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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  79-82   .491
Result:   3rd in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Whitey Herzog
General Manager:   Dal Maxvill
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  2,471,974
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bob Forsch (36)
Youngest Player:  Jose Oquendo (22)
Longest Tenure:  Bob Forsch (13)
Top Hitter:  Vince Coleman (14)
Top Pitcher:  Danny Cox (15)
Top Draft Pick:  Luis Alicea (#23)

Roster Continuity:  72.28%
Top Prospect:   Greg Mathews
National League Standings
NY Mets10854.667--
St. Louis7982.49128.5
Chi Cubs7090.43837.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-04-08vs CHN1W  2-11-0248,672 John TudorRick SutcliffeJohn TudorRick Sutcliffe 211
1986-04-10vs CHN2W  4-22-0232,952 Rick OwnbeyDennis EckersleyRick OwnbeyDennis EckersleyTodd Worrell633
1986-04-11vs MON3W  9-13-0230,307 Bob ForschJoe HeskethBob ForschJoe Hesketh 15411
1986-04-12vs MON4W  6-34-0138,362 John TudorFloyd YoumansJohn TudorFloyd YoumansTodd Worrell21714
1986-04-13vs MON5L  2-34-1139,666 Kurt KepshireBryn SmithBryn SmithKurt KepshireJeff Reardon231013
1986-04-14@ NYN6W  6-25-1147,752Ricky HortonDwight GoodenPat PerryRandy Niemann 291217
1986-04-18@ MON7W  4-26-1110,015John TudorJoe HeskethJohn TudorJoe HeskethTodd Worrell331419
1986-04-19@ MON8W  9-67-1114,188Bob ForschBryn SmithTim ConroyFloyd Youmans 422022
1986-04-20@ MON9L  0-27-2112,994Ricky HortonJay TibbsJay TibbsRicky Horton 422220
1986-04-22@ CHN10L  2-37-328,747John TudorSteve TroutJay BallerPat Perry 442519
1986-04-23@ CHN11L  0-67-4211,936Rick OwnbeyScott SandersonScott SandersonRick Ownbey 443113
1986-04-24vs NYN12L  4-57-5233,597 Bob ForschRon DarlingRoger McDowellTodd Worrell 483612
1986-04-25vs NYN13L  0-97-6243,721 Ricky HortonDwight GoodenDwight GoodenRicky Horton 48453
1986-04-26vs NYN14L  3-47-7344,769 Danny CoxSid FernandezSid FernandezDanny CoxJesse Orosco51492
1986-04-27vs NYN15L  3-57-8439,193 John TudorBob OjedaBob OjedaJohn Tudor 54540
1986-04-28@ SFN16W  5-48-828,952Rick OwnbeyScott GarreltsTodd WorrellMark DavisPat Perry59581
1986-04-29@ SFN17L  0-28-9418,219Bob ForschMike LaCossMike LaCossBob ForschGreg Minton5960-1
1986-04-30@ SDN18L  0-58-10416,637Ricky HortonMark ThurmondMark ThurmondRicky Horton 5965-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-05-01@ SDN19L  3-48-11528,472Danny CoxEric ShowEric ShowDanny CoxRich Gossage6269-7
1986-05-02@ LAN20L  2-38-12539,495John TudorJerry ReussJerry ReussJohn TudorKen Howell6472-8
1986-05-03@ LAN21L  0-38-13647,200Tim ConroyFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaTim Conroy 6475-11
1986-05-04@ LAN22W  3-19-13545,445Bob ForschOrel HershiserBob ForschOrel HershiserTodd Worrell6776-9
1986-05-06vs SDN23L  2-39-14621,705 Danny CoxMark ThurmondGene WalterKen DayleyRich Gossage6979-10
1986-05-07vs SDN24W  4-310-14424,074 John TudorEric ShowTodd WorrellRich Gossage 7382-9
1986-05-08vs SDN25W  13-311-14426,060 Tim ConroyDave DraveckyTim ConroyDave Dravecky 86851
1986-05-09vs SFN26L  1-211-15437,021 Bob ForschMike LaCossMike LaCossTodd WorrellMark Davis87870
1986-05-10vs SFN27W  6-312-15444,795 Ray BurrisRoger MasonRay BurrisRoger MasonKen Dayley93903
1986-05-11vs SFN28W  4-313-15429,355 Danny CoxMike KrukowTodd WorrellMike Krukow 97934
