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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  71-90   .441
Result:   6th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  George Bamberger
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,360,265
Payroll:  $0
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Rollie Fingers (38)
Youngest Player:  Billy Jo Robidoux (21)
Longest Tenure:  Charlie Moore (13)
Top Hitter:  Cecil Cooper (15)
Top Pitcher:  Teddy Higuera (16)
Top Draft Pick:  B.J. Surhoff (#1)

Roster Continuity:  76.77%
Top Prospect:   Bill Wegman
American League Standings
NY Yankees9764.6022.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-04-09vs CHA1L  2-4-53,027 Moose HaasTom SeaverTom SeaverMoose HaasBob James24-2
1985-04-11vs CHA2W  8-1-9,695 Ray BurrisTim LollarRay BurrisTim Lollar 1055
1985-04-12@ TEX3W  11-6-27,163Danny DarwinFrank TananaBob GibsonFrank Tanana 211110
1985-04-13@ TEX4W  6-5-14,919Pete VuckovichCharlie HoughBob GibsonDickie NolesRollie Fingers271611
1985-04-14@ TEX5W  8-1-17,494Moose HaasDave RozemaMoose HaasDave Rozema 351718
1985-04-16@ DET6L  1-2-23,869Ray BurrisWalt TerrellWalt TerrellRay BurrisAurelio Lopez361917
1985-04-17@ DET7W  2-0-15,221Danny DarwinJack MorrisDanny DarwinJack Morris 381919
1985-04-19vs TEX8L  1-4-13,501 Pete VuckovichDave RozemaDave RozemaRay SearageDave Stewart392316
1985-04-20vs TEX9L  1-5-18,286 Moose HaasDickie NolesDickie NolesMoose Haas 402812
1985-04-21vs TEX10L  2-5-14,667 Ray BurrisMike MasonMike MasonRay BurrisDave Stewart42339
1985-04-22@ CHA11W  4-2-13,455Danny DarwinRichard DotsonDanny DarwinJuan AgostoRollie Fingers463511
1985-04-23@ CHA12L  5-6-10,719Teddy HigueraFloyd BannisterBob JamesRollie Fingers 514110
1985-04-24@ CHA13W  3-2-10,707Pete VuckovichBritt BurnsPete VuckovichBritt BurnsRay Searage544311
1985-04-25vs DET14W  11-7-9,619 Moose HaasMilt WilcoxBob GibsonBill Scherrer 655015
1985-04-26vs DET15L  0-1-15,278 Ray BurrisJack MorrisJack MorrisRay Burris 655114
1985-04-27vs DET16L  2-3-16,468 Danny DarwinDan PetryDan PetryDanny DarwinGuillermo Hernandez675413
1985-04-28vs DET17L  0-5-19,140 Teddy HigueraWalt TerrellWalt TerrellTeddy Higuera 67598
1985-04-29@ SEA18L  7-9-9,187Pete VuckovichMike MooreEd NunezRay Searage 74686
1985-04-30@ SEA19L  2-4-6,963Bob GibsonMark LangstonMark LangstonBob GibsonEd Nunez76724
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-05-01@ OAK20W  7-4-6,168Danny DarwinSteve McCattyDanny DarwinSteve McCatty 83767
1985-05-02@ OAK21L  4-5-12,808Bob McClureDon SuttonKeith AthertonRay Searage 87816
1985-05-03@ CAL22W  7-0-41,923Teddy HigueraTommy JohnTeddy HigueraTommy John 948113
1985-05-04@ CAL23L  3-4-24,139Pete VuckovichRon RomanickRon RomanickPete VuckovichDonnie Moore978512
1985-05-05@ CAL24L  1-5-30,723Danny DarwinMike WittMike WittDanny DarwinDonnie Moore98908
1985-05-07vs SEA25W  5-2-8,416 Moose HaasJim BeattieMoose HaasJim Beattie 1039211
1985-05-08vs SEA26L  2-4-8,182 Ray BurrisMike MooreMike MooreRay BurrisEd Nunez105969
1985-05-10vs CAL27L  4-5-15,002 Pete VuckovichRon RomanickRon RomanickPete VuckovichDonnie Moore1091018
1985-05-11vs CAL28L  5-6-15,693 Danny DarwinMike WittTommy JohnJim KernDonnie Moore1141077
