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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Milwaukee,WI
Team Record:  95-67   .586
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Harvey Kuenn, Buck Rodgers
General Manager:   Harry Dalton
Stadium:  County Stadium
Attendance:  1,978,896
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Cardinals)

Milwaukee Brewers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Don Sutton (37)
Youngest Player:  Kevin Bass (23)
Longest Tenure:  Don Money, Charlie Moore (10)
Top Hitter:  Robin Yount (1)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Caldwell (8)
Top Draft Pick:  Dale Sveum (#25)

Roster Continuity:  90.92%
American League Standings
NY Yankees7983.48816.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-04-09@ TOR1W  15-4-30,216Pete VuckovichMark BombackPete VuckovichMark Bomback 15411
1982-04-10@ TOR2L  2-3-11,141Mike CaldwellDave StiebRoy Lee JacksonRollie Fingers 17710
1982-04-11@ TOR3W  14-5-10,128Moose HaasJim ClancyBob McClureJim Clancy 311219
1982-04-13@ CLE4W  9-8-6,258Randy LerchLary SorensenRollie FingersDennis Lewallyn 402020
1982-04-14@ CLE5L  2-6-7,017Pete VuckovichJohn DennyJohn DennyPete Vuckovich 422616
1982-04-15@ CLE6L  1-8-9,072Mike CaldwellBert BlylevenBert BlylevenMike Caldwell 43349
1982-04-16vs TEX7L  1-4-49,887 Moose HaasDave J. SchmidtDanny DarwinRollie Fingers 44386
1982-04-17vs TEX8L  3-5-10,107 Bob McClureFrank TananaFrank TananaBob McClureSteve Comer47434
1982-04-18vs TEX9L  6-9-25,264 Pete VuckovichRick HoneycuttDanny DarwinPete Vuckovich 53521
1982-04-21vs TOR10W  3-1-5,298 Randy LerchLuis LealRandy LerchLuis LealRollie Fingers56533
1982-04-22vs TOR11W  7-0-6,199 Mike CaldwellMark BombackMike CaldwellMark Bomback 635310
1982-04-23@ TEX12W  2-1-13,818Moose HaasRick HoneycuttMoose HaasRick HoneycuttRollie Fingers655411
1982-04-24@ TEX13W  4-1-13,695Pete VuckovichDave J. SchmidtPete VuckovichDave J. Schmidt 695514
1982-04-25@ TEX14W  11-6-36,866Bob McClureCharlie HoughDwight BernardJon MatlackRollie Fingers806119
1982-04-27vs CHA15L  2-11-9,500 Randy LerchLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytRandy Lerch 827210
1982-04-28vs CHA16W  2-1-9,406 Mike CaldwellBritt BurnsRollie FingersBritt Burns 847311
1982-04-30@ MIN17L  4-7-23,547Moose HaasRoger EricksonRoger EricksonMoose Haas 88808
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-05-01@ MIN18W  6-5-25,587Pete VuckovichBrad HavensPete VuckovichDoug CorbettRollie Fingers94859
1982-05-02@ MIN19W  11-4-24,605Randy LerchAlbert WilliamsRandy LerchAlbert WilliamsDwight Bernard1058916
1982-05-03vs KCA20L  2-3-8,313 Mike CaldwellPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffMike CaldwellDan Quisenberry1079215
1982-05-04vs KCA21W  9-5-7,646 Bob McClureLarry GuraJim SlatonGrant Jackson 1169719
1982-05-05vs KCA22L  2-3-9,833 Moose HaasVida BlueDan QuisenberryRollie Fingers 11810018
1982-05-06vs MIN23W  6-3-6,303 Pete VuckovichBrad HavensPete VuckovichBrad HavensRollie Fingers12410321
1982-05-07vs MIN24W  4-1-12,284 Randy LerchAlbert WilliamsRandy LerchAlbert WilliamsJim Slaton12810424
1982-05-08vs MIN25W  12-1-18,081 Mike CaldwellTerry FeltonMike CaldwellTerry Felton 14010535
1982-05-09vs MIN26W  6-2-18,389 Bob McClurePete RedfernJim SlatonPete RedfernRollie Fingers14610739
