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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  95-67   .586
Result:   1st in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Whitey Herzog
General Manager:   Dal Maxvill
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  3,072,122
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Twins)

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob Forsch (37)
Youngest Player:  Joe Magrane (22)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Forsch (14)
Top Hitter:  Ozzie Smith (6)
Top Pitcher:  Joe Magrane (18)
Top Draft Pick:  Cris Carpenter (#14)

Roster Continuity:  77.87%
Top Prospect:   Joe Magrane
National League Standings
St. Louis9567.586--
NY Mets9270.5683.0
Chi Cubs7685.47218.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-04-07@ CHN1W  9-31-0238,240John TudorRick SutcliffeJohn TudorRick SutcliffeBill Dawley936
1987-04-09@ CHN2W  4-22-0212,441Danny CoxSteve TroutDanny CoxSteve TroutTodd Worrell1358
1987-04-10@ PIT3L  3-42-1252,119Greg MathewsRick ReuschelDon RobinsonDave LaPoint 1697
1987-04-11@ PIT4W  6-33-126,720Bob ForschBob KipperBob ForschBob KipperTodd Worrell221210
1987-04-12@ PIT5L  4-73-226,749John TudorBob PattersonBob PattersonJohn TudorDon Robinson26197
1987-04-13@ PIT6W  8-44-215,182Danny CoxDoug DrabekDanny CoxDoug DrabekRicky Horton342311
1987-04-14vs MON7L  4-94-3248,458 Greg MathewsJay TibbsJay TibbsGreg Mathews 38326
1987-04-16vs MON8L  3-44-4326,976 Bob ForschNeal HeatonNeal HeatonBob ForschRandy St. Claire41365
1987-04-17vs NYN9W  4-35-4243,699 John TudorBob OjedaJohn TudorBob OjedaRicky Horton45396
1987-04-18vs NYN10W  12-86-4241,942 Danny CoxRon DarlingDave LaPointJesse Orosco 574710
1987-04-19vs NYN11W  4-27-4128,034 Greg MathewsSid FernandezGreg MathewsSid FernandezRicky Horton614912
1987-04-21vs CHN12L  4-57-5126,333 Bob ForschSteve TroutDickie NolesBill DawleyLee Smith655411
1987-04-22vs CHN13L  4-57-6223,784 Tim ConroyRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeBill DawleyLee Smith695910
1987-04-23vs CHN14W  5-28-6229,347 Danny CoxGreg MadduxDanny CoxGreg Maddux 746113
1987-04-24@ NYN15L  1-28-7221,108Greg MathewsSid FernandezSid FernandezGreg Mathews 756312
1987-04-25@ NYN16W  3-29-7234,640Joe MagraneRick AguileraJoe MagraneRick AguileraRicky Horton786513
1987-04-26@ NYN17W  7-410-7145,360Bob ForschRon DarlingBob ForschRon DarlingTodd Worrell856916
1987-04-28vs SDN18L  2-510-8125,573 Tim ConroyEd WhitsonEd WhitsonTim ConroyLance McCullers877413
1987-04-29vs SDN19W  10-611-8122,575 Danny CoxAndy HawkinsPat PerryLance McCullers 978017
1987-04-30vs SDN20W  5-412-8124,081 Greg MathewsStorm DavisGreg MathewsStorm DavisPat Perry1028418
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-05-01vs LAN21W  5-413-8144,383 Joe MagraneRick HoneycuttRicky HortonMatt Young 1078819
1987-05-02vs LAN22L  6-713-9146,247 Bob ForschAlejandro PenaBrian HoltonTodd WorrellOrel Hershiser1139518
1987-05-04vs SFN23L  7-1013-10222,833 Danny CoxMike KrukowMike LaCossBill DawleyJeff Robinson12010515
1987-05-05vs SFN24L  6-1013-11225,574 Greg MathewsMark GrantScott GarreltsGreg Mathews 12611511
1987-05-06@ SDN25W  3-014-11211,937Joe MagraneEd WhitsonJoe MagraneEd Whitson 12911514
1987-05-07@ SDN26W  17-1015-11115,607Bob ForschAndy HawkinsBob ForschAndy Hawkins 14612521
1987-05-08@ LAN27W  5-116-11148,667Tim ConroyAlejandro PenaTim ConroyAlejandro PenaRicky Horton15112625
