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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Boston,MA
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   3rd in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Ralph Houk
General Manager:   Haywood Sullivan
Stadium:  Fenway Park
Attendance:  1,950,124
Playoffs:  -

Boston Red Sox affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Carl Yastrzemski (42)
Youngest Player:  Oil Can Boyd (22)
Longest Tenure:  Carl Yastrzemski (22)
Top Hitter:  Dwight Evans (2)
Top Pitcher:  Dennis Eckersley (7)
Top Draft Pick:  Sam Horn (#16)

Roster Continuity:  88.56%
American League Standings
NY Yankees7983.48816.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-04-10@ BAL1W  2-01-120Dennis EckersleyScott McGregorDennis EckersleyScott McGregor 202
1982-04-10@ BAL2L  3-51-1221,268Bob OjedaDennis MartinezDennis MartinezBob OjedaSammy Stewart550
1982-04-11@ BAL3W  6-02-1111,235John TudorMike FlanaganJohn TudorMike Flanagan 1156
1982-04-12vs CHA4L  2-32-2332,555 Mike TorrezRichard DotsonRichard DotsonMike TorrezSalome Barojas1385
1982-04-14vs CHA5L  4-52-349,780 Chuck RaineySteve TroutSteve TroutBob StanleySalome Barojas17134
1982-04-15vs CHA6L  4-82-478,743 Bob OjedaDennis LampDennis LampBob OjedaJerry Koosman21210
1982-04-16vs TOR7L  0-22-577,542 Dennis EckersleyLuis LealLuis LealDennis EckersleyRoy Lee Jackson2123-2
1982-04-17vs TOR8W  5-43-5518,617 John TudorMark BombackJohn TudorMark BombackMark Clear2627-1
1982-04-18vs TOR9W  4-34-5318,017 Mike TorrezJim ClancyLuis AponteRoy Lee Jackson 30300
1982-04-19vs TOR10L  4-54-6427,265 Chuck RaineyDave StiebDale MurrayMark Clear 3435-1
1982-04-20vs BAL11W  8-35-6315,253 Bob OjedaMike FlanaganBob OjedaMike FlanaganLuis Aponte42384
1982-04-21vs BAL12W  6-56-6215,725 Dennis EckersleyDennis MartinezDennis EckersleyDennis MartinezMark Clear48435
1982-04-23@ TOR13W  5-47-6210,428John TudorJim ClancyJohn TudorJim ClancyMark Clear53476
1982-04-24@ TOR14W  8-78-6213,135Mike TorrezDave StiebMike TorrezDave StiebLuis Aponte61547
1982-04-25@ TOR15W  5-49-6221,043Bob OjedaLuis LealMark ClearJoey McLaughlin 66588
1982-04-26@ CHA16W  3-211-610Bruce HurstRichard DotsonLuis AponteRichard Dotson 69609
1982-04-26@ CHA17W  5-011-615,798Chuck RaineyChico EscarregaChuck RaineyChico Escarrega 746014
1982-04-27vs KCA18W  7-512-6112,998 Dennis EckersleyDave FrostBob StanleyDave Frost 816516
1982-04-28vs KCA19L  5-812-7112,368 John TudorDennis LeonardDennis LeonardJohn Tudor 867313
1982-04-30vs TEX20W  7-113-7119,370 Mike TorrezCharlie HoughMike TorrezCharlie Hough 937419
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-05-01vs TEX21W  6-514-7132,764 Bob OjedaRick HoneycuttMark ClearSteve Comer 997920
1982-05-02vs TEX22W  6-015-7121,011 Dennis EckersleyDoc MedichDennis EckersleyDoc Medich 1057926
1982-05-03vs MIN23W  6-216-7112,065 Chuck RaineyTerry FeltonChuck RaineyTerry FeltonBob Stanley1118130
1982-05-04vs MIN24W  5-317-7113,726 Bruce HurstPete RedfernBruce HurstPete RedfernLuis Aponte1168432
1982-05-05vs MIN25L  2-317-8114,685 Mike TorrezRoger EricksonRoger EricksonMike TorrezDoug Corbett1188731
1982-05-06@ TEX26W  5-218-818,737Bob OjedaRick HoneycuttBob StanleyRick Honeycutt 1238934
1982-05-07@ TEX27L  0-118-9114,338Dennis EckersleyDoc MedichDoc MedichDennis EckersleyDanny Darwin1239033
1982-05-08@ TEX28W  2-119-9118,950Chuck RaineyJon MatlackChuck RaineyJon MatlackMark Clear1259134
