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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  79-83   .488
Result:   5th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Gene Michael, Clyde King, Bob Lemon
General Manager:   Bill Bergesch
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium
Attendance:  2,041,219
Playoffs:  -

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tommy John (39)
Youngest Player:  Don Mattingly (21)
Longest Tenure:  Graig Nettles (10)
Top Hitter:  Dave Winfield (14)
Top Pitcher:  Dave Righetti (20)
Top Draft Pick:  Tim Birtsas (#36)

Roster Continuity:  75.18%
American League Standings
NY Yankees7983.48816.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-04-11vs CHA1L  6-70-270 Ron GuidryJerry KoosmanKevin HickeyRich Gossage 67-1
1982-04-11vs CHA2L  0-20-2731,008 Tommy JohnBritt BurnsBritt BurnsTommy JohnSalome Barojas69-3
1982-04-12@ TEX3W  10-71-2632,563Dave RighettiFrank TananaDave RighettiFrank TananaShane Rawley16160
1982-04-13@ TEX4W  6-32-2321,697Mike MorganRick HoneycuttMike MorganRick HoneycuttRich Gossage22193
1982-04-14@ TEX5L  1-42-3516,227John PacellaCharlie HoughCharlie HoughJohn Pacella 23230
1982-04-16@ DET6W  10-23-3214,082Ron GuidryPat UnderwoodRon GuidryPat Underwood 33258
1982-04-17@ DET7L  3-53-4412,963Tommy JohnJack MorrisJack MorrisTommy JohnKevin Saucier36306
1982-04-18@ DET8L  2-53-5523,334Dave RighettiDan PetryDan PetryDave Righetti 38353
1982-04-20@ CHA9W  11-24-5511,588Mike MorganSteve TroutMike MorganSteve Trout 493712
1982-04-21@ CHA10W  1-05-5413,700Ron GuidryRichard DotsonRon GuidryRichard Dotson 503713
1982-04-22vs DET11L  1-35-6516,059 Tommy JohnJack MorrisJack MorrisTommy John 514011
1982-04-23vs DET12L  1-95-7520,160 Dave RighettiDan PetryDan PetryDave Righetti 52493
1982-04-24vs DET13L  2-75-8525,585 Doyle AlexanderLarry PashnickLarry PashnickDoyle AlexanderKevin Saucier5456-2
1982-04-25vs DET14W  3-16-8537,348 Rudy MayMilt WilcoxShane RawleyMilt WilcoxRich Gossage57570
1982-04-27vs CAL15L  1-36-9535,458 Ron GuidryAngel MorenoAngel MorenoRon Guidry 5860-2
1982-04-28vs CAL16W  6-07-9525,498 Tommy JohnKen ForschTommy JohnKen Forsch 64604
1982-04-29vs CAL17L  0-27-10625,350 Dave RighettiGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnShane Rawley 64622
1982-04-30vs SEA18L  3-67-11620,121 Doyle AlexanderGaylord PerryGaylord PerryRich GossageBill Caudill6768-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-05-01vs SEA19W  5-18-11520,118 Mike MorganJim BeattieGeorge FrazierJim Beattie 72693
1982-05-02vs SEA20W  4-29-11435,029 Ron GuidryFloyd BannisterRon GuidryFloyd BannisterRich Gossage76715
1982-05-03vs OAK21L  2-59-12421,026 Tommy JohnMatt KeoughMatt KeoughTommy John 78762
1982-05-04vs OAK22L  7-99-13522,414 Dave RighettiTom UnderwoodBob OwchinkoDave LaRocheDave Beard85850
1982-05-06@ SEA23L  3-79-14627,369Doyle AlexanderGaylord PerryGaylord PerryDoyle Alexander 8892-4
1982-05-07@ SEA24L  2-59-15711,721Mike MorganFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterMike MorganBill Caudill9097-7
1982-05-08@ SEA25W  9-410-15736,716Ron GuidryJim BeattieRon GuidryJim BeattieRich Gossage99101-2
1982-05-09@ SEA26W  3-011-1567,577Tommy JohnGene NelsonTommy JohnGene NelsonRich Gossage1021011
1982-05-10@ CAL27L  1-211-16632,138Rudy MayGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnRudy May 1031030
