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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  92-70   .568
Result:   1st in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Dick Williams
General Manager:   Jack McKeon
Stadium:  Jack Murphy Stadium
Attendance:  1,983,904
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Tigers)

San Diego Padres affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Graig Nettles (39)
Youngest Player:  Carmelo Martinez (23)
Longest Tenure:  Tim Flannery (6)
Top Hitter:  Tony Gwynn (8)
Top Pitcher:  Eddie Whitson (18)
Top Draft Pick:  Shane Mack (#11)

Roster Continuity:  69.55%
Top Prospect:   Kevin McReynolds
National League Standings
San Diego9270.568--
LA Dodgers7983.48813.0
SF Giants6696.40726.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-04-03vs PIT1W  5-11-0244,553 Eric ShowRick RhodenEric ShowRick Rhoden 514
1984-04-05vs PIT2W  8-62-0119,361 Andy HawkinsJose DeLeonLuis DeLeonRod ScurryRich Gossage1376
1984-04-06vs CHN3W  3-23-0115,835 Tim LollarScott SandersonSid MongeLee Smith 1697
1984-04-07vs CHN4W  7-64-0127,799 Ed WhitsonSteve TroutDave DraveckySteve TroutRich Gossage23158
1984-04-08vs CHN5L  5-84-1124,285 Eric ShowDick RuthvenLee SmithMark Thurmond 28235
1984-04-10vs SLN6W  7-35-1115,115 Andy HawkinsBob ForschAndy HawkinsBob ForschDave Dravecky35269
1984-04-11vs SLN7W  7-56-1115,835 Tim LollarJoaquin AndujarTim LollarJoaquin Andujar 423111
1984-04-12vs ATL8W  6-17-1112,419 Ed WhitsonPete FalconeEd WhitsonPete FalconeDave Dravecky483216
1984-04-13vs ATL9W  5-28-1122,614 Eric ShowLen BarkerEric ShowLen BarkerRich Gossage533419
1984-04-14vs ATL10L  1-58-2146,322 Mark ThurmondRick CampRick CampMark ThurmondJeff Dedmon543915
1984-04-15vs ATL11W  6-49-2127,973 Andy HawkinsCraig McMurtrySid MongeCraig McMurtryRich Gossage604317
1984-04-17@ SFN12W  2-110-2113,998Tim LollarMark DavisTim LollarMark DavisRich Gossage624418
1984-04-19@ LAN13L  0-410-3146,595Ed WhitsonAlejandro PenaAlejandro PenaEd Whitson 624814
1984-04-20@ LAN14L  2-810-4150,916Eric ShowFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaEric Show 64568
1984-04-21@ LAN15W  9-611-4143,784Mark ThurmondJerry ReussMark ThurmondJerry ReussRich Gossage736211
1984-04-22@ LAN16L  7-1511-5147,938Tim LollarRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttTim Lollar 80773
1984-04-23vs SFN17W  8-212-5125,569 Andy HawkinsJeff RobinsonAndy HawkinsJeff Robinson 88799
1984-04-24vs SFN18W  6-113-5112,341 Ed WhitsonMike KrukowEd WhitsonMike Krukow 948014
1984-04-25vs SFN19W  3-014-5113,059 Eric ShowBill LaskeyEric ShowBill LaskeyRich Gossage978017
1984-04-26vs LAN20L  5-614-6139,609 Mark ThurmondBurt HootonCarlos DiazDave DraveckyTom Niedenfuer1028616
1984-04-27vs LAN21L  0-114-7234,222 Tim LollarRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttTim Lollar 1028715
