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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Arlington,TX
Team Record:  69-92   .429
Result:   7th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Doug Rader
General Manager:   Joe Klein
Stadium:  Arlington Stadium
Attendance:  1,102,471
Playoffs:  -

Texas Rangers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jim Bibby (39)
Youngest Player:  Jeff Kunkel (22)
Longest Tenure:  Billy Sample, Danny Darwin (7)
Top Hitter:  Larry Parrish (22)
Top Pitcher:  Charlie Hough (10)
Top Draft Pick:  Oddibe McDowell (#12)

Roster Continuity:  68.88%
Top Prospect:   Jeff Kunkel
American League Standings
KC Royals8478.519--
Chi White Sox7488.45710.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-04-03vs CLE1L  1-90-1721,537 Charlie HoughRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeCharlie Hough 19-8
1984-04-05vs CLE2L  3-70-279,032 Dave StewartNeal HeatonNeal HeatonDave StewartDan Spillner416-12
1984-04-06vs NYA3W  7-61-2614,038 Frank TananaJohn MontefuscoDave TobikDale Murray 1122-11
1984-04-07vs NYA4W  8-52-2512,181 Danny DarwinRay FontenotMike MasonRay Fontenot 1927-8
1984-04-08vs NYA5L  3-42-3521,409 Charlie HoughRon GuidryDale MurrayDave Tobik 2231-9
1984-04-10@ DET6L  1-52-4651,238Dave StewartDan PetryDan PetryDave Stewart 2336-13
1984-04-12@ DET7L  4-92-5719,154Frank TananaJack MorrisJack MorrisFrank Tanana 2745-18
1984-04-13vs TOR8L  2-32-6710,515 Danny DarwinDave StiebDennis LampDave TobikJimmy Key2948-19
1984-04-14vs TOR9W  6-23-679,852 Charlie HoughJim ClancyCharlie HoughJim Clancy 3550-15
1984-04-15vs TOR10L  1-23-7712,583 Dave StewartLuis LealDennis LampDave Stewart 3652-16
1984-04-17@ BOS11W  8-44-7713,293Frank TananaDennis EckersleyFrank TananaDennis Eckersley 4456-12
1984-04-18@ BOS12W  4-35-7712,052Danny DarwinBob OjedaDanny DarwinBob OjedaDave Tobik4859-11
1984-04-19@ BOS13W  7-46-7710,926Charlie HoughOil Can BoydOdell JonesOil Can Boyd 5563-8
1984-04-20@ NYA14L  1-46-8717,861Dave StewartRon GuidryRon GuidryDave Stewart 5667-11
1984-04-21@ NYA15W  1-07-8620,729Frank TananaRay FontenotFrank TananaRay FontenotDave Tobik5767-10
1984-04-22@ NYA16W  4-08-8620,530Danny DarwinShane RawleyDanny DarwinJose Rijo 6167-6
1984-04-23@ CLE17L  1-38-963,188Charlie HoughRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeCharlie HoughErnie Camacho6270-8
1984-04-25vs DET18L  4-98-10625,883 Dave StewartMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxDave StewartGuillermo Hernandez6679-13
1984-04-26vs DET19L  5-78-11613,559 Frank TananaDave RozemaDoug BairFrank TananaAurelio Lopez7186-15
1984-04-27@ BAL20L  3-48-12635,629Danny DarwinMike BoddickerSammy StewartDave Tobik 7490-16
1984-04-28@ BAL21L  1-68-13622,124Charlie HoughScott McGregorScott McGregorCharlie Hough 7596-21
1984-04-29@ BAL22L  2-38-14634,467Dave StewartStorm DavisStorm DavisDave StewartTippy Martinez7799-22
