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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Minneapolis,MN
Team Record:  77-85   .475
Result:   4th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Ray Miller, Billy Gardner
General Manager:   Howard Fox
Stadium:  Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
Attendance:  1,651,814
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Minnesota Twins affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Bert Blyleven (34)
Youngest Player:  Jeff Reed (22)
Longest Tenure:  Tim Laudner, Dave Engle, Gary Gaetti, Mickey Hatcher, Kent Hrbek, Ron Washington (5)
Top Hitter:  Kirby Puckett (17)
Top Pitcher:  Bert Blyleven (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Jeff Bumgarner (#13)

Roster Continuity:  80.16%
Top Prospect:   Rich Yett
American League Standings
KC Royals9171.562--
Chi White Sox8577.5256.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-04-09@ CAL1W  6-21-0335,244Frank ViolaMike WittFrank ViolaMike WittRon Davis624
1985-04-10@ CAL2W  6-32-0223,140Mike SmithsonGeoff ZahnMike SmithsonDonnie MooreRon Davis1257
1985-04-11@ CAL3L  3-42-1224,445John ButcherJim SlatonDonnie MooreRick Lysander 1596
1985-04-12@ SEA4L  1-22-2316,963Ken SchromMatt YoungMatt YoungKen SchromEd Nunez16115
1985-04-13@ SEA5L  7-82-3224,676Rich YettJim BeattieMike StantonRon Davis 23194
1985-04-14@ SEA6L  1-52-4317,235Frank ViolaMike MooreMike MooreFrank Viola 24240
1985-04-15vs CAL7L  0-52-5551,190 Mike SmithsonGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnMike Smithson 2429-5
1985-04-17vs CAL8L  3-42-6614,741 John ButcherJim SlatonJim SlatonJohn ButcherDonnie Moore2733-6
1985-04-18vs CAL9L  8-92-7616,926 Ken SchromTommy JohnDoug CorbettKen SchromDonnie Moore3542-7
1985-04-19@ OAK10L  2-42-8710,965Frank ViolaChris CodiroliChris CodiroliFrank ViolaJay Howell3746-9
1985-04-20@ OAK11L  2-62-9712,556Mike SmithsonBill KruegerBill KruegerMike Smithson 3952-13
1985-04-21@ OAK12W  2-03-979,722John ButcherCurt YoungJohn ButcherCurt Young 4152-11
1985-04-22vs SEA13W  9-54-9710,200 Ken SchromMatt YoungKen SchromMatt YoungRick Lysander5057-7
1985-04-23vs SEA14W  4-25-9711,352 Frank ViolaSalome BarojasFrank ViolaSalome Barojas 5459-5
1985-04-24vs SEA15W  10-06-9610,465 Mike SmithsonMike MooreMike SmithsonMike Moore 64595
1985-04-25vs OAK16W  5-47-959,259 John ButcherBill KruegerJohn ButcherKeith Atherton 69636
1985-04-26vs OAK17W  8-78-9420,355 Ken SchromCurt YoungRon DavisKeith Atherton 77707
1985-04-27vs OAK18W  8-69-9424,737 Frank ViolaDon SuttonFrank ViolaDon SuttonRon Davis85769
1985-04-28vs OAK19W  10-110-9417,797 Mike SmithsonMike WarrenMike SmithsonMike Warren 957718
1985-04-30@ DET20W  11-211-9322,899John ButcherMilt WilcoxJohn ButcherMilt Wilcox 1067927
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-05-01@ DET21W  7-312-9219,008Frank ViolaJack MorrisFrank ViolaJack MorrisRick Lysander1138231
