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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  76-86   .469
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Hal Lanier
General Manager:   Dick Wagner
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,909,902
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Lopes (42)
Youngest Player:  Rob Mallicoat (22)
Longest Tenure:  Jose Cruz (13)
Top Hitter:  Bill Doran (17)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Scott (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Craig Biggio (#22)

Roster Continuity:  87.09%
Top Prospect:   Gerald Young
National League Standings
SF Giants9072.556--
LA Dodgers7389.45117.0
San Diego6597.40125.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-04-06vs LAN1W  4-3-44,585 Mike ScottOrel HershiserMike ScottOrel HershiserDave Smith431
1987-04-07vs LAN2W  6-5-22,781 Bob KnepperFernando ValenzuelaLarry AndersenMatt YoungDave Smith1082
1987-04-08vs LAN3W  7-3-15,682 Nolan RyanRick HoneycuttNolan RyanMatt Young 17116
1987-04-10vs MON4W  6-1-24,048 Danny DarwinNeal HeatonDanny DarwinNeal Heaton 231211
1987-04-11vs MON5W  3-2-39,576 Mike ScottFloyd YoumansAurelio LopezJeff ParrettDave Smith261412
1987-04-12vs MON6W  1-0-16,618 Bob KnepperBob SebraBob KnepperBob SebraDave Smith271413
1987-04-13@ LAN7L  2-4-39,784Nolan RyanRick HoneycuttBrian HoltonNolan Ryan 291811
1987-04-14@ LAN8L  2-3-40,110Danny DarwinBob WelchTom NiedenfuerCharlie Kerfeld 312110
1987-04-15@ LAN9W  4-0-43,381Mike ScottAlejandro PenaMike ScottAlejandro Pena 352114
1987-04-17@ CIN10L  8-9-26,396Bob KnepperBill LandrumRob MurphyBob KnepperJohn Franco433013
1987-04-18@ CIN11L  0-8-27,509Nolan RyanBill GullicksonBill GullicksonNolan Ryan 43385
1987-04-19@ CIN12W  7-3-0Mike ScottTom BrowningMike ScottTom Browning 50419
1987-04-19@ CIN13L  2-6-31,005Danny DarwinTed PowerTed PowerDanny DarwinRon Robinson52475
1987-04-21vs ATL14W  7-6-14,602 Bob KnepperZane SmithLarry AndersenGene Garber 59536
1987-04-22vs ATL15W  6-0-15,539 Jim DeshaiesDavid PalmerJim DeshaiesDavid Palmer 655312
1987-04-23vs ATL16W  5-3-14,757 Danny DarwinRick MahlerDave MeadsRick MahlerDave Smith705614
1987-04-24vs CIN17L  3-4-26,749 Mike ScottBill GullicksonRob MurphyCharlie KerfeldRon Robinson736013
1987-04-25vs CIN18L  0-3-43,445 Nolan RyanTed PowerJohn FrancoLarry AndersenFrank Williams736310
1987-04-26vs CIN19L  3-11-21,900 Bob KnepperMario SotoMario SotoBob Knepper 76742
1987-04-27@ NYN20W  11-1-27,381Jim DeshaiesDavid ConeJim DeshaiesDavid Cone 877512
1987-04-29@ NYN21L  1-2-27,097Mike ScottSid FernandezSid FernandezMike ScottJesse Orosco887711
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-05-01@ ATL22W  12-3-8,768Nolan RyanRick MahlerNolan RyanRick Mahler 1008020
1987-05-02@ ATL23L  4-12-16,748Jim DeshaiesRandy O'NealRandy O'NealJim DeshaiesJim Acker1049212
1987-05-03@ ATL24L  3-5-16,336Mike ScottZane SmithZane SmithMike ScottJeff Dedmon1079710
1987-05-05@ PHI25W  5-1-15,611Danny DarwinShane RawleyDanny DarwinShane Rawley 1129814
1987-05-06@ PHI26W  3-2-15,809Nolan RyanDon CarmanLarry AndersenKent TekulveDave Smith11510015
1987-05-08@ MON27W  3-0-9,692Mike ScottNeal HeatonMike ScottNeal Heaton 11810018
