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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Houston,TX
Team Record:  61-49   .555
Result:   th in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  Bill Virdon
General Manager:   Al Rosen
Stadium:  Astrodome
Attendance:  1,321,282
Playoffs:  Lost in 1st Round (Dodgers)

Houston Astros affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Joe Niekro (36)
Youngest Player:  Bert Pena (21)
Longest Tenure:  Cesar Cedeno (12)
Top Hitter:  Jose Cruz (15)
Top Pitcher:  Don Sutton (4)
Top Draft Pick:  Curtis Burke (#75)

Roster Continuity:  77.87%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers6347.5734.0
SF Giants5655.50511.5
San Diego4169.37326.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-04-09@ LAN1L  0-2-50,511Joe NiekroFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaJoe Niekro 02-2
1981-04-11@ LAN2L  4-7-51,691Don SuttonBurt HootonBurt HootonDon Sutton 49-5
1981-04-12@ LAN3L  2-3-50,734Vern RuhleRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeVern RuhleSteve Howe612-6
1981-04-13vs ATL4L  1-2-34,961 Bob KnepperPhil NiekroRick CampJoe SambitoLarry Bradford714-7
1981-04-14vs ATL5W  8-2-21,440 Joe NiekroBob WalkJoe NiekroBob Walk 1516-1
1981-04-15vs ATL6W  2-0-22,365 Nolan RyanTommy BoggsNolan RyanTommy BoggsFrank LaCorte17161
1981-04-17vs PIT7L  3-4-39,119 Don SuttonRick RhodenRick RhodenDon SuttonEnrique Romo20200
1981-04-18vs PIT8L  3-6-29,790 Vern RuhleJohn CandelariaGrant JacksonDave Smith 2326-3
1981-04-19vs PIT9L  0-2-30,394 Joe NiekroRod ScurryRod ScurryJoe NiekroEddie Solomon2328-5
1981-04-20vs LAN10L  2-5-21,730 Joaquin AndujarBurt HootonBurt HootonJoaquin AndujarDave Goltz2533-8
1981-04-21vs LAN11W  1-0-21,904 Bob KnepperJerry ReussBob KnepperJerry Reuss 2633-7
1981-04-22vs LAN12L  0-1-22,830 Don SuttonFernando ValenzuelaFernando ValenzuelaDon Sutton 2634-8
1981-04-23vs CIN13L  4-5-23,173 Vern RuhleTom SeaverJoe PriceDave SmithPaul Moskau3039-9
1981-04-24vs CIN14L  0-3-27,087 Joe NiekroFrank PastoreFrank PastoreJoe Niekro 3042-12
1981-04-25vs CIN15L  1-2-19,957 Nolan RyanBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiNolan RyanTom Hume3144-13
1981-04-26vs CIN16W  1-0-23,428 Bob KnepperMario SotoBob KnepperMario Soto 3244-12
1981-04-28@ ATL17W  2-1-8,669Don SuttonJohn MontefuscoDon SuttonJohn MontefuscoDave Smith3445-11
1981-04-29@ ATL18W  5-4-8,334Vern RuhleBob WalkFrank LaCorteRick Camp 3949-10
1981-04-30@ ATL19W  5-1-10,006Joe NiekroTommy BoggsJoe NiekroTommy Boggs 4450-6
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-05-01@ PIT20W  5-3-7,012Nolan RyanRod ScurryJoe SambitoEddie Solomon 4953-4
1981-05-02@ PIT21L  4-5-21,993Bob KnepperRick RhodenEddie SolomonDave Smith 5358-5