1985-05-03vs BAL22L  7-812-10230,088 Mike SmithsonScott McGregorDon AaseCurt Wardle 1209030
1985-05-04vs BAL23W  8-613-10234,086 Ken SchromDennis MartinezKen SchromDennis MartinezRon Davis1289632
1985-05-05vs BAL24L  5-1013-11235,948 John ButcherMike BoddickerMike BoddickerJohn Butcher 13310627
1985-05-07vs NYA25W  8-614-11221,704 Frank ViolaEd WhitsonFrank ViolaEd Whitson 14111229
1985-05-08vs NYA26W  8-615-11222,832 Mike SmithsonJoe CowleyMike SmithsonJoe CowleyPete Filson14911831
1985-05-10@ BAL27L  5-615-12227,114John ButcherDennis MartinezDon AaseRon Davis 15412430
1985-05-11@ BAL28L  2-415-13249,092Ken SchromMike BoddickerMike BoddickerRon Davis 15612828
1985-05-12@ BAL29W  7-316-13227,966Frank ViolaKen DixonFrank ViolaKen Dixon 16313132
1985-05-13@ NYA30L  8-916-14315,136Mike SmithsonEd WhitsonJoe CowleyRon Davis 17114031
1985-05-14@ NYA31L  7-1016-15318,319Tom KlawitterJohn MontefuscoBrian FisherCurt WardleDave Righetti17815028
1985-05-15vs DET32W  5-417-15321,030 John ButcherWalt TerrellCurt WardleAurelio Lopez 18315429
1985-05-16vs DET33W  7-518-15322,153 Ken SchromJuan BerenguerKen SchromJuan BerenguerRon Davis19015931
1985-05-17vs TOR34W  7-619-15319,253 Frank ViolaDave StiebPete FilsonLuis Leal 19716532
1985-05-18vs TOR35L  1-319-16316,824 Mike SmithsonJim ClancyJim ClancyMike SmithsonJim Acker19816830
1985-05-19vs TOR36W  8-220-16325,151 Tom KlawitterDoyle AlexanderPete FilsonDoyle Alexander 20617036
1985-05-20vs BOS37W  5-221-16219,583 John ButcherAl NipperJohn ButcherAl NipperCurt Wardle21117239
1985-05-21vs BOS38L  1-921-17216,641 Ken SchromBruce KisonBruce KisonKen Schrom 21218131
1985-05-22vs BOS39L  3-421-18223,263 Frank ViolaRoger ClemensRoger ClemensFrank ViolaBob Stanley21518530
1985-05-24@ MIL40L  2-521-19313,425Mike SmithsonRay BurrisRay BurrisMike SmithsonRollie Fingers21719027
1985-05-25@ MIL41L  7-921-20317,804Pete FilsonMoose HaasBob McClurePete FilsonRollie Fingers22419925
1985-05-26@ MIL42L  3-521-21319,327John ButcherTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraJohn ButcherBob Gibson22720423
1985-05-27@ BOS43L  2-921-22318,496Ken SchromRoger ClemensRoger ClemensKen SchromSteve Crawford22921316
1985-05-29@ BOS44L  0-721-23517,989Frank ViolaOil Can BoydOil Can BoydFrank Viola 2292209
1985-05-30@ BOS45L  7-821-24513,234Mike SmithsonBob OjedaBob StanleyRon Davis 2362288
1985-05-31vs MIL46L  4-621-25534,932 Pete FilsonTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraPete FilsonRollie Fingers2402346
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-06-01vs MIL47L  2-721-26538,317 John ButcherDanny DarwinDanny DarwinJohn Butcher 2422411
1985-06-02vs MIL48W  5-422-26525,966 Ken SchromMoose HaasKen SchromBob Gibson 2472452
1985-06-04@ TOR49L  2-922-27627,163Frank ViolaJim ClancyJim ClancyFrank Viola 249254-5
1985-06-05@ TOR50L  0-522-28626,087Mike SmithsonDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderMike Smithson 249259-10
