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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Toronto,ON
Team Record:  99-62   .615
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Bobby Cox
General Manager:   Pat Gillick
Stadium:  Exhibition Stadium
Attendance:  2,468,925
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  Lost ALCS (Royals)

Toronto Blue Jays affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Al Oliver (38)
Youngest Player:  Manuel Lee (20)
Longest Tenure:  Jim Clancy (9)
Top Hitter:  Jesse Barfield (9)
Top Pitcher:  Dave Stieb (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Greg David (#25)

Roster Continuity:  82.03%
Top Prospect:   Kelly Gruber
American League Standings
NY Yankees9764.6022.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-04-08@ KCA1L  1-20-1741,086Dave StiebBuddy BlackBuddy BlackDave StiebDan Quisenberry12-1
1985-04-10@ KCA2W  1-01-1414,740Doyle AlexanderDanny JacksonBill CaudillJoe BeckwithGary Lavelle220
1985-04-11@ KCA3W  4-32-1417,798Luis LealCharlie LeibrandtBill CaudillDan QuisenberryJim Acker651
1985-04-12@ BAL4L  2-72-2526,585Jimmy KeyScott McGregorScott McGregorJimmy KeySammy Stewart812-4
1985-04-13@ BAL5L  7-82-3528,529Dave StiebStorm DavisTippy MartinezBill Caudill 1520-5
1985-04-14@ BAL6W  5-33-3525,111Doyle AlexanderMike BoddickerDoyle AlexanderMike BoddickerJim Acker2023-3
1985-04-16vs TEX7L  4-93-4641,284 Luis LealMike MasonMike MasonLuis LealDickie Noles2432-8
1985-04-17vs TEX8W  3-14-4615,472 Jimmy KeyCharlie HoughBill CaudillDave Stewart 2733-6
1985-04-18vs TEX9W  4-25-4615,380 Dave StiebFrank TananaDave StiebFrank TananaBill Caudill3135-4
1985-04-19vs BAL10W  6-56-4320,213 Doyle AlexanderMike BoddickerDoyle AlexanderSammy StewartBill Caudill3740-3
1985-04-20vs BAL11W  3-27-4240,451 Luis LealKen DixonRon MusselmanTippy MartinezGary Lavelle4042-2
1985-04-21vs BAL12L  2-37-5229,082 Jimmy KeyDennis MartinezDennis MartinezJimmy KeyTippy Martinez4245-3
1985-04-22vs KCA13L  0-27-6320,281 Dave StiebCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtDave Stieb 4247-5
1985-04-23vs KCA14L  6-77-7518,491 Doyle AlexanderBuddy BlackJoe BeckwithBill CaudillDan Quisenberry4854-6
1985-04-24vs KCA15W  10-28-7518,006 Luis LealBret SaberhagenLuis LealBret Saberhagen 58562
1985-04-26@ TEX16W  6-59-7410,725Jimmy KeyDickie NolesDennis LampDave J. SchmidtBill Caudill64613
1985-04-27@ TEX17W  9-810-7313,769Dave StiebCharlie HoughJim AckerDave StewartBill Caudill73694
1985-04-28@ TEX18W  6-311-7311,324Doyle AlexanderMike MasonDoyle AlexanderMike Mason 79727
1985-04-29@ OAK19W  2-112-7213,852Luis LealBill KruegerLuis LealBill KruegerBill Caudill81738
1985-04-30@ OAK20W  4-313-716,439Jim ClancyChris CodiroliDennis LampJay HowellJim Acker85769
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-05-01@ CAL21W  6-314-7124,112Jimmy KeyKirk McCaskillJimmy KeyKirk McCaskill 917912
1985-05-02@ CAL22L  2-314-8223,824Dave StiebJim SlatonPat ClementsDave Stieb 938211
1985-05-03@ SEA23W  5-415-8212,370Doyle AlexanderSalome BarojasDoyle AlexanderSalome BarojasBill Caudill988612
1985-05-04@ SEA24L  1-815-9214,952Luis LealMatt YoungMatt YoungLuis Leal 99945
1985-05-05@ SEA25L  1-415-10211,500Jim ClancyMark LangstonMark LangstonJim Clancy 100982
1985-05-07vs OAK26W  10-116-10221,292 Dave StiebDon SuttonDave StiebDon Sutton 1109911
