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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Atlanta,GA
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   1st in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Joe Torre
General Manager:   John Mullen
Stadium:  Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium
Attendance:  1,801,985
Playoffs:  Lost NLCS (Cardinals)

Atlanta Braves affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Phil Niekro (43)
Youngest Player:  Matt Sinatro (22)
Longest Tenure:  Phil Niekro (17)
Top Hitter:  Dale Murphy (4)
Top Pitcher:  Phil Niekro (14)
Top Draft Pick:  Duane Ward (#9)

Roster Continuity:  81.24%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers8874.5431.0
SF Giants8775.5372.0
San Diego8181.5008.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-04-06@ SDN1W  1-01-0130,188Rick MahlerJuan EichelbergerRick MahlerJuan Eichelberger 101
1982-04-07@ SDN2W  6-42-0116,684Bob WalkJohn MontefuscoBob WalkJohn MontefuscoGene Garber743
1982-04-09vs HOU3W  6-23-0133,133 Tommy BoggsDon SuttonTommy BoggsDon SuttonAl Hrabosky1367
1982-04-10vs HOU4W  8-64-0110,885 Steve BedrosianVern RuhleLarry McWilliamsVern RuhleRick Camp21129
1982-04-11vs HOU5W  5-05-0111,322 Rick MahlerNolan RyanRick MahlerNolan Ryan 261214
1982-04-12@ CIN6W  6-16-0111,451Bob WalkBruce BerenyiBob WalkBruce Berenyi 321319
1982-04-13@ CIN7W  8-57-0111,846Joe CowleyBob ShirleyGene GarberJim Kern 401822
1982-04-14@ CIN8W  5-28-0114,217Tommy BoggsFrank PastoreRick CampJim Kern 452025
1982-04-16@ HOU9W  5-39-0126,513Rick MahlerNolan RyanLarry McWilliamsNolan RyanRick Camp502327
1982-04-17@ HOU10W  2-110-0133,688Bob WalkJoe NiekroPreston HannaJoe NiekroGene Garber522428
1982-04-18@ HOU11W  6-511-0129,166Joe CowleyBob KnepperAl HraboskyDave SmithRick Camp582929
1982-04-20vs CIN12W  4-212-0137,268 Tommy BoggsFrank PastoreSteve BedrosianFrank PastoreGene Garber623131
1982-04-21vs CIN13W  4-313-0122,153 Rick MahlerMario SotoRick CampBob Shirley 663432
1982-04-22vs CIN14L  1-213-1120,701 Bob WalkBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiBob WalkTom Hume673631
1982-04-23vs SDN15L  3-613-2137,105 Phil NiekroTim LollarFloyd ChifferRick Camp 704228
1982-04-24vs SDN16L  4-613-3128,447 Joe CowleyJuan EichelbergerEric ShowGene GarberLuis DeLeon744826
1982-04-26vs PIT17L  4-613-419,557 Rick MahlerJohn CandelariaKent TekulveLarry McWilliams 785424
1982-04-27vs PIT18L  4-1013-526,763 Bob WalkTom GriffinTom GriffinBob Walk 826418
1982-04-28vs PIT19W  7-614-516,318 Phil NiekroEddie SolomonRick CampRod Scurry 897019
1982-04-29vs CHN20W  3-015-518,802 Joe CowleyFergie JenkinsGene GarberFergie JenkinsRick Camp927022
1982-04-30vs CHN21W  1-016-5119,757 Steve BedrosianDoug BirdSteve BedrosianDoug BirdGene Garber937023
