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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  87-75   .537
Result:   5th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Harvey Kuenn
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  2,397,131
Playoffs:  -

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Don Sutton (38)
Youngest Player:  Dion James (20)
Longest Tenure:  Don Money, Charlie Moore (11)
Top Hitter:  Cecil Cooper (5)
Top Pitcher:  Moose Haas (11)
Top Draft Pick:  Dan Plesac (#26)

Roster Continuity:  86.06%
Top Prospect:   Dion James
American League Standings
NY Yankees9171.5627.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-04-05@ CAL1L  2-3-34,177Don SuttonBruce KisonBruce KisonDon SuttonAndy Hassler23-1
1983-04-06@ CAL2L  3-4-28,162Mike CaldwellTommy JohnTommy JohnMike Caldwell 57-2
1983-04-07@ CAL3W  5-3-30,145Jerry AugustineMike WittJerry AugustineMike Witt 10100
1983-04-09@ KCA4L  2-5-17,078Bob McClureLarry GuraLarry GuraBob McClureDan Quisenberry1215-3
1983-04-10@ KCA5W  9-5-18,047Moose HaasVida BlueTom TellmannMike Armstrong 21201
1983-04-12@ TOR6W  6-5-11,413Don SuttonLuis LealDon SuttonMike MorganJamie Easterly27252
1983-04-13@ TOR7L  2-7-10,809Mike CaldwellJim ClancyJim ClancyMike Caldwell 2932-3
1983-04-14@ TOR8W  5-4-10,127Jerry AugustineJim GottJim SlatonJoey McLaughlin 3436-2
1983-04-15vs KCA9L  3-4-54,049 Bob McClureLarry GuraLarry GuraBob McClureDan Quisenberry3740-3
1983-04-17vs KCA10W  6-3-22,128 Mike CaldwellSteve RenkoMike CaldwellSteve RenkoPete Ladd43430
1983-04-18@ BOS11W  14-0-31,644Don SuttonMike BrownDon SuttonMike Brown 574314
1983-04-20@ BOS12L  4-5-17,302Moose HaasDennis EckersleyMark ClearPete Ladd 614813
1983-04-22@ TEX13L  2-3-14,008Bob McClureDanny DarwinDanny DarwinBob McClure 635112
1983-04-23@ TEX14W  3-0-20,142Mike CaldwellRick HoneycuttMike CaldwellRick Honeycutt 665115
1983-04-24@ TEX15W  3-1-19,133Don SuttonCharlie HoughDon SuttonCharlie HoughPete Ladd695217
1983-04-26vs CHA16W  4-3-19,558 Moose HaasLaMarr HoytJim SlatonKevin Hickey 735518
1983-04-27vs CHA17W  6-2-16,375 Jerry AugustineFloyd BannisterTom TellmannFloyd BannisterBob Gibson795722
1983-04-29@ MIN18L  4-7-18,896Bob McClureBrad HavensBrad HavensBob McClureAlbert Williams836419
1983-04-30@ MIN19L  7-9-23,267Mike CaldwellJack O'ConnorRon DavisPete Ladd 907317
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-05-01@ MIN20W  8-4-24,703Don SuttonFrank ViolaDon SuttonAlbert Williams 987721
1983-05-02@ CHA21W  8-4-12,568Moose HaasLaMarr HoytJim SlatonLaMarr Hoyt 1068125
1983-05-03@ CHA22L  6-7-13,113Chuck PorterRichard DotsonRichard DotsonChuck PorterKevin Hickey1128824
1983-05-04@ CHA23L  2-3-17,097Bob McClureDennis LampDennis LampBob McClureKevin Hickey1149123
1983-05-06vs TEX24L  4-9-18,042 Mike CaldwellCharlie HoughJohn ButcherMike CaldwellOdell Jones11810018
1983-05-08vs TEX25W  6-3-14,763 Don SuttonMike SmithsonJim SlatonOdell Jones 12410321
1983-05-10vs MIN26W  4-1-10,195 Moose HaasBrad HavensMoose HaasBrad HavensTom Tellmann12810424
1983-05-11vs MIN27W  4-1-14,549 Bob McClureAlbert WilliamsBob McClureAlbert Williams 13210527
1983-05-12vs BOS28L  3-5-12,369 Mike CaldwellMike BrownMike BrownMike CaldwellBob Stanley13511025
