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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Oakland,CA
Team Record:  83-79   .512
Result:   2nd in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Billy Martin
General Manager:   Charlie Finley
Stadium:  Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Attendance:  842,259
Playoffs:  -

Oakland Athletics affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Dave Hamilton (32)
Youngest Player:  Dave Beard (20)
Longest Tenure:  Mike Norris (6)
Top Hitter:  Rickey Henderson (10)
Top Pitcher:  Mike Norris (1)
Top Draft Pick:  Mike King (#4)

Roster Continuity:  76.21%
American League Standings
KC Royals9765.599--
Chi White Sox7090.43826.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-04-10vs MIN1L  7-90-1624,415 Rick LangfordJerry KoosmanDoug CorbettSteve McCatty 79-2
1980-04-11vs MIN2W  1-01-165,729 Matt KeoughPete RedfernMatt KeoughPete Redfern 89-1
1980-04-12vs MIN3L  0-61-275,783 Brian KingmanGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnBrian Kingman 815-7
1980-04-13vs MIN4W  4-12-266,300 Mike NorrisRoger EricksonMike NorrisRoger Erickson 1216-4
1980-04-14vs SEA5L  1-72-375,260 Steve McCattyGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottSteve McCatty 1323-10
1980-04-15vs SEA6W  12-33-372,140 Steve McCattyMike ParrottSteve McCattyMike Parrott 2526-1
1980-04-16vs SEA7W  6-14-342,418 Matt KeoughJim BeattieMatt KeoughJim Beattie 31274
1980-04-18vs CAL8W  6-35-346,570 Brian KingmanBruce KisonBrian KingmanBruce Kison 37307
1980-04-19vs CAL9W  3-16-335,239 Mike NorrisDon AaseMike NorrisDon AaseJeff Jones40319
1980-04-20vs CAL10W  6-18-310 Matt KeoughChris KnappMatt KeoughChris Knapp 463214
1980-04-20vs CAL11W  8-28-319,014 Steve McCattyFrank TananaSteve McCattyFrank Tanana 543420
1980-04-21@ SEA12W  4-29-314,466Dave HamiltonJim BeattieJeff JonesShane Rawley 583622
1980-04-22@ SEA13L  4-59-414,059Brian KingmanRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttBrian KingmanByron McLaughlin624121
1980-04-23@ SEA14W  5-210-414,075Mike NorrisFloyd BannisterRick LangfordByron McLaughlin 674324
1980-04-25@ MIN15L  3-1010-522,664Matt KeoughJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanMatt Keough 705317
1980-04-26@ MIN16L  1-510-626,325Steve McCattyPete RedfernPete RedfernSteve McCatty 715813
1980-04-27@ MIN17L  11-2010-7219,859Brian KingmanGeoff ZahnDoug CorbettBrian Kingman 82784
1980-04-28@ CAL18W  8-011-7230,889Rick LangfordBruce KisonRick LangfordBruce Kison 907812
1980-04-29@ CAL19W  4-212-7232,334Mike NorrisFrank TananaMike NorrisFrank Tanana 948014
1980-04-30@ CAL20L  1-212-8222,551Matt KeoughDon AaseDon AaseMatt Keough 958213
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-05-02vs DET21W  10-613-818,636 Steve McCattyDave RozemaSteve McCattyDave Rozema 1058817
1980-05-03vs DET22W  5-314-817,062 Brian KingmanJack MorrisBrian KingmanJack MorrisJeff Jones1109119
1980-05-04vs DET23L  0-415-910 Rick LangfordMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxRick Langford 1109515
1980-05-04vs DET24W  1-015-9118,217 Mike NorrisDan SchatzederMike NorrisDan Schatzeder 1119516
1980-05-05vs CLE25W  5-116-9112,605 Matt KeoughJohn DennyMatt KeoughJohn Denny 1169620
1980-05-06vs CLE26L  3-416-10124,309 Steve McCattyLen BarkerLen BarkerSteve McCatty 11910019
1980-05-07vs CLE27L  1-216-1114,731 Brian KingmanRick WaitsRick WaitsBrian Kingman 12010218
