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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  89-73   .549
Result:   3rd in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  John McNamara
General Manager:   Dick Wagner
Stadium:  Riverfront Stadium
Attendance:  2,022,450
Playoffs:  -

Cincinnati Reds affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Tom Seaver (35)
Youngest Player:  Paul Householder (21)
Longest Tenure:  Johnny Bench (14)
Top Hitter:  Dan Driessen (10)
Top Pitcher:  Frank Pastore (9)
Top Draft Pick:  Ron Robinson (#19)

Roster Continuity:  81.68%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers9271.5641.0
SF Giants7586.46617.0
San Diego7389.45119.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-04-09vs ATL1W  9-01-0151,774 Frank PastorePhil NiekroFrank PastorePhil Niekro 909
1980-04-11vs ATL2W  6-02-0112,902 Mike LaCossLarry McWilliamsMike LaCossLarry McWilliams 15015
1980-04-12vs ATL3W  5-43-0111,839 Bill BonhamRick MatulaTom HumeAl Hrabosky 20416
1980-04-13vs ATL4W  5-04-0132,996 Charlie LeibrandtPhil NiekroCharlie LeibrandtPhil Niekro 25421
1980-04-14vs SFN5W  6-55-0110,296 Paul MoskauBob KnepperDave TomlinGary Lavelle 31922
1980-04-15vs SFN6W  8-36-0111,544 Tom SeaverEd WhitsonTom SeaverEd WhitsonTom Hume391227
1980-04-16vs SFN7W  5-37-0115,603 Mike LaCossJohn MontefuscoMike LaCossJohn Montefusco 441529
1980-04-17@ ATL8W  4-18-0115,742Frank PastorePhil NiekroFrank PastorePhil Niekro 481632
1980-04-18@ ATL9L  0-38-115,624Charlie LeibrandtRick MatulaRick MatulaCharlie Leibrandt 481929
1980-04-19@ ATL10W  6-19-119,684Bill BonhamDoyle AlexanderBill BonhamDoyle Alexander 542034
1980-04-20@ ATL11W  5-310-118,002Tom SeaverTommy BoggsDave TomlinLarry BradfordTom Hume592336
1980-04-21@ HOU12W  6-511-1129,067Mike LaCossVern RuhleMike LaCossVern RuhleTom Hume652837
1980-04-22@ HOU13L  0-811-2130,094Frank PastoreNolan RyanNolan RyanFrank Pastore 653629
1980-04-23@ HOU14W  3-212-2129,828Charlie LeibrandtKen ForschTom HumeJoaquin AndujarDoug Bair683830
1980-04-25@ SFN15L  3-412-3115,345Tom SeaverVida BlueGreg MintonDoug Bair 714229
1980-04-26@ SFN16L  1-312-4113,360Mike LaCossBob KnepperBob KnepperMike LaCoss 724527
1980-04-27@ SFN17W  3-113-4132,084Frank PastoreEd WhitsonFrank PastoreEd Whitson 754629
1980-04-29vs HOU18L  0-313-5118,092 Charlie LeibrandtKen ForschKen ForschCharlie Leibrandt 754926
1980-04-30vs HOU19L  1-513-6219,821 Tom SeaverJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardTom Seaver 765422
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-05-01vs HOU20L  3-913-7218,215 Mike LaCossJoe NiekroJoe NiekroMike LaCoss 796316
1980-05-02vs CHN21L  4-1213-8225,993 Frank PastoreGuillermo HernandezBruce SutterTom Hume 83758
1980-05-03vs CHN22L  1-713-9227,165 Bill BonhamMike KrukowMike KrukowBill Bonham 84822