1982-05-09@ TEX29W  1-020-9112,789John TudorFrank TananaBob StanleyFrank TananaMark Clear1269135
1982-05-10@ MIN30W  9-521-917,790Mike TorrezRoger EricksonTom BurgmeierRoger Erickson 1359639
1982-05-11@ MIN31L  6-1021-1018,321Bob OjedaBrad HavensBobby CastilloBob Ojeda 14110635
1982-05-12@ MIN32W  4-122-10111,264Dennis EckersleyAlbert WilliamsDennis EckersleyRon DavisMark Clear14510738
1982-05-13@ KCA33L  2-1122-11117,459Chuck RaineyDave FrostDave FrostChuck Rainey 14711829
1982-05-15@ KCA34W  10-523-11137,506Mike TorrezVida BlueMike TorrezVida BlueMark Clear15712334
1982-05-16@ KCA35L  0-523-12134,395Bob OjedaDennis LeonardDennis LeonardBob Ojeda 15712829
1982-05-18vs SEA36L  0-323-13216,436 Dennis EckersleyFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterDennis Eckersley 15713126
1982-05-19vs SEA37W  6-524-13212,927 Chuck RaineyLarry AndersenMark ClearBill Caudill 16313627
1982-05-20vs SEA38W  11-225-13214,587 John TudorMike MooreJohn TudorMike Moore 17413836
1982-05-21vs OAK39W  8-726-13129,671 Mike TorrezRick LangfordTom BurgmeierRick LangfordMark Clear18214537
1982-05-22vs OAK40W  7-427-13136,654 Bob OjedaBo McLaughlinBob StanleyBo McLaughlin 18914940
1982-05-23vs OAK41W  6-028-13124,421 Dennis EckersleyMike NorrisDennis EckersleyMike Norris 19514946
1982-05-25vs CAL42L  2-1028-14128,238 John TudorBruce KisonBruce KisonJohn Tudor 19715938
1982-05-27@ SEA43L  6-1028-1516,186Mike TorrezGene NelsonGene NelsonMike Torrez 20316934
1982-05-28@ SEA44W  3-229-15110,634Dennis EckersleyFloyd BannisterDennis EckersleyFloyd BannisterMark Clear20617135
1982-05-29@ SEA45L  2-429-16125,756Bruce HurstMike MooreMike MooreBruce HurstBill Caudill20817533
1982-05-30@ SEA46L  1-229-1719,857John TudorJim BeattieJim BeattieJohn Tudor 20917732
1982-05-31@ OAK47W  5-230-17137,143Bob OjedaBo McLaughlinBob OjedaBo McLaughlinBob Stanley21417935
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-06-01@ OAK48L  2-330-18213,052Chuck RaineyRick LangfordRick LangfordChuck RaineyTom Underwood21618234
1982-06-02@ OAK49L  0-530-19215,205Dennis EckersleyMike NorrisMike NorrisDennis Eckersley 21618729
1982-06-04@ CAL50W  11-431-19233,160Bruce HurstSteve RenkoMark ClearDoug Corbett 22719136
1982-06-05@ CAL51W  7-232-19237,885John TudorBruce KisonJohn TudorBruce Kison 23419341
1982-06-06@ CAL52W  5-133-19234,941Bob OjedaKen ForschBob OjedaKen ForschMark Clear23919445
1982-06-08vs NYA53W  4-334-19231,413 Dennis EckersleyRon GuidryMark ClearGeorge Frazier 24319746
1982-06-09vs NYA54W  3-235-19232,792 Bruce HurstTommy JohnBruce HurstTommy JohnBob Stanley24619947
1982-06-10vs NYA55L  3-535-20233,462 John TudorDave RighettiDave RighettiJohn TudorRich Gossage24920445
1982-06-11vs CLE56W  6-236-20230,846 Bob OjedaLary SorensenTom BurgmeierLary Sorensen 25520649
1982-06-12vs CLE57W  6-437-20230,531 Mike TorrezJohn DennyBob StanleyJohn Denny 26121051
1982-06-14@ NYA58L  1-537-21135,159Dennis EckersleyRon GuidryRon GuidryDennis Eckersley 26221547
1982-06-15@ NYA59L  4-537-22135,559Bruce HurstTommy JohnRich GossageMark Clear 26622046
1982-06-16@ NYA60L  1-437-23230,267John TudorDave RighettiDave RighettiJohn Tudor 26722443
1982-06-17@ CLE61W  6-338-23112,824Mike TorrezLary SorensenMike TorrezLary SorensenMark Clear27322746
1982-06-18@ CLE62L  3-1038-24116,618Dennis EckersleyJohn DennyJohn DennyDennis Eckersley 27623739