1981-05-03@ PIT22W  3-1-10,438Don SuttonJim BibbyDon SuttonJim BibbyDave Smith5659-3
1981-05-04@ CHN23W  5-4-2,941Joaquin AndujarMike KrukowJoaquin AndujarMike KrukowJoe Sambito6163-2
1981-05-05@ CHN24W  4-3-2,092Joe NiekroRick ReuschelDave SmithLee Smith 6566-1
1981-05-06@ CHN25L  1-2-2,572Nolan RyanBill CaudillLee SmithFrank LaCorte 6668-2
1981-05-07@ CHN26W  6-0-3,112Bob KnepperRandy MartzBob KnepperRandy Martz 72684
1981-05-08@ CIN27L  0-4-31,961Don SuttonTom SeaverTom SeaverDon Sutton 72720
1981-05-09@ CIN28L  5-9-30,860Joaquin AndujarBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiJoaquin Andujar 7781-4
1981-05-10@ CIN29W  7-5-31,903Joe NiekroFrank PastoreJoe NiekroFrank PastoreFrank LaCorte8486-2
1981-05-11@ CIN30W  5-0-11,795Nolan RyanMike LaCossNolan RyanMike LaCoss 89863
1981-05-12vs SLN31L  2-3-20,020 Bob KnepperBob ForschBruce SutterJoe SambitoJim Kaat91892
1981-05-13vs SLN32W  3-0-21,705 Don SuttonBob ShirleyDon SuttonBob Shirley 94895
1981-05-14vs SLN33L  6-7-20,042 Bobby SprowlBob SykesJim OttenJoe SambitoBruce Sutter100964
1981-05-15vs CHN34W  5-0-23,718 Joe NiekroBill CaudillJoe NiekroBill Caudill 105969
1981-05-16vs CHN35W  6-1-43,726 Nolan RyanRandy MartzNolan RyanRandy MartzJoe Sambito1119714
1981-05-17vs CHN36W  6-1-34,068 Bob KnepperMike KrukowBob KnepperMike Krukow 1179819
1981-05-19@ SLN37L  12-15-14,585Don SuttonBob ShirleyJim KaatBobby Sprowl 12911316
1981-05-20@ SLN38W  4-3-19,175Joe NiekroLary SorensenJoe NiekroBruce SutterJoe Sambito13311617
1981-05-21@ SLN39L  1-3-19,823Nolan RyanJohn MartinJohn MartinNolan Ryan 13411915
1981-05-22vs SFN40L  3-6-30,377 Bob KnepperDoyle AlexanderGreg MintonJoaquin Andujar 13712512
1981-05-23vs SFN41W  5-3-38,586 Vern RuhleEd WhitsonFrank LaCorteEd Whitson 14212814
1981-05-24vs SFN42L  1-2-34,922 Don SuttonVida BlueVida BlueDon SuttonGreg Minton14313013
1981-05-25vs SDN43W  6-3-19,025 Joe NiekroSteve MuraJoe NiekroSteve MuraJoe Sambito14913316
1981-05-26vs SDN44W  1-0-17,709 Nolan RyanJuan EichelbergerNolan RyanJuan EichelbergerJoe Sambito15013317
1981-05-27vs SDN45W  1-0-21,256 Bob KnepperChris WelshBob KnepperChris Welsh 15113318
1981-05-29@ SFN46L  1-3-8,397Don SuttonVida BlueVida BlueDon SuttonAl Holland15213616
1981-05-30@ SFN47W  9-8-8,869Joe NiekroAllen RipleyJoaquin AndujarFred BreiningVern Ruhle16114417
1981-05-31@ SFN48L  1-6-20,626Nolan RyanTom GriffinTom GriffinNolan RyanAl Holland16215012
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-06-02@ SDN49W  2-1-9,671Bob KnepperChris WelshFrank LaCorteChris WelshJoe Sambito16415113
1981-06-03@ SDN50W  6-1-10,023Don SuttonRick WiseDon SuttonRick Wise 17015218
1981-06-04@ SDN51L  5-7-12,403Joe NiekroSteve MuraSteve MuraJoe NiekroGary Lucas17515916
1981-06-05vs NYN52W  3-0-28,085 Nolan RyanRandy JonesNolan RyanRandy Jones 17815919