1980-05-10vs TOR28W  4-317-1114,925 Rick LangfordJim ClancyRick LangfordJerry Garvin 12410519
1980-05-11vs TOR29W  12-118-1117,843 Mike NorrisDave LemanczykMike NorrisDave Lemanczyk 13610630
1980-05-13@ DET30L  3-418-12113,332Matt KeoughJack MorrisJack MorrisMatt KeoughAurelio Lopez13911029
1980-05-14@ DET31L  5-618-13116,694Rick LangfordMilt WilcoxAurelio LopezJeff Jones 14411628
1980-05-16@ TOR32L  0-118-14116,138Mike NorrisJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonMike Norris 14411727
1980-05-17@ TOR33W  4-219-14123,074Matt KeoughDave StiebMatt KeoughJoey McLaughlin 14811929
1980-05-18@ TOR34L  1-1219-15214,414Rick LangfordPaul MirabellaPaul MirabellaRick Langford 14913118
1980-05-19@ KCA35L  5-619-16328,889Steve McCattyDennis LeonardDan QuisenberryDave Hamilton 15413717
1980-05-20@ KCA36L  0-119-17323,698Mike NorrisRich GaleRich GaleMike NorrisDan Quisenberry15413816
1980-05-21@ KCA37W  4-220-17324,030Brian KingmanLarry GuraBob LaceyDan Quisenberry 15814018
1980-05-22@ KCA38L  3-1620-18323,124Matt KeoughRenie MartinRenie MartinMatt Keough 1611565
1980-05-23vs TEX39L  1-320-1944,141 Rick LangfordFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsRick Langford 1621593
1980-05-24vs TEX40W  15-721-1935,061 Steve McCattyGaylord PerrySteve McCattyGaylord Perry 17716611
1980-05-25vs TEX41L  3-721-20510,549 Mike NorrisDoc MedichDoc MedichMike NorrisJim Kern1801737
1980-05-26vs KCA42W  4-122-20421,882 Matt KeoughRenie MartinMatt KeoughRenie Martin 18417410
1980-05-27vs KCA43L  2-422-2144,488 Brian KingmanDennis LeonardDennis LeonardBrian Kingman 1861788
1980-05-28vs KCA44W  6-323-2134,094 Rick LangfordRich GaleRick LangfordRich Gale 19218111
1980-05-30@ TEX45W  6-324-21226,613Steve McCattyGaylord PerrySteve McCattyGaylord Perry 19818414
1980-05-31@ TEX46W  4-325-21224,305Mike NorrisDoc MedichMike NorrisDoc MedichBob Lacey20218715
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-06-01@ TEX47L  3-725-22217,892Matt KeoughDanny DarwinDanny DarwinMatt Keough 20519411
1980-06-02@ CLE48L  5-1025-2334,445Brian KingmanWayne GarlandWayne GarlandBrian Kingman 2102046
1980-06-03@ CLE49L  4-625-2434,597Rick LangfordLen BarkerVictor CruzRick Langford 2142104
1980-06-04@ CLE50L  3-525-2538,608Steve McCattyDan SpillnerDan SpillnerSteve McCattyVictor Cruz2172152
1980-06-06vs BOS51L  8-1425-26315,947 Mike NorrisChuck RaineyChuck RaineyMike Norris 225229-4
1980-06-07vs BOS52W  4-126-26313,005 Matt KeoughMike TorrezMatt KeoughMike Torrez 229230-1
1980-06-08vs BOS53L  1-626-27318,738 Brian KingmanDennis EckersleyTom BurgmeierDave Hamilton 230236-6
1980-06-09vs BAL54L  2-326-28320,162 Rick LangfordMike FlanaganMike FlanaganRick Langford 232239-7
1980-06-10vs BAL55W  7-427-2833,873 Steve McCattyScott McGregorSteve McCattyScott McGregor 239243-4
1980-06-11vs BAL56W  6-228-2835,635 Mike NorrisJim PalmerMike NorrisSammy Stewart 2452450
1980-06-13vs NYA57W  4-329-2930 Brian KingmanRon GuidryBrian KingmanRon Guidry 2492481
1980-06-13vs NYA58L  4-629-29347,768 Matt KeoughTom UnderwoodRon DavisMatt KeoughRich Gossage253254-1
1980-06-14vs NYA59L  1-229-30326,410 Rick LangfordEd FigueroaEd FigueroaRick LangfordRich Gossage254256-2
1980-06-15vs NYA60L  2-829-31347,186 Steve McCattyLuis TiantLuis TiantSteve McCatty 256264-8
1980-06-16@ BOS61W  11-830-31325,026Mike NorrisChuck RaineyMike NorrisChuck Rainey 267272-5
1980-06-17@ BOS62L  2-630-32324,722Matt KeoughMike TorrezMike TorrezMatt Keough 269278-9
