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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  74-88   .457
Result:   6th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Russ Nixon
General Manager:   Dick Wagner
Stadium:  Riverfront Stadium
Attendance:  1,190,419
Playoffs:  -

Cincinnati Reds affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Johnny Bench (35)
Youngest Player:  Jeff Russell (21)
Longest Tenure:  Johnny Bench (17)
Top Hitter:  Gary Redus (18)
Top Pitcher:  Mario Soto (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Kurt Stillwell (#2)

Roster Continuity:  73.04%
Top Prospect:   Gary Redus
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9171.562--
San Diego8181.50010.0
SF Giants7983.48812.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-04-04vs ATL1W  5-41-0142,892 Mario SotoPhil NiekroMario SotoSteve BedrosianTom Hume541
1983-04-06vs ATL2L  1-51-1410,102 Bruce BerenyiPascual PerezPascual PerezBruce Berenyi 69-3
1983-04-08vs CHN3W  7-32-127,396 Mario SotoSteve TroutMario SotoSteve Trout 13121
1983-04-09vs CHN4W  8-43-128,262 Frank PastoreChuck RaineyFrank PastoreChuck Rainey 21165
1983-04-10vs CHN5W  7-24-1210,262 Bruce BerenyiFergie JenkinsBruce BerenyiFergie Jenkins 281810
1983-04-11vs CHN6W  5-15-127,095 Joe PriceDickie NolesJoe PriceDickie Noles 331914
1983-04-12@ ATL7L  1-45-2210,356Mario SotoRick BehennaRick BehennaMario SotoTerry Forster342311
1983-04-13@ ATL8L  1-65-3312,362Frank PastoreRick CampRick CampFrank Pastore 35296
1983-04-15@ SFN9W  3-16-336,891Bruce BerenyiBill LaskeyRich GaleBill LaskeyTom Hume38308
1983-04-16@ SFN10W  8-37-337,620Mario SotoFred BreiningMario SotoFred Breining 463313
1983-04-17@ SFN11L  0-38-430Joe PriceAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerJoe Price 463610
1983-04-17@ SFN12W  12-38-4337,094Frank PastoreMark CalvertFrank PastoreMark Calvert 583919
1983-04-19@ HOU13L  5-68-538,027Bruce BerenyiJoe NiekroBill DawleyTom Hume 634518
1983-04-20@ HOU14W  6-49-538,476Rich GaleMike LaCossRich GaleMike LaCossTed Power694920
1983-04-21@ HOU15L  3-49-637,862Joe PriceBob KnepperFrank LaCorteTom Hume 725319
1983-04-22vs MON16L  0-49-7314,731 Frank PastoreSteve RogersSteve RogersFrank Pastore 725715
1983-04-24vs MON17L  4-59-8330,037 Mario SotoCharlie LeaJeff ReardonMario SotoBryn Smith766214
1983-04-26vs NYN18W  7-010-8311,126 Bruce BerenyiTom SeaverBruce BerenyiTom Seaver 836221
1983-04-27vs NYN19L  1-210-9310,720 Joe PriceMike TorrezMike TorrezJoe PriceJesse Orosco846420
1983-04-29@ MON20L  6-910-10315,480Frank PastoreSteve RogersSteve RogersFrank PastoreJeff Reardon907317
1983-04-30@ MON21W  4-311-10320,316Rich GaleCharlie LeaRich GaleCharlie LeaTom Hume947618
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-05-01@ MON22L  4-512-1130Bruce BerenyiBill GullicksonBill GullicksonBruce BerenyiBryn Smith988117