1985-06-07vs CHA51W  6-323-28619,103 Pete FilsonRichard DotsonPete FilsonRichard Dotson 255262-7
1985-06-08vs CHA52L  1-323-29629,001 John ButcherBritt BurnsBritt BurnsJohn ButcherBob James256265-9
1985-06-09vs CHA53L  1-523-30621,812 Ken SchromTom SeaverTom SeaverKen Schrom 257270-13
1985-06-10@ CLE54W  6-424-3064,056Frank ViolaKeith CreelFrank ViolaKeith CreelRon Davis263274-11
1985-06-13@ TEX55W  7-525-30514,984Mike SmithsonFrank TananaMike SmithsonFrank TananaRick Lysander270279-9
1985-06-14@ TEX56L  2-425-31516,489Pete FilsonBurt HootonBurt HootonPete FilsonDave J. Schmidt272283-11
1985-06-15@ TEX57L  2-1125-32625,765John ButcherMike MasonMike MasonJohn ButcherDave Stewart274294-20
1985-06-16@ TEX58W  4-126-32619,096Ken SchromCharlie HoughKen SchromCharlie Hough 278295-17
1985-06-17@ KCA59L  3-1026-33631,885Frank ViolaBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenFrank Viola 281305-24
1985-06-18@ KCA60L  1-1026-34621,662Mike SmithsonMark GubiczaMark GubiczaMike Smithson 282315-33
1985-06-19@ KCA61L  2-326-35622,033Pete FilsonDanny JacksonDanny JacksonPete FilsonDan Quisenberry284318-34
1985-06-20@ KCA62W  11-827-35631,461John ButcherCharlie LeibrandtFrank EufemiaJoe BeckwithLen Whitehouse295326-31
1985-06-21vs TEX63W  3-228-35622,712 Ken SchromCharlie HoughKen SchromCharlie Hough 298328-30
1985-06-22vs TEX64W  3-229-35623,520 Frank ViolaMike MasonFrank ViolaMike MasonRon Davis301330-29
1985-06-23vs TEX65L  1-329-36622,805 Mike SmithsonGlen CookGlen CookMike SmithsonGreg Harris302333-31
1985-06-24vs KCA66L  6-1229-37624,035 Pete FilsonMark GubiczaMark GubiczaPete Filson 308345-37
1985-06-25vs KCA67L  0-329-38619,614 John ButcherDanny JacksonDanny JacksonJohn Butcher 308348-40
1985-06-26vs KCA68W  2-130-38620,060 Ken SchromCharlie LeibrandtKen SchromCharlie Leibrandt 310349-39
1985-06-28@ CHA69W  5-431-38631,097Frank ViolaBruce TannerFrank ViolaBruce TannerRon Davis315353-38
1985-06-29@ CHA70W  1-032-38628,402Mike SmithsonBritt BurnsMike SmithsonBritt BurnsFrank Eufemia316353-37
1985-06-30@ CHA71W  4-333-38626,038John ButcherTom SeaverJohn ButcherTom SeaverRon Davis320356-36
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-07-01vs CLE72L  2-533-39622,729 Ken SchromVern RuhleVern RuhleKen SchromJeff Barkley322361-39
1985-07-02vs CLE73W  8-734-39614,817 Frank ViolaJerry ReedFrank EufemiaTom WaddellPete Filson330368-38
1985-07-03vs CLE74W  7-035-39622,834 Mike SmithsonNeal HeatonMike SmithsonNeal Heaton 337368-31
1985-07-04@ NYA75L  2-335-40635,110John ButcherRon GuidryRon GuidryJohn Butcher 339371-32
1985-07-05@ NYA76L  3-635-41626,046Ken SchromDennis RasmussenDennis RasmussenKen SchromBrian Fisher342377-35
1985-07-07@ NYA77L  2-335-4360Mike SmithsonEd WhitsonDave RighettiCurt Wardle 344380-36
1985-07-07@ NYA78L  2-1435-43631,549Rick LysanderBob ShirleyRich BordiRick Lysander 346394-48
