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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Toronto,ON
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   2nd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Bobby Cox
General Manager:   Pat Gillick
Stadium:  Exhibition Stadium
Attendance:  2,110,009
Playoffs:  -

Toronto Blue Jays affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Cliff Johnson (36)
Youngest Player:  Tony Fernandez (22)
Longest Tenure:  Jim Clancy (8)
Top Hitter:  Lloyd Moseby (7)
Top Pitcher:  Dave Stieb (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Dane Johnson (#48)

Roster Continuity:  81.17%
Top Prospect:   Tony Fernandez
American League Standings
NY Yankees8775.53717.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-04-04@ SEA1L  2-30-1743,200Jim ClancyMike MooreMike StantonDennis Lamp 23-1
1984-04-05@ SEA2W  13-51-145,399Luis LealJim BeattieLuis LealJim Beattie 1587
1984-04-06@ CAL3W  11-52-1324,431Doyle AlexanderSteve BrownJimmy KeySteve Brown 261313
1984-04-07@ CAL4W  3-13-1341,859Dave StiebKen ForschDave StiebKen ForschDennis Lamp291415
1984-04-08@ CAL5L  3-43-2324,095Jim AckerTommy JohnLuis SanchezRoy Lee Jackson 321814
1984-04-09@ OAK6L  3-43-349,868Jim ClancyTim ConroyBill CaudillDennis Lamp 352213
1984-04-10@ OAK7W  3-04-337,226Luis LealLary SorensenLuis LealLary SorensenRoy Lee Jackson382216
1984-04-13@ TEX8W  3-25-3210,515Dave StiebDanny DarwinDennis LampDave TobikJimmy Key412417
1984-04-14@ TEX9L  2-65-439,852Jim ClancyCharlie HoughCharlie HoughJim Clancy 433013
1984-04-15@ TEX10W  2-16-4212,583Luis LealDave StewartDennis LampDave Stewart 453114
1984-04-17vs BAL11W  3-27-4235,602 Doyle AlexanderMike BoddickerJimmy KeyTippy MartinezDennis Lamp483315
1984-04-18vs BAL12W  7-18-4213,489 Dave StiebJim PalmerDave StiebJim Palmer 553421
1984-04-19vs BAL13W  2-19-4214,323 Jim ClancyScott McGregorJim ClancyScott McGregor 573522
1984-04-20vs CAL14L  6-109-5237,241 Luis LealMike WittLuis SanchezJim Acker 634518
1984-04-21vs CAL15L  4-89-6244,164 Jim GottRon RomanickRon RomanickJim Gott 675314
1984-04-22vs CAL16L  6-99-7216,462 Doyle AlexanderTommy JohnJim SlatonJimmy KeyCurt Kaufman736211
1984-04-23vs SEA17W  8-510-7213,330 Dave StiebMark LangstonDave StiebMark LangstonRoy Lee Jackson816714
1984-04-24vs SEA18L  2-410-8212,398 Jim ClancyMike MooreDave BeardJim Clancy 837112
1984-04-25vs OAK19W  11-011-8215,434 Luis LealTim ConroyLuis LealTim Conroy 947123
1984-04-26vs OAK20L  4-711-9316,488 Jim GottMike WarrenMike WarrenJim GottTom Burgmeier987820
1984-04-27@ KCA21W  1-012-9316,435Doyle AlexanderMark GubiczaDoyle AlexanderMark GubiczaDennis Lamp997821
1984-04-28@ KCA22W  6-013-9218,194Dave StiebBret SaberhagenDave StiebBret Saberhagen 1057827
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-05-01vs TEX23W  10-414-1020 Luis LealFrank TananaLuis LealFrank TananaDennis Lamp1158233
1984-05-01vs TEX24L  1-414-10213,159 Doyle AlexanderDanny DarwinDanny DarwinDoyle Alexander 1168630
1984-05-02vs TEX25W  7-615-10213,274 Jim ClancyCharlie HoughJim ClancyCharlie HoughDennis Lamp1239231
1984-05-04vs KCA26W  4-316-10216,469 Dave StiebBret SaberhagenDave StiebMark Huismann 1279532
1984-05-05vs KCA27W  10-117-10231,076 Jim GottDanny JacksonJim GottDanny Jackson 1379641
1984-05-06vs KCA28W  2-118-10223,334 Luis LealLarry GuraRoy Lee JacksonLarry Gura 1399742
