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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  92-70   .568
Result:   1st in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Gene Mauch
General Manager:   Mike Port
Stadium:  Anaheim Stadium
Attendance:  2,655,872
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  Lost ALCS (Red Sox)

California Angels affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Don Sutton (41)
Youngest Player:  Mark McLemore (21)
Longest Tenure:  Bobby Grich (10)
Top Hitter:  Brian Downing (18)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Witt (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Roberto Hernandez (#16)

Roster Continuity:  73.69%
Top Prospect:   Devon White
American League Standings
KC Royals7686.46916.0
Chi White Sox7290.44420.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-04-08@ SEA1L  4-80-1742,121Mike WittMike MoorePete LaddKen Forsch 48-4
1986-04-09@ SEA2W  9-51-1512,199John CandelariaMark LangstonJim SlatonMark Langston 13130
1986-04-10@ SEA3L  2-51-2610,780Don SuttonMatt YoungMatt YoungDon Sutton 1518-3
1986-04-11@ OAK4W  10-32-2413,438Ron RomanickRick LangfordRon RomanickRick LangfordKen Forsch25214
1986-04-12@ OAK5W  9-33-2435,454Kirk McCaskillJoaquin AndujarKirk McCaskillJoaquin Andujar 342410
1986-04-13@ OAK6L  7-113-3517,677Mike WittChris CodiroliChris CodiroliMike Witt 41356
1986-04-14vs SEA7W  7-64-3437,489 Jim SlatonMark LangstonDonnie MoorePete Ladd 48417
1986-04-15vs SEA8L  4-94-4524,422 Don SuttonMatt YoungMatt YoungDon SuttonMike Morgan52502
1986-04-16vs SEA9W  4-05-4422,510 Ron RomanickMilt WilcoxRon RomanickMilt Wilcox 56506
1986-04-17vs MIN10L  1-45-5522,787 Kirk McCaskillFrank ViolaFrank ViolaKirk McCaskill 57543
1986-04-18vs MIN11W  6-56-5330,535 Mike WittMike SmithsonMike WittMike SmithsonDonnie Moore63594
1986-04-19vs MIN12W  5-47-5223,498 Jim SlatonJohn ButcherJim SlatonJohn ButcherDonnie Moore68635
1986-04-20vs MIN13W  8-58-5158,066 Don SuttonBert BlylevenTerry ForsterRon Davis 76688
1986-04-21vs OAK14L  2-68-6224,171 Ron RomanickJoaquin AndujarJoaquin AndujarRon RomanickSteve Ontiveros78744
1986-04-22vs OAK15W  5-19-6124,351 Kirk McCaskillRick LangfordKirk McCaskillRick Langford 83758
1986-04-23vs OAK16W  5-010-6125,001 Mike WittChris CodiroliMike WittChris Codiroli 887513
1986-04-25@ MIN17L  4-710-7116,156Jim SlatonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJim Slaton 928210
1986-04-26@ MIN18W  7-611-7131,966Don SuttonFrank ViolaT.R. BrydenRon DavisDonnie Moore998811
1986-04-27@ MIN19W  8-712-7115,126Ron RomanickMike SmithsonT.R. BrydenRoy SmithDonnie Moore1079512
1986-04-29@ TOR20W  4-313-7118,103Kirk McCaskillDave StiebTerry ForsterMark EichhornDonnie Moore1119813
1986-04-30@ TOR21L  4-613-8118,171Mike WittDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderDonnie Moore 11510411
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-05-01@ TOR22W  7-414-8120,102Jim SlatonJimmy KeyJim SlatonJimmy KeyDonnie Moore12210814
1986-05-02@ MIL23L  4-514-919,476Don SuttonJuan NievesJuan NievesDon SuttonDan Plesac12611313
1986-05-03@ MIL24L  3-414-10111,674Ron RomanickBill WegmanMark ClearDonnie Moore 12911712
1986-05-04@ MIL25L  3-514-11112,432Kirk McCaskillTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraKirk McCaskillMark Clear13212210
1986-05-05@ BOS26L  0-314-12116,886Mike WittBruce HurstBruce HurstMike Witt 1321257
