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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  97-64   .602
Result:   2nd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Billy Martin, Yogi Berra
General Manager:   Clyde King
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium I
Attendance:  2,214,587
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Phil Niekro (46)
Youngest Player:  Brian Fisher (23)
Longest Tenure:  Ron Guidry (11)
Top Hitter:  Don Mattingly (1)
Top Pitcher:  Ron Guidry (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Rick Balabon (#28)

Roster Continuity:  67.86%
Top Prospect:   Keith Smith
American League Standings
NY Yankees9764.6022.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-04-08@ BOS1L  2-90-1634,282Phil NiekroOil Can BoydOil Can BoydPhil Niekro 29-7
1985-04-10@ BOS2L  5-140-2719,615Ed WhitsonBruce HurstBruce HurstEd Whitson 723-16
1985-04-11@ BOS3L  4-60-3719,060Dennis RasmussenRoger ClemensRoger ClemensDennis RasmussenBob Stanley1129-18
1985-04-13@ CLE4W  6-31-3661,978Ron GuidryBert BlylevenRon GuidryBert BlylevenDave Righetti1732-15
1985-04-14@ CLE5W  2-12-3612,085Phil NiekroNeal HeatonPhil NiekroTom WaddellDave Righetti1933-14
1985-04-16vs CHA6W  5-43-3553,019 Ed WhitsonTim LollarDave RighettiDan Spillner 2437-13
1985-04-18vs CHA7W  3-24-3415,126 Dennis RasmussenFloyd BannisterRich BordiFloyd BannisterDave Righetti2739-12
1985-04-19vs CLE8L  1-24-4621,229 Ron GuidryNeal HeatonNeal HeatonRon GuidryTom Waddell2841-13
1985-04-20vs CLE9W  5-25-4420,188 Phil NiekroJose RomanPhil NiekroJose RomanDave Righetti3343-10
1985-04-21vs CLE10L  0-35-5634,443 Ed WhitsonVern RuhleDave Von OhlenEd WhitsonTom Waddell3346-13
1985-04-23vs BOS11L  4-55-6625,207 Joe CowleyOil Can BoydBob OjedaDave Righetti 3751-14
1985-04-24vs BOS12L  6-75-7723,229 Ron GuidryAl NipperSteve CrawfordRon GuidryBob Stanley4358-15
1985-04-25vs BOS13W  5-16-7622,179 Phil NiekroBruce HurstPhil NiekroBruce HurstDave Righetti4859-11
1985-04-26@ CHA14L  2-46-8619,174Ed WhitsonTom SeaverTom SeaverEd WhitsonBob James5063-13
1985-04-27@ CHA15L  4-56-9722,788Dennis RasmussenTim LollarGene NelsonBob Shirley 5468-14
1985-04-28@ CHA16L  3-46-10727,367Joe CowleyRichard DotsonBritt BurnsJoe Cowley 5772-15
1985-04-29@ TEX17L  5-76-11710,626Ron GuidryFrank TananaDave J. SchmidtRon GuidryDave Rozema6279-17
1985-04-30@ TEX18L  4-86-12715,416Phil NiekroDickie NolesDickie NolesPhil Niekro 6687-21
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-05-01@ TEX19W  5-17-12715,528Ed WhitsonCharlie HoughEd WhitsonCharlie HoughDave Righetti7188-17
1985-05-03vs KCA20W  7-18-12720,603 Dennis RasmussenDanny JacksonDennis RasmussenDanny Jackson 7889-11
1985-05-04vs KCA21W  5-29-12722,532 Ron GuidryCharlie LeibrandtRon GuidryCharlie Leibrandt 8391-8