1982-05-11@ CAL28W  3-212-16637,413Dave RighettiKen ForschDave RighettiKen ForschRich Gossage1061051
1982-05-12@ CAL29W  6-513-16541,859Mike MorganAngel MorenoShane RawleyAngel MorenoRich Gossage1121102
1982-05-13@ OAK30W  6-414-16524,560Ron GuidryTom UnderwoodRon GuidryTom UnderwoodShane Rawley1181144
1982-05-14@ OAK31W  7-415-16433,774Tommy JohnMatt KeoughMike MorganMatt KeoughRich Gossage1251187
1982-05-15@ OAK32L  3-715-17443,113Rudy MayRick LangfordRick LangfordRudy May 1281253
1982-05-16@ OAK33L  6-715-18448,137Dave RighettiSteve McCattySteve McCattyDave RighettiDave Beard1341322
1982-05-17@ KCA34L  0-715-19438,955Roger EricksonLarry GuraLarry GuraRoger Erickson 134139-5
1982-05-18@ KCA35W  6-216-19428,076Ron GuidryDave FrostRon GuidryDave Frost 140141-1
1982-05-19@ KCA36W  3-217-19426,121Tommy JohnPaul SplittorffTommy JohnPaul SplittorffRich Gossage1431430
1982-05-21vs MIN37W  12-118-19425,106 Rudy MayBrad HavensRudy MayBrad Havens 15514411
1982-05-22vs MIN38W  1-019-19420,206 Dave RighettiDarrell JacksonDave RighettiDarrell JacksonRich Gossage15614412
1982-05-23vs MIN39W  4-220-19431,029 Ron GuidryBobby CastilloRon GuidryBobby CastilloRich Gossage16014614
1982-05-25vs TOR40W  8-021-19320,127 Tommy JohnJim GottTommy JohnJim Gott 16814622
1982-05-26vs TOR41L  0-721-20315,090 Rudy MayDave StiebDave StiebRudy May 16815315
1982-05-28@ MIN42W  10-522-20318,854Ron GuidryBobby CastilloRich GossageRon Davis 17815820
1982-05-29@ MIN43W  6-423-20318,109Tommy JohnTerry FeltonShane RawleyBrad Havens 18416222
1982-05-30@ MIN44W  8-624-20316,352Dave RighettiAlbert WilliamsRich GossagePaul BorisShane Rawley19216824
1982-05-31@ TOR45L  4-524-21320,136Roger EricksonDave StiebDave StiebRoger Erickson 19617323
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-06-01@ TOR46L  2-524-22317,460Mike MorganJerry GarvinDale MurrayShane Rawley 19817820
1982-06-02@ TOR47W  12-625-22320,161Ron GuidryJim ClancyShane RawleyJoey McLaughlin 21018426
1982-06-03@ TOR48L  1-325-23420,147Tommy JohnLuis LealLuis LealTommy John 21118724
1982-06-04vs KCA49L  3-425-24525,221 Dave RighettiPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffDave RighettiDan Quisenberry21419123
1982-06-06vs KCA50L  1-1425-25532,068 Mike MorganVida BlueVida BlueMike Morgan 21520510
1982-06-08@ BOS51L  3-425-26631,413Ron GuidryDennis EckersleyMark ClearGeorge Frazier 2182099
1982-06-09@ BOS52L  2-325-27632,792Tommy JohnBruce HurstBruce HurstTommy JohnBob Stanley2202128
1982-06-10@ BOS53W  5-326-27633,462Dave RighettiJohn TudorDave RighettiJohn TudorRich Gossage22521510
1982-06-11@ BAL54L  4-926-28632,515Mike MorganDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMike MorganTippy Martinez2292245
1982-06-12@ BAL55L  3-526-29634,354Roger EricksonJim PalmerTippy MartinezShane RawleyTim Stoddard2322293
1982-06-14vs BOS56W  5-127-29635,159 Ron GuidryDennis EckersleyRon GuidryDennis Eckersley 2372307
1982-06-15vs BOS57W  5-428-29635,559 Tommy JohnBruce HurstRich GossageMark Clear 2422348
1982-06-16vs BOS58W  4-129-29530,267 Dave RighettiJohn TudorDave RighettiJohn Tudor 24623511
1982-06-18vs BAL59L  1-429-30635,199 Mike MorganJim PalmerJim PalmerMike MorganTippy Martinez2472398
1982-06-19vs BAL60W  4-330-30535,377 Ron GuidryScott McGregorDave LaRocheStorm Davis 2512429
1982-06-20vs BAL61L  3-530-31646,127 Tommy JohnMike FlanaganTippy MartinezRich Gossage 2542477
1982-06-21@ MIL62L  2-630-32626,895Dave RighettiBob McClureBob McClureDave RighettiDwight Bernard2562533