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-05-01@ TOR23L  4-109-1570Frank TananaLuis LealLuis LealFrank TananaDennis Lamp81109-28
1984-05-01@ TOR24W  4-19-15713,159Danny DarwinDoyle AlexanderDanny DarwinDoyle Alexander 85110-25
1984-05-02@ TOR25L  6-79-16713,274Charlie HoughJim ClancyJim ClancyCharlie HoughDennis Lamp91117-26
1984-05-04vs BAL26L  0-29-17714,199 Mike MasonStorm DavisStorm DavisDave J. Schmidt 91119-28
1984-05-05vs BAL27L  5-79-18718,248 Danny DarwinMike FlanaganDennis MartinezRicky WrightTippy Martinez96126-30
1984-05-06vs BAL28L  1-69-19713,224 Frank TananaMike BoddickerMike BoddickerFrank Tanana 97132-35
1984-05-08vs BOS29W  4-310-1978,616 Charlie HoughMike BrownCharlie HoughMike BrownOdell Jones101135-34
1984-05-09vs BOS30L  0-210-2079,341 Mike MasonBob OjedaBob OjedaMike MasonBob Stanley101137-36
1984-05-10@ CHA31L  6-810-21714,611Danny DarwinRichard DotsonSalome BarojasOdell Jones 107145-38
1984-05-11@ CHA32W  6-111-21728,349Frank TananaFloyd BannisterFrank TananaFloyd Bannister 113146-33
1984-05-12@ CHA33W  6-412-21731,676Dave StewartLaMarr HoytDave StewartLaMarr HoytDave Tobik119150-31
1984-05-13@ CHA34L  1-812-22721,768Charlie HoughBritt BurnsBritt BurnsCharlie Hough 120158-38
1984-05-15@ MIL35L  2-312-2379,104Mike MasonDon SuttonDon SuttonMike MasonRollie Fingers122161-39
1984-05-16@ MIL36L  1-512-24710,095Danny DarwinChuck PorterChuck PorterDanny Darwin 123166-43
1984-05-17@ MIL37W  4-113-24721,461Frank TananaMoose HaasFrank TananaMoose Haas 127167-40
1984-05-18@ KCA38W  2-114-24727,573Dave StewartBuddy BlackDave StewartBuddy BlackDave J. Schmidt129168-39
1984-05-19@ KCA39L  2-614-25719,518Charlie HoughMark GubiczaMark GubiczaCharlie Hough 131174-43
1984-05-20@ KCA40W  3-215-25723,118Mike MasonBret SaberhagenMike MasonBret Saberhagen 134176-42
1984-05-22vs MIL41L  1-715-26712,167 Danny DarwinChuck PorterChuck PorterDanny DarwinRick Waits135183-48
1984-05-23vs MIL42W  6-116-26713,712 Frank TananaMoose HaasFrank TananaMoose Haas 141184-43
1984-05-24vs MIL43W  4-317-26710,008 Dave StewartMike CaldwellDave StewartMike CaldwellDave J. Schmidt145187-42
1984-05-25vs CHA44W  11-018-26713,512 Charlie HoughTom SeaverCharlie HoughTom Seaver 156187-31
1984-05-26vs CHA45L  1-518-27721,978 Mike MasonRichard DotsonRichard DotsonMike Mason 157192-35
1984-05-27vs CHA46W  11-319-27717,298 Danny DarwinFloyd BannisterDanny DarwinFloyd Bannister 168195-27
1984-05-28vs KCA47L  1-619-28715,640 Frank TananaLarry GuraLarry GuraFrank Tanana 169201-32
1984-05-29vs KCA48L  5-719-2979,982 Dave StewartBuddy BlackDan QuisenberryDave J. Schmidt 174208-34
1984-05-30vs KCA49W  7-320-29711,282 Charlie HoughBret SaberhagenCharlie HoughBret Saberhagen 181211-30
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-06-01vs SEA50L  3-520-30712,556 Mike MasonMike MooreDave BeardDave Tobik 184216-32
