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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Detroit,MI
Team Record:  83-79   .512
Result:   4th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Sparky Anderson
General Manager:   Jim Campbell
Stadium:  Tiger Stadium
Attendance:  1,636,058
Playoffs:  -

Detroit Tigers affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Mick Kelleher (34)
Youngest Player:  Howard Johnson (21)
Longest Tenure:  John Wockenfuss (9)
Top Hitter:  Larry Herndon (24)
Top Pitcher:  Jack Morris (5)
Top Draft Pick:  Rich Monteleone (#20)

Roster Continuity:  72.30%
American League Standings
NY Yankees7983.48816.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-04-09@ KCA1L  2-40-1529,069Jack MorrisLarry GuraLarry GuraJack Morris 24-2
1982-04-10@ KCA2L  2-50-2619,508Dan PetryDennis LeonardDennis LeonardDan PetryDan Quisenberry49-5
1982-04-11@ KCA3W  2-11-2522,962Dave RozemaVida BlueDave RozemaVida BlueKevin Saucier610-4
1982-04-12@ TOR4L  5-91-3711,180Milt WilcoxLuis LealLuis LealMilt Wilcox 1119-8
1982-04-13@ TOR5W  4-22-3510,087Jack MorrisMark BombackJack MorrisDale Murray 1521-6
1982-04-14@ TOR6L  4-52-4710,114Dan PetryJim ClancyRoy Lee JacksonKevin Saucier 1926-7
1982-04-15vs TOR7W  4-23-4351,038 Dave RozemaDave StiebKevin SaucierDave StiebElias Sosa2328-5
1982-04-16vs NYA8L  2-103-5514,082 Pat UnderwoodRon GuidryRon GuidryPat Underwood 2538-13
1982-04-17vs NYA9W  5-34-5112,963 Jack MorrisTommy JohnJack MorrisTommy JohnKevin Saucier3041-11
1982-04-18vs NYA10W  5-25-5223,334 Dan PetryDave RighettiDan PetryDave Righetti 3543-8
1982-04-19vs KCA11W  3-26-5110,809 Larry PashnickPaul SplittorffKevin SaucierDan QuisenberryElias Sosa3845-7
1982-04-20vs KCA12W  8-07-5110,654 Milt WilcoxVida BlueMilt WilcoxVida Blue 46451
1982-04-21vs KCA13W  4-18-5112,583 Pat UnderwoodLarry GuraPat UnderwoodLarry Gura 50464
1982-04-22@ NYA14W  3-19-5116,059Jack MorrisTommy JohnJack MorrisTommy John 53476
1982-04-23@ NYA15W  9-110-5120,160Dan PetryDave RighettiDan PetryDave Righetti 624814
1982-04-24@ NYA16W  7-211-5125,585Larry PashnickDoyle AlexanderLarry PashnickDoyle AlexanderKevin Saucier695019
1982-04-25@ NYA17L  1-311-6137,348Milt WilcoxRudy MayShane RawleyMilt WilcoxRich Gossage705317
1982-04-27@ MIN18W  5-212-627,479Jack MorrisDarrell JacksonJack MorrisDarrell Jackson 755520
1982-04-28@ MIN19L  2-412-727,747Dan PetryPete RedfernPete RedfernDan PetryRon Davis775918
1982-04-29@ CHA20L  2-312-827,519Larry PashnickDennis LampDennis LampLarry PashnickSalome Barojas796217
1982-04-30@ CHA21W  6-413-8221,245Milt WilcoxSteve TroutKevin SaucierJerry KoosmanElias Sosa856619
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-05-01@ CHA22W  5-214-8217,334Dan PetryRichard DotsonDan PetryRichard DotsonDave Rozema906822
1982-05-02@ CHA23L  3-1014-9239,204Jack MorrisLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytJack Morris 937815
1982-05-04vs TEX24W  4-315-9219,525 Larry PashnickFrank TananaDave RozemaDanny Darwin 978116
1982-05-05vs TEX25W  6-416-9214,811 Milt WilcoxCharlie HoughElias SosaSteve Comer 1038518
1982-05-07vs CHA26L  5-816-10238,006 Jack MorrisLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytJack MorrisChico Escarrega1089315
1982-05-08vs CHA27L  4-716-11328,915 Dan PetryDennis LampJerry KoosmanElias Sosa 11210012