1985-05-12vs CAL29W  7-4-12,078 Moose HaasKirk McCaskillMoose HaasKirk McCaskillRollie Fingers12111110
1985-05-14vs OAK30L  3-6-7,876 Ray BurrisChris CodiroliChris CodiroliRollie Fingers 1241177
1985-05-15vs OAK31L  3-19-17,460 Teddy HigueraBill KruegerBill KruegerTeddy Higuera 127136-9
1985-05-17vs KCA32L  0-3-10,587 Danny DarwinBret SaberhagenBret SaberhagenDanny Darwin 127139-12
1985-05-18vs KCA33W  7-2-20,334 Moose HaasDanny JacksonMoose HaasDanny Jackson 134141-7
1985-05-19vs KCA34W  11-10-43,256 Ray BurrisMark GubiczaBob GibsonDan Quisenberry 145151-6
1985-05-21@ CLE35L  4-6-4,004Teddy HigueraKeith CreelBryan ClarkTeddy HigueraRich Thompson149157-8
1985-05-22@ CLE36W  6-5-4,084Danny DarwinBert BlylevenBob GibsonBert BlylevenRollie Fingers155162-7
1985-05-24vs MIN37W  5-2-13,425 Ray BurrisMike SmithsonRay BurrisMike SmithsonRollie Fingers160164-4
1985-05-25vs MIN38W  9-7-17,804 Moose HaasPete FilsonBob McClurePete FilsonRollie Fingers169171-2
1985-05-26vs MIN39W  5-3-19,327 Teddy HigueraJohn ButcherTeddy HigueraJohn ButcherBob Gibson1741740
1985-05-27vs CLE40L  0-8-11,612 Danny DarwinBert BlylevenBert BlylevenDanny Darwin 174182-8
1985-05-28vs CLE41W  3-2-7,179 Moose HaasNeal HeatonMoose HaasNeal HeatonRollie Fingers177184-7
1985-05-29vs CLE42W  7-2-7,779 Ray BurrisDon SchulzeRay BurrisDon SchulzeBob Gibson184186-2
1985-05-31@ MIN43W  6-4-34,932Teddy HigueraPete FilsonTeddy HigueraPete FilsonRollie Fingers1901900
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-06-01@ MIN44W  7-2-38,317Danny DarwinJohn ButcherDanny DarwinJohn Butcher 1971925
1985-06-02@ MIN45L  4-5-25,966Moose HaasKen SchromKen SchromBob Gibson 2011974
1985-06-04@ KCA46L  3-4-18,788Pete VuckovichCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtPete VuckovichMike LaCoss2042013
1985-06-05@ KCA47W  10-2-18,666Teddy HigueraBuddy BlackTeddy HigueraBuddy Black 21420311
1985-06-06vs NYA48W  5-1-15,452 Danny DarwinEd WhitsonDanny DarwinEd Whitson 21920415
1985-06-07vs NYA49W  10-9-24,463 Jaime CocanowerRon GuidryRay SearageDave Righetti 22921316
1985-06-08vs NYA50L  1-2-40,913 Ray BurrisDennis RasmussenDave RighettiBob GibsonRich Bordi23021515
1985-06-09vs NYA51W  9-4-44,621 Pete VuckovichPhil NiekroPete VuckovichPhil NiekroPete Ladd23921920
1985-06-10@ BOS52L  2-4-18,967Teddy HigueraBob OjedaBob OjedaTeddy Higuera 24122318
1985-06-11@ BOS53W  5-3-22,243Danny DarwinRoger ClemensDanny DarwinBruce HurstBob Gibson24622620
1985-06-12@ BOS54L  2-7-15,155Moose HaasAl NipperAl NipperMoose Haas 24823315
1985-06-13@ BAL55L  3-8-24,885Ray BurrisScott McGregorScott McGregorRay Burris 25124110
1985-06-14@ BAL56L  3-9-39,142Pete VuckovichStorm DavisStorm DavisPete Vuckovich 2542504
1985-06-15@ BAL57L  5-7-25,650Teddy HigueraKen DixonNate SnellBob GibsonTippy Martinez2592572
1985-06-16@ BAL58L  1-9-31,324Danny DarwinMike BoddickerMike BoddickerDanny Darwin 260266-6
1985-06-17vs TOR59W  2-1-16,889 Moose HaasDave StiebMoose HaasDave Stieb 262267-5
1985-06-18vs TOR60W  4-1-18,568 Ray BurrisLuis LealRay BurrisLuis Leal 266268-2
1985-06-19vs TOR61L  1-5-25,607 Pete VuckovichJim ClancyJim ClancyPete VuckovichBill Caudill267273-6
1985-06-21vs BAL62W  13-10-26,542 Teddy HigueraMike BoddickerJaime CocanowerSammy StewartBob Gibson280283-3
