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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Toronto,ON
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   4th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Bobby Cox
General Manager:   Pat Gillick
Stadium:  Exhibition Stadium
Attendance:  1,930,415
Playoffs:  -

Toronto Blue Jays affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Cliff Johnson (35)
Youngest Player:  Tony Fernandez (21)
Longest Tenure:  Jim Clancy (7)
Top Hitter:  Willie Upshaw (6)
Top Pitcher:  Dave Stieb (2)
Top Draft Pick:  Matt Stark (#9)

Roster Continuity:  75.44%
Top Prospect:   Tony Fernandez
American League Standings
NY Yankees9171.5627.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-04-05@ BOS1W  7-11-0333,852Dave StiebDennis EckersleyDave StiebDennis EckersleyRoy Lee Jackson716
1983-04-07@ BOS2L  4-71-159,603Luis LealJohn TudorBob StanleyLuis Leal 1183
1983-04-09vs NYA3W  7-42-1236,459 Jim GottDoyle AlexanderRoy Lee JacksonRich Gossage 18126
1983-04-10vs NYA4L  0-32-2323,093 Dave StiebShane RawleyShane RawleyDave Stieb 18153
1983-04-12vs MIL5L  5-62-3511,413 Luis LealDon SuttonDon SuttonMike MorganJamie Easterly23212
1983-04-13vs MIL6W  7-23-3410,809 Jim ClancyMike CaldwellJim ClancyMike Caldwell 30237
1983-04-14vs MIL7L  4-53-4510,127 Jim GottJerry AugustineJim SlatonJoey McLaughlin 34286
1983-04-15@ NYA8W  6-54-4415,092Dave StiebDoyle AlexanderDave StiebRudy May 40337
1983-04-17@ NYA9L  5-74-5650,200Jim ClancyShane RawleyShane RawleyJim Clancy 45405
1983-04-18@ NYA10L  0-34-6711,148Luis LealRon GuidryRon GuidryLuis Leal 45432
1983-04-19vs CLE11W  9-75-6410,358 Jim GottRick SutcliffeRandy MoffittDan Spillner 54504
1983-04-20vs CLE12W  4-16-6310,173 Dave StiebLary SorensenDave StiebLary Sorensen 58517
1983-04-22@ KCA13L  5-66-7516,172Mike MorganDennis LeonardDennis LeonardRoy Lee JacksonDan Quisenberry63576
1983-04-23@ KCA14W  5-47-7519,906Luis LealVida BlueRandy MoffittDan QuisenberryJoey McLaughlin68617
1983-04-24@ KCA15L  1-77-8618,522Jim GottSteve RenkoSteve RenkoJim Gott 69681
1983-04-26@ TEX16L  1-27-9717,380Dave StiebMike SmithsonMike SmithsonDave Stieb 70700
1983-04-27@ TEX17W  3-28-967,518Jim ClancyDanny DarwinRandy MoffittDanny Darwin 73721
1983-04-29vs CHA18L  3-98-10613,212 Luis LealRichard DotsonRichard DotsonLuis LealDick Tidrow7681-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-05-01vs CHA19W  8-09-10618,769 Dave StiebFloyd BannisterDave StiebFloyd Bannister 84813
1983-05-02vs TEX20W  6-510-10410,525 Jim ClancyDanny DarwinJim ClancyDanny DarwinRandy Moffitt90864
1983-05-03vs TEX21L  2-710-11510,125 Jim GottJon MatlackJon MatlackJim GottDave Tobik9293-1
1983-05-04vs TEX22W  7-111-11511,280 Luis LealRick HoneycuttLuis LealRick Honeycutt 99945
1983-05-06vs KCA23W  6-112-11312,699 Dave StiebLarry GuraDave StiebLarry Gura 1059510
1983-05-07vs KCA24W  7-413-11315,527 Jim ClancyDennis LeonardRoy Lee JacksonDennis LeonardRandy Moffitt1129913
1983-05-08vs KCA25L  1-613-12425,753 Jim GottSteve RenkoSteve RenkoJim GottDan Quisenberry1131058
1983-05-09@ CHA26W  6-114-1239,848Luis LealBritt BurnsLuis LealBritt Burns 11910613
1983-05-11@ CHA27W  3-115-12418,844Dave StiebLaMarr HoytDave StiebLaMarr Hoyt 12210715
1983-05-12@ CLE28W  6-316-1236,361Jim ClancyLary SorensenJim ClancyLary SorensenRandy Moffitt12811018
