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+    Level: MLB
Location:  St. Louis,MO
Team Record:  74-88   .457
Result:   4th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Whitey Herzog, Ken Boyer, Red Schoendienst, Jack Krol
General Manager:   John Claiborne
Stadium:  Busch Stadium II
Attendance:  1,385,147
Playoffs:  -

St. Louis Cardinals affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jim Kaat (41)
Youngest Player:  Joe DeSa (20)
Longest Tenure:  Ted Simmons (13)
Top Hitter:  Keith Hernandez (1)
Top Pitcher:  Pete Vuckovich (13)
Top Draft Pick:  Don Collins (#15)

Roster Continuity:  75.01%
National League Standings
St. Louis7488.45717.0
NY Mets6795.41424.0
Chi Cubs6498.39527.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-04-10vs PIT1W  1-01-0242,867 Pete VuckovichBert BlylevenPete VuckovichBert Blyleven 101
1980-04-11vs PIT2L  3-41-1516,998 Bob ForschJohn CandelariaGrant JacksonDon Hood 440
1980-04-12vs PIT3L  2-71-2515,662 John FulghamJim BibbyJim BibbyJohn Fulgham 611-5
1980-04-13vs PIT4L  0-31-3616,301 Silvio MartinezJim RookerJim RookerSilvio MartinezGrant Jackson614-8
1980-04-15vs PHI5W  7-22-368,166 Pete VuckovichRandy LerchPete VuckovichRandy Lerch 1316-3
1980-04-16vs PHI6L  3-82-4610,911 Bob ForschSteve CarltonSteve CarltonBob Forsch 1624-8
1980-04-17@ PIT7W  12-93-455,233Bob SykesJohn CandelariaBob SykesJohn Candelaria 2833-5
1980-04-18@ PIT8L  10-123-5610,196Silvio MartinezJim BibbyGrant JacksonDarold KnowlesKent Tekulve3845-7
1980-04-19@ PIT9W  2-14-5412,642John FulghamBert BlylevenJohn FulghamDave Roberts 4046-6
1980-04-20@ PIT10L  3-64-6535,567Pete VuckovichJim RookerJim RookerPete VuckovichKent Tekulve4352-9
1980-04-22@ CHN11L  12-164-7618,889Bob ForschDennis LampBruce SutterMark Littell 5568-13
1980-04-23@ CHN12W  3-15-7610,429Silvio MartinezMike KrukowSilvio MartinezMike Krukow 5869-11
1980-04-25@ PHI13W  3-16-7330,516Pete VuckovichRandy LerchPete VuckovichRandy LerchMark Littell6170-9
1980-04-26@ PHI14L  0-76-8525,168John FulghamSteve CarltonSteve CarltonJohn Fulgham 6177-16
1980-04-27@ PHI15W  10-17-8328,200Bob ForschDick RuthvenBob ForschDick Ruthven 7178-7
1980-04-28vs CHN16L  2-47-9311,812 Silvio MartinezMike KrukowGuillermo HernandezBob SykesBruce Sutter7382-9
1980-04-29vs CHN17L  4-67-10412,665 Roy ThomasRick ReuschelDoug CapillaBob SykesBruce Sutter7788-11
1980-04-30vs CHN18W  8-28-10316,195 Pete VuckovichDennis LampPete VuckovichDennis Lamp 8590-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-05-02vs HOU19W  9-19-10323,009 Bob ForschNolan RyanDon HoodNolan RyanJim Kaat94913
1980-05-03vs HOU20L  2-49-11423,292 Silvio MartinezVern RuhleVern RuhleSilvio MartinezJoe Sambito96951
1980-05-04vs HOU21L  2-49-12417,262 Bob SykesKen ForschKen ForschBob SykesFrank LaCorte9899-1
