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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  91-71   .562
Result:   3rd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Tom Trebelhorn
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,909,244
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Cecil Cooper (37)
Youngest Player:  Juan Nieves (22)
Longest Tenure:  Robin Yount (14)
Top Hitter:  Paul Molitor (6)
Top Pitcher:  Teddy Higuera (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Bill Spiers (#13)

Roster Continuity:  71.80%
Top Prospect:   B.J. Surhoff
American League Standings
NY Yankees8973.5499.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-04-06vs BOS1W  5-1-52,585 Teddy HigueraBob StanleyTeddy HigueraBob Stanley 514
1987-04-08vs BOS2W  3-2-7,412 Bill WegmanAl NipperChuck CrimWes GardnerDan Plesac835
1987-04-09vs BOS3W  12-11-9,628 Mike BirkbeckJeff SellersChris BosioSteve CrawfordMark Clear20146
1987-04-10@ TEX4W  11-8-42,415Juan NievesJose GuzmanJuan NievesJose Guzman 31229
1987-04-11@ TEX5W  8-6-23,037Teddy HigueraCharlie HoughTeddy HigueraCharlie HoughDan Plesac392811
1987-04-12@ TEX6W  7-5-19,782Bill WegmanBobby WittMark ClearScott AndersonChris Bosio463313
1987-04-13@ BAL7W  6-3-12,986Mike BirkbeckScott McGregorChris BosioScott McGregor 523616
1987-04-14@ BAL8W  7-4-14,049Mark CiardiKen DixonMark CiardiKen DixonDan Plesac594019
1987-04-15@ BAL9W  7-0-11,407Juan NievesMike FlanaganJuan NievesMike Flanagan 664026
1987-04-17vs TEX10W  10-2-41,548 Teddy HigueraMike MasonTeddy HigueraMike Mason 764234
1987-04-18vs TEX11W  4-3-39,715 Bill WegmanBobby WittBill WegmanBobby WittDan Plesac804535
1987-04-19vs TEX12W  6-4-29,357 Mike BirkbeckJose GuzmanMark ClearGreg Harris 864937
1987-04-20@ CHA13W  5-4-24,019Juan NievesJose DeLeonChuck CrimJose DeLeonDan Plesac915338
1987-04-21@ CHA14L  1-7-17,023Mark CiardiJoel DavisJoel DavisMark CiardiJim Winn926032
1987-04-24vs BAL15W  6-4-23,400 Teddy HigueraScott McGregorTeddy HigueraScott McGregor 986434
1987-04-25vs BAL16W  8-2-26,366 Bill WegmanKen DixonBill WegmanKen Dixon 1066640
1987-04-26vs BAL17W  5-3-38,523 Mike BirkbeckMike FlanaganMike BirkbeckMike FlanaganDan Plesac1116942
1987-04-27@ CAL18W  10-7-32,290Juan NievesMike WittPaul MirabellaChuck Finley 1217645
1987-04-28@ CAL19L  5-10-31,358Mark CiardiJohn CandelariaDeWayne BuiceChuck Crim 1268640
1987-04-29@ OAK20W  8-7-11,879Teddy HigueraEric PlunkChris BosioGene NelsonDan Plesac1349341
1987-04-30@ OAK21L  1-4-10,262Bill WegmanDave StewartDave StewartBill WegmanJay Howell1359738
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-05-01@ SEA22W  10-8-13,689Mike BirkbeckMike TrujilloPaul MirabellaBill WilkinsonDan Plesac14510540
1987-05-02@ SEA23W  6-4-23,701Juan NievesMark LangstonMark ClearMark LangstonDan Plesac15110942
1987-05-03@ SEA24L  3-7-12,632Teddy HigueraMike MorganMike MorganTeddy Higuera 15411638
1987-05-05vs CAL25L  0-2-13,137 Bill WegmanDon SuttonDon SuttonBill WegmanDonnie Moore15411836
1987-05-06vs CAL26L  0-3-13,552 Mike BirkbeckMike WittMike WittMike BirkbeckDeWayne Buice15412133
1987-05-08vs SEA27L  3-4-20,512 Teddy HigueraMark LangstonStan ClarkeChris BosioBill Wilkinson15712532
1987-05-09vs SEA28L  2-8-43,502 Juan NievesMike MorganMike MorganJuan Nieves 15913326