1984-06-02vs SEA51L  7-1020-31717,807 Danny DarwinMatt YoungBob StoddardDave J. SchmidtMike Stanton191226-35
1984-06-03vs SEA52L  4-1020-32712,652 Frank TananaJim BeattieJim BeattieFrank TananaDave Beard195236-41
1984-06-04@ MIN53L  2-620-3376,741Dave StewartJohn ButcherJohn ButcherDave StewartRon Davis197242-45
1984-06-05@ MIN54W  2-121-3377,762Charlie HoughEd HodgeCharlie HoughEd Hodge 199243-44
1984-06-06@ MIN55L  1-221-3477,279Mike MasonMike SmithsonMike SmithsonMike Mason 200245-45
1984-06-07@ MIN56L  4-521-3578,628Danny DarwinKen SchromRon DavisDanny Darwin 204250-46
1984-06-08vs OAK57W  8-422-35711,140 Frank TananaRay BurrisFrank TananaRay Burris 212254-42
1984-06-09vs OAK58W  4-323-35717,856 Dave StewartChris CodiroliDave J. SchmidtKeith Atherton 216257-41
1984-06-10vs OAK59W  3-124-35710,382 Charlie HoughBill KruegerCharlie HoughBill Krueger 219258-39
1984-06-11vs OAK60W  6-325-35718,171 Mike MasonSteve McCattyMike MasonSteve McCattyDave Tobik225261-36
1984-06-12vs MIN61W  6-226-35712,115 Danny DarwinMike SmithsonDanny DarwinMike Smithson 231263-32
1984-06-13vs MIN62W  3-027-3579,464 Frank TananaKen SchromFrank TananaKen Schrom 234263-29
1984-06-14vs MIN63L  2-327-36711,760 Dave StewartFrank ViolaFrank ViolaDave StewartRon Davis236266-30
1984-06-15@ SEA64L  3-427-3778,335Charlie HoughMark LangstonEd NunezJoey McLaughlin 239270-31
1984-06-16@ SEA65W  5-128-37714,583Mike MasonEd Vande BergMike MasonEd Vande Berg 244271-27
1984-06-17@ SEA66L  2-528-3878,714Danny DarwinMike MooreMike StantonOdell Jones 246276-30
1984-06-18@ CAL67W  6-229-38721,817Frank TananaTommy JohnFrank TananaTommy John 252278-26
1984-06-19@ CAL68W  4-230-38724,625Dave StewartRon RomanickDave StewartRon RomanickOdell Jones256280-24
1984-06-20@ CAL69W  3-231-38627,215Charlie HoughGeoff ZahnCharlie HoughGeoff Zahn 259282-23
1984-06-22@ OAK70W  4-032-38612,502Mike MasonSteve McCattyMike MasonSteve McCattyDave Tobik263282-19
1984-06-23@ OAK71L  1-532-39614,846Danny DarwinTim ConroyTim ConroyDanny Darwin 264287-23
1984-06-24@ OAK72L  2-432-40726,450Frank TananaRay BurrisBill CaudillDave Tobik 266291-25
1984-06-25vs CAL73W  5-433-40716,387 Dave StewartGeoff ZahnDave J. SchmidtDoug Corbett 271295-24
1984-06-26vs CAL74L  2-333-41619,010 Charlie HoughJim SlatonBruce KisonOdell Jones 273298-25
1984-06-27vs CAL75L  1-233-42618,988 Mike MasonMike WittMike WittMike MasonLuis Sanchez274300-26
1984-06-28@ CLE76W  10-634-4360Danny DarwinDon SchulzeDave J. SchmidtDon Schulze 284306-22
1984-06-28@ CLE77L  2-734-4367,958Frank TananaRoy SmithRoy SmithFrank TananaErnie Camacho286313-27
1984-06-29@ CLE78L  12-1334-4479,459Dave StewartBert BlylevenJamie EasterlyDave Tobik 298326-28
1984-06-30@ CLE79W  2-135-44725,500Charlie HoughSteve ComerCharlie HoughSteve Comer 300327-27
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-07-01@ CLE80L  5-1335-4579,001Mike MasonDon SchulzeDon SchulzeMike Mason 305340-35
