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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  81-81   .500
Result:   4th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Dick Williams
General Manager:   Jack McKeon
Stadium:  Jack Murphy Stadium
Attendance:  1,539,815
Playoffs:  -

San Diego Padres affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Kurt Bevacqua (36)
Youngest Player:  Jody Lansford (22)
Longest Tenure:  Gene Richards (7)
Top Hitter:  Alan Wiggins (16)
Top Pitcher:  Dave Dravecky (22)
Top Draft Pick:  Ray Hayward (#10)

Roster Continuity:  80.65%
Top Prospect:   Kevin McReynolds
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9171.562--
San Diego8181.50010.0
SF Giants7983.48812.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-04-05@ SFN1W  16-131-0350,542Tim LollarMike KrukowTim LollarMike KrukowGary Lucas16133
1983-04-06@ SFN2W  5-32-028,929Dave DraveckyBill LaskeyDave DraveckyBill Laskey 21165
1983-04-08@ ATL3L  2-42-1432,737Eric ShowRick CampSteve BedrosianFloyd ChifferGene Garber23203
1983-04-09@ ATL4L  5-62-2412,665John MontefuscoPhil NiekroPete FalconeChris Welsh 28262
1983-04-10@ ATL5L  3-42-3421,144Ed WhitsonCraig McMurtryCraig McMurtryEd WhitsonSteve Bedrosian31301
1983-04-11@ ATL6L  0-42-446,915Tim LollarPascual PerezPascual PerezTim Lollar 3134-3
1983-04-12vs SFN7L  5-62-5545,397 Dave DraveckyFred BreiningFred BreiningDave DraveckyGreg Minton3640-4
1983-04-13vs SFN8W  2-13-5415,494 Eric ShowAtlee HammakerEric ShowAtlee HammakerGary Lucas3841-3
1983-04-14vs SFN9W  6-44-5420,407 John MontefuscoAndy McGaffiganJohn MontefuscoAndy McGaffiganGary Lucas4445-1
1983-04-15@ LAN10L  2-64-6452,392Ed WhitsonFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaEd WhitsonJoe Beckwith4651-5
1983-04-16@ LAN11L  5-84-7450,800Tim LollarJerry ReussJerry ReussFloyd ChifferDave Stewart5159-8
1983-04-17@ LAN12W  9-15-7450,363Dave DraveckyBob WelchDave DraveckyBob Welch 60600
1983-04-18vs ATL13W  10-36-7418,730 Eric ShowCraig McMurtryEric ShowCraig McMurtryLuis DeLeon70637
1983-04-19vs ATL14L  2-96-8421,327 John MontefuscoRick CampRick CampJohn Montefusco 72720
1983-04-22@ SLN15W  4-17-8416,410Dave DraveckyBob ForschDave DraveckyBob Forsch 76733
1983-04-23@ SLN16L  5-97-9440,938Eric ShowJohn StuperJohn MartinEric Show 8182-1
1983-04-24@ SLN17L  0-27-10427,059Andy HawkinsDave LaPointDave LaPointAndy HawkinsBruce Sutter8184-3
1983-04-26@ CHN18W  10-88-1049,835John MontefuscoChuck RaineyJohn MontefuscoCraig LeffertsLuis DeLeon9192-1
1983-04-27@ CHN19L  4-58-1146,332Dave DraveckyFergie JenkinsBill CampbellGary Lucas 9597-2
1983-04-28@ CHN20W  3-19-1143,383Eric ShowSteve TroutEric ShowSteve TroutLuis DeLeon98980
1983-04-30@ PIT21W  8-410-1240Andy HawkinsJohn CandelariaAndy HawkinsJohn Candelaria 1061024