1982-06-22@ MIL63L  2-330-33631,632Roger EricksonPete VuckovichPete VuckovichRoger EricksonRollie Fingers2582562
1982-06-23@ MIL64W  3-231-33631,822Mike MorganMike CaldwellMike MorganMike CaldwellRich Gossage2612583
1982-06-24vs CLE65L  2-531-34623,449 Ron GuidryRick SutcliffeDan SpillnerRon Guidry 2632630
1982-06-25vs CLE66W  11-332-34621,948 Tommy JohnLen BarkerTommy JohnLen Barker 2742668
1982-06-26vs CLE67W  4-333-34521,975 Dave RighettiRick WaitsDave LaRocheEd Whitson 2782699
1982-06-27vs CLE68L  3-433-35655,521 Roger EricksonLary SorensenLary SorensenRoger EricksonRick Sutcliffe2812738
1982-06-29vs MIL69L  4-1133-36620,199 Ron GuidryMike CaldwellMike CaldwellRon Guidry 2852841
1982-06-30vs MIL70L  7-933-37620,815 Tommy JohnRandy LerchRollie FingersShane RawleyJamie Easterly292293-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-07-01vs MIL71W  5-334-37620,116 Mike MorganMoose HaasMike MorganMoose Haas 2972961
1982-07-02@ CLE72W  3-135-37631,735Roger EricksonRick WaitsRoger EricksonRick WaitsRich Gossage3002973
1982-07-03@ CLE73W  10-636-37669,557Tommy JohnLary SorensenGeorge FrazierDan SpillnerRich Gossage3103037
1982-07-04@ CLE74W  3-237-37522,652Ron GuidryJohn DennyGeorge FrazierJohn DennyRoger Erickson3133058
1982-07-05@ SEA75L  4-537-38536,471Shane RawleyJim BeattieEd Vande BergGeorge FrazierBill Caudill3173107
1982-07-06@ SEA76W  8-738-38526,002Mike MorganGaylord PerryRudy MayEd Vande Berg 3253178
1982-07-07@ OAK77W  5-339-38526,269Roger EricksonRick LangfordRoger EricksonRick LangfordRich Gossage33032010
1982-07-08@ OAK78L  3-639-39527,352Doyle AlexanderMike NorrisMike NorrisDoyle Alexander 3333267
1982-07-09@ CAL79L  1-439-40541,111Tommy JohnGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnTommy John 3343304
1982-07-10@ CAL80L  6-1239-41653,851Ron GuidryKen ForschKen ForschRon GuidryAndy Hassler340342-2
1982-07-11@ CAL81L  1-239-42644,834Shane RawleySteve RenkoAndy HasslerRich GossageDon Aase341344-3
1982-07-15vs OAK82W  2-140-42630,267 Mike MorganMike NorrisRich GossageDave Beard 343345-2
1982-07-16vs OAK83W  6-241-42530,872 Roger EricksonRick LangfordRoger EricksonRick Langford 3493472
1982-07-17vs OAK84W  4-142-42538,590 Shane RawleyMatt KeoughShane RawleyMatt Keough 3533485
1982-07-18vs OAK85W  7-343-42538,184 Ron GuidryBrian KingmanRon GuidryBrian Kingman 3603519
1982-07-19vs SEA86W  5-344-42516,408 Tommy JohnGene NelsonTommy JohnGene NelsonRich Gossage36535411
1982-07-20vs SEA87L  5-644-43520,321 Dave RighettiJim BeattieBill CaudillShane Rawley 37036010
1982-07-21vs SEA88L  5-644-44523,531 Mike MorganFloyd BannisterBill CaudillGeorge Frazier 3753669
1982-07-22vs TEX89W  4-345-44514,626 Roger EricksonJohn ButcherRoger EricksonJohn ButcherRudy May37936910
1982-07-23vs CAL90W  6-346-44450,314 Shane RawleyGeoff ZahnShane RawleyGeoff ZahnDave Righetti38537213
1982-07-24vs CAL91W  6-547-44447,917 Ron GuidrySteve RenkoRudy MayBruce Kison 39137714
1982-07-25vs CAL92L  4-647-45551,561 Tommy JohnDave GoltzMickey MahlerTommy John 39538312
1982-07-26vs DET93L  3-547-46521,021 Mike MorganJerry UjdurJerry UjdurMike MorganDave Gumpert39838810
1982-07-27vs DET94W  6-548-46522,966 Roger EricksonJack MorrisRudy MayJack MorrisRich Gossage40439311
1982-07-28vs DET95W  8-749-46516,521 Shane RawleyLarry PashnickGeorge FrazierBob JamesRich Gossage41240012
1982-07-30@ TEX96W  4-050-46423,355Ron GuidryDoc MedichRon GuidryDoc MedichRudy May41640016