1983-05-14vs BOS29W  8-7-26,180 Chuck PorterBruce HurstBob GibsonMark Clear 14311726
1983-05-15vs BOS30L  1-6-46,055 Moose HaasBob OjedaBob OjedaMoose HaasLuis Aponte14412321
1983-05-16vs TOR31L  1-2-8,298 Bob McClureDave StiebDave StiebBob McClureRandy Moffitt14512520
1983-05-17vs TOR32W  9-6-9,304 Mike CaldwellJim ClancyMike CaldwellJim ClancyTom Tellmann15413123
1983-05-18vs TOR33W  7-6-16,485 Don SuttonLuis LealJim SlatonDave Geisel 16113724
1983-05-20@ SEA34W  4-3-7,536Moose HaasJim BeattieTom TellmannBryan Clark 16514025
1983-05-21@ SEA35L  4-5-21,280Bob McClureGene NelsonBryan ClarkBob McClure 16914524
1983-05-22@ SEA36W  6-0-37,807Mike CaldwellGaylord PerryMike CaldwellGaylord Perry 17514530
1983-05-23@ OAK37L  4-5-24,029Don SuttonBill KruegerSteve BakerJim Slaton 17915029
1983-05-24@ OAK38L  7-8-12,198Jerry AugustineTim ConroyMatt KeoughJamie EasterlySteve Baker18615828
1983-05-25@ OAK39W  7-6-18,375Moose HaasTom UnderwoodMoose HaasTom UnderwoodTom Tellmann19316429
1983-05-27vs SEA40L  5-7-14,762 Bob McClureGaylord PerryGaylord PerryTom TellmannBill Caudill19817127
1983-05-28vs SEA41L  3-4-28,880 Mike CaldwellBob StoddardEd Vande BergJim Slaton 20117526
1983-05-29vs SEA42L  4-6-25,301 Don SuttonMatt YoungMatt YoungDon SuttonBill Caudill20518124
1983-05-30vs SEA43W  6-3-18,673 Jerry AugustineJim BeattieJerry AugustineJim BeattieTom Tellmann21118427
1983-05-31vs OAK44W  5-2-8,525 Moose HaasTim ConroyMoose HaasTim Conroy 21618630
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-06-01vs OAK45L  5-7-12,513 Bob McClureMike NorrisTom BurgmeierChuck PorterTom Underwood22119328
1983-06-02vs OAK46W  6-1-16,722 Mike CaldwellChris CodiroliMike CaldwellChris Codiroli 22719433
1983-06-03vs CAL47L  0-3-26,612 Don SuttonKen ForschKen ForschDon Sutton 22719730
1983-06-04vs CAL48L  3-8-51,703 Jerry AugustineTommy JohnTommy JohnJerry Augustine 23020525
1983-06-05vs CAL49W  5-4-45,835 Moose HaasBill TraversMoose HaasAndy Hassler 23520926
1983-06-06vs CAL50W  9-7-17,183 Bob McClureDave GoltzBob McClureDave GoltzTom Tellmann24421628
1983-06-07@ BAL51L  4-6-18,476Mike CaldwellDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMike CaldwellTippy Martinez24822226
1983-06-08@ BAL52L  3-7-22,341Don SuttonAllan RamirezTim StoddardTom Tellmann 25122922
1983-06-09@ BAL53L  7-10-23,399Jerry AugustineMike BoddickerMike BoddickerJerry AugustineTippy Martinez25823919
1983-06-10vs NYA54L  1-7-39,025 Moose HaasShane RawleyShane RawleyMoose Haas 25924613
1983-06-11vs NYA55W  6-2-23,926 Bob McClureRon GuidryBob McClureRon GuidryBob Gibson26524817
1983-06-12vs NYA56W  6-5-45,364 Mike CaldwellDave RighettiTom TellmannRudy May 27125318
1983-06-13vs BAL57L  2-3-21,532 Don SuttonAllan RamirezAllan RamirezDon SuttonTippy Martinez27325617
1983-06-15vs BAL58L  8-11-38,368 Rick WaitsStorm DavisTippy MartinezBob Gibson 28126714
1983-06-16vs BAL59W  2-1-22,728 Moose HaasScott McGregorJim SlatonTim Stoddard 28326815
1983-06-17@ NYA60L  2-7-35,288Mike CaldwellDave RighettiDave RighettiMike Caldwell 28527510
1983-06-18@ NYA61L  4-5-31,207Don SuttonJay HowellGeorge FrazierBob Gibson 2892809
1983-06-19@ NYA62L  3-8-40,630Rick WaitsMatt KeoughMatt KeoughRick WaitsGeorge Frazier2922884
1983-06-20@ DET63L  1-4-2,232Chuck PorterDave RozemaDave RozemaChuck PorterAurelio Lopez2932921