1980-05-05vs SFN22W  9-510-12410,366 Pete VuckovichVida BluePete VuckovichVida BlueJim Kaat1071043
1980-05-06vs SFN23W  10-711-12411,490 Don HoodBob KnepperDonnie MooreBob KnepperPedro Borbon1171116
1980-05-07vs SFN24W  12-212-12412,464 Bob ForschEd WhitsonBob ForschEd Whitson 12911316
1980-05-09vs LAN25W  15-713-12323,394 Roy ThomasRick SutcliffePedro BorbonRick Sutcliffe 14412024
1980-05-10vs LAN26L  3-513-13327,450 Pete VuckovichBurt HootonBurt HootonPete VuckovichJerry Reuss14712522
1980-05-11vs LAN27L  2-413-14417,696 Bob ForschDave GoltzDave GoltzBob ForschJerry Reuss14912920
1980-05-13@ SDN28L  2-313-1549,958Don HoodRick WiseRollie FingersJim Kaat 15113219
1980-05-14@ SDN29W  2-114-15411,131Roy ThomasGary LucasRoy ThomasGary LucasMark Littell15313320
1980-05-15@ SDN30L  1-214-16410,265Pete VuckovichJohn CurtisJohn CurtisPete VuckovichRollie Fingers15413519
1980-05-16@ SFN31L  3-414-17516,860Bob ForschEd HalickiAl HollandBob Forsch 15713918
1980-05-17@ SFN32L  2-414-18512,134John FulghamVida BlueVida BlueBob SykesGary Lavelle15914316
1980-05-18@ SFN33L  5-614-19521,351Don HoodBob KnepperBob KnepperDon HoodAl Holland16414915
1980-05-19@ LAN34L  1-514-20534,297Roy ThomasBurt HootonBurt HootonRoy Thomas 16515411
1980-05-20@ LAN35L  3-414-21529,710Pete VuckovichJerry ReussJerry ReussPete VuckovichRick Sutcliffe16815810
1980-05-21@ LAN36L  3-514-22631,174Bob ForschDave GoltzJoe BeckwithMark LittellBobby Castillo1711638
1980-05-23vs SDN37L  0-214-2367,245 John FulghamRick WiseBob ShirleyJim Kaat 1711656
1980-05-24vs SDN38L  4-814-24614,990 Silvio MartinezEric RasmussenDennis KinneyDonnie Moore 1751732
1980-05-25vs SDN39L  5-1114-25614,157 Pete VuckovichRandy JonesRollie FingersRoy ThomasJohn D'Acquisto180184-4
1980-05-26vs NYN40W  8-515-2568,470 Bob ForschPete FalconeBob ForschPete Falcone 188189-1
1980-05-27vs NYN41L  5-915-26610,658 Silvio MartinezMark BombackMark BombackSilvio Martinez 193198-5
1980-05-28vs NYN42L  5-615-27612,161 John FulghamRay BurrisKevin KobelGeorge FrazierNeil Allen198204-6
1980-05-30vs MON43L  4-1015-28613,229 Jim KaatScott SandersonScott SandersonJim Kaat 202214-12
1980-05-31vs MON44W  8-616-28619,106 Bob ForschSteve RogersBob ForschSteve RogersPete Vuckovich210220-10
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-06-01vs MON45L  6-716-29630,016 Silvio MartinezBill LeeStan BahnsenGeorge FrazierFred Norman216227-11
1980-06-03@ NYN46W  8-117-2966,368John FulghamRay BurrisJohn FulghamRay Burris 224228-4
1980-06-04@ NYN47W  1-018-2968,566Jim KaatPat ZachryJim KaatNeil Allen 225228-3
1980-06-05@ NYN48L  1-218-3067,202Bob SykesCraig SwanCraig SwanGeorge Frazier 226230-4
1980-06-06@ MON49L  2-718-31625,151Bob ForschBill LeeBill LeeBob Forsch 228237-9
1980-06-07@ MON50L  1-218-32632,068Pete VuckovichDavid PalmerElias SosaJim Otten 229239-10