1985-05-08vs OAK27L  4-616-11318,102 Doyle AlexanderSteve McCattySteve McCattyDoyle AlexanderJay Howell1141059
1985-05-10vs SEA28W  8-317-11320,116 Luis LealMark LangstonJimmy KeyMark LangstonJim Acker12210814
1985-05-11vs SEA29W  4-218-11232,398 Jim ClancyMatt YoungBill CaudillMatt Young 12611016
1985-05-12vs SEA30W  9-519-11225,181 Dave StiebJim BeattieDave StiebJim Beattie 13511520
1985-05-14vs CAL31W  6-320-11122,445 Doyle AlexanderJim SlatonDoyle AlexanderJim SlatonBill Caudill14111823
1985-05-15vs CAL32L  6-920-12118,119 Jimmy KeyRon RomanickDonnie MooreBill Caudill 14712720
1985-05-17@ MIN33L  6-720-13219,253Dave StiebFrank ViolaPete FilsonLuis Leal 15313419
1985-05-18@ MIN34W  3-121-13116,824Jim ClancyMike SmithsonJim ClancyMike SmithsonJim Acker15613521
1985-05-19@ MIN35L  2-821-14225,151Doyle AlexanderTom KlawitterPete FilsonDoyle Alexander 15814315
1985-05-20vs CHA36W  6-122-14144,715 Jimmy KeyTom SeaverJimmy KeyTom Seaver 16414420
1985-05-21vs CHA37W  4-323-14120,159 Luis LealFloyd BannisterGary LavelleBob James 16814721
1985-05-22vs CHA38W  10-024-14122,447 Dave StiebRichard DotsonDave StiebRichard Dotson 17814731
1985-05-23@ CLE39W  6-525-1414,333Jim ClancyNeal HeatonDennis LampTom WaddellBill Caudill18415232
1985-05-24@ CLE40W  7-626-1418,502Doyle AlexanderKeith CreelDennis LampKeith CreelGary Lavelle19115833
1985-05-25@ CLE41W  10-727-1417,345Jimmy KeyDon SchulzeRon MusselmanRich ThompsonJim Acker20116536
1985-05-26@ CLE42W  6-528-14113,255Luis LealBryan ClarkGary LavelleKeith CreelBill Caudill20717037
1985-05-28@ CHA43W  6-129-14114,598Dave StiebRichard DotsonDave StiebRichard Dotson 21317142
1985-05-29@ CHA44L  5-829-15118,953Jim ClancyBritt BurnsBritt BurnsJim ClancyBob James21817939
1985-05-31vs CLE45W  7-230-15124,166 Doyle AlexanderBryan ClarkDoyle AlexanderBryan ClarkJim Acker22518144
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-06-01vs CLE46W  8-331-15133,296 Jimmy KeyBert BlylevenJimmy KeyBert Blyleven 23318449
1985-06-02vs CLE47L  4-532-1610 Dave StiebNeal HeatonNeal HeatonDave StiebTom Waddell23718948
1985-06-02vs CLE48W  5-232-16135,315 Luis LealRick BehennaLuis LealRick BehennaJim Acker24219151
1985-06-04vs MIN49W  9-233-16127,163 Jim ClancyFrank ViolaJim ClancyFrank Viola 25119358
1985-06-05vs MIN50W  5-034-16126,087 Doyle AlexanderMike SmithsonDoyle AlexanderMike Smithson 25619363
1985-06-06vs DET51W  2-035-16136,384 Jimmy KeyDan PetryJim AckerAurelio Lopez 25819365
1985-06-07vs DET52W  9-236-16142,455 Dave StiebWalt TerrellDave StiebWalt Terrell 26719572
1985-06-08vs DET53L  1-1036-17144,484 Luis LealRandy O'NealRandy O'NealLuis Leal 26820563
1985-06-09vs DET54L  3-836-18140,273 Jim ClancyDoug BairDoug BairJim Clancy 27121358
1985-06-10@ NYA55L  2-436-19120,329Doyle AlexanderBob ShirleyBob ShirleyDoyle AlexanderDave Righetti27321756
1985-06-11@ NYA56W  4-137-19122,620Jimmy KeyEd WhitsonDennis LampBrian Fisher 27721859
1985-06-12@ NYA57W  3-238-19125,129Dave StiebRon GuidryJim AckerRich Bordi 28022060
1985-06-13@ BOS58L  7-838-20122,459Luis LealBruce KisonMike TrujilloGary LavelleBob Stanley28722859
1985-06-14@ BOS59L  1-438-21133,809Jim ClancyOil Can BoydOil Can BoydJim Clancy 28823256
1985-06-15@ BOS60L  5-738-22135,664Doyle AlexanderBob OjedaBob StanleyJim Acker 29323954
1985-06-16@ BOS61L  6-738-23127,700Jimmy KeyRoger ClemensSteve CrawfordGary Lavelle 29924653