1980-05-04vs CHN23W  3-215-920 Charlie LeibrandtRick ReuschelCharlie LeibrandtRick ReuschelTom Hume87843
1980-05-04vs CHN24W  5-415-9232,041 Paul MoskauDennis LampPaul MoskauBill CaudillDoug Bair92884
1980-05-05@ NYN25L  2-315-10311,412Tom SeaverMark BombackJeff ReardonDoug Bair 94913
1980-05-06@ NYN26W  12-1016-1026,884Mike LaCossPete FalconeDave TomlinJeff ReardonPaul Moskau1061015
1980-05-07@ NYN27W  3-217-1025,215Frank PastoreRay BurrisTom HumePat Zachry 1091036
1980-05-09vs PHI28W  5-218-10232,583 Charlie LeibrandtRandy LerchCharlie LeibrandtRandy Lerch 1141059
1980-05-10vs PHI29W  5-319-10228,919 Tom SeaverSteve CarltonTom SeaverSteve CarltonTom Hume11910811
1980-05-11vs PHI30L  3-719-11225,920 Mike LaCossDick RuthvenDick RuthvenMike LaCoss 1221157
1980-05-13vs NYN31W  15-420-11118,732 Frank PastoreRay BurrisFrank PastoreRay BurrisPaul Moskau13711918
1980-05-14vs NYN32L  6-720-12121,785 Charlie LeibrandtCraig SwanJeff ReardonTom Hume 14312617
1980-05-16@ MON33L  1-220-13114,457Tom SeaverSteve RogersSteve RogersTom SeaverWoodie Fryman14412816
1980-05-17@ MON34L  6-920-14222,702Mike LaCossBill LeeStan BahnsenTom HumeElias Sosa15013713
1980-05-19@ PHI35L  4-620-15325,109Frank PastoreSteve CarltonSteve CarltonFrank PastoreRon Reed15414311
1980-05-20@ PHI36W  7-621-15325,202Charlie LeibrandtDick RuthvenPaul MoskauDick RuthvenDoug Bair16114912
1980-05-21@ PHI37L  8-921-16326,099Tom SeaverLarry ChristensonRon ReedTom Hume 16915811
1980-05-23vs MON38L  4-721-17323,311 Mike LaCossBill LeeBill LeeMike LaCoss 1731658
1980-05-24vs MON39W  2-022-17230,024 Frank PastoreDavid PalmerFrank PastoreDavid Palmer 17516510
1980-05-25vs MON40L  4-722-18227,433 Charlie LeibrandtScott SandersonScott SandersonCharlie LeibrandtStan Bahnsen1791727
1980-05-26vs LAN41L  0-423-1930 Tom SeaverJerry ReussJerry ReussTom Seaver 1791763
1980-05-26vs LAN42W  5-423-19329,483 Paul MoskauDave GoltzPaul MoskauDave GoltzDoug Bair1841804
1980-05-27vs LAN43W  6-124-19320,296 Mike LaCossDon SuttonMike LaCossDon Sutton 1901819
1980-05-29@ SDN44W  5-325-19311,677Frank PastoreRandy JonesFrank PastoreRandy JonesTom Hume19518411
1980-05-30@ SDN45W  5-326-19226,777Charlie LeibrandtSteve MuraCharlie LeibrandtSteve MuraDoug Bair20018713
1980-05-31@ SDN46L  5-726-20329,316Paul MoskauJohn CurtisBob ShirleyTom HumeRollie Fingers20519411
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-06-01@ SDN47W  7-627-20221,044Mario SotoGary LucasSheldon BurnsideGary LucasTom Hume21220012
1980-06-02@ LAN48L  2-327-21231,368Mike LaCossDon SuttonRick SutcliffeDoug Bair 21420311
1980-06-03@ LAN49L  1-527-22344,962Tom SeaverBob WelchBob WelchTom SeaverSteve Howe2152087
1980-06-04@ LAN50W  5-428-22345,541Charlie LeibrandtCharlie HoughPaul MoskauCharlie HoughTom Hume2202128