1985-07-08@ BAL79W  7-436-43622,105John ButcherKen DixonRon DavisDon Aase 353398-45
1985-07-09@ BAL80L  6-1136-44621,560Ken SchromDennis MartinezNate SnellKen Schrom 359409-50
1985-07-10@ BAL81W  2-137-44618,362Frank ViolaMike BoddickerFrank ViolaMike BoddickerRon Davis361410-49
1985-07-11@ DET82W  5-138-44626,215Mike SmithsonRandy O'NealMike SmithsonRandy O'NealRon Davis366411-45
1985-07-12@ DET83W  3-239-44638,524John ButcherFrank TananaJohn ButcherFrank TananaRon Davis369413-44
1985-07-13@ DET84W  6-440-44642,887Ken SchromDan PetryKen SchromDan PetryFrank Eufemia375417-42
1985-07-14@ DET85L  0-840-45634,879Frank ViolaWalt TerrellWalt TerrellFrank ViolaGuillermo Hernandez375425-50
1985-07-18vs NYA86W  8-441-45643,081 Mike SmithsonEd WhitsonFrank EufemiaRich Bordi 383429-46
1985-07-19vs NYA87L  4-641-46637,687 John ButcherJoe CowleyJoe CowleyJohn ButcherDave Righetti387435-48
1985-07-20vs NYA88L  3-841-47637,919 Ken SchromRon GuidryRon GuidryKen Schrom 390443-53
1985-07-21vs NYA89L  2-541-48630,037 Frank ViolaPhil NiekroPhil NiekroFrank Viola 392448-56
1985-07-22vs BAL90W  5-442-48619,893 Mike SmithsonStorm DavisMike SmithsonStorm DavisRon Davis397452-55
1985-07-23vs BAL91W  5-243-48615,902 John ButcherScott McGregorJohn ButcherScott McGregorRon Davis402454-52
1985-07-24vs BAL92L  2-443-49628,164 Ken SchromMike BoddickerMike BoddickerKen SchromDon Aase404458-54
1985-07-25vs DET93L  2-743-50621,186 Frank ViolaJack MorrisJack MorrisFrank Viola 406465-59
1985-07-26vs DET94W  6-544-50523,194 Mike SmithsonWalt TerrellMike SmithsonWalt TerrellRon Davis412470-58
1985-07-27vs DET95W  11-445-50532,607 John ButcherRandy O'NealJohn ButcherAurelio Lopez 423474-51
1985-07-28vs DET96L  2-345-51637,146 Ken SchromFrank TananaFrank TananaKen SchromGuillermo Hernandez425477-52
1985-07-29@ SEA97L  6-845-52616,571Frank ViolaMatt YoungEd NunezFrank Eufemia 431485-54
1985-07-30@ SEA98W  12-446-52613,406Mike SmithsonBill SwiftMike SmithsonBill Swift 443489-46
1985-07-31@ SEA99L  3-1246-53612,229John ButcherJim BeattieJim BeattieJohn ButcherFrank Wills446501-55
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-08-02@ CAL100L  1-346-54630,646Ken SchromKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillKen SchromDonnie Moore447504-57
1985-08-03@ CAL101L  4-546-55640,290Bert BlylevenGeoff ZahnStew CliburnBert Blyleven 451509-58
1985-08-04@ CAL102L  5-646-56641,630Frank ViolaJohn CandelariaStew CliburnFrank EufemiaDonnie Moore456515-59
1985-08-05@ OAK103L  1-546-57618,448Mike SmithsonTim BirtsasTim BirtsasMike SmithsonJay Howell457520-63
1985-08-08vs CAL104W  4-247-57631,054 Bert BlylevenRon RomanickBert BlylevenRon RomanickRon Davis461522-61
1985-08-09vs CAL105W  6-148-57621,738 Frank ViolaGeoff ZahnFrank ViolaGeoff Zahn 467523-56
1985-08-10vs CAL106L  1-948-58618,396 Mike SmithsonKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillMike Smithson 468532-64