1985-05-05vs KCA22W  6-210-12550,209 Phil NiekroBuddy BlackPhil NiekroBuddy BlackDave Righetti8993-4
1985-05-07@ MIN23L  6-810-13621,704Ed WhitsonFrank ViolaFrank ViolaEd Whitson 95101-6
1985-05-08@ MIN24L  6-810-14622,832Joe CowleyMike SmithsonMike SmithsonJoe CowleyPete Filson101109-8
1985-05-10@ KCA25W  6-411-14534,000Ron GuidryCharlie LeibrandtRon GuidryCharlie LeibrandtDave Righetti107113-6
1985-05-11@ KCA26W  11-312-14538,011Dennis RasmussenBuddy BlackDennis RasmussenBuddy Black 1181162
1985-05-12@ KCA27L  5-612-15531,009Phil NiekroBret SaberhagenDan QuisenberryDave Righetti 1231221
1985-05-13vs MIN28W  9-813-15515,136 Ed WhitsonMike SmithsonJoe CowleyRon Davis 1321302
1985-05-14vs MIN29W  10-714-15518,319 John MontefuscoTom KlawitterBrian FisherCurt WardleDave Righetti1421375
1985-05-15vs TEX30W  6-515-15417,232 Ron GuidryMike MasonDave RighettiDave J. Schmidt 1481426
1985-05-16vs TEX31W  6-516-15421,020 Dennis RasmussenFrank TananaDave RighettiDave Stewart 1541477
1985-05-17@ CAL32W  6-017-15461,066Phil NiekroMike WittPhil NiekroMike Witt 16014713
1985-05-18@ CAL33W  6-118-15432,936Joe CowleyTommy JohnJoe CowleyTommy JohnBrian Fisher16614818
1985-05-19@ CAL34L  1-418-16439,724Ed WhitsonJim SlatonJim SlatonEd WhitsonDonnie Moore16715215
1985-05-21@ SEA35W  11-119-16416,054Ron GuidryMark LangstonRon GuidryMark Langston 17815325
1985-05-22@ SEA36L  1-419-17413,363Dennis RasmussenMatt YoungMatt YoungDennis Rasmussen 17915722
1985-05-23@ SEA37L  4-619-18415,790Phil NiekroJim BeattieJim BeattiePhil NiekroKarl Best18316320
1985-05-24@ OAK38W  10-320-18422,919Joe CowleyChris CodiroliJoe CowleyChris Codiroli 19316627
1985-05-25@ OAK39L  7-820-19430,273Ed WhitsonMike WarrenJay HowellDave Righetti 20017426
1985-05-26@ OAK40W  13-121-19436,966Ron GuidryBill KruegerRon GuidryBill Krueger 21317538
1985-05-27@ OAK41L  1-221-20431,294Dennis RasmussenDon SuttonJay HowellDave Righetti 21417737
1985-05-29vs CAL42W  7-222-20425,049 Phil NiekroJim SlatonPhil NiekroJim Slaton 22117942
1985-05-30vs CAL43W  3-123-20417,226 Joe CowleyRon RomanickJoe CowleyRon RomanickDave Righetti22418044
1985-05-31vs SEA44W  8-324-20420,309 Ed WhitsonMark LangstonBrian FisherMark Langston 23218349
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-06-01vs SEA45W  8-225-20425,109 Ron GuidryMatt YoungRon GuidryMatt Young 24018555
1985-06-02vs SEA46L  6-725-21450,150 Dennis RasmussenBrian SnyderEd NunezDennis RasmussenKarl Best24619254
1985-06-03vs OAK47W  5-226-21415,228 Phil NiekroChris CodiroliPhil NiekroChris Codiroli 25119457
1985-06-04vs OAK48L  0-226-22420,242 Joe CowleyTim BirtsasTim BirtsasJoe CowleyJay Howell25119655
1985-06-06@ MIL49L  1-526-23415,452Ed WhitsonDanny DarwinDanny DarwinEd Whitson 25220151
1985-06-07@ MIL50L  9-1026-24424,463Ron GuidryJaime CocanowerRay SearageDave Righetti 26121150
