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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  70-92   .432
Result:   5th in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  John McNamara
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Anaheim Stadium
Attendance:  2,555,016
Playoffs:  -

California Angels affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tommy John (40)
Youngest Player:  Dick Schofield (20)
Longest Tenure:  Bobby Grich (7)
Top Hitter:  Rod Carew (31)
Top Pitcher:  Geoff Zahn (23)
Top Draft Pick:  Mark Doran (#23)

Roster Continuity:  84.19%
Top Prospect:   Dick Schofield
American League Standings
Chi White Sox9963.611--
KC Royals7983.48820.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-04-05vs MIL1W  3-21-0434,177 Bruce KisonDon SuttonBruce KisonDon SuttonAndy Hassler321
1983-04-06vs MIL2W  4-32-0328,162 Tommy JohnMike CaldwellTommy JohnMike Caldwell 752
1983-04-07vs MIL3L  3-52-1330,145 Mike WittJerry AugustineJerry AugustineMike Witt 10100
1983-04-08@ OAK4L  3-52-2621,341Geoff ZahnChris CodiroliDave BeardGeoff Zahn 1315-2
1983-04-09@ OAK5W  10-23-2422,507Ken ForschMatt KeoughKen ForschMatt KeoughLuis Sanchez23176
1983-04-10@ OAK6L  4-113-3628,590Bruce KisonBill KruegerBill KruegerBruce Kison 2728-1
1983-04-11vs SEA7W  6-14-3322,588 Tommy JohnMatt YoungTommy JohnMatt Young 33294
1983-04-12vs SEA8L  1-84-4522,912 Mike WittBob StoddardBob StoddardMike Witt 3437-3
1983-04-13vs SEA9W  6-15-4424,002 Geoff ZahnMike MooreGeoff ZahnMike Moore 40382
1983-04-15@ MIN10W  8-26-447,323Ken ForschFrank ViolaKen ForschFrank Viola 48408
1983-04-16@ MIN11W  9-57-429,974Bruce KisonBryan OelkersBruce KisonBryan Oelkers 574512
1983-04-17@ MIN12L  8-117-5323,010Tommy JohnBrad HavensLen WhitehouseDave GoltzRon Davis65569
1983-04-18vs OAK13L  3-57-6427,780 Mike WittTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodMike WittSteve Baker68617
1983-04-21vs OAK14W  6-29-630 Geoff ZahnChris CodiroliGeoff ZahnChris Codiroli 746311
1983-04-21vs OAK15W  6-59-6329,400 Ken ForschMatt KeoughKen ForschMatt KeoughLuis Sanchez806812
1983-04-22vs BAL16W  6-510-6231,794 Bruce KisonMike FlanaganLuis SanchezDon Welchel 867313
1983-04-23vs BAL17L  1-310-7163,073 Tommy JohnScott McGregorScott McGregorTommy John 877611
1983-04-24vs BAL18W  7-311-7243,521 Dave GoltzDennis MartinezMike WittDennis Martinez 947915
1983-04-27vs DET19W  13-312-7128,776 Geoff ZahnMilt WilcoxGeoff ZahnMilt WilcoxMike Witt1078225
1983-04-29vs BOS20L  5-612-8243,308 Bruce KisonBruce HurstLuis AponteLuis SanchezBob Stanley1128824
1983-04-30vs BOS21W  4-113-8139,507 Tommy JohnJohn TudorDoug CorbettMark Clear 1168927
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-05-01vs BOS22L  9-1013-9237,645 Dave GoltzMike BrownBob StanleyAndy Hassler 1259926
1983-05-03@ BAL23L  2-413-10320,837Geoff ZahnMike FlanaganMike FlanaganGeoff Zahn 12710324
1983-05-04@ BAL24W  16-814-10117,448Ken ForschScott McGregorLuis SanchezScott McGregor 14311132
1983-05-06@ DET25W  4-215-10118,616Bruce KisonMilt WilcoxBruce KisonMilt WilcoxMike Witt14711334
1983-05-07@ DET26W  6-516-10115,003Geoff ZahnDan PetryLuis SanchezAurelio Lopez 15311835
1983-05-08@ DET27L  1-516-1119,924Ken ForschJack MorrisJack MorrisKen Forsch 15412331
1983-05-09@ BOS28L  2-816-12116,148Tommy JohnBruce HurstBob StanleyTommy John 15613125