1983-05-01@ MON23W  6-312-11333,407Joe PriceRandy LerchJoe PriceRay BurrisTom Hume1048420
1983-05-02@ PHI24W  5-213-11318,587Ted PowerDick RuthvenTed PowerDick Ruthven 1098623
1983-05-03@ PHI25L  7-1313-12318,634Frank PastoreMarty BystromSid MongeFrank Pastore 1169917
1983-05-04@ PHI26L  4-913-13322,619Rich GaleSteve CarltonSteve CarltonRich Gale 12010812
1983-05-06@ NYN27L  4-713-14315,916Mario SotoTom SeaverJesse OroscoBill Scherrer 1241159
1983-05-07@ NYN28W  7-514-14318,372Bruce BerenyiMike TorrezBruce BerenyiMike TorrezTom Hume13112011
1983-05-08@ NYN29L  5-1014-1538,879Rich GaleScott HolmanJesse OroscoRich GaleDoug Sisk1361306
1983-05-10vs PHI30L  1-314-16318,694 Ted PowerSteve CarltonSteve CarltonTed Power 1371334
1983-05-11vs PHI31W  2-015-16316,337 Mario SotoJohn DennyMario SotoJohn Denny 1391336
1983-05-12vs SFN32L  2-415-1739,232 Bruce BerenyiMike KrukowMike KrukowBruce BerenyiGary Lavelle1411374
1983-05-13vs SFN33L  5-815-18615,241 Rich GaleFred BreiningFred BreiningRich Gale 1461451
1983-05-14vs SFN34L  7-815-19615,748 Frank PastoreBill LaskeyBill LaskeyFrank PastoreGreg Minton1531530
1983-05-15vs SFN35L  2-515-20621,642 Ted PowerAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerTom HumeGary Lavelle155158-3
1983-05-17@ PIT36W  2-116-2045,207Mario SotoJohn CandelariaMario SotoJohn Candelaria 157159-2
1983-05-18@ PIT37L  1-216-2146,402Bruce BerenyiRick RhodenRick RhodenBruce Berenyi 158161-3
1983-05-20@ CHN38W  9-517-2149,552Ted PowerFergie JenkinsBill ScherrerMike Proly 1671661
1983-05-21@ CHN39L  4-817-22521,339Charlie PuleoPaul MoskauPaul MoskauCharlie Puleo 171174-3
1983-05-22@ CHN40W  4-318-22413,083Mario SotoChuck RaineyMario SotoChuck Rainey 175177-2
1983-05-23vs SLN41W  2-119-22410,708 Joe PriceJoaquin AndujarJoe PriceJoaquin AndujarBill Scherrer177178-1
1983-05-24vs SLN42L  1-719-23412,855 Bruce BerenyiDave LaPointDave LaPointBruce Berenyi 178185-7
1983-05-25vs SLN43L  2-719-24415,023 Ted PowerJohn StuperJohn StuperTed Power 180192-12
1983-05-26vs PIT44L  4-619-25410,018 Charlie PuleoLee TunnellLee TunnellCharlie PuleoKent Tekulve184198-14
1983-05-27vs PIT45W  9-020-25413,224 Mario SotoJohn CandelariaMario SotoJohn Candelaria 193198-5
1983-05-28vs PIT46W  4-321-25423,994 Joe PriceRick RhodenBen HayesRod ScurryBill Scherrer197201-4
1983-05-29vs PIT47L  5-821-26413,394 Frank PastoreLarry McWilliamsLarry McWilliamsBill ScherrerManny Sarmiento202209-7
1983-05-30@ SLN48L  1-921-27539,735Ted PowerJohn StuperJohn StuperTed Power 203218-15
1983-05-31@ SLN49W  2-122-27529,428Charlie PuleoJoaquin AndujarCharlie PuleoJoaquin AndujarBill Scherrer205219-14
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-06-01@ SLN50L  3-822-28525,497Mario SotoJohn MartinJohn MartinMario Soto 208227-19