1980-06-08@ MON51L  4-618-3460John FulghamSteve RogersSteve RogersJohn FulghamWoodie Fryman233245-12
1980-06-08@ MON52L  4-918-34646,871Roy ThomasRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyRoy Thomas 237254-17
1980-06-09@ ATL53W  8-519-3466,513Jim KaatRick MatulaJohn LittlefieldLarry BradfordGeorge Frazier245259-14
1980-06-10@ ATL54L  2-519-3566,763Bob SykesPhil NiekroPhil NiekroBob Sykes 247264-17
1980-06-11@ ATL55W  4-320-3566,755Bob ForschLarry McWilliamsBob ForschLarry BradfordKim Seaman251267-16
1980-06-13vs CIN56L  2-520-36624,022 Pete VuckovichCharlie LeibrandtCharlie LeibrandtPete VuckovichTom Hume253272-19
1980-06-14vs CIN57W  4-321-36629,844 Jim KaatJoe PriceJohn LittlefieldMario Soto 257275-18
1980-06-15vs CIN58W  10-922-36636,379 Bob SykesTom SeaverRoy ThomasPaul Moskau 267284-17
1980-06-16vs ATL59L  3-622-37616,809 Bob ForschTommy BoggsTommy BoggsBob Forsch 270290-20
1980-06-17vs ATL60W  3-223-37613,524 Pete VuckovichDoyle AlexanderPete VuckovichDoyle Alexander 273292-19
1980-06-18@ HOU61L  0-323-38624,459Jim KaatJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJim Kaat 273295-22
1980-06-19@ HOU62L  0-223-39624,663Bob SykesNolan RyanNolan RyanBob SykesJoe Sambito273297-24
1980-06-20@ CIN63W  7-524-39632,640Bob ForschTom SeaverKim SeamanTom HumeJohn Littlefield280302-22
1980-06-21@ CIN64L  5-824-40631,186Jim OttenFrank PastoreFrank PastoreJohn Littlefield 285310-25
1980-06-22@ CIN65W  12-225-40629,182Pete VuckovichMike LaCossPete VuckovichMike LaCoss 297312-15
1980-06-23vs PIT66W  6-126-40620,422 Jim KaatEddie SolomonJim KaatEddie Solomon 303313-10
1980-06-24vs PIT67W  3-227-40621,858 Bob SykesRick RhodenBob SykesRick Rhoden 306315-9
1980-06-25vs PIT68W  4-128-40626,102 Don HoodJohn CandelariaDon HoodJohn CandelariaKim Seaman310316-6
1980-06-27@ CHN69W  3-229-40622,176Pete VuckovichDoug CapillaKim SeamanGuillermo Hernandez 313318-5
1980-06-28@ CHN70W  8-630-4160Bob ForschRick ReuschelJohn LittlefieldBruce Sutter 321324-3
1980-06-28@ CHN71L  1-230-41636,430Jim OttenMike KrukowMike KrukowJim Otten 322326-4
1980-06-29@ CHN72W  9-731-41632,578John UrreaLynn McGlothenJohn UrreaLynn McGlothenJohn Littlefield331333-2
1980-06-30@ PIT73L  4-531-42616,591Bob SykesJohn CandelariaEnrique RomoDon Hood 335338-3
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-07-01@ PIT74L  2-331-43617,006Jim KaatBert BlylevenGrant JacksonJim Kaat 337341-4
1980-07-02@ PIT75W  7-532-43615,250Pete VuckovichRick RhodenJohn UrreaRod Scurry 344346-2
1980-07-03vs PHI76L  1-232-4560 Bob ForschDick RuthvenDick RuthvenBob Forsch 345348-3
1980-07-03vs PHI77L  1-832-45638,038 Jim OttenBob WalkBob WalkJim Otten 346356-10
1980-07-04vs PHI78W  1-033-45615,481 Bob SykesNino EspinosaBob SykesKevin Saucier 347356-9
1980-07-05vs PHI79W  6-134-45627,932 Jim KaatRandy LerchJim KaatRandy Lerch 353357-4