1986-05-13vs LAN29L  5-613-16440,727 John TudorJerry ReussRick HoneycuttKen Dayley 102993
1986-05-14vs LAN30L  3-813-17531,671 Tim ConroyFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaTim Conroy 105107-2
1986-05-16@ ATL31L  2-613-18515,551Bob ForschRick MahlerRick MahlerBob Forsch 107113-6
1986-05-17@ ATL32L  0-213-19537,350Danny CoxJoe JohnsonJoe JohnsonDanny CoxBruce Sutter107115-8
1986-05-18@ ATL33L  2-513-20622,861John TudorZane SmithZane SmithJohn TudorPaul Assenmacher109120-11
1986-05-20vs CIN34L  3-513-21624,403 Tim ConroyBill GullicksonBill GullicksonGreg BargarJohn Franco112125-13
1986-05-21vs CIN35W  8-314-21524,160 Bob ForschJohn DennyBob ForschJohn DennyKen Dayley120128-8
1986-05-22vs CIN36L  4-614-22526,791 Danny CoxMario SotoMario SotoDanny CoxJohn Franco124134-10
1986-05-23vs ATL37W  3-215-22533,774 John TudorZane SmithJohn TudorZane SmithTodd Worrell127136-9
1986-05-24vs ATL38W  9-516-22439,352 Ray BurrisDavid PalmerRay BurrisDavid PalmerTodd Worrell136141-5
1986-05-25vs ATL39L  2-616-23437,966 Tim ConroyRick MahlerRick MahlerTim Conroy 138147-9
1986-05-26vs HOU40L  1-416-24520,099 Bob ForschJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesBob ForschFrank DiPino139151-12
1986-05-27vs HOU41L  4-516-25620,146 Danny CoxBob KnepperDave SmithKen Dayley 143156-13
1986-05-28vs HOU42L  3-416-26617,582 John TudorMike MaddenCharlie KerfeldTodd Worrell 146160-14
1986-05-30@ CIN43L  4-616-27624,331Ray BurrisJohn DennyJoe PriceRay BurrisJohn Franco150166-16
1986-05-31@ CIN44W  11-217-27623,071Bob ForschTom BrowningBob ForschTom Browning 161168-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-06-01@ CIN45W  2-118-27626,165Danny CoxChris WelshDanny CoxChris WelshTodd Worrell163169-6
1986-06-02@ HOU46W  9-219-27611,669John TudorMike MaddenJohn TudorMike Madden 1721711
1986-06-03@ HOU47W  3-120-2766,430Greg MathewsJim DeshaiesGreg MathewsJim DeshaiesTodd Worrell1751723
1986-06-04@ HOU48L  2-420-28611,396Ray BurrisMike ScottMike ScottRay BurrisDave Smith1771761
1986-06-05vs CHN49W  4-321-28530,575 Bob ForschMatt KeoughBob ForschMatt KeoughTodd Worrell1811792
1986-06-06vs CHN50L  3-921-29641,154 Danny CoxGuy HoffmanJay BallerDanny Cox 184188-4
1986-06-07vs CHN51W  3-222-29542,151 John TudorRick SutcliffeJohn TudorRick Sutcliffe 187190-3
1986-06-08vs CHN52L  2-1422-30641,919 Greg MathewsSteve TroutSteve TroutGreg Mathews 189204-15
1986-06-09vs MON53L  4-522-31624,722 Ray BurrisBryn SmithTim BurkeTodd WorrellJeff Reardon193209-16
1986-06-10vs MON54L  2-422-32625,207 Bob ForschJay TibbsJay TibbsBob ForschJeff Reardon195213-18
1986-06-11vs MON55L  3-422-33631,926 Danny CoxJoe HeskethJeff ReardonGreg BargarBert Roberge198217-19
1986-06-13@ CHN56W  1-023-3460Greg MathewsRick SutcliffeGreg MathewsRick SutcliffeTodd Worrell199217-18
1986-06-13@ CHN57L  2-323-34634,037John TudorSteve TroutLee SmithTodd Worrell 201220-19
1986-06-14@ CHN58W  1-024-34531,894Ray BurrisScott SandersonRay BurrisScott SandersonTodd Worrell202220-18
1986-06-15@ CHN59L  3-424-35631,244Bob ForschDennis EckersleyRay FontenotTodd Worrell 205224-19
1986-06-16@ PIT60W  4-225-3567,834Danny CoxRick RhodenDanny CoxRick RhodenTodd Worrell209226-17
1986-06-17@ PIT61W  7-226-3549,424Greg MathewsRick ReuschelGreg MathewsRick Reuschel 216228-12
1986-06-18@ PIT62L  1-226-36610,455John TudorMike BieleckiDon RobinsonTodd Worrell 217230-13