1983-06-03vs HOU51W  3-123-2858,470 Joe PriceJoe NiekroJoe PriceJoe Niekro 211228-17
1983-06-04vs HOU52L  0-1323-29513,045 Bruce BerenyiMike ScottMike ScottBruce Berenyi 211241-30
1983-06-05vs HOU53L  3-623-30618,221 Charlie PuleoMike LaCossVern RuhleBill ScherrerBill Dawley214247-33
1983-06-07vs SDN54L  3-723-31610,639 Mario SotoEric ShowEric ShowMario Soto 217254-37
1983-06-08vs SDN55L  3-523-3269,640 Joe PriceDave DraveckyDave DraveckyJoe PriceSid Monge220259-39
1983-06-09vs SDN56W  8-124-3269,552 Bruce BerenyiAndy HawkinsBruce BerenyiAndy Hawkins 228260-32
1983-06-10vs LAN57W  3-225-32616,955 Charlie PuleoJerry ReussCharlie PuleoJerry ReussBen Hayes231262-31
1983-06-11vs LAN58L  2-325-33622,186 Frank PastoreJoe BeckwithTom NiedenfuerBen HayesDave Stewart233265-32
1983-06-12vs LAN59W  3-126-33623,476 Mario SotoBob WelchMario SotoBob Welch 236266-30
1983-06-13vs LAN60L  1-526-34618,205 Joe PriceFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaJoe Price 237271-34
1983-06-14@ SDN61W  4-327-34613,416Bruce BerenyiAndy HawkinsKeefe CatoGary LucasBill Scherrer241274-33
1983-06-15@ SDN62L  1-527-35612,682Charlie PuleoEd WhitsonEd WhitsonCharlie Puleo 242279-37
1983-06-16@ SDN63L  1-327-36614,228Frank PastoreTim LollarTim LollarFrank PastoreJohn Montefusco243282-39
1983-06-17@ LAN64L  0-127-37641,870Mario SotoBob WelchBob WelchMario Soto 243283-40
1983-06-18@ LAN65W  3-228-37648,439Joe PriceFernando ValenzuelaJoe PriceFernando ValenzuelaBill Scherrer246285-39
1983-06-19@ LAN66L  1-528-38644,634Bruce BerenyiBurt HootonBurt HootonBruce Berenyi 247290-43
1983-06-20@ SFN67L  3-428-39623,280Charlie PuleoFred BreiningGreg MintonTed Power 250294-44
1983-06-21@ SFN68W  6-529-3968,943Frank PastoreBill LaskeyTed PowerJim Barr 256299-43
1983-06-22@ SFN69W  4-230-39618,043Mario SotoMark DavisMario SotoMark Davis 260301-41
1983-06-24vs ATL70L  0-330-4160 Joe PriceCraig McMurtryCraig McMurtryJoe Price 260304-44
1983-06-24vs ATL71L  5-1030-41623,667 Bruce BerenyiKen DayleyKen DayleyBruce Berenyi 265314-49
1983-06-25vs ATL72L  2-830-42620,983 Charlie PuleoPete FalconePete FalconeCharlie Puleo 267322-55
1983-06-26vs ATL73L  1-530-43615,769 Frank PastorePhil NiekroPhil NiekroFrank Pastore 268327-59
1983-06-27vs ATL74L  1-230-44612,745 Mario SotoPascual PerezPascual PerezMario Soto 269329-60
1983-06-28vs SFN75W  5-431-44610,382 Joe PriceMark DavisTed PowerGreg MintonBen Hayes274333-59
1983-06-29vs SFN76W  7-632-44612,339 Bruce BerenyiMike KrukowTed PowerGreg Minton 281339-58
1983-06-30vs SFN77W  15-533-4468,680 Charlie PuleoFred BreiningCharlie PuleoFred BreiningTed Power296344-48
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-07-01@ ATL78L  2-533-45626,600Frank PastorePhil NiekroPhil NiekroFrank PastoreSteve Bedrosian298349-51