1987-05-09@ MON28L  1-3-12,590Jim DeshaiesBob SebraBob SebraJim DeshaiesTim Burke11910316
1987-05-10@ MON29L  2-6-13,259Danny DarwinJay TibbsJay TibbsDanny DarwinRandy St. Claire12110912
1987-05-11vs PHI30L  6-7-11,369 Nolan RyanDon CarmanDan SchatzederLarry AndersenSteve Bedrosian12711611
1987-05-12vs PHI31W  5-2-8,950 Bob KnepperMichael JacksonBob KnepperMichael JacksonAurelio Lopez13211814
1987-05-13vs NYN32W  2-1-27,675 Mike ScottRon DarlingDave MeadsGene Walter 13411915
1987-05-14vs NYN33W  5-4-24,197 Jim DeshaiesJohn MitchellDave MeadsGene Walter 13912316
1987-05-15vs CHN34L  1-3-23,471 Danny DarwinGreg MadduxGreg MadduxDanny DarwinLee Smith14012614
1987-05-16vs CHN35L  1-2-34,921 Nolan RyanJamie MoyerJamie MoyerNolan RyanFrank DiPino14112813
1987-05-17vs CHN36L  4-6-20,678 Bob KnepperScott SandersonMike MasonBob KnepperLee Smith14513411
1987-05-18@ PIT37W  4-1-4,213Mike ScottBob KipperMike ScottBob Kipper 14913514
1987-05-19@ PIT38L  2-5-6,238Jim DeshaiesBrian FisherJohn SmileyDave MeadsDon Robinson15114011
1987-05-20@ PIT39L  3-5-14,096Danny DarwinDorn TaylorDorn TaylorDanny DarwinHipolito Pena1541459
1987-05-22vs SLN40L  5-7-22,533 Nolan RyanTim ConroyTim ConroyNolan RyanTodd Worrell1591527
1987-05-23vs SLN41L  3-4-31,443 Bob KnepperLee TunnellPat PerryBob KnepperTodd Worrell1621566
1987-05-24vs SLN42L  2-8-24,591 Mike ScottJoe MagraneJoe MagraneMike Scott 1641640
1987-05-25vs PIT43W  7-2-9,618 Jim DeshaiesDorn TaylorJim DeshaiesDorn Taylor 1711665
1987-05-26vs PIT44W  10-3-9,632 Danny DarwinDoug DrabekDave MeadsHipolito Pena 18116912
1987-05-27vs PIT45W  7-2-14,863 Nolan RyanRick ReuschelAurelio LopezDon RobinsonDave Smith18817117
1987-05-29@ SLN46L  2-8-48,423Mike ScottJoe MagraneLee TunnellAurelio Lopez 19017911
1987-05-30@ SLN47L  2-3-47,663Bob KnepperDanny CoxDanny CoxBob KnepperTodd Worrell19218210
1987-05-31@ SLN48W  8-7-40,200Jim DeshaiesGreg MathewsJim DeshaiesGreg MathewsDave Smith20018911
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-06-01@ CHN49W  6-5-14,556Danny DarwinJamie MoyerLarry AndersenFrank DiPinoDave Smith20619412
1987-06-02@ CHN50L  2-13-13,891Nolan RyanMike MasonMike MasonNolan Ryan 2082071
1987-06-03@ CHN51L  7-22-19,725Bob KnepperRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeBob Knepper 215229-14
1987-06-05vs SFN52W  6-1-39,250 Mike ScottMike KrukowMike ScottMike Krukow 221230-9
1987-06-06vs SFN53L  3-4-28,878 Jim DeshaiesKelly DownsKeith ComstockLarry Andersen 224234-10
1987-06-07vs SFN54W  3-0-17,234 Nolan RyanAtlee HammakerNolan RyanAtlee HammakerDave Smith227234-7
1987-06-08vs SDN55L  4-5-14,756 Bob KnepperAndy HawkinsCraig LeffertsBob KnepperRich Gossage231239-8
1987-06-09vs SDN56W  1-0-11,511 Danny DarwinDave DraveckyDanny DarwinDave DraveckyDave Smith232239-7
1987-06-10vs SDN57W  10-1-20,276 Mike ScottStorm DavisMike ScottStorm Davis 2422402
1987-06-11@ LAN58W  1-0-32,544Jim DeshaiesFernando ValenzuelaJim DeshaiesFernando ValenzuelaDave Smith2432403
1987-06-12@ LAN59W  5-1-35,641Nolan RyanBob WelchNolan RyanBob Welch 2482417
1987-06-13@ LAN60L  1-7-39,070Bob KnepperOrel HershiserOrel HershiserBob Knepper 2492481
1987-06-14@ LAN61W  4-1-36,901Danny DarwinTim LearyDanny DarwinTim Leary 2532494