1983-04-30@ PIT22L  1-210-12419,593Chris WelshLarry McWilliamsLarry McWilliamsLuis DeLeonRod Scurry1071043
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-05-03vs SLN23W  4-311-12416,842 Dave DraveckyBob ForschDave DraveckyBob ForschGary Lucas1111074
1983-05-04vs SLN24W  10-012-12417,119 Eric ShowJoaquin AndujarEric ShowJoaquin Andujar 12110714
1983-05-05vs SLN25L  3-412-13421,943 Andy HawkinsDave LaPointBruce SutterGary Lucas 12411113
1983-05-06vs CHN26L  2-312-14418,373 Tim LollarChuck RaineyChuck RaineyTim LollarLee Smith12611412
1983-05-07vs CHN27L  4-612-15447,208 John MontefuscoGuillermo HernandezBill CampbellGary Lucas 13012010
1983-05-08vs CHN28W  5-313-15441,522 Dave DraveckySteve TroutDave DraveckyWarren Brusstar 13512312
1983-05-09vs PIT29L  3-513-16517,885 Eric ShowLarry McWilliamsManny SarmientoMike Couchee 13812810
1983-05-10vs PIT30W  4-114-1649,965 Andy HawkinsLee TunnellAndy HawkinsRod Scurry 14212913
1983-05-12vs LAN31L  3-414-17536,469 Tim LollarFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaLuis DeLeonDave Stewart14513312
1983-05-13vs LAN32W  6-415-17432,581 Dave DraveckyBurt HootonDave DraveckyBurt HootonLuis DeLeon15113714
1983-05-14vs LAN33L  1-415-18434,547 Eric ShowJerry ReussJerry ReussEric Show 15214111
1983-05-15vs LAN34L  2-315-19430,974 Andy HawkinsBob WelchBob WelchAndy HawkinsSteve Howe15414410
1983-05-17@ NYN35L  4-615-2057,550Tim LollarTom SeaverTom SeaverTim LollarDoug Sisk1581508
1983-05-18@ NYN36L  1-215-2157,580Dave DraveckyMike TorrezMike TorrezDave DraveckyDoug Sisk1591527
1983-05-19@ NYN37W  3-216-2157,034Eric ShowScott HolmanEric ShowScott HolmanLuis DeLeon1621548
1983-05-20@ PHI38W  5-017-21526,607Andy HawkinsSteve CarltonAndy HawkinsSteve Carlton 16715413
1983-05-23@ MON39L  1-317-22519,314Dave DraveckyBill GullicksonBill GullicksonDave DraveckyJeff Reardon16815711
1983-05-24@ MON40L  4-517-23517,343Tim LollarChris WelshJeff ReardonLuis DeLeon 17216210
1983-05-25@ MON41L  0-217-24614,297Andy HawkinsSteve RogersSteve RogersAndy Hawkins 1721648
1983-05-27vs NYN42W  4-018-24514,233 Eric ShowTom SeaverEric ShowTom Seaver 17616412
1983-05-28vs NYN43W  5-419-24526,595 Dave DraveckyMike TorrezDave DraveckyMike TorrezGary Lucas18116813
1983-05-29vs NYN44L  2-319-25515,385 Tim LollarEd LynchEd LynchTim LollarJesse Orosco18317112
1983-05-30vs MON45W  5-420-25418,929 Andy HawkinsSteve RogersGary LucasSteve Rogers 18817513
1983-05-31vs MON46W  5-321-2549,240 Ed WhitsonChris WelshJohn MontefuscoJeff Reardon 19317815
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-06-01vs MON47L  6-821-26411,180 Eric ShowScott SandersonBryn SmithElias Sosa 19918613
1983-06-02vs PHI48W  4-122-26414,474 Dave DraveckyJohn DennyDave DraveckyEd Farmer 20318716
1983-06-03vs PHI49W  8-523-26418,211 Tim LollarLarry ChristensonGary LucasEd Farmer 21119219