1986-06-19@ PHI63L  3-526-37622,376Ray BurrisKevin GrossKevin GrossRay BurrisDon Carman220235-15
1986-06-20@ PHI64W  9-227-37525,292Bob ForschCharles HudsonBob ForschCharles Hudson 229237-8
1986-06-21@ PHI65W  8-628-37538,601Danny CoxSteve CarltonTodd WorrellDon CarmanKen Dayley237243-6
1986-06-22@ PHI66W  7-429-37432,570Greg MathewsMike MadduxGreg MathewsMike MadduxTodd Worrell244247-3
1986-06-23vs PIT67W  2-130-37425,506 John TudorMike BieleckiTodd WorrellPat Clements 246248-2
1986-06-24vs PIT68W  5-231-37424,251 Ray BurrisJim WinnRay BurrisJim WinnKen Dayley2512501
1986-06-25vs PIT69W  2-132-37429,146 Danny CoxBob WalkRicky HortonPat Clements 2532512
1986-06-27vs PHI70L  1-232-38437,903 Bob ForschShane RawleyKent TekulveRick OwnbeyTom Hume2542531
1986-06-28vs PHI71L  4-732-39443,513 Greg MathewsBruce RuffinSteve BedrosianPat PerryTom Hume258260-2
1986-06-29vs PHI72L  7-832-40442,959 Ray BurrisKevin GrossSteve BedrosianTodd Worrell 265268-3
1986-06-30vs NYN73L  0-732-41438,819 John TudorBob OjedaBob OjedaJohn Tudor 265275-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-07-01vs NYN74L  1-232-42425,869 Danny CoxSid FernandezSid FernandezDanny CoxRoger McDowell266277-11
1986-07-02vs NYN75L  3-432-43429,794 Bob ForschRick AguileraDoug SiskBob ForschJesse Orosco269281-12
1986-07-03@ SFN76L  0-132-44447,167Greg MathewsMike KrukowMike KrukowRick Ownbey 269282-13
1986-07-04@ SFN77L  1-632-45518,971Ray BurrisMike LaCossMike LaCossRay Burris 270288-18
1986-07-05@ SFN78W  7-433-45520,747John TudorVida BlueTodd WorrellJuan BerenguerKen Dayley277292-15
1986-07-06@ SFN79L  3-833-46540,473Danny CoxSteve CarltonScott GarreltsDanny Cox 280300-20
1986-07-07@ LAN80L  0-133-47531,976Bob ForschAlejandro PenaAlejandro PenaBob ForschKen Howell280301-21
1986-07-08@ LAN81W  1-034-47532,723Tim ConroyBob WelchTim ConroyBob WelchRicky Horton281301-20
1986-07-09@ LAN82L  2-834-48638,246Greg MathewsFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaGreg Mathews 283309-26
1986-07-10@ SDN83L  3-434-49620,453John TudorDave DraveckyCraig LeffertsJohn Tudor 286313-27
1986-07-11@ SDN84W  4-235-49621,730Danny CoxAndy HawkinsDanny CoxAndy HawkinsTodd Worrell290315-25
1986-07-12@ SDN85W  4-236-49638,621Bob ForschEd WhitsonBob ForschEd WhitsonTodd Worrell294317-23
1986-07-13@ SDN86L  6-1336-50621,794Tim ConroyLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytTim ConroyBob Stoddard300330-30
1986-07-17vs LAN87W  12-237-50427,684 John TudorOrel HershiserJohn TudorOrel Hershiser 312332-20
1986-07-18vs LAN88L  3-437-51634,704 Danny CoxFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaDanny CoxTom Niedenfuer315336-21
1986-07-19vs LAN89W  2-138-51632,083 Bob ForschBob WelchBob ForschBob WelchTodd Worrell317337-20
1986-07-20vs LAN90L  2-738-52634,234 Tim ConroyRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttTim ConroyKen Howell319344-25
1986-07-21vs SFN91W  8-339-52623,340 Greg MathewsSteve CarltonGreg MathewsSteve Carlton 327347-20
1986-07-22vs SFN92W  10-740-52523,673 John TudorVida BlueJohn TudorVida BlueTodd Worrell337354-17
1986-07-23vs SFN93W  4-341-52426,824 Danny CoxMike LaCossDanny CoxMike LaCossTodd Worrell341357-16
1986-07-25vs SDN94W  3-242-52429,518 Bob ForschEd WhitsonBob ForschEd WhitsonTodd Worrell344359-15