1982-05-09vs CHA28L  3-416-12323,468 Larry PashnickRichard DotsonRichard DotsonLarry PashnickSalome Barojas11510411
1982-05-10@ TEX29W  3-117-1239,027Milt WilcoxCharlie HoughMilt WilcoxCharlie Hough 11810513
1982-05-13vs MIN30W  6-218-12211,945 Jack MorrisJohn PacellaJack MorrisJohn Pacella 12410717
1982-05-14vs MIN31W  4-219-12221,459 Dan PetryPete RedfernDave RozemaRon Davis 12810919
1982-05-15vs MIN32W  5-420-12216,092 Milt WilcoxPete FilsonElias SosaDarrell Jackson 13311320
1982-05-16vs MIN33W  7-621-12219,392 Larry PashnickBrad HavensDave TobikTerry Felton 14011921
1982-05-18vs OAK34W  11-922-12123,879 Jack MorrisMike NorrisPat UnderwoodDave Beard 15112823
1982-05-19vs OAK35W  6-323-12123,207 Dan PetryMatt KeoughDan PetryMatt KeoughKevin Saucier15713126
1982-05-20vs OAK36W  11-324-12124,125 Milt WilcoxTom UnderwoodMilt WilcoxTom Underwood 16813434
1982-05-21vs CAL37L  7-924-13237,781 Pat UnderwoodKen ForschKen ForschPat UnderwoodDoug Corbett17514332
1982-05-22vs CAL38W  5-125-13223,191 Jack MorrisAngel MorenoJack MorrisAngel Moreno 18014436
1982-05-23vs CAL39L  2-725-14227,344 Dan PetrySteve RenkoSteve RenkoDan Petry 18215131
1982-05-25@ SEA40L  6-725-1526,406Milt WilcoxJim BeattieBill CaudillElias Sosa 18815830
1982-05-26@ SEA41L  2-425-1627,775Jack MorrisGaylord PerryGaylord PerryJack MorrisBill Caudill19016228
1982-05-28@ OAK42W  6-426-16217,120Dan PetryRick LangfordDave TobikRick Langford 19616630
1982-05-29@ OAK43W  7-427-16226,733Milt WilcoxMike NorrisMilt WilcoxMike NorrisElias Sosa20317033
1982-05-30@ OAK44W  5-228-1720Jack MorrisMatt KeoughJack MorrisMatt Keough 20817236
1982-05-30@ OAK45L  3-1028-17239,275Pat UnderwoodSteve McCattySteve McCattyPat Underwood 21118229
1982-05-31@ CAL46W  4-329-17242,415Larry PashnickMike WittElias SosaDoug Corbett 21518530
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-06-01@ CAL47W  2-130-17123,163Dan PetryKen ForschDan PetryKen ForschDave Tobik21718631
1982-06-02@ CAL48W  5-431-17127,396Kevin SaucierGeoff ZahnAurelio LopezDoug CorbettDave Tobik22219032
1982-06-04vs SEA49L  0-431-18132,404 Jack MorrisJim BeattieJim BeattieJack Morris 22219428
1982-06-06vs SEA50W  10-232-18118,378 Dan PetryGaylord PerryDan PetryGaylord Perry 23219636
1982-06-08vs CLE51W  8-333-18121,308 Pat UnderwoodRick SutcliffePat UnderwoodRick Sutcliffe 24019941
1982-06-09vs CLE52W  2-135-1810 Jack MorrisLen BarkerJack MorrisLen Barker 24220042
1982-06-09vs CLE53W  4-335-18132,213 Jerry UjdurTom BrennanLarry PashnickBud Anderson 24620343
1982-06-11@ MIL54L  6-835-19122,165Dan PetryPete VuckovichPete VuckovichAurelio LopezRollie Fingers25221141
1982-06-12@ MIL55W  7-336-19136,999Milt WilcoxMike CaldwellMilt WilcoxMike Caldwell 25921445
1982-06-13@ MIL56L  5-1336-20248,424Pat UnderwoodRandy LerchRandy LerchPat UnderwoodJim Slaton26422737
1982-06-14@ CLE57L  0-536-2220Jack MorrisLen BarkerLen BarkerJack Morris 26423232
1982-06-14@ CLE58L  1-236-22227,098Jerry UjdurRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeJerry UjdurDan Spillner26523431
1982-06-17vs MIL59L  2-336-23226,321 Dan PetryMike CaldwellMike CaldwellDave TobikRollie Fingers26723730
1982-06-18vs MIL60L  2-536-24237,181 Milt WilcoxRandy LerchRandy LerchMilt WilcoxRollie Fingers26924227
1982-06-19vs MIL61L  3-1036-25238,317 Jack MorrisMoose HaasMoose HaasJack Morris 27225220