1982-07-31@ TEX97L  2-350-47432,924Doyle AlexanderCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDoyle AlexanderDanny Darwin41840315
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-08-01@ TEX98L  2-450-48518,905Mike MorganRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttMike MorganJon Matlack42040713
1982-08-03vs CHA99L  0-150-5060 Shane RawleySteve TroutSteve TroutShane RawleyDennis Lamp42040812
1982-08-03vs CHA100L  2-1450-50634,172 Roger EricksonRichard DotsonRichard DotsonRoger EricksonRich Barnes4224220
1982-08-04vs CHA101W  6-251-5160 Ron GuidryLaMarr HoytRon GuidryLaMarr HoytRich Gossage4284244
1982-08-04vs CHA102L  0-751-51626,218 Tommy JohnBritt BurnsBritt BurnsTommy John 428431-3
1982-08-05vs TEX103L  2-751-52618,449 Doyle AlexanderCharlie HoughCharlie HoughDoyle Alexander 430438-8
1982-08-06vs TEX104W  6-052-52621,469 Dave RighettiRick HoneycuttDave RighettiRick Honeycutt 436438-2
1982-08-07vs TEX105W  9-153-52543,248 Mike MorganFrank TananaMike MorganFrank Tanana 4454396
1982-08-08vs TEX106L  4-654-5350 Shane RawleyJohn ButcherDanny DarwinShane Rawley 4494454
1982-08-08vs TEX107W  8-554-53533,421 Tommy JohnDave J. SchmidtTommy JohnDave J. SchmidtRich Gossage4574507
1982-08-09@ DET108W  9-755-53430,992Ron GuidryDan PetryDave LaRocheDave RuckerRich Gossage4664579
1982-08-10@ DET109L  1-1055-54526,122Doyle AlexanderJerry UjdurJerry UjdurDoyle Alexander 4674670
1982-08-11@ DET110L  2-355-55527,677Dave RighettiJack MorrisDave TobikGeorge Frazier 469470-1
1982-08-12@ CHA111L  1-255-56525,033Mike MorganJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanMike Morgan 470472-2
1982-08-13@ CHA112W  4-356-56534,806Tommy JohnSteve TroutTommy JohnSteve TroutRich Gossage474475-1
1982-08-14@ CHA113L  0-656-57541,431Shane RawleyLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytShane Rawley 474481-7
1982-08-15@ CHA114L  4-656-58531,160Ron GuidryBritt BurnsDennis LampRich Gossage 478487-9
1982-08-16vs KCA115W  2-058-5850 Dave RighettiVida BlueDave RighettiVida BlueRich Gossage480487-7
1982-08-16vs KCA116W  4-358-58526,815 Rudy MayBuddy BlackRudy MayBuddy BlackRich Gossage484490-6
1982-08-17vs KCA117L  4-858-59524,532 Mike MorganPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffMike MorganDon Hood488498-10
1982-08-18vs KCA118W  9-259-59522,604 Tommy JohnDave FrostTommy JohnDave Frost 497500-3
1982-08-20vs TOR119W  4-260-59520,172 Shane RawleyDave StiebShane RawleyDave StiebRich Gossage501502-1
1982-08-21vs TOR120L  1-360-60524,029 Ron GuidryJim ClancyJim ClancyRon GuidryDale Murray502505-3
1982-08-22vs TOR121W  3-161-60533,692 Dave RighettiJim GottDave RighettiJim GottRich Gossage505506-1
1982-08-23vs TOR122W  4-362-60516,565 Mike MorganLuis LealDave LaRocheLuis LealRich Gossage5095090
1982-08-24vs MIN123L  0-562-61517,438 Tommy JohnFrank ViolaFrank ViolaTommy John 509514-5
1982-08-25vs MIN124W  8-163-61518,440 Shane RawleyBobby CastilloShane RawleyBobby Castillo 5175152
1982-08-26vs MIN125W  7-264-61424,252 Ron GuidryBrad HavensRon GuidryBrad Havens 5245177
1982-08-27@ TOR126L  3-1064-62528,438Dave RighettiLuis LealLuis LealDave Righetti 5275270
1982-08-28@ TOR127L  2-364-63535,065Mike MorganDave StiebDale MurrayDave LaRoche 529530-1
1982-08-29@ TOR128W  8-265-63534,313Tommy JohnJim ClancyTommy JohnJim Clancy 5375325
1982-08-30@ MIN129W  8-266-63511,325Shane RawleyFrank ViolaShane RawleyFrank Viola 54553411