1980-07-06vs PHI80L  3-834-46617,769 Pete VuckovichSteve CarltonSteve CarltonPete Vuckovich 356365-9
1980-07-10@ MON81L  3-434-47631,019Bob ForschDavid PalmerDavid PalmerJohn LittlefieldWoodie Fryman359369-10
1980-07-11@ MON82W  5-335-47625,910Pete VuckovichSteve RogersSilvio MartinezWoodie FrymanJohn Littlefield364372-8
1980-07-12@ NYN83W  8-636-47526,313Jim KaatJohn PacellaJohn LittlefieldEd Glynn 372378-6
1980-07-13@ NYN84L  4-736-4960Bob SykesPete FalconePete FalconeBob Sykes 376385-9
1980-07-13@ NYN85L  4-1036-49627,941Jim OttenMark BombackMark BombackJim Otten 380395-15
1980-07-15vs SDN86W  5-337-49513,519 Bob ForschRandy JonesBob ForschRandy JonesJohn Littlefield385398-13
1980-07-16vs SDN87W  3-038-49512,343 Pete VuckovichGary LucasPete VuckovichGary Lucas 388398-10
1980-07-17vs SDN88W  15-339-49512,156 Jim KaatRick WiseJim KaatRick Wise 4034012
1980-07-18vs SFN89L  7-839-50518,950 Silvio MartinezAllen RipleyAl HollandKim Seaman 4104091
1980-07-19vs SFN90L  4-739-51526,513 Bob SykesAlan HargesheimerAlan HargesheimerBob SykesGary Lavelle414416-2
1980-07-20vs SFN91W  2-140-51530,271 Bob ForschBob KnepperBob ForschBob Knepper 416417-1
1980-07-21vs LAN92W  5-241-51520,224 Pete VuckovichDave GoltzPete VuckovichDave GoltzJohn Littlefield4214192
1980-07-22vs LAN93W  3-242-51525,174 Jim KaatDon SuttonJohn UrreaDon SuttonJohn Littlefield4244213
1980-07-23vs LAN94W  7-343-51528,654 Silvio MartinezBob WelchSilvio MartinezBob Welch 4314247
1980-07-25@ SDN95W  3-244-51512,815Bob SykesRandy JonesBob SykesDennis KinneyJohn Littlefield4344268
1980-07-26@ SDN96L  3-444-52515,310Bob ForschSteve MuraDennis KinneyDon Hood 4374307
1980-07-27@ SDN97L  2-544-53511,381Pete VuckovichGary LucasGary LucasPete VuckovichRollie Fingers4394354
1980-07-29@ SFN98L  1-444-54522,991Silvio MartinezAllen RipleyAllen RipleySilvio MartinezGreg Minton4404391
1980-07-30@ SFN99W  4-045-54512,165John FulghamBob KnepperJohn FulghamBob Knepper 4444395
1980-07-31@ SFN100L  4-645-5559,982Bob SykesAlan HargesheimerGary LavelleJohn UrreaAl Holland4484453
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-08-01@ LAN101L  1-245-56543,549Bob ForschDon SuttonDave GoltzBob Forsch 4494472
1980-08-02@ LAN102L  2-345-57549,520Pete VuckovichBob WelchBob WelchPete VuckovichDon Stanhouse4514501
1980-08-03@ LAN103W  4-146-57531,833Silvio MartinezBurt HootonSilvio MartinezBurt Hooton 4554514
1980-08-06@ PHI104W  14-047-57531,629Bob SykesBob WalkBob SykesBob Walk 46945118
1980-08-07@ PHI105L  2-347-58531,397John FulghamSteve CarltonSteve CarltonJohn FulghamTug McGraw47145417
1980-08-08vs NYN106L  2-347-59522,932 Bob ForschPete FalconeJeff ReardonJohn LittlefieldNeil Allen47345716
1980-08-09vs NYN107W  9-648-59536,262 Pete VuckovichPat ZachryJohn UrreaTom HausmanJim Kaat48246319