1985-06-08@ MIL51W  2-127-24440,913Dennis RasmussenRay BurrisDave RighettiBob GibsonRich Bordi26321251
1985-06-09@ MIL52L  4-927-25544,621Phil NiekroPete VuckovichPete VuckovichPhil NiekroPete Ladd26722146
1985-06-10vs TOR53W  4-228-25520,329 Bob ShirleyDoyle AlexanderBob ShirleyDoyle AlexanderDave Righetti27122348
1985-06-11vs TOR54L  1-428-26522,620 Ed WhitsonJimmy KeyDennis LampBrian Fisher 27222745
1985-06-12vs TOR55L  2-328-27525,129 Ron GuidryDave StiebJim AckerRich Bordi 27423044
1985-06-14vs DET56L  0-428-28535,224 Dennis RasmussenWalt TerrellWalt TerrellDennis RasmussenGuillermo Hernandez27423440
1985-06-15vs DET57L  8-1028-29555,623 Phil NiekroJack MorrisJack MorrisPhil NiekroGuillermo Hernandez28224438
1985-06-16vs DET58W  2-129-29536,036 Bob ShirleyRandy O'NealBob ShirleyRandy O'Neal 28424539
1985-06-17@ BAL59W  10-030-29534,844Ron GuidryScott McGregorRon GuidryScott McGregor 29424549
1985-06-18@ BAL60W  6-431-29533,794Joe CowleyStorm DavisJoe CowleyStorm DavisBrian Fisher30024951
1985-06-19@ BAL61W  10-032-29537,470Ed WhitsonDennis MartinezEd WhitsonDennis Martinez 31024961
1985-06-20@ DET62L  9-1032-30536,565Dennis RasmussenJack MorrisDoug BairDave Righetti 31925960
1985-06-21@ DET63L  4-632-31547,499Phil NiekroRandy O'NealRandy O'NealPhil NiekroGuillermo Hernandez32326558
1985-06-22@ DET64W  4-033-31541,774Ron GuidryDan PetryRon GuidryDan Petry 32726562
1985-06-23@ DET65L  1-333-32540,929Bob ShirleyFrank TananaFrank TananaBob ShirleyGuillermo Hernandez32826860
1985-06-24vs BAL66W  5-434-32525,201 Joe CowleyDennis MartinezJoe CowleyDennis MartinezBrian Fisher33327261
1985-06-25vs BAL67W  7-435-32530,650 Ed WhitsonMike BoddickerEd WhitsonMike BoddickerDave Righetti34027664
1985-06-26vs BAL68W  4-336-32330,929 Dennis RasmussenScott McGregorDave RighettiDon Aase 34427965
1985-06-28vs MIL69W  5-237-32321,649 Ron GuidryDanny DarwinRon GuidryDanny DarwinDave Righetti34928168
1985-06-29vs MIL70L  0-637-33325,369 Phil NiekroMoose HaasMoose HaasPhil Niekro 34928762
1985-06-30vs MIL71L  5-737-34451,459 Bob ShirleyRay BurrisBob McClureBrian FisherRollie Fingers35429460
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-07-01@ TOR72W  4-138-34341,476Joe CowleyDoyle AlexanderJoe CowleyDoyle AlexanderDave Righetti35829563
1985-07-02@ TOR73W  5-339-34335,202Ed WhitsonJimmy KeyEd WhitsonJimmy Key 36329865
1985-07-03@ TOR74L  2-339-35340,376Phil NiekroDave StiebJim AckerRich Bordi 36530164
1985-07-04vs MIN75W  3-240-35335,110 Ron GuidryJohn ButcherRon GuidryJohn Butcher 36830365
1985-07-05vs MIN76W  6-341-35326,046 Dennis RasmussenKen SchromDennis RasmussenKen SchromBrian Fisher37430668
1985-07-07vs MIN77W  3-243-3530 Ed WhitsonMike SmithsonDave RighettiCurt Wardle 37730869
1985-07-07vs MIN78W  14-243-35331,549 Bob ShirleyRick LysanderRich BordiRick Lysander 39131081