1981-06-06vs NYN53W  6-2-42,478 Vern RuhlePat ZachryVern RuhlePat ZachryDave Smith18416123
1981-06-07vs NYN54L  1-3-29,873 Bob KnepperMike ScottMike ScottBob KnepperNeil Allen18516421
1981-06-08@ PHI55L  3-4-31,664Don SuttonDick RuthvenDick RuthvenDon SuttonTug McGraw18816820
1981-06-09@ PHI56L  3-10-33,978Joe NiekroMarty BystromMarty BystromJoe NiekroRon Reed19117813
1981-06-10@ PHI57L  4-5-57,386Nolan RyanSteve CarltonSteve CarltonFrank LaCorteTug McGraw19518312
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-08-10@ SFN58W  6-5-11,115Don SuttonDoyle AlexanderJoe SambitoFred BreiningFrank LaCorte20118813
1981-08-11@ SFN59L  2-3-12,354Joe NiekroTom GriffinTom GriffinJoe NiekroGreg Minton20319112
1981-08-12@ SFN60W  5-4-8,707Vern RuhleVida BlueJoe SambitoAl HollandBilly Smith20819513
1981-08-13@ SDN61L  1-9-4,899Bob KnepperChris WelshChris WelshBob Knepper 2092045
1981-08-14@ SDN62W  5-1-8,414Nolan RyanTim LollarNolan RyanTim Lollar 2142059
1981-08-15@ SDN63W  5-0-5,852Don SuttonJuan EichelbergerDon SuttonJuan Eichelberger 21920514
1981-08-16@ SDN64W  3-0-5,880Joe NiekroSteve MuraJoe NiekroSteve MuraDave Smith22220517
1981-08-17vs MON65L  2-6-24,203 Vern RuhleRay BurrisRay BurrisVern RuhleWoodie Fryman22421113
1981-08-18vs MON66W  4-2-23,306 Bob KnepperSteve RogersBob KnepperSteve RogersJoe Sambito22821315
1981-08-19vs MON67W  9-1-27,169 Nolan RyanScott SandersonNolan RyanScott SandersonDave Smith23721423
1981-08-21@ PHI68L  4-5-31,693Don SuttonNino EspinosaSparky LyleVern RuhleTug McGraw24121922
1981-08-22@ PHI69L  4-8-35,199Joe NiekroDick RuthvenDick RuthvenJoe Niekro 24522718
1981-08-23@ PHI70L  0-6-30,630Bob KnepperSteve CarltonSteve CarltonBob Knepper 24523312
1981-08-25@ NYN71L  1-2-15,622Nolan RyanGreg HarrisMike MarshallJoe Sambito 24623511
1981-08-26@ NYN72W  9-3-16,731Don SuttonPat ZachryDon SuttonPat Zachry 25523817
1981-08-27@ NYN73L  2-3-17,488Joe NiekroPete FalconeMike MarshallJoe SambitoNeil Allen25724116
1981-08-28vs PHI74W  3-2-29,482 Bob KnepperSteve CarltonDave SmithSparky Lyle 26024317
1981-08-29vs PHI75W  6-1-0 Vern RuhleMark DavisVern RuhleMark Davis 26624422
1981-08-29vs PHI76W  2-1-33,327 Billy SmithDickie NolesBilly SmithDickie NolesFrank LaCorte26824523
1981-08-30vs PHI77W  5-4-23,102 Nolan RyanNino EspinosaDave SmithSparky Lyle 27324924
1981-08-31vs NYN78W  6-1-10,669 Don SuttonPat ZachryDon SuttonPat Zachry 27925029
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-09-01vs NYN79W  3-2-16,339 Joe NiekroPete FalconeJoe SambitoMike Marshall 28225230
1981-09-02vs NYN80W  8-0-18,938 Bob KnepperMike ScottBob KnepperMike Scott 29025238
1981-09-03@ MON81W  2-1-24,833Vern RuhleScott SandersonVern RuhleScott SandersonDave Smith29225339