1983-06-21@ DET64W  10-3-2,507Moose HaasJuan BerenguerMoose HaasJuan Berenguer 3032958
1983-06-22@ DET65L  2-6-26,221Mike CaldwellJack MorrisJack MorrisMike Caldwell 3053014
1983-06-24vs CLE66W  6-2-46,037 Don SuttonLary SorensenDon SuttonLary Sorensen 3113038
1983-06-25vs CLE67W  7-2-53,852 Bob McClureJuan EichelbergerJim SlatonJuan Eichelberger 31830513
1983-06-26vs CLE68W  4-3-34,456 Mike CaldwellBert BlylevenTom TellmannBert BlylevenPete Ladd32230814
1983-06-28vs DET69L  4-5-22,793 Chuck PorterDan PetryAurelio LopezJim Slaton 32631313
1983-06-29vs DET70W  4-3-18,934 Don SuttonJuan BerenguerPete LaddAurelio Lopez 33031614
1983-06-30vs DET71W  4-1-36,494 Bob McClureJack MorrisBob McClureJack MorrisTom Tellmann33431717
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-07-01@ CLE72W  11-10-14,784Mike CaldwellJuan EichelbergerMike CaldwellJuan EichelbergerJim Slaton34532718
1983-07-02@ CLE73W  6-5-14,467Moose HaasBert BlylevenMoose HaasBert BlylevenPete Ladd35133219
1983-07-03@ CLE74L  2-5-50,008Chuck PorterRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeChuck PorterBud Anderson35333716
1983-07-04@ CLE75W  8-3-5,557Don SuttonLen BarkerDon SuttonLen Barker 36134021
1983-07-08@ CHA76W  4-3-36,415Bob McClureLaMarr HoytBob McClureLaMarr HoytJerry Augustine36534322
1983-07-09@ CHA77L  3-8-27,770Don SuttonJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanDon SuttonDick Tidrow36835117
1983-07-10@ CHA78W  12-9-28,988Mike CaldwellRichard DotsonJim SlatonSalome BarojasPete Ladd38036020
1983-07-11@ TEX79L  4-5-27,343Moose HaasMike SmithsonDave TobikJerry Augustine 38436519
1983-07-12@ TEX80W  9-2-23,171Chuck PorterFrank TananaChuck PorterFrank Tanana 39336726
1983-07-13@ TEX81W  6-2-28,540Bob McClureDanny DarwinBob McClureDanny DarwinJim Slaton39936930
1983-07-14vs MIN82W  5-1-20,316 Don SuttonAlbert WilliamsDon SuttonAlbert Williams 40437034
1983-07-15vs MIN83W  6-3-28,343 Mike CaldwellBobby CastilloMike CaldwellBobby Castillo 41037337
1983-07-16vs MIN84W  5-0-46,519 Moose HaasFrank ViolaMoose HaasFrank Viola 41537342
1983-07-17vs MIN85W  10-6-41,021 Chuck PorterKen SchromChuck PorterKen SchromJim Slaton42537946
1983-07-18vs TEX86W  4-3-0 Bob GibsonDanny DarwinJerry AugustineDanny DarwinPete Ladd42938247
1983-07-18vs TEX87W  5-4-28,076 Bob McClureCharlie HoughTom TellmannCharlie HoughPete Ladd43438648
1983-07-19vs TEX88L  1-3-21,236 Don SuttonRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttDon SuttonJohn Butcher43538946
1983-07-20vs TEX89W  4-3-35,645 Mike CaldwellMike SmithsonTom TellmannMike SmithsonPete Ladd43939247
1983-07-21vs CHA90W  7-6-29,609 Moose HaasBritt BurnsPete LaddJuan AgostoJim Slaton44639848
1983-07-22vs CHA91L  1-2-44,167 Chuck PorterFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterChuck PorterDennis Lamp44740047
1983-07-23vs CHA92W  8-7-52,795 Bob McClureLaMarr HoytBob McClureLaMarr HoytPete Ladd45540748
1983-07-24vs CHA93W  8-7-46,171 Don SuttonJerry KoosmanPete LaddDick Tidrow 46341449
1983-07-25@ MIN94L  3-17-24,527Mike CaldwellFrank ViolaFrank ViolaMike Caldwell 46643135
1983-07-26@ MIN95L  5-6-25,732Moose HaasKen SchromLen WhitehouseTom Tellmann 47143734
1983-07-27@ MIN96W  13-9-34,003Chuck PorterAlbert WilliamsJim SlatonBrad Havens 48444638