1983-06-04vs PHI50W  5-424-26433,982 Andy HawkinsMarty BystromJohn MontefuscoMarty BystromSid Monge21619620
1983-06-05vs PHI51L  1-224-27421,876 Ed WhitsonCharles HudsonAl HollandEd Whitson 21719819
1983-06-07@ CIN52W  7-325-27410,639Eric ShowMario SotoEric ShowMario Soto 22420123
1983-06-08@ CIN53W  5-326-2749,640Dave DraveckyJoe PriceDave DraveckyJoe PriceSid Monge22920425
1983-06-09@ CIN54L  1-826-2849,552Andy HawkinsBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiAndy Hawkins 23021218
1983-06-10@ HOU55L  1-226-29513,385Ed WhitsonMike LaCossMike LaCossEd WhitsonBill Dawley23121417
1983-06-11@ HOU56W  8-427-29425,173Tim LollarMike ScottJohn MontefuscoVern Ruhle 23921821
1983-06-12@ HOU57L  0-227-30514,950Eric ShowNolan RyanNolan RyanEric Show 23922019
1983-06-13@ HOU58L  0-227-31511,897Dave DraveckyJoe NiekroJoe NiekroDave DraveckyFrank DiPino23922217
1983-06-14vs CIN59L  3-427-32513,416 Andy HawkinsBruce BerenyiKeefe CatoGary LucasBill Scherrer24222616
1983-06-15vs CIN60W  5-128-32512,682 Ed WhitsonCharlie PuleoEd WhitsonCharlie Puleo 24722720
1983-06-16vs CIN61W  3-129-32514,228 Tim LollarFrank PastoreTim LollarFrank PastoreJohn Montefusco25022822
1983-06-17vs HOU62L  1-429-33520,768 Eric ShowNolan RyanNolan RyanEric ShowBill Dawley25123219
1983-06-18vs HOU63W  2-130-33526,640 Dave DraveckyJoe NiekroDave DraveckyFrank LaCorte 25323320
1983-06-19vs HOU64W  6-431-33516,464 Andy HawkinsBob KnepperElias SosaBob KnepperSid Monge25923722
1983-06-20@ LAN65W  4-132-33443,980Ed WhitsonJerry ReussEd WhitsonJerry ReussJohn Montefusco26323825
1983-06-21@ LAN66W  2-033-33447,619Tim LollarAlejandro PenaTim LollarAlejandro PenaLuis DeLeon26523827
1983-06-22@ LAN67W  5-234-33346,340Eric ShowBob WelchEric ShowBob WelchGary Lucas27024030
1983-06-23@ LAN68W  7-535-33344,703Dave DraveckyFernando ValenzuelaDave DraveckyFernando ValenzuelaGary Lucas27724532
1983-06-24@ SFN69L  0-535-34313,966Andy HawkinsMike KrukowMike KrukowAndy Hawkins 27725027
1983-06-25@ SFN70W  3-236-34317,082Ed WhitsonFred BreiningJohn MontefuscoGary LavelleGary Lucas28025228
1983-06-26@ SFN71L  0-236-3640Tim LollarAtlee HammakerAtlee HammakerTim Lollar 28025426
1983-06-26@ SFN72L  3-436-36428,607Eric ShowBill LaskeyBill LaskeyEric ShowGary Lavelle28325825
1983-06-28vs LAN73L  5-936-37535,213 Dave DraveckyBob WelchBob WelchDave Dravecky 28826721
1983-06-29vs LAN74W  13-237-37336,545 Mark ThurmondFernando ValenzuelaMark ThurmondFernando Valenzuela 30126932
1983-06-30vs LAN75W  7-638-37341,914 Ed WhitsonBurt HootonJohn MontefuscoSteve Howe 30827533
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-07-01vs SFN76L  3-438-38315,090 Tim LollarBill LaskeyBill LaskeyTim LollarJim Barr31127932
1983-07-02vs SFN77W  5-439-38318,177 Eric ShowAtlee HammakerGary LucasAtlee Hammaker 31628333
1983-07-03vs SFN78W  4-140-38320,391 Dave DraveckyMark DavisDave DraveckyMark Davis 32028436