1984-07-02vs NYA81W  7-636-45718,142 Danny DarwinDennis RasmussenDickie NolesJose RijoDave J. Schmidt312346-34
1984-07-03vs NYA82L  4-536-46721,272 Frank TananaMarty BystromMarty BystromFrank TananaDave Righetti316351-35
1984-07-04vs NYA83L  0-536-47739,240 Dave StewartPhil NiekroPhil NiekroDave Stewart 316356-40
1984-07-05vs DET84L  4-736-48715,151 Charlie HoughDan PetryAurelio LopezCharlie HoughGuillermo Hernandez320363-43
1984-07-06vs DET85W  5-337-48722,378 Mike MasonJuan BerenguerMike MasonJuan BerenguerDave J. Schmidt325366-41
1984-07-07vs DET86L  2-537-49729,262 Danny DarwinDave RozemaDave RozemaDanny DarwinGuillermo Hernandez327371-44
1984-07-08vs DET87W  9-738-49716,010 Frank TananaDoug BairFrank TananaDoug BairDave J. Schmidt336378-42
1984-07-12vs CLE88W  7-239-49719,171 Charlie HoughNeal HeatonCharlie HoughNeal Heaton 343380-37
1984-07-13vs CLE89L  0-539-50714,710 Mike MasonBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMike Mason 343385-42
1984-07-14vs CLE90L  0-539-51720,647 Dave StewartSteve FarrSteve FarrDave Stewart 343390-47
1984-07-15vs CLE91L  4-539-52711,390 Frank TananaRoy SmithErnie CamachoOdell JonesJamie Easterly347395-48
1984-07-16@ NYA92L  8-939-53715,132Dickie NolesJoe CowleyMike ArmstrongDave J. Schmidt 355404-49
1984-07-17@ NYA93W  10-440-53720,312Charlie HoughPhil NiekroCharlie HoughPhil Niekro 365408-43
1984-07-18@ NYA94L  1-340-54720,470Mike MasonRon GuidryRon GuidryMike MasonJay Howell366411-45
1984-07-19@ DET95L  2-940-55726,908Dave StewartMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxDave Stewart 368420-52
1984-07-20@ DET96L  1-340-56739,484Frank TananaDave RozemaDave RozemaFrank TananaGuillermo Hernandez369423-54
1984-07-21@ DET97L  6-740-57746,219Dickie NolesGlenn AbbottSid MongeDickie NolesGuillermo Hernandez375430-55
1984-07-22@ DET98L  0-240-58737,846Charlie HoughDan PetryDan PetryCharlie HoughGuillermo Hernandez375432-57
1984-07-23vs BAL99L  5-940-59714,983 Mike MasonMike BoddickerMike BoddickerMike MasonTippy Martinez380441-61
1984-07-24vs BAL100W  3-241-59715,451 Danny DarwinMike FlanaganDanny DarwinMike Flanagan 383443-60
1984-07-25vs BAL101L  1-341-60714,333 Frank TananaDennis MartinezDennis MartinezFrank TananaSammy Stewart384446-62
1984-07-27@ TOR102W  4-242-60726,269Charlie HoughDoyle AlexanderCharlie HoughDoyle Alexander 388448-60
1984-07-28@ TOR103W  5-443-60728,330Dickie NolesLuis LealMike MasonRoy Lee JacksonDave J. Schmidt393452-59
1984-07-29@ TOR104L  2-643-61730,143Danny DarwinDave StiebDave StiebDanny Darwin 395458-63
1984-07-30@ BAL105W  5-144-61722,529Frank TananaMike FlanaganFrank TananaMike Flanagan 400459-59
1984-07-31@ BAL106W  7-645-61730,107Dave StewartDennis MartinezOdell JonesTippy MartinezDave J. Schmidt407465-58
