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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Cleveland,OH
Team Record:  84-78   .519
Result:   5th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Pat Corrales
General Manager:   Joe Klein
Stadium:  Cleveland Stadium
Attendance:  1,471,805
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Cleveland Indians affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Phil Niekro (47)
Youngest Player:  Jay Bell (20)
Longest Tenure:  Andre Thornton (9)
Top Hitter:  Joe Carter (2)
Top Pitcher:  Tom Candiotti (8)
Top Draft Pick:  Greg Swindell (#2)

Roster Continuity:  51.28%
Top Prospect:   Cory Snyder
American League Standings
NY Yankees9072.5565.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-04-07@ BAL1W  6-41-0152,292Ken SchromMike FlanaganKen SchromMike FlanaganErnie Camacho642
1986-04-09@ BAL2L  3-41-1413,039Neal HeatonMike BoddickerDon AaseScott Bailes 981
1986-04-10@ BAL3L  1-51-2712,933Tom CandiottiKen DixonKen DixonJim KernRich Bordi1013-3
1986-04-11vs DET4L  2-71-3732,441 Phil NiekroWalt TerrellWalt TerrellPhil Niekro 1220-8
1986-04-12vs DET5W  6-22-3717,426 Ken SchromJack MorrisKen SchromJack MorrisErnie Camacho1822-4
1986-04-13vs DET6W  8-23-3410,463 Don SchulzeFrank TananaScott BailesFrank Tanana 26242
1986-04-15vs NYA7L  2-63-453,223 Tom CandiottiJoe NiekroJoe NiekroTom CandiottiBrian Fisher2830-2
1986-04-17vs NYA8W  6-44-445,602 Phil NiekroBob TewksburyPhil NiekroBob TewksburyScott Bailes34340
1986-04-18@ DET9L  1-64-5520,703Ken SchromFrank TananaFrank TananaKen Schrom 3540-5
1986-04-19@ DET10W  8-65-5519,216Neal HeatonDan PetryScott BailesDan PetryErnie Camacho4346-3
1986-04-21vs BAL11W  7-06-533,012 Tom CandiottiMike FlanaganTom CandiottiMike Flanagan 50464
1986-04-22vs BAL12L  2-56-653,004 Phil NiekroKen DixonKen DixonPhil NiekroDon Aase52511
1986-04-23vs BAL13W  5-17-633,788 Ken SchromScott McGregorKen SchromScott McGregorScott Bailes57525
1986-04-24@ NYA14L  1-27-7517,299Neal HeatonRon GuidryRon GuidryNeal Heaton 58544
1986-04-25@ NYA15L  3-107-8520,030Tom CandiottiJoe NiekroJoe NiekroTom CandiottiDave Righetti6164-3
1986-04-26@ NYA16W  3-28-8420,195Don SchulzeBob ShirleyDon SchulzeBob ShirleyErnie Camacho6466-2
1986-04-27@ NYA17W  9-79-8346,607Phil NiekroBob TewksburyScott BailesDave RighettiRich Yett73730
1986-04-29@ TEX18W  6-510-8316,069Ken SchromMike MasonJim KernGreg HarrisErnie Camacho79781
1986-04-30@ TEX19W  6-411-8316,006Tom CandiottiJose GuzmanDon SchulzeJose GuzmanErnie Camacho85823
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-05-02@ CHA20W  7-512-8216,981Neal HeatonFloyd BannisterErnie CamachoDave J. Schmidt 92875
1986-05-03@ CHA21W  8-713-8223,823Phil NiekroJoel DavisRich YettBill Dawley 100946
1986-05-04@ CHA22W  6-414-8122,237Ken SchromNeil AllenScott BailesBob James 106988