1987-06-15vs CIN62W  4-0-25,672 Mike ScottBill GullicksonMike ScottBill Gullickson 2572498
1987-06-16vs CIN63W  4-1-21,929 Jim DeshaiesTed PowerJim DeshaiesTed PowerDave Smith26125011
1987-06-17vs CIN64L  1-9-31,236 Nolan RyanRon RobinsonRon RobinsonNolan RyanBill Landrum2622593
1987-06-18vs LAN65L  4-6-18,719 Bob KnepperBob WelchAlejandro PenaRon MathisBrian Holton2662651
1987-06-19vs LAN66W  3-2-29,670 Danny DarwinOrel HershiserDave MeadsOrel Hershiser 2692672
1987-06-20vs LAN67W  3-2-40,358 Mike ScottTim LearyMike ScottTim Leary 2722693
1987-06-21vs LAN68W  6-1-31,079 Jim DeshaiesRick HoneycuttJim DeshaiesRick Honeycutt 2782708
1987-06-23@ SDN69L  1-4-12,722Nolan RyanEd WhitsonEd WhitsonNolan Ryan 2792745
1987-06-24@ SDN70W  12-7-17,483Danny DarwinJimmy JonesLarry AndersenLance McCullers 29128110
1987-06-25@ SDN71L  1-4-15,959Mike ScottDave DraveckyDave DraveckyMike ScottLance McCullers2922857
1987-06-26@ SFN72W  9-6-17,110Bob KnepperMike LaCossBob KnepperMike LaCossDave Smith30129110
1987-06-27@ SFN73W  6-5-34,290Jim DeshaiesKelly DownsJim DeshaiesKelly DownsLarry Andersen30729611
1987-06-28@ SFN74L  4-8-30,742Nolan RyanAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerNolan RyanKeith Comstock3113047
1987-06-30@ CIN75L  4-5-28,693Mike ScottBill GullicksonJohn FrancoLarry Andersen 3153096
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-07-01@ CIN76L  4-6-23,280Danny DarwinTed PowerBill ScherrerDanny DarwinJohn Franco3193154
1987-07-02@ PHI77W  7-6-19,213Bob KnepperDon CarmanLarry AndersenSteve BedrosianDave Smith3263215
1987-07-03@ PHI78L  1-2-56,825Nolan RyanBruce RuffinBruce RuffinNolan RyanSteve Bedrosian3273234
1987-07-04@ PHI79L  3-9-20,178Jim DeshaiesTom HumeTom HumeJim DeshaiesMichael Jackson330332-2
1987-07-05@ PHI80W  8-2-30,179Mike ScottKevin GrossMike ScottKevin GrossLarry Andersen3383344
1987-07-06vs MON81W  9-3-17,312 Danny DarwinDennis MartinezDanny DarwinDennis Martinez 34733710
1987-07-07vs MON82L  0-2-18,849 Bob KnepperBob SebraBob SebraBob Knepper 3473398
1987-07-08vs MON83L  0-1-17,776 Nolan RyanFloyd YoumansFloyd YoumansNolan Ryan 3473407
1987-07-09vs NYN84W  4-3-31,121 Jim DeshaiesJohn MitchellDave SmithRandy Myers 3513438
1987-07-10vs NYN85L  3-7-42,847 Mike ScottDwight GoodenDwight GoodenMike ScottJesse Orosco3543504
1987-07-11vs NYN86L  6-9-37,814 Danny DarwinTerry LeachRandy MyersDanny DarwinRoger McDowell3603591
1987-07-12vs NYN87L  2-5-33,582 Bob KnepperRon DarlingRon DarlingBob KnepperJesse Orosco362364-2
1987-07-16vs PHI88W  2-1-19,614 Danny DarwinKevin GrossDanny DarwinMichael Jackson 364365-1
1987-07-17vs PHI89L  1-2-32,608 Mike ScottShane RawleyShane RawleyMike ScottSteve Bedrosian365367-2
1987-07-18vs PHI90L  2-4-30,368 Bob KnepperDon CarmanDon CarmanBob KnepperSteve Bedrosian367371-4
1987-07-19vs PHI91L  1-4-25,143 Nolan RyanBruce RuffinBruce RuffinNolan Ryan 368375-7
1987-07-20@ MON92L  1-4-26,346Jim DeshaiesDennis MartinezDennis MartinezJim Deshaies 369379-10
1987-07-21@ MON93W  4-2-30,708Danny DarwinFloyd YoumansDanny DarwinFloyd YoumansDave Smith373381-8
1987-07-22@ MON94W  7-0-16,869Mike ScottBob SebraMike ScottBob Sebra 380381-1
1987-07-24@ NYN95L  2-5-0Nolan RyanSid FernandezSid FernandezNolan RyanRoger McDowell382386-4
