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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  59-48   .551
Result:   th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Gene Michael, Bob Lemon
General Manager:   Gene Michael
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium I
Attendance:  1,614,353
Playoffs:  Lost World Series (Dodgers)

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tommy John (38)
Youngest Player:  Gene Nelson (20)
Longest Tenure:  Graig Nettles (9)
Top Hitter:  Dave Winfield (16)
Top Pitcher:  Ron Guidry (4)
Top Draft Pick:  John Elway (#52)

Roster Continuity:  79.38%
American League Standings
NY Yankees5948.5512.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-04-09vs TEX1W  10-31-0255,123 Tommy JohnJon MatlackTommy JohnJon Matlack 1037
1981-04-11vs TEX2W  5-12-0423,845 Rudy MayDanny DarwinRudy MayDanny Darwin 15411
1981-04-12vs TEX3L  4-62-1330,079 Ron GuidryFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsRon GuidryJim Kern19109
1981-04-13@ TOR4L  1-52-2425,112Tommy JohnJim ClancyJim ClancyTommy JohnRoy Lee Jackson20155
1981-04-15@ TOR5W  6-33-2216,280Rudy MayJackson ToddRudy MayJackson ToddRich Gossage26188
1981-04-17@ TEX6W  2-14-2234,333Ron GuidryDanny DarwinRon GuidryDanny DarwinRich Gossage28199
1981-04-18@ TEX7L  4-64-3323,744Tommy JohnRick HoneycuttSteve ComerBill Castro 32257
1981-04-19@ TEX8L  0-44-4520,757Tom UnderwoodJon MatlackJon MatlackTom Underwood 32293
1981-04-20vs DET9W  6-25-4420,981 Rudy MayDave RozemaRudy MayDave Rozema 38317
1981-04-21vs DET10W  2-06-4415,359 Doug BirdMilt WilcoxDoug BirdMilt WilcoxRich Gossage40319
1981-04-22vs DET11W  7-27-4222,835 Ron GuidryHoward BaileyDave LaRocheHoward Bailey 473314
1981-04-24vs TOR12W  4-28-4220,863 Tommy JohnMark BombackTommy JohnMark BombackRich Gossage513516
1981-04-25vs TOR13L  2-78-5117,319 Rudy MayJackson ToddJackson ToddRudy May 534211
1981-04-26vs TOR14L  1-28-6437,306 Tom UnderwoodDave StiebDave StiebTom Underwood 544410
1981-04-27@ DET15W  3-19-6327,487Ron GuidryHoward BaileyRon GuidryHoward BaileyRich Gossage574512
1981-04-28@ DET16W  4-110-6218,420Tommy JohnDan SchatzederTommy JohnDan Schatzeder 614615
1981-04-29@ DET17W  3-211-6118,167Rudy MayJack MorrisRudy MayJack MorrisRon Davis644816
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-05-01@ OAK18L  6-811-7244,105Tom UnderwoodRick LangfordRick LangfordTom UnderwoodJeff Jones705614
1981-05-02@ OAK19L  3-611-8248,179Ron GuidryMatt KeoughMatt KeoughRon GuidryBob Owchinko736211
1981-05-03@ OAK20W  3-213-820Rudy MaySteve McCattyRon DavisSteve McCatty 766412
1981-05-03@ OAK21W  2-013-8248,592Tommy JohnBrian KingmanTommy JohnBrian KingmanRich Gossage786414
1981-05-04@ CAL22W  4-214-8230,897Gene NelsonGeoff ZahnGene NelsonGeoff ZahnRon Davis826616
1981-05-05@ CAL23L  2-614-9335,629Tom UnderwoodBill TraversJesse JeffersonTom UnderwoodDon Aase847212
1981-05-06@ CAL24W  5-215-9237,410Ron GuidryMike WittRon GuidryMike WittRich Gossage897415
1981-05-07@ CAL25L  1-215-10238,789Tommy JohnKen ForschKen ForschTommy JohnDon Aase907614
1981-05-08@ SEA26L  2-315-11218,458Rudy MayBryan ClarkBryan ClarkRudy May 927913
1981-05-09@ SEA27L  5-615-12351,903Gene NelsonBrian AllardDick DragoRon Davis 978512
1981-05-10@ SEA28W  5-216-12318,342Tom UnderwoodJerry GleatonTom UnderwoodJerry GleatonRich Gossage1028715
1981-05-12vs OAK29W  4-117-12230,959 Ron GuidryRick LangfordRon GuidryRick LangfordRich Gossage1068818
1981-05-13vs OAK30L  4-517-13335,419 Tommy JohnMatt KeoughMatt KeoughTommy JohnBob Owchinko1109317
1981-05-14vs OAK31W  9-518-13335,761 Rudy MayMike NorrisRich GossageJeff Jones 1199821
1981-05-16vs SEA32W  7-519-13333,759 Tom UnderwoodJerry GleatonDoug BirdJerry GleatonRich Gossage12610323