1987-05-10vs SEA29L  1-5-25,496 Bill WegmanMike MooreMike MooreBill Wegman 16013822
1987-05-12vs OAK30L  8-10-9,459 Mike BirkbeckDave StewartDave StewartPaul MirabellaJay Howell16814820
1987-05-13vs OAK31L  2-8-12,997 Teddy HigueraCurt YoungCurt YoungTeddy Higuera 17015614
1987-05-15@ KCA32L  3-4-38,532Juan NievesDanny JacksonDan QuisenberryMark Clear 17316013
1987-05-16@ KCA33L  0-13-40,092Bill WegmanCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtBill Wegman 1731730
1987-05-17@ KCA34L  2-3-35,724Mike BirkbeckBuddy BlackSteve FarrMike BirkbeckJerry Gleaton175176-1
1987-05-19vs CHA35L  1-5-11,903 Teddy HigueraJose DeLeonJose DeLeonTeddy HigueraBob James176181-5
1987-05-20vs CHA36W  5-1-14,371 Juan NievesJoel DavisJuan NievesJoel Davis 181182-1
1987-05-22vs CLE37W  4-2-15,017 Bill WegmanPhil NiekroBill WegmanPhil NiekroDan Plesac1851841
1987-05-23vs CLE38L  2-6-27,234 Mike BirkbeckSteve CarltonSteve CarltonMike Birkbeck 187190-3
1987-05-24vs CLE39L  3-5-36,338 Teddy HigueraKen SchromKen SchromTeddy HigueraScott Bailes190195-5
1987-05-26@ MIN40L  2-4-23,276Juan NievesBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJuan NievesJeff Reardon192199-7
1987-05-27@ MIN41L  2-7-22,947Bill WegmanFrank ViolaFrank ViolaBill WegmanGeorge Frazier194206-12
1987-05-28@ MIN42L  1-13-26,203Mike BirkbeckJuan BerenguerJuan BerenguerMike Birkbeck 195219-24
1987-05-29@ CLE43L  6-9-47,442Teddy HigueraKen SchromScott BailesTeddy Higuera 201228-27
1987-05-30@ CLE44W  6-5-13,619Len BarkerTom CandiottiMark ClearMark HuismannDan Plesac207233-26
1987-05-31@ CLE45W  7-1-12,831Juan NievesGreg SwindellJuan NievesGreg Swindell 214234-20
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-06-01vs KCA46W  3-2-9,670 Bill WegmanCharlie LeibrandtBill WegmanCharlie LeibrandtDan Plesac217236-19
1987-06-02vs KCA47W  14-3-12,240 Chuck CrimBuddy BlackChuck CrimBuddy BlackMark Clear231239-8
1987-06-03vs KCA48W  4-2-17,740 Len BarkerMark GubiczaLen BarkerMark GubiczaDan Plesac235241-6
1987-06-04vs NYA49W  9-3-23,093 Teddy HigueraJoe NiekroTeddy HigueraJoe Niekro 2442440
1987-06-05vs NYA50L  1-13-36,951 Juan NievesTommy JohnTommy JohnJuan Nieves 245257-12
1987-06-06vs NYA51W  7-6-52,366 Bill WegmanCharles HudsonDan PlesacDave Righetti 252263-11
1987-06-07vs NYA52L  3-5-52,770 Chuck CrimDennis RasmussenRich BordiChuck CrimPat Clements255268-13
1987-06-09@ DET53L  5-8-16,645Teddy HigueraJack MorrisJack MorrisTeddy Higuera 260276-16
1987-06-10@ DET54W  8-5-16,998Len BarkerWalt TerrellDan PlesacEric King 268281-13
1987-06-11@ DET55W  8-5-20,780Bill WegmanJeff RobinsonBill WegmanEric KingChris Bosio276286-10
1987-06-12@ NYA56L  3-8-31,789Chuck CrimDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenChuck Crim 279294-15
1987-06-13@ NYA57L  1-4-30,231Juan NievesRick RhodenRick RhodenJuan NievesDave Righetti280298-18
1987-06-14@ NYA58W  6-4-50,351Teddy HigueraRon GuidryDan PlesacDave Righetti 286302-16
1987-06-15vs MIN59L  0-5-18,403 Bill WegmanBert BlylevenBert BlylevenBill Wegman 286307-21
1987-06-16vs MIN60L  3-7-21,613 Chuck CrimFrank ViolaFrank ViolaChuck CrimJeff Reardon289314-25
1987-06-17vs MIN61W  8-5-23,389 John Henry JohnsonMike SmithsonMark ClearLes StrakerDan Plesac297319-22