1984-05-09@ BAL29L  4-718-1220Jim ClancyScott McGregorScott McGregorJim Clancy 14310439
1984-05-09@ BAL30L  3-718-12218,731Doyle AlexanderStorm DavisTippy MartinezJimmy Key 14611135
1984-05-10@ BAL31W  4-319-12211,214Dave StiebMike FlanaganRoy Lee JacksonDennis Martinez 15011436
1984-05-12@ CLE32L  4-819-13211,066Luis LealBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJim AckerErnie Camacho15412232
1984-05-13@ CLE33L  4-419-1425,630Jim ClancyRick Sutcliffe 15812632
1984-05-15@ MIN34W  5-220-14226,761Dave StiebJohn ButcherRoy Lee JacksonRon Davis 16312835
1984-05-16@ MIN35W  8-721-14251,863Doyle AlexanderEd HodgeDoyle AlexanderPete FilsonJim Acker17113536
1984-05-17vs CHA36W  3-222-14218,328 Luis LealLaMarr HoytRoy Lee JacksonLaMarr HoytDennis Lamp17413737
1984-05-18vs CHA37W  4-323-14219,507 Jim ClancyBritt BurnsJim ClancyBritt BurnsJimmy Key17814038
1984-05-19vs CHA38W  1-024-14228,382 Jim GottTom SeaverJim GottTom SeaverDennis Lamp17914039
1984-05-20vs CHA39L  0-324-15226,347 Dave StiebRichard DotsonRichard DotsonDave Stieb 17914336
1984-05-21vs MIN40W  3-225-15243,347 Doyle AlexanderEd HodgeDoyle AlexanderRon Davis 18214537
1984-05-22vs MIN41W  3-226-15217,287 Luis LealMike SmithsonRoy Lee JacksonMike Smithson 18514738
1984-05-23vs MIN42W  4-127-15217,189 Jim ClancyFrank ViolaJim ClancyFrank ViolaDennis Lamp18914841
1984-05-25vs CLE43W  5-128-15218,195 Dave StiebNeal HeatonDave StiebNeal Heaton 19414945
1984-05-26vs CLE44W  2-129-15222,283 Doyle AlexanderSteve FarrDoyle AlexanderSteve FarrJimmy Key19615046
1984-05-27vs CLE45W  6-131-1520 Luis LealRick SutcliffeLuis LealRick Sutcliffe 20215151
1984-05-27vs CLE46W  6-531-15237,097 Jim GottSteve ComerRoy Lee JacksonErnie Camacho 20815652
1984-05-29@ CHA47L  1-831-16219,603Jim ClancyLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytJim Clancy 20916445
1984-05-30@ CHA48W  2-132-16223,490Dave StiebBritt BurnsDave StiebBritt BurnsJimmy Key21116546
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-06-01vs NYA49W  10-233-16230,586 Doyle AlexanderRay FontenotDoyle AlexanderRay Fontenot 22116754
1984-06-02vs NYA50W  9-834-16242,269 Luis LealDennis RasmussenDennis LampClay Christiansen 23017555
1984-06-03vs NYA51L  2-1534-17233,077 Jim ClancyPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJim Clancy 23219042
1984-06-04@ DET52L  3-634-18226,733Dave StiebJuan BerenguerAurelio LopezJimmy Key 23519639
1984-06-05@ DET53W  8-435-18235,983Doyle AlexanderGlenn AbbottJim AckerGlenn Abbott 24320043
1984-06-06@ DET54W  6-336-18238,167Luis LealDan PetryLuis LealDan Petry 24920346
1984-06-07@ DET55L  3-536-19240,879Jim ClancyJack MorrisJack MorrisJim Clancy 25220844
1984-06-08@ NYA56L  3-436-20220,252Jim GottPhil NiekroDave RighettiJim Acker 25521243
1984-06-09@ NYA57L  1-236-21220,661Dave StiebRon GuidryRon GuidryDave Stieb 25621442
1984-06-10@ NYA58L  3-536-22241,018Doyle AlexanderShane RawleyClay ChristiansenDoyle AlexanderDave Righetti25921940
1984-06-11vs DET59L  4-536-23235,062 Luis LealDave RozemaDave RozemaLuis LealGuillermo Hernandez26322439
1984-06-12vs DET60W  12-337-23240,437 Jim ClancyJack MorrisJim ClancyJack Morris 27522748
1984-06-13vs DET61W  7-338-23234,122 Dave StiebMilt WilcoxDave StiebMilt Wilcox 28223052
1984-06-15vs BOS62W  4-339-23230,065 Doyle AlexanderAl NipperDennis LampMark Clear 28623353