1985-07-08vs KCA79L  2-543-36317,193 Phil NiekroBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenPhil Niekro 39331578
1985-07-09vs KCA80W  6-444-36324,528 Ron GuidryBuddy BlackRon GuidryBuddy BlackDave Righetti39931980
1985-07-10vs KCA81W  6-545-36335,274 Dennis RasmussenMark GubiczaDave RighettiDan Quisenberry 40532481
1985-07-11vs TEX82W  11-746-36321,863 Joe CowleyGlen CookBob ShirleyGlen Cook 41633185
1985-07-12vs TEX83W  6-047-36321,832 Ed WhitsonBob SebraEd WhitsonBob Sebra 42233191
1985-07-13vs TEX84W  3-148-36245,274 Phil NiekroMike MasonPhil NiekroMike MasonDave Righetti42533293
1985-07-14vs TEX85W  7-149-36228,168 Ron GuidryBurt HootonRon GuidryBurt Hooton 43233399
1985-07-18@ MIN86L  4-849-37243,081Ed WhitsonMike SmithsonFrank EufemiaRich Bordi 43634195
1985-07-19@ MIN87W  6-450-37237,687Joe CowleyJohn ButcherJoe CowleyJohn ButcherDave Righetti44234597
1985-07-20@ MIN88W  8-351-37237,919Ron GuidryKen SchromRon GuidryKen Schrom 450348102
1985-07-21@ MIN89W  5-252-37230,037Phil NiekroFrank ViolaPhil NiekroFrank Viola 455350105
1985-07-22@ KCA90L  4-552-38240,938Dennis RasmussenMark GubiczaMike JonesDennis RasmussenDan Quisenberry459355104
1985-07-23@ KCA91L  2-552-39232,450Ed WhitsonBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenEd WhitsonDan Quisenberry461360101
1985-07-24@ KCA92L  3-552-40231,580Joe CowleyCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJoe CowleyDan Quisenberry46436599
1985-07-26@ TEX93L  8-952-41230,069Ron GuidryMike MasonDickie NolesDave RighettiDave J. Schmidt47237498
1985-07-27@ TEX94W  14-253-41240,084Phil NiekroGlen CookPhil NiekroGlen Cook 486376110
1985-07-28@ TEX95L  2-853-42222,523Marty BystromChris WelshChris WelshMarty Bystrom 488384104
1985-07-29@ CLE96W  8-254-42215,042Ed WhitsonBert BlylevenEd WhitsonBert BlylevenDave Righetti496386110
1985-07-30@ CLE97W  8-555-4320Joe CowleyNeal HeatonJoe CowleyRich Thompson 504391113
1985-07-30@ CLE98L  2-355-43218,271Bob ShirleyRamon RomeroRamon RomeroBob ShirleyRich Thompson506394112
1985-07-31@ CLE99L  5-655-4427,593Ron GuidryTom WaddellTom WaddellRon GuidryRich Thompson511400111
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-08-01@ CLE100L  1-955-4528,294Phil NiekroRoy SmithRoy SmithPhil Niekro 512409103
1985-08-02vs CHA101L  5-655-46227,118 Marty BystromBritt BurnsJuan AgostoRich Bordi 517415102
1985-08-03vs CHA102W  8-456-46237,276 Ed WhitsonBill LongEd WhitsonBill LongDave Righetti525419106
1985-08-04vs CHA103L  1-456-47354,032 Joe CowleyTom SeaverTom SeaverJoe Cowley 526423103
1985-08-05vs CHA104W  7-357-47328,320 Ron GuidryFloyd BannisterRon GuidryFloyd Bannister 533426107
1985-08-08vs CLE105W  8-159-4720 Marty BystromCurt WardleMarty BystromCurt Wardle 541427114
1985-08-08vs CLE106W  7-659-47225,692 Phil NiekroRamon RomeroBrian FisherJerry ReedDave Righetti548433115