1982-05-10@ KCA27L  2-3-26,835Moose HaasVida BlueVida BlueRollie Fingers 14811038
1982-05-11@ KCA28L  3-17-16,240Jerry AugustineLarry GuraLarry GuraJerry Augustine 15112724
1982-05-12@ KCA29L  7-9-17,788Randy LerchDennis LeonardDennis LeonardRandy LerchDan Quisenberry15813622
1982-05-13@ CHA30L  2-13-23,043Mike CaldwellLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytMike Caldwell 16014911
1982-05-14@ CHA31W  2-1-35,038Jim SlatonRichard DotsonJim SlatonRichard DotsonRollie Fingers16215012
1982-05-15@ CHA32W  8-3-22,052Moose HaasBritt BurnsDwight BernardBritt BurnsRollie Fingers17015317
1982-05-16@ CHA33L  1-6-21,339Randy LerchSteve TroutSteve TroutRandy LerchSalome Barojas17115912
1982-05-18vs CAL34L  1-4-9,222 Mike CaldwellSteve RenkoSteve RenkoMike Caldwell 1721639
1982-05-19vs CAL35L  2-7-10,462 Jim SlatonBruce KisonBruce KisonJim Slaton 1741704
1982-05-20vs CAL36W  4-1-17,870 Moose HaasGeoff ZahnMoose HaasGeoff Zahn 1781717
1982-05-21vs SEA37W  4-1-11,545 Bob McClureGaylord PerryBob McClureGaylord PerryRollie Fingers18217210
1982-05-22vs SEA38L  1-7-25,630 Randy LerchGene NelsonGene NelsonRandy Lerch 1831794
1982-05-23vs SEA39L  5-6-17,387 Mike CaldwellFloyd BannisterBill CaudillRollie Fingers 1881853
1982-05-25vs OAK40L  5-10-11,917 Moose HaasMatt KeoughMatt KeoughMoose Haas 193195-2
1982-05-26vs OAK41L  2-7-7,503 Bob McClureTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodBob McClure 195202-7
1982-05-27@ CAL42W  4-3-24,267Pete VuckovichKen ForschPete VuckovichKen ForschRollie Fingers199205-6
1982-05-28@ CAL43L  5-6-36,824Mike CaldwellGeoff ZahnDoug CorbettDwight Bernard 204211-7
1982-05-29@ CAL44L  4-5-26,620Randy LerchSteve RenkoLuis SanchezJamie Easterly 208216-8
1982-05-30@ CAL45W  7-3-30,270Jim SlatonBruce KisonJim SlatonBruce KisonJamie Easterly215219-4
1982-05-31@ SEA46L  4-5-8,424Bob McClureGaylord PerryMike StantonJerry Augustine 219224-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-06-01@ SEA47W  2-1-5,321Pete VuckovichGene NelsonPete VuckovichGene NelsonRollie Fingers221225-4
1982-06-02@ SEA48W  5-2-8,937Mike CaldwellFloyd BannisterMike CaldwellFloyd Bannister 226227-1
1982-06-04@ OAK49W  10-1-17,890Moose HaasMatt KeoughMoose HaasMatt KeoughJim Slaton2362288
1982-06-05@ OAK50W  11-3-36,142Bob McClureDave BeardBob McClureDave Beard 24723116
1982-06-06@ OAK51W  7-2-24,698Pete VuckovichTom UnderwoodPete VuckovichTom Underwood 25423321
1982-06-07vs BAL52L  2-7-15,017 Mike CaldwellJim PalmerJim PalmerMike Caldwell 25624016
1982-06-08vs BAL53L  2-4-13,517 Randy LerchScott McGregorScott McGregorRandy Lerch 25824414
1982-06-09vs BAL54L  3-8-13,662 Moose HaasMike FlanaganMike FlanaganMoose Haas 2612529
1982-06-10vs BAL55W  9-7-22,013 Bob McClureSammy StewartRollie FingersTippy Martinez 27025911
1982-06-11vs DET56W  8-6-22,165 Pete VuckovichDan PetryPete VuckovichAurelio LopezRollie Fingers27826513
1982-06-12vs DET57L  3-7-36,999 Mike CaldwellMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxMike Caldwell 2812729
1982-06-13vs DET58W  13-5-48,424 Randy LerchPat UnderwoodRandy LerchPat UnderwoodJim Slaton29427717
1982-06-14@ BAL59L  4-9-19,234Moose HaasScott McGregorScott McGregorMoose Haas 29828612
1982-06-15@ BAL60W  6-3-18,420Bob McClureMike FlanaganBob McClureMike FlanaganJim Slaton30428915