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-08-01@ BAL107L  2-745-62716,721Charlie HoughStorm DavisStorm DavisCharlie Hough 409472-63
1984-08-03@ BOS108W  4-346-62724,615Danny DarwinBruce HurstDave J. SchmidtBob Stanley 413475-62
1984-08-04@ BOS109L  2-546-63727,515Frank TananaOil Can BoydOil Can BoydFrank Tanana 415480-65
1984-08-05@ BOS110L  2-446-64723,190Charlie HoughAl NipperAl NipperCharlie HoughMark Clear417484-67
1984-08-06vs TOR111W  5-447-64711,540 Dave StewartLuis LealMike MasonRoy Lee Jackson 422488-66
1984-08-07vs TOR112W  7-648-64710,313 Dickie NolesDave StiebDave J. SchmidtDennis Lamp 429494-65
1984-08-08vs TOR113L  2-748-6579,696 Danny DarwinJim ClancyJim ClancyDanny Darwin 431501-70
1984-08-09vs BOS114W  7-349-65710,294 Frank TananaAl NipperFrank TananaAl Nipper 438504-66
1984-08-10vs BOS115W  8-450-65712,677 Charlie HoughBob OjedaCharlie HoughBob Ojeda 446508-62
1984-08-11vs BOS116L  4-550-66717,749 Dave StewartRoger ClemensRoger ClemensDave StewartBob Stanley450513-63
1984-08-12vs BOS117L  2-350-67710,949 Dickie NolesBruce HurstMark ClearDave J. SchmidtJohn Henry Johnson452516-64
1984-08-13@ CHA118L  3-550-68728,922Danny DarwinFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterDanny DarwinJuan Agosto455521-66
1984-08-14@ CHA119W  9-351-68731,318Frank TananaTom SeaverFrank TananaTom Seaver 464524-60
1984-08-15@ CHA120W  6-552-68728,982Charlie HoughRichard DotsonCharlie HoughRichard DotsonDave J. Schmidt470529-59
1984-08-16vs KCA121L  3-652-6979,521 Mike MasonCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtMike MasonDan Quisenberry473535-62
1984-08-17vs KCA122W  8-653-69717,799 Dickie NolesBret SaberhagenDave J. SchmidtDan Quisenberry 481541-60
1984-08-18vs KCA123L  4-553-70723,351 Danny DarwinBuddy BlackBuddy BlackDanny DarwinMark Huismann485546-61
1984-08-19vs KCA124W  6-454-70710,343 Frank TananaLarry GuraFrank TananaLarry GuraDave J. Schmidt491550-59
1984-08-20vs CHA125L  5-754-7178,653 Charlie HoughRichard DotsonRichard DotsonCharlie HoughRon Reed496557-61
1984-08-21vs CHA126W  4-355-71714,104 Mike MasonGene NelsonTom HenkeBert Roberge 500560-60
1984-08-22vs CHA127W  3-156-71710,635 Danny DarwinLaMarr HoytDanny DarwinLaMarr HoytDave J. Schmidt503561-58
1984-08-24@ MIL128W  10-357-71622,672Frank TananaAndy BeeneFrank TananaAndy Beene 513564-51
1984-08-25@ MIL129L  6-757-72628,865Charlie HoughDon SuttonDon SuttonCharlie HoughJack Lazorko519571-52
1984-08-26@ MIL130L  3-657-73620,619Mike MasonMoose HaasMoose HaasMike MasonRay Searage522577-55
1984-08-28@ KCA131W  6-058-73615,545Danny DarwinFrank WillsDanny DarwinFrank Wills 528577-49
1984-08-29@ KCA132L  1-458-74615,887Frank TananaBuddy BlackBuddy BlackFrank Tanana 529581-52
1984-08-30@ KCA133W  4-359-74619,163Charlie HoughMark GubiczaCharlie HoughMark GubiczaDave J. Schmidt533584-51
1984-08-31vs MIL134W  7-660-7469,404 Mike MasonMoose HaasJoey McLaughlinPete Ladd 540590-50