1987-06-18@ TOR62W  6-3-31,353Juan NievesDave StiebJuan NievesDave StiebDan Plesac303322-19
1987-06-19@ TOR63L  6-15-31,230Teddy HigueraJohn CeruttiJeff MusselmanMark Clear 309337-28
1987-06-20@ TOR64W  3-2-38,465Bill WegmanJimmy KeyBill WegmanJimmy KeyDan Plesac312339-27
1987-06-21@ TOR65L  6-7-44,444Chuck CrimJoe JohnsonJeff MusselmanChuck CrimTom Henke318346-28
1987-06-22@ BOS66L  2-5-29,546John Henry JohnsonOil Can BoydOil Can BoydJohn Henry Johnson 320351-31
1987-06-23@ BOS67L  5-9-31,104Juan NievesJeff SellersSteve CrawfordBill WegmanCalvin Schiraldi325360-35
1987-06-24@ BOS68L  7-8-34,376Teddy HigueraBruce HurstBruce HurstTeddy HigueraCalvin Schiraldi332368-36
1987-06-26vs TOR69W  10-5-29,461 Bill WegmanJimmy KeyDan PlesacTom Henke 342373-31
1987-06-27vs TOR70L  1-8-48,159 Juan NievesJim ClancyJim ClancyJuan Nieves 343381-38
1987-06-28vs TOR71W  11-5-42,389 Teddy HigueraDave StiebTeddy HigueraDave Stieb 354386-32
1987-06-29vs DET72L  1-11-21,487 Chris BosioJack MorrisJack MorrisChris Bosio 355397-42
1987-06-30vs DET73L  5-8-21,609 Mark ClearDan PetryDan PetryMark ClearGuillermo Hernandez360405-45
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-07-01vs DET74W  13-2-24,528 Bill WegmanWalt TerrellBill WegmanWalt Terrell 373407-34
1987-07-02@ CAL75L  7-9-28,116Juan NievesMike WittChuck FinleyMark Clear 380416-36
1987-07-03@ CAL76W  6-4-32,759Teddy HigueraWillie FraserTeddy HigueraWillie Fraser 386420-34
1987-07-04@ CAL77W  2-1-62,531Chris BosioDon SuttonChris BosioDon SuttonDan Plesac388421-33
1987-07-05@ CAL78L  3-4-27,525Mark KnudsonJack LazorkoChuck FinleyMark Clear 391425-34
1987-07-06@ SEA79L  2-3-15,922Bill WegmanMike MorganMike MorganBill WegmanEd Nunez393428-35
1987-07-07@ SEA80L  5-9-9,041Juan NievesLee GuettermanLee GuettermanJuan NievesJerry Reed398437-39
1987-07-08@ SEA81L  2-5-8,482Teddy HigueraMike MooreBill WilkinsonDan Plesac 400442-42
1987-07-09@ OAK82W  8-3-15,072Chris BosioJose RijoChris BosioJose Rijo 408445-37
1987-07-10@ OAK83L  3-7-14,733Mark KnudsonDave StewartDave StewartMark KnudsonDennis Eckersley411452-41
1987-07-11@ OAK84L  5-6-28,399Bill WegmanJoaquin AndujarDennis EckersleyDan Plesac 416458-42
1987-07-12@ OAK85W  4-3-33,519Juan NievesSteve OntiverosJuan NievesJay HowellDan Plesac420461-41
1987-07-16vs CAL86W  6-4-24,325 Teddy HigueraKirk McCaskillTeddy HigueraKirk McCaskillDan Plesac426465-39
1987-07-17vs CAL87W  12-2-19,858 Bill WegmanMike WittBill WegmanMike Witt 438467-29
1987-07-18vs CAL88L  6-12-35,038 Chris BosioDon SuttonDeWayne BuiceDan Plesac 444479-35
1987-07-19vs CAL89L  5-8-30,635 Juan NievesJerry ReussJack LazorkoJay AldrichGreg Minton449487-38
1987-07-20vs SEA90W  13-11-10,577 Mark KnudsonMike MorganChuck CrimMike MorganMark Clear462498-36
1987-07-21vs SEA91W  6-4-13,373 Teddy HigueraMike MooreTeddy HigueraMike Moore 468502-34
1987-07-22vs SEA92L  1-2-19,221 Bill WegmanMark LangstonMark LangstonBill Wegman 469504-35
1987-07-23vs OAK93W  12-5-14,475 Chris BosioJoaquin AndujarChris BosioJoaquin Andujar 481509-28
1987-07-24vs OAK94W  10-2-20,828 Juan NievesSteve OntiverosJuan NievesSteve Ontiveros 491511-20
1987-07-25vs OAK95L  4-13-34,344 Mark KnudsonCurt YoungCurt YoungMark Knudson 495524-29