1982-06-16@ BAL61L  2-2-13,213Pete VuckovichDennis Martinez 30629115
1982-06-17@ DET62W  3-2-26,321Mike CaldwellDan PetryMike CaldwellDave TobikRollie Fingers30929316
1982-06-18@ DET63W  5-2-37,181Randy LerchMilt WilcoxRandy LerchMilt WilcoxRollie Fingers31429519
1982-06-19@ DET64W  10-3-38,317Moose HaasJack MorrisMoose HaasJack Morris 32429826
1982-06-20@ DET65W  7-5-31,696Jim SlatonJerry UjdurJerry AugustineJerry UjdurRollie Fingers33130328
1982-06-21vs NYA66W  6-2-26,895 Bob McClureDave RighettiBob McClureDave RighettiDwight Bernard33730532
1982-06-22vs NYA67W  3-2-31,632 Pete VuckovichRoger EricksonPete VuckovichRoger EricksonRollie Fingers34030733
1982-06-23vs NYA68L  2-3-31,822 Mike CaldwellMike MorganMike MorganMike CaldwellRich Gossage34231032
1982-06-25@ BOS69W  9-3-32,656Randy LerchBruce HurstJim SlatonBruce Hurst 35131338
1982-06-26@ BOS70W  11-10-33,393Moose HaasJohn TudorRollie FingersMark Clear 36232339
1982-06-27@ BOS71W  7-5-32,744Bob McClureMike TorrezBob McClureMike TorrezDwight Bernard36932841
1982-06-28@ BOS72L  7-9-25,773Pete VuckovichChuck RaineyBob StanleyPete Vuckovich 37633739
1982-06-29@ NYA73W  11-4-20,199Mike CaldwellRon GuidryMike CaldwellRon Guidry 38734146
1982-06-30@ NYA74W  9-7-20,815Randy LerchTommy JohnRollie FingersShane RawleyJamie Easterly39634848
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-07-01@ NYA75L  3-5-20,116Moose HaasMike MorganMike MorganMoose Haas 39935346
1982-07-02vs BOS76W  14-5-28,957 Bob McClureMike TorrezBob McClureMike Torrez 41335855
1982-07-03vs BOS77W  7-0-55,716 Pete VuckovichChuck RaineyPete VuckovichChuck Rainey 42035862
1982-07-04vs BOS78L  1-4-35,947 Mike CaldwellDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyMike Caldwell 42136259
1982-07-05@ CHA79W  10-4-18,530Randy LerchLaMarr HoytJim SlatonLaMarr Hoyt 43136665
1982-07-07vs MIN80L  8-11-22,654 Bob McClureBrad HavensBrad HavensBob McClureJohn Pacella43937762
1982-07-08vs MIN81L  0-3-33,132 Pete VuckovichJack O'ConnorJack O'ConnorPete VuckovichRon Davis43938059
1982-07-09vs KCA82W  9-6-26,983 Mike CaldwellPaul SplittorffMike CaldwellPaul SplittorffRollie Fingers44838662
1982-07-10vs KCA83W  7-0-33,641 Randy LerchVida BlueRandy LerchVida Blue 45538669
1982-07-11vs KCA84W  8-5-26,357 Moose HaasLarry GuraMoose HaasLarry GuraRollie Fingers46339172
1982-07-15vs CHA85W  8-4-0 Pete VuckovichDennis LampJim SlatonDennis Lamp 47139576
1982-07-15vs CHA86W  5-4-33,657 Mike CaldwellLaMarr HoytMike CaldwellLaMarr HoytRollie Fingers47639977
1982-07-16vs CHA87W  5-3-32,702 Moose HaasJerry KoosmanMoose HaasJerry KoosmanRollie Fingers48140279
1982-07-17vs CHA88W  5-2-52,959 Bob McClureBritt BurnsPete LaddSalome BarojasRollie Fingers48640482
1982-07-18vs CHA89W  9-3-46,455 Randy LerchRich BarnesRandy LerchRich BarnesDwight Bernard49540788
1982-07-19@ MIN90L  4-6-15,716Jerry AugustineAlbert WilliamsAlbert WilliamsJerry AugustineJohn Pacella49941386
1982-07-20@ MIN91L  3-5-15,650Mike CaldwellJack O'ConnorJack O'ConnorMike CaldwellRon Davis50241884
1982-07-21@ MIN92W  10-4-18,634Moose HaasFrank ViolaMoose HaasFrank Viola 51242290
1982-07-23@ KCA93L  3-4-39,526Bob McClurePaul SplittorffDan QuisenberryRollie Fingers 51542689
1982-07-24@ KCA94W  7-4-40,232Pete VuckovichDerek BotelhoPete VuckovichDerek Botelho 52243092
1982-07-25@ KCA95L  4-6-38,629Randy LerchLarry GuraLarry GuraRandy LerchMike Armstrong52643690
