDave J. SchmidtBruce HurstKen Dixon 265286-21
1987-06-10@ BAL59W  15-428-31521,748Al NipperEric BellAl NipperEric Bell 280290-10
1987-06-12@ DET60L  4-1128-32532,341Roger ClemensFrank TananaFrank TananaRoger Clemens 284301-17
1987-06-13@ DET61L  4-628-33540,427Bob StanleyDan PetryDan PetrySteve CrawfordGuillermo Hernandez288307-19
1987-06-14@ DET62L  1-228-34628,203Bruce HurstJack MorrisJack MorrisBruce Hurst 289309-20
1987-06-16@ CLE63L  7-828-35517,949Al NipperKen SchromMark HuismannAl NipperMike Armstrong296317-21
1987-06-17@ CLE64W  4-029-35512,910Roger ClemensTom CandiottiRoger ClemensTom Candiotti 300317-17
1987-06-18@ CLE65L  5-729-36511,000Bob StanleyRich YettMike ArmstrongBob StanleyMark Huismann305324-19
1987-06-19vs NYA66L  5-1029-37533,835 Bruce HurstRon GuidryCharles HudsonJoe Sambito 310334-24
1987-06-20vs NYA67W  9-430-37533,134 Al NipperTommy JohnAl NipperTommy John 319338-19
1987-06-21vs NYA68W  4-231-37533,012 Roger ClemensBob TewksburyRoger ClemensBob Tewksbury 323340-17
1987-06-22vs MIL69W  5-232-37529,546 Oil Can BoydJohn Henry JohnsonOil Can BoydJohn Henry Johnson 328342-14
1987-06-23vs MIL70W  9-533-37531,104 Jeff SellersJuan NievesSteve CrawfordBill WegmanCalvin Schiraldi337347-10
1987-06-24vs MIL71W  8-734-37534,376 Bruce HurstTeddy HigueraBruce HurstTeddy HigueraCalvin Schiraldi345354-9
1987-06-26@ NYA72L  11-1234-38545,123Roger ClemensTommy JohnTim StoddardCalvin Schiraldi 356366-10
1987-06-27@ NYA73L  1-934-39547,829Oil Can BoydBob TewksburyBob TewksburyOil Can Boyd 357375-18
1987-06-28@ NYA74W  6-235-39554,172Al NipperRick RhodenAl NipperRick Rhoden 363377-14
1987-06-29vs BAL75W  14-336-39531,139 Bruce HurstDave J. SchmidtBruce HurstDave J. Schmidt 377380-3
1987-06-30vs BAL76W  13-937-39529,433 Jeff SellersMark WilliamsonSteve CrawfordMark WilliamsonCalvin Schiraldi3903891
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-07-01vs BAL77W  6-238-39533,075 Roger ClemensMike GriffinRoger ClemensMike Griffin 3963915
1987-07-02@ OAK78L  3-538-40516,134Al NipperJoaquin AndujarJoaquin AndujarAl Nipper 3993963
1987-07-03@ OAK79W  2-039-40543,050Jeff SellersSteve OntiverosJeff SellersSteve Ontiveros 4013965
1987-07-04@ OAK80L  5-939-41524,298Bruce HurstJose RijoJose RijoBruce HurstDennis Eckersley4064051
1987-07-05@ OAK81L  3-639-42532,655Oil Can BoydDave StewartDave StewartOil Can BoydDennis Eckersley409411-2
1987-07-06@ CAL82L  7-1039-43528,953Roger ClemensJerry ReussGreg MintonWes Gardner 416421-5
1987-07-07@ CAL83L  4-939-44531,526Al NipperMike WittMike WittAl NipperDeWayne Buice420430-10
1987-07-08@ CAL84L  3-539-45532,576Jeff SellersWillie FraserWillie FraserJeff SellersDeWayne Buice423435-12
1987-07-09@ SEA85L  5-1139-46512,344Bruce HurstMike CampbellRoy ThomasWes Gardner 428446-18
1987-07-10@ SEA86W  7-440-46523,935Oil Can BoydMark LangstonCalvin SchiraldiMark Langston 435450-15
1987-07-11@ SEA87W  10-441-46533,315Roger ClemensMike MorganRoger ClemensMike Morgan 445454-9
1987-07-12@ SEA88L  1-641-47513,391Al NipperLee GuettermanLee GuettermanAl NipperJerry Reed446460-14
1987-07-16vs OAK89L  3-641-48534,861 Roger ClemensDave StewartDave StewartRoger ClemensDennis Eckersley449466-17
1987-07-17vs OAK90L  6-1141-49534,543 Oil Can BoydJoaquin AndujarGreg CadaretBob Stanley 455477-22
1987-07-18vs OAK91W  5-342-49534,720 Bruce HurstJose RijoBruce HurstDennis Eckersley 460480-20
1987-07-19vs OAK92L  3-542-50534,114 Al NipperSteve OntiverosJay HowellBob StanleyBill Caudill463485-22
1987-07-20vs CAL93L  2-342-51527,322 Jeff SellersWillie FraserGreg MintonJeff SellersDeWayne Buice465488-23