1983-07-04vs SFN79W  4-341-38344,519 Mark ThurmondMike KrukowMark ThurmondMike KrukowGary Lucas32428737
1983-07-08vs SLN80W  3-242-38323,166 Tim LollarNeil AllenGary LucasBruce Sutter 32728938
1983-07-09vs SLN81L  4-1242-39325,125 Dave DraveckyDave LaPointDave LaPointDave Dravecky 33130130
1983-07-10vs SLN82L  2-442-40315,301 Mark ThurmondJoaquin AndujarDave Von OhlenGary LucasBruce Sutter33330528
1983-07-11vs CHN83W  6-543-40322,418 Ed WhitsonFergie JenkinsJohn MontefuscoFergie JenkinsSid Monge33931029
1983-07-12vs CHN84W  5-344-40313,850 Eric ShowDickie NolesEric ShowDickie Noles 34431331
1983-07-13vs CHN85W  5-445-40315,503 Tim LollarChuck RaineyTim LollarChuck RaineyGary Lucas34931732
1983-07-14vs PIT86L  6-845-41417,001 Dave DraveckyLarry McWilliamsCecilio GuanteJohn MontefuscoJim Bibby35532530
1983-07-15vs PIT87L  2-445-42415,601 Mark ThurmondRick RhodenKent TekulveMark Thurmond 35732928
1983-07-16vs PIT88L  2-345-43426,414 Ed WhitsonDon RobinsonDon RobinsonEd WhitsonKent Tekulve35933227
1983-07-17vs PIT89L  3-445-44417,897 Eric ShowLee TunnellLee TunnellEric ShowKent Tekulve36233626
1983-07-19@ SLN90L  0-445-45431,395Tim LollarNeil AllenNeil AllenTim Lollar 36234022
1983-07-20@ SLN91W  5-446-45423,671Dave DraveckyDave LaPointLuis DeLeonBruce SutterSid Monge36734423
1983-07-21@ SLN92W  4-247-45422,289Mark ThurmondJoaquin AndujarMark ThurmondJoaquin AndujarLuis DeLeon37134625
1983-07-22@ CHN93L  3-747-46426,281Ed WhitsonFergie JenkinsCraig LeffertsGary Lucas 37435321
1983-07-23@ CHN94W  4-248-46432,224Eric ShowDickie NolesEric ShowDickie NolesJohn Montefusco37835523
1983-07-24@ CHN95L  2-548-47434,127Tim LollarChuck RaineyChuck RaineyTim LollarLee Smith38036020
1983-07-25@ PIT96L  3-648-48412,161Dave DraveckyRick RhodenRick RhodenDave DraveckyCecilio Guante38336617
1983-07-26@ PIT97W  6-149-4940Mark ThurmondDon RobinsonMark ThurmondDon RobinsonLuis DeLeon38936722
1983-07-26@ PIT98L  5-1049-49420,660Ed WhitsonLee TunnellLee TunnellEd Whitson 39437717
1983-07-27@ PIT99L  1-1049-50418,793Eric ShowJose DeLeonJose DeLeonEric Show 3953878
1983-07-29vs ATL100L  1-250-5140 Tim LollarPascual PerezPascual PerezTim LollarGene Garber3963897
1983-07-29vs ATL101W  6-550-51433,132 John MontefuscoKen DayleySid MongeDonnie Moore 4023948
1983-07-30vs ATL102L  2-550-52424,111 Dave DraveckyPhil NiekroPhil NiekroDave Dravecky 4043995
1983-07-31vs ATL103W  5-251-52413,865 Mark ThurmondCraig McMurtryMark ThurmondCraig McMurtryJohn Montefusco4094018
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-08-01vs HOU104W  7-452-5249,055 Eric ShowBob KnepperLuis DeLeonBill Dawley 41640511
1983-08-02vs HOU105L  2-452-53410,444 Ed WhitsonMike MaddenVern RuhleSid Monge 4184099
1983-08-03vs HOU106L  0-152-54413,286 Tim LollarNolan RyanNolan RyanTim Lollar 4184108