1983-05-10@ BOS29W  6-517-12115,775Bill TraversBob OjedaLuis SanchezLuis AponteMike Witt16213626
1983-05-11@ BOS30W  3-118-12116,978Bruce KisonJohn TudorBruce KisonJohn Tudor 16513728
1983-05-13vs MIN31L  4-518-13129,469 Geoff ZahnFrank ViolaLen WhitehouseMike WittRon Davis16914227
1983-05-14vs MIN32L  1-218-14144,047 Ken ForschBobby CastilloKen SchromKen ForschRon Davis17014426
1983-05-15vs MIN33L  6-818-15130,840 Tommy JohnJack O'ConnorPete FilsonDave GoltzRon Davis17615224
1983-05-17@ SEA34W  3-119-1527,313Bruce KisonGaylord PerryBruce KisonGaylord Perry 17915326
1983-05-18@ SEA35L  1-219-1626,299Geoff ZahnBob StoddardBob StoddardGeoff ZahnBill Caudill18015525
1983-05-19@ SEA36L  0-119-1736,585Ken ForschMatt YoungMatt YoungKen Forsch 18015624
1983-05-20vs CLE37W  5-420-17326,650 Tommy JohnJuan EichelbergerTommy JohnJuan EichelbergerMike Witt18516025
1983-05-21vs CLE38L  3-920-18335,177 Bill TraversBert BlylevenBert BlylevenBill Travers 18816919
1983-05-22vs CLE39W  9-021-18237,646 Bruce KisonLen BarkerBruce KisonLen Barker 19716928
1983-05-23vs NYA40W  3-022-18135,712 Geoff ZahnDave RighettiGeoff ZahnDave Righetti 20016931
1983-05-24vs NYA41W  7-623-18141,042 Ken ForschBob ShirleyMike WittRudy May 20717532
1983-05-25vs NYA42W  7-124-18145,385 Tommy JohnShane RawleyTommy JohnShane Rawley 21417638
1983-05-27@ CLE43W  5-425-18124,776Bruce KisonBert BlylevenLuis SanchezDan Spillner 21918039
1983-05-28@ CLE44W  7-426-1819,805Geoff ZahnLen BarkerGeoff ZahnLen Barker 22618442
1983-05-29@ CLE45W  6-427-18111,746Ken ForschRick SutcliffeMike WittDan Spillner 23218844
1983-05-30@ CLE46L  5-627-1915,137Tommy JohnLary SorensenNeal HeatonLuis Sanchez 23719443
1983-05-31@ NYA47L  3-527-20120,219Bill TraversShane RawleyDale MurrayMike Witt 24019941
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-06-01@ NYA48L  0-327-21128,427Dave GoltzRon GuidryRon GuidryDave Goltz 24020238
1983-06-02@ NYA49W  9-828-21130,217Geoff ZahnDave RighettiLuis SanchezRudy MayJohn Curtis24921039
1983-06-03@ MIL50W  3-029-21126,612Ken ForschDon SuttonKen ForschDon Sutton 25221042
1983-06-04@ MIL51W  8-330-21151,703Tommy JohnJerry AugustineTommy JohnJerry Augustine 26021347
1983-06-05@ MIL52L  4-530-22145,835Bill TraversMoose HaasMoose HaasAndy Hassler 26421846
1983-06-06@ MIL53L  7-930-23117,183Dave GoltzBob McClureBob McClureDave GoltzTom Tellmann27122744
1983-06-07vs CHA54L  11-1230-24133,556 Mike WittRichard DotsonDick TidrowAndy Hassler 28223943
1983-06-08vs CHA55W  7-431-24128,754 Ken ForschJerry KoosmanKen ForschJerry Koosman 28924346
1983-06-09vs CHA56W  3-232-24128,296 Tommy JohnBritt BurnsTommy JohnDennis Lamp 29224547
1983-06-10vs TOR57W  5-333-24132,751 Bill TraversLuis LealCurt BrownLuis Leal 29724849
1983-06-11vs TOR58L  2-333-25145,393 Dave GoltzJim GottJim GottDave GoltzRandy Moffitt29925148
1983-06-12vs TOR59L  5-633-26132,587 Byron McLaughlinDave StiebStan ClarkeCurt BrownDave Geisel30425747
1983-06-13@ CHA60W  7-434-26127,160Ken ForschBritt BurnsKen ForschBritt Burns 31126150
1983-06-15@ CHA61L  2-534-27124,561Tommy JohnLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytTommy JohnJuan Agosto31326647
1983-06-17@ TOR62L  3-634-28131,586Bill TraversDave StiebDave StiebBill Travers 31627244
1983-06-18@ TOR63W  7-635-28140,150Ken ForschJim ClancyLuis SanchezStan Clarke 32327845
1983-06-19@ TOR64L  1-635-29136,098Dave GoltzLuis LealLuis LealDave Goltz 32428440