1985-08-11vs CAL107L  0-1248-59619,688 John ButcherJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaJohn ButcherStew Cliburn468544-76
1985-08-12vs OAK108W  4-350-5960 Bert BlylevenSteve MuraBert BlylevenJose Rijo 472547-75
1985-08-12vs OAK109W  5-450-59618,118 Ken SchromChris CodiroliSteve HoweChris CodiroliRon Davis477551-74
1985-08-13vs OAK110W  8-151-59614,806 Frank ViolaTommy JohnFrank ViolaTommy John 485552-67
1985-08-14vs OAK111L  0-551-6160 Mike SmithsonDon SuttonDon SuttonMike Smithson 485557-72
1985-08-14vs OAK112L  4-751-61613,666 Mark PortugalSteve McCattyJose RijoMark PortugalSteve Ontiveros489564-75
1985-08-15vs SEA113W  14-552-61618,576 John ButcherMatt YoungJohn ButcherMatt Young 503569-66
1985-08-16vs SEA114L  5-652-62614,182 Ken SchromBill SwiftEd Vande BergSteve HoweEd Nunez508575-67
1985-08-17vs SEA115W  2-053-62615,665 Bert BlylevenFrank WillsBert BlylevenFrank Wills 510575-65
1985-08-18vs SEA116L  2-753-63615,632 Frank ViolaMark LangstonMark LangstonFrank Viola 512582-70
1985-08-19@ MIL117L  1-453-64611,870Mike SmithsonDanny DarwinDanny DarwinMike Smithson 513586-73
1985-08-20@ MIL118L  2-353-6569,959John ButcherTeddy HigueraTeddy HigueraSteve Howe 515589-74
1985-08-21@ MIL119L  2-353-66615,136Bert BlylevenRay BurrisRay BurrisSteve Howe 517592-75
1985-08-23@ BOS120W  5-254-66622,041Frank ViolaTim LollarFrank ViolaTim Lollar 522594-72
1985-08-24@ BOS121W  1-055-66630,463Mike SmithsonBruce HurstMike SmithsonBruce Hurst 523594-71
1985-08-26vs TOR122L  3-455-67613,395 Bert BlylevenDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBert BlylevenTom Henke526598-72
1985-08-27vs TOR123L  0-855-68612,780 Frank ViolaTom FilerSteve DavisFrank Viola 526606-80
1985-08-28vs TOR124W  6-556-68612,327 Mike SmithsonDave StiebPete FilsonTom Henke 532611-79
1985-08-30vs BOS125L  3-756-69617,057 John ButcherBob OjedaBob OjedaJohn ButcherSteve Crawford535618-83
1985-08-31vs BOS126W  6-558-6960 Bert BlylevenOil Can BoydBert BlylevenSteve Crawford 541623-82
1985-08-31vs BOS127W  5-458-69620,779 Mark PortugalAl NipperMark PortugalAl NipperRon Davis546627-81
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-09-01vs BOS128L  3-1058-70616,589 Frank ViolaMike TrujilloMike TrujilloFrank Viola 549637-88
1985-09-02vs MIL129W  6-159-70611,239 Mike SmithsonJaime CocanowerMike SmithsonJaime CocanowerRon Davis555638-83
1985-09-03vs MIL130W  4-360-70510,869 Ken SchromDanny DarwinSteve HoweDanny Darwin 559641-82
1985-09-04vs MIL131L  10-1160-71514,216 John ButcherPete VuckovichRick WaitsDennis BurttRollie Fingers569652-83
1985-09-05@ TOR132L  0-760-72526,584Bert BlylevenDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBert Blyleven 569659-90
1985-09-06@ TOR133L  3-860-73626,440Frank ViolaSteve DavisSteve DavisFrank Viola 572667-95
1985-09-07@ TOR134W  6-361-73630,368Mike SmithsonDave StiebMike SmithsonDave Stieb 578670-92