1986-05-05vs KCA23W  5-415-8127,118 Don SchulzeCharlie LeibrandtPhil NiekroDan Quisenberry 1111029
1986-05-06vs KCA24W  6-116-8113,496 Tom CandiottiBuddy BlackTom CandiottiBuddy Black 11710314
1986-05-07vs KCA25W  7-117-8123,064 Neal HeatonBret SaberhagenNeal HeatonBret Saberhagen 12410420
1986-05-09vs CHA26L  3-417-9248,146 Phil NiekroJoel DavisGene NelsonScott Bailes 12710819
1986-05-10vs CHA27L  0-417-10320,009 Ken SchromNeil AllenGene NelsonScott Bailes 12711215
1986-05-11vs CHA28L  4-517-11343,181 Tom CandiottiRichard DotsonJoel McKeonTom CandiottiBob James13111714
1986-05-12vs TEX29L  2-1917-1239,354 Neal HeatonCharlie HoughCharlie HoughNeal HeatonMickey Mahler133136-3
1986-05-13vs TEX30W  3-218-1236,705 Don SchulzeEd CorreaRich YettGreg Harris 136138-2
1986-05-14@ KCA31L  0-518-13320,326Phil NiekroMark GubiczaMark GubiczaPhil Niekro 136143-7
1986-05-15@ KCA32L  3-618-14429,201Ken SchromDennis LeonardDennis LeonardScott BailesBuddy Black139149-10
1986-05-16@ TOR33L  6-718-15421,251Tom CandiottiDoyle AlexanderJim AckerTom CandiottiMark Eichhorn145156-11
1986-05-17@ TOR34L  5-1118-16527,473Neal HeatonJimmy KeyJimmy KeyNeal Heaton 150167-17
1986-05-18@ TOR35L  2-1018-17528,063Don SchulzeJim ClancyJim ClancyDon Schulze 152177-25
1986-05-19@ TOR36W  6-419-17527,202Phil NiekroDave StiebPhil NiekroDave StiebScott Bailes158181-23
1986-05-20@ MIL37L  9-1219-18515,933Ken SchromJuan NievesDan PlesacJamie Easterly 167193-26
1986-05-21@ MIL38W  4-220-1858,351Tom CandiottiBill WegmanTom CandiottiBill Wegman 171195-24
1986-05-22@ MIL39W  5-421-18411,644Neal HeatonTeddy HigueraNeal HeatonTeddy HigueraScott Bailes176199-23
1986-05-23vs TOR40W  3-122-18461,340 Don SchulzeJim ClancyDon SchulzeJim Clancy 179200-21
1986-05-24vs TOR41L  6-922-19412,348 Phil NiekroDave StiebDennis LampJamie EasterlyMark Eichhorn185209-24
1986-05-25vs TOR42L  1-822-20413,772 Ken SchromJohn CeruttiJohn CeruttiKen Schrom 186217-31
1986-05-26vs BOS43L  3-522-21627,019 Tom CandiottiBruce HurstBruce HurstTom CandiottiBob Stanley189222-33
1986-05-27vs BOS44L  0-222-2266,661 Neal HeatonMike BrownMike BrownNeal HeatonSteve Crawford189224-35
1986-05-28vs BOS45L  7-1322-23612,010 Don SchulzeOil Can BoydOil Can BoydDon Schulze 196237-41
1986-05-30vs MIL46L  7-1122-24616,102 Phil NiekroJuan NievesJuan NievesPhil NiekroMark Clear203248-45
1986-05-31vs MIL47W  3-223-2468,115 Ken SchromBill WegmanScott BailesDan Plesac 206250-44
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-06-01vs MIL48W  9-724-24512,117 Tom CandiottiJaime CocanowerScott BailesBob McClureErnie Camacho215257-42
1986-06-02@ BOS49L  1-324-25520,803Neal HeatonOil Can BoydOil Can BoydNeal HeatonSteve Crawford216260-44
1986-06-03@ BOS50L  1-524-26617,432Don SchulzeMike BrownMike BrownDon Schulze 217265-48
1986-06-04@ BOS51L  4-624-27725,681Phil NiekroRob WoodwardRob WoodwardPhil NiekroBob Stanley221271-50