1984-04-28vs LAN22W  5-115-7142,576 Andy HawkinsBob WelchAndy HawkinsBob Welch 1078819
1984-04-29vs LAN23L  0-615-8236,147 Ed WhitsonAlejandro PenaAlejandro PenaEd Whitson 1079413
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-05-01@ ATL24W  3-216-8210,748Eric ShowCraig McMurtryEric ShowCraig McMurtryRich Gossage1109614
1984-05-03@ ATL25L  5-616-928,072Tim LollarPete FalconeSteve BedrosianRich GossageTerry Forster11510213
1984-05-04@ CHN26L  6-716-1026,533Andy HawkinsScott SandersonLee SmithSid Monge 12110912
1984-05-05@ CHN27L  5-616-11228,441Ed WhitsonSteve TroutWarren BrusstarCraig Lefferts 12611511
1984-05-06@ CHN28W  8-517-11231,700Eric ShowDick RuthvenEric ShowDick Ruthven 13412014
1984-05-09@ SLN29W  3-218-11114,734Mark ThurmondJohn StuperMark ThurmondJohn StuperRich Gossage13712215
1984-05-10@ SLN30L  0-718-12220,926Tim LollarJoaquin AndujarJoaquin AndujarTim Lollar 1371298
1984-05-11vs PHI31L  4-618-13218,009 Eric ShowSteve CarltonAl HollandDave Dravecky 1411356
1984-05-12vs PHI32L  2-318-14336,916 Andy HawkinsMarty BystromBill CampbellAndy HawkinsAl Holland1431385
1984-05-13vs PHI33L  3-818-15438,645 Ed WhitsonJohn DennyJohn DennyEd Whitson 1461460
1984-05-14vs MON34L  6-718-1649,389 Mark ThurmondBill GullicksonJeff ReardonDave Dravecky 152153-1
1984-05-15vs MON35L  4-618-17411,025 Tim LollarBryn SmithBryn SmithTim LollarDan Schatzeder156159-3
1984-05-16vs MON36L  2-318-18411,462 Eric ShowCharlie LeaCharlie LeaEric ShowJeff Reardon158162-4
1984-05-17vs MON37W  5-419-18417,066 Andy HawkinsSteve RogersRich GossageAndy McGaffiganCraig Lefferts163166-3
1984-05-18vs NYN38W  5-420-18317,319 Ed WhitsonDwight GoodenEd WhitsonDwight GoodenRich Gossage168170-2
1984-05-19vs NYN39W  8-321-18220,017 Mark ThurmondEd LynchMark ThurmondEd LynchDave Dravecky1761733
1984-05-20vs NYN40L  2-421-19320,263 Tim LollarMike TorrezJesse OroscoCraig Lefferts 1781771
1984-05-22@ MON41L  2-321-20419,847Eric ShowCharlie LeaCharlie LeaEric Show 1801800
1984-05-23@ MON42W  2-122-2038,573Andy HawkinsSteve RogersDave DraveckyAndy McGaffigan 1821811
1984-05-25@ PHI43W  7-323-20125,964Ed WhitsonCharles HudsonEd WhitsonCharles Hudson 1891845
1984-05-26@ PHI44L  2-723-21232,898Mark ThurmondMarty BystromMarty BystromMark Thurmond 1911910
1984-05-27@ PHI45W  4-024-21134,352Tim LollarJerry KoosmanTim LollarJerry KoosmanCraig Lefferts1951914
1984-05-28@ NYN46W  5-425-21136,204Eric ShowRon DarlingEric ShowBrent GaffRich Gossage2001955
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-06-01@ SFN47L  7-1125-22310,087Andy HawkinsMike KrukowFrank WilliamsAndy HawkinsGreg Minton2072061
1984-06-02@ SFN48W  3-226-22312,662Mark ThurmondJeff RobinsonRich GossageScott Garrelts 2102082
1984-06-03@ SFN49W  7-528-2220Tim LollarBill LaskeyTim LollarJeff CornellDave Dravecky2172134
