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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  103-59   .636
Result:   1st in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Dick Howser
General Manager:   Gene Michael
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium
Attendance:  2,627,417
Playoffs:  Lost ALCS (Royals)

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Gaylord Perry (41)
Youngest Player:  Ted Wilborn (21)
Longest Tenure:  Graig Nettles, Fred Stanley (8)
Top Hitter:  Reggie Jackson (4)
Top Pitcher:  Tommy John (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Billy Cannon (#74)

Roster Continuity:  63.81%
American League Standings
NY Yankees10359.636--

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-04-10@ TEX1L  0-10-1633,196Ron GuidryJon MatlackSparky LyleTom Underwood 01-1
1980-04-11@ TEX2L  7-110-2721,424Tommy JohnFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsRon DavisDave Rajsich712-5
1980-04-13@ TEX3W  9-42-220Luis TiantSteve ComerLuis TiantSteve Comer 16160
1980-04-13@ TEX4W  8-22-2213,882Ed FigueroaGaylord PerryEd FigueroaGaylord PerryTom Underwood24186
1980-04-15@ CHA5L  3-42-346,614Ron GuidrySteve TroutRich WorthamJim Kaat 27225
1980-04-16@ CHA6W  6-03-349,680Tommy JohnKen KravecTommy JohnKen Kravec 332211
1980-04-17@ CHA7L  6-83-445,555Mike GriffinBritt BurnsBritt BurnsMike GriffinEd Farmer39309
1980-04-18vs MIL8L  2-33-5547,362 Luis TiantMike CaldwellMike CaldwellLuis TiantJerry Augustine41338
1980-04-19vs MIL9L  1-53-6523,132 Ed FigueroaMoose HaasMoose HaasEd FigueroaBob McClure42384
1980-04-20vs MIL10W  9-54-6532,427 Ron GuidryBill TraversRon DavisJerry Augustine 51438
1980-04-21vs BAL11W  3-25-6521,419 Tommy JohnMike FlanaganTommy JohnMike FlanaganRich Gossage54459
1980-04-22vs BAL12W  5-46-6316,812 Mike GriffinScott McGregorTom UnderwoodTim Stoddard 594910
1980-04-23vs BAL13W  6-57-6324,302 Luis TiantJim PalmerRon DavisJim PalmerRich Gossage655411
1980-04-25vs CHA14L  0-67-7217,076 Ed FigueroaSteve TroutSteve TroutEd Figueroa 65605
1980-04-26vs CHA15L  7-87-8318,020 Ron GuidryKen KravecEd FarmerTom UnderwoodRandy Scarbery72684
1980-04-27vs CHA16W  1-08-8220,431 Tommy JohnBritt BurnsTommy JohnBritt Burns 73685
1980-04-29@ BAL17W  4-39-8221,440Luis TiantScott McGregorLuis TiantScott McGregorRudy May77716
1980-04-30@ BAL18L  4-79-9217,166Tom UnderwoodSteve StoneSteve StoneTom UnderwoodTim Stoddard81783
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-05-02@ MIN19W  9-610-9217,067Ron GuidryGeoff ZahnRon GuidryGeoff ZahnRudy May90846
1980-05-03@ MIN20W  7-311-9212,054Tommy JohnDarrell JacksonTommy JohnDarrell Jackson 978710
1980-05-04@ MIN21W  10-112-9113,085Tom UnderwoodJerry KoosmanTom UnderwoodJerry Koosman 1078819
1980-05-06@ MIL22W  6-513-9117,042Luis TiantMike CaldwellRudy MayReggie Cleveland 1139320
1980-05-07@ MIL23W  4-114-9112,790Tommy JohnBill TraversTommy JohnBill Travers 1179423
1980-05-09vs MIN24W  5-215-9127,225 Ron GuidryJerry KoosmanRon GuidryJerry KoosmanRich Gossage1229626
1980-05-10vs MIN25L  0-115-10128,015 Tom UnderwoodDarrell JacksonDarrell JacksonRudy MayDoug Corbett1229725
1980-05-11vs MIN26W  5-016-10130,680 Tommy JohnGeoff ZahnTommy JohnGeoff Zahn 1279730
1980-05-12vs KCA27L  3-1216-11117,010 Luis TiantLarry GuraLarry GuraLuis TiantMarty Pattin13010921
1980-05-13vs KCA28L  1-416-12220,107 Mike GriffinRenie MartinRenie MartinMike GriffinDan Quisenberry13111318
1980-05-14vs KCA29W  16-317-12121,953 Ron GuidryDennis LeonardRon GuidryDennis LeonardEd Figueroa14711631
1980-05-16vs TEX30W  6-218-12130,068 Tommy JohnDoc MedichTommy JohnDoc Medich 15311835
1980-05-17vs TEX31W  3-019-12128,173 Tom UnderwoodJon MatlackTom UnderwoodJon Matlack 15611838
1980-05-18vs TEX32L  4-519-13148,030 Mike GriffinFergie JenkinsSparky LyleRon Davis 16012337
1980-05-19@ DET33W  1-020-13127,715Ron GuidryMilt WilcoxRon GuidryMilt Wilcox 16112338
1980-05-20@ DET34L  8-1220-14131,194Tommy JohnPat UnderwoodJohn HillerTommy JohnDave Rozema16913534