1986-05-06@ BOS27W  6-215-12114,072Jim SlatonOil Can BoydTerry ForsterOil Can BoydDoug Corbett13812711
1986-05-07vs TOR28W  6-216-12124,895 Don SuttonJim ClancyDon SuttonJim ClancyDoug Corbett14412915
1986-05-08vs TOR29L  6-716-13223,650 Ron RomanickJim AckerMark EichhornTerry ForsterTom Henke15013614
1986-05-09vs MIL30L  5-1616-14240,716 Kirk McCaskillTim LearyDanny DarwinKirk McCaskill 1551523
1986-05-10vs MIL31L  2-416-15235,371 Mike WittJuan NievesJuan NievesMike WittDan Plesac1571561
1986-05-11vs MIL32W  5-117-15235,418 Jim SlatonBill WegmanJim SlatonBill WegmanDoug Corbett1621575
1986-05-12vs BOS33W  7-118-15225,450 Don SuttonAl NipperDon SuttonAl Nipper 16915811
1986-05-13vs BOS34W  5-419-15127,420 Ron RomanickMike BrownRon RomanickMike BrownDoug Corbett17416212
1986-05-14vs BOS35L  5-819-16132,966 Kirk McCaskillRoger ClemensRoger ClemensT.R. BrydenJoe Sambito1791709
1986-05-16@ DET36W  11-120-16123,184Mike WittDan PetryMike WittDan Petry 19017119
1986-05-17@ DET37L  4-1020-17128,709Jim SlatonDave LaPointDave LaPointJim Slaton 19418113
1986-05-20@ BAL38W  6-421-17113,893Kirk McCaskillMike BoddickerKirk McCaskillMike BoddickerDonnie Moore20018515
1986-05-21@ BAL39L  1-221-18116,651Mike WittStorm DavisStorm DavisMike WittDon Aase20118714
1986-05-22@ BAL40L  3-621-1914,891Jim SlatonScott McGregorScott McGregorJim SlatonRich Bordi20419311
1986-05-23@ NYA41L  5-1021-20126,491Don SuttonDennis RasmussenEd WhitsonDon Sutton 2092036
1986-05-24@ NYA42L  6-721-21225,114Ron RomanickTommy JohnDave RighettiDonnie Moore 2152105
1986-05-25@ NYA43L  5-821-22250,906Kirk McCaskillRon GuidryAl HollandDoug Corbett 2202182
1986-05-26@ NYA44W  8-722-22230,475Mike WittJoe NiekroMike WittDave RighettiTerry Forster2282253
1986-05-28vs DET45L  1-422-23230,321 Jim SlatonDan PetryDan PetryJim SlatonEric King2292290
1986-05-29vs DET46L  4-722-24228,841 Don SuttonDave LaPointDave LaPointDon SuttonGuillermo Hernandez233236-3
1986-05-30vs BAL47L  0-322-25347,587 Ron RomanickMike FlanaganNate SnellRon RomanickDon Aase233239-6
1986-05-31vs BAL48W  2-023-25335,729 Kirk McCaskillStorm DavisKirk McCaskillStorm Davis 235239-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-06-01vs BAL49W  7-424-25347,408 Mike WittScott McGregorMike WittScott McGregorDoug Corbett242243-1
1986-06-02vs NYA50W  8-725-25232,746 Jim SlatonEd WhitsonChuck FinleyDave Righetti 2502500
1986-06-03vs NYA51W  4-226-25233,309 Don SuttonDennis RasmussenDon SuttonDennis RasmussenTerry Forster2542522
1986-06-04vs NYA52L  0-1126-26339,676 Ron RomanickJoe NiekroJoe NiekroRon Romanick 254263-9
1986-06-06@ CLE53L  0-326-2739,387Kirk McCaskillKen SchromKen SchromKirk McCaskill 254266-12
1986-06-07@ CLE54W  8-227-27320,010Mike WittTom CandiottiMike WittTom Candiotti 262268-6
1986-06-08@ CLE55L  4-1127-28310,109Jim SlatonNeal HeatonNeal HeatonJim Slaton 266279-13
1986-06-09@ CHA56W  3-028-28319,611Don SuttonTom SeaverDon SuttonTom Seaver 269279-10
1986-06-10@ CHA57L  3-728-29313,497Ron RomanickNeil AllenNeil AllenRon RomanickBob James272286-14
1986-06-11@ CHA58W  12-1129-29314,177Kirk McCaskillRichard DotsonKirk McCaskillRichard DotsonTerry Forster284297-13
1986-06-12vs KCA59W  3-230-29227,701 Mike WittDanny JacksonMike WittDanny Jackson 287299-12
1986-06-13vs KCA60L  2-1030-30335,992 Jim SlatonBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenJim Slaton 289309-20
1986-06-14vs KCA61W  6-531-30240,005 Don SuttonDennis LeonardDoug CorbettBuddy Black 295314-19