1983-05-13@ CLE29L  1-516-13310,900Mike MorganJuan EichelbergerJuan EichelbergerMike Morgan 12911514
1983-05-14@ CLE30W  8-117-13315,505Luis LealBert BlylevenLuis LealBert BlylevenRoy Lee Jackson13711621
1983-05-16@ MIL31W  2-118-1338,298Dave StiebBob McClureDave StiebBob McClureRandy Moffitt13911722
1983-05-17@ MIL32L  6-918-1439,304Jim ClancyMike CaldwellMike CaldwellJim ClancyTom Tellmann14512619
1983-05-18@ MIL33L  6-718-15416,485Luis LealDon SuttonJim SlatonDave Geisel 15113318
1983-05-19vs BAL34L  1-218-16411,569 Mike MorganScott McGregorScott McGregorMike MorganTippy Martinez15213517
1983-05-20vs BAL35W  7-519-16416,034 Jim GottDennis MartinezJim GottDennis MartinezJoey McLaughlin15914019
1983-05-21vs BAL36W  6-020-16320,165 Dave StiebSammy StewartDave StiebSammy Stewart 16514025
1983-05-22vs BAL37W  5-021-16315,222 Jim ClancyMike BoddickerJim ClancyMike Boddicker 17014030
1983-05-23vs DET38W  4-022-16235,011 Luis LealMilt WilcoxLuis LealMilt WilcoxRandy Moffitt17414034
1983-05-24vs DET39W  7-623-16119,105 Mike MorganJerry UjdurRoy Lee JacksonDave RuckerJoey McLaughlin18114635
1983-05-25vs DET40L  2-623-17215,846 Jim GottDan PetryDan PetryJim GottAurelio Lopez18315231
1983-05-26vs BOS41L  2-723-18216,589 Dave StiebBob OjedaBob StanleyDave Stieb 18515926
1983-05-27vs BOS42L  0-223-19217,161 Jim ClancyJohn TudorJohn TudorJim Clancy 18516124
1983-05-28vs BOS43W  9-524-19230,171 Luis LealMike BrownRoy Lee JacksonLuis AponteJoey McLaughlin19416628
1983-05-29vs BOS44W  6-125-19233,352 Jim GottDennis EckersleyJim GottDennis Eckersley 20016733
1983-05-30@ DET45W  6-426-19110,901Dave StiebDan PetryJoey McLaughlinDave Gumpert 20617135
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-06-01@ DET46L  1-326-2019,586Jim ClancyDave RozemaDave RozemaJim ClancyAurelio Lopez20717433
1983-06-02@ DET47W  6-127-20111,907Luis LealMilt WilcoxLuis LealMilt Wilcox 21317538
1983-06-03@ BAL48L  2-327-21240,393Jim GottDennis MartinezTippy MartinezJoey McLaughlin 21517837
1983-06-04@ BAL49L  4-627-22322,659Dave StiebMike BoddickerMike BoddickerDave StiebSammy Stewart21918435
1983-06-05@ BAL50W  5-228-22220,953Jim ClancyStorm DavisJim ClancyStorm DavisJoey McLaughlin22418638
1983-06-06@ BAL51L  1-828-23316,649Luis LealScott McGregorScott McGregorLuis Leal 22519431
1983-06-07@ OAK52L  3-528-2438,353Jim GottMike NorrisTim ConroyJim GottSteve Baker22819929
1983-06-08@ OAK53W  5-229-24211,229Dave StiebChris CodiroliDave StiebChris CodiroliJoey McLaughlin23320132
1983-06-09@ OAK54L  1-329-2536,846Jim ClancyTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodJim ClancySteve Baker23420430
1983-06-10@ CAL55L  3-529-26432,751Luis LealBill TraversCurt BrownLuis Leal 23720928
1983-06-11@ CAL56W  3-230-26345,393Jim GottDave GoltzJim GottDave GoltzRandy Moffitt24021129
1983-06-12@ CAL57W  6-531-26332,587Dave StiebByron McLaughlinStan ClarkeCurt BrownDave Geisel24621630
1983-06-14vs OAK58W  13-732-26220,189 Jim ClancyTom UnderwoodRoy Lee JacksonTom Underwood 25922336
1983-06-15vs OAK59L  1-1032-27320,039 Luis LealBill KruegerBill KruegerLuis Leal 26023327
1983-06-16vs OAK60W  9-133-27318,186 Jim GottSteve McCattyJim GottSteve McCatty 26923435
1983-06-17vs CAL61W  6-334-27331,586 Dave StiebBill TraversDave StiebBill Travers 27523738
1983-06-18vs CAL62L  6-734-28340,150 Jim ClancyKen ForschLuis SanchezStan Clarke 28124437