1983-07-02@ ATL79L  2-433-46648,492Mario SotoPascual PerezPascual PerezMario SotoDonnie Moore300353-53
1983-07-03@ ATL80W  2-134-46632,275Joe PriceCraig McMurtryJoe PriceCraig McMurtryBen Hayes302354-52
1983-07-04@ ATL81L  5-934-47648,470Bruce BerenyiKen DayleyPete FalconeBruce BerenyiDonnie Moore307363-56
1983-07-08vs PHI82W  3-135-47623,711 Joe PriceJohn DennyJoe PriceJohn DennyBill Scherrer310364-54
1983-07-09vs PHI83W  2-136-47632,511 Charlie PuleoSteve CarltonTom HumeGuillermo Hernandez 312365-53
1983-07-10vs PHI84L  0-236-48621,923 Mario SotoMarty BystromMarty BystromMario SotoAl Holland312367-55
1983-07-11vs PHI85L  7-1136-49617,113 Bruce BerenyiCharles HudsonAl HollandTom Hume 319378-59
1983-07-12@ NYN86W  6-237-49611,800Frank PastoreMike TorrezFrank PastoreMike TorrezBill Scherrer325380-55
1983-07-13@ NYN87W  3-138-49611,218Joe PriceWalt TerrellJoe PriceWalt Terrell 328381-53
1983-07-14@ NYN88L  4-738-5069,994Charlie PuleoTom SeaverTom SeaverCharlie PuleoJesse Orosco332388-56
1983-07-15@ PHI89W  3-239-50627,797Mario SotoCharles HudsonMario SotoCharles Hudson 335390-55
1983-07-16@ PHI90L  3-939-51629,209Bruce BerenyiJohn DennyJohn DennyBruce Berenyi 338399-61
1983-07-17@ PHI91W  5-240-51638,519Frank PastoreKevin GrossFrank PastoreKevin Gross 343401-58
1983-07-19@ MON92W  5-241-51636,229Joe PriceSteve RogersJoe PriceSteve RogersTom Hume348403-55
1983-07-20@ MON93L  4-641-52624,555Mario SotoCharlie LeaCharlie LeaMario SotoBob James352409-57
1983-07-21vs NYN94W  6-142-52610,797 Charlie PuleoMike TorrezCharlie PuleoMike TorrezBen Hayes358410-52
1983-07-22vs NYN95L  2-342-53613,345 Frank PastoreWalt TerrellJesse OroscoBen HayesDoug Sisk360413-53
1983-07-23vs NYN96W  7-343-53616,074 Bruce BerenyiTom GormanBruce BerenyiTom Gorman 367416-49
1983-07-24vs NYN97W  4-244-53612,259 Joe PriceTom SeaverJoe PriceTom Seaver 371418-47
1983-07-25vs MON98W  4-245-5460 Mario SotoCharlie LeaMario SotoCharlie Lea 375420-45
1983-07-25vs MON99L  1-845-54617,646 Rich GaleRay BurrisRay BurrisRich Gale 376428-52
1983-07-26vs MON100L  0-545-55612,322 Charlie PuleoBill GullicksonBill GullicksonCharlie Puleo 376433-57
1983-07-27vs MON101L  3-645-56612,082 Frank PastoreGreg BargarGreg BargarFrank PastoreBob James379439-60
1983-07-29@ HOU102L  1-445-57618,063Joe PriceMike MaddenMike MaddenJoe PriceDave Smith380443-63
1983-07-30@ HOU103W  3-246-57626,442Mario SotoNolan RyanMario SotoNolan Ryan 383445-62
1983-07-31@ HOU104L  2-946-58638,465Bruce BerenyiJoe NiekroJoe NiekroBruce Berenyi 385454-69
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-08-01@ LAN105W  4-247-58637,937Charlie PuleoBob WelchBen HayesBob Welch 389456-67
1983-08-02@ LAN106L  1-347-59636,132Frank PastoreAlejandro PenaAlejandro PenaFrank Pastore 390459-69
1983-08-03@ LAN107L  4-747-60637,670Rich GaleDave StewartPat ZachryRich GaleTom Niedenfuer394466-72