1982-06-20vs MIL62L  5-736-26231,696 Jerry UjdurJim SlatonJerry AugustineJerry UjdurRollie Fingers27725918
1982-06-21@ BOS63L  1-536-27224,234Dan PetryJohn TudorJohn TudorDan PetryBob Stanley27826414
1982-06-22@ BOS64L  4-536-28228,215Milt WilcoxMike TorrezMark ClearDave Tobik 28226913
1982-06-23@ BOS65L  4-1036-29230,547Jack MorrisDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyJack Morris 2862797
1982-06-24@ BAL66W  7-137-29227,191Jerry UjdurScott McGregorJerry UjdurScott McGregor 29328013
1982-06-25@ BAL67L  2-537-30225,230Dan PetryMike FlanaganMike FlanaganDan PetryTim Stoddard29528510
1982-06-26@ BAL68L  1-437-31431,859Milt WilcoxDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMilt Wilcox 2962897
1982-06-27@ BAL69L  1-1337-32443,938Jack MorrisJim PalmerJim PalmerJack Morris 297302-5
1982-06-29vs BOS70L  2-437-33432,697 Jerry UjdurDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyJerry Ujdur 299306-7
1982-06-30vs BOS71W  12-338-33424,691 Dan PetryBruce HurstDan PetryBruce Hurst 3113092
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-07-01vs BOS72W  5-439-33327,243 Milt WilcoxJohn TudorMilt WilcoxBob Stanley 3163133
1982-07-02vs BAL73L  4-539-34426,477 Jack MorrisJim PalmerJim PalmerPat UnderwoodTim Stoddard3203182
1982-07-03vs BAL74L  3-839-35424,782 Jerry UjdurStorm DavisStorm DavisJerry Ujdur 323326-3
1982-07-04vs BAL75W  6-140-35415,880 Dan PetryMike FlanaganDan PetryMike Flanagan 3293272
1982-07-05vs MIN76L  3-540-36422,933 Milt WilcoxBobby CastilloBobby CastilloMilt Wilcox 3323320
1982-07-06vs MIN77W  11-641-36414,859 Jack MorrisPete RedfernJack MorrisPete Redfern 3433385
1982-07-07@ CHA78L  0-741-37424,018Jerry UjdurDennis LampDennis LampJerry Ujdur 343345-2
1982-07-08@ CHA79L  2-341-38431,261Dan PetryLaMarr HoytLaMarr HoytDan Petry 345348-3
1982-07-09@ TEX80L  2-341-4040Pat UnderwoodJohn ButcherDanny DarwinDave Tobik 347351-4
1982-07-09@ TEX81L  1-341-40419,183Larry PashnickDoc MedichDoc MedichLarry PashnickDave J. Schmidt348354-6
1982-07-10@ TEX82L  5-642-4140Milt WilcoxJon MatlackDanny DarwinDave Tobik 353360-7
1982-07-10@ TEX83W  6-042-41442,163Jack MorrisCharlie HoughJack MorrisCharlie Hough 359360-1
1982-07-11@ TEX84W  3-243-41416,987Jerry UjdurFrank TananaJerry UjdurDanny Darwin 3623620
1982-07-15@ MIN85W  18-244-41419,108Dan PetryJack O'ConnorDan PetryJack O'ConnorKevin Saucier38036416
1982-07-16@ MIN86W  6-345-4148,258Jack MorrisFrank ViolaJack MorrisFrank ViolaDave Tobik38636719
1982-07-17@ MIN87W  8-446-41410,971Jerry UjdurBobby CastilloJerry UjdurBobby CastilloDave Tobik39437123
1982-07-18@ MIN88L  1-646-42415,657Pat UnderwoodBrad HavensBrad HavensPat Underwood 39537718
1982-07-19vs CHA89L  0-646-43423,175 Milt WilcoxDennis LampDennis LampMilt Wilcox 39538312
1982-07-20vs CHA90W  1-047-43423,402 Dan PetryLaMarr HoytDan PetryLaMarr Hoyt 39638313
1982-07-21vs CHA91L  3-947-44424,215 Jerry UjdurJerry KoosmanSalome BarojasDave Tobik 3993927
1982-07-23vs TEX92L  1-347-45527,320 Jack MorrisFrank TananaFrank TananaJack MorrisDave J. Schmidt4003955
1982-07-24vs TEX93W  3-148-45535,470 Larry PashnickDoc MedichLarry PashnickDoc Medich 4033967
1982-07-25vs TEX94W  7-250-4540 Dan PetryDanny DarwinDan PetryDanny Darwin 41039812
1982-07-25vs TEX95W  7-650-45433,537 Pat UnderwoodJohn ButcherDave RuckerDave J. Schmidt 41740413