1987-05-09@ LAN28L  2-416-12248,657Danny CoxFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaDanny Cox 15313023
1987-05-10@ LAN29L  6-716-13241,360Greg MathewsBob WelchMatt YoungPat Perry 15913722
1987-05-12@ SFN30W  6-517-13114,318Joe MagraneMark DavisJoe MagraneMark DavisTodd Worrell16514223
1987-05-13@ SFN31W  7-618-13116,891Bob ForschKelly DownsRay SoffJeff RobinsonTodd Worrell17214824
1987-05-15vs CIN32W  5-419-13146,434 Danny CoxTed PowerDanny CoxTed PowerTodd Worrell17715225
1987-05-16vs CIN33W  6-520-13146,887 Tim ConroyMario SotoTim ConroyMario SotoTodd Worrell18315726
1987-05-17vs CIN34W  10-221-13147,187 Lee TunnellJerry ReussLee TunnellJerry Reuss 19315934
1987-05-19@ ATL35L  5-621-14211,886Joe MagraneRick MahlerGene GarberTodd Worrell 19816533
1987-05-20@ ATL36W  5-422-1418,050Danny CoxCharlie PuleoRicky HortonGene GarberTodd Worrell20316934
1987-05-21@ ATL37W  7-223-1419,579Bob ForschZane SmithBob ForschZane Smith 21017139
1987-05-22@ HOU38W  7-524-14122,533Tim ConroyNolan RyanTim ConroyNolan RyanTodd Worrell21717641
1987-05-23@ HOU39W  4-325-14131,443Lee TunnellBob KnepperPat PerryBob KnepperTodd Worrell22117942
1987-05-24@ HOU40W  8-226-14124,591Joe MagraneMike ScottJoe MagraneMike Scott 22918148
1987-05-25vs ATL41L  5-1426-15134,413 Danny CoxZane SmithZane SmithDanny Cox 23419539
1987-05-26vs ATL42L  4-526-16127,523 Bob ForschDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBill DawleyJim Acker23820038
1987-05-28vs ATL43W  11-527-16133,973 Tim ConroyRick MahlerBill DawleyRick Mahler 24920544
1987-05-29vs HOU44W  8-228-16148,423 Joe MagraneMike ScottLee TunnellAurelio Lopez 25720750
1987-05-30vs HOU45W  3-229-16147,663 Danny CoxBob KnepperDanny CoxBob KnepperTodd Worrell26020951
1987-05-31vs HOU46L  7-829-17140,200 Greg MathewsJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesGreg MathewsDave Smith26721750
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-06-01@ CIN47W  8-630-17118,245Bob ForschJerry ReussTodd WorrellRon Robinson 27522352
1987-06-02@ CIN48L  2-330-18117,910Lee TunnellTom BrowningGuy HoffmanLee TunnellJohn Franco27722651
1987-06-03@ CIN49L  4-630-19119,807Tim ConroyPat PacilloPat PacilloTim ConroyJohn Franco28123249
1987-06-04@ CHN50W  3-131-19132,102Danny CoxGreg MadduxDanny CoxGreg MadduxTodd Worrell28423351
1987-06-05@ CHN51W  5-132-19136,818Greg MathewsScott SandersonGreg MathewsScott Sanderson 28923455
1987-06-06@ CHN52L  5-632-20139,008Bob ForschJamie MoyerJamie MoyerBob ForschLee Smith29424054
1987-06-07@ CHN53W  13-933-20138,388Lee TunnellMike MasonBill DawleyMike MasonTodd Worrell30724958
1987-06-08@ PHI54W  12-834-20123,422Tim ConroyDon CarmanRicky HortonDon Carman 31925762
1987-06-09@ PHI55L  2-334-21122,009Danny CoxBruce RuffinBruce RuffinDanny CoxSteve Bedrosian32126061
1987-06-10@ PHI56W  3-135-21127,976Greg MathewsKevin GrossGreg MathewsKevin GrossTodd Worrell32426163
1987-06-12vs CHN57W  4-136-21148,096 Bob ForschJamie MoyerBob ForschJamie MoyerTodd Worrell32826266
1987-06-13vs CHN58W  9-237-21147,395 Lee TunnellRick SutcliffeLee TunnellRick Sutcliffe 33726473
1987-06-14vs CHN59W  3-238-21146,106 Danny CoxScott SandersonDanny CoxScott SandersonTodd Worrell34026674
1987-06-15vs PIT60L  1-338-22130,887 Greg MathewsMike DunneMike DunneGreg Mathews 34126972
1987-06-16vs PIT61W  11-139-22127,048 Tim ConroyDoug DrabekBill DawleyDoug DrabekRicky Horton35227082