1986-06-06vs CAL52W  3-025-2769,387 Ken SchromKirk McCaskillKen SchromKirk McCaskill 224271-47
1986-06-07vs CAL53L  2-825-28720,010 Tom CandiottiMike WittMike WittTom Candiotti 226279-53
1986-06-08vs CAL54W  11-426-28610,109 Neal HeatonJim SlatonNeal HeatonJim Slaton 237283-46
1986-06-09vs OAK55W  6-527-2866,108 Don SchulzeEric PlunkScott BailesJose Rijo 243288-45
1986-06-10vs OAK56W  8-728-2856,264 Phil NiekroBill MooneyhamRich YettJose Rijo 251295-44
1986-06-11vs OAK57W  7-429-2856,427 Ken SchromRick LangfordKen SchromRick LangfordScott Bailes258299-41
1986-06-13vs MIN58W  11-230-28461,411 Tom CandiottiBert BlylevenTom CandiottiBert Blyleven 269301-32
1986-06-14vs MIN59L  3-930-29510,742 Neal HeatonMark PortugalKeith AthertonNeal Heaton 272310-38
1986-06-15vs MIN60L  3-730-30515,657 Don SchulzeFrank ViolaFrank ViolaDon SchulzeFrank Pastore275317-42
1986-06-17vs SEA61L  2-530-3167,053 Phil NiekroMike MorganMike MorganPhil Niekro 277322-45
1986-06-18vs SEA62W  5-131-3158,545 Ken SchromJim BeattieKen SchromJim BeattieScott Bailes282323-41
1986-06-19vs SEA63W  8-132-3158,791 Tom CandiottiMike MooreTom CandiottiMike Moore 290324-34
1986-06-20@ MIN64L  8-932-32513,403Bryan OelkersFrank ViolaFrank ViolaDickie NolesKeith Atherton298333-35
1986-06-21@ MIN65W  7-533-32517,195Don SchulzeMark PortugalDon SchulzeMark PortugalErnie Camacho305338-33
1986-06-22@ MIN66W  4-134-32512,435Phil NiekroMike SmithsonPhil NiekroMike Smithson 309339-30
1986-06-23@ SEA67W  8-635-32512,259Ken SchromJim BeattieKen SchromJim BeattieErnie Camacho317345-28
1986-06-24@ SEA68L  7-835-3356,968Tom CandiottiMike MooreMatt YoungErnie Camacho 324353-29
1986-06-25@ SEA69L  1-635-3458,372John ButcherMark LangstonMark LangstonJohn Butcher 325359-34
1986-06-27@ CAL70W  6-336-34436,109Don SchulzeMike WittDickie NolesMike WittErnie Camacho331362-31
1986-06-28@ CAL71L  3-936-35543,385Phil NiekroDon SuttonDoug CorbettJohn Butcher 334371-37
1986-06-29@ CAL72W  6-437-35529,128Ken SchromRon RomanickKen SchromRon RomanickErnie Camacho340375-35
1986-06-30@ OAK73W  8-338-35414,839Tom CandiottiJose RijoTom CandiottiJose Rijo 348378-30
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-07-01@ OAK74W  9-039-3547,379John ButcherRick LangfordJohn ButcherRick Langford 357378-21
1986-07-02@ OAK75W  7-340-3539,446Don SchulzeBill MooneyhamDickie NolesBill MooneyhamScott Bailes364381-17
1986-07-04vs KCA76W  10-341-35373,303 Phil NiekroDanny JacksonPhil NiekroDanny Jackson 374384-10
1986-07-05vs KCA77W  10-542-35320,085 Ken SchromBret SaberhagenKen SchromBret Saberhagen 384389-5
1986-07-06vs KCA78W  5-043-35228,443 Tom CandiottiDennis LeonardTom CandiottiDennis Leonard 3893890
1986-07-07@ CHA79L  3-443-36319,721John ButcherJoel DavisBob JamesErnie Camacho 392393-1
1986-07-08@ CHA80L  2-643-37314,534Bryan OelkersNeil AllenNeil AllenBryan OelkersDave J. Schmidt394399-5