1985-06-17@ MIL62L  1-238-24116,889Dave StiebMoose HaasMoose HaasDave Stieb 30024852
1985-06-18@ MIL63L  1-438-25118,568Luis LealRay BurrisRay BurrisLuis Leal 30125249
1985-06-19@ MIL64W  5-139-25125,607Jim ClancyPete VuckovichJim ClancyPete VuckovichBill Caudill30625353
1985-06-20vs BOS65W  6-540-25135,050 Doyle AlexanderBob OjedaJim AckerBob StanleyBill Caudill31225854
1985-06-21vs BOS66W  7-241-25136,252 Jimmy KeyBruce HurstJimmy KeyBruce Hurst 31926059
1985-06-22vs BOS67L  3-541-26142,117 Ron MusselmanAl NipperBob StanleyJim Acker 32226557
1985-06-23vs BOS68W  8-142-26134,128 Dave StiebBruce KisonDave StiebBruce Kison 33026664
1985-06-25vs MIL69W  7-143-26130,019 Jim ClancyRay BurrisJim ClancyRay Burris 33726770
1985-06-26vs MIL70L  4-543-27127,397 Doyle AlexanderPete VuckovichBob GibsonDoyle Alexander 34127269
1985-06-27vs MIL71W  7-344-27128,228 Jimmy KeyTeddy HigueraJimmy KeyTeddy HigueraJim Acker34827573
1985-06-28@ DET72W  2-045-27148,002Dave StiebDan PetryDave StiebDan Petry 35027575
1985-06-29@ DET73L  0-845-28147,965Luis LealWalt TerrellWalt TerrellLuis Leal 35028367
1985-06-30@ DET74W  6-546-28144,377Jim ClancyJack MorrisGary LavelleAurelio LopezDennis Lamp35628868
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-07-01vs NYA75L  1-446-29141,476 Doyle AlexanderJoe CowleyJoe CowleyDoyle AlexanderDave Righetti35729265
1985-07-02vs NYA76L  3-546-30135,202 Jimmy KeyEd WhitsonEd WhitsonJimmy Key 36029763
1985-07-03vs NYA77W  3-247-30140,376 Dave StiebPhil NiekroJim AckerRich Bordi 36329964
1985-07-04@ OAK78L  2-347-31146,770Dennis LampTim BirtsasJay HowellBill Caudill 36530263
1985-07-05@ OAK79W  8-248-31117,937Jim ClancyBill KruegerJim ClancyBill Krueger 37330469
1985-07-06@ OAK80L  1-548-32123,230Doyle AlexanderDon SuttonDon SuttonDoyle Alexander 37430965
1985-07-07@ OAK81W  8-249-32128,631Jimmy KeySteve McCattyJimmy KeySteve McCatty 38231171
1985-07-08@ SEA82W  4-050-32120,817Dave StiebMike MooreDave StiebMike Moore 38631175
1985-07-09@ SEA83W  9-451-32110,393Tom FilerMatt YoungRon MusselmanEd Vande Berg 39531580
1985-07-10@ SEA84W  11-152-32112,815Jim ClancyFrank WillsJim ClancyFrank Wills 40631690
1985-07-11@ CAL85W  5-353-32131,672Doyle AlexanderJim SlatonDoyle AlexanderJim SlatonGary Lavelle41131992
1985-07-12@ CAL86L  3-553-33135,870Jimmy KeyKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillJimmy KeyDonnie Moore41432490
1985-07-13@ CAL87L  3-453-34142,054Dave StiebMike WittMike WittGary Lavelle 41732889
1985-07-14@ CAL88L  3-553-35135,306Jim ClancyUrbano LugoStew CliburnGary Lavelle 42033387
1985-07-18vs OAK89L  4-653-36132,231 Doyle AlexanderChris CodiroliSteve OntiverosGary LavelleJay Howell42433985
1985-07-19vs OAK90W  5-154-36128,218 Jimmy KeyDon SuttonJimmy KeyDon Sutton 42934089
1985-07-20vs OAK91L  1-554-37135,187 Dave StiebTim BirtsasTim BirtsasDave StiebSteve Ontiveros43034585
1985-07-21vs OAK92W  11-455-37136,109 Jim ClancyBill KruegerDennis LampBill Krueger 44134992
1985-07-22vs SEA93W  3-156-37125,110 Tom FilerMark LangstonTom FilerMark LangstonBill Caudill44435094
1985-07-23vs SEA94W  4-257-37128,419 Doyle AlexanderMike MooreDoyle AlexanderMike MooreBill Caudill44835296
1985-07-24vs SEA95W  3-158-37126,163 Jimmy KeyMatt YoungJimmy KeyMatt YoungGary Lavelle45135398
1985-07-25vs CAL96W  7-059-37132,083 Dave StiebMike WittDave StiebMike Witt 458353105