1980-06-06vs SDN51W  4-229-22323,329 Frank PastoreJohn CurtisFrank PastoreJohn D'AcquistoTom Hume22421410
1980-06-07vs SDN52L  1-629-23327,004 Mike LaCossGary LucasGary LucasMike LaCossRollie Fingers2252205
1980-06-08vs SDN53W  1-030-23326,272 Charlie LeibrandtRandy JonesCharlie LeibrandtRandy Jones 2262206
1980-06-09vs SDN54W  6-631-23319,688 Paul MoskauSteve Mura 2322266
1980-06-10vs PIT55L  3-531-24326,648 Mario SotoJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaMario SotoKent Tekulve2352314
1980-06-11vs PIT56W  3-232-24329,211 Frank PastoreBert BlylevenFrank PastoreBert Blyleven 2382335
1980-06-12vs PIT57L  6-1032-25331,557 Mike LaCossJim BibbyJim BibbyMike LaCossEnrique Romo2442431
1980-06-13@ SLN58W  5-233-25224,022Charlie LeibrandtPete VuckovichCharlie LeibrandtPete VuckovichTom Hume2492454
1980-06-14@ SLN59L  3-433-26329,844Joe PriceJim KaatJohn LittlefieldMario Soto 2522493
1980-06-15@ SLN60L  9-1033-27336,379Tom SeaverBob SykesRoy ThomasPaul Moskau 2612592
1980-06-16@ PIT61L  3-533-28319,940Frank PastoreBert BlylevenBert BlylevenFrank PastoreGrant Jackson2642640
1980-06-17@ PIT62W  4-334-28325,565Mike LaCossJim BibbyPaul MoskauEnrique Romo 2682671
1980-06-18@ CHN63L  0-734-29319,196Charlie LeibrandtDennis LampDennis LampCharlie LeibrandtBruce Sutter268274-6
1980-06-19@ CHN64L  2-534-30313,185Joe PriceMike KrukowMike KrukowTom HumeBruce Sutter270279-9
1980-06-20vs SLN65L  5-734-31332,640 Tom SeaverBob ForschKim SeamanTom HumeJohn Littlefield275286-11
1980-06-21vs SLN66W  8-535-31331,186 Frank PastoreJim OttenFrank PastoreJohn Littlefield 283291-8
1980-06-22vs SLN67L  2-1235-32329,182 Mike LaCossPete VuckovichPete VuckovichMike LaCoss 285303-18
1980-06-24vs ATL68W  8-236-32322,682 Charlie LeibrandtLarry McWilliamsCharlie LeibrandtLarry McWilliams 293305-12
1980-06-25vs ATL69W  15-337-32332,603 Tom SeaverRick MatulaTom SeaverRick Matula 3083080
1980-06-27@ HOU70L  4-537-33336,648Frank PastoreJoe NiekroJoe NiekroFrank PastoreJoe Sambito312313-1
1980-06-28@ HOU71W  8-538-33344,025Joe PriceJ.R. RichardJoe PriceJ.R. RichardTom Hume3203182
1980-06-29@ HOU72L  10-1238-34338,408Charlie LeibrandtNolan RyanFrank LaCorteMario SotoJoe Sambito3303300
1980-06-30@ SFN73L  4-838-3535,716Tom SeaverBill BordleyBill BordleyTom SeaverGary Lavelle334338-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-07-01@ SFN74L  1-438-36320,220Paul MoskauEd WhitsonEd WhitsonPaul Moskau 335342-7
1980-07-02@ SFN75W  6-239-36310,459Frank PastoreJohn MontefuscoFrank PastoreJohn Montefusco 341344-3
1980-07-03@ SFN76L  3-439-37326,133Joe PriceBob KnepperBob KnepperJoe PriceGreg Minton344348-4
1980-07-04vs HOU77W  8-140-37337,047 Charlie LeibrandtNolan RyanCharlie LeibrandtNolan Ryan 3523493
1980-07-05vs HOU78W  8-642-3730 Bruce BerenyiKen ForschMario SotoKen Forsch 3603555