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-05-01vs CHN22L  1-516-6127,094 Rick MahlerRandy MartzRandy MartzRick Mahler 947519
1982-05-02vs CHN23W  10-317-6119,494 Bob WalkDan LarsonBob WalkDan Larson 1047826
1982-05-03@ PIT24W  10-418-614,636Phil NiekroEddie SolomonPhil NiekroEddie SolomonGene Garber1148232
1982-05-04@ PIT25L  4-818-714,836Joe CowleyDon RobinsonDon RobinsonJoe Cowley 1189028
1982-05-05@ PIT26L  2-418-816,595Rick MahlerRick RhodenRick RhodenRick MahlerKent Tekulve1209426
1982-05-07@ SLN27W  6-319-8130,276Bob WalkSteve MuraGene GarberJohn Martin 1269729
1982-05-08@ SLN28L  7-819-9149,062Phil NiekroBob ForschBruce SutterRick Camp 13310528
1982-05-09@ SLN29W  3-020-9125,115Joe CowleyJoaquin AndujarPreston HannaJoaquin AndujarGene Garber13610531
1982-05-11@ CHN30L  4-620-10111,876Rick MahlerDoug BirdDoug BirdRick MahlerGuillermo Hernandez14011129
1982-05-12@ CHN31W  6-321-10111,392Bob WalkRandy MartzBob WalkRandy MartzGene Garber14611432
1982-05-13vs SLN32L  9-1021-11116,244 Ken DayleyBob ForschAndy RinconKen DayleyBruce Sutter15512431
1982-05-14vs SLN33W  2-122-11128,396 Phil NiekroJoaquin AndujarGene GarberDoug Bair 15712532
1982-05-15vs SLN34L  6-722-12148,433 Larry McWilliamsJohn MartinBruce SutterGene GarberBob Forsch16313231
1982-05-16vs SLN35W  5-223-12120,478 Rick MahlerSteve MuraRick MahlerSteve Mura 16813434
1982-05-17@ MON36L  0-423-13120,107Bob WalkSteve RogersSteve RogersBob Walk 16813830
1982-05-18@ MON37W  6-424-13119,485Phil NiekroBill GullicksonPhil NiekroBill GullicksonGene Garber17414232
1982-05-19@ MON38W  9-125-13111,634Ken DayleyRay BurrisKen DayleyRay Burris 18314340
1982-05-21vs PHI39W  7-626-13128,050 Rick MahlerLarry ChristensonSteve BedrosianSparky Lyle 19014941
1982-05-22vs PHI40L  2-526-14125,925 Larry McWilliamsMike KrukowMike KrukowLarry McWilliamsEd Farmer19215438
1982-05-23vs PHI41L  1-226-15127,965 Phil NiekroDick RuthvenDick RuthvenPhil NiekroEd Farmer19315637
1982-05-24vs NYN42L  3-526-16110,388 Ken DayleyPat ZachryPat ZachryKen DayleyNeil Allen19616135
1982-05-25vs NYN43W  10-227-1619,581 Rick MahlerMike ScottRick MahlerMike Scott 20616343
1982-05-26vs NYN44L  4-627-17112,460 Preston HannaPete FalconeCraig SwanRick CampNeil Allen21016941
1982-05-29@ PHI45L  0-127-18126,790Phil NiekroDick RuthvenDick RuthvenPhil Niekro 21017040
1982-05-30@ PHI46L  2-627-19135,662Rick MahlerSteve CarltonSteve CarltonRick Mahler 21217636
1982-05-31@ NYN47L  4-1027-20121,954Bob WalkCharlie PuleoCharlie PuleoBob Walk 21618630
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-06-01@ NYN48W  7-328-2019,367Ken DayleyRandy JonesKen DayleyRandy Jones 22318934
1982-06-02@ NYN49W  3-129-20118,652Phil NiekroPete FalconePhil NiekroPete FalconeSteve Bedrosian22619036
1982-06-05vs MON50W  2-130-20129,391 Rick MahlerBill GullicksonRick MahlerBill GullicksonSteve Bedrosian22819137