1984-06-16vs BOS63W  7-040-23231,278 Luis LealBruce HurstLuis LealBruce Hurst 29323360
1984-06-17vs BOS64W  5-341-23228,396 Jim ClancyRoger ClemensJim ClancyRich GaleRoy Lee Jackson29823662
1984-06-19vs MIL65L  5-641-24232,210 Dave StiebMoose HaasRollie FingersJimmy Key 30324261
1984-06-20vs MIL66L  4-541-25231,282 Doyle AlexanderJaime CocanowerTom TellmannDoyle Alexander 30724760
1984-06-21@ BOS67W  5-242-25218,372Luis LealAl NipperLuis LealAl Nipper 31224963
1984-06-22@ BOS68L  1-842-26223,167Jim ClancyRoger ClemensRoger ClemensJim Clancy 31325756
1984-06-23@ BOS69W  9-343-26227,689Jim GottRich GaleJim GottRich Gale 32226062
1984-06-24@ BOS70L  3-543-27232,521Dave StiebBob OjedaBob StanleyDennis Lamp 32526560
1984-06-25@ MIL71L  1-243-2920Doyle AlexanderJaime CocanowerJaime CocanowerDoyle AlexanderRollie Fingers32626759
1984-06-25@ MIL72L  4-943-29215,088Jim AckerBob McClureBob McClureJim Acker 33027654
1984-06-26@ MIL73L  3-643-30219,068Luis LealDon SuttonDon SuttonLuis LealRollie Fingers33328251
1984-06-27@ MIL74L  1-543-31231,141Jim ClancyChuck PorterChuck PorterJim ClancyTom Tellmann33428747
1984-06-28vs OAK75W  9-644-31230,213 Jim GottTim ConroyJim GottKeith Atherton 34329350
1984-06-29vs OAK76L  1-244-32225,280 Dave StiebRay BurrisRay BurrisDave StiebBill Caudill34429549
1984-06-30vs OAK77W  6-145-32236,176 Doyle AlexanderBill KruegerDoyle AlexanderBill Krueger 35029654
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-07-01vs OAK78W  7-646-32235,046 Luis LealCurt YoungJim AckerKeith AthertonRoy Lee Jackson35730255
1984-07-02vs CAL79L  3-646-33229,227 Jim ClancyMike WittMike WittJim ClancyDon Aase36030852
1984-07-03vs CAL80W  4-047-33226,255 Jim GottTommy JohnJim GottTommy John 36430856
1984-07-04vs CAL81W  6-348-33224,330 Dave StiebRon RomanickDave StiebRon Romanick 37031159
1984-07-05vs SEA82W  10-849-33222,353 Doyle AlexanderJim BeattieDoyle AlexanderJim BeattieRoy Lee Jackson38031961
1984-07-06vs SEA83W  9-250-33222,385 Luis LealMark LangstonLuis LealMark Langston 38932168
1984-07-07vs SEA84L  4-850-34233,475 Jim ClancyMike MooreMike MooreJim ClancyMike Stanton39332964
1984-07-08vs SEA85L  1-750-35230,070 Jim GottJim BeattieJim BeattieJim GottEd Vande Berg39433658
1984-07-12@ OAK86L  4-750-36216,066Doyle AlexanderBill KruegerBill KruegerDennis LampBill Caudill39834355
1984-07-13@ OAK87W  6-351-36217,172Luis LealRay BurrisLuis LealRay BurrisRoy Lee Jackson40434658
1984-07-14@ OAK88W  2-152-36222,048Dave StiebSteve McCattyDave StiebBill Caudill 40634759
1984-07-15@ OAK89W  6-353-36224,044Jim ClancyCurt YoungJim ClancyCurt YoungRoy Lee Jackson41235062
1984-07-16@ CAL90L  0-353-37224,890Jim GottJim SlatonJim SlatonJim Gott 41235359
1984-07-17@ CAL91L  3-553-38227,176Doyle AlexanderMike WittMike WittJim AckerDon Aase41535857
1984-07-18@ CAL92W  8-254-38228,634Luis LealGeoff ZahnLuis LealGeoff Zahn 42336063
1984-07-19@ SEA93W  8-155-3827,489Dave StiebEd Vande BergDave StiebEd Vande Berg 43136170
1984-07-20@ SEA94W  12-756-3828,246Jim ClancyJim BeattieJim AckerPaul Mirabella 44336875
1984-07-21@ SEA95L  3-956-39214,516Bryan ClarkSalome BarojasSalome BarojasDennis Lamp 44637769
1984-07-22@ SEA96W  5-357-3927,263Doyle AlexanderMark LangstonDoyle AlexanderMark LangstonRoy Lee Jackson45138071
1984-07-23@ KCA97L  8-957-4120Luis LealBuddy BlackJoe BeckwithRoy Lee JacksonDan Quisenberry45938970