1980-07-05vs HOU79W  3-242-37344,083 Mike LaCossJoaquin AndujarMike LaCossJoaquin AndujarTom Hume3633576
1980-07-06vs HOU80L  2-342-38330,045 Frank PastoreJoe NiekroJoe NiekroFrank PastoreFrank LaCorte3653605
1980-07-10@ ATL81W  8-643-38319,177Charlie LeibrandtPhil NiekroPaul MoskauPhil Niekro 3733667
1980-07-11@ ATL82W  5-344-38326,139Mario SotoDoyle AlexanderMario SotoDoyle AlexanderTom Hume3783699
1980-07-12vs SFN83L  4-744-4030 Bruce BerenyiJohn MontefuscoGary LavelleDoug BairGreg Minton3823766
1980-07-12vs SFN84L  7-1044-40335,584 Mike LaCossBill BordleyBill BordleyMike LaCossGreg Minton3893863
1980-07-13vs SFN85L  0-244-41325,014 Joe PriceAllen RipleyAllen RipleyJoe PriceAl Holland3893881
1980-07-14vs SFN86L  3-544-42320,158 Charlie LeibrandtAlan HargesheimerAlan HargesheimerCharlie LeibrandtGary Lavelle392393-1
1980-07-15vs MON87W  11-745-42321,589 Paul MoskauDavid PalmerPaul MoskauDavid Palmer 4034003
1980-07-16vs MON88L  4-645-43320,023 Mario SotoSteve RogersSteve RogersMario SotoStan Bahnsen4074061
1980-07-17vs MON89L  1-645-44320,290 Mike LaCossScott SandersonScott SandersonMike LaCoss 408412-4
1980-07-18vs NYN90W  5-347-4430 Frank PastorePete FalconeMario SotoPete Falcone 413415-2
1980-07-18vs NYN91W  8-347-44330,026 Bruce BerenyiMark BombackBruce BerenyiMark BombackTom Hume4214183
1980-07-19vs NYN92L  3-1347-45340,079 Charlie LeibrandtRoy Lee JacksonRoy Lee JacksonCharlie Leibrandt 424431-7
1980-07-20vs NYN93W  4-348-45324,081 Paul MoskauPat ZachryTom HumeJeff Reardon 428434-6
1980-07-21vs PHI94W  5-449-45327,177 Mike LaCossRandy LerchCharlie LeibrandtRandy LerchTom Hume433438-5
1980-07-22vs PHI95W  3-250-45328,079 Mario SotoSteve CarltonMario SotoSteve Carlton 436440-4
1980-07-23vs PHI96W  7-351-45329,614 Bruce BerenyiNino EspinosaBruce BerenyiNino EspinosaTom Hume4434430
1980-07-25@ NYN97L  0-251-46327,897Paul MoskauPat ZachryPat ZachryPaul Moskau 443445-2
1980-07-26@ NYN98W  5-152-46318,407Bill BonhamRoy Lee JacksonBill BonhamRoy Lee JacksonTom Hume4484462
1980-07-27@ NYN99W  10-453-46321,015Charlie LeibrandtJohn PacellaJoe PriceJohn Pacella 4584508
1980-07-28@ MON100W  3-254-4730Mike LaCossCharlie LeaDoug BairCharlie LeaTom Hume4614529
1980-07-28@ MON101L  4-554-47340,301Mario SotoFred NormanFred NormanMario SotoWoodie Fryman4654578
1980-07-29@ MON102L  1-454-48328,445Bruce BerenyiBill GullicksonBill GullicksonBruce Berenyi 4664615
1980-07-30@ MON103L  1-254-49328,196Paul MoskauSteve RogersWoodie FrymanDoug Bair 4674634
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-08-01@ PHI104L  1-354-50337,409Charlie LeibrandtBob WalkBob WalkCharlie LeibrandtTug McGraw4684662
1980-08-02@ PHI105W  2-055-50343,244Mike LaCossSteve CarltonMike LaCossSteve Carlton 4704664
1980-08-03@ PHI106L  4-855-51341,328Bruce BerenyiNino EspinosaNino EspinosaBruce BerenyiRon Reed4744740