1981-05-17vs SEA33L  0-119-14354,223 Ron GuidryFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterRon DavisShane Rawley12610422
1981-05-18vs KCA34W  2-120-14321,853 Tommy JohnPaul SplittorffTommy JohnPaul SplittorffRich Gossage12810523
1981-05-19vs KCA35W  6-521-14323,128 Rudy MayRich GaleDoug BirdRenie MartinRon Davis13411024
1981-05-20vs KCA36W  5-422-14327,912 Gene NelsonLarry GuraBill CastroDan Quisenberry 13911425
1981-05-22vs CLE37L  3-722-15330,182 Tommy JohnBert BlylevenBert BlylevenTommy John 14212121
1981-05-23vs CLE38W  3-223-15337,179 Dave RighettiRick WaitsDave RighettiRick WaitsRon Davis14512322
1981-05-24vs CLE39L  5-1223-16353,874 Rudy MayJohn DennyJohn DennyRudy May 15013515
1981-05-25@ BAL40L  1-1023-17342,949Ron GuidryJim PalmerJim PalmerRon Guidry 1511456
1981-05-26@ BAL41L  4-623-18438,646Gene NelsonScott McGregorSammy StewartGene Nelson 1551514
1981-05-27@ BAL42L  5-623-19542,869Rudy MayMike FlanaganTippy MartinezRich Gossage 1601573
1981-05-29@ CLE43W  5-224-19465,311Dave RighettiRick WaitsDave RighettiRick WaitsRich Gossage1651596
1981-05-30@ CLE44W  1-025-19324,318Gene NelsonDan SpillnerGene NelsonDan SpillnerRich Gossage1661597
1981-05-31@ CLE45L  2-725-20440,045Rudy MayLen BarkerLen BarkerRudy May 1681662
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-06-01@ CLE46W  5-326-20330,198Doug BirdWayne GarlandDoug BirdWayne GarlandRich Gossage1731694
1981-06-02vs BAL47W  5-327-20325,057 Ron GuidryMike FlanaganRich GossageSammy Stewart 1781726
1981-06-03vs BAL48W  2-028-20230,162 Dave RighettiDennis MartinezRon DavisTippy Martinez 1801728
1981-06-04vs BAL49W  12-329-20237,954 Gene NelsonDave FordGene NelsonDave Ford 19217517
1981-06-05vs CHA50W  6-530-20235,707 Rudy MayBritt BurnsDave LaRocheKevin Hickey 19818018
1981-06-06vs CHA51W  2-031-20136,255 Doug BirdSteve TroutDoug BirdSteve TroutRich Gossage20018020
1981-06-07vs CHA52W  3-132-20152,367 Ron GuidryRoss BaumgartenRon GuidryRoss BaumgartenRich Gossage20318122
1981-06-08@ KCA53W  8-333-20136,922Dave RighettiRich GaleDave RighettiRich Gale 21118427
1981-06-09@ KCA54W  8-534-20136,496Gene NelsonJuan BerenguerDave LaRocheRenie MartinRich Gossage21918930
1981-06-10@ CHA55L  5-634-21133,647Rudy MayBritt BurnsBritt BurnsRudy MayEd Farmer22419529
1981-06-11@ CHA56L  2-334-22133,777Doug BirdSteve TroutSteve TroutDoug BirdLaMarr Hoyt22619828
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-08-10vs TEX57W  2-035-22140,373 Tommy JohnDanny DarwinTommy JohnDanny DarwinRudy May22819830
1981-08-11vs TEX58L  0-135-23130,117 Dave RighettiRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttDave RighettiDave J. Schmidt22819929
1981-08-12vs TEX59W  5-436-23120,918 Rick ReuschelJon MatlackDave LaRocheFergie JenkinsGeorge Frazier23320330
1981-08-13@ DET60W  3-037-23120,957Ron GuidryDan PetryRon GuidryDan PetryRon Davis23620333
1981-08-14@ DET61L  0-137-24123,395Rudy MayMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxRudy MayKevin Saucier23620432
1981-08-15@ DET62L  5-837-25126,848Dave LaRocheDan SchatzederDan SchatzederDave LaRocheKevin Saucier24121229
1981-08-16@ DET63L  4-537-26121,077Dave RighettiJack MorrisAurelio LopezRon Davis 24521728
1981-08-17vs CHA64L  1-437-27124,651 Rick ReuschelBritt BurnsBritt BurnsRick ReuschelKevin Hickey24622125
1981-08-18vs CHA65W  4-038-27130,157 Ron GuidrySteve TroutRon GuidrySteve TroutGeorge Frazier25022129
1981-08-19vs CHA66L  5-638-28130,421 Tommy JohnRichard DotsonDennis LampRudy MayEd Farmer25522728
1981-08-21vs KCA67L  0-438-29337,970 Dave RighettiLarry GuraLarry GuraDave Righetti 25523124
1981-08-22vs KCA68W  5-039-29240,127 Rick ReuschelPaul SplittorffRick ReuschelPaul SplittorffGeorge Frazier26023129
1981-08-23vs KCA69W  8-040-29240,258 Ron GuidryRich GaleRon GuidryRich Gale 26823137