1987-07-21vs CAL94W  3-043-51530,301 Roger ClemensKirk McCaskillRoger ClemensKirk McCaskill 468488-20
1987-07-22vs CAL95L  5-643-52531,729 Oil Can BoydMike WittMike WittOil Can BoydGreg Minton473494-21
1987-07-24vs SEA96W  5-444-52529,999 Bruce HurstLee GuettermanBruce HurstLee Guetterman 478498-20
1987-07-25vs SEA97W  11-545-52532,040 Oil Can BoydScott BankheadTom BoltonStan Clarke 489503-14
1987-07-26vs SEA98W  11-146-52531,974 Roger ClemensMike MooreRoger ClemensMike Moore 500504-4
1987-07-27@ TOR99L  8-1046-53535,425Jeff SellersJim ClancyJeff MusselmanCalvin SchiraldiTom Henke508514-6
1987-07-28@ TOR100L  4-546-54536,122Wes GardnerDave StiebJeff MusselmanJoe SambitoTom Henke512519-7
1987-07-29@ TOR101W  6-547-54535,052Bruce HurstJose NunezCalvin SchiraldiGary Lavelle 518524-6
1987-07-31@ KCA102W  4-048-54540,149Roger ClemensBret SaberhagenRoger ClemensBret Saberhagen 522524-2
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-08-01@ KCA103L  0-448-55540,111Jeff SellersCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJeff Sellers 522528-6
1987-08-02@ KCA104L  5-1348-56529,154Bob StanleyMark GubiczaMark GubiczaBob Stanley 527541-14
1987-08-03@ TEX105W  11-249-56521,928Bruce HurstJose GuzmanBruce HurstJose Guzman 538543-5
1987-08-04@ TEX106W  8-650-56517,377Rob WoodwardGreg HarrisCalvin SchiraldiDale Mohorcic 546549-3
1987-08-05@ TEX107L  8-950-57519,843Roger ClemensCharlie HoughJose GuzmanJoe Sambito 554558-4
1987-08-07vs KCA108W  4-351-57534,946 Jeff SellersCharlie LeibrandtJeff SellersCharlie Leibrandt 558561-3
1987-08-08vs KCA109W  8-352-57534,622 Bruce HurstMark GubiczaBruce HurstMark Gubicza 5665642
1987-08-09vs KCA110L  3-852-58534,009 Rob WoodwardBuddy BlackJohn DavisSteve Crawford 569572-3
1987-08-10vs TOR111W  9-153-58530,606 Roger ClemensJim ClancyRoger ClemensJim Clancy 5785735
1987-08-11vs TOR112L  3-853-59532,555 Bob StanleyJimmy KeyJimmy KeyBob Stanley 5815810
1987-08-12vs TOR113L  4-1053-60533,403 Jeff SellersDave StiebDave StiebJeff Sellers 585591-6
1987-08-14vs TEX114W  9-354-6150 Bruce HurstBobby WittBruce HurstSteve Howe 5945940
1987-08-14vs TEX115L  4-954-61533,840 Al NipperCharlie HoughCharlie HoughAl Nipper 598603-5
1987-08-15vs TEX116W  7-655-61531,189 Roger ClemensJose GuzmanWes GardnerSteve Howe 605609-4
1987-08-16vs TEX117W  12-256-61531,438 Bob StanleyGreg HarrisBob StanleyGreg Harris 6176116
1987-08-17@ CHA118L  1-256-62516,362Jeff SellersDave LaPointDave LaPointJeff SellersBobby Thigpen6186135
1987-08-18@ CHA119W  14-857-62513,064Al NipperFloyd BannisterAl NipperFloyd Bannister 63262111
1987-08-19@ CHA120L  3-857-63514,275Bruce HurstJose DeLeonJose DeLeonBruce HurstBobby Thigpen6356296
1987-08-21vs MIN121W  11-358-63533,490 Roger ClemensFrank ViolaRoger ClemensFrank ViolaWes Gardner64663214
1987-08-22vs MIN122W  6-559-63529,794 Bob StanleyLes StrakerCalvin SchiraldiLes Straker 65263715
1987-08-23vs MIN123W  6-460-63532,956 Jeff SellersSteve CarltonJeff SellersSteve CarltonWes Gardner65864117
1987-08-24vs CHA124L  3-660-64525,136 Bruce HurstJose DeLeonJose DeLeonBruce HurstScott Nielsen66164714
1987-08-25vs CHA125W  7-361-64527,345 Al NipperRichard DotsonSteve CrawfordRichard DotsonWes Gardner66865018
1987-08-26vs CHA126L  3-561-65529,947 Roger ClemensBill LongBill LongRoger ClemensScott Nielsen67165516
1987-08-29@ CLE127L  2-761-6750Bob StanleyTom CandiottiTom CandiottiBob Stanley 67366211
1987-08-29@ CLE128L  1-261-67516,204Bruce HurstRich YettRich YettBruce Hurst 67466410