1980-08-04vs SDN107W  7-157-5130 Tom SeaverRandy JonesTom SeaverRandy JonesTom Hume4814756
1980-08-04vs SDN108W  11-257-51325,162 Joe PriceRick WiseMario SotoDennis Kinney 49247715
1980-08-05vs SDN109W  9-258-51323,180 Paul MoskauGary LucasPaul MoskauGary Lucas 50147922
1980-08-06vs SDN110W  4-359-51327,070 Charlie LeibrandtSteve MuraTom HumeJohn D'Acquisto 50548223
1980-08-08vs LAN111W  8-560-51340,339 Mike LaCossBurt HootonTom HumeBobby Castillo 51348726
1980-08-09vs LAN112L  4-960-52345,095 Tom SeaverJerry ReussJerry ReussTom SeaverRick Sutcliffe51749621
1980-08-10vs LAN113L  1-760-53335,179 Paul MoskauDave GoltzDave GoltzPaul Moskau 51850315
1980-08-11@ SDN114W  1-061-53316,346Charlie LeibrandtSteve MuraCharlie LeibrandtSteve MuraTom Hume51950316
1980-08-12@ SDN115W  3-262-53215,579Joe PriceRandy JonesJoe PriceRandy Jones 52250517
1980-08-13@ SDN116W  4-363-53113,141Mike LaCossBob ShirleyMario SotoBob Shirley 52650818
1980-08-15@ LAN117L  1-363-54350,933Tom SeaverJerry ReussJerry ReussTom Seaver 52751116
1980-08-16@ LAN118W  3-264-54142,743Paul MoskauDon SuttonTom HumeSteve Howe 53051317
1980-08-17@ LAN119W  6-265-54247,177Mario SotoBob WelchMario SotoBob WelchTom Hume53651521
1980-08-18vs SLN120L  1-1065-55225,404 Charlie LeibrandtBob ForschBob ForschCharlie Leibrandt 53752512
1980-08-19vs SLN121W  4-266-55232,751 Mike LaCossSilvio MartinezMike LaCossSilvio MartinezDoug Bair54152714
1980-08-20vs SLN122W  4-367-55230,013 Tom SeaverBob SykesJoe PriceDon Hood 54553015
1980-08-22vs PIT123L  2-467-56237,936 Paul MoskauDon RobinsonDon RobinsonPaul MoskauKent Tekulve54753413
1980-08-23vs PIT124L  1-267-57343,482 Frank PastoreRick RhodenRick RhodenFrank PastoreGrant Jackson54853612
1980-08-24vs PIT125L  2-567-58337,072 Mike LaCossJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaMike LaCoss 5505419
1980-08-25vs CHN126W  2-068-58320,330 Tom SeaverLynn McGlothenTom SeaverLynn McGlothenMario Soto55254111
1980-08-26vs CHN127L  2-468-59320,632 Joe PriceRick ReuschelRick ReuschelTom Hume 5545459
1980-08-28@ PIT128W  4-069-59317,406Paul MoskauRick RhodenPaul MoskauRick Rhoden 55854513
1980-08-29@ PIT129W  8-770-59341,494Frank PastoreJohn CandelariaMario SotoKent TekulveTom Hume56655214
1980-08-30@ PIT130W  5-371-59324,493Tom SeaverJim BibbyTom SeaverJim Bibby 57155516
1980-08-31@ PIT131W  5-472-59321,774Mike LaCossBert BlylevenMike LaCossBert BlylevenMario Soto57655917
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-09-01@ SLN132W  8-173-5939,761Joe PriceJim KaatJoe PriceJim Kaat 58456024
1980-09-02@ SLN133L  4-1273-6038,389Paul MoskauBob ForschBob ForschPaul MoskauJohn Littlefield58857216
1980-09-03@ SLN134L  3-473-6138,522Frank PastoreSilvio MartinezJim KaatTom Hume 59157615
1980-09-05@ CHN135W  5-374-6135,386Tom SeaverRick ReuschelTom SeaverRick ReuschelMario Soto59657917