1986-06-15vs KCA62L  5-631-31353,659 Ron RomanickCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtRon RomanickDan Quisenberry300320-20
1986-06-16vs TEX63W  2-132-31324,993 Kirk McCaskillCharlie HoughKirk McCaskillCharlie Hough 302321-19
1986-06-17vs TEX64W  4-033-31327,457 Mike WittMickey MahlerMike WittMickey Mahler 306321-15
1986-06-18vs TEX65W  5-134-31237,044 Don SuttonJose GuzmanDon SuttonJose Guzman 311322-11
1986-06-20@ KCA66W  6-235-31235,086Ron RomanickDennis LeonardRon RomanickDennis Leonard 317324-7
1986-06-21@ KCA67W  4-336-31240,646Kirk McCaskillCharlie LeibrandtKirk McCaskillCharlie LeibrandtTerry Forster321327-6
1986-06-22@ KCA68L  4-736-32233,417Mike WittScott BankheadScott BankheadMike WittDan Quisenberry325334-9
1986-06-23@ TEX69W  6-437-32218,344Don SuttonJose GuzmanDon SuttonJose GuzmanDoug Corbett331338-7
1986-06-24@ TEX70W  12-338-32229,057Ron RomanickEd CorreaRon RomanickEd Correa 3433412
1986-06-25@ TEX71W  7-139-32133,313Kirk McCaskillBobby WittKirk McCaskillBobby Witt 3503428
1986-06-27vs CLE72L  3-639-33136,109 Mike WittDon SchulzeDickie NolesMike WittErnie Camacho3533485
1986-06-28vs CLE73W  9-340-33143,385 Don SuttonPhil NiekroDoug CorbettJohn Butcher 36235111
1986-06-29vs CLE74L  4-640-34129,128 Ron RomanickKen SchromKen SchromRon RomanickErnie Camacho3663579
1986-06-30vs CHA75L  3-440-35122,289 Kirk McCaskillJoel DavisJoel DavisKirk McCaskillDave J. Schmidt3693618
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-07-01vs CHA76L  3-540-36228,421 Mike CookFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterMike CookBob James3723666
1986-07-02vs CHA77W  4-341-36227,596 Mike WittNeil AllenMike WittNeil Allen 3763697
1986-07-04@ TOR78W  9-142-36230,283Don SuttonDave StiebDon SuttonDave Stieb 38537015
1986-07-05@ TOR79L  3-742-37240,426Ron RomanickJim ClancyJim ClancyRon Romanick 38837711
1986-07-06@ TOR80W  8-243-37236,197Kirk McCaskillDennis LampKirk McCaskillDennis Lamp 39637917
1986-07-07@ MIL81W  3-144-37110,160Mike WittBill WegmanTerry ForsterDan PlesacDoug Corbett39938019
1986-07-08@ MIL82W  14-345-37113,411John CandelariaJuan NievesJohn CandelariaJuan Nieves 41338330
1986-07-09@ MIL83W  6-146-37123,198Don SuttonTeddy HigueraDon SuttonTeddy HigueraDonnie Moore41938435
1986-07-10@ BOS84L  7-846-38131,305Ron RomanickAl NipperTim LollarMike Cook 42639234
1986-07-11@ BOS85W  5-047-38135,497Kirk McCaskillTom SeaverKirk McCaskillTom Seaver 43139239
1986-07-12@ BOS86L  2-347-39132,932Mike WittRoger ClemensRoger ClemensMike Witt 43339538
1986-07-13@ BOS87W  12-348-39129,374John CandelariaJeff SellersJohn CandelariaJeff SellersDoug Corbett44539847
1986-07-17vs TOR88L  5-848-40131,585 Don SuttonJimmy KeyJimmy KeyDon SuttonJohn Cerutti45040644
1986-07-18vs TOR89L  0-248-41131,672 Kirk McCaskillJim ClancyJim ClancyKirk McCaskillMark Eichhorn45040842
1986-07-19vs TOR90W  9-349-41130,577 John CandelariaDave StiebJohn CandelariaDave Stieb 45941148
1986-07-20vs TOR91L  3-649-42127,795 Mike WittJoe JohnsonTom HenkeDoug CorbettBill Caudill46241745
1986-07-21vs MIL92L  3-549-43122,449 Ron RomanickBill WegmanBill WegmanRon RomanickDan Plesac46542243
1986-07-22vs MIL93L  2-649-44128,731 Don SuttonJuan NievesJuan NievesDon Sutton 46742839
1986-07-23vs MIL94W  3-250-44127,809 Kirk McCaskillDanny DarwinKirk McCaskillDanny Darwin 47043040
1986-07-25vs BOS95L  1-850-45150,688 John CandelariaRoger ClemensRoger ClemensJohn Candelaria 47143833