1983-08-04@ LAN108W  4-348-60641,614Mario SotoBurt HootonBen HayesTom Niedenfuer 398469-71
1983-08-05@ SDN109W  4-349-60611,319Bruce BerenyiMark ThurmondTed PowerElias SosaBill Scherrer402472-70
1983-08-06@ SDN110L  4-1149-6260Charlie PuleoEric ShowEric ShowCharlie Puleo 406483-77
1983-08-06@ SDN111L  2-649-62613,237Joe PriceJohn MontefuscoJohn MontefuscoTed Power 408489-81
1983-08-07@ SDN112W  5-350-62612,919Frank PastoreEd WhitsonFrank PastoreEd Whitson 413492-79
1983-08-09vs LAN113W  5-451-62620,473 Mario SotoFernando ValenzuelaMario SotoSteve Howe 418496-78
1983-08-10vs LAN114W  9-252-62614,685 Bruce BerenyiBurt HootonBruce BerenyiBurt Hooton 427498-71
1983-08-11vs LAN115L  3-452-63614,069 Charlie PuleoJerry ReussTom NiedenfuerCharlie Puleo 430502-72
1983-08-12vs SDN116W  6-553-63613,611 Frank PastoreEric ShowFrank PastoreEric ShowTom Hume436507-71
1983-08-13vs SDN117W  3-154-63518,259 Jeff RussellJohn MontefuscoJeff RussellJohn Montefusco 439508-69
1983-08-14vs SDN118L  9-1054-64614,867 Mario SotoTim LollarLuis DeLeonTom HumeGary Lucas448518-70
1983-08-15vs HOU119L  1-954-65611,385 Bruce BerenyiBob KnepperBob KnepperBruce Berenyi 449527-78
1983-08-16vs HOU120L  5-854-66613,844 Charlie PuleoMike ScottMike ScottCharlie PuleoBill Dawley454535-81
1983-08-17vs HOU121L  6-754-67611,982 Frank PastoreNolan RyanVern RuhleFrank Pastore 460542-82
1983-08-18@ PIT122W  6-555-67618,007Jeff RussellJohn CandelariaTom HumeKent TekulveBen Hayes466547-81
1983-08-19@ PIT123W  2-156-67615,995Mario SotoRick RhodenMario SotoRick Rhoden 468548-80
1983-08-20@ PIT124L  0-456-68644,481Bruce BerenyiJose DeLeonJose DeLeonBruce Berenyi 468552-84
1983-08-21@ PIT125W  6-457-68524,635Charlie PuleoLarry McWilliamsBill ScherrerCecilio Guante 474556-82
1983-08-22@ CHN126L  0-257-69611,749Frank PastoreDickie NolesDickie NolesFrank PastoreLee Smith474558-84
1983-08-23@ CHN127W  4-258-69615,607Jeff RussellFergie JenkinsJeff RussellFergie JenkinsBen Hayes478560-82
1983-08-24@ CHN128L  0-358-70617,955Mario SotoChuck RaineyChuck RaineyMario Soto 478563-85
1983-08-26vs SLN129W  7-359-70616,576 Charlie PuleoDanny CoxCharlie PuleoDanny CoxBill Scherrer485566-81
1983-08-27vs SLN130L  1-359-71617,970 Bruce BerenyiJoaquin AndujarDave RuckerTed PowerBruce Sutter486569-83
1983-08-28vs SLN131W  5-460-71617,549 Frank PastoreDave LaPointBen HayesBruce Sutter 491573-82
1983-08-29vs PIT132L  1-260-72611,173 Mario SotoRick RhodenRick RhodenMario SotoKent Tekulve492575-83
1983-08-30vs PIT133L  3-560-73610,160 Jeff RussellJose DeLeonJose DeLeonJeff RussellKent Tekulve495580-85
1983-08-31vs CHN134W  6-461-73617,474 Charlie PuleoSteve TroutRich GaleRich BordiBen Hayes501584-83
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-09-01vs CHN135L  1-361-74610,127 Bruce BerenyiDick RuthvenDick RuthvenBruce BerenyiLee Smith502587-85