1983-06-20@ TEX65W  10-936-29122,412Tommy JohnFrank TananaJohn CurtisJon Matlack 33429341
1983-06-21@ TEX66L  2-336-30124,333Byron McLaughlinDanny DarwinDanny DarwinByron McLaughlinDave J. Schmidt33629640
1983-06-22@ TEX67L  1-936-31229,197Bill TraversRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttBill Travers 33730532
1983-06-23@ KCA68W  7-237-31138,823Ken ForschBuddy BlackKen ForschBuddy Black 34430737
1983-06-24@ KCA69L  3-1137-32329,370Tommy JohnVida BlueMike ArmstrongTommy John 34731829
1983-06-25@ KCA70W  9-238-32240,125Mike WittKeith CreelMike WittKeith Creel 35632036
1983-06-27vs TEX71W  8-039-32142,578 Bruce KisonRick HoneycuttBruce KisonRick Honeycutt 36432044
1983-06-28vs TEX72L  1-339-33230,028 Ken ForschCharlie HoughCharlie HoughKen ForschDave J. Schmidt36532342
1983-06-29vs TEX73W  2-140-33130,464 Tommy JohnMike SmithsonLuis SanchezMike Smithson 36732443
1983-06-30vs TEX74L  2-440-34230,190 Mike WittFrank TananaDave J. SchmidtLuis Sanchez 36932841
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-07-01vs KCA75W  7-641-34234,428 Byron McLaughlinVida BlueByron McLaughlinVida BlueLuis Sanchez37633442
1983-07-02vs KCA76L  3-541-35239,382 Bruce KisonLarry GuraLarry GuraBruce KisonDan Quisenberry37933940
1983-07-03vs KCA77W  5-242-35236,405 Ken ForschBuddy BlackKen ForschBuddy Black 38434143
1983-07-04vs KCA78L  1-542-36263,132 Tommy JohnPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffTommy John 38534639
1983-07-08@ BOS79W  9-343-36233,878Bruce KisonDennis EckersleyBruce KisonDennis Eckersley 39434945
1983-07-09@ BOS80L  3-1043-37232,667Ken ForschJohn TudorJohn TudorKen Forsch 39735938
1983-07-10@ BOS81W  5-344-37132,142Tommy JohnBruce HurstTommy JohnBruce HurstLuis Sanchez40236240
1983-07-11@ DET82L  6-1244-38226,092Geoff ZahnDave RozemaDave RozemaGeoff ZahnDoug Bair40837434
1983-07-12@ DET83L  4-544-39225,222Byron McLaughlinMilt WilcoxHoward BaileyMike Witt 41237933
1983-07-13@ DET84L  1-744-40330,733Bruce KisonDan PetryDan PetryBruce Kison 41338627
1983-07-14@ BAL85L  1-544-41326,608Ken ForschScott McGregorScott McGregorKen Forsch 41439123
1983-07-15@ BAL86L  4-1044-42334,249Tommy JohnMike BoddickerMike BoddickerTommy John 41840117
1983-07-16@ BAL87W  8-545-42240,952Geoff ZahnDennis MartinezGeoff ZahnDennis MartinezLuis Sanchez42640620
1983-07-17@ BAL88L  1-1145-43341,684Byron McLaughlinAllan RamirezAllan RamirezByron McLaughlin 42741710
1983-07-18vs BOS89L  2-745-44234,391 Bruce KisonDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyBruce KisonBob Stanley4294245
1983-07-19vs BOS90W  6-146-44235,758 Ken ForschJohn TudorKen ForschJohn Tudor 43542510
1983-07-20vs BOS91L  4-646-45339,966 Tommy JohnBruce HurstBob StanleyTommy John 4394318
1983-07-21vs DET92L  1-547-4640 Mike WittHoward BaileyHoward BaileyMike WittAurelio Lopez4404364
1983-07-21vs DET93W  3-247-46434,544 Geoff ZahnDave RozemaGeoff ZahnDave RozemaAndy Hassler4434385
1983-07-22vs DET94L  11-1347-47432,249 Byron McLaughlinMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxByron McLaughlinAurelio Lopez4544513
1983-07-23vs DET95L  2-747-48450,011 Bruce KisonDan PetryDan PetryBruce Kison 456458-2
1983-07-24vs DET96L  3-447-49430,958 Ken ForschJack MorrisAurelio LopezLuis Sanchez 459462-3
1983-07-25vs BAL97W  5-248-49424,127 Tommy JohnMike BoddickerTommy JohnMike BoddickerAndy Hassler4644640