1987-07-24@ NYN96L  4-7-44,370Bob KnepperJohn MitchellJohn MitchellBob KnepperJesse Orosco386393-7
1987-07-25@ NYN97W  7-5-41,198Jim DeshaiesDon SchulzeJim DeshaiesDon SchulzeDave Smith393398-5
1987-07-26@ NYN98W  5-2-43,554Danny DarwinDwight GoodenDave SmithJesse Orosco 398400-2
1987-07-28@ ATL99L  1-6-14,941Mike ScottZane SmithZane SmithMike Scott 399406-7
1987-07-29@ ATL100L  3-5-13,161Nolan RyanCharlie PuleoCharlie PuleoNolan RyanGene Garber402411-9
1987-07-30@ ATL101W  8-5-13,490Bob KnepperRick MahlerBob KnepperRick MahlerDave Smith410416-6
1987-07-31vs SDN102L  2-6-28,377 Danny DarwinEd WhitsonEd WhitsonDanny DarwinLance McCullers412422-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-08-01vs SDN103L  0-6-24,167 Jeff HeathcockEric NolteEric NolteJeff Heathcock 412428-16
1987-08-02vs SDN104W  6-0-21,562 Mike ScottMark GrantMike ScottMark Grant 418428-10
1987-08-03vs SFN105W  5-3-28,287 Nolan RyanMike KrukowJuan AgostoJoe Price 423431-8
1987-08-04vs SFN106W  5-4-22,607 Bob KnepperKelly DownsJeff HeathcockCraig LeffertsDave Smith428435-7
1987-08-05vs SFN107W  6-5-26,483 Danny DarwinDave DraveckyLarry AndersenJeff Robinson 434440-6
1987-08-07@ SDN108L  1-7-17,194Mike ScottEric NolteMark DavisMike ScottLance McCullers435447-12
1987-08-08@ SDN109L  3-4-20,466Nolan RyanMark GrantRich GossageDave Meads 438451-13
1987-08-09@ SDN110L  3-4-10,893Bob KnepperEric ShowEric ShowBob KnepperRich Gossage441455-14
1987-08-10@ SFN111L  5-6-15,447Danny DarwinDave DraveckyDon RobinsonDave Meads 446461-15
1987-08-11@ SFN112W  7-3-22,065Jeff HeathcockMike LaCossJeff HeathcockMike LaCossLarry Andersen453464-11
1987-08-12@ SFN113L  1-8-23,331Mike ScottAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerMike ScottDon Robinson454472-18
1987-08-13@ SFN114L  6-7-20,122Nolan RyanMike KrukowCraig LeffertsRocky Childress 460479-19
1987-08-14vs ATL115W  8-4-33,028 Bob KnepperCharlie PuleoBob KnepperCharlie Puleo 468483-15
1987-08-15vs ATL116W  8-0-34,924 Danny DarwinRick MahlerDanny DarwinRick Mahler 476483-7
1987-08-16vs ATL117W  6-2-32,923 Jim DeshaiesZane SmithJim DeshaiesZane Smith 482485-3
1987-08-17vs ATL118W  11-2-18,810 Mike ScottTom GlavineMike ScottTom Glavine 4934876
1987-08-18vs SLN119W  4-0-28,790 Nolan RyanDanny CoxNolan RyanDanny CoxDave Smith49748710
1987-08-19vs SLN120W  2-1-30,223 Bob KnepperJoe MagraneBob KnepperJoe MagraneLarry Andersen49948811
1987-08-20vs SLN121W  5-4-39,259 Danny DarwinGreg MathewsRocky ChildressKen DayleyJuan Agosto50449212
1987-08-21@ CHN122L  5-7-31,006Jim DeshaiesEd LynchFrank DiPinoJim DeshaiesLee Smith50949910
1987-08-22@ CHN123W  5-4-32,552Mike ScottLes LancasterLarry AndersenFrank DiPinoDave Smith51450311
1987-08-23@ CHN124W  4-2-33,934Nolan RyanRick SutcliffeJeff HeathcockRick SutcliffeDave Smith51850513
1987-08-24@ SLN125W  5-2-32,413Bob KnepperJoe MagraneBob KnepperJoe Magrane 52350716
1987-08-25@ SLN126L  1-7-36,054Danny DarwinGreg MathewsGreg MathewsDanny Darwin 52451410
1987-08-26@ SLN127L  4-5-37,979Jim DeshaiesJohn TudorKen DayleyJuan Agosto 5285199
1987-08-28@ PIT128L  2-4-11,917Mike ScottBob WalkBob WalkMike ScottJim Gott5305237
1987-08-29@ PIT129L  2-8-26,585Nolan RyanMike BieleckiMike BieleckiNolan Ryan 5325311
1987-08-30@ PIT130L  0-7-26,867Bob KnepperDoug DrabekDoug DrabekBob Knepper 532538-6