1982-06-06vs MON51L  3-630-21118,898 Bob WalkCharlie LeaJeff ReardonLarry McWilliams 23119734
1982-06-07@ LAN52W  4-331-21144,714Phil NiekroBob WelchPhil NiekroBob WelchSteve Bedrosian23520035
1982-06-08@ LAN53W  4-332-21133,153Ken DayleyBurt HootonPreston HannaBurt HootonGene Garber23920336
1982-06-09@ LAN54W  11-533-21139,325Rick MahlerDave StewartRick MahlerDave Stewart 25020842
1982-06-11@ SFN55W  5-334-21121,487Bob WalkMike ChrisBob WalkMike ChrisGene Garber25521144
1982-06-12@ SFN56W  10-535-21110,569Phil NiekroRich GalePhil NiekroRich GaleAl Hrabosky26521649
1982-06-13@ SFN57L  1-236-2210Ken DayleyRenie MartinRenie MartinKen DayleyGreg Minton26621848
1982-06-13@ SFN58W  5-136-22127,521Rick CampAtlee HammakerRick CampAtlee HammakerGene Garber27121952
1982-06-14@ HOU59L  0-936-23117,353Rick MahlerJoe NiekroJoe NiekroRick Mahler 27122843
1982-06-15@ HOU60W  7-037-23117,837Bob WalkBob KnepperBob WalkBob Knepper 27822850
1982-06-16@ HOU61W  5-438-23118,673Phil NiekroDon SuttonGene GarberGeorge Cappuzzello 28323251
1982-06-18vs SFN62W  8-339-23129,247 Ken DayleyRenie MartinKen DayleyRenie MartinRick Camp29123556
1982-06-19vs SFN63L  4-939-24130,497 Rick MahlerAtlee HammakerGary LavelleGene Garber 29524451
1982-06-20vs SFN64L  3-539-25118,556 Bob WalkBill LaskeyBill LaskeyBob WalkGreg Minton29824949
1982-06-21vs SFN65W  7-640-25110,485 Phil NiekroAlan FowlkesRick CampGreg Minton 30525550
1982-06-22vs LAN66L  1-440-26127,137 Steve BedrosianVicente RomoDave StewartSteve BedrosianSteve Howe30625947
1982-06-23vs LAN67W  7-241-26133,212 Rick MahlerFernando ValenzuelaRick MahlerFernando Valenzuela 31326152
1982-06-24vs LAN68L  3-541-27131,303 Bob WalkJerry ReussJerry ReussBob WalkSteve Howe31626650
1982-06-25@ CIN69W  5-242-27120,263Phil NiekroBruce BerenyiPhil NiekroBruce BerenyiGene Garber32126853
1982-06-26@ CIN70L  1-242-28126,561Ken DayleyTom SeaverTom SeaverKen DayleyTom Hume32227052
1982-06-27@ CIN71W  2-043-28131,000Rick CampMario SotoGene GarberTom HumeAl Hrabosky32427054
1982-06-28vs HOU72L  2-643-29112,837 Rick MahlerNolan RyanNolan RyanRick Mahler 32627650
1982-06-29vs HOU73W  6-544-29110,483 Bob WalkJoe NiekroSteve BedrosianMike LaCoss 33228151
1982-06-30vs HOU74W  5-445-29110,308 Phil NiekroBob KnepperCarlos DiazBob Knepper 33728552
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-07-02vs CIN75W  6-446-29132,709 Rick CampTom SeaverKen DayleyTom SeaverGene Garber34328954
1982-07-03vs CIN76W  4-247-29138,103 Rick MahlerMario SotoRick MahlerMario SotoGene Garber34729156
1982-07-04vs CIN77W  4-148-29148,905 Bob WalkBob ShirleyBob WalkBob ShirleySteve Bedrosian35129259
1982-07-05vs CHN78W  7-549-29119,169 Phil NiekroLee SmithAl HraboskyLee SmithGene Garber35829761