1983-07-26vs BAL98L  4-548-50432,668 Geoff ZahnPaul MirabellaDennis MartinezGeoff Zahn 468469-1
1983-07-27vs BAL99L  4-1048-51431,088 Mike WittAllan RamirezAllan RamirezMike WittSammy Stewart472479-7
1983-07-29vs OAK100L  2-548-52443,662 Ken ForschTim ConroyTim ConroyKen ForschTom Underwood474484-10
1983-07-30vs OAK101L  8-1348-5440 Bruce KisonChris CodiroliTom BurgmeierLuis Sanchez 482497-15
1983-07-30vs OAK102L  1-248-54441,306 Tommy JohnSteve McCattyDave BeardTommy John 483499-16
1983-07-31vs OAK103W  4-049-54427,051 Geoff ZahnGorman HeimuellerGeoff ZahnGorman Heimueller 487499-12
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-08-01@ MIN104W  12-650-5530Mike WittBrad HavensMike WittBrad Havens 499505-6
1983-08-01@ MIN105L  0-750-55318,368Steve BrownRick LysanderRick LysanderSteve Brown 499512-13
1983-08-02@ MIN106W  2-151-55313,064Ken ForschBobby CastilloBruce KisonBobby Castillo 501513-12
1983-08-03@ MIN107W  7-552-55310,711Tommy JohnFrank ViolaBruce KisonMike Walters 508518-10
1983-08-04@ SEA108L  5-1152-5638,865Rick SteirerGlenn AbbottBryan ClarkJohn CurtisEd Vande Berg513529-16
1983-08-05@ SEA109L  1-352-5737,313Geoff ZahnMatt YoungBob StoddardGeoff ZahnBill Caudill514532-18
1983-08-06@ SEA110L  1-252-58426,440Mike WittMike MooreMike MooreMike WittBill Caudill515534-19
1983-08-07@ SEA111W  4-353-5848,722Ken ForschBryan ClarkKen ForschBryan ClarkBruce Kison519537-18
1983-08-08vs MIN112L  2-453-59537,307 Tommy JohnKen SchromKen SchromTommy John 521541-20
1983-08-09vs MIN113W  8-254-59525,443 Rick SteirerRick LysanderRick SteirerRick LysanderBruce Kison529543-14
1983-08-10vs MIN114L  1-454-60527,510 Geoff ZahnBobby CastilloBobby CastilloGeoff Zahn 530547-17
1983-08-12vs SEA115L  6-754-61537,552 Mike WittMike MooreMike StantonLuis SanchezBill Caudill536554-18
1983-08-13vs SEA116W  10-555-61529,702 Ken ForschBryan ClarkKen ForschBob StoddardJohn Curtis546559-13
1983-08-14vs SEA117W  7-256-61523,754 Tommy JohnJim BeattieTommy JohnJim Beattie 553561-8
1983-08-15@ OAK118L  0-556-62531,619Geoff ZahnGorman HeimuellerGorman HeimuellerGeoff Zahn 553566-13
1983-08-16@ OAK119L  0-456-63516,560Rick SteirerChris CodiroliChris CodiroliRick SteirerDave Beard553570-17
1983-08-17@ OAK120W  6-557-63513,520Mike WittMike WarrenMike WittMike WarrenJohn Curtis559575-16
1983-08-19@ NYA121L  6-1157-64543,181Ken ForschRon GuidryRon GuidryKen Forsch 565586-21
1983-08-20@ NYA122L  2-657-65542,356Tommy JohnShane RawleyShane RawleyTommy John 567592-25
1983-08-21@ NYA123L  1-257-66550,896Geoff ZahnDave RighettiRich GossageGeoff Zahn 568594-26
1983-08-22@ CLE124W  7-358-6656,184Rick SteirerRick SutcliffeBruce KisonDan Spillner 575597-22
1983-08-23@ CLE125W  5-259-6657,001Mike WittLen BarkerMike WittLen BarkerLuis Sanchez580599-19
1983-08-24@ MIL126L  0-159-67535,536John CurtisDon SuttonJim SlatonAndy Hassler 580600-20
1983-08-25@ MIL127L  0-759-68432,951Tommy JohnTom CandiottiTom CandiottiTommy John 580607-27
1983-08-26vs NYA128L  2-359-69442,945 Geoff ZahnDave RighettiDave RighettiGeoff ZahnRich Gossage582610-28
1983-08-27vs NYA129W  7-660-69445,747 Rick SteirerRay FontenotSteve BrownRich Gossage 589616-27
1983-08-28vs NYA130L  3-760-70438,469 Ken ForschJohn MontefuscoJohn MontefuscoKen ForschGeorge Frazier592623-31
1983-08-29vs CLE131L  4-660-71422,134 Mike WittNeal HeatonNeal HeatonMike WittBud Anderson596629-33