1982-07-26@ TEX96L  1-3-18,277Mike CaldwellCharlie HoughCharlie HoughMike Caldwell 52743988
1982-07-27@ TEX97W  8-2-12,821Moose HaasRick HoneycuttMoose HaasRick Honeycutt 53544194
1982-07-28@ TEX98W  3-2-11,660Bob McClureFrank TananaBob McClureFrank TananaRollie Fingers53844395
1982-07-29vs CLE99L  1-5-29,781 Pete VuckovichLen BarkerDan SpillnerJim Slaton 53944891
1982-07-30vs CLE100L  2-7-27,103 Randy LerchLary SorensenLary SorensenRandy Lerch 54145586
1982-07-31vs CLE101W  4-2-41,421 Mike CaldwellRick WaitsMike CaldwellRick WaitsRollie Fingers54545788
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-08-01vs CLE102L  1-4-0 Moose HaasEd WhitsonEd WhitsonMoose HaasDan Spillner54646185
1982-08-01vs CLE103W  7-2-41,891 Jim SlatonBud AndersonJim SlatonBud Anderson 55346390
1982-08-02@ TOR104L  4-9-20,141Bob McClureDave StiebDave StiebBob McClure 55747285
1982-08-03@ TOR105W  7-4-16,575Pete VuckovichJim ClancyPete VuckovichJim ClancyRollie Fingers56447688
1982-08-04@ TOR106W  8-0-17,521Mike CaldwellJim GottMike CaldwellJim Gott 57247696
1982-08-06@ CLE107W  5-2-18,243Moose HaasEd WhitsonMoose HaasEd GlynnRollie Fingers57747899
1982-08-07@ CLE108L  3-4-19,883Bob McClureRick SutcliffeEd GlynnJim Slaton 58048298
1982-08-08@ CLE109W  7-6-32,337Pete VuckovichLen BarkerDwight BernardLen BarkerRollie Fingers58748899
1982-08-09vs TEX110W  9-1-17,654 Mike CaldwellDoc MedichMike CaldwellDoc Medich 596489107
1982-08-10vs TEX111W  11-3-23,262 Jim SlatonCharlie HoughJim SlatonCharlie Hough 607492115
1982-08-11vs TEX112L  3-6-36,016 Moose HaasRick HoneycuttDave J. SchmidtMoose Haas 610498112
1982-08-12vs TOR113W  7-1-0 Bob McClureJim GottBob McClureJim Gott 617499118
1982-08-12vs TOR114W  4-3-28,305 Randy LerchDave GeiselRandy LerchDale MurrayRollie Fingers621502119
1982-08-13vs TOR115W  3-1-49,064 Pete VuckovichLuis LealPete VuckovichLuis Leal 624503121
1982-08-14vs TOR116L  2-4-28,940 Mike CaldwellDave StiebDave StiebMike Caldwell 626507119
1982-08-15vs TOR117L  2-3-26,180 Doc MedichJim ClancyJim ClancyJim SlatonDale Murray628510118
1982-08-17@ OAK118L  6-10-12,692Moose HaasRick LangfordRick LangfordMoose Haas 634520114
1982-08-18@ OAK119L  2-3-16,841Bob McClureMike NorrisDave BeardBob McClure 636523113
1982-08-19@ OAK120W  10-6-15,461Pete VuckovichMatt KeoughPete VuckovichMatt KeoughJim Slaton646529117
1982-08-20@ SEA121W  6-5-13,029Mike CaldwellMike MooreMike CaldwellMike MoorePete Ladd652534118
1982-08-21@ SEA122W  3-2-20,749Doc MedichJim BeattieDoc MedichBryan ClarkRollie Fingers655536119
1982-08-22@ SEA123W  8-5-9,290Moose HaasFloyd BannisterJim SlatonFloyd Bannister 663541122
1982-08-23@ CAL124L  3-5-35,197Bob McClureMike WittMike WittBob McClure 666546120
1982-08-24@ CAL125W  7-3-41,921Pete VuckovichSteve RenkoPete VuckovichSteve Renko 673549124
1982-08-26vs OAK126W  10-3-30,896 Mike CaldwellBrian KingmanMike CaldwellBrian Kingman 683552131
1982-08-27vs OAK127W  5-4-41,600 Doc MedichSteve McCattyDoc MedichPreston HannaRollie Fingers688556132
1982-08-28vs OAK128L  6-7-43,099 Moose HaasRick LangfordRick LangfordPete LaddBob Owchinko694563131
1982-08-29vs OAK129W  8-1-34,563 Bob McClureMike NorrisBob McClureMike Norris 702564138
1982-08-30vs SEA130L  2-3-13,008 Pete VuckovichBob StoddardEd Vande BergJim Slaton 704567137