1987-07-26vs OAK96W  7-4-25,764 Teddy HigueraDennis LampTeddy HigueraDennis LampDan Plesac502528-26
1987-07-27@ TEX97L  4-5-16,621Bill WegmanBobby WittMitch WilliamsDan Plesac 506533-27
1987-07-28@ TEX98W  9-2-17,899Chris BosioJose GuzmanChris BosioJose GuzmanMark Clear515535-20
1987-07-29@ TEX99W  9-8-17,157Juan NievesGreg HarrisDan PlesacPaul Kilgus 524543-19
1987-07-30vs CHA100W  6-1-16,547 Mark KnudsonNeil AllenMark KnudsonNeil AllenChuck Crim530544-14
1987-07-31vs CHA101L  6-8-24,722 Teddy HigueraRichard DotsonRichard DotsonTeddy HigueraBobby Thigpen536552-16
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-08-01vs CHA102L  2-3-43,335 Bill WegmanDave LaPointDave LaPointBill WegmanRay Searage538555-17
1987-08-02vs CHA103L  3-7-30,582 Chris BosioBill LongBill LongChris BosioBobby Thigpen541562-21
1987-08-04vs BAL104W  9-8-19,296 Juan NievesScott McGregorMark KnudsonMark Williamson 550570-20
1987-08-05vs BAL105W  5-1-14,281 Teddy HigueraEric BellTeddy HigueraEric Bell 555571-16
1987-08-06vs BAL106W  11-8-24,353 Bill WegmanMike FlanaganJay AldrichMike GriffinChuck Crim566579-13
1987-08-07@ CHA107W  7-4-22,658Mark KnudsonDave LaPointMark ClearBobby ThigpenDan Plesac573583-10
1987-08-08@ CHA108W  5-3-0Ray BurrisJose DeLeonRay BurrisJose DeLeonChuck Crim578586-8
1987-08-08@ CHA109L  6-8-18,993Chris BosioFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterChris BosioBobby Thigpen584594-10
1987-08-09@ CHA110W  8-4-15,498Juan NievesNeil AllenJuan NievesNeil Allen 592598-6
1987-08-10vs TEX111W  4-3-21,257 Teddy HigueraJose GuzmanJay AldrichJeff Russell 596601-5
1987-08-11vs TEX112L  1-7-17,502 Mark KnudsonGreg HarrisGreg HarrisMark Knudson 597608-11
1987-08-12vs TEX113L  3-12-21,609 Ray BurrisPaul KilgusPaul KilgusRay Burris 600620-20
1987-08-13@ BAL114L  4-5-24,910Chris BosioMike BoddickerMike BoddickerChris BosioTom Niedenfuer604625-21
1987-08-14@ BAL115W  6-2-19,761Juan NievesEric BellJuan NievesEric BellChuck Crim610627-17
1987-08-15@ BAL116L  1-2-25,243Teddy HigueraMike FlanaganMike FlanaganTeddy Higuera 611629-18
1987-08-16@ BAL117W  6-2-25,950Len BarkerDave J. SchmidtChuck CrimDave J. SchmidtDan Plesac617631-14
1987-08-17@ CLE118W  5-3-7,011Mark KnudsonScott BailesMark KnudsonScott Bailes 622634-12
1987-08-18@ CLE119L  8-9-10,205Chris BosioDarrel AkerfeldsJohn FarrellRay Burris 630643-13
1987-08-19@ CLE120W  13-2-8,288Juan NievesTom CandiottiJuan NievesTom Candiotti 643645-2
1987-08-20@ CLE121W  14-2-7,855Teddy HigueraKen SchromTeddy HigueraKen Schrom 65764710
1987-08-21vs KCA122W  3-0-37,141 Len BarkerDanny JacksonLen BarkerDanny JacksonChuck Crim66064713
1987-08-22vs KCA123L  7-8-37,740 Bill WegmanBret SaberhagenJerry GleatonMark Knudson 66765512
1987-08-23vs KCA124W  10-5-33,887 Chris BosioCharlie LeibrandtJay AldrichBob Stoddard 67766017
1987-08-25vs CLE125W  10-9-15,580 Juan NievesKen SchromJuan NievesKen SchromChuck Crim68766918
1987-08-26vs CLE126W  1-0-11,246 Teddy HigueraJohn FarrellTeddy HigueraDoug Jones 68866919
1987-08-27vs CLE127W  4-3-15,175 Bill WegmanDarrel AkerfeldsMark KnudsonDarrel AkerfeldsChuck Crim69267220
1987-08-28vs MIN128W  1-0-22,461 Chris BosioLes StrakerChris BosioLes Straker 69367221
1987-08-29vs MIN129L  3-12-34,834 Len BarkerBert BlylevenBert BlylevenLen Barker 69668412