1980-08-10vs NYN108L  1-448-60518,711 Silvio MartinezMark BombackMark BombackSilvio MartinezNeil Allen48346716
1980-08-11vs MON109W  16-049-60516,647 Bob SykesScott SandersonBob SykesScott Sanderson 49946732
1980-08-12vs MON110L  0-449-61516,570 John FulghamFred NormanFred NormanJohn FulghamWoodie Fryman49947128
1980-08-13vs MON111W  7-550-61516,187 Bob ForschCharlie LeaBob ForschHal DuesJim Kaat50647630
1980-08-14vs CHN112W  10-951-61519,475 Pete VuckovichDennis LampJim KaatGeorge Riley 51648531
1980-08-15vs CHN113L  4-551-62528,888 Silvio MartinezLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenSilvio MartinezBruce Sutter52049030
1980-08-16vs CHN114L  4-951-63538,710 Bob SykesMike KrukowMike KrukowBob SykesBruce Sutter52449925
1980-08-17vs CHN115L  2-651-64530,812 John FulghamRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJohn Fulgham 52650521
1980-08-18@ CIN116W  10-152-64525,404Bob ForschCharlie LeibrandtBob ForschCharlie Leibrandt 53650630
1980-08-19@ CIN117L  2-452-65532,751Silvio MartinezMike LaCossMike LaCossSilvio MartinezDoug Bair53851028
1980-08-20@ CIN118L  3-452-66530,013Bob SykesTom SeaverJoe PriceDon Hood 54151427
1980-08-22@ ATL119W  7-453-66511,854John FulghamRick MatulaJohn FulghamRick Matula 54851830
1980-08-23@ ATL120L  2-753-67521,099Pete VuckovichDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderPete Vuckovich 55052525
1980-08-24@ ATL121L  5-1053-68512,512Silvio MartinezTommy BoggsTommy BoggsSilvio Martinez 55553520
1980-08-25vs HOU122W  3-154-6859,185 Don HoodVern RuhleDon HoodVern Ruhle 55853622
1980-08-26vs HOU123L  2-754-69510,859 Jim KaatJoe NiekroJoe NiekroJim Kaat 56054317
1980-08-27vs HOU124W  10-255-69510,025 John FulghamKen ForschJohn MartinKen Forsch 57054525
1980-08-28vs ATL125W  11-256-6957,203 Bob ForschDoyle AlexanderBob ForschDoyle Alexander 58154734
1980-08-29vs ATL126L  3-456-70511,551 Silvio MartinezTommy BoggsTommy BoggsSilvio MartinezRick Camp58455133
1980-08-30vs ATL127W  5-357-70519,681 Don HoodLarry McWilliamsDon HoodLarry McWilliamsJohn Urrea58955435
1980-08-31vs ATL128L  2-657-71527,821 Bob SykesPhil NiekroPhil NiekroJim Otten 59156031
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-09-01vs CIN129L  1-857-7259,761 Jim KaatJoe PriceJoe PriceJim Kaat 59256824
1980-09-02vs CIN130W  12-458-7258,389 Bob ForschPaul MoskauBob ForschPaul MoskauJohn Littlefield60457232
1980-09-03vs CIN131W  4-359-7248,522 Silvio MartinezFrank PastoreJim KaatTom Hume 60857533
1980-09-05@ HOU132W  7-560-72419,628Don HoodNolan RyanKim SeamanJoe SambitoGeorge Frazier61558035
1980-09-06@ HOU133L  5-960-7440Bob SykesJoe NiekroJoe NiekroBob SykesRandy Niemann62058931
1980-09-06@ HOU134L  4-660-74434,350John MartinVern RuhleVern RuhleJohn Martin 62459529
1980-09-07@ HOU135W  2-061-74416,475Pete VuckovichKen ForschPete VuckovichKen Forsch 62659531