1986-07-09@ CHA81W  6-344-37319,409Phil NiekroRichard DotsonPhil NiekroRichard Dotson 400402-2
1986-07-10vs TEX82W  9-645-37313,252 Ken SchromEd CorreaKen SchromEd CorreaErnie Camacho4094081
1986-07-11vs TEX83W  7-246-37323,822 Tom CandiottiBobby WittTom CandiottiBobby Witt 4164106
1986-07-12vs TEX84L  6-1146-38318,128 John ButcherCharlie HoughCharlie HoughJohn Butcher 4224211
1986-07-13vs TEX85L  3-546-39331,150 Phil NiekroMike MasonMitch WilliamsScott Bailes 425426-1
1986-07-17@ KCA86L  1-546-40331,851Tom CandiottiBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenTom Candiotti 426431-5
1986-07-18@ KCA87W  3-247-40335,648Ken SchromCharlie LeibrandtBryan OelkersDan Quisenberry 429433-4
1986-07-19@ KCA88W  6-448-40339,857Phil NiekroScott BankheadPhil NiekroScott BankheadErnie Camacho435437-2
1986-07-20@ KCA89L  2-348-41334,404John ButcherDennis LeonardSteve FarrDickie Noles 437440-3
1986-07-21vs CHA90W  5-249-41313,451 Bryan OelkersJoel DavisRich YettJoel Davis 4424420
1986-07-22vs CHA91W  8-450-41313,376 Tom CandiottiRichard DotsonTom CandiottiRichard Dotson 4504464
1986-07-23vs CHA92W  7-251-41320,524 Ken SchromFloyd BannisterKen SchromFloyd Bannister 4574489
1986-07-24@ TEX93L  3-751-42334,256Phil NiekroMike LoyndMike LoyndPhil NiekroDale Mohorcic4604555
1986-07-25@ TEX94L  5-751-43326,090John ButcherJose GuzmanGreg HarrisScott Bailes 4654623
1986-07-26@ TEX95L  5-851-44434,018Rich YettBobby WittBobby WittRich YettMitch Williams4704700
1986-07-27@ TEX96W  8-352-44415,291Tom CandiottiEd CorreaTom CandiottiEd Correa 4784735
1986-07-28vs DET97L  1-552-45418,747 Ken SchromJack MorrisJack MorrisKen Schrom 4794781
1986-07-29vs DET98L  3-652-46415,102 Phil NiekroRandy O'NealGuillermo HernandezBryan OelkersJim Slaton482484-2
1986-07-30vs DET99L  3-1152-47618,201 John ButcherEric KingEric KingJohn Butcher 485495-10
1986-07-31vs DET100W  8-753-47514,001 Rich YettFrank TananaScott BailesBill Campbell 493502-9
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-08-01vs NYA101W  4-354-4850 Bryan OelkersRon GuidryPhil NiekroRon GuidryErnie Camacho497505-8
1986-08-01vs NYA102L  3-554-48564,934 Tom CandiottiJoe NiekroBrian FisherTom CandiottiDave Righetti500510-10
1986-08-02vs NYA103W  6-555-48442,201 Ken SchromBob ShirleyDickie NolesDave Righetti 506515-9
1986-08-03vs NYA104L  8-1255-49445,356 Phil NiekroAl HollandRod ScurryPhil NiekroBrian Fisher514527-13
1986-08-05@ DET105L  5-655-5150Jose RomanEric KingMark ThurmondScott BailesBill Campbell519533-14
1986-08-05@ DET106L  9-1155-51527,300John ButcherFrank TananaFrank TananaJohn ButcherRandy O'Neal528544-16
1986-08-07@ DET107L  1-1555-5360Phil NiekroJack MorrisJack MorrisPhil Niekro 529559-30
1986-08-07@ DET108L  2-655-53623,708Ken SchromMark ThurmondMark ThurmondKen SchromBill Campbell531565-34