1983-08-04vs HOU107W  4-253-54410,516 Dave DraveckyJoe NiekroDave DraveckyJoe NiekroGary Lucas42241210
1983-08-05vs CIN108L  3-453-55411,319 Mark ThurmondBruce BerenyiTed PowerElias SosaBill Scherrer4254169
1983-08-06vs CIN109W  11-455-5540 Eric ShowCharlie PuleoEric ShowCharlie Puleo 43642016
1983-08-06vs CIN110W  6-255-55413,237 John MontefuscoJoe PriceJohn MontefuscoTed Power 44242220
1983-08-07vs CIN111L  3-555-56412,919 Ed WhitsonFrank PastoreFrank PastoreEd Whitson 44542718
1983-08-09@ HOU112W  3-256-56417,390Tim LollarJoe NiekroTim LollarJoe NiekroSid Monge44842919
1983-08-10@ HOU113L  3-456-57412,605Dave DraveckyBob KnepperVern RuhleLuis DeLeon 45143318
1983-08-11@ HOU114L  1-556-58415,120Mark ThurmondMike ScottMike ScottMark ThurmondDave Smith45243814
1983-08-12@ CIN115L  5-656-59413,611Eric ShowFrank PastoreFrank PastoreEric ShowTom Hume45744413
1983-08-13@ CIN116L  1-356-60418,259John MontefuscoJeff RussellJeff RussellJohn Montefusco 45844711
1983-08-14@ CIN117W  10-957-60414,867Tim LollarMario SotoLuis DeLeonTom HumeGary Lucas46845612
1983-08-15@ ATL118W  4-058-60435,893Dave DraveckyCraig McMurtryDave DraveckyCraig McMurtry 47245616
1983-08-16@ ATL119W  3-259-60421,936Mark ThurmondPascual PerezSid MongeSteve BedrosianEd Whitson47545817
1983-08-17vs PHI120W  5-460-60414,657 Eric ShowCharles HudsonEric ShowCharles HudsonGary Lucas48046218
1983-08-18vs PHI121L  2-460-6149,755 John MontefuscoJohn DennyAl HollandGary LucasRon Reed48246616
1983-08-19vs MON122W  6-561-61412,947 Tim LollarRay BurrisTim LollarRay BurrisSid Monge48847117
1983-08-21vs MON123L  0-362-6240 Dave DraveckyCharlie LeaCharlie LeaDave Dravecky 48847414
1983-08-21vs MON124W  5-262-62415,890 Mark ThurmondBill GullicksonMark ThurmondBill GullicksonLuis DeLeon49347617
1983-08-22vs NYN125W  4-363-62422,060 Eric ShowCraig SwanEric ShowCraig SwanLuis DeLeon49747918
1983-08-23vs NYN126L  3-863-6348,578 John MontefuscoWalt TerrellWalt TerrellJohn Montefusco 50048713
1983-08-24vs NYN127W  3-264-63413,889 Tim LollarTom SeaverTim LollarTom SeaverLuis DeLeon50348914
1983-08-26@ MON128L  4-1064-64430,814Dave DraveckyBill GullicksonBill GullicksonDave Dravecky 5074998
1983-08-27@ MON129L  4-664-65433,359Mark ThurmondCharlie LeaCharlie LeaLuis DeLeonDan Schatzeder5115056
1983-08-28@ MON130L  0-864-66443,168Eric ShowSteve RogersSteve RogersEric Show 511513-2
1983-08-29@ PHI131W  6-565-6740Tim LollarSteve CarltonLuis DeLeonSteve Carlton 517518-1
1983-08-29@ PHI132L  6-865-67425,789Elias SosaSteve ComerSteve ComerSid MongeAl Holland523526-3
1983-08-30@ PHI133L  0-666-6840Andy HawkinsKevin GrossKevin GrossAndy Hawkins 523532-9
1983-08-30@ PHI134W  7-566-68427,790Ed WhitsonTug McGrawEd WhitsonTug McGrawLuis DeLeon530537-7
1983-08-31@ PHI135L  3-466-69421,547Mark ThurmondCharles HudsonAl HollandElias Sosa 533541-8