1980-09-08vs CHN136L  2-661-7546,307 Bob ForschLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenBob Forsch 62860127
1980-09-09vs CHN137W  6-462-7547,893 Silvio MartinezDoug CapillaSilvio MartinezDoug CapillaKim Seaman63460529
1980-09-10vs PIT138L  6-762-76410,300 Don HoodJim BibbyJim BibbyDon HoodEnrique Romo64061228
1980-09-11vs PIT139L  1-262-7747,521 John MartinBert BlylevenBert BlylevenJohn Martin 64161427
1980-09-12@ PHI140W  7-464-7740Pete VuckovichBob WalkPete VuckovichBob WalkJohn Urrea64861830
1980-09-12@ PHI141W  5-064-77444,093Al OlmstedNino EspinosaJohn LittlefieldRon Reed 65361835
1980-09-13@ PHI142L  1-264-78441,728Bob ForschSteve CarltonSteve CarltonBob Forsch 65462034
1980-09-14@ PHI143L  4-864-79430,137Silvio MartinezMarty BystromMarty BystromSilvio Martinez 65862830
1980-09-15@ CHN144W  5-165-7942,089Andy RinconDoug CapillaAndy RinconDoug Capilla 66362934
1980-09-16@ CHN145L  5-665-8043,019John MartinRandy MartzBill CaudillJohn Littlefield 66863533
1980-09-17@ CHN146W  8-566-8043,044Pete VuckovichMike KrukowPete VuckovichMike Krukow 67664036
1980-09-19vs MON147W  9-867-80410,251 Bob ForschSteve RogersJim KaatElias Sosa 68564837
1980-09-20vs MON148L  4-567-81410,916 Al OlmstedBill GullicksonBill LeeJohn Littlefield 68965336
1980-09-21vs MON149W  4-168-81410,068 Andy RinconDavid PalmerAndy RinconDavid PalmerKim Seaman69365439
1980-09-22vs PHI150L  2-368-8245,654 Pete VuckovichSteve CarltonSteve CarltonKim SeamanTug McGraw69565738
1980-09-23vs PHI151W  6-369-8246,915 Al OlmstedBob WalkAl OlmstedBob WalkJohn Littlefield70166041
1980-09-24@ PIT152L  3-669-8344,297John MartinRick RhodenRick RhodenJohn MartinGrant Jackson70466638
1980-09-25@ PIT153W  10-270-8346,805Jim KaatDon RobinsonJim KaatDon Robinson 71466846
1980-09-26@ NYN154W  5-171-8346,081Andy RinconRay BurrisAndy RinconNeil Allen 71966950
1980-09-27@ NYN155W  4-272-8345,603Jeff LittleMark BombackJeff LittleMark BombackGeorge Frazier72367152
1980-09-28@ NYN156L  0-872-84416,309Al OlmstedMike ScottMike ScottAl Olmsted 72367944
1980-09-29@ MON157L  2-572-85434,064Pete VuckovichBill LeeWoodie FrymanGeorge Frazier 72568441
1980-09-30@ MON158L  2-772-86430,759Bob ForschBill GullicksonBill GullicksonBob Forsch 72769136
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttSLN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-10-01@ MON159L  0-872-87420,063Andy RinconDavid PalmerDavid PalmerAndy Rincon 72769928
1980-10-03vs NYN160W  6-473-8748,309 Al OlmstedMike ScottGeorge FrazierRoy Lee JacksonJohn Urrea73370330
1980-10-04vs NYN161L  2-573-88413,954 Jeff LittleMark BombackMark BombackJeff LittleJeff Reardon73570827
1980-10-05vs NYN162W  3-274-8849,460 John MartinPete FalconeJohn MartinPete Falcone 73871028

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