1985-08-09@ BOS107W  10-660-47233,739Ed WhitsonBruce HurstRich BordiBruce Hurst 558439119
1985-08-10@ BOS108W  7-361-47233,009Joe CowleyOil Can BoydJoe CowleyOil Can BoydDave Righetti565442123
1985-08-11@ BOS109W  5-362-47233,685Ron GuidryRoger ClemensRon GuidryRoger ClemensBrian Fisher570445125
1985-08-12@ CHA110W  10-463-47228,801Phil NiekroGene NelsonPhil NiekroGene Nelson 580449131
1985-08-13@ CHA111L  3-463-48218,294Marty BystromBritt BurnsBritt BurnsBrian FisherBob James583453130
1985-08-14@ CHA112W  10-764-48221,184Ed WhitsonDan SpillnerBrian FisherBob JamesDave Righetti593460133
1985-08-16vs BOS113W  5-465-48242,787 Joe CowleyOil Can BoydDave RighettiSteve Crawford 598464134
1985-08-17vs BOS114W  3-166-48240,179 Ron GuidryAl NipperRon GuidryAl NipperBrian Fisher601465136
1985-08-18vs BOS115W  4-267-48244,170 Phil NiekroTim LollarDave RighettiTim LollarBrian Fisher605467138
1985-08-19vs BOS116W  6-568-48238,164 Marty BystromBruce HurstMarty BystromMark ClearRich Bordi611472139
1985-08-20@ CAL117W  8-569-48238,791Ed WhitsonJim SlatonRich BordiJim SlatonDave Righetti619477142
1985-08-21@ CAL118W  13-1070-48240,363Joe CowleyJohn CandelariaDave RighettiDonnie Moore 632487145
1985-08-22@ CAL119L  2-370-49244,796Ron GuidryMike WittMike WittRich Bordi 634490144
1985-08-23@ SEA120W  3-171-49218,821Phil NiekroBill SwiftPhil NiekroBill SwiftNeil Allen637491146
1985-08-24@ SEA121W  4-372-49221,489Marty BystromMark LangstonMarty BystromMark LangstonBrian Fisher641494147
1985-08-25@ SEA122W  8-573-49228,678Ed WhitsonMike MooreEd WhitsonMike MooreBrian Fisher649499150
1985-08-26@ OAK123L  2-373-50242,118Joe CowleyChris CodiroliRick LangfordBob Shirley 651502149
1985-08-27@ OAK124L  0-373-51224,555Ron GuidryTommy JohnTommy JohnRon GuidrySteve Ontiveros651505146
1985-08-29vs CAL125W  4-074-51232,169 Phil NiekroKirk McCaskillPhil NiekroKirk McCaskill 655505150
1985-08-30vs CAL126L  1-474-52222,256 Marty BystromJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaMarty BystromDonnie Moore656509147
1985-08-31vs CAL127W  10-475-52226,991 Ed WhitsonRon RomanickDave RighettiDoug Corbett 666513153
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-09-01vs CAL128W  5-376-52233,080 Joe CowleyMike WittBob ShirleyAl HollandBrian Fisher671516155
1985-09-02vs SEA129W  8-777-52226,427 Ron GuidryFrank WillsRon GuidryFrank WillsDave Righetti679523156
1985-09-03vs SEA130W  6-378-52217,255 Phil NiekroBill SwiftPhil NiekroBill SwiftDave Righetti685526159
1985-09-04vs SEA131W  4-379-52221,605 Rich BordiMark LangstonRich BordiMark LangstonBob Shirley689529160
1985-09-05vs OAK132W  7-380-52220,594 Ed WhitsonTim BirtsasEd WhitsonKeith Atherton 696532164
1985-09-06vs OAK133W  8-481-52222,519 Joe CowleyChris CodiroliBob ShirleyChris Codiroli 704536168
1985-09-07vs OAK134W  3-282-52225,539 Ron GuidryTommy JohnRon GuidryTommy JohnBrian Fisher707538169