1980-06-18@ BAL63L  2-330-33317,436Brian KingmanMike FlanaganMike FlanaganJeff Jones 271281-10
1980-06-19@ BAL64L  3-430-34315,491Rick LangfordScott McGregorScott McGregorRick Langford 274285-11
1980-06-20@ NYA65L  7-1530-35345,935Steve McCattyLuis TiantLuis TiantSteve McCattyRon Davis281300-19
1980-06-21@ NYA66L  3-530-36351,598Mike NorrisTommy JohnTommy JohnMike NorrisRich Gossage284305-21
1980-06-22@ NYA67W  5-231-36345,745Matt KeoughTom UnderwoodMatt KeoughTom Underwood 289307-18
1980-06-23vs MIL68L  0-831-37317,666 Brian KingmanReggie ClevelandReggie ClevelandBrian Kingman 289315-26
1980-06-24vs MIL69L  3-531-3844,899 Rick LangfordBill TraversBill TraversRick LangfordBob McClure292320-28
1980-06-25vs MIL70L  2-531-3946,856 Steve McCattyMoose HaasMoose HaasSteve McCatty 294325-31
1980-06-27vs CHA71W  3-132-3948,482 Mike NorrisRoss BaumgartenMike NorrisRoss Baumgarten 297326-29
1980-06-28vs CHA72L  0-332-4045,204 Matt KeoughRich WorthamRich WorthamMatt KeoughEd Farmer297329-32
1980-06-29vs CHA73L  0-332-4147,369 Brian KingmanBritt BurnsBritt BurnsBrian KingmanMike Proly297332-35
1980-06-30@ MIL74L  2-532-42419,725Rick LangfordBill TraversBill TraversRick Langford 299337-38
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-07-01@ MIL75L  2-532-43620,769Steve McCattyMoose HaasMoose HaasSteve McCatty 301342-41
1980-07-02@ MIL76W  5-333-43418,494Mike NorrisLary SorensenMike NorrisBob McClure 306345-39
1980-07-03@ MIL77W  7-534-43415,298Matt KeoughMike CaldwellMatt KeoughMike CaldwellBob Lacey313350-37
1980-07-04@ CHA78W  2-035-43411,428Brian KingmanBritt BurnsBrian KingmanBritt Burns 315350-35
1980-07-05@ CHA79W  5-036-43420,559Rick LangfordRichard DotsonRick LangfordRichard Dotson 320350-30
1980-07-06@ CHA80L  0-236-4540Mike NorrisSteve TroutSteve TroutMike Norris 320352-32
1980-07-06@ CHA81L  4-536-45416,436Steve McCattyKen KravecEd FarmerBob Lacey 324357-33
1980-07-10vs CAL82L  1-537-4650 Matt KeoughFrank TananaFrank TananaMatt Keough 325362-37
1980-07-10vs CAL83W  5-437-46511,337 Rick LangfordDon AaseRick LangfordDon Aase 330366-36
1980-07-11vs CAL84W  6-238-4657,696 Brian KingmanChris KnappBrian KingmanChris KnappJeff Jones336368-32
1980-07-12@ CAL85W  5-439-46432,186Mike NorrisDave LemanczykMike NorrisDave LemanczykCraig Minetto341372-31
1980-07-13@ CAL86L  4-539-47524,393Steve McCattyEd HalickiJohn MontagueDave Hamilton 345377-32
1980-07-14@ CAL87W  6-440-47531,375Rick LangfordBruce KisonRick LangfordBruce Kison 351381-30
1980-07-16vs DET88L  2-740-4857,413 Brian KingmanMilt WilcoxRoger WeaverBrian Kingman 353388-35
1980-07-17vs DET89W  5-241-4846,370 Matt KeoughJack MorrisMatt KeoughJack Morris 358390-32
1980-07-18vs CLE90W  9-142-4835,912 Mike NorrisDan SpillnerMike NorrisDan Spillner 367391-24
1980-07-19vs CLE91W  3-043-4836,506 Steve McCattyRick WaitsSteve McCattyRick Waits 370391-21
1980-07-20vs CLE92W  6-544-48310,606 Rick LangfordRoss GrimsleyRick LangfordVictor Cruz 376396-20
1980-07-21vs TOR93L  0-144-49314,588 Brian KingmanDave StiebDave StiebBrian Kingman 376397-21
1980-07-22vs TOR94L  2-645-5030 Matt KeoughJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonMatt KeoughJerry Garvin378403-25
1980-07-22vs TOR95W  5-145-5038,645 Mike NorrisPaul MirabellaMike NorrisPaul Mirabella 383404-21
1980-07-23vs TOR96W  6-246-5034,765 Steve McCattyJack KucekSteve McCattyJack Kucek 389406-17