1985-06-22vs BAL63L  2-3-41,512 Danny DarwinScott McGregorScott McGregorDanny DarwinDon Aase282286-4
1985-06-23vs BAL64L  3-6-42,432 Moose HaasStorm DavisNate SnellRollie Fingers 285292-7
1985-06-25@ TOR65L  1-7-30,019Ray BurrisJim ClancyJim ClancyRay Burris 286299-13
1985-06-26@ TOR66W  5-4-27,397Pete VuckovichDoyle AlexanderBob GibsonDoyle Alexander 291303-12
1985-06-27@ TOR67L  3-7-28,228Teddy HigueraJimmy KeyJimmy KeyTeddy HigueraJim Acker294310-16
1985-06-28@ NYA68L  2-5-21,649Danny DarwinRon GuidryRon GuidryDanny DarwinDave Righetti296315-19
1985-06-29@ NYA69W  6-0-25,369Moose HaasPhil NiekroMoose HaasPhil Niekro 302315-13
1985-06-30@ NYA70W  7-5-51,459Ray BurrisBob ShirleyBob McClureBrian FisherRollie Fingers309320-11
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-07-01vs BOS71W  5-1-15,418 Pete VuckovichMike TrujilloPete VuckovichMike TrujilloBob Gibson314321-7
1985-07-02vs BOS72W  4-3-17,167 Teddy HigueraRoger ClemensRollie FingersBob Stanley 318324-6
1985-07-03vs BOS73L  0-9-20,673 Danny DarwinBruce HurstBruce HurstDanny Darwin 318333-15
1985-07-04@ SEA74L  1-7-14,089Moose HaasMike MooreMike MooreMoose Haas 319340-21
1985-07-05@ SEA75L  6-7-14,783Ray BurrisMatt YoungEd NunezRick Waits 325347-22
1985-07-06@ SEA76L  3-5-21,014Pete VuckovichFrank WillsRoy ThomasPete VuckovichBrian Snyder328352-24
1985-07-07@ SEA77W  2-1-11,574Teddy HigueraBill SwiftTeddy HigueraBill SwiftRollie Fingers330353-23
1985-07-08@ CAL78L  2-3-21,273Danny DarwinMike WittDonnie MooreBob Gibson 332356-24
1985-07-09@ CAL79L  4-5-27,598Moose HaasUrbano LugoDonnie MooreRollie Fingers 336361-25
1985-07-10@ CAL80L  1-2-28,179Ray BurrisRon RomanickRon RomanickRay Burris 337363-26
1985-07-11@ OAK81L  3-9-8,019Pete VuckovichDon SuttonDon SuttonPete Vuckovich 340372-32
1985-07-12@ OAK82W  5-3-12,351Teddy HigueraChris CodiroliTeddy HigueraChris Codiroli 345375-30
1985-07-13@ OAK83L  0-2-20,373Danny DarwinTim BirtsasTim BirtsasDanny DarwinSteve Ontiveros345377-32
1985-07-14@ OAK84L  2-11-14,572Moose HaasBill KruegerBill KruegerMoose HaasKeith Atherton347388-41
1985-07-18vs SEA85L  2-5-13,378 Danny DarwinMike MooreMike MooreDanny Darwin 349393-44
1985-07-19vs SEA86W  9-7-15,979 Teddy HigueraMatt YoungTeddy HigueraMatt YoungBob Gibson358400-42
1985-07-20vs SEA87L  10-13-29,899 Moose HaasBill SwiftEd Vande BergBob McClureRoy Thomas368413-45
1985-07-21vs SEA88W  5-4-20,435 Ray BurrisFrank WillsRay BurrisFrank WillsBob Gibson373417-44
1985-07-22vs CAL89W  16-3-13,389 Pete VuckovichJim SlatonPete VuckovichJim SlatonRick Waits389420-31
1985-07-23vs CAL90L  0-2-14,666 Danny DarwinKirk McCaskillKirk McCaskillDanny Darwin 389422-33
1985-07-24vs CAL91L  4-8-24,380 Teddy HigueraRon RomanickRon RomanickTeddy Higuera 393430-37
1985-07-25vs OAK92L  2-11-10,745 Jaime CocanowerTim BirtsasTim BirtsasJaime Cocanower 395441-46
1985-07-26vs OAK93L  3-7-25,713 Ray BurrisTommy JohnTommy JohnRay BurrisKeith Atherton398448-50
1985-07-27vs OAK94W  4-3-29,887 Pete VuckovichChris CodiroliPete VuckovichChris CodiroliRollie Fingers402451-49
1985-07-28vs OAK95L  2-5-25,886 Danny DarwinBill KruegerBill KruegerDanny DarwinJay Howell404456-52
1985-07-29vs TEX96W  3-2-8,971 Teddy HigueraCharlie HoughTeddy HigueraCharlie Hough 407458-51