1987-06-17vs PIT62L  1-439-23130,891 Bob ForschRick ReuschelRick ReuschelBob Forsch 35327479
1987-06-18vs PIT63W  8-640-23135,264 Lee TunnellBob KipperBill DawleyDon Robinson 36128081
1987-06-19vs MON64L  7-840-24141,447 Danny CoxJeff FischerBob McClureBill DawleyLary Sorensen36828880
1987-06-20vs MON65L  5-740-25147,616 Greg MathewsDennis MartinezJeff ParrettTodd Worrell 37329578
1987-06-21vs MON66W  7-341-25143,052 Joe MagraneBob SebraJoe MagraneBob SebraBill Dawley38029882
1987-06-23vs PHI67L  1-441-26130,455 Lee TunnellShane RawleyShane RawleyLee TunnellSteve Bedrosian38130279
1987-06-24vs PHI68W  5-342-26129,328 Danny CoxDon CarmanTodd WorrellMichael Jackson 38630581
1987-06-25vs PHI69W  3-043-26138,357 Greg MathewsBruce RuffinGreg MathewsBruce Ruffin 38930584
1987-06-26@ MON70L  1-543-27125,799Joe MagraneBob SebraBob SebraJoe Magrane 39031080
1987-06-27@ MON71W  15-544-27135,346Bob ForschBryn SmithBob ForschBryn SmithRicky Horton40531590
1987-06-28@ MON72W  7-645-27136,109Lee TunnellNeal HeatonKen DayleyJeff Parrett 41232191
1987-06-29@ NYN73W  8-746-27143,106Danny CoxJohn MitchellTodd WorrellJesse OroscoKen Dayley42032892
1987-06-30@ NYN74L  2-346-28149,416Greg MathewsDwight GoodenDwight GoodenGreg Mathews 42233191
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-07-01@ NYN75L  6-946-29140,797Joe MagraneSid FernandezRandy MyersBill DawleyRoger McDowell42834088
1987-07-03@ ATL76W  9-147-29145,679Bob ForschCharlie PuleoBob ForschCharlie Puleo 43734196
1987-07-04@ ATL77W  3-048-29136,050Danny CoxZane SmithDanny CoxZane SmithTodd Worrell44034199
1987-07-05@ ATL78W  4-149-29129,359Greg MathewsDoyle AlexanderGreg MathewsDoyle AlexanderTodd Worrell444342102
1987-07-07vs LAN79W  5-451-2910 Ricky HortonTim LearyTodd WorrellTim Leary 449346103
1987-07-07vs LAN80W  5-451-29139,236 Lee TunnellBrad HavensKen DayleyKen Howell 454350104
1987-07-08vs LAN81W  6-353-2910 Bob ForschFernando ValenzuelaBob ForschFernando Valenzuela 460353107
1987-07-08vs LAN82W  8-753-29141,353 Dave LaPointBob WelchPat PerryOrel Hershiser 468360108
1987-07-09vs SFN83W  7-654-29137,917 Danny CoxMike KrukowRicky HortonScott Garrelts 475366109
1987-07-10vs SFN84W  7-555-29143,845 Greg MathewsDave DraveckyLee TunnellCraig Lefferts 482371111
1987-07-11vs SFN85L  1-355-30149,652 Joe MagraneKelly DownsKelly DownsJoe MagraneScott Garrelts483374109
1987-07-12vs SFN86W  3-256-30141,562 Ricky HortonAtlee HammakerRicky HortonAtlee HammakerKen Dayley486376110
1987-07-16@ SDN87L  8-956-31114,837Bob ForschEd WhitsonLance McCullersTodd Worrell 494385109
1987-07-17@ SDN88W  4-357-31115,466Greg MathewsMark GrantGreg MathewsMark GrantTodd Worrell498388110
1987-07-18@ SDN89L  3-457-32130,691Joe MagraneEric ShowRich GossageKen Dayley 501392109
1987-07-19@ SDN90W  5-458-32120,701Ricky HortonJimmy JonesKen DayleyRich GossageTodd Worrell506396110
1987-07-21@ LAN91W  6-159-32141,023Bob ForschFernando ValenzuelaBob ForschFernando Valenzuela 512397115
1987-07-22@ LAN92W  3-160-32133,665Greg MathewsBob WelchKen DayleyBob Welch 515398117
1987-07-23@ LAN93W  9-661-32133,565Joe MagraneOrel HershiserKen DayleyMatt YoungTodd Worrell524404120
1987-07-24@ SFN94L  3-461-33118,071Ricky HortonAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerRicky HortonJeff Robinson527408119
1987-07-25@ SFN95L  4-561-34126,751Dave LaPointMike KrukowScott GarreltsBill Dawley 531413118