1982-07-06vs CHN79L  2-749-30115,108 Ken DayleyDoug BirdDoug BirdKen DayleyGuillermo Hernandez36030456
1982-07-07vs SLN80W  3-250-30120,054 Rick CampJoaquin AndujarRick CampJoaquin AndujarGene Garber36330657
1982-07-08vs SLN81L  2-550-31123,610 Rick MahlerJohn StuperJohn StuperRick MahlerDoug Bair36531154
1982-07-09vs PIT82W  6-451-31128,601 Bob WalkRick RhodenCarlos DiazRick RhodenSteve Bedrosian37131556
1982-07-10vs PIT83L  1-651-32139,444 Phil NiekroDon RobinsonDon RobinsonPhil Niekro 37232151
1982-07-11vs PIT84L  1-351-33119,130 Ken DayleyLarry McWilliamsLarry McWilliamsKen DayleyKent Tekulve37332449
1982-07-15@ CHN85W  11-452-33119,336Phil NiekroFergie JenkinsPhil NiekroFergie Jenkins 38432856
1982-07-16@ CHN86L  3-452-34115,624Rick MahlerAllen RipleyBill CampbellGene Garber 38733255
1982-07-17@ CHN87W  9-453-34123,302Bob WalkDickie NolesBob WalkDickie Noles 39633660
1982-07-18@ CHN88W  4-254-34115,816Rick CampDoug BirdRick CampDoug Bird 40033862
1982-07-19@ SLN89W  4-155-34123,000Phil NiekroJoaquin AndujarPhil NiekroJoaquin AndujarGene Garber40433965
1982-07-20@ SLN90W  8-656-34120,894Rick MahlerJohn StuperJoe CowleyJeff LahtiSteve Bedrosian41234567
1982-07-21@ SLN91L  0-856-35119,899Bob WalkSteve MuraSteve MuraBob Walk 41235359
1982-07-23@ PIT92L  0-656-36122,722Rick CampRick RhodenRick RhodenRick Camp 41235953
1982-07-24@ PIT93W  4-357-36126,790Phil NiekroDon RobinsonPhil NiekroDon RobinsonGene Garber41636254
1982-07-25@ PIT94L  0-857-37122,565Rick MahlerJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaRick Mahler 41637046
1982-07-27vs SDN95W  9-259-3710 Bob WalkTim LollarBob WalkTim Lollar 42537253
1982-07-27vs SDN96W  8-659-37132,151 Ken DayleyEric ShowSteve BedrosianGary Lucas 43337855
1982-07-28vs SDN97W  8-660-37122,574 Phil NiekroAndy HawkinsPhil NiekroAndy HawkinsGene Garber44138457
1982-07-29vs SDN98W  6-261-37126,492 Rick CampChris WelshRick CampChris WelshCarlos Diaz44738661
1982-07-30vs LAN99L  9-1061-3910 Rick MahlerJerry ReussTerry ForsterSteve BedrosianSteve Howe45639660
1982-07-30vs LAN100L  2-861-39147,787 Joe CowleyBob WelchBob WelchJoe Cowley 45840454
1982-07-31vs LAN101L  0-361-40146,694 Pascual PerezFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaPascual Perez 45840751
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-08-01vs LAN102L  4-961-41133,957 Phil NiekroJoe BeckwithDave StewartCarlos Diaz 46241646
1982-08-02vs SFN103W  7-362-41115,018 Bob WalkFred BreiningBob WalkFred BreiningSteve Bedrosian46941950
1982-08-03vs SFN104L  3-662-42121,489 Rick CampRich GaleGreg MintonGene Garber 47242547
1982-08-04vs SFN105L  2-362-43113,607 Joe CowleyAlan FowlkesGary LavelleSteve BedrosianGreg Minton47442846
1982-08-05@ LAN106L  2-362-44149,607Pascual PerezFernando ValenzuelaTerry ForsterGene Garber 47643145