1982-07-26@ NYA96W  5-351-45421,021Jerry UjdurMike MorganJerry UjdurMike MorganDave Gumpert42240715
1982-07-27@ NYA97L  5-651-46422,966Jack MorrisRoger EricksonRudy MayJack MorrisRich Gossage42741314
1982-07-28@ NYA98L  7-851-47416,521Larry PashnickShane RawleyGeorge FrazierBob JamesRich Gossage43442113
1982-07-30@ TOR99L  5-651-48518,262Dan PetryJim ClancyDale MurrayBob James 43942712
1982-07-31@ TOR100L  0-151-49521,007Jerry UjdurJim GottJim GottDave Rucker 43942811
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-08-01@ TOR101W  8-552-49423,033Jack MorrisLuis LealJack MorrisLuis LealDave Tobik44743314
1982-08-02@ KCA102L  5-652-50536,725Larry PashnickBuddy BlackDan QuisenberryDave Tobik 45243913
1982-08-03@ KCA103L  5-652-51427,264Pat UnderwoodDerek BotelhoMike ArmstrongPat Underwood 45744512
1982-08-04@ KCA104W  7-153-51426,340Dan PetryLarry GuraDan PetryLarry Gura 46444618
1982-08-05vs TOR105W  5-255-5140 Jerry UjdurLuis LealJerry UjdurLuis Leal 46944821
1982-08-05vs TOR106W  7-455-51426,010 Bob JamesRoy Lee JacksonDave RuckerRoy Lee JacksonDave Tobik47645224
1982-08-06vs TOR107W  6-056-51421,602 Jack MorrisDave StiebJack MorrisDave Stieb 48245230
1982-08-07vs TOR108L  4-756-52420,608 Larry PashnickJim ClancyJim ClancyLarry PashnickDale Murray48645927
1982-08-08vs TOR109L  4-756-5440 Pat UnderwoodJim GottJim GottPat UnderwoodJoey McLaughlin49046624
1982-08-08vs TOR110L  4-756-54423,550 Dave GumpertRoy Lee JacksonDave GeiselDave RuckerDale Murray49447321
1982-08-09vs NYA111L  7-956-55530,992 Dan PetryRon GuidryDave LaRocheDave RuckerRich Gossage50148219
1982-08-10vs NYA112W  10-157-55426,122 Jerry UjdurDoyle AlexanderJerry UjdurDoyle Alexander 51148328
1982-08-11vs NYA113W  3-258-55427,677 Jack MorrisDave RighettiDave TobikGeorge Frazier 51448529
1982-08-13vs KCA114W  10-159-55430,351 Milt WilcoxDave FrostMilt WilcoxDave FrostPat Underwood52448638
1982-08-14vs KCA115L  0-159-56434,346 Dan PetryLarry GuraLarry GuraDan Petry 52448737
1982-08-15vs KCA116L  1-659-57425,930 Jerry UjdurDennis LeonardDennis LeonardJerry Ujdur 52549332
1982-08-16vs SEA117W  3-160-57414,290 Jack MorrisFloyd BannisterJack MorrisFloyd Bannister 52849434
1982-08-17vs SEA118L  4-561-5840 Milt WilcoxBryan ClarkBryan ClarkMilt WilcoxBill Caudill53249933
1982-08-17vs SEA119W  3-261-58417,697 Larry PashnickBob StoddardLarry PashnickBob StoddardDave Tobik53550134
1982-08-18vs SEA120W  7-262-58416,584 Dan PetryGaylord PerryDan PetryGaylord PerryPat Underwood54250339
1982-08-20@ CAL121W  8-663-58436,316Jerry UjdurKen ForschJerry UjdurKen ForschDave Tobik55050941
1982-08-21@ CAL122L  1-1363-59444,194Jack MorrisGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnJack Morris 55152229
1982-08-22@ CAL123L  5-663-60433,136Milt WilcoxLuis TiantLuis SanchezDave Rucker 55652828
1982-08-23@ OAK124W  5-164-60428,860Dan PetryMike NorrisDan PetryMike Norris 56152932
1982-08-24@ OAK125L  0-364-61417,098Jerry UjdurMatt KeoughMatt KeoughJerry Ujdur 56153229
1982-08-26@ SEA126L  4-564-6257,907Jack MorrisMike MooreBill CaudillJack Morris 56553728
1982-08-27@ SEA127W  6-165-6248,986Milt WilcoxJim BeattieMilt WilcoxJim BeattieDave Tobik57153833
1982-08-28@ SEA128L  3-465-63410,120Dan PetryFloyd BannisterRon MusselmanDave Tobik 57454232
1982-08-29@ SEA129W  6-266-6348,998Jerry UjdurGaylord PerryJerry UjdurGaylord Perry 58054436