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTEX PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-09-01vs MIL135W  8-461-74614,909 Dave StewartMike CaldwellDave StewartMike CaldwellDave J. Schmidt548594-46
1984-09-03vs SEA136L  3-761-7566,688 Frank TananaMark LangstonMark LangstonFrank TananaEd Nunez551601-50
1984-09-04vs SEA137L  3-661-7677,016 Charlie HoughJim BeattieBob StoddardDave J. SchmidtDave Geisel554607-53
1984-09-05vs SEA138L  5-661-7777,291 Danny DarwinSalome BarojasPaul MirabellaDave StewartDave Geisel559613-54
1984-09-07@ MIN139L  3-761-78714,180Mike MasonFrank ViolaFrank ViolaMike MasonRick Lysander562620-58
1984-09-08@ MIN140L  4-561-79714,456Frank TananaJohn ButcherJohn ButcherDickie Noles 566625-59
1984-09-09@ MIN141W  9-362-79713,458Charlie HoughKen SchromCharlie HoughKen Schrom 575628-53
1984-09-10@ SEA142L  3-762-8074,509Danny DarwinJim BeattieJim BeattieDanny Darwin 578635-57
1984-09-11@ SEA143L  3-462-8173,782Dave StewartSalome BarojasKarl BestDickie Noles 581639-58
1984-09-12@ SEA144W  8-163-8173,979Mike MasonMatt YoungMike MasonMatt Young 589640-51
1984-09-13@ SEA145W  9-764-8174,102Frank TananaMike MooreFrank TananaMike MooreTom Henke598647-49
1984-09-14vs MIN146W  9-265-8179,960 Charlie HoughAlbert WilliamsCharlie HoughAlbert Williams 607649-42
1984-09-15vs MIN147L  0-165-82710,365 Danny DarwinMike SmithsonMike SmithsonDanny Darwin 607650-43
1984-09-16vs MIN148L  0-265-8378,682 Dave StewartFrank ViolaFrank ViolaDave StewartRon Davis607652-45
1984-09-17@ OAK149L  3-565-8477,507Mike MasonBill KruegerBill KruegerMike MasonBill Caudill610657-47
1984-09-18@ OAK150L  2-565-8578,473Frank TananaChris CodiroliChris CodiroliFrank TananaBill Caudill612662-50
1984-09-19@ OAK151L  7-865-8677,365Charlie HoughCurt YoungSteve McCattyTom Henke 619670-51
1984-09-21@ CAL152L  4-565-87727,479Danny DarwinRon RomanickCurt KaufmanRicky Wright 623675-52
1984-09-22@ CAL153W  9-766-87723,240Mike MasonTommy JohnJoey McLaughlinLuis SanchezTom Henke632682-50
1984-09-23@ CAL154W  2-167-87745,094Dave StewartJim SlatonDave StewartJim Slaton 634683-49
1984-09-24vs OAK155L  6-1067-8876,455 Frank TananaBill KruegerLary SorensenDwayne HenryKeith Atherton640693-53
1984-09-25vs OAK156L  5-767-8976,443 Charlie HoughCurt YoungCurt YoungCharlie HoughBill Caudill645700-55
1984-09-26vs OAK157L  5-767-9076,232 Danny DarwinMike WarrenDave LeiperDanny DarwinBill Caudill650707-57
1984-09-27vs CAL158W  2-168-9076,761 Ricky WrightTommy JohnDickie NolesTommy John 652708-56
1984-09-28vs CAL159W  4-169-9077,050 Dave StewartJim SlatonDave StewartJim Slaton 656709-53
1984-09-29vs CAL160L  0-469-9178,951 Frank TananaGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnFrank Tanana 656713-57
1984-09-30vs CAL161L  0-169-9278,375 Charlie HoughMike WittMike WittCharlie Hough 656714-58

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