1984-06-03@ SFN50W  7-628-22222,863Eric ShowMark GrantEric ShowGary LavelleRich Gossage2242195
1984-06-04vs HOU51W  3-029-2229,922 Ed WhitsonMike ScottEd WhitsonMike ScottDave Dravecky2272198
1984-06-05vs HOU52W  3-030-22211,799 Andy HawkinsVern RuhleAndy HawkinsVern Ruhle 23021911
1984-06-06vs HOU53W  4-331-22211,087 Mark ThurmondMike MaddenRich GossageDave Smith 23422212
1984-06-07vs CIN54L  1-1231-23215,507 Eric ShowBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiEric ShowKeefe Cato2352341
1984-06-08vs CIN55W  6-032-23214,002 Tim LollarJoe PriceTim LollarJoe Price 2412347
1984-06-09vs CIN56W  12-233-23148,805 Ed WhitsonJeff RussellEd WhitsonJeff RussellCraig Lefferts25323617
1984-06-10vs CIN57W  7-534-23118,723 Andy HawkinsTom HumeFloyd ChifferTom HumeDave Dravecky26024119
1984-06-11vs ATL58W  5-435-2319,271 Mark ThurmondPete FalconeDave DraveckySteve Bedrosian 26524520
1984-06-12vs ATL59W  7-636-23119,920 Eric ShowPascual PerezCraig LeffertsSteve Bedrosian 27225121
1984-06-14vs SFN60L  2-536-24117,310 Tim LollarMark DavisMark DavisTim LollarGary Lavelle27425618
1984-06-15vs SFN61W  3-237-24120,353 Ed WhitsonJeff RobinsonEd WhitsonJeff RobinsonRich Gossage27725819
1984-06-16vs SFN62L  3-637-25148,375 Andy HawkinsBill LaskeyBill LaskeyAndy HawkinsGreg Minton28026416
1984-06-17vs SFN63L  3-537-26124,183 Mark ThurmondMike KrukowFrank WilliamsCraig Lefferts 28326914
1984-06-19@ HOU64W  2-038-26112,765Eric ShowBob KnepperEric ShowBob Knepper 28526916
1984-06-20@ HOU65W  6-239-26112,543Tim LollarMike MaddenTim LollarMike MaddenDave Dravecky29127120
1984-06-21@ HOU66L  5-1139-27112,934Ed WhitsonJoe NiekroJoe NiekroEd WhitsonMike LaCoss29628214
1984-06-22@ CIN67L  7-839-28123,552Andy HawkinsFrank PastoreJohn FrancoRich Gossage 30329013
1984-06-23@ CIN68W  5-240-28122,192Mark ThurmondCharlie PuleoMark ThurmondCharlie Puleo 30829216
1984-06-24@ CIN69W  8-341-28119,183Eric ShowJoe PriceDave DraveckyTom Hume 31629521
1984-06-25@ LAN70W  9-442-28136,629Tim LollarRick HoneycuttTim LollarPat Zachry 32529926
1984-06-26@ LAN71W  5-043-28148,287Ed WhitsonBob WelchEd WhitsonBob Welch 33029931
1984-06-27@ LAN72L  4-543-29149,132Dave DraveckyFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaDave DraveckyTom Niedenfuer33430430
1984-06-28vs SLN73W  7-344-29114,097 Mark ThurmondKen DayleyMark ThurmondKen Dayley 34130734
1984-06-29vs SLN74L  0-544-30145,468 Eric ShowRicky HortonRicky HortonEric Show 34131229
1984-06-30vs SLN75L  1-444-31131,432 Tim LollarJoaquin AndujarJoaquin AndujarTim LollarBruce Sutter34231626
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-07-01vs SLN76W  3-145-31117,664 Ed WhitsonDave LaPointEd WhitsonDave LaPointRich Gossage34531728
1984-07-02vs CHN77W  5-146-31113,444 Dave DraveckyRick ReuschelDave DraveckyRick Reuschel 35031832
1984-07-03vs CHN78L  2-346-32120,287 Mark ThurmondSteve TroutSteve TroutMark ThurmondTim Stoddard35232131