1983-06-19vs CAL63W  6-135-28236,098 Luis LealDave GoltzLuis LealDave Goltz 28724542
1983-06-20vs MIN64W  2-136-28219,267 Jim GottFrank ViolaJim GottRon Davis 28924643
1983-06-21vs MIN65W  8-337-28223,473 Jim AckerBryan OelkersJim AckerBryan Oelkers 29724948
1983-06-22vs MIN66L  3-437-29226,452 Dave StiebKen SchromKen SchromDave StiebRon Davis30025347
1983-06-23@ SEA67W  5-438-2926,303Jim ClancyGlenn AbbottJim ClancyMike StantonJoey McLaughlin30525748
1983-06-24@ SEA68W  4-239-2926,389Luis LealMatt YoungLuis LealMatt Young 30925950
1983-06-25@ SEA69L  2-539-30315,048Jim GottJim BeattieJim BeattieJim GottBill Caudill31126447
1983-06-26@ SEA70W  19-740-3026,593Jim AckerBob StoddardJim AckerBob Stoddard 33027159
1983-06-28@ MIN71L  2-540-31312,844Dave StiebKen SchromKen SchromDave StiebRon Davis33227656
1983-06-29@ MIN72W  4-241-3118,242Jim ClancyBobby CastilloJim ClancyBobby Castillo 33627858
1983-06-30@ MIN73W  11-342-31120,498Luis LealAlbert WilliamsLuis LealAlbert Williams 34728166
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-07-01vs SEA74L  2-1142-32136,572 Jim GottJim BeattieJim BeattieJim Gott 34929257
1983-07-02vs SEA75W  7-643-32121,783 Jim AckerMike MooreRoy Lee JacksonBill Caudill 35629858
1983-07-03vs SEA76L  1-443-33132,161 Dave StiebGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottDave Stieb 35730255
1983-07-08vs TEX77W  8-544-33125,666 Jim ClancyDanny DarwinJim ClancyDanny DarwinRandy Moffitt36530758
1983-07-09vs TEX78W  5-145-33126,234 Luis LealCharlie HoughLuis LealCharlie Hough 37030862
1983-07-10vs TEX79W  6-446-33132,071 Dave StiebRick HoneycuttDave StiebRick HoneycuttRandy Moffitt37631264
1983-07-11@ KCA80W  7-447-33132,415Jim GottGaylord PerryRandy MoffittKeith Creel 38331667
1983-07-12@ KCA81W  9-648-33122,266Doyle AlexanderVida BlueRoy Lee JacksonSteve Renko 39232270
1983-07-13@ KCA82L  4-548-34132,352Jim ClancyLarry GuraLarry GuraJim ClancyDan Quisenberry39632769
1983-07-14@ CHA83W  8-049-34117,883Luis LealJerry KoosmanLuis LealJerry Koosman 40432777
1983-07-15@ CHA84W  3-250-34128,288Dave StiebRichard DotsonJoey McLaughlinRichard Dotson 40732978
1983-07-16@ CHA85W  7-551-34134,243Jim GottBritt BurnsJoey McLaughlinJuan AgostoRandy Moffitt41433480
1983-07-17@ CHA86L  2-351-35130,140Doyle AlexanderFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterDoyle AlexanderDennis Lamp41633779
1983-07-18vs KCA87W  8-252-35126,178 Jim ClancyLarry GuraJim ClancyLarry Gura 42433985
1983-07-19vs KCA88L  2-652-36136,459 Luis LealBuddy BlackBuddy BlackLuis LealDan Quisenberry42634581
1983-07-20vs KCA89L  8-1452-37230,658 Dave StiebPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffDave StiebDan Quisenberry43435975
1983-07-21@ TEX90L  2-352-38218,323Jim GottFrank TananaFrank TananaJim Gott 43636274
1983-07-22@ TEX91W  10-553-38128,075Doyle AlexanderCharlie HoughRandy MoffittDave J. Schmidt 44636779
1983-07-23@ TEX92W  3-254-38143,705Jim ClancyDanny DarwinJim ClancyDanny Darwin 44936980
1983-07-24@ TEX93L  0-354-39230,123Luis LealRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttLuis Leal 44937277
1983-07-25vs CHA94L  4-754-40324,394 Dave StiebRichard DotsonRichard DotsonDave StiebDennis Lamp45337974
1983-07-26vs CHA95W  6-455-4130 Jim GottBritt BurnsJim GottBritt BurnsJoey McLaughlin45938376
1983-07-26vs CHA96L  3-455-41333,554 Doyle AlexanderFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterDoyle AlexanderDennis Lamp46238775