1986-08-08@ BAL109W  3-056-53629,917Tom CandiottiMike BoddickerTom CandiottiMike BoddickerErnie Camacho534565-31
1986-08-09@ BAL110W  8-257-53533,990Jose RomanStorm DavisJose RomanStorm Davis 542567-25
1986-08-10@ BAL111W  6-358-53529,815Scott BailesKen DixonScott BailesKen DixonErnie Camacho548570-22
1986-08-11@ NYA112L  5-658-54521,343Phil NiekroRon GuidryBrian FisherFrank Wills 553576-23
1986-08-12@ NYA113L  4-658-55621,913Ken SchromJoe NiekroTim StoddardRich YettDave Righetti557582-25
1986-08-13@ NYA114L  0-458-56625,139Tom CandiottiTommy JohnTommy JohnTom CandiottiDave Righetti557586-29
1986-08-14vs BAL115L  2-1258-57613,840 Jose RomanStorm DavisStorm DavisJose Roman 559598-39
1986-08-15vs BAL116W  3-259-57655,427 Scott BailesKen DixonFrank WillsDon AaseErnie Camacho562600-38
1986-08-16vs BAL117W  2-160-57622,326 Phil NiekroMike FlanaganPhil NiekroMike FlanaganBryan Oelkers564601-37
1986-08-17vs BAL118W  11-661-57616,072 Ken SchromMike BoddickerBryan OelkersMike Boddicker 575607-32
1986-08-18vs MIL119W  10-462-57610,051 Tom CandiottiChris BosioTom CandiottiChris Bosio 585611-26
1986-08-19vs MIL120L  3-562-5869,147 Jose RomanTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraJose RomanMark Clear588616-28
1986-08-20vs MIL121L  3-662-59610,002 Scott BailesBill WegmanBill WegmanScott BailesDan Plesac591622-31
1986-08-21vs BOS122L  5-2462-60626,316 Greg SwindellOil Can BoydOil Can BoydGreg Swindell 596646-50
1986-08-22vs BOS123L  3-662-61645,138 Ken SchromBruce HurstBruce HurstKen SchromCalvin Schiraldi599652-53
1986-08-23vs BOS124W  5-463-61640,246 Tom CandiottiTom SeaverErnie CamachoBob Stanley 604656-52
1986-08-24vs BOS125W  5-264-61625,221 Phil NiekroAl NipperPhil NiekroAl NipperFrank Wills609658-49
1986-08-26vs TOR126W  6-665-6165,400 Scott BailesJoe Johnson 615664-49
1986-08-27vs TOR127L  2-365-6360 Greg SwindellJimmy KeyMark EichhornBryan OelkersTom Henke617667-50
1986-08-27vs TOR128L  3-665-6369,051 Jose RomanJohn CeruttiJohn CeruttiFrank WillsTom Henke620673-53
1986-08-28vs TOR129L  1-965-6467,466 Ken SchromJim ClancyJim ClancyKen Schrom 621682-61
1986-08-29@ BOS130W  7-366-64534,004Tom CandiottiTom SeaverTom CandiottiTom Seaver 628685-57
1986-08-30@ BOS131L  3-766-65630,467Phil NiekroRoger ClemensRoger ClemensPhil Niekro 631692-61
1986-08-31@ BOS132L  3-466-66629,995Scott BailesOil Can BoydCalvin SchiraldiFrank Wills 634696-62
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-09-01@ TOR133L  4-566-67644,335Greg SwindellJimmy KeyTom HenkeErnie Camacho 638701-63
1986-09-02@ TOR134W  9-567-67633,535Ken SchromJim ClancyKen SchromJim ClancyFrank Wills647706-59
1986-09-03@ TOR135L  1-367-68531,532Tom CandiottiDave StiebDave StiebTom CandiottiTom Henke648709-61
1986-09-04@ MIL136W  15-468-6857,030Scott BailesTim LearyScott BailesTim Leary 663713-50