1984-07-04vs CHN79L  1-246-33152,134 Eric ShowRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeEric ShowLee Smith35332330
1984-07-05vs PIT80W  2-147-33114,907 Tim LollarJose DeLeonRich GossageRod Scurry 35532431
1984-07-06vs PIT81W  7-348-33118,368 Ed WhitsonRick RhodenEd WhitsonRick Rhoden 36232735
1984-07-07vs PIT82W  1-049-33128,995 Dave DraveckyLarry McWilliamsDave DraveckyLarry McWilliamsRich Gossage36332736
1984-07-08vs PIT83L  3-449-34117,950 Mark ThurmondJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaMark ThurmondKent Tekulve36633135
1984-07-12@ SLN84W  4-150-34127,419Eric ShowJoaquin AndujarEric ShowJoaquin AndujarCraig Lefferts37033238
1984-07-13@ SLN85L  4-750-35129,954Ed WhitsonRicky HortonNeil AllenLuis DeLeon 37433935
1984-07-14@ SLN86L  6-750-36141,260Tim LollarDave LaPointDave LaPointTim LollarBruce Sutter38034634
1984-07-15@ SLN87W  6-151-36133,205Dave DraveckyKurt KepshireDave DraveckyKurt Kepshire 38634739
1984-07-16@ CHN88W  4-052-36123,642Mark ThurmondDick RuthvenMark ThurmondDick Ruthven 39034743
1984-07-17@ CHN89W  6-553-36129,499Eric ShowSteve TroutEric ShowSteve TroutRich Gossage39635244
1984-07-18@ CHN90L  1-453-37127,471Ed WhitsonRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeEd Whitson 39735641
1984-07-19@ PIT91L  1-553-38110,048Tim LollarJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaTim Lollar 39836137
1984-07-20@ PIT92L  3-454-3910Dave DraveckyRick RhodenRick RhodenDave DraveckyDon Robinson40136536
1984-07-20@ PIT93W  3-254-39118,007Andy HawkinsJohn TudorAndy HawkinsJohn TudorRich Gossage40436737
1984-07-21@ PIT94W  6-455-39111,593Mark ThurmondBob WalkMark ThurmondBob WalkRich Gossage41037139
1984-07-22@ PIT95W  5-156-4010Ed WhitsonJose DeLeonEd WhitsonJose DeLeon 41537243
1984-07-22@ PIT96L  2-356-40122,971Eric ShowLarry McWilliamsJim WinnRich Gossage 41737542
1984-07-24vs CIN97L  2-456-41118,381 Tim LollarMario SotoMario SotoTim Lollar 41937940
1984-07-25vs CIN98W  6-557-41116,248 Dave DraveckyJay TibbsRich GossageBob Owchinko 42538441
1984-07-26vs CIN99W  8-258-41120,924 Mark ThurmondJeff RussellMark ThurmondJeff Russell 43338647
1984-07-27vs HOU100W  7-359-41128,868 Ed WhitsonBob KnepperEd WhitsonVern RuhleCraig Lefferts44038951
1984-07-28vs HOU101L  1-360-4210 Andy HawkinsJoe NiekroJoe NiekroAndy Hawkins 44139249
1984-07-28vs HOU102W  1-060-42134,730 Eric ShowNolan RyanEric ShowNolan RyanRich Gossage44239250
1984-07-29vs HOU103W  9-061-42123,084 Tim LollarMike LaCossTim LollarMike LaCoss 45139259
1984-07-30vs LAN104W  12-062-42140,568 Dave DraveckyFernando ValenzuelaDave DraveckyFernando Valenzuela 46339271
1984-07-31vs LAN105W  1-063-42135,704 Mark ThurmondRick HoneycuttMark ThurmondRick HoneycuttRich Gossage46439272