1980-07-25@ DET97W  5-347-50341,229Rick LangfordBruce RobbinsRick LangfordBruce Robbins 394409-15
1980-07-26@ DET98L  0-747-51339,758Brian KingmanDan SchatzederDan SchatzederBrian Kingman 394416-22
1980-07-27@ DET99L  2-448-5230Craig MinettoMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxCraig Minetto 396420-24
1980-07-27@ DET100W  4-048-52344,093Matt KeoughJack MorrisMatt KeoughJack MorrisBob Lacey400420-20
1980-07-28@ TOR101W  5-349-52214,457Mike NorrisPaul MirabellaMike NorrisMike Barlow 405423-18
1980-07-29@ TOR102W  6-550-52216,704Steve McCattyJim ClancyBob LaceyJerry Garvin 411428-17
1980-07-30@ TOR103W  11-151-52217,654Rick LangfordDave StiebRick LangfordDave Stieb 422429-7
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-08-01@ CLE104W  2-152-52216,439Brian KingmanRick WaitsBrian KingmanRick WaitsDave Beard424430-6
1980-08-03@ CLE105W  11-353-5320Matt KeoughWayne GarlandMatt KeoughWayne GarlandJeff Jones4354332
1980-08-03@ CLE106L  2-453-53217,587Mike NorrisLen BarkerLen BarkerMike Norris 4374370
1980-08-04vs MIN107W  11-254-53216,741 Steve McCattyGeoff ZahnSteve McCattyGeoff Zahn 4484399
1980-08-05vs MIN108W  3-255-5324,651 Rick LangfordJerry KoosmanRick LangfordJerry Koosman 45144110
1980-08-06vs MIN109W  3-156-5326,697 Brian KingmanRoger EricksonBrian KingmanRoger Erickson 45444212
1980-08-08vs SEA110L  1-256-5426,283 Matt KeoughJim BeattieShane RawleyMatt KeoughDave Roberts45544411
1980-08-09vs SEA111W  2-157-54213,629 Mike NorrisRick HoneycuttMike NorrisRick Honeycutt 45744512
1980-08-10vs SEA112L  1-258-5520 Steve McCattyGlenn AbbottDave HeaverloSteve McCattyShane Rawley45844711
1980-08-10vs SEA113W  6-158-55213,062 Rick LangfordByron McLaughlinRick LangfordByron McLaughlin 46444816
1980-08-12@ MIN114L  2-358-56213,181Brian KingmanRoger EricksonDoug CorbettBrian Kingman 46645115
1980-08-13@ MIN115W  6-259-56211,615Matt KeoughFernando ArroyoMatt KeoughFernando Arroyo 47245319
1980-08-14@ MIN116W  2-160-56213,077Mike NorrisDarrell JacksonMike NorrisDoug Corbett 47445420
1980-08-15@ SEA117W  11-361-5626,238Rick LangfordGlenn AbbottRick LangfordGlenn Abbott 48545728
1980-08-16@ SEA118W  8-362-56217,111Steve McCattyByron McLaughlinSteve McCattyByron McLaughlin 49346033
1980-08-17@ SEA119L  3-462-5725,484Brian KingmanRob DresslerRob DresslerBrian KingmanShane Rawley49646432
1980-08-19vs BOS120L  5-762-58211,934 Matt KeoughMike TorrezBob StanleyCraig MinettoTom Burgmeier50147130
1980-08-20vs BOS121W  2-163-5827,569 Mike NorrisDennis EckersleyMike NorrisDennis EckersleyBob Lacey50347231
1980-08-21vs BOS122L  1-563-59211,357 Rick LangfordJohn TudorJohn TudorRick Langford 50447727
1980-08-22vs BAL123L  2-363-60211,115 Steve McCattyJim PalmerSammy StewartSteve McCatty 50648026
1980-08-23vs BAL124L  2-463-61210,578 Brian KingmanSteve StoneSteve StoneBrian KingmanTim Stoddard50848424
1980-08-24vs BAL125L  0-363-62218,160 Matt KeoughMike FlanaganMike FlanaganMatt Keough 50848721
1980-08-25vs NYA126W  9-164-62249,300 Mike NorrisTommy JohnMike NorrisTommy John 51748829
1980-08-26vs NYA127W  3-165-62232,146 Rick LangfordLuis TiantRick LangfordLuis Tiant 52048931
1980-08-28@ BOS128L  2-365-63228,262Steve McCattySteve RenkoTom BurgmeierSteve McCattyBob Stanley52249230
1980-08-29@ BOS129L  3-665-64228,666Brian KingmanMike TorrezMike TorrezBrian KingmanTom Burgmeier52549827
1980-08-30@ BOS130L  6-765-65227,146Matt KeoughDennis EckersleyBill CampbellBob Lacey 53150526