1986-09-05@ MIL137W  13-569-68512,586Phil NiekroBill WegmanPhil NiekroBill Wegman 676718-42
1986-09-06@ MIL138W  17-970-68510,735Greg SwindellJuan NievesGreg SwindellJuan Nieves 693727-34
1986-09-07@ MIL139L  2-770-6959,979Ken SchromPete VuckovichPete VuckovichKen SchromDan Plesac695734-39
1986-09-09vs CAL140L  1-870-7055,404 Tom CandiottiKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillTom Candiotti 696742-46
1986-09-10vs CAL141L  6-770-7156,472 Scott BailesWillie FraserChuck FinleyRich Yett 702749-47
1986-09-12vs OAK142W  9-371-71511,019 Greg SwindellBill KruegerGreg SwindellBill Krueger 711752-41
1986-09-13vs OAK143W  8-672-71513,004 Phil NiekroCurt YoungBryan OelkersBill MooneyhamFrank Wills719758-39
1986-09-14vs OAK144W  5-273-7159,054 Ken SchromJose RijoKen SchromJose RijoDoug Jones724760-36
1986-09-15vs MIN145W  4-074-7154,055 Tom CandiottiFrank ViolaTom CandiottiFrank Viola 728760-32
1986-09-16vs MIN146L  3-774-7254,940 Scott BailesBill LathamMark PortugalScott Bailes 731767-36
1986-09-17vs MIN147W  5-275-7255,101 Greg SwindellNeal HeatonGreg SwindellMike SmithsonFrank Wills736769-33
1986-09-19@ OAK148L  1-575-73541,778Phil NiekroCurt YoungCurt YoungPhil Niekro 737774-37
1986-09-20@ OAK149W  6-576-73514,289Ken SchromDave StewartFrank WillsJay HowellErnie Camacho743779-36
1986-09-21@ OAK150L  2-476-74513,159Tom CandiottiJoaquin AndujarJoaquin AndujarTom Candiotti 745783-38
1986-09-22@ CAL151L  3-477-7550Scott BailesDon SuttonDon SuttonScott BailesDoug Corbett748787-39
1986-09-22@ CAL152W  7-077-75524,429Rich YettRay ChadwickRich YettRay Chadwick 755787-32
1986-09-23@ CAL153W  5-278-75522,678Greg SwindellMike WittGreg SwindellMike Witt 760789-29
1986-09-25@ CAL154L  3-678-76522,684Phil NiekroKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillFrank WillsDonnie Moore763795-32
1986-09-26@ SEA155W  9-779-7656,061Tom CandiottiMike TrujilloDoug JonesPete Ladd 772802-30
1986-09-27@ SEA156W  12-480-76514,430Ken SchromMike MorganKen SchromMike Morgan 784806-22
1986-09-28@ SEA157W  5-481-7656,654Scott BailesMark LangstonFrank WillsEd NunezErnie Camacho789810-21
1986-09-29@ MIN158L  5-681-7756,232Greg SwindellBert BlylevenBert BlylevenGreg SwindellMark Portugal794816-22
1986-09-30@ MIN159L  9-1081-7855,605Phil NiekroFrank ViolaMark PortugalErnie Camacho 803826-23
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCLE PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-10-01@ MIN160W  12-382-7855,112Tom CandiottiAllan AndersonTom CandiottiAllan Anderson 815829-14
1986-10-03vs SEA161W  6-583-7857,963 Ken SchromMike MorganFrank WillsMike Trujillo 821834-13
1986-10-04vs SEA162W  6-584-78511,991 Greg SwindellMark LangstonGreg SwindellMark LangstonErnie Camacho827839-12
1986-10-05vs SEA163W  4-285-78512,175 Tom CandiottiMike MooreTom CandiottiMike Moore 831841-10

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