1986-07-26vs BOS96W  4-151-45133,977 Mike WittBruce HurstMike WittBruce HurstDonnie Moore47543936
1986-07-27vs BOS97W  3-052-45161,559 Don SuttonTom SeaverDon SuttonTom SeaverDonnie Moore47843939
1986-07-28@ OAK98W  6-353-45120,381Kirk McCaskillJoaquin AndujarKirk McCaskillJoaquin AndujarDonnie Moore48444242
1986-07-29@ OAK99L  2-453-46113,080Ray ChadwickDave StewartDave StewartRay ChadwickJay Howell48644640
1986-07-30@ OAK100W  6-254-46115,800John CandelariaJose RijoJohn CandelariaDave LeiperDonnie Moore49244844
1986-07-31@ OAK101W  8-555-46116,113Mike WittEric PlunkMike WittEric Plunk 50045347
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-08-01@ SEA102W  3-256-46111,588Don SuttonMark LangstonDon SuttonMark LangstonDonnie Moore50345548
1986-08-02@ SEA103L  3-756-47116,447Kirk McCaskillMike MooreMark HuismannKirk McCaskill 50646244
1986-08-03@ SEA104L  3-656-4818,906Ray ChadwickJerry ReedPete LaddRay Chadwick 50946841
1986-08-04@ MIN105L  5-656-49114,986John CandelariaNeal HeatonFrank PastoreDonnie Moore 51447440
1986-08-05@ MIN106W  13-157-49122,689Mike WittAllan AndersonMike WittAllan Anderson 52747552
1986-08-06@ MIN107L  2-557-50121,129Don SuttonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenDon Sutton 52948049
1986-08-07vs SEA108W  4-358-50127,970 Kirk McCaskillMike MooreDonnie MoorePete Ladd 53348350
1986-08-08vs SEA109W  6-459-50129,950 Vern RuhleBill SwiftVern RuhleBill SwiftDoug Corbett53948752
1986-08-09vs SEA110W  5-060-50137,373 John CandelariaMike MorganJohn CandelariaMike Morgan 54448757
1986-08-10vs SEA111W  4-061-50128,939 Mike WittMark LangstonMike WittMark Langston 54848761
1986-08-11vs MIN112L  0-261-51125,802 Don SuttonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenDon Sutton 54848959
1986-08-12vs MIN113W  5-462-51129,094 Kirk McCaskillMike SmithsonGary LucasRon Davis 55349360
1986-08-13vs MIN114L  2-662-52127,533 Vern RuhleFrank ViolaFrank ViolaVern Ruhle 55549956
1986-08-15vs OAK115W  6-463-52136,027 John CandelariaJose RijoJohn CandelariaJose RijoDonnie Moore56150358
1986-08-16vs OAK116W  5-264-52143,796 Mike WittCurt YoungMike WittCurt Young 56650561
1986-08-17vs OAK117W  7-365-52128,504 Don SuttonJoaquin AndujarDon SuttonJoaquin AndujarGary Lucas57350865
1986-08-19@ DET118W  5-266-5310Kirk McCaskillDan PetryKirk McCaskillDan PetryDonnie Moore57851068
1986-08-19@ DET119L  3-866-53128,717Vern RuhleRandy O'NealRandy O'NealVern Ruhle 58151863
1986-08-20@ DET120L  0-366-54122,755John CandelariaWalt TerrellWalt TerrellJohn Candelaria 58152160
1986-08-21@ DET121W  6-167-54123,210Mike WittJack MorrisMike WittJack Morris 58752265
1986-08-22@ BAL122L  7-867-55134,654Don SuttonMike BoddickerRich BordiDonnie MooreDon Aase59453064
1986-08-23@ BAL123L  2-467-56125,370Ray ChadwickMike FlanaganMike FlanaganRay ChadwickDon Aase59653462
1986-08-24@ BAL124W  4-368-56133,349Kirk McCaskillStorm DavisKirk McCaskillStorm DavisDonnie Moore60053763
1986-08-25@ NYA125W  5-369-56130,941John CandelariaJoe NiekroJohn CandelariaJoe NiekroDonnie Moore60554065
1986-08-26@ NYA126W  2-070-56128,060Mike WittDoug DrabekMike WittDoug Drabek 60754067
1986-08-28vs DET127W  4-271-56133,762 Don SuttonEric KingDon SuttonEric KingDonnie Moore61154269
1986-08-29vs DET128W  13-1272-56132,922 Kirk McCaskillFrank TananaDoug CorbettGuillermo Hernandez 62455470
1986-08-30vs DET129W  5-473-56139,633 Ray ChadwickDan PetryGary LucasBill Campbell 62955871