1987-08-31vs CHN131L  3-4-17,734 Danny DarwinLes LancasterLes LancasterDanny DarwinLee Smith535542-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-09-01vs CHN132L  2-3-14,026 Manny HernandezJamie MoyerJamie MoyerManny HernandezLee Smith537545-8
1987-09-02vs CHN133W  10-1-17,406 Mike ScottRick SutcliffeMike ScottRick Sutcliffe 5475461
1987-09-04vs PIT134W  2-0-16,367 Nolan RyanMike BieleckiNolan RyanMike BieleckiJuan Agosto5495463
1987-09-05vs PIT135W  5-1-27,887 Bob KnepperDoug DrabekBob KnepperDoug Drabek 5545477
1987-09-06vs PIT136L  3-4-25,374 Manny HernandezMike DunneMike DunneManny HernandezJim Gott5575516
1987-09-07vs SFN137W  4-2-22,074 Mike ScottMike LaCossMike ScottMike LaCoss 5615538
1987-09-08vs SFN138L  4-6-22,119 Jim DeshaiesMike KrukowDon RobinsonLarry Andersen 5655596
1987-09-09vs SFN139W  4-2-25,620 Nolan RyanAtlee HammakerNolan RyanAtlee HammakerDave Smith5695618
1987-09-10@ SDN140L  7-8-7,151Bob KnepperMark GrantRich GossageManny Hernandez 5765697
1987-09-11@ SDN141L  0-11-38,725Mike ScottEric ShowEric ShowMike Scott 576580-4
1987-09-13@ SDN142L  2-10-11,120Jim DeshaiesJimmy JonesJimmy JonesJim Deshaies 578590-12
1987-09-14@ LAN143W  8-1-17,472Nolan RyanShawn HillegasNolan RyanShawn Hillegas 586591-5
1987-09-15@ LAN144L  2-3-16,415Bob KnepperTim BelcherTim BelcherBob KnepperAlejandro Pena588594-6
1987-09-16@ SFN145L  1-7-25,762Mike ScottDave DraveckyDave DraveckyMike Scott 589601-12
1987-09-17@ SFN146L  0-4-23,317Danny DarwinRick ReuschelRick ReuschelDanny Darwin 589605-16
1987-09-18vs SDN147L  1-2-13,182 Jim DeshaiesJimmy JonesLance McCullersDave Smith 590607-17
1987-09-19vs SDN148L  1-2-20,909 Nolan RyanEd WhitsonDave LeiperManny HernandezLance McCullers591609-18
1987-09-20vs SDN149W  3-2-10,328 Mike ScottEric NolteMike ScottMark Davis 594611-17
1987-09-22@ ATL150L  2-6-4,056Bob KnepperKevin CoffmanKevin CoffmanBob KnepperChuck Cary596617-21
1987-09-23@ ATL151L  4-5-2,977Jim DeshaiesZane SmithJim AckerDave Smith 600622-22
1987-09-24@ ATL152L  7-8-3,191Nolan RyanPete SmithJim AckerJeff Heathcock 607630-23
1987-09-25@ CIN153L  1-4-21,190Mike ScottTom BrowningTom BrowningMike ScottFrank Williams608634-26
1987-09-26@ CIN154W  5-3-21,306Danny DarwinRon RobinsonDanny DarwinRon RobinsonLarry Andersen613637-24
1987-09-27@ CIN155L  2-4-26,923Bob KnepperDennis RasmussenRob MurphyBob KnepperJohn Franco615641-26
1987-09-28vs LAN156W  11-5-8,593 Jim DeshaiesOrel HershiserJim DeshaiesOrel HershiserJeff Heathcock626646-20
1987-09-29vs LAN157L  1-6-10,468 Nolan RyanShawn HillegasShawn HillegasNolan RyanAlejandro Pena627652-25
1987-09-30vs ATL158L  1-3-19,788 Mike ScottTom GlavineChuck CaryDave SmithJim Acker628655-27
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1987-10-01vs ATL159W  6-5-7,885 Danny DarwinDavid PalmerLarry AndersenJim Acker 634660-26
1987-10-02vs CIN160L  7-12-19,606 Rob MallicoatDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenRocky Childress 641672-31
1987-10-03vs CIN161W  6-4-15,962 Manny HernandezTed PowerJeff HeathcockTed PowerDave Smith647676-29
1987-10-04vs CIN162L  1-2-34,404 Nolan RyanTom BrowningTom BrowningNolan RyanJohn Franco648678-30

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