1987-08-30@ CLE129W  7-362-67517,189Roger ClemensScott BailesRoger ClemensScott BailesWes Gardner68166714
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-09-01@ MIN130W  9-063-67525,508Jeff SellersJoe NiekroJeff SellersJoe Niekro 69066723
1987-09-02@ MIN131L  4-563-68519,565Al NipperLes StrakerLes StrakerAl NipperJeff Reardon69467222
1987-09-03@ MIN132L  1-263-69520,009Calvin SchiraldiBert BlylevenKeith AthertonWes Gardner 69567421
1987-09-04vs CLE133W  5-264-69523,378 Roger ClemensScott BailesRoger ClemensScott BailesWes Gardner70067624
1987-09-05vs CLE134L  2-1564-70528,638 Bob StanleyJohn FarrellJohn FarrellBob Stanley 70269111
1987-09-06vs CLE135L  1-364-71525,520 Jeff SellersDarrel AkerfeldsDarrel AkerfeldsJeff SellersDoug Jones7036949
1987-09-07vs NYA136L  5-964-72532,544 Bruce HurstRick RhodenRick RhodenBruce HurstTim Stoddard7087035
1987-09-08vs NYA137W  8-665-72529,468 Al NipperBill GullicksonAl NipperBill GullicksonCalvin Schiraldi7167097
1987-09-09vs NYA138W  5-366-72532,025 Roger ClemensCharles HudsonRoger ClemensCharles Hudson 7217129
1987-09-10vs BAL139W  5-467-72519,639 Rob WoodwardJose MesaJoe SambitoTom NiedenfuerWes Gardner72671610
1987-09-11vs BAL140W  9-368-72524,938 Jeff SellersJohn HabyanJeff SellersJohn Habyan 73571916
1987-09-12vs BAL141W  4-369-72527,409 Bruce HurstJeff BallardBruce HurstTom Niedenfuer 73972217
1987-09-14@ DET142L  0-369-73523,287Roger ClemensDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderRoger ClemensMike Henneman73972514
1987-09-15@ DET143L  8-969-74520,398Al NipperFrank TananaDan PetrySteve CrawfordMike Henneman74773413
1987-09-16@ DET144L  1-469-75522,341Jeff SellersJack MorrisJack MorrisJeff Sellers 74873810
1987-09-18@ BAL145L  4-970-7650Bruce HurstJohn HabyanJohn HabyanBruce HurstJack O'Connor7527475
1987-09-18@ BAL146W  10-770-76519,000Rob WoodwardJeff BallardRob WoodwardJeff Ballard 7627548
1987-09-20@ BAL147W  5-172-7650Roger ClemensJose MesaRoger ClemensJose Mesa 76775512
1987-09-20@ BAL148W  6-372-76520,647John LeisterEric BellWes GardnerLuis DeLeon 77375815
1987-09-21vs DET149W  9-473-76520,376 Al NipperNate SnellAl NipperNate Snell 78276220
1987-09-22vs DET150L  5-873-77520,189 Rob WoodwardWalt TerrellWalt TerrellRob WoodwardDickie Noles78777017
1987-09-23vs DET151L  0-473-78523,798 Bruce HurstDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBruce Hurst 78777413
1987-09-24@ MIL152L  6-773-7957,745Jeff SellersChris BosioMark ClearJoe Sambito 79378112
1987-09-25@ MIL153W  9-274-79512,878Roger ClemensJuan NievesRoger ClemensJuan Nieves 80278319
1987-09-26@ MIL154L  2-374-80519,206Al NipperLen BarkerDave StapletonAl Nipper 80478618
1987-09-27@ MIL155L  6-974-81526,175John LeisterTeddy HigueraRay BurrisBob StanleyChuck Crim81079515
1987-09-28@ NYA156L  7-974-82520,320Rob WoodwardBill GullicksonBill FultonJoe Sambito 81780413
1987-09-29@ NYA157L  0-674-83520,204Bruce HurstCharles HudsonCharles HudsonBruce Hurst 8178107
1987-09-30@ NYA158W  7-075-83520,280Roger ClemensAl LeiterRoger ClemensAl Leiter 82481014
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-10-01@ NYA159W  7-576-83520,176Al NipperPete FilsonAl NipperDave Righetti 83181516
1987-10-02vs MIL160W  3-277-83520,077 Jeff SellersTeddy HigueraWes GardnerTeddy Higuera 83481717
1987-10-03vs MIL161L  4-877-84521,962 John LeisterBill WegmanBill WegmanJohn LeisterChuck Crim83882513
1987-10-04vs MIL162W  4-078-84525,454 Roger ClemensChris BosioRoger ClemensChris Bosio 84282517

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