1986-07-26vs SDN95W  4-243-52430,086 Greg MathewsLaMarr HoytGreg MathewsLaMarr HoytRicky Horton348361-13
1986-07-27vs SDN96W  3-244-52435,323 John TudorLance McCullersJohn TudorLance McCullersTodd Worrell351363-12
1986-07-28@ PHI97W  3-145-52421,553Danny CoxBruce RuffinDanny CoxBruce Ruffin 354364-10
1986-07-29@ PHI98L  7-1245-53421,970Tim ConroyShane RawleyTom HumeTim Conroy 361376-15
1986-07-30@ PHI99W  6-346-53424,324Bob ForschCharles HudsonBob ForschCharles HudsonTodd Worrell367379-12
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-08-01@ PIT100L  0-446-5449,794Greg MathewsRick RhodenRick RhodenGreg Mathews 367383-16
1986-08-02@ PIT101W  7-347-54414,233John TudorLarry McWilliamsJohn TudorLarry McWilliams 374386-12
1986-08-03@ PIT102L  0-347-55414,849Danny CoxRick ReuschelRick ReuschelDanny Cox 374389-15
1986-08-04vs PHI103W  3-248-55427,059 Tim ConroyCharles HudsonTodd WorrellDan Schatzeder 377391-14
1986-08-05vs PHI104W  7-449-55424,870 Bob ForschMike MadduxBob ForschMike Maddux 384395-11
1986-08-06vs PHI105W  2-150-55432,714 Greg MathewsDon CarmanGreg MathewsDon CarmanTodd Worrell386396-10
1986-08-07vs PHI106W  6-551-55423,171 John TudorKevin GrossJohn TudorKevin GrossTodd Worrell392401-9
1986-08-08vs PIT107W  3-152-55436,244 Danny CoxRick ReuschelDanny CoxRick ReuschelRicky Horton395402-7
1986-08-09vs PIT108L  5-852-56440,723 Tim ConroyBob WalkBob WalkRay BurrisDon Robinson400410-10
1986-08-10vs PIT109W  5-453-56436,286 Bob ForschMike BieleckiBob ForschMike BieleckiTodd Worrell405414-9
1986-08-11@ MON110W  5-454-56314,540Greg MathewsFloyd YoumansGreg MathewsFloyd YoumansTodd Worrell410418-8
1986-08-12@ MON111L  3-1054-57420,158John TudorBob SebraBob SebraJohn Tudor 413428-15
1986-08-13@ MON112W  6-255-57423,373Danny CoxBryn SmithDanny CoxBryn Smith 419430-11
1986-08-14@ NYN113L  3-456-5840Tim ConroyRon DarlingRoger McDowellTodd Worrell 422434-12
1986-08-14@ NYN114W  5-156-58448,949Ricky HortonRick AndersonRicky HortonRick Anderson 427435-8
1986-08-15@ NYN115W  4-257-58446,780Bob ForschSid FernandezPat PerryJesse OroscoTodd Worrell431437-6
1986-08-16@ NYN116W  3-158-58344,873Greg MathewsDwight GoodenGreg MathewsRoger McDowellTodd Worrell434438-4
1986-08-17@ NYN117W  2-159-5940John TudorRick AguileraJohn TudorRick AguileraPat Perry436439-3
1986-08-17@ NYN118L  2-959-59444,843Danny CoxRandy NiemannRandy NiemannDanny CoxRoger McDowell438448-10
1986-08-19@ CIN119L  1-659-60418,713Tim ConroyTom BrowningTom BrowningTim Conroy 439454-15
1986-08-20@ CIN120L  1-359-61418,026Bob ForschBill GullicksonBill GullicksonBob ForschJohn Franco440457-17
1986-08-21@ CIN121L  4-959-62418,242Greg MathewsChris WelshChris WelshGreg MathewsRon Robinson444466-22
1986-08-22vs HOU122W  6-560-62433,918 John TudorNolan RyanJohn TudorNolan RyanTodd Worrell450471-21
1986-08-23vs HOU123W  7-161-62440,944 Danny CoxMike ScottDanny CoxMike Scott 457472-15
1986-08-24vs HOU124L  1-561-63433,687 Tim ConroyJim DeshaiesJim DeshaiesTim ConroyAurelio Lopez458477-19
1986-08-25vs ATL125L  2-461-64421,808 Bob ForschDavid PalmerDavid PalmerBob ForschGene Garber460481-21
1986-08-26vs ATL126W  7-162-64419,300 Greg MathewsJim AckerGreg MathewsJim Acker 467482-15
1986-08-27vs ATL127W  2-163-64323,887 John TudorRick MahlerTodd WorrellRick Mahler 469483-14
1986-08-29vs CIN128L  0-263-65324,262 Danny CoxBill GullicksonBill GullicksonDanny Cox 469485-16