1982-06-19@ CLE63W  7-339-24118,744Chuck RaineyRick SutcliffeChuck RaineyRick SutcliffeBob Stanley28324043
1982-06-20@ CLE64L  4-539-25126,571Bruce HurstLen BarkerDan SpillnerLuis Aponte 28724542
1982-06-21vs DET65W  5-140-25124,234 John TudorDan PetryJohn TudorDan PetryBob Stanley29224646
1982-06-22vs DET66W  5-441-25128,215 Mike TorrezMilt WilcoxMark ClearDave Tobik 29725047
1982-06-23vs DET67W  10-442-25130,547 Dennis EckersleyJack MorrisDennis EckersleyJack Morris 30725453
1982-06-25vs MIL68L  3-942-26132,656 Bruce HurstRandy LerchJim SlatonBruce Hurst 31026347
1982-06-26vs MIL69L  10-1142-27133,393 John TudorMoose HaasRollie FingersMark Clear 32027446
1982-06-27vs MIL70L  5-742-28132,744 Mike TorrezBob McClureBob McClureMike TorrezDwight Bernard32528144
1982-06-28vs MIL71W  9-743-28125,773 Chuck RaineyPete VuckovichBob StanleyPete Vuckovich 33428846
1982-06-29@ DET72W  4-244-28132,697Dennis EckersleyJerry UjdurDennis EckersleyJerry Ujdur 33829048
1982-06-30@ DET73L  3-1244-29124,691Bruce HurstDan PetryDan PetryBruce Hurst 34130239
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-07-01@ DET74L  4-544-30127,243John TudorMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxBob Stanley 34530738
1982-07-02@ MIL75L  5-1444-31128,957Mike TorrezBob McClureBob McClureMike Torrez 35032129
1982-07-03@ MIL76L  0-744-32155,716Chuck RaineyPete VuckovichPete VuckovichChuck Rainey 35032822
1982-07-04@ MIL77W  4-145-32135,947Dennis EckersleyMike CaldwellDennis EckersleyMike Caldwell 35432925
1982-07-05@ KCA78W  4-346-3310Bruce HurstPaul SplittorffBob StanleyMike Armstrong 35833226
1982-07-05@ KCA79L  3-446-33141,024Bob OjedaDon HoodDon HoodBob OjedaDan Quisenberry36133625
1982-07-06@ KCA80L  2-646-34122,380John TudorVida BlueVida BlueJohn TudorBill Castro36334221
1982-07-07@ TEX81W  8-547-34112,653Mike TorrezCharlie HoughMike TorrezCharlie Hough 37134724
1982-07-08@ TEX82W  3-048-34114,066Chuck RaineyRick HoneycuttChuck RaineyRick Honeycutt 37434727
1982-07-09vs MIN83L  1-448-35127,270 Dennis EckersleyFrank ViolaFrank ViolaDennis Eckersley 37535124
1982-07-10vs MIN84W  5-449-35126,022 Bruce HurstBobby CastilloBruce HurstBobby CastilloBob Stanley38035525
1982-07-11vs MIN85L  3-749-36126,910 John TudorBrad HavensBrad HavensMark ClearRon Davis38336221
1982-07-15vs KCA86W  5-350-36129,186 Mike TorrezLarry GuraTom BurgmeierLarry Gura 38836523
1982-07-16vs KCA87W  7-351-36130,811 Dennis EckersleyVida BlueDennis EckersleyVida BlueBob Stanley39536827
1982-07-17vs KCA88W  8-452-36130,962 Bruce HurstPaul SplittorffMark ClearDan QuisenberryTom Burgmeier40337231
1982-07-18vs KCA89L  0-952-37228,072 John TudorDerek BotelhoDerek BotelhoJohn Tudor 40338122
1982-07-19vs TEX90W  9-553-37119,218 Chuck RaineyDoc MedichMark ClearDanny Darwin 41238626
1982-07-21vs TEX91L  3-654-3810 Dennis EckersleyCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDennis EckersleyDave J. Schmidt41539223
1982-07-21vs TEX92W  6-154-38130,225 Mike TorrezRick HoneycuttMike TorrezRick Honeycutt 42139328
1982-07-23@ MIN93L  4-854-39111,452Bruce HurstBobby CastilloBobby CastilloBruce HurstRon Davis42540124
1982-07-24@ MIN94L  3-554-40215,194Chuck RaineyBrad HavensBrad HavensBob StanleyRon Davis42840622
1982-07-25@ MIN95W  5-055-40110,961Mike TorrezAlbert WilliamsMike TorrezAlbert Williams 43340627
1982-07-26vs TOR96W  3-256-40122,261 Dennis EckersleyJim GottDennis EckersleyJim Gott 43640828