1985-07-30vs TEX97W  6-3-9,278 Moose HaasBurt HootonBob McClureDave Rozema 413461-48
1985-07-31vs TEX98W  5-2-11,984 Jaime CocanowerMike MasonJaime CocanowerMike Mason 418463-45
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-08-02@ DET99L  1-4-37,702Pete VuckovichFrank TananaFrank TananaPete Vuckovich 419467-48
1985-08-03@ DET100L  3-9-42,701Danny DarwinDan PetryDan PetryDanny Darwin 422476-54
1985-08-04@ DET101L  4-7-0Teddy HigueraJack MorrisGuillermo HernandezRick Waits 426483-57
1985-08-04@ DET102W  14-4-43,796Ray BurrisRandy O'NealRay BurrisRandy O'Neal 440487-47
1985-08-08@ TEX103W  7-4-0Jaime CocanowerJeff RussellRick WaitsJeff RussellBob Gibson447491-44
1985-08-08@ TEX104W  3-1-11,333Pete VuckovichBurt HootonPete VuckovichBurt HootonRollie Fingers450492-42
1985-08-09@ CHA105W  8-7-21,330Danny DarwinTom SeaverRick WaitsBob JamesRollie Fingers458499-41
1985-08-10@ CHA106W  5-2-25,381Teddy HigueraFloyd BannisterTeddy HigueraJuan AgostoBob Gibson463501-38
1985-08-11@ CHA107L  1-4-21,170Ray BurrisJoel DavisJoel DavisRay BurrisBob James464505-41
1985-08-12vs DET108W  4-3-13,778 Jaime CocanowerFrank TananaJaime CocanowerGuillermo HernandezRollie Fingers468508-40
1985-08-13vs DET109L  4-5-15,504 Pete VuckovichDan PetryAurelio LopezBob GibsonGuillermo Hernandez472513-41
1985-08-14vs DET110L  3-4-13,085 Danny DarwinJack MorrisJack MorrisDanny DarwinGuillermo Hernandez475517-42
1985-08-15vs CHA111W  7-5-12,734 Teddy HigueraFloyd BannisterTeddy HigueraFloyd BannisterRollie Fingers482522-40
1985-08-16vs CHA112W  3-2-23,390 Ray BurrisJoel DavisRay BurrisDave Wehrmeister 485524-39
1985-08-17vs CHA113L  7-12-33,467 Jaime CocanowerGene NelsonDan SpillnerJaime Cocanower 492536-44
1985-08-18vs CHA114L  4-8-27,658 Pete VuckovichBritt BurnsBritt BurnsPete VuckovichBob James496544-48
1985-08-19vs MIN115W  4-1-11,870 Danny DarwinMike SmithsonDanny DarwinMike Smithson 500545-45
1985-08-20vs MIN116W  3-2-9,959 Teddy HigueraJohn ButcherTeddy HigueraSteve Howe 503547-44
1985-08-21vs MIN117W  3-2-15,136 Ray BurrisBert BlylevenRay BurrisSteve Howe 506549-43
1985-08-23@ CLE118L  5-10-6,292Jaime CocanowerCurt WardleCurt WardleJaime CocanowerVern Ruhle511559-48
1985-08-25@ CLE119L  2-6-0Moose HaasTom WaddellTom WaddellMoose Haas 513565-52
1985-08-25@ CLE120L  0-2-7,789Danny DarwinRamon RomeroRamon RomeroDanny DarwinBryan Clark513567-54
1985-08-26@ CLE121L  3-4-0Teddy HigueraNeal HeatonNeal HeatonBob Gibson 516571-55
1985-08-26@ CLE122W  8-3-4,205Ray BurrisRoy SmithRay BurrisRoy SmithRollie Fingers524574-50
1985-08-27vs KCA123W  8-5-8,034 Jaime CocanowerDanny JacksonJaime CocanowerDanny JacksonBob Gibson532579-47
1985-08-28vs KCA124L  2-8-7,626 Pete VuckovichMark GubiczaMark GubiczaPete Vuckovich 534587-53
1985-08-30vs CLE125W  9-6-10,562 Moose HaasTom WaddellMoose HaasTom Waddell 543593-50
1985-08-31vs CLE126W  10-8-10,780 Teddy HigueraNeal HeatonTeddy HigueraNeal HeatonBob Gibson553601-48
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-09-01vs CLE127L  4-11-11,475 Ray BurrisRoy SmithDave Von OhlenRay Burris 557612-55
1985-09-02@ MIN128L  1-6-11,239Jaime CocanowerMike SmithsonMike SmithsonJaime CocanowerRon Davis558618-60
1985-09-03@ MIN129L  3-4-10,869Danny DarwinKen SchromSteve HoweDanny Darwin 561622-61