1983-07-29@ BOS97W  11-5-33,250Bob McClureDennis EckersleyBob McClureDennis EckersleyTom Tellmann49545144
1983-07-30@ BOS98L  5-10-30,900Don SuttonJohn TudorJohn TudorDon Sutton 50046139
1983-07-31@ BOS99W  7-5-29,800Moose HaasBruce HurstMoose HaasBob StanleyPete Ladd50746641
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-08-01@ BOS100W  6-2-29,620Chuck PorterBob OjedaChuck PorterBob OjedaTom Tellmann51346845
1983-08-02vs KCA101W  5-1-0 Bob GibsonGaylord PerryBob GibsonGaylord Perry 51846949
1983-08-02vs KCA102W  3-2-40,808 Mike CaldwellLarry GuraMike CaldwellLarry Gura 52147150
1983-08-03vs KCA103L  5-8-25,182 Bob McClureKeith CreelKeith CreelBob McClureDan Quisenberry52647947
1983-08-04vs KCA104L  2-6-37,191 Don SuttonBuddy BlackBuddy BlackDon Sutton 52848543
1983-08-05vs TOR105W  7-0-29,559 Moose HaasJim GottMoose HaasJim Gott 53548550
1983-08-06vs TOR106W  3-0-48,464 Chuck PorterDoyle AlexanderChuck PorterDoyle Alexander 53848553
1983-08-07vs TOR107W  9-6-47,300 Mike CaldwellLuis LealMike CaldwellLuis LealPete Ladd54749156
1983-08-08@ KCA108L  4-5-0Bob GibsonLarry GuraLarry GuraJim SlatonDan Quisenberry55149655
1983-08-08@ KCA109W  8-5-42,039Bob McClureSteve RenkoBob McClureSteve RenkoPete Ladd55950158
1983-08-09@ KCA110L  2-8-26,635Don SuttonBuddy BlackBuddy BlackDon Sutton 56150952
1983-08-10@ KCA111W  4-0-25,211Moose HaasPaul SplittorffMoose HaasPaul Splittorff 56550956
1983-08-11@ TOR112W  6-4-27,620Chuck PorterDoyle AlexanderChuck PorterDoyle AlexanderPete Ladd57151358
1983-08-12@ TOR113L  4-5-30,130Mike CaldwellLuis LealJoey McLaughlinJim Slaton 57551857
1983-08-13@ TOR114L  1-3-35,240Bob McClureJim ClancyJim ClancyBob McClureDave Geisel57652155
1983-08-14@ TOR115L  3-4-42,240Bob GibsonDave StiebDave StiebPete LaddJoey McLaughlin57952554
1983-08-15vs BOS116W  2-0-32,000 Moose HaasBruce HurstMoose HaasBruce HurstPete Ladd58152556
1983-08-16vs BOS117W  4-3-40,269 Chuck PorterDoug BirdJim SlatonMark Clear 58552857
1983-08-17vs BOS118W  4-3-0 Mike CaldwellBob OjedaTom TellmannBob Ojeda 58953158
1983-08-17vs BOS119W  5-1-34,038 Tom CandiottiJohn Henry JohnsonTom CandiottiJohn Henry Johnson 59453262
1983-08-19vs OAK120L  1-9-43,898 Don SuttonTim ConroyTim ConroyDon Sutton 59554154
1983-08-20vs OAK121W  3-1-51,722 Bob McClureSteve McCattyTom TellmannSteve McCattyPete Ladd59854256
1983-08-21vs OAK122W  7-1-43,609 Moose HaasChris CodiroliMoose HaasChris CodiroliJim Slaton60554362
1983-08-22vs SEA123W  3-2-22,244 Chuck PorterMatt YoungChuck PorterBob Stoddard 60854563
1983-08-23vs SEA124L  0-5-23,148 Mike CaldwellMike MooreMike MooreMike Caldwell 60855058
1983-08-24vs CAL125W  1-0-35,536 Don SuttonJohn CurtisJim SlatonAndy Hassler 60955059
1983-08-25vs CAL126W  7-0-32,951 Tom CandiottiTommy JohnTom CandiottiTommy John 61655066
1983-08-26@ OAK127L  3-4-20,027Moose HaasChris CodiroliChris CodiroliMoose HaasDave Beard61955465
1983-08-27@ OAK128L  2-5-26,110Chuck PorterGorman HeimuellerGorman HeimuellerChuck Porter 62155962
1983-08-28@ OAK129W  4-2-24,052Mike CaldwellMike WarrenMike CaldwellMike WarrenJerry Augustine62556164
1983-08-29@ SEA130L  1-2-6,120Don SuttonBryan ClarkBryan ClarkDon Sutton 62656363