1982-08-31@ MIN130W  3-167-63411,355Ron GuidryBrad HavensRon GuidryBrad Havens 54853513
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-09-01@ MIN131L  2-767-6459,829Dave RighettiAlbert WilliamsAlbert WilliamsDave Righetti 5505428
1982-09-03@ KCA132L  3-567-65533,613Jay HowellVida BlueVida BlueJay HowellDan Quisenberry5535476
1982-09-04@ KCA133W  3-268-65537,881Shane RawleyLarry GuraShane RawleyLarry GuraRudy May5565497
1982-09-05@ KCA134W  18-769-65540,801Ron GuidryDennis LeonardRon GuidryDennis Leonard 57455618
1982-09-06vs BAL135L  2-869-66532,537 Dave RighettiScott McGregorScott McGregorDave RighettiSammy Stewart57656412
1982-09-07vs BAL136L  2-769-67515,405 Mike MorganMike FlanaganMike FlanaganMike Morgan 5785717
1982-09-08vs BAL137W  10-570-67520,898 Jay HowellJim PalmerJay HowellJim Palmer 58857612
1982-09-09vs MIL138W  5-471-67521,392 Shane RawleyPete VuckovichRudy MayPete Ladd 59358013
1982-09-10vs MIL139L  3-571-68526,592 Ron GuidryMike CaldwellMike CaldwellRon Guidry 59658511
1982-09-11vs MIL140W  14-272-68525,011 Dave RighettiDoc MedichDave RighettiDoc Medich 61058723
1982-09-12vs MIL141W  9-873-68438,252 Doyle AlexanderDon SuttonCurt KaufmanJamie Easterly 61959524
1982-09-13@ BAL142L  7-873-69518,892Jay HowellDennis MartinezMike BoddickerRudy MayTippy Martinez62660323
1982-09-14@ BAL143L  4-573-7150Shane RawleyScott McGregorJohn FlinnShane RawleyTippy Martinez63060822
1982-09-14@ BAL144L  3-573-71528,094Mike MorganStorm DavisStorm DavisMike MorganTippy Martinez63361320
1982-09-15@ BAL145L  5-873-72522,861Ron GuidryMike FlanaganDon WelchelRon GuidrySammy Stewart63862117
1982-09-16@ BAL146L  1-373-73525,089Dave RighettiJim PalmerJim PalmerDave Righetti 63962415
1982-09-17@ MIL147L  0-1473-74520,144Stefan WeverMike CaldwellMike CaldwellStefan Wever 6396381
1982-09-18@ MIL148L  4-673-75538,719Jay HowellBob McClureBob McClureJay HowellDwight Bernard643644-1
1982-09-19@ MIL149L  1-1473-76530,306Shane RawleyDon SuttonDon SuttonShane Rawley 644658-14
1982-09-21vs CLE150L  8-974-7750 Ron GuidryLen BarkerJerry ReedRudy MayEd Glynn652667-15
1982-09-21vs CLE151W  6-274-77515,339 Dave RighettiLary SorensenDave RighettiLary Sorensen 658669-11
1982-09-22vs CLE152L  0-574-78616,922 Doyle AlexanderRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeDoyle Alexander 658674-16
1982-09-24@ BOS153L  2-474-79632,077Jay HowellJohn TudorJohn TudorJay Howell 660678-18
1982-09-25@ BOS154W  6-275-79633,559Shane RawleyDennis EckersleyShane RawleyDennis Eckersley 666680-14
1982-09-26@ BOS155L  2-575-80632,793Ron GuidryMike TorrezBob StanleyRon Guidry 668685-17
1982-09-27@ BOS156W  10-376-80621,359Dave RighettiBrian DenmanDave RighettiBrian Denman 678688-10
1982-09-28@ CLE157W  6-477-8055,017Doyle AlexanderRick SutcliffeDoyle AlexanderRick SutcliffeRich Gossage684692-8
1982-09-29@ CLE158W  13-678-8056,868Jay HowellLary SorensenJay HowellLary SorensenGeorge Frazier697698-1
1982-09-30@ CLE159W  7-579-8056,358Shane RawleyNeal HeatonMike MorganDan SpillnerRich Gossage7047031
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-10-01vs BOS160L  2-379-81526,142 Ron GuidryMike TorrezSteve CrawfordMike Morgan 7067060
1982-10-02vs BOS161L  0-579-82536,917 Dave RighettiBrian DenmanBrian DenmanDave Righetti 706711-5
1982-10-03vs BOS162L  3-579-83531,465 Doyle AlexanderBruce HurstMike BrownRudy May 709716-7

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