1985-07-26vs CAL97W  8-360-37131,294 Jim ClancyUrbano LugoJim ClancyUrbano Lugo 466356110
1985-07-27vs CAL98W  8-361-37144,116 Tom FilerTony MackTom FilerTony MackJim Acker474359115
1985-07-28vs CAL99W  5-162-37136,190 Doyle AlexanderKirk McCaskillDoyle AlexanderKirk McCaskill 479360119
1985-07-29@ BAL100W  4-363-37141,599Jimmy KeyMike BoddickerTom HenkeMike Boddicker 483363120
1985-07-30@ BAL101L  3-463-38126,561Dave StiebMike FlanaganDon AaseGary Lavelle 486367119
1985-07-31@ BAL102W  5-364-38132,044Ron MusselmanDennis MartinezTom HenkeDennis Martinez 491370121
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-08-01@ BAL103W  9-365-38127,745Tom FilerStorm DavisTom FilerStorm Davis 500373127
1985-08-02vs TEX104W  5-366-38128,429 Doyle AlexanderGlen CookDoyle AlexanderGlen CookTom Henke505376129
1985-08-03vs TEX105W  4-167-38135,109 Jimmy KeyChris WelshDennis LampChris WelshBill Caudill509377132
1985-08-04vs TEX106L  4-867-39136,272 Dave StiebCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDave StiebDave J. Schmidt513385128
1985-08-08vs BAL107W  7-269-3910 Doyle AlexanderScott McGregorDoyle AlexanderScott McGregor 520387133
1985-08-08vs BAL108W  7-469-39140,104 Tom FilerMike BoddickerTom FilerMike BoddickerTom Henke527391136
1985-08-09@ KCA109L  2-469-40125,868Dave StiebBuddy BlackBuddy BlackDave Stieb 529395134
1985-08-10@ KCA110L  3-469-41134,448Jimmy KeyCharlie LeibrandtDan QuisenberryBill Caudill 532399133
1985-08-11@ KCA111W  5-370-41127,457Ron MusselmanDanny JacksonTom HenkeJoe Beckwith 537402135
1985-08-12@ TEX112L  4-570-42110,829Doyle AlexanderBurt HootonDwayne HenryBill Caudill 541407134
1985-08-13@ TEX113W  5-371-4219,790Tom FilerJeff RussellTom FilerJeff RussellTom Henke546410136
1985-08-14@ TEX114W  4-172-42110,494Dave StiebCharlie HoughDave StiebCharlie Hough 550411139
1985-08-16vs KCA115L  2-472-43138,269 Jimmy KeyCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJimmy Key 552415137
1985-08-17vs KCA116L  2-472-44142,313 Doyle AlexanderDanny JacksonDanny JacksonDoyle AlexanderDan Quisenberry554419135
1985-08-18vs KCA117W  10-673-44137,458 Tom FilerMark GubiczaTom FilerMark Gubicza 564425139
1985-08-19@ CLE118L  3-573-4516,280Dave StiebTom WaddellTom WaddellDave Stieb 567430137
1985-08-20@ CLE119W  3-274-4517,005Jimmy KeyRoy SmithJimmy KeyRoy SmithTom Henke570432138
1985-08-21@ CLE120L  2-574-4616,342Doyle AlexanderNeal HeatonNeal HeatonDoyle Alexander 572437135
1985-08-23@ CHA121W  6-376-4610Tom FilerBritt BurnsTom FilerBritt BurnsTom Henke578440138
1985-08-23@ CHA122W  10-376-46122,021Ron MusselmanGene NelsonJim AckerGene Nelson 588443145
1985-08-24@ CHA123W  6-377-46126,113Dave StiebTom SeaverDave StiebTom SeaverTom Henke594446148
1985-08-25@ CHA124L  3-577-47122,529Jimmy KeyFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterJimmy KeyBob James597451146
1985-08-26@ MIN125W  4-378-47113,395Doyle AlexanderBert BlylevenDoyle AlexanderBert BlylevenTom Henke601454147
1985-08-27@ MIN126W  8-079-47112,780Tom FilerFrank ViolaSteve DavisFrank Viola 609454155
1985-08-28@ MIN127L  5-679-48112,327Dave StiebMike SmithsonPete FilsonTom Henke 614460154
1985-08-30vs CHA128W  5-380-48133,254 Jimmy KeyFloyd BannisterJimmy KeyFloyd BannisterTom Henke619463156
1985-08-31vs CHA129W  6-281-48136,153 Doyle AlexanderJoel DavisGary LavelleJoel Davis 625465160