1984-07-23@ KCA98L  2-757-41231,852Jim GottFrank WillsFrank WillsJim GottBret Saberhagen46139665
1984-07-24@ KCA99L  4-557-42221,607Dave StiebMark GubiczaMark GubiczaDave StiebDan Quisenberry46540164
1984-07-25@ KCA100L  4-557-43219,653Jim ClancyCharlie LeibrandtDan QuisenberryBryan Clark 46940663
1984-07-27vs TEX101L  2-457-44226,269 Doyle AlexanderCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDoyle Alexander 47141061
1984-07-28vs TEX102L  4-557-45228,330 Luis LealDickie NolesMike MasonRoy Lee JacksonDave J. Schmidt47541560
1984-07-29vs TEX103W  6-258-45230,143 Dave StiebDanny DarwinDave StiebDanny Darwin 48141764
1984-07-30vs KCA104L  4-758-46224,414 Jim ClancyCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtJim Clancy 48542461
1984-07-31vs KCA105W  6-559-46223,156 Doyle AlexanderFrank WillsDoyle AlexanderFrank WillsJim Gott49142962
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-08-01vs KCA106W  4-160-46222,084 Luis LealLarry GuraLuis LealLarry GuraJim Gott49543065
1984-08-03@ BAL107W  5-261-46237,219Dave StiebScott McGregorRoy Lee JacksonScott McGregor 50043268
1984-08-04@ BAL108W  6-262-46237,685Jim ClancyMike FlanaganJim ClancyMike Flanagan 50643472
1984-08-05@ BAL109W  4-363-46234,016Doyle AlexanderDennis MartinezJimmy KeyTippy MartinezDennis Lamp51043773
1984-08-06@ TEX110L  4-563-47211,540Luis LealDave StewartMike MasonRoy Lee Jackson 51444272
1984-08-07@ TEX111L  6-763-48210,313Dave StiebDickie NolesDave J. SchmidtDennis Lamp 52044971
1984-08-08@ TEX112W  7-264-4829,696Jim ClancyDanny DarwinJim ClancyDanny Darwin 52745176
1984-08-10vs BAL113W  2-065-48234,107 Doyle AlexanderDennis MartinezDoyle AlexanderDennis Martinez 52945178
1984-08-11vs BAL114W  3-266-48241,426 Luis LealStorm DavisJim GottStorm Davis 53245379
1984-08-12vs BAL115L  4-566-49236,363 Dave StiebScott McGregorScott McGregorRoy Lee JacksonTippy Martinez53645878
1984-08-13vs BAL116L  1-266-50233,238 Jim ClancyMike BoddickerMike BoddickerJim Clancy 53746077
1984-08-14@ CLE117W  8-168-5020Doyle AlexanderNeal HeatonDoyle AlexanderNeal Heaton 54546184
1984-08-14@ CLE118W  9-568-5026,158Bryan ClarkSteve ComerDennis LampTom Waddell 55446688
1984-08-15@ CLE119L  1-1668-5220Luis LealDon SchulzeDon SchulzeLuis Leal 55548273
1984-08-15@ CLE120L  3-468-5226,101Jim AckerJamie EasterlyMike JeffcoatJimmy Key 55848672
1984-08-16@ CLE121L  5-668-5325,598Dave StiebSteve FarrTom WaddellDennis Lamp 56349271
1984-08-17@ CHA122W  4-369-53229,941Jim ClancyLaMarr HoytJim ClancyLaMarr Hoyt 56749572
1984-08-18@ CHA123L  6-769-54234,484Doyle AlexanderFloyd BannisterBert RobergeRoy Lee JacksonJuan Agosto57350271
1984-08-19@ CHA124W  7-470-54238,839Luis LealTom SeaverJimmy KeyJuan Agosto 58050674
1984-08-21vs CLE125L  1-370-55225,253 Dave StiebRoy SmithRoy SmithDave StiebErnie Camacho58150972
1984-08-22vs CLE126L  3-1370-56222,393 Jim ClancyBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJim Clancy 58452262
1984-08-23vs CLE127W  6-171-56223,407 Doyle AlexanderDon SchulzeDoyle AlexanderDon Schulze 59052367
1984-08-24@ MIN128W  6-272-56226,602Luis LealJohn ButcherLuis LealRick LysanderJimmy Key59652571
1984-08-25@ MIN129L  4-572-57223,236Jim ClancyEd HodgeBobby CastilloJim Gott 60053070
1984-08-26@ MIN130W  2-173-57224,654Dave StiebKen SchromDave StiebKen Schrom 60253171
1984-08-27@ MIN131W  5-274-57219,251Dennis LampMike SmithsonDennis LampMike SmithsonJimmy Key60753374