1985-09-08@ TOR135L  9-1061-74628,221Mark PortugalJim ClancyDennis LampMark PortugalGary Lavelle587680-93
1985-09-09@ CHA136W  5-062-74613,487John ButcherFloyd BannisterJohn ButcherFloyd Bannister 592680-88
1985-09-10@ CHA137L  2-762-75611,251Bert BlylevenJoel DavisJoel DavisBert BlylevenBob James594687-93
1985-09-11@ CHA138L  0-562-76612,407Frank ViolaBritt BurnsBritt BurnsFrank Viola 594692-98
1985-09-12@ CHA139L  2-462-77610,293Mike SmithsonGene NelsonGene NelsonMike SmithsonBob James596696-100
1985-09-13@ CLE140L  2-363-7860Mark PortugalCurt WardleCurt WardleMark PortugalJerry Reed598699-101
1985-09-13@ CLE141W  3-163-7864,431Frank ViolaDon SchulzeFrank ViolaDon SchulzeRon Davis601700-99
1985-09-14@ CLE142L  9-1164-7960John ButcherTom WaddellTom WaddellJohn ButcherJerry Reed610711-101
1985-09-14@ CLE143W  5-364-7965,218Dennis BurttNeal HeatonDennis BurttRich ThompsonRon Davis615714-99
1985-09-15@ CLE144W  5-265-7966,010Bert BlylevenRoy SmithBert BlylevenRoy SmithRon Davis620716-96
1985-09-16vs TEX145W  7-666-7968,479 Mike SmithsonMike MasonFrank EufemiaGreg Harris 627722-95
1985-09-17vs TEX146W  7-267-7968,149 Frank ViolaDave J. SchmidtFrank ViolaDave J. Schmidt 634724-90
1985-09-18vs TEX147W  4-368-7967,977 Ken SchromCharlie HoughKen SchromCharlie HoughRon Davis638727-89
1985-09-20@ KCA148L  1-568-80622,845Bert BlylevenCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtBert Blyleven 639732-93
1985-09-21@ KCA149L  5-668-81625,102Mike SmithsonBuddy BlackMark HuismannRon Davis 644738-94
1985-09-22@ KCA150W  7-369-81621,277Frank ViolaDanny JacksonFrank ViolaDanny Jackson 651741-90
1985-09-24@ TEX151L  0-569-8265,721John ButcherMatt WilliamsMatt WilliamsJohn Butcher 651746-95
1985-09-25@ TEX152W  5-170-8265,932Bert BlylevenJeff RussellBert BlylevenJeff Russell 656747-91
1985-09-26@ TEX153L  0-270-8366,082Mike SmithsonJose GuzmanJose GuzmanMike SmithsonDwayne Henry656749-93
1985-09-27vs KCA154W  4-171-83613,035 Frank ViolaBuddy BlackFrank ViolaBuddy Black 660750-90
1985-09-28vs KCA155W  5-372-83613,256 Dennis BurttDanny JacksonDennis BurttDanny JacksonRon Davis665753-88
1985-09-29vs KCA156W  6-373-83511,292 John ButcherMark GubiczaJohn ButcherMark GubiczaRon Davis671756-85
1985-09-30vs CHA157W  7-174-8358,242 Bert BlylevenBritt BurnsBert BlylevenBritt Burns 678757-79
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-10-01vs CHA158L  6-1274-8458,278 Mike SmithsonFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterMike Smithson 684769-85
1985-10-02vs CHA159W  3-175-8458,290 Frank ViolaJoel DavisFrank ViolaJoel Davis 687770-83
1985-10-04vs CLE160L  6-875-85530,451 John ButcherNeal HeatonJerry ReedDennis Burtt 693778-85
1985-10-05vs CLE161W  8-276-8548,806 Bert BlylevenJamie EasterlyBert BlylevenJamie Easterly 701780-79
1985-10-06vs CLE162W  4-277-85410,385 Mike SmithsonDon SchulzeMike SmithsonDon Schulze 705782-77

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