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-09-01vs CHA130L  1-481-49144,182 Steve DavisBritt BurnsBritt BurnsSteve Davis 626469157
1985-09-02vs CLE131W  3-282-49131,239 Dave StiebCurt WardleDave StiebCurt WardleTom Henke629471158
1985-09-04vs CLE132L  4-582-50125,361 Jimmy KeyTom WaddellBryan ClarkTom HenkeRich Thompson633476157
1985-09-05vs MIN133W  7-083-50126,584 Doyle AlexanderBert BlylevenDoyle AlexanderBert Blyleven 640476164
1985-09-06vs MIN134W  8-384-50126,440 Steve DavisFrank ViolaSteve DavisFrank Viola 648479169
1985-09-07vs MIN135L  3-684-51130,368 Dave StiebMike SmithsonMike SmithsonDave Stieb 651485166
1985-09-08vs MIN136W  10-985-51128,221 Jim ClancyMark PortugalDennis LampMark PortugalGary Lavelle661494167
1985-09-09vs DET137W  5-386-51131,153 Jimmy KeyMickey MahlerJimmy KeyMickey MahlerTom Henke666497169
1985-09-10vs DET138W  2-187-51131,228 Doyle AlexanderJack MorrisDoyle AlexanderJack Morris 668498170
1985-09-11vs DET139W  3-288-51131,269 Steve DavisWalt TerrellDennis LampWalt TerrellTom Henke671500171
1985-09-12@ NYA140L  5-788-52152,141Dave StiebRon GuidryRon GuidryGary LavelleBrian Fisher676507169
1985-09-13@ NYA141W  3-289-52153,303Jim ClancyPhil NiekroGary LavellePhil NiekroTom Henke679509170
1985-09-14@ NYA142W  7-490-52154,367Jimmy KeyBob ShirleyJimmy KeyRich Bordi 686513173
1985-09-15@ NYA143W  8-591-52154,699Doyle AlexanderEd WhitsonDoyle AlexanderEd Whitson 694518176
1985-09-17@ BOS144L  5-691-53117,274Dave StiebOil Can BoydOil Can BoydDave StiebSteve Crawford699524175
1985-09-18@ BOS145L  1-1391-54117,598Jim ClancyAl NipperAl NipperJim Clancy 700537163
1985-09-20vs MIL146W  7-592-54131,442 Jimmy KeyJaime CocanowerJimmy KeyJaime CocanowerGary Lavelle707542165
1985-09-21vs MIL147W  2-193-54133,502 Doyle AlexanderMoose HaasDennis LampDanny Darwin 709543166
1985-09-22vs MIL148L  1-293-55138,155 Dave StiebTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraDave Stieb 710545165
1985-09-23vs MIL149W  5-194-55126,282 Jim ClancyTim LearyJim ClancyTim LearyTom Henke715546169
1985-09-24vs BOS150W  6-295-55129,815 Steve DavisAl NipperDennis LampAl Nipper 721548173
1985-09-25vs BOS151L  2-495-56130,542 Jimmy KeyBruce HurstSteve CrawfordJohn CeruttiTim Lollar723552171
1985-09-26vs BOS152L  1-495-57130,443 Doyle AlexanderJeff SellersJeff SellersDoyle Alexander 724556168
1985-09-27@ MIL153W  5-196-57117,050Dave StiebTeddy HigueraDave StiebTeddy HigueraDennis Lamp729557172
1985-09-28@ MIL154W  6-197-5719,542Jim ClancyTim LearyJim ClancyTim LearyGary Lavelle735558177
1985-09-29@ MIL155W  13-598-5718,822Steve DavisRay BurrisJim AckerRay Burris 748563185
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-10-01@ DET156L  1-698-58119,040Doyle AlexanderFrank TananaFrank TananaDoyle Alexander 749569180
1985-10-02@ DET157L  2-498-59119,802Dave StiebJack MorrisJack MorrisDave StiebChuck Cary751573178
1985-10-03@ DET158L  0-298-60123,381Jim ClancyWalt TerrellWalt TerrellJim Clancy 751575176
1985-10-04vs NYA159L  3-498-61147,686 Jimmy KeyEd WhitsonRod ScurryTom HenkeDave Righetti754579175
1985-10-05vs NYA160W  5-199-61144,608 Doyle AlexanderJoe CowleyDoyle AlexanderJoe Cowley 759580179
1985-10-06vs NYA161L  0-899-62144,422 John CeruttiPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJohn Cerutti 759588171

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