1985-09-08vs OAK135W  9-683-52226,809 Phil NiekroJose RijoPhil NiekroJose Rijo 716544172
1985-09-09@ MIL136W  9-484-5227,176Marty BystromMoose HaasDave RighettiRay Searage 725548177
1985-09-10@ MIL137W  13-1085-5227,971Ed WhitsonRay BurrisEd WhitsonRay BurrisBob Shirley738558180
1985-09-11@ MIL138L  3-485-5328,540Joe CowleyTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraRich Bordi 741562179
1985-09-12vs TOR139W  7-586-53252,141 Ron GuidryDave StiebRon GuidryGary LavelleBrian Fisher748567181
1985-09-13vs TOR140L  2-386-54253,303 Phil NiekroJim ClancyGary LavellePhil NiekroTom Henke750570180
1985-09-14vs TOR141L  4-786-55254,367 Bob ShirleyJimmy KeyJimmy KeyRich Bordi 754577177
1985-09-15vs TOR142L  5-886-56254,699 Ed WhitsonDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderEd Whitson 759585174
1985-09-16vs CLE143L  5-986-57215,320 Joe CowleyJamie EasterlyJerry ReedBrian Fisher 764594170
1985-09-17@ DET144L  1-986-58220,213Ron GuidryDan PetryDan PetryRon Guidry 765603162
1985-09-18@ DET145L  2-586-59220,318Phil NiekroJuan BerenguerMickey MahlerPhil NiekroGuillermo Hernandez767608159
1985-09-19@ DET146L  3-1086-60219,588Joe NiekroFrank TananaFrank TananaJoe Niekro 770618152
1985-09-20@ BAL147L  2-486-61233,957Rich BordiMike FlanaganMike FlanaganRich BordiDon Aase772622150
1985-09-21@ BAL148W  5-287-61233,873Joe CowleyStorm DavisJoe CowleyStorm DavisBrian Fisher777624153
1985-09-22@ BAL149W  5-488-61233,045Ron GuidryKen DixonRon GuidryKen DixonDave Righetti782628154
1985-09-24vs DET150L  1-988-62216,702 Phil NiekroFrank TananaFrank TananaPhil Niekro 783637146
1985-09-25vs DET151W  10-289-62217,010 Joe NiekroJack MorrisJoe NiekroJack Morris 793639154
1985-09-28vs BAL152W  6-590-62230,486 Ron GuidryKen DixonRon GuidrySammy Stewart 799644155
1985-09-29vs BAL153W  4-092-6220 Joe CowleyScott McGregorJoe CowleyScott McGregorDave Righetti803644159
1985-09-29vs BAL154W  9-292-62230,291 Rich BordiBrad HavensRich BordiBrad HavensRod Scurry812646166
1985-09-30vs BAL155W  5-493-62215,041 Phil NiekroMike FlanaganNeil AllenDon Aase 817650167
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-10-01vs MIL156W  6-194-62215,101 Joe NiekroJaime CocanowerJoe NiekroJaime CocanowerDave Righetti823651172
1985-10-02vs MIL157L  0-194-63211,879 Bob ShirleyTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraBob Shirley 823652171
1985-10-03vs MIL158W  3-095-63215,226 Ron GuidryTim LearyRon GuidryTim LearyBrian Fisher826652174
1985-10-04@ TOR159W  4-396-63247,686Ed WhitsonJimmy KeyRod ScurryTom HenkeDave Righetti830655175
1985-10-05@ TOR160L  1-596-64244,608Joe CowleyDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderJoe Cowley 831660171
1985-10-06@ TOR161W  8-097-64244,422Phil NiekroJohn CeruttiPhil NiekroJohn Cerutti 839660179

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