1986-08-31vs DET130W  5-374-56130,662 John CandelariaWalt TerrellDonnie MooreWalt Terrell 63456173
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-09-01vs BAL131L  3-974-57134,748 Mike WittScott McGregorScott McGregorMike Witt 63757067
1986-09-02vs BAL132W  10-175-57124,636 Don SuttonMike FlanaganDon SuttonMike Flanagan 64757176
1986-09-03vs BAL133W  5-276-57126,025 Kirk McCaskillStorm DavisKirk McCaskillOdell Jones 65257379
1986-09-05vs NYA134L  4-776-58144,701 Ray ChadwickDoug DrabekDoug DrabekRay ChadwickDave Righetti65658076
1986-09-06vs NYA135W  9-277-58151,182 Mike WittJoe NiekroMike WittJoe Niekro 66558283
1986-09-07vs NYA136W  7-278-58135,480 Don SuttonDennis RasmussenDon SuttonDennis RasmussenGary Lucas67258488
1986-09-09@ CLE137W  8-179-5815,404Kirk McCaskillTom CandiottiKirk McCaskillTom Candiotti 68058595
1986-09-10@ CLE138W  7-680-5816,472Willie FraserScott BailesChuck FinleyRich Yett 68759196
1986-09-12@ CHA139L  2-380-59111,609Don SuttonFloyd BannisterBobby ThigpenChuck Finley 68959495
1986-09-13@ CHA140W  3-281-59116,341Mike WittSteve CarltonGary LucasBill DawleyTerry Forster69259696
1986-09-14@ CHA141L  1-381-60117,307Kirk McCaskillJoe CowleyJoe CowleyKirk McCaskill 69359994
1986-09-15@ CHA142W  6-582-60110,069Urbano LugoJose DeLeonUrbano LugoJose DeLeonDonnie Moore69960495
1986-09-16vs KCA143W  6-583-60126,057 John CandelariaCharlie LeibrandtGary LucasDan Quisenberry 70560996
1986-09-17vs KCA144W  3-184-60127,067 Don SuttonDanny JacksonDoug CorbettBuddy Black 70861098
1986-09-18vs KCA145W  18-385-60125,876 Mike WittDennis LeonardMike WittDennis Leonard 726613113
1986-09-19vs CHA146L  1-785-61128,647 Kirk McCaskillJoe CowleyJoe CowleyKirk McCaskill 727620107
1986-09-20vs CHA147W  8-786-61134,219 Urbano LugoJose DeLeonDonnie MooreDave J. Schmidt 735627108
1986-09-21vs CHA148W  3-087-61125,322 John CandelariaRichard DotsonJohn CandelariaRichard DotsonDonnie Moore738627111
1986-09-22vs CLE149W  4-388-6210 Don SuttonScott BailesDon SuttonScott BailesDoug Corbett742630112
1986-09-22vs CLE150L  0-788-62124,429 Ray ChadwickRich YettRich YettRay Chadwick 742637105
1986-09-23vs CLE151L  2-588-63122,678 Mike WittGreg SwindellGreg SwindellMike Witt 744642102
1986-09-25vs CLE152W  6-389-63122,684 Kirk McCaskillPhil NiekroKirk McCaskillFrank WillsDonnie Moore750645105
1986-09-26vs TEX153W  8-390-63146,677 John CandelariaMike MasonJohn CandelariaDale Mohorcic 758648110
1986-09-27vs TEX154L  0-190-64130,886 Don SuttonCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDon Sutton 758649109
1986-09-28vs TEX155L  3-490-65157,224 Mike WittBobby WittBobby WittMike WittGreg Harris761653108
1986-09-29@ KCA156L  1-290-66123,623Urbano LugoMark GubiczaMark GubiczaUrbano LugoBuddy Black762655107
1986-09-30@ KCA157W  8-491-66118,107Ray ChadwickBret SaberhagenChuck FinleyScott Bankhead 770659111
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-10-01@ KCA158L  0-291-67119,225Don SuttonDanny JacksonDanny JacksonVern Ruhle 770661109
1986-10-02@ TEX159L  9-1091-68113,190Mike WittMike MasonGreg HarrisGary Lucas 779671108
1986-10-03@ TEX160L  1-691-69117,701Kirk McCaskillBobby WittBobby WittKirk McCaskillGreg Harris780677103
1986-10-04@ TEX161W  2-092-69123,040John CandelariaEd CorreaJohn CandelariaEd CorreaVern Ruhle782677105
1986-10-05@ TEX162L  4-792-70119,686Don SuttonCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDon Sutton 786684102

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