1987-08-30vs MIN130L  6-10-22,417 Juan NievesFrank ViolaKeith AthertonChuck CrimJeff Reardon7026948
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-09-01@ KCA131W  2-0-19,067Teddy HigueraBret SaberhagenTeddy HigueraBret Saberhagen 70469410
1987-09-02@ KCA132W  3-2-19,430Bill WegmanCharlie LeibrandtBill WegmanCharlie LeibrandtDan Plesac70769611
1987-09-03@ KCA133W  8-2-23,122Chris BosioMark GubiczaChris BosioMark GubiczaChuck Crim71569817
1987-09-04@ MIN134L  1-2-27,380Len BarkerFrank ViolaJuan BerenguerDan Plesac 71670016
1987-09-05@ MIN135L  1-2-51,122Juan NievesMike SmithsonKeith AthertonChuck Crim 71770215
1987-09-06@ MIN136W  6-0-36,586Teddy HigueraSteve CarltonTeddy HigueraSteve Carlton 72370221
1987-09-07vs TOR137L  3-5-16,935 Bill WegmanJohn CeruttiDuane WardDan PlesacTom Henke72670719
1987-09-08vs TOR138W  6-4-8,053 Chris BosioDave StiebChris BosioDave StiebChuck Crim73271121
1987-09-09vs TOR139W  6-4-10,555 Len BarkerJim ClancyMark ClearDavid Wells 73871523
1987-09-10vs DET140W  4-3-9,715 Juan NievesFrank TananaJuan NievesFrank TananaPaul Mirabella74271824
1987-09-11vs DET141W  5-2-21,161 Teddy HigueraNate SnellTeddy HigueraMike Henneman 74772027
1987-09-12vs DET142W  11-2-50,288 Bill WegmanJack MorrisBill WegmanJack Morris 75872236
1987-09-13vs DET143L  1-5-21,880 Chris BosioWalt TerrellWalt TerrellChris Bosio 75972732
1987-09-14@ NYA144W  6-4-20,211Len BarkerBill GullicksonDave StapletonBill GullicksonMark Clear76573134
1987-09-15@ NYA145L  3-4-22,102Juan NievesAl LeiterAl LeiterJuan NievesDave Righetti76873533
1987-09-16@ NYA146W  5-4-20,232Teddy HigueraTommy JohnTeddy HigueraTim Stoddard 77373934
1987-09-18@ DET147L  6-7-30,104Bill WegmanWalt TerrellWalt TerrellBill WegmanEric King77974633
1987-09-19@ DET148L  2-5-34,006Chris BosioDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderChris Bosio 78175130
1987-09-20@ DET149W  11-4-42,143Juan NievesJack MorrisJuan NievesJack MorrisChuck Crim79275537
1987-09-22vs NYA150W  7-2-0 Teddy HigueraTommy JohnTeddy HigueraTommy JohnPaul Mirabella79975742
1987-09-22vs NYA151L  8-10-12,651 Len BarkerSteve TroutPat ClementsChuck CrimDave Righetti80776740
1987-09-23vs NYA152W  8-7-11,219 Bill WegmanBill GullicksonChuck CrimDave Righetti 81577441
1987-09-24vs BOS153W  7-6-7,745 Chris BosioJeff SellersMark ClearJoe Sambito 82278042
1987-09-25vs BOS154L  2-9-12,878 Juan NievesRoger ClemensRoger ClemensJuan Nieves 82478935
1987-09-26vs BOS155W  3-2-19,206 Len BarkerAl NipperDave StapletonAl Nipper 82779136
1987-09-27vs BOS156W  9-6-26,175 Teddy HigueraJohn LeisterRay BurrisBob StanleyChuck Crim83679739
1987-09-28@ TOR157W  6-4-34,113Bill WegmanMike FlanaganBill WegmanMike FlanaganMark Clear84280141
1987-09-29@ TOR158W  5-3-34,314Chris BosioJimmy KeyChris BosioJimmy Key 84780443
1987-09-30@ TOR159W  5-2-35,245Juan NievesDave StiebJuan NievesDave Stieb 85280646
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-10-02@ BOS160L  2-3-20,077Teddy HigueraJeff SellersWes GardnerTeddy Higuera 85480945
1987-10-03@ BOS161W  8-4-21,962Bill WegmanJohn LeisterBill WegmanJohn LeisterChuck Crim86281349
1987-10-04@ BOS162L  0-4-25,454Chris BosioRoger ClemensRoger ClemensChris Bosio 86281745

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