1982-08-06@ LAN107L  4-562-45151,423Phil NiekroDave StewartSteve HoweSteve Bedrosian 48043644
1982-08-07@ LAN108L  6-762-46150,473Bob WalkJerry ReussJoe BeckwithSteve Bedrosian 48644343
1982-08-08@ LAN109L  0-262-47151,494Rick CampBob WelchBob WelchRick CampTom Niedenfuer48644541
1982-08-09@ SFN110L  0-562-48129,846Pascual PerezJim BarrJim BarrPascual Perez 48645036
1982-08-10@ SFN111L  2-362-49219,390Rick MahlerBill LaskeyBill LaskeyAl Hrabosky 48845335
1982-08-11@ SFN112L  6-862-50222,940Phil NiekroAtlee HammakerFred BreiningCarlos Diaz 49446133
1982-08-12@ SDN113L  2-862-51232,540Bob WalkAndy HawkinsChris WelshBob Walk 49646927
1982-08-13@ SDN114L  4-762-52233,968Rick CampDave DraveckyDave DraveckyRick Camp 50047624
1982-08-14@ SDN115W  6-563-52236,187Pascual PerezJohn MontefuscoDonnie MooreJuan EichelbergerGene Garber50648125
1982-08-15@ SDN116L  5-663-53221,740Phil NiekroTim LollarLuis DeLeonSteve Bedrosian 51148724
1982-08-17vs MON117L  7-1363-5520 Bob WalkCharlie LeaCharlie LeaBob Walk 51850018
1982-08-17vs MON118L  2-363-55223,184 Rick MahlerRay BurrisJeff ReardonRick MahlerWoodie Fryman52050317
1982-08-18vs MON119L  2-1263-56212,627 Rick CampBill GullicksonBill GullicksonRick Camp 5225157
1982-08-19vs MON120W  5-464-56212,205 Phil NiekroScott SandersonPhil NiekroWoodie FrymanGene Garber5275198
1982-08-20vs NYN121W  2-165-56233,144 Pascual PerezEd LynchSteve BedrosianPat Zachry 5295209
1982-08-21vs NYN122W  6-566-56241,477 Bob WalkCharlie PuleoBob WalkRandy JonesGene Garber53552510
1982-08-22vs NYN123W  10-967-56220,466 Rick MahlerRick OwnbeyCarlos DiazJesse OroscoGene Garber54553411
1982-08-23vs PHI124W  4-368-56116,224 Rick CampMike KrukowRick CampRon Reed 54953712
1982-08-24vs PHI125W  9-769-56122,709 Phil NiekroSteve CarltonPhil NiekroSteve CarltonGene Garber55854414
1982-08-25vs PHI126L  9-1169-57223,955 Pascual PerezDick RuthvenRon ReedGene Garber 56755512
1982-08-27@ NYN127W  9-870-57214,133Bob WalkCharlie PuleoDonnie MooreJesse Orosco 57656313
1982-08-28@ NYN128W  4-371-57222,017Rick CampRick OwnbeyRick CampMike ScottGene Garber58056614
1982-08-29@ NYN129W  9-472-57134,471Phil NiekroPat ZachryPhil NiekroTom HausmanSteve Bedrosian58957019
1982-08-30@ PHI130L  1-673-5810Pascual PerezDick RuthvenDick RuthvenPascual Perez 59057614
1982-08-30@ PHI131W  11-973-58143,854Rick MahlerMarty BystromSteve BedrosianTug McGrawDonnie Moore60158516
1982-08-31@ PHI132W  3-074-58129,380Tommy BoggsEd FarmerTommy BoggsEd FarmerGene Garber60458519
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-09-01@ PHI133W  4-075-58124,788Rick CampMike KrukowRick CampMike KrukowGene Garber60858523
1982-09-03@ MON134W  4-376-58128,065Phil NiekroCharlie LeaPhil NiekroCharlie LeaSteve Bedrosian61258824
1982-09-04@ MON135L  1-476-59132,526Pascual PerezScott SandersonScott SandersonPascual PerezJeff Reardon61359221