1982-07-27vs TOR97L  1-356-41127,077 John TudorLuis LealLuis LealJohn Tudor 43741126
1982-07-28vs TOR98W  9-757-41118,627 Bruce HurstDave StiebBob OjedaRoy Lee JacksonBob Stanley44641828
1982-07-29@ CHA99W  7-358-41121,137Chuck RaineyDennis LampChuck RaineyDennis LampMark Clear45342132
1982-07-30@ CHA100L  6-958-42130,063Mike TorrezLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytMike TorrezSalome Barojas45943029
1982-07-31@ CHA101L  5-758-43131,886Dennis EckersleyBritt BurnsBritt BurnsDennis EckersleySalome Barojas46443727
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-08-01@ CHA102L  2-458-44226,047Bruce HurstJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanBruce HurstDennis Lamp46644125
1982-08-02@ BAL103W  5-259-44125,010John TudorScott McGregorJohn TudorScott McGregorBob Stanley47144328
1982-08-03@ BAL104L  2-760-4510Chuck RaineyDennis MartinezDennis MartinezChuck Rainey 47345023
1982-08-03@ BAL105W  7-660-45141,076Mike TorrezSammy StewartMark ClearRoss Grimsley 48045624
1982-08-04@ BAL106L  2-460-46225,625Dennis EckersleyMike FlanaganMike FlanaganBob StanleyTim Stoddard48246022
1982-08-06vs CHA107L  3-660-47233,010 Bruce HurstJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanBruce HurstDennis Lamp48546619
1982-08-07vs CHA108L  3-760-48233,595 John TudorRichard DotsonRichard DotsonJohn TudorKevin Hickey48847315
1982-08-08vs CHA109W  12-661-48227,312 Chuck RaineySteve TroutTom BurgmeierSteve Trout 50047921
1982-08-09@ TOR110L  2-461-49220,105Dennis EckersleyLuis LealKen SchromDennis EckersleyJoey McLaughlin50248319
1982-08-10@ TOR111L  0-461-50221,324Mike TorrezDave StiebDave StiebMike Torrez 50248715
1982-08-11@ TOR112L  3-461-51222,012Bruce HurstJim ClancyRoy Lee JacksonBob Stanley 50549114
1982-08-13vs BAL113W  5-262-51232,935 John TudorMike FlanaganJohn TudorMike Flanagan 51049317
1982-08-14vs BAL114L  2-562-52231,343 Dennis EckersleyJim PalmerTippy MartinezMark Clear 51249814
1982-08-15vs BAL115W  8-063-52230,675 Mike TorrezScott McGregorBob StanleyScott McGregor 52049822
1982-08-16vs BAL116W  9-464-52234,746 Chuck RaineyDennis MartinezTom BurgmeierStorm Davis 52950227
1982-08-17@ CAL117L  2-1064-53238,051Bob OjedaLuis TiantLuis TiantBob Ojeda 53151219
1982-08-18@ CAL118W  4-165-53238,432John TudorMike WittJohn TudorMike WittBob Stanley53551322
1982-08-19@ CAL119L  5-865-54238,693Dennis EckersleySteve RenkoBruce KisonMark Clear 54052119
1982-08-20@ OAK120L  3-465-55220,000Mike TorrezBrian KingmanDave BeardMark Clear 54352518
1982-08-21@ OAK121L  5-1265-56236,162Chuck RaineySteve McCattyBob OwchinkoBob Stanley 54853711
1982-08-22@ OAK122W  4-266-56231,398Brian DenmanRick LangfordBrian DenmanRick LangfordTom Burgmeier55253913
1982-08-23@ SEA123W  4-367-56211,748John TudorGaylord PerryMark ClearBill Caudill 55654214
1982-08-24@ SEA124W  5-468-56227,087Bruce HurstBob StoddardTom BurgmeierBill Caudill 56154615
1982-08-26vs CAL125L  1-1069-57219,902 Mike TorrezKen ForschKen ForschMike Torrez 5625566
1982-08-26vs CAL126W  4-369-57231,406 Chuck RaineyGeoff ZahnBob StanleyGeoff Zahn 5665597
1982-08-27vs CAL127L  6-769-58332,755 Brian DenmanRick SteirerRick SteirerBrian DenmanDoug Corbett5725666
1982-08-28vs CAL128W  7-670-58334,772 John TudorMike WittMark ClearBruce Kison 5795727
1982-08-29vs CAL129W  9-371-58332,356 Dennis EckersleySteve RenkoDennis EckersleySteve RenkoBob Stanley58857513
1982-08-30vs OAK130W  9-772-58324,128 Mike TorrezMatt KeoughMark ClearTom Underwood 59758215