1981-08-24vs MIN70L  2-340-30321,513 Tommy JohnBrad HavensJack O'ConnorGeorge Frazier 27023436
1981-08-25vs MIN71L  0-340-31326,110 Rudy MayDarrell JacksonDarrell JacksonRudy MayJerry Koosman27023733
1981-08-26vs MIN72W  3-241-31330,271 Dave RighettiAlbert WilliamsRich GossageAlbert Williams 27323934
1981-08-27@ CHA73L  1-341-32330,787Rick ReuschelBritt BurnsLaMarr HoytRon Davis 27424232
1981-08-28@ CHA74W  6-142-32233,390Ron GuidrySteve TroutRon GuidrySteve Trout 28024337
1981-08-29@ CHA75W  12-243-32232,507Tommy JohnRichard DotsonTommy JohnRichard Dotson 29224547
1981-08-30@ CHA76W  5-144-32133,213Rudy MayDennis LampRudy MayDennis Lamp 29724651
1981-08-31@ MIN77W  7-045-32112,774Dave RighettiAlbert WilliamsDave RighettiAlbert Williams 30424658
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-09-01@ MIN78W  11-646-32114,075Rick ReuschelPete RedfernRick ReuschelPete Redfern 31525263
1981-09-02@ MIN79L  3-446-33116,231Ron GuidryDarrell JacksonDon CooperRich Gossage 31825662
1981-09-03@ KCA80L  2-346-34226,565Tommy JohnMike JonesMike JonesTommy JohnDan Quisenberry32025961
1981-09-04@ KCA81W  4-047-34134,272Rudy MayDennis LeonardRudy MayDennis LeonardRon Davis32425965
1981-09-05@ KCA82W  2-148-34138,325Dave RighettiLarry GuraDave RighettiLarry GuraRich Gossage32626066
1981-09-06@ KCA83W  6-149-34140,105Rick ReuschelAtlee HammakerRick ReuschelAtlee Hammaker 33226171
1981-09-07vs MIL84W  4-250-34155,083 Ron GuidryRandy LerchRon GuidryRandy LerchRich Gossage33626373
1981-09-09vs MIL85W  5-251-3510 Tommy JohnPete VuckovichTommy JohnPete Vuckovich 34126576
1981-09-09vs MIL86L  3-551-35127,337 Rudy MayMike CaldwellMike CaldwellRudy MayRollie Fingers34427074
1981-09-11vs BOS87W  4-152-35143,018 Dave RighettiDennis EckersleyDave RighettiDennis EckersleyRich Gossage34827177
1981-09-12vs BOS88L  1-252-36138,307 Rick ReuschelBob OjedaBob OjedaRick ReuschelMark Clear34927376
1981-09-13vs BOS89W  10-653-36144,686 Ron GuidryFrank TananaRon GuidryFrank Tanana 35927980
1981-09-14@ MIL90W  10-254-36117,545Tommy JohnMike CaldwellTommy JohnMike Caldwell 36928188
1981-09-15@ MIL91L  1-254-37115,402Rudy MayMoose HaasMoose HaasRudy MayRollie Fingers37028387
1981-09-16@ MIL92L  2-354-38113,510Dave RighettiRandy LerchRandy LerchDave RighettiRollie Fingers37228686
1981-09-18@ BOS93W  6-455-38134,283Rick ReuschelFrank TananaRon DavisBob Stanley 37829088
1981-09-19@ BOS94L  5-855-39132,620Ron GuidryMike TorrezJohn TudorRon DavisMark Clear38329885
1981-09-20@ BOS95L  1-455-40135,091Tommy JohnBruce HurstBruce HurstTommy JohnBill Campbell38430282
1981-09-21vs CLE96L  0-555-41120,102 Rudy MayRick WaitsRick WaitsRudy May 38430777
1981-09-22vs CLE97L  4-655-42215,098 Dave RighettiLen BarkerLen BarkerDave RighettiSid Monge38831375
1981-09-23vs CLE98W  6-156-42121,596 Rick ReuschelJohn DennyRick ReuschelJohn Denny 39431480
1981-09-24vs BAL99L  1-556-43221,007 Ron GuidryJim PalmerJim PalmerRon Guidry 39531976
1981-09-25vs BAL100L  0-156-44533,427 Tommy JohnScott McGregorScott McGregorTommy John 39532075
1981-09-26vs BAL101W  6-457-44231,993 Rudy MayMike FlanaganRon DavisSteve Stone 40132477
1981-09-27vs BAL102W  5-258-44144,481 Dave RighettiDennis MartinezDave RighettiDennis Martinez 40632680
1981-09-28@ CLE103L  2-658-4526,168Rick ReuschelTom BrennanTom BrennanRick Reuschel 40833276
1981-09-29@ CLE104L  2-358-4637,003Ron GuidryJohn DennyJohn DennyRon Guidry 41033575
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-10-02@ BAL105W  9-059-46225,748Dave RighettiSammy StewartDave RighettiSammy Stewart 41933584
1981-10-03@ BAL106L  0-359-47328,575Tommy JohnScott McGregorScott McGregorTommy John 41933881
1981-10-04@ BAL107L  2-559-48329,169Rick ReuschelMike FlanaganMike FlanaganRick ReuschelTim Stoddard42134378

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