1983-07-27vs CHA97L  3-1155-42436,012 Luis LealLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytLuis Leal 46539867
1983-07-29vs CLE98W  4-256-42318,020 Jim ClancyRick SutcliffeJim ClancyRick Sutcliffe 46940069
1983-07-30vs CLE99W  6-557-42323,445 Dave StiebNeal HeatonJoey McLaughlinBud Anderson 47540570
1983-07-31vs CLE100L  11-1657-43322,498 Jim GottLary SorensenJuan EichelbergerJim AckerBud Anderson48642165
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-08-01vs CLE101L  0-657-44320,781 Doyle AlexanderLen BarkerLen BarkerDoyle Alexander 48642759
1983-08-02vs NYA102W  10-959-4430 Luis LealMatt KeoughRoy Lee JacksonDale Murray 49643660
1983-08-02vs NYA103W  13-659-44345,102 Matt WilliamsBob ShirleyMatt WilliamsBob ShirleyDave Geisel50944267
1983-08-03vs NYA104W  6-260-44335,589 Jim ClancyRon GuidryJim ClancyRon Guidry 51544471
1983-08-04vs NYA105L  1-360-45336,684 Dave StiebShane RawleyShane RawleyDave Stieb 51644769
1983-08-05@ MIL106L  0-760-46329,559Jim GottMoose HaasMoose HaasJim Gott 51645462
1983-08-06@ MIL107L  0-360-47448,464Doyle AlexanderChuck PorterChuck PorterDoyle Alexander 51645759
1983-08-07@ MIL108L  6-960-48447,300Luis LealMike CaldwellMike CaldwellLuis LealPete Ladd52246656
1983-08-08@ NYA109L  3-860-5050Jim ClancyRon GuidryRon GuidryJim Clancy 52547451
1983-08-08@ NYA110L  3-1160-50540,598Matt WilliamsBob ShirleyBob ShirleyMatt WilliamsGeorge Frazier52848543
1983-08-09@ NYA111W  8-061-50535,221Dave StiebShane RawleyDave StiebShane Rawley 53648551
1983-08-10@ NYA112L  3-861-51540,377Jim GottDave RighettiDave RighettiJim Gott 53949346
1983-08-11vs MIL113L  4-661-52527,620 Doyle AlexanderChuck PorterChuck PorterDoyle AlexanderPete Ladd54349944
1983-08-12vs MIL114W  5-462-52530,130 Luis LealMike CaldwellJoey McLaughlinJim Slaton 54850345
1983-08-13vs MIL115W  3-163-52535,240 Jim ClancyBob McClureJim ClancyBob McClureDave Geisel55150447
1983-08-14vs MIL116W  4-364-52542,240 Dave StiebBob GibsonDave StiebPete LaddJoey McLaughlin55550748
1983-08-15@ CLE117W  3-265-5246,675Jim GottLary SorensenRandy MoffittDan Spillner 55850949
1983-08-16@ CLE118L  2-366-5340Doyle AlexanderLen BarkerJamie EasterlyRandy Moffitt 56051248
1983-08-16@ CLE119W  9-666-5349,666Matt WilliamsTom BrennanJoey McLaughlinBud Anderson 56951851
1983-08-17@ CLE120W  6-567-5346,239Luis LealRick SutcliffeJoey McLaughlinRick SutcliffeRoy Lee Jackson57552352
1983-08-19@ BOS121W  8-768-53427,386Jim ClancyJohn TudorJim AckerMark ClearRoy Lee Jackson58353053
1983-08-20@ BOS122L  2-568-54429,173Dave StiebDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyDave StiebBob Stanley58553550
1983-08-21@ BOS123W  7-369-54431,159Jim GottBruce HurstJim GottBruce Hurst 59253854
1983-08-22@ BOS124L  2-469-55426,351Doyle AlexanderBob OjedaBob OjedaDoyle AlexanderBob Stanley59454252
1983-08-23@ BAL125W  9-370-55447,387Luis LealMike FlanaganLuis LealMike Flanagan 60354558
1983-08-24@ BAL126L  4-770-56425,882Jim ClancyScott McGregorTippy MartinezJoey McLaughlin 60755255
1983-08-25@ BAL127L  1-270-57528,615Dave StiebStorm DavisTippy MartinezRoy Lee Jackson 60855454
1983-08-26@ DET128L  3-470-58546,467Jim GottDan PetryAurelio LopezJim Gott 61155853
1983-08-27@ DET129W  7-471-58539,118Doyle AlexanderGlenn AbbottDoyle AlexanderAurelio LopezDave Geisel61856256