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-08-01vs LAN106W  4-364-42139,076 Ed WhitsonAlejandro PenaCraig LeffertsAlejandro PenaRich Gossage46839573
1984-08-03@ HOU107L  2-664-43116,456Eric ShowNolan RyanNolan RyanEric Show 47040169
1984-08-04@ HOU108W  5-265-43119,842Tim LollarMike LaCossTim LollarMike LaCossCraig Lefferts47540372
1984-08-05@ HOU109W  9-566-43111,637Dave DraveckyJoe NiekroAndy HawkinsJoe Niekro 48440876
1984-08-06@ CIN110W  1-067-43110,798Mark ThurmondJoe PriceRich GossageJoe Price 48540877
1984-08-07@ CIN111L  7-867-44111,767Ed WhitsonAndy McGaffiganTed PowerGreg Harris 49241676
1984-08-08@ CIN112L  2-467-45111,222Eric ShowMario SotoMario SotoRich Gossage 49442074
1984-08-09@ CIN113L  0-867-46110,881Tim LollarJeff RussellJeff RussellTim Lollar 49442866
1984-08-10@ ATL114L  1-368-4710Dave DraveckySteve BedrosianSteve BedrosianDave DraveckyDonnie Moore49543164
1984-08-10@ ATL115W  10-468-47141,287Andy HawkinsPete FalconeAndy HawkinsPete FalconeRich Gossage50543570
1984-08-11@ ATL116W  4-169-47145,099Mark ThurmondRick MahlerMark ThurmondRick MahlerCraig Lefferts50943673
1984-08-12@ ATL117L  3-569-48123,912Ed WhitsonPascual PerezPascual PerezEd Whitson 51244171
1984-08-14vs PHI118W  3-270-48123,799 Eric ShowJerry KoosmanEric ShowJerry KoosmanCraig Lefferts51544372
1984-08-15vs PHI119W  4-371-48121,078 Tim LollarShane RawleyRich GossageAl Holland 51944673
1984-08-16vs PHI120L  3-871-49123,125 Andy HawkinsJohn DennyJohn DennyAndy Hawkins 52245468
1984-08-17vs MON121L  4-871-50117,136 Mark ThurmondSteve RogersSteve RogersMark ThurmondJeff Reardon52646264
1984-08-19vs MON122L  0-371-51121,697 Ed WhitsonJoe HeskethJoe HeskethEd WhitsonJeff Reardon52646561
1984-08-20vs NYN123W  3-172-51150,869 Eric ShowSid FernandezEric ShowSid FernandezRich Gossage52946663
1984-08-21vs NYN124W  7-473-51120,998 Tim LollarEd LynchTim LollarEd LynchRich Gossage53647066
1984-08-22vs NYN125L  2-573-52125,250 Andy HawkinsDwight GoodenDwight GoodenAndy Hawkins 53847563
1984-08-24@ MON126L  1-474-5310Mark ThurmondSteve RogersSteve RogersMark ThurmondJeff Reardon53947960
1984-08-24@ MON127W  5-474-53134,626Dave DraveckyJoe HeskethRich GossageJeff ReardonGreg Harris54448361
1984-08-25@ MON128W  4-375-53129,665Ed WhitsonBill GullicksonGreg HarrisJeff ReardonRich Gossage54848662
1984-08-26@ MON129W  2-176-53131,778Eric ShowDan SchatzederEric ShowDan Schatzeder 55048763
1984-08-27@ PHI130L  1-976-54126,302Tim LollarJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanTim Lollar 55149655
1984-08-28@ PHI131L  8-1176-55125,679Andy HawkinsShane RawleyShane RawleyAndy HawkinsAl Holland55950752
1984-08-29@ PHI132W  2-077-55125,131Mark ThurmondJohn DennyMark ThurmondJohn Denny 56150754
1984-08-31@ NYN133W  5-178-5610Ed WhitsonSid FernandezEd WhitsonSid FernandezCraig Lefferts56650858
1984-08-31@ NYN134L  0-478-56138,323Dave DraveckyBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiDave Dravecky 56651254