1987-07-26@ SFN96L  3-661-3610Bob ForschDave DraveckyScott GarreltsTodd Worrell 534419115
1987-07-26@ SFN97L  2-561-36141,256Greg MathewsMike LaCossMike LaCossGreg MathewsCraig Lefferts536424112
1987-07-28vs NYN98L  4-661-37147,296 Joe MagraneRon DarlingRon DarlingTodd WorrellRoger McDowell540430110
1987-07-29vs NYN99L  4-661-38145,781 Ricky HortonSid FernandezRoger McDowellPat Perry 544436108
1987-07-30vs NYN100L  3-561-39148,256 Greg MathewsDwight GoodenDwight GoodenGreg MathewsRoger McDowell547441106
1987-07-31vs PIT101W  4-362-39138,757 Bob ForschBrian FisherKen DayleyBarry Jones 551444107
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-08-01vs PIT102W  7-663-39147,106 John TudorRick ReuschelTodd WorrellBarry Jones 558450108
1987-08-02vs PIT103W  9-164-39144,695 Joe MagraneHipolito PenaJoe MagraneHipolito Pena 567451116
1987-08-03@ MON104W  5-265-39133,424Ricky HortonBryn SmithRicky HortonBryn SmithTodd Worrell572453119
1987-08-04@ MON105L  5-1065-40135,555Greg MathewsNeal HeatonBob McClureLee TunnellJeff Parrett577463114
1987-08-05@ MON106L  1-265-41126,378Bob ForschDennis MartinezRandy St. ClaireKen Dayley 578465113
1987-08-06@ PHI107W  5-266-41131,635John TudorTom HumeJohn TudorTom HumeTodd Worrell583467116
1987-08-07@ PHI108L  5-1566-42131,247Joe MagraneShane RawleyShane RawleyJoe Magrane 588482106
1987-08-08@ PHI109W  9-567-42146,732Danny CoxDon CarmanTodd WorrellDon Carman 597487110
1987-08-09@ PHI110L  7-867-43137,158Greg MathewsBruce RuffinWally RitchieRicky Horton 604495109
1987-08-10@ PIT111W  6-068-43111,445Bob ForschBrian FisherBob ForschBrian Fisher 610495115
1987-08-11@ PIT112W  6-569-43114,637John TudorRick ReuschelKen DayleyRick ReuschelTodd Worrell616500116
1987-08-12@ PIT113L  0-1169-44115,186Joe MagraneBob WalkBob WalkJoe Magrane 616511105
1987-08-13vs PHI114L  2-469-45137,088 Danny CoxDon CarmanSteve BedrosianKen DayleyWally Ritchie618515103
1987-08-14vs PHI115W  8-470-45147,913 Greg MathewsBruce RuffinGreg MathewsBruce RuffinTodd Worrell626519107
1987-08-15vs PHI116L  2-570-46148,309 Bob ForschKevin GrossKevin GrossBob ForschSteve Bedrosian628524104
1987-08-16vs PHI117L  3-470-47143,759 John TudorShane RawleyShane RawleyJohn TudorSteve Bedrosian631528103
1987-08-18@ HOU118L  0-470-48128,790Danny CoxNolan RyanNolan RyanDanny CoxDave Smith63153299
1987-08-19@ HOU119L  1-270-49130,223Joe MagraneBob KnepperBob KnepperJoe MagraneLarry Andersen63253498
1987-08-20@ HOU120L  4-570-50139,259Greg MathewsDanny DarwinRocky ChildressKen DayleyJuan Agosto63653997
1987-08-21@ CIN121W  2-171-50141,492John TudorGuy HoffmanJohn TudorGuy HoffmanTodd Worrell63854098
1987-08-22@ CIN122W  9-772-50143,874Bob ForschRon RobinsonPat PerryRob MurphyKen Dayley647547100
1987-08-23@ CIN123W  12-673-50139,923Danny CoxBill GullicksonDanny CoxBill Gullickson 659553106
1987-08-24vs HOU124L  2-573-51132,413 Joe MagraneBob KnepperBob KnepperJoe Magrane 661558103
1987-08-25vs HOU125W  7-174-51136,054 Greg MathewsDanny DarwinGreg MathewsDanny Darwin 668559109
1987-08-26vs HOU126W  5-475-51137,979 John TudorJim DeshaiesKen DayleyJuan Agosto 673563110
1987-08-28vs ATL127W  4-376-51143,524 Danny CoxTom GlavineTodd WorrellGene Garber 677566111
1987-08-29vs ATL128W  4-277-51139,208 Joe MagraneCharlie PuleoJoe MagraneCharlie PuleoTodd Worrell681568113
1987-08-30vs ATL129W  4-378-51139,370 Greg MathewsDavid PalmerBill DawleyJim Acker 685571114