1983-08-28@ DET130L  2-471-59538,332Luis LealJack MorrisJack MorrisJoey McLaughlin 62056654
1983-08-29vs BOS131W  5-172-6050 Jim ClancyJohn TudorJim ClancyJohn Tudor 62556758
1983-08-29vs BOS132L  7-872-60538,338 Jim AckerMike BrownMark ClearRandy MoffittBob Stanley63257557
1983-08-30vs BOS133L  4-572-61530,827 Dave StiebBruce HurstJohn Henry JohnsonRoy Lee JacksonMark Clear63658056
1983-08-31vs BAL134L  2-1072-62537,127 Jim GottMike BoddickerMike BoddickerJim Gott 63859048
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-09-01vs BAL135W  5-373-62530,062 Doyle AlexanderJim PalmerDoyle AlexanderJim Palmer 64359350
1983-09-02vs DET136L  8-974-6350 Luis LealJuan BerenguerAurelio LopezJim Gott 65160249
1983-09-02vs DET137W  8-774-63541,667 Jim AckerMilt WilcoxJim AckerMilt WilcoxDave Geisel65960950
1983-09-03vs DET138L  4-774-64535,268 Jim ClancyDan PetryDan PetryJim ClancyJohn Martin66361647
1983-09-04vs DET139W  6-375-64543,158 Dave StiebGlenn AbbottDave StiebAurelio Lopez 66961950
1983-09-05vs CAL140W  7-076-64524,741 Jim GottGeoff ZahnJim GottGeoff Zahn 67661957
1983-09-06vs CAL141W  6-477-64519,176 Doyle AlexanderJohn CurtisDoyle AlexanderJohn CurtisJim Acker68262359
1983-09-07vs CAL142L  6-977-65522,639 Luis LealKen ForschLuis SanchezDave Geisel 68863256
1983-09-09vs OAK143L  5-777-66520,336 Jim ClancySteve McCattySteve McCattyJim ClancyKeith Atherton69363954
1983-09-10vs OAK144W  7-578-66526,434 Dave StiebTim ConroyDave StiebTom UnderwoodRandy Moffitt70064456
1983-09-11vs OAK145W  16-679-66538,439 Jim GottChris CodiroliJim GottChris Codiroli 71665066
1983-09-13@ SEA146W  6-480-6644,340Luis LealBob StoddardLuis LealBob StoddardRoy Lee Jackson72265468
1983-09-14@ SEA147W  4-381-6644,800Jim ClancyMatt YoungDoyle AlexanderRoy Thomas 72665769
1983-09-15@ MIN148L  2-681-6744,039Dave StiebKen SchromKen SchromDave Stieb 72866365
1983-09-16@ MIN149L  4-1181-68411,640Jim GottPete FilsonRick LysanderJim Gott 73267458
1983-09-17@ MIN150W  13-382-6846,300Luis LealJay PettiboneLuis LealJay Pettibone 74567768
1983-09-19vs SEA151L  6-982-69410,484 Jim ClancyMatt YoungMatt YoungDave GeiselEd Vande Berg75168665
1983-09-20vs SEA152W  7-383-69415,657 Dave StiebMike MooreDave StiebMike Moore 75868969
1983-09-21vs SEA153W  4-384-69416,321 Doyle AlexanderBryan ClarkDoyle AlexanderBryan Clark 76269270
1983-09-23@ OAK154L  0-284-7048,069Luis LealTim ConroyTim ConroyLuis Leal 76269468
1983-09-24@ OAK155L  1-284-71411,732Jim ClancyMike WarrenMike WarrenJim Clancy 76369667
1983-09-25@ OAK156W  8-685-71414,650Dave StiebSteve McCattyJim AckerKeith Atherton 77170269
1983-09-26@ CAL157W  3-286-71419,713Doyle AlexanderGeoff ZahnDoyle AlexanderBob LaceyRoy Lee Jackson77470470
1983-09-27@ CAL158L  1-786-72420,559Luis LealByron McLaughlinByron McLaughlinLuis LealJohn Curtis77571164
1983-09-28@ CAL159W  5-387-72420,592Jim ClancyMike WittJim ClancyMike WittRoy Lee Jackson78071466
1983-09-30vs MIN160W  8-088-72418,501 Dave StiebFrank ViolaDave StiebFrank Viola 78871474
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttTOR PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-10-01vs MIN161W  4-389-72425,332 Doyle AlexanderJay PettiboneDoyle AlexanderJay Pettibone 79271775
1983-10-02vs MIN162L  3-989-73440,692 Jim ClancyAlbert WilliamsAlbert WilliamsJim Clancy 79572669

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