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1984-09-01@ NYN135L  4-778-5810Andy HawkinsDwight GoodenDwight GoodenAndy HawkinsJesse Orosco57051951
1984-09-01@ NYN136L  6-1078-58135,688Eric ShowCalvin SchiraldiTom GormanEric ShowJesse Orosco57652947
1984-09-02@ NYN137L  2-378-59136,915Tim LollarWalt TerrellBrent GaffRich Gossage 57853246
1984-09-03@ LAN138W  4-379-59143,176Mark ThurmondJerry ReussMark ThurmondJerry ReussCraig Lefferts58253547
1984-09-04@ LAN139L  1-279-60131,988Ed WhitsonOrel HershiserKen HowellAndy Hawkins 58353746
1984-09-05vs CIN140W  15-1180-60117,759 Dave DraveckyJay TibbsCraig LeffertsTom Hume 59854850
1984-09-06vs CIN141L  3-1080-61111,986 Eric ShowJoe PriceJoe PriceEric ShowBob Owchinko60155843
1984-09-07vs HOU142L  4-680-62123,713 Tim LollarJoe NiekroJoe NiekroTim LollarFrank DiPino60556441
1984-09-09vs HOU143W  8-481-62114,153 Mark ThurmondMike LaCossMark ThurmondMike LaCoss 61356845
1984-09-11vs LAN144L  2-581-63124,505 Ed WhitsonFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaEd Whitson 61557342
1984-09-12vs LAN145L  1-881-64128,560 Dave DraveckyRick HoneycuttBurt HootonDave Dravecky 61658135
1984-09-14@ HOU146W  4-282-64113,119Eric ShowMike LaCossRich GossageFrank DiPino 62058337
1984-09-15@ HOU147L  2-382-65115,456Tim LollarNolan RyanBill DawleyCraig Lefferts 62258636
1984-09-16@ HOU148L  9-1082-66110,397Mark ThurmondBob KnepperDave SmithRich Gossage 63159635
1984-09-17@ CIN149W  3-283-6617,728Ed WhitsonTom BrowningRich GossageTed Power 63459836
1984-09-18@ CIN150W  2-084-66110,414Dave DraveckyJoe PriceDave DraveckyJoe Price 63659838
1984-09-19vs SFN151W  5-485-66132,964 Eric ShowJeff RobinsonAndy HawkinsScott Garrelts 64160239
1984-09-20vs SFN152W  5-486-66115,766 Tim LollarMike KrukowTim LollarMike KrukowDave Dravecky64660640
1984-09-21vs ATL153L  1-386-67146,137 Mark ThurmondRick MahlerRick MahlerMark Thurmond 64760938
1984-09-22vs ATL154L  2-586-68147,217 Ed WhitsonPascual PerezPascual PerezLuis DeLeonGene Garber64961435
1984-09-23vs ATL155W  2-187-68140,910 Andy HawkinsCraig McMurtryGreg BookerDonnie Moore 65161536
1984-09-24@ SFN156W  7-189-6810Greg HarrisJeff RobinsonGreg HarrisJeff Robinson 65861642
1984-09-24@ SFN157W  8-689-6813,296Floyd ChifferMark DavisLuis DeLeonBob Lacey 66662244
1984-09-25@ SFN158L  3-489-6914,199Tim LollarMike KrukowMike KrukowTim LollarGreg Minton66962643
1984-09-26@ SFN159W  4-090-6915,634Eric ShowBill LaskeyEric ShowBill Laskey 67362647
1984-09-28@ ATL160W  4-291-69115,733Mark ThurmondCraig McMurtryMark ThurmondCraig McMurtry 67762849
1984-09-29@ ATL161W  6-292-69130,131Ed WhitsonRick MahlerEd WhitsonRick Mahler 68363053
1984-09-30@ ATL162L  3-492-70113,489Greg BookerPascual PerezPascual PerezGreg BookerGene Garber68663452

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