1987-08-31vs CIN130W  4-079-51139,348 John TudorTed PowerJohn TudorTed Power 689571118
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-09-01vs CIN131L  4-779-52133,825 Bob ForschGuy HoffmanGuy HoffmanRicky Horton 693578115
1987-09-02vs CIN132L  1-379-53134,985 Danny CoxRon RobinsonFrank WilliamsDanny CoxJohn Franco694581113
1987-09-04vs SDN133W  4-280-53134,319 Joe MagraneEric NolteTodd WorrellMark Davis 698583115
1987-09-05vs SDN134L  1-480-54149,555 Greg MathewsMark GrantMark GrantGreg MathewsLance McCullers699587112
1987-09-06vs SDN135W  6-481-54142,402 John TudorEric ShowJohn TudorEric ShowTodd Worrell705591114
1987-09-07@ MON136L  2-981-55150,342Danny CoxPascual PerezPascual PerezDanny Cox 707600107
1987-09-08@ MON137L  1-481-56135,672Bob ForschBryn SmithBryn SmithBob ForschAndy McGaffigan708604104
1987-09-09@ MON138L  3-881-57133,173Joe MagraneDennis MartinezDennis MartinezJoe Magrane 71161299
1987-09-11@ NYN139W  6-482-57151,795John TudorRon DarlingKen DayleyJesse Orosco 717616101
1987-09-12@ NYN140W  8-183-57147,734Greg MathewsDwight GoodenGreg MathewsDwight Gooden 725617108
1987-09-13@ NYN141L  2-483-58121,285Danny CoxDavid ConeDavid ConeDanny CoxRandy Myers727621106
1987-09-14@ PHI142L  2-383-59120,749Joe MagraneShane RawleyJeff CalhounKen Dayley 729624105
1987-09-15@ PHI143W  4-384-59120,697Bob ForschKevin GrossRicky HortonKevin GrossTodd Worrell733627106
1987-09-16@ PIT144W  8-585-59115,323John TudorDoug DrabekJohn TudorDoug Drabek 741632109
1987-09-17@ PIT145L  0-185-6015,640Greg MathewsMike DunneMike DunneGreg MathewsJim Gott741633108
1987-09-18vs CHN146L  1-885-61144,189 Danny CoxRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeDanny Cox 742641101
1987-09-19vs CHN147W  5-386-61148,387 Joe MagraneScott SandersonJoe MagraneScott SandersonTodd Worrell747644103
1987-09-20vs CHN148W  10-287-61144,894 Bob ForschGreg MadduxBob ForschGreg Maddux 757646111
1987-09-21vs PHI149W  3-188-61138,396 John TudorDon CarmanJohn TudorDon CarmanTodd Worrell760647113
1987-09-22vs PHI150W  3-289-61142,725 Danny CoxShane RawleyDanny CoxShane RawleyTodd Worrell763649114
1987-09-23vs PIT151L  0-289-62130,235 Greg MathewsBrian FisherBrian FisherGreg Mathews 763651112
1987-09-24vs PIT152W  3-290-62135,921 Joe MagraneBob WalkRicky HortonJeff Robinson 766653113
1987-09-25@ CHN153L  1-290-63121,561Bob ForschScott SandersonScott SandersonBob ForschFrank DiPino767655112
1987-09-26@ CHN154W  5-391-63135,669John TudorRick SutcliffeJohn TudorRick SutcliffeKen Dayley772658114
1987-09-27@ CHN155L  3-791-64133,912Danny CoxLes LancasterLes LancasterDanny CoxLee Smith775665110
1987-09-29vs MON156W  1-093-6410 Joe MagraneDennis MartinezJoe MagraneDennis Martinez 776665111
1987-09-29vs MON157W  3-093-64148,142 Greg MathewsBryn SmithGreg MathewsBryn SmithTodd Worrell779665114
1987-09-30vs MON158L  1-693-65143,236 Bob ForschPascual PerezPascual PerezBob ForschTim Burke780671109
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-10-01vs MON159W  8-294-65148,763 Danny CoxJay TibbsDanny CoxJay Tibbs 788673115
1987-10-02vs NYN160W  3-295-65145,517 John TudorJohn MitchellJohn TudorJohn MitchellSteve Peters791675116
1987-10-03vs NYN161L  1-795-66146,845 Randy O'NealRick AguileraRick AguileraLee TunnellDavid Cone792682110
1987-10-04vs NYN162L  6-1195-67141,890 Greg MathewsSid FernandezRandy MyersBill Dawley 798693105

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