1986-08-30vs CIN129W  5-264-65334,664 Tim ConroyChris WelshTim ConroyChris WelshTodd Worrell474487-13
1986-08-31vs CIN130W  9-365-65340,315 Bob ForschTom BrowningBob ForschTom Browning 483490-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-09-01@ ATL131W  5-266-6534,572Greg MathewsJim AckerRay SoffJim AckerTodd Worrell488492-4
1986-09-02@ ATL132L  2-466-6632,719John TudorRick MahlerRick MahlerJohn TudorGene Garber490496-6
1986-09-03@ ATL133W  5-367-6634,127Danny CoxZane SmithDanny CoxZane SmithTodd Worrell495499-4
1986-09-05@ HOU134W  8-568-66323,547Tim ConroyJim DeshaiesRay SoffAurelio Lopez 503504-1
1986-09-06@ HOU135L  6-768-67321,802Bob ForschBob KnepperCharlie KerfeldTodd Worrell 509511-2
1986-09-07@ HOU136L  3-668-68320,773Greg MathewsDanny DarwinJeff CalhounGreg MathewsDave Smith512517-5
1986-09-08@ PIT137L  2-368-6934,990Danny CoxBob PattersonBob PattersonDanny CoxHipolito Pena514520-6
1986-09-09@ PIT138W  3-169-6944,291Ricky HortonRick ReuschelRicky HortonRick ReuschelTodd Worrell517521-4
1986-09-10@ PIT139W  4-370-6937,479Tim ConroyRick RhodenRay SoffBarry JonesTodd Worrell521524-3
1986-09-12vs MON140L  3-470-70426,381 Bob ForschFloyd YoumansAndy McGaffiganJoe BoeverJeff Reardon524528-4
1986-09-13vs MON141L  1-570-71434,988 Greg MathewsDennis MartinezDennis MartinezGreg MathewsJeff Reardon525533-8
1986-09-14vs MON142W  10-271-71428,569 Danny CoxBob SebraDanny CoxBob Sebra 5355350
1986-09-15vs NYN143W  1-072-71329,566 John TudorRon DarlingTodd WorrellRoger McDowell 5365351
1986-09-16vs NYN144L  2-472-72430,935 Tim ConroyRick AguileraRick AguileraTim ConroyJesse Orosco538539-1
1986-09-17@ PHI145W  8-573-72315,737Bob ForschBruce RuffinBob ForschBruce RuffinTodd Worrell5465442
1986-09-18@ PHI146L  3-473-73312,847Greg MathewsMike MadduxMike MadduxGreg MathewsSteve Bedrosian5495481
1986-09-19@ MON147L  2-373-7447,261Danny CoxBob OwchinkoBob McClurePat Perry 5515510
1986-09-20@ MON148W  3-174-7437,289Ricky HortonSergio ValdezRicky HortonSergio Valdez 5545522
1986-09-21@ MON149W  7-275-74310,686Tim ConroyJay TibbsTim ConroyJay Tibbs 5615547
1986-09-22@ NYN150L  2-575-75325,714Bob ForschDwight GoodenDwight GoodenBob Forsch 5635594
1986-09-23@ NYN151L  1-975-76411,203Greg MathewsBob OjedaBob OjedaGreg MathewsJesse Orosco564568-4
1986-09-24vs PHI152W  7-176-76321,272 Danny CoxKevin GrossDanny CoxKevin Gross 5715692
1986-09-25vs PHI153W  5-477-76315,595 Ricky HortonBruce RuffinRay SoffDan SchatzederTodd Worrell5765733
1986-09-26vs CHN154L  1-477-77323,364 Tim ConroyRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeTim ConroyLee Smith5775770
1986-09-27vs CHN155L  3-577-78331,968 Bob ForschDennis EckersleyEd LynchRay Soff 580582-2
1986-09-28vs CHN156W  4-178-78328,829 Greg MathewsSteve TroutGreg MathewsSteve TroutTodd Worrell5845831
1986-09-30vs PIT157W  5-379-78312,338 Danny CoxRick RhodenDanny CoxRick Rhoden 5895863
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1986-10-01vs PIT158L  3-479-79316,039 Ricky HortonRick ReuschelLarry McWilliamsRay SoffDon Robinson5925902
1986-10-02vs PIT159L  1-579-80320,643 Tim ConroyBob KipperBob KipperTim Conroy 593595-2
1986-10-04@ CHN160L  7-879-81320,021Bob ForschSteve TroutEd LynchBob ForschLee Smith600603-3
1986-10-05@ CHN161L  1-879-82320,016Danny CoxGuy HoffmanGuy HoffmanDanny CoxDrew Hall601611-10

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