1983-08-30@ SEA131W  3-2-15,218Tom CandiottiJim BeattieTom CandiottiJim BeattiePete Ladd62956564
1983-08-31@ SEA132L  1-4-6,307Pete VuckovichBob StoddardBob StoddardPete VuckovichMike Stanton63056961
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-09-02@ CAL133L  5-6-25,094Chuck PorterKen ForschRick SteirerRick WaitsAndy Hassler63557560
1983-09-03@ CAL134W  4-3-34,312Mike CaldwellMike WittMike CaldwellMike WittPete Ladd63957861
1983-09-04@ CAL135L  3-5-23,970Don SuttonTommy JohnTommy JohnDon SuttonLuis Sanchez64258359
1983-09-05vs NYA136W  3-1-31,115 Tom CandiottiShane RawleyTom CandiottiShane RawleyPete Ladd64558461
1983-09-06vs NYA137W  6-3-19,540 Pete VuckovichDave RighettiJim SlatonDave RighettiPete Ladd65158764
1983-09-07vs NYA138L  5-11-30,812 Chuck PorterRay FontenotRay FontenotChuck PorterRich Gossage65659858
1983-09-08vs NYA139L  5-6-30,682 Mike CaldwellBob ShirleyBob ShirleyMike CaldwellRich Gossage66160457
1983-09-09vs DET140W  2-1-0 Moose HaasJack MorrisMoose HaasJack MorrisPete Ladd66360558
1983-09-09vs DET141L  1-2-2,137 Don SuttonGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottJim SlatonDave Rozema66460757
1983-09-10vs DET142L  0-4-30,327 Tom CandiottiJuan BerenguerJuan BerenguerTom Candiotti 66461153
1983-09-11vs DET143L  4-6-10,970 Pete VuckovichDan PetryDan PetryPete VuckovichAurelio Lopez66861751
1983-09-12@ NYA144L  0-1-20,382Chuck PorterRay FontenotRay FontenotChuck PorterRich Gossage66861850
1983-09-13@ NYA145L  1-2-18,482Mike CaldwellBob ShirleyRich GossageMike Caldwell 66962049
1983-09-14@ NYA146L  1-4-24,319Don SuttonRon GuidryRon GuidryDon Sutton 67062446
1983-09-16@ BAL147L  1-8-34,899Tom CandiottiMike BoddickerMike BoddickerTom Candiotti 67163239
1983-09-17@ BAL148L  4-5-41,137Bob GibsonMike FlanaganMike FlanaganBob GibsonTippy Martinez67563738
1983-09-18@ BAL149L  9-10-35,804Jaime CocanowerJim PalmerTippy MartinezPete Ladd 68464737
1983-09-19@ BAL150L  7-8-39,462Chuck PorterScott McGregorTim StoddardTom Tellmann 69165536
1983-09-20@ CLE151W  11-7-6,218Mike CaldwellRick SutcliffeJim SlatonBud AndersonPete Ladd70266240
1983-09-21@ CLE152W  10-7-4,135Don SuttonNeal HeatonDon SuttonNeal HeatonPete Ladd71266943
1983-09-22@ CLE153L  5-9-5,456Tom CandiottiLary SorensenLary SorensenTom Candiotti 71767839
1983-09-23vs BAL154L  2-4-38,096 Bob GibsonScott McGregorScott McGregorBob GibsonSammy Stewart71968237
1983-09-24vs BAL155W  5-2-48,659 Jaime CocanowerDennis MartinezJaime CocanowerDennis MartinezPete Ladd72468440
1983-09-25vs BAL156L  1-5-45,181 Chuck PorterStorm DavisStorm DavisChuck PorterTippy Martinez72568936
1983-09-27vs CLE157W  8-4-11,514 Mike CaldwellLary SorensenMike CaldwellLary Sorensen 73369340
1983-09-28vs CLE158W  6-4-11,976 Don SuttonRick BehennaJim SlatonJamie Easterly 73969742
1983-09-29vs CLE159L  2-4-15,331 Tom CandiottiRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeTom Candiotti 74170140
1983-09-30@ DET160W  6-2-19,614Bob GibsonJuan BerenguerBob GibsonJuan BerenguerPete Ladd74770344
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1983-10-01@ DET161W  10-1-14,788Jaime CocanowerJack MorrisJaime CocanowerJack Morris 75770453
1983-10-02@ DET162W  7-4-18,815Chuck PorterDan PetryChuck PorterDan PetryPete Ladd76470856

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