1984-08-28vs CHA132W  7-675-57225,327 Doyle AlexanderGene NelsonBryan ClarkRon Reed 61453975
1984-08-29vs CHA133L  5-875-58225,232 Luis LealFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterLuis LealDan Spillner61954772
1984-08-30@ CHA134W  4-376-58222,800Jim ClancyTom SeaverJim GottTom SeaverJimmy Key62355073
1984-08-31vs MIN135W  7-077-58226,309 Dave StiebBobby CastilloDave StiebBobby Castillo 63055080
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-09-01vs MIN136W  12-478-58226,526 Dennis LampMike SmithsonDennis LampMike SmithsonRoy Lee Jackson64255488
1984-09-02vs MIN137W  6-079-58231,000 Doyle AlexanderFrank ViolaDoyle AlexanderFrank Viola 64855494
1984-09-03@ NYA138L  0-279-59226,835Luis LealJoe CowleyJoe CowleyLuis LealDave Righetti64855692
1984-09-04@ NYA139W  6-480-59215,867Jim ClancyJohn MontefuscoJim ClancyMike ArmstrongJimmy Key65456094
1984-09-05@ NYA140L  3-480-60217,383Dave StiebDennis RasmussenDave RighettiRoy Lee Jackson 65756493
1984-09-07vs DET141L  4-780-61237,420 Doyle AlexanderDan PetryGuillermo HernandezRon Musselman 66157190
1984-09-08vs DET142L  4-1080-62241,059 Luis LealJack MorrisBill ScherrerLuis LealAurelio Lopez66558184
1984-09-09vs DET143L  2-780-63237,392 Jim ClancyMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxJim Clancy 66758879
1984-09-10vs NYA144L  2-680-64221,176 Dave StiebJohn MontefuscoJohn MontefuscoDave StiebJay Howell66959475
1984-09-11vs NYA145W  10-381-64221,451 Dennis LampDennis RasmussenDennis LampDennis RasmussenRoy Lee Jackson67959782
1984-09-12vs NYA146W  2-182-64220,426 Doyle AlexanderPhil NiekroDoyle AlexanderPhil Niekro 68159883
1984-09-13vs NYA147L  1-682-65220,681 Luis LealRay FontenotRay FontenotLuis Leal 68260478
1984-09-14@ DET148W  7-283-65246,040Jim ClancyJack MorrisJim ClancyJack MorrisJimmy Key68960683
1984-09-15@ DET149L  1-283-66244,349Dave StiebMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxDave StiebGuillermo Hernandez69060882
1984-09-16@ DET150L  3-883-67245,488Bryan ClarkJuan BerenguerJuan BerenguerBryan Clark 69361677
1984-09-17vs BOS151W  5-484-67218,480 Doyle AlexanderBob OjedaDoyle AlexanderBob Ojeda 69862078
1984-09-18vs BOS152L  3-1084-68218,399 Luis LealRich GaleRich GaleLuis Leal 70163071
1984-09-19vs BOS153L  4-1084-69223,212 Jim ClancyBruce HurstBruce HurstJim ClancyMark Clear70564065
1984-09-20vs MIL154W  6-485-69221,688 Dave StiebBob GibsonDave StiebBob GibsonJimmy Key71164467
1984-09-21vs MIL155L  1-585-70221,147 Dennis LampDon SuttonDon SuttonDennis Lamp 71264963
1984-09-22vs MIL156W  2-186-70226,152 Doyle AlexanderMoose HaasDoyle AlexanderMoose Haas 71465064
1984-09-23vs MIL157L  5-886-71228,550 Luis LealBob McClureJim KernRoy Lee JacksonRay Searage71965861
1984-09-24@ BOS158W  9-887-71213,328Jim ClancyBruce HurstJim ClancyBruce HurstRon Musselman72866662
1984-09-25@ BOS159L  6-1487-72214,259Dave StiebAl NipperAl NipperDave Stieb 73468054
1984-09-26@ BOS160W  8-488-72213,065Doyle AlexanderOil Can BoydDoyle AlexanderOil Can Boyd 74268458
1984-09-28@ MIL161L  3-488-73217,026Jim ClancyMoose HaasRay SearageRon Musselman 74568857
1984-09-29@ MIL162W  5-489-7329,736Dave StiebBob McClureDave StiebJaime Cocanower 75069258
1984-09-30@ MIL163L  0-489-74210,277Doyle AlexanderBob GibsonBob GibsonDoyle Alexander 75069654

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