1981-09-04@ MON82W  5-0-32,580Nolan RyanBill GullicksonNolan RyanBill GullicksonJoe Sambito29725344
1981-09-05@ MON83L  2-5-30,471Don SuttonRay BurrisRay BurrisDon Sutton 29925841
1981-09-06@ MON84W  4-3-47,193Joe NiekroBill LeeFrank LaCorteElias Sosa 30326142
1981-09-07@ ATL85W  3-2-7,358Bob KnepperTommy BoggsDave SmithRick CampJoe Sambito30626343
1981-09-08@ ATL86L  2-3-2,800Vern RuhleLarry McWilliamsRick CampBilly Smith 30826642
1981-09-09@ ATL87L  0-9-4,482Nolan RyanPhil NiekroPhil NiekroNolan Ryan 30827533
1981-09-11vs SFN88W  6-0-23,677 Don SuttonVida BlueDon SuttonVida Blue 31427539
1981-09-12vs SFN89W  5-2-35,867 Joe NiekroEd WhitsonJoe NiekroEd WhitsonDave Smith31927742
1981-09-13vs SFN90W  3-0-19,642 Bob KnepperDoyle AlexanderBob KnepperDoyle AlexanderFrank LaCorte32227745
1981-09-14vs CIN91L  2-4-19,742 Vern RuhleBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiVern Ruhle 32428143
1981-09-15vs CIN92L  0-4-16,354 Nolan RyanCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtNolan Ryan 32428539
1981-09-16@ SDN93W  5-2-4,241Don SuttonTim LollarDon SuttonTim LollarJoe Sambito32928742
1981-09-17@ SDN94W  9-0-2,428Joe NiekroSteve MuraJoe NiekroSteve Mura 33828751
1981-09-18@ SFN95L  2-5-8,183Bob KnepperDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderBob KnepperAl Holland34029248
1981-09-19@ SFN96W  8-1-11,522Vern RuhleTom GriffinVern RuhleTom Griffin 34829355
1981-09-20@ SFN97W  7-3-16,824Nolan RyanGary LavelleNolan RyanGary Lavelle 35529659
1981-09-22vs ATL98W  3-0-22,564 Don SuttonGaylord PerryDon SuttonGaylord Perry 35829662
1981-09-23vs ATL99L  1-3-24,142 Joe NiekroRick MahlerRick MahlerJoe Niekro 35929960
1981-09-24vs ATL100W  5-3-23,341 Bob KnepperLarry McWilliamsBob KnepperLarry McWilliamsDave Smith36430262
1981-09-25vs LAN101L  0-3-35,481 Vern RuhleBurt HootonBurt HootonVern Ruhle 36430559
1981-09-26vs LAN102W  5-0-32,115 Nolan RyanTed PowerNolan RyanTed Power 36930564
1981-09-27vs LAN103W  4-1-41,686 Don SuttonFernando ValenzuelaDon SuttonFernando Valenzuela 37330667
1981-09-28vs SDN104W  2-1-21,576 Joe NiekroJuan EichelbergerJoe SambitoJuan Eichelberger 37530768
1981-09-29vs SDN105L  1-2-34,732 Bob KnepperRick WiseRick WiseBob KnepperGary Lucas37630967
1981-09-30@ CIN106L  2-5-24,394Vern RuhleMario SotoMario SotoVern RuhleTom Hume37831464
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttHOU PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1981-10-01@ CIN107W  8-1-26,484Nolan RyanBruce BerenyiNolan RyanBruce Berenyi 38631571
1981-10-02@ LAN108L  1-6-46,108Don SuttonJerry ReussJerry ReussDon Sutton 38732166
1981-10-03@ LAN109L  2-7-42,272Joe NiekroBob WelchBob WelchJoe Niekro 38932861
1981-10-04@ LAN110W  5-3-47,072Bob KnepperBurt HootonDave SmithDave Goltz 39433163

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