1983-08-30vs CLE132W  10-661-71422,187 Tommy JohnRick SutcliffeRick SteirerMike Jeffcoat 606635-29
1983-08-31vs CLE133L  5-761-72422,659 Geoff ZahnBert BlylevenRick SutcliffeLuis SanchezJamie Easterly611642-31
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-09-02vs MIL134W  6-562-72425,094 Ken ForschChuck PorterRick SteirerRick WaitsAndy Hassler617647-30
1983-09-03vs MIL135L  3-462-73434,312 Mike WittMike CaldwellMike CaldwellMike WittPete Ladd620651-31
1983-09-04vs MIL136W  5-363-73423,970 Tommy JohnDon SuttonTommy JohnDon SuttonLuis Sanchez625654-29
1983-09-05@ TOR137L  0-763-74524,741Geoff ZahnJim GottJim GottGeoff Zahn 625661-36
1983-09-06@ TOR138L  4-663-75519,176John CurtisDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderJohn CurtisJim Acker629667-38
1983-09-07@ TOR139W  9-664-75522,639Ken ForschLuis LealLuis SanchezDave Geisel 638673-35
1983-09-08@ CHA140L  5-864-76534,006Mike WittRichard DotsonRichard DotsonMike Witt 643681-38
1983-09-09@ CHA141L  0-1164-77536,650Tommy JohnBritt BurnsBritt BurnsTommy John 643692-49
1983-09-10@ CHA142L  6-764-78543,097Geoff ZahnFloyd BannisterSalome BarojasSteve Brown 649699-50
1983-09-11@ CHA143L  4-564-79541,878Ken ForschLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytKen Forsch 653704-51
1983-09-13vs KCA144L  3-464-80523,959 Luis SanchezBuddy BlackBuddy BlackLuis SanchezDan Quisenberry656708-52
1983-09-14vs KCA145L  0-164-81523,284 Tommy JohnPaul SplittorffMike ArmstrongRick Steirer 656709-53
1983-09-16vs TEX146W  8-665-81521,850 Geoff ZahnDanny DarwinLuis SanchezJohn Butcher 664715-51
1983-09-17vs TEX147L  2-565-82534,608 Ken ForschDave StewartDave StewartKen ForschDave Tobik666720-54
1983-09-18vs TEX148L  6-765-83522,556 Mike WittFrank TananaVictor CruzBob Lacey 672727-55
1983-09-19@ KCA149L  4-865-8560Steve BrownBuddy BlackMike ArmstrongAndy Hassler 676735-59
1983-09-19@ KCA150L  6-765-85624,576John CurtisDanny JacksonMark HuismannByron McLaughlin 682742-60
1983-09-20@ KCA151W  6-466-85515,003Tommy JohnPaul SplittorffTommy JohnPaul SplittorffMike Witt688746-58
1983-09-21@ KCA152W  3-067-85514,874Geoff ZahnGaylord PerryGeoff ZahnGaylord Perry 691746-55
1983-09-22vs CHA153L  2-367-86524,668 Ken ForschJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanKen ForschJuan Agosto693749-56
1983-09-23vs CHA154L  1-267-87524,358 Mike WittRichard DotsonRichard DotsonMike Witt 694751-57
1983-09-24vs CHA155L  0-267-88523,388 Steve BrownBritt BurnsBritt BurnsSteve Brown 694753-59
1983-09-25vs CHA156L  5-867-89638,575 Tommy JohnLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytTommy JohnDennis Lamp699761-62
1983-09-26vs TOR157L  2-367-90619,713 Geoff ZahnDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBob LaceyRoy Lee Jackson701764-63
1983-09-27vs TOR158W  7-168-90520,559 Byron McLaughlinLuis LealByron McLaughlinLuis LealJohn Curtis708765-57
1983-09-28vs TOR159L  3-568-91620,592 Mike WittJim ClancyJim ClancyMike WittRoy Lee Jackson711770-59
1983-09-30@ TEX160L  3-468-9269,232Tommy JohnFrank TananaTom HenkeDoug Corbett 714774-60
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-10-01@ TEX161W  6-569-92611,356Geoff ZahnCharlie HoughBob LaceyOdell JonesJohn Curtis720779-59
1983-10-02@ TEX162W  2-070-9268,727Steve BrownAl LachowiczSteve BrownAl Lachowicz 722779-57

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