1983-09-02@ SLN136W  4-062-74622,760Frank PastoreJohn StuperFrank PastoreJohn Stuper 506587-81
1983-09-03@ SLN137W  3-263-74634,798Mario SotoDanny CoxMario SotoDave Rucker 509589-80
1983-09-04@ SLN138L  4-563-75635,255Joe PriceJoaquin AndujarJeff LahtiBen Hayes 513594-81
1983-09-05@ SFN139L  2-363-76612,446Jeff RussellFred BreiningFred BreiningJeff RussellGreg Minton515597-82
1983-09-06@ SFN140W  11-164-7663,562Bruce BerenyiAtlee HammakerBruce BerenyiAtlee HammakerRich Gale526598-72
1983-09-07@ LAN141L  3-764-77644,198Frank PastoreJerry ReussTom NiedenfuerBen Hayes 529605-76
1983-09-08@ LAN142L  2-564-78645,826Mario SotoBob WelchBob WelchMario SotoSteve Howe531610-79
1983-09-09@ SDN143L  2-864-79614,745Charlie PuleoAndy HawkinsAndy HawkinsCharlie Puleo 533618-85
1983-09-11@ SDN144W  4-265-79618,947Jeff RussellMark ThurmondJeff RussellMark ThurmondTom Hume537620-83
1983-09-13vs ATL145W  6-066-7969,415 Mario SotoPascual PerezMario SotoPascual Perez 543620-77
1983-09-14vs ATL146W  6-467-7959,222 Frank PastorePhil NiekroFrank PastorePhil Niekro 549624-75
1983-09-16vs HOU147W  8-368-7959,146 Bruce BerenyiJeff HeathcockBruce BerenyiJeff Heathcock 557627-70
1983-09-17vs HOU148L  3-468-80653,790 Jeff RussellMike MaddenMike MaddenJeff RussellFrank DiPino560631-71
1983-09-18vs HOU149L  1-468-81614,109 Mario SotoMike ScottMike ScottMario SotoFrank DiPino561635-74
1983-09-21@ ATL150L  1-969-8260Charlie PuleoCraig McMurtryCraig McMurtryCharlie Puleo 562644-82
1983-09-21@ ATL151W  4-369-82612,621Frank PastorePhil NiekroTom HumeSteve Bedrosian 566647-81
1983-09-22@ ATL152W  6-470-82613,466Jeff RussellKen DayleyJeff RussellKen DayleyTom Hume572651-79
1983-09-23vs SDN153L  8-1170-8366,635 Mario SotoMark ThurmondLuis DeLeonBen Hayes 580662-82
1983-09-24vs SDN154W  3-271-8369,615 Bruce BerenyiEd WhitsonBruce BerenyiSid Monge 583664-81
1983-09-25vs SDN155W  5-272-83621,483 Charlie PuleoAndy HawkinsCharlie PuleoAndy HawkinsBill Scherrer588666-78
1983-09-26vs LAN156L  9-1272-8468,891 Frank PastoreFernando ValenzuelaPat ZachryRich Gale 597678-81
1983-09-27vs LAN157L  4-772-8567,828 Jeff RussellRick HoneycuttJoe BeckwithJeff RussellTom Niedenfuer601685-84
1983-09-28vs SFN158W  5-473-8567,007 Mario SotoMike KrukowMario SotoMike Krukow 606689-83
1983-09-29vs SFN159L  7-1173-8668,067 Bruce BerenyiMark CalvertRandy LerchBen HayesGreg Minton613700-87
1983-09-30@ HOU160L  2-373-8769,744Charlie PuleoMike LaCossMike LaCossCharlie PuleoDave Smith615703-88
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-10-01@ HOU161W  6-474-8767,657Frank PastoreMike MaddenFrank PastoreMike Madden 621707-86
1983-10-02@ HOU162L  2-374-88612,357Jeff RussellJeff HeathcockJeff HeathcockJeff RussellFrank DiPino623710-87

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