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-09-02@ NYN136L  3-766-7049,624Eric ShowWalt TerrellWalt TerrellEric Show 536548-12
1983-09-03@ NYN137L  3-466-71433,492Tim LollarTom SeaverTom GormanElias Sosa 539552-13
1983-09-04@ NYN138W  7-567-7149,191Andy HawkinsEd LynchSid MongeEd LynchElias Sosa546557-11
1983-09-05@ LAN139W  5-268-71449,849Mark ThurmondFernando ValenzuelaMark ThurmondFernando ValenzuelaGary Lucas551559-8
1983-09-06@ LAN140W  8-369-71441,264Ed WhitsonRick HoneycuttEd WhitsonRick Honeycutt 559562-3
1983-09-07vs HOU141W  8-770-7148,274 Eric ShowNolan RyanSid MongeFrank DiPino 567569-2
1983-09-08vs HOU142L  2-370-7247,858 Tim LollarMike ScottMike MaddenLuis DeLeonVern Ruhle569572-3
1983-09-09vs CIN143W  8-271-72414,745 Andy HawkinsCharlie PuleoAndy HawkinsCharlie Puleo 5775743
1983-09-11vs CIN144L  2-471-73418,947 Mark ThurmondJeff RussellJeff RussellMark ThurmondTom Hume5795781
1983-09-13vs SFN145W  4-372-7347,612 Ed WhitsonScott GarreltsSid MongeGreg Minton 5835812
1983-09-14vs SFN146W  7-473-73419,763 Eric ShowMike KrukowEric ShowMike KrukowGary Lucas5905855
1983-09-16@ ATL147L  0-673-74429,062Tim LollarCraig McMurtryCraig McMurtryTim Lollar 590591-1
1983-09-17@ ATL148W  2-174-74435,031Andy HawkinsLen BarkerLuis DeLeonLen BarkerGary Lucas5925920
1983-09-18@ ATL149W  4-275-74425,476Mark ThurmondPascual PerezGary LucasKen Dayley 5965942
1983-09-19@ SFN150W  4-276-7442,486Ed WhitsonScott GarreltsEd WhitsonScott GarreltsFloyd Chiffer6005964
1983-09-20@ SFN151L  1-876-7544,341Eric ShowMark CalvertMark CalvertEric ShowAndy McGaffigan601604-3
1983-09-21@ SFN152L  4-576-7645,294Tim LollarMark DavisGary LavelleGary Lucas 605609-4
1983-09-23@ CIN153W  11-877-7646,635Mark ThurmondMario SotoLuis DeLeonBen Hayes 616617-1
1983-09-24@ CIN154L  2-377-7749,615Ed WhitsonBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiSid Monge 618620-2
1983-09-25@ CIN155L  2-577-78421,483Andy HawkinsCharlie PuleoCharlie PuleoAndy HawkinsBill Scherrer620625-5
1983-09-26@ HOU156L  3-577-7945,828Eric ShowMike MaddenMike MaddenEric ShowVern Ruhle623630-7
1983-09-27@ HOU157L  5-877-8046,239Tim LollarJeff HeathcockBob KnepperTim Lollar 628638-10
1983-09-28vs LAN158W  4-478-80423,588 Mark ThurmondJerry Reuss 632642-10
1983-09-29vs LAN159W  7-180-8040 Ed WhitsonBob WelchSid MongeJoe Beckwith 639643-4
1983-09-29vs LAN160W  4-180-80420,230 Andy HawkinsAlejandro PenaAndy HawkinsAlejandro PenaLuis DeLeon643644-1
1983-09-30vs ATL161W  3-281-8049,736 Eric ShowPhil NiekroEric ShowPhil NiekroGary Lucas6466460
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSDN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-10-01vs ATL162W  4-382-8049,153 Dennis RasmussenSteve BedrosianSid MongePete Falcone 6506491
1983-10-02vs ATL163L  3-482-81415,959 Greg BookerKen DayleyKen DayleyGreg BookerTony Brizzolara6536530

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