1982-08-31vs CAL130L  0-1166-64515,187 Jack MorrisGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnJack Morris 58055525
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-09-01vs CAL131W  5-367-64411,430 Milt WilcoxKen ForschMilt WilcoxKen ForschPat Underwood58555827
1982-09-02vs CAL132W  6-368-64412,547 Juan BerenguerMike WittAurelio LopezMike Witt 59156130
1982-09-03vs OAK133W  6-369-64422,756 Jerry UjdurRick LangfordJerry UjdurRick Langford 59756433
1982-09-04vs OAK134L  3-469-65418,538 Dave RuckerMike NorrisMike NorrisElias Sosa 60056832
1982-09-05vs OAK135W  8-170-65416,955 Jack MorrisMatt KeoughJack MorrisMatt Keough 60856939
1982-09-06@ MIL136W  6-571-65415,090Milt WilcoxDoc MedichMilt WilcoxDoc MedichAurelio Lopez61457440
1982-09-07@ MIL137L  0-471-66411,709Dan PetryDon SuttonDon SuttonDan Petry 61457836
1982-09-08@ MIL138L  7-971-67413,043Jerry UjdurBob McClureMoose HaasJerry Ujdur 62158734
1982-09-10@ BOS139W  6-472-67427,199Jack MorrisDennis EckersleyJack MorrisDennis EckersleyAurelio Lopez62759136
1982-09-11@ BOS140L  3-1372-68425,451Milt WilcoxMike TorrezMike TorrezMilt Wilcox 63060426
1982-09-12@ BOS141L  7-1072-69525,154Dave TobikBrian DenmanBob StanleyDave Tobik 63761423
1982-09-13vs MIL142W  4-373-6949,708 Jerry UjdurMoose HaasAurelio LopezPete Ladd 64161724
1982-09-14vs MIL143L  3-673-7048,516 Dave RuckerDoc MedichDoc MedichDave RuckerJim Slaton64462321
1982-09-15vs MIL144L  3-573-7149,324 Jack MorrisPete VuckovichPete VuckovichJack MorrisDwight Bernard64762819
1982-09-16vs BOS145W  4-274-7148,253 Milt WilcoxMike TorrezMilt WilcoxMike Torrez 65163021
1982-09-17vs BOS146W  5-175-71417,451 Dan PetryBrian DenmanDan PetryBrian DenmanAurelio Lopez65663125
1982-09-18vs BOS147L  2-675-72418,425 Jerry UjdurChuck RaineyBob StanleyJerry Ujdur 65863721
1982-09-19vs BOS148L  4-675-73416,209 Dave RuckerJohn TudorJohn TudorDave RuckerMark Clear66264319
1982-09-20@ BAL149L  1-375-7448,246Jack MorrisJim PalmerSammy StewartJack Morris 66364617
1982-09-21@ BAL150W  11-176-74410,522Milt WilcoxStorm DavisMilt WilcoxStorm Davis 67464727
1982-09-23@ BAL151W  10-577-7448,633Dan PetryScott McGregorDave RuckerSammy Stewart 68465232
1982-09-24vs CLE152L  2-677-7547,226 Jerry UjdurTom BrennanTom BrennanJerry UjdurDan Spillner68665828
1982-09-25vs CLE153W  4-078-7548,358 Jack MorrisNeal HeatonJack MorrisNeal Heaton 69065832
1982-09-26vs CLE154L  3-478-7648,613 Milt WilcoxLen BarkerLen BarkerMilt WilcoxEd Glynn69366231
1982-09-28vs BAL155W  9-679-7647,755 Dan PetryScott McGregorDave RuckerSammy Stewart 70266834
1982-09-29vs BAL156W  3-280-7648,897 Jerry UjdurJim PalmerDave TobikTippy Martinez 70567035
1982-09-30vs BAL157L  5-680-77411,049 Jack MorrisMike FlanaganJohn FlinnDave Tobik 71067634
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttDET PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1982-10-01@ CLE158L  2-381-7840Milt WilcoxLen BarkerLen BarkerMilt Wilcox 71267933
1982-10-01@ CLE159W  4-281-7846,075Pat UnderwoodBud AndersonPat UnderwoodBud AndersonHoward Bailey71668135
1982-10-02@ CLE160L  0-282-7940Dan PetryTom BrennanTom BrennanDan PetryDan Spillner71668333
1982-10-02@ CLE161W  4-182-7947,151Dave RuckerJerry ReedDave RuckerJerry Reed 72068436
1982-10-03@ CLE162W  9-183-7947,934Jerry UjdurRick SutcliffeJerry UjdurRick Sutcliffe 72968544

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