1980-08-31@ BOS131L  1-565-66232,022Mike NorrisJohn TudorJohn TudorMike NorrisBob Stanley53251022
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-09-01@ NYA132L  0-565-67231,103Rick LangfordTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodRick Langford 53251517
1980-09-02@ NYA133L  1-665-68323,516Steve McCattyRudy MayRudy MaySteve McCatty 53352112
1980-09-03@ NYA134L  3-865-69327,091Brian KingmanTommy JohnTommy JohnBrian Kingman 5365297
1980-09-04@ BAL135W  7-166-69212,249Matt KeoughMike FlanaganMatt KeoughMike Flanagan 54353013
1980-09-05@ BAL136L  7-866-70324,587Mike NorrisScott McGregorTim StoddardJeff Jones 55053812
1980-09-06@ BAL137W  3-267-70233,472Rick LangfordJim PalmerRick LangfordJim Palmer 55354013
1980-09-07@ BAL138W  5-268-70222,529Steve McCattySteve StoneSteve McCattySteve Stone 55854216
1980-09-08vs TEX139L  2-668-7139,731 Brian KingmanJohn ButcherJohn ButcherBrian Kingman 56054812
1980-09-09vs TEX140W  6-369-7122,443 Matt KeoughEd FigueroaMatt KeoughEd FigueroaJeff Jones56655115
1980-09-10vs TEX141W  3-170-7123,598 Mike NorrisJon MatlackMike NorrisJon Matlack 56955217
1980-09-12vs KCA142W  9-571-71217,440 Rick LangfordRich GaleRick LangfordCraig Chamberlain 57855721
1980-09-13vs KCA143W  6-272-71211,253 Steve McCattyLarry GuraSteve McCattyLarry Gura 58455925
1980-09-14vs KCA144L  3-472-72210,756 Brian KingmanPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffBrian KingmanDan Quisenberry58756324
1980-09-15@ TEX145L  0-272-7326,941Matt KeoughJon MatlackJon MatlackMatt KeoughJohn Henry Johnson58756522
1980-09-16@ TEX146W  4-273-7327,295Mike NorrisDoc MedichMike NorrisDanny Darwin 59156724
1980-09-17@ TEX147W  6-474-7327,255Rick LangfordJohn ButcherRick LangfordJohn ButcherBob Lacey59757126
1980-09-18@ TEX148L  6-1074-7427,560Steve McCattyKen ClayDanny DarwinSteve McCattyJohn Henry Johnson60358122
1980-09-19@ KCA149L  3-1374-75229,493Brian KingmanPaul SplittorffPaul SplittorffBrian Kingman 60659412
1980-09-20@ KCA150W  9-075-75237,523Matt KeoughMike JonesMatt KeoughMike Jones 61559421
1980-09-21@ KCA151W  9-376-75241,329Mike NorrisDennis LeonardMike NorrisDennis Leonard 62459727
1980-09-23vs CHA152W  6-477-7523,069 Rick LangfordBritt BurnsRick LangfordMike Proly 63060129
1980-09-24vs CHA153W  7-178-7522,836 Steve McCattySteve TroutSteve McCattySteve Trout 63760235
1980-09-25vs CHA154L  4-678-7623,180 Matt KeoughRoss BaumgartenMike ProlyBrian KingmanEd Farmer64160833
1980-09-26vs MIL155L  7-1078-7725,099 Mike NorrisDave LaPointReggie ClevelandMike NorrisBob McClure64861830
1980-09-27vs MIL156W  7-479-7724,581 Rick LangfordMoose HaasRick LangfordMoose Haas 65562233
1980-09-28vs MIL157W  3-280-77210,662 Steve McCattyMike CaldwellSteve McCattyReggie Cleveland 65862434
1980-09-30@ CHA158W  5-181-77218,903Brian KingmanSteve TroutBrian KingmanSteve TroutBob Lacey66362538
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttOAK PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-10-01@ CHA159W  11-382-7722,258Mike NorrisRoss BaumgartenMike NorrisRoss Baumgarten 67462846
1980-10-02@ CHA160L  4-982-7822,202Rick LangfordRichard DotsonGuy HoffmanRick Langford 67863741
1980-10-04@ MIL161W  4-083-7829,116Bob LaceyMoose HaasBob LaceyMoose Haas 68263745
1980-10-05@ MIL162L  4-583-7929,813Rick LangfordMike CaldwellReggie ClevelandDave Beard 68664244

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