1982-08-31vs SEA131W  8-2-8,631 Mike CaldwellBryan ClarkMike CaldwellBryan Clark 712569143
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-09-01vs SEA132W  7-3-10,782 Doc MedichMike StantonDoc MedichMike Stanton 719572147
1982-09-02vs CLE133W  2-1-0 Moose HaasRick SutcliffeMoose HaasRick SutcliffePete Ladd721573148
1982-09-02vs CLE134L  2-4-18,056 Don SuttonEd WhitsonDan SpillnerDon Sutton 723577146
1982-09-03vs CAL135L  2-5-35,217 Bob McClureTommy JohnTommy JohnBob McClure 725582143
1982-09-04vs CAL136W  8-2-30,391 Pete VuckovichLuis TiantPete VuckovichLuis Tiant 733584149
1982-09-05vs CAL137W  8-5-36,258 Mike CaldwellGeoff ZahnMike CaldwellGeoff ZahnPete Ladd741589152
1982-09-06vs DET138L  5-6-15,090 Doc MedichMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxDoc MedichAurelio Lopez746595151
1982-09-07vs DET139W  4-0-11,709 Don SuttonDan PetryDon SuttonDan Petry 750595155
1982-09-08vs DET140W  9-7-13,043 Bob McClureJerry UjdurMoose HaasJerry Ujdur 759602157
1982-09-09@ NYA141L  4-5-21,392Pete VuckovichShane RawleyRudy MayPete Ladd 763607156
1982-09-10@ NYA142W  5-3-26,592Mike CaldwellRon GuidryMike CaldwellRon Guidry 768610158
1982-09-11@ NYA143L  2-14-25,011Doc MedichDave RighettiDave RighettiDoc Medich 770624146
1982-09-12@ NYA144L  8-9-38,252Don SuttonDoyle AlexanderCurt KaufmanJamie Easterly 778633145
1982-09-13@ DET145L  3-4-9,708Moose HaasJerry UjdurAurelio LopezPete Ladd 781637144
1982-09-14@ DET146W  6-3-8,516Doc MedichDave RuckerDoc MedichDave RuckerJim Slaton787640147
1982-09-15@ DET147W  5-3-9,324Pete VuckovichJack MorrisPete VuckovichJack MorrisDwight Bernard792643149
1982-09-17vs NYA148W  14-0-20,144 Mike CaldwellStefan WeverMike CaldwellStefan Wever 806643163
1982-09-18vs NYA149W  6-4-38,719 Bob McClureJay HowellBob McClureJay HowellDwight Bernard812647165
1982-09-19vs NYA150W  14-1-30,306 Don SuttonShane RawleyDon SuttonShane Rawley 826648178
1982-09-20vs BOS151W  4-3-13,641 Pete VuckovichDennis EckersleyPete VuckovichBob Stanley 830651179
1982-09-21vs BOS152L  3-4-19,864 Doc MedichMike TorrezMark ClearDoc Medich 833655178
1982-09-22vs BOS153W  3-1-24,150 Mike CaldwellBrian DenmanMike CaldwellBrian Denman 836656180
1982-09-24vs BAL154W  15-6-38,950 Don SuttonMike FlanaganDon SuttonMike Flanagan 851662189
1982-09-25vs BAL155L  2-7-53,568 Pete VuckovichJim PalmerJim PalmerPete Vuckovich 853669184
1982-09-26vs BAL156L  2-5-48,161 Mike CaldwellDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMike CaldwellTippy Martinez855674181
1982-09-28@ BOS157W  9-3-19,356Doc MedichChuck RaineyDoc MedichChuck RaineyMoose Haas864677187
1982-09-29@ BOS158W  6-3-18,390Don SuttonJohn TudorBob McClureMark Clear 870680190
1982-09-30@ BOS159L  4-9-21,268Jim SlatonDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyJim SlatonBob Stanley874689185
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttMIL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-10-01@ BAL160L  3-8-0Pete VuckovichDennis MartinezDennis MartinezPete Vuckovich 877697180
1982-10-01@ BAL161L  1-7-51,883Mike CaldwellStorm DavisStorm DavisMike Caldwell 878704174
1982-10-02@ BAL162L  3-11-47,235Doc MedichScott McGregorSammy StewartDoc Medich 881715166
1982-10-03@ BAL163W  10-2-51,642Don SuttonJim PalmerDon SuttonJim Palmer 891717174

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