1985-09-04@ MIN130W  11-10-14,216Pete VuckovichJohn ButcherRick WaitsDennis BurttRollie Fingers572632-60
1985-09-05@ KCA131L  1-4-2,527Moose HaasCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtMoose Haas 573636-63
1985-09-06@ KCA132L  3-4-0Teddy HigueraDanny JacksonDan QuisenberryRollie Fingers 576640-64
1985-09-06@ KCA133L  1-7-26,403Ray BurrisSteve FarrSteve FarrRay Burris 577647-70
1985-09-07@ KCA134L  4-7-29,510Jaime CocanowerMark GubiczaMark GubiczaJaime CocanowerDan Quisenberry581654-73
1985-09-08@ KCA135L  11-13-20,737Danny DarwinBuddy BlackSteve FarrRollie Fingers 592667-75
1985-09-09vs NYA136L  4-9-7,176 Moose HaasMarty BystromDave RighettiRay Searage 596676-80
1985-09-10vs NYA137L  10-13-7,971 Ray BurrisEd WhitsonEd WhitsonRay BurrisBob Shirley606689-83
1985-09-11vs NYA138W  4-3-8,540 Teddy HigueraJoe CowleyTeddy HigueraRich Bordi 610692-82
1985-09-13vs BOS139W  6-3-16,931 Tim LearyTim LollarTim LearyTim LollarDanny Darwin616695-79
1985-09-14vs BOS140L  8-10-12,371 Bill WegmanBruce HurstBruce KisonDanny Darwin 624705-81
1985-09-15vs BOS141L  2-4-11,124 Jaime CocanowerJeff SellersJeff SellersJaime CocanowerMike Trujillo626709-83
1985-09-16vs BOS142W  5-3-6,441 Moose HaasBob OjedaBob McClureBob Ojeda 631712-81
1985-09-17@ BAL143L  0-6-22,889Teddy HigueraKen DixonKen DixonTeddy Higuera 631718-87
1985-09-18@ BAL144L  2-4-15,060Tim LearyScott McGregorScott McGregorTim Leary 633722-89
1985-09-19@ BAL145W  5-2-14,258Bill WegmanMike BoddickerBill WegmanMike BoddickerBob McClure638724-86
1985-09-20@ TOR146L  5-7-31,442Jaime CocanowerJimmy KeyJimmy KeyJaime CocanowerGary Lavelle643731-88
1985-09-21@ TOR147L  1-2-33,502Moose HaasDoyle AlexanderDennis LampDanny Darwin 644733-89
1985-09-22@ TOR148W  2-1-38,155Teddy HigueraDave StiebTeddy HigueraDave Stieb 646734-88
1985-09-23@ TOR149L  1-5-26,282Tim LearyJim ClancyJim ClancyTim LearyTom Henke647739-92
1985-09-24vs BAL150W  10-6-6,007 Bill WegmanScott McGregorBill WegmanScott McGregorBob McClure657745-88
1985-09-25vs BAL151W  3-0-6,372 Jaime CocanowerMike FlanaganJaime CocanowerMike Flanagan 660745-85
1985-09-26vs BAL152L  1-9-6,052 Moose HaasDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMoose Haas 661754-93
1985-09-27vs TOR153L  1-5-17,050 Teddy HigueraDave StiebDave StiebTeddy HigueraDennis Lamp662759-97
1985-09-28vs TOR154L  1-6-9,542 Tim LearyJim ClancyJim ClancyTim LearyGary Lavelle663765-102
1985-09-29vs TOR155L  5-13-8,822 Ray BurrisSteve DavisJim AckerRay Burris 668778-110
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1985-10-01@ NYA156L  1-6-15,101Jaime CocanowerJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJaime CocanowerDave Righetti669784-115
1985-10-02@ NYA157W  1-0-11,879Teddy HigueraBob ShirleyTeddy HigueraBob Shirley 670784-114
1985-10-03@ NYA158L  0-3-15,226Tim LearyRon GuidryRon GuidryTim LearyBrian Fisher670787-117
1985-10-04@ BOS159W  8-7-13,128Ray BurrisRob WoodwardBrad LesleyMike TrujilloBob McClure678794-116
1985-10-05@ BOS160W  3-2-12,754Jaime CocanowerOil Can BoydJaime CocanowerOil Can BoydDanny Darwin681796-115
1985-10-06@ BOS161W  9-6-17,129Chuck PorterBruce HurstDanny DarwinBruce HurstPete Ladd690802-112

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