1982-09-05@ MON136L  1-276-60156,807Rick MahlerSteve RogersSteve RogersGene Garber 61459420
1982-09-06vs SFN137L  2-876-6119,051 Tommy BoggsBill LaskeyAl HollandDonnie MooreGreg Minton61660214
1982-09-07vs SFN138L  2-376-6227,523 Rick CampJim BarrJim BarrRick CampGreg Minton61860513
1982-09-08vs LAN139W  12-1177-62124,853 Phil NiekroBob WelchGene GarberSteve Howe 63061614
1982-09-09vs LAN140W  10-378-62135,362 Rick MahlerFernando ValenzuelaRick MahlerFernando ValenzuelaSteve Bedrosian64061921
1982-09-10vs CIN141W  8-279-62117,407 Pascual PerezBob ShirleyPascual PerezBob Shirley 64862127
1982-09-11vs CIN142L  3-479-63120,966 Tommy BoggsMario SotoMario SotoTommy Boggs 65162526
1982-09-12vs CIN143W  4-380-63116,442 Rick CampGreg HarrisSteve BedrosianGreg Harris 65562827
1982-09-13vs HOU144L  3-580-6427,556 Phil NiekroJoe NiekroJoe NiekroPhil Niekro 65863325
1982-09-14vs HOU145L  0-480-6529,331 Rick MahlerMike LaCossMike LaCossRick MahlerFrank LaCorte65863721
1982-09-15vs HOU146L  4-580-66211,422 Tommy BoggsNolan RyanNolan RyanTommy BoggsDave Smith66264220
1982-09-17@ CIN147L  2-580-67211,630Rick CampMario SotoMario SotoRick Camp 66464717
1982-09-18@ CIN148W  5-481-67214,121Phil NiekroFrank PastorePhil NiekroFrank PastoreGene Garber66965118
1982-09-19@ CIN149W  6-182-67212,203Rick MahlerBruce BerenyiPascual PerezBruce Berenyi 67565223
1982-09-20@ HOU150L  3-482-68212,634Tommy BoggsNolan RyanDave SmithGene Garber 67865622
1982-09-21@ HOU151L  3-582-69215,374Rick CampVern RuhleVern RuhleRick CampBob Knepper68166120
1982-09-22@ HOU152L  2-382-70216,821Phil NiekroFrank DiPinoDave SmithGene GarberFrank LaCorte68366419
1982-09-24vs SDN153W  11-683-70225,819 Pascual PerezDave DraveckyKen DayleyMike GriffinSteve Bedrosian69467024
1982-09-25vs SDN154W  12-684-70236,037 Tommy BoggsJuan EichelbergerDonnie MooreJuan EichelbergerGene Garber70667630
1982-09-26vs SDN155L  2-384-71238,941 Rick CampEric ShowGary LucasRick Camp 70867929
1982-09-27@ SFN156W  7-085-71145,783Phil NiekroRenie MartinPhil NiekroRenie Martin 71567936
1982-09-28@ SFN157W  8-386-71117,071Rick MahlerBill LaskeyPascual PerezBill Laskey 72368241
1982-09-29@ LAN158W  4-387-71145,757Tommy BoggsFernando ValenzuelaGene GarberTerry Forster 72768542
1982-09-30@ LAN159L  3-1087-72149,926Rick CampBurt HootonBurt HootonRick CampJoe Beckwith73069535
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttATL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-10-01@ SDN160W  4-088-72114,050Phil NiekroEric ShowPhil NiekroEric Show 73469539
1982-10-02@ SDN161W  4-289-72143,077Pascual PerezJohn MontefuscoPascual PerezJohn MontefuscoGene Garber73869741
1982-10-03@ SDN162L  1-589-73119,412Rick CampTim LollarTim LollarRick CampDave Dravecky73970237

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