1982-08-31vs OAK131W  4-073-58323,550 Chuck RaineyPreston HannaChuck RaineyPreston Hanna 60158219
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-09-01vs OAK132W  7-474-58318,489 Brian DenmanSteve McCattyBrian DenmanBob OwchinkoMark Clear60858622
1982-09-03vs SEA133W  10-875-58322,586 John TudorFloyd BannisterJohn TudorFloyd BannisterBob Stanley61859424
1982-09-04vs SEA134L  3-475-59321,744 Dennis EckersleyGaylord PerryGaylord PerryBruce HurstBill Caudill62159823
1982-09-05vs SEA135W  6-576-59322,717 Chuck RaineyBob StoddardMark ClearBill Caudill 62760324
1982-09-06@ CLE136W  10-377-59337,699Mike TorrezLary SorensenMike TorrezLary SorensenBob Stanley63760631
1982-09-07@ CLE137L  4-577-6034,219Brian DenmanRick SutcliffeDan SpillnerMark Clear 64161130
1982-09-08@ CLE138L  0-277-6134,907John TudorEd WhitsonEd WhitsonJohn Tudor 64161328
1982-09-10vs DET139L  4-677-62327,199 Dennis EckersleyJack MorrisJack MorrisDennis EckersleyAurelio Lopez64561926
1982-09-11vs DET140W  13-378-62325,451 Mike TorrezMilt WilcoxMike TorrezMilt Wilcox 65862236
1982-09-12vs DET141W  10-779-62325,154 Brian DenmanDave TobikBob StanleyDave Tobik 66862939
1982-09-13vs CLE142L  1-379-6430 Oil Can BoydEd WhitsonEd WhitsonOil Can BoydDan Spillner66963237
1982-09-13vs CLE143L  3-479-64319,717 Chuck RaineyBud AndersonTom BrennanLuis Aponte 67263636
1982-09-14vs CLE144W  12-180-64315,765 John TudorNeal HeatonJohn TudorNeal Heaton 68463747
1982-09-15vs CLE145L  4-780-65315,264 Dennis EckersleyLen BarkerLen BarkerDennis EckersleyDan Spillner68864444
1982-09-16@ DET146L  2-480-6638,253Mike TorrezMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxMike Torrez 69064842
1982-09-17@ DET147L  1-580-67317,451Brian DenmanDan PetryDan PetryBrian DenmanAurelio Lopez69165338
1982-09-18@ DET148W  6-281-67318,425Chuck RaineyJerry UjdurBob StanleyJerry Ujdur 69765542
1982-09-19@ DET149W  6-482-67316,209John TudorDave RuckerJohn TudorDave RuckerMark Clear70365944
1982-09-20@ MIL150L  3-482-68313,641Dennis EckersleyPete VuckovichPete VuckovichBob Stanley 70666343
1982-09-21@ MIL151W  4-383-68319,864Mike TorrezDoc MedichMark ClearDoc Medich 71066644
1982-09-22@ MIL152L  1-383-69324,150Brian DenmanMike CaldwellMike CaldwellBrian Denman 71166942
1982-09-24vs NYA153W  4-284-69332,077 John TudorJay HowellJohn TudorJay Howell 71567144
1982-09-25vs NYA154L  2-684-70333,559 Dennis EckersleyShane RawleyShane RawleyDennis Eckersley 71767740
1982-09-26vs NYA155W  5-285-70332,793 Mike TorrezRon GuidryBob StanleyRon Guidry 72267943
1982-09-27vs NYA156L  3-1085-71321,359 Brian DenmanDave RighettiDave RighettiBrian Denman 72568936
1982-09-28vs MIL157L  3-985-72319,356 Chuck RaineyDoc MedichDoc MedichChuck RaineyMoose Haas72869830
1982-09-29vs MIL158L  3-685-73318,390 John TudorDon SuttonBob McClureMark Clear 73170427
1982-09-30vs MIL159W  9-486-73321,268 Dennis EckersleyJim SlatonDennis EckersleyJim SlatonBob Stanley74070832
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttBOS PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-10-01@ NYA160W  3-287-73326,142Mike TorrezRon GuidrySteve CrawfordMike Morgan 74371033
1982-10-02@ NYA161W  5-088-73336,917Brian DenmanDave RighettiBrian DenmanDave Righetti 74871038
1982-10-03@ NYA162W  5-389-73331,465Bruce HurstDoyle AlexanderMike BrownRudy May 75371340

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