1980-09-06@ CHN136L  3-475-6230Mike LaCossDennis LampBruce SutterTom Hume 59958316
1980-09-06@ CHN137W  6-175-62322,086Joe PriceRandy MartzJoe PriceRandy MartzMario Soto60558421
1980-09-07@ CHN138L  4-675-63310,328Paul MoskauMike KrukowBruce SutterDoug Bair 60959019
1980-09-08@ ATL139W  6-176-63315,951Frank PastoreDoyle AlexanderFrank PastoreDoyle Alexander 61559124
1980-09-09@ ATL140W  7-177-63314,165Mario SotoTommy BoggsMario SotoTommy Boggs 62259230
1980-09-10@ ATL141W  3-078-63310,516Tom SeaverLarry McWilliamsTom SeaverLarry McWilliams 62559233
1980-09-12vs LAN142L  2-578-64336,287 Mike LaCossDon SuttonDon SuttonMike LaCossSteve Howe62759730
1980-09-13vs LAN143L  2-378-65338,542 Frank PastoreBob WelchBobby CastilloMario SotoDon Stanhouse62960029
1980-09-14vs LAN144L  1-378-66334,038 Paul MoskauJerry ReussJerry ReussPaul Moskau 63060327
1980-09-15vs SFN145W  6-279-66316,002 Tom SeaverBob KnepperTom SeaverBob Knepper 63660531
1980-09-16vs SFN146L  1-879-67312,206 Joe PriceEd WhitsonEd WhitsonJoe Price 63761324
1980-09-17vs HOU147W  7-080-67325,092 Mario SotoJoe NiekroMario SotoJoe Niekro 64461331
1980-09-18vs HOU148L  2-1080-68323,861 Frank PastoreKen ForschKen ForschFrank PastoreJoe Sambito64662323
1980-09-19@ LAN149W  10-781-68346,609Paul MoskauJerry ReussMike LaCossJerry ReussTom Hume65663026
1980-09-20@ LAN150W  10-282-68350,240Tom SeaverBurt HootonTom SeaverBurt Hooton 66663234
1980-09-21@ LAN151W  7-283-68343,716Mario SotoDave GoltzTom HumeSteve Howe 67363439
1980-09-22@ SFN152L  3-783-6933,003Mike LaCossAllen RipleyAllen RipleyMike LaCossGary Lavelle67664135
1980-09-23@ SFN153W  2-184-6936,326Frank PastoreAlan HargesheimerFrank PastoreAlan Hargesheimer 67864236
1980-09-24@ SDN154W  7-685-6937,757Joe PriceJuan EichelbergerDoug BairRollie Fingers 68564837
1980-09-25@ SDN155W  5-386-6935,309Charlie LeibrandtRick WiseDoug BairDennis Kinney 69065139
1980-09-26@ HOU156L  0-286-70342,486Tom SeaverVern RuhleVern RuhleTom Seaver 69065337
1980-09-27@ HOU157L  0-286-71340,305Mario SotoJoe NiekroJoe NiekroMario SotoDave Smith69065535
1980-09-28@ HOU158W  8-587-71332,756Frank PastoreKen ForschMike LaCossJoaquin AndujarTom Hume69866038
1980-09-30vs SDN159L  2-387-72314,779 Charlie LeibrandtJohn CurtisJohn CurtisCharlie Leibrandt 70066337
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-10-01vs SDN160W  2-188-72311,764 Tom SeaverBob ShirleyTom HumeBob Shirley 70266438
1980-10-03vs ATL161L  1-488-73318,868 Mario SotoTommy BoggsTommy BoggsMario SotoRick Camp70366835
1980-10-04vs ATL162W  3-289-73314,376 Frank PastoreDoyle AlexanderFrank PastoreDoyle Alexander 70667036
1980-10-05vs ATL163W  1-090-73330,478 Joe PricePhil NiekroJoe PricePhil NiekroTom Hume70767037

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