1980-05-21@ DET35W  9-521-14132,478Tom UnderwoodDan SchatzederRudy MayAurelio Lopez 17814038
1980-05-22@ TOR36W  5-122-14126,047Mike GriffinDave StiebMike GriffinDave Stieb 18314142
1980-05-23@ TOR37W  7-323-14124,585Ron GuidryPaul MirabellaRon GuidryPaul Mirabella 19014446
1980-05-24@ TOR38W  6-224-14131,021Luis TiantJim ClancyLuis TiantJim ClancyRudy May19614650
1980-05-25@ TOR39L  6-924-15133,077Tommy JohnLuis LealLuis LealTommy John 20215547
1980-05-26vs DET40W  13-525-15128,170 Tom UnderwoodDan SchatzederTom UnderwoodDan SchatzederRich Gossage21516055
1980-05-27vs DET41W  9-626-15120,150 Mike GriffinDan PetryMike GriffinDan PetryRon Davis22416658
1980-05-28vs DET42L  3-626-16126,382 Ron GuidryJack MorrisJack MorrisRon GuidryAurelio Lopez22717255
1980-05-30vs TOR43W  6-027-16124,319 Luis TiantJim ClancyLuis TiantJim ClancyRich Gossage23317261
1980-05-31vs TOR44W  8-628-16125,158 Tommy JohnJesse JeffersonRudy MayJoey McLaughlin 24117863
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-06-01vs TOR45W  11-729-16152,049 Tom UnderwoodPaul MirabellaTom UnderwoodPaul Mirabella 25218567
1980-06-02@ KCA46W  5-330-16139,261Ron GuidryPaul SplittorffRon GuidryPaul Splittorff 25718869
1980-06-03@ KCA47L  5-630-17126,734Mike GriffinLarry GuraDan QuisenberryRon Davis 26219468
1980-06-04@ KCA48L  3-930-18127,234Luis TiantRenie MartinRenie MartinLuis Tiant 26520362
1980-06-06@ SEA49W  3-031-18128,156Tommy JohnJim BeattieTommy JohnJim Beattie 26820365
1980-06-07@ SEA50W  1-032-18143,594Tom UnderwoodRick HoneycuttTom UnderwoodRick HoneycuttRich Gossage26920366
1980-06-08@ SEA51L  0-532-19122,175Ron GuidryGlenn AbbottGlenn AbbottRon Guidry 26920861
1980-06-09@ CAL52W  8-733-19130,126Mike GriffinAlfredo MartinezRich GossageDave Lemanczyk 27721562
1980-06-10@ CAL53L  4-533-20138,996Luis TiantFrank TananaMark ClearRudy May 28122061
1980-06-11@ CAL54W  9-734-20139,593Tommy JohnBruce KisonRich GossageMark Clear 29022763
1980-06-13@ OAK55L  3-435-2110Ron GuidryBrian KingmanBrian KingmanRon Guidry 29323162
1980-06-13@ OAK56W  6-435-21147,768Tom UnderwoodMatt KeoughRon DavisMatt KeoughRich Gossage29923564
1980-06-14@ OAK57W  2-136-21126,410Ed FigueroaRick LangfordEd FigueroaRick LangfordRich Gossage30123665
1980-06-15@ OAK58W  8-237-21147,186Luis TiantSteve McCattyLuis TiantSteve McCatty 30923871
1980-06-16vs SEA59W  6-338-21120,862 Tommy JohnJim BeattieTommy JohnJim BeattieRich Gossage31524174
1980-06-17vs SEA60W  8-239-21120,835 Tom UnderwoodRick HoneycuttTom UnderwoodRick HoneycuttRon Davis32324380
1980-06-18vs CAL61W  5-040-21130,876 Ron GuidryDon AaseRon GuidryDon Aase 32824385
1980-06-19vs CAL62W  7-541-21124,143 Ed FigueroaAlfredo MartinezRudy MayDave Lemanczyk 33524887
1980-06-20vs OAK63W  15-742-21145,935 Luis TiantSteve McCattyLuis TiantSteve McCattyRon Davis35025595
1980-06-21vs OAK64W  5-343-21151,598 Tommy JohnMike NorrisTommy JohnMike NorrisRich Gossage35525897
1980-06-22vs OAK65L  2-543-22145,745 Tom UnderwoodMatt KeoughMatt KeoughTom Underwood 35726394
1980-06-23vs BOS66L  2-743-23150,139 Ron GuidryDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyRon Guidry 35927089
1980-06-24vs BOS67W  10-544-23140,161 Ed FigueroaBob StanleyRudy MayJohn TudorRich Gossage36927594
1980-06-25vs BOS68L  3-444-24146,500 Tommy JohnSteve RenkoTom BurgmeierTommy John 37227993
1980-06-27vs CLE69L  0-244-25130,421 Rudy MayRick WaitsRick WaitsRudy May 37228191
1980-06-28vs CLE70W  11-1045-25142,192 Tom UnderwoodWayne GarlandRich GossageVictor Cruz 38329192
1980-06-29vs CLE71W  7-246-25153,231 Ron GuidryLen BarkerRon GuidryLen BarkerRon Davis39029397
1980-06-30@ BOS72W  6-347-25133,858Tommy JohnBob StanleyTommy JohnBob StanleyRich Gossage396296100
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-07-01@ BOS73W  3-248-25135,026Ed FigueroaDennis EckersleyEd FigueroaDennis EckersleyRon Davis399298101
1980-07-02@ BOS74W  6-049-25133,971Rudy MaySteve RenkoRudy MaySteve Renko 405298107
1980-07-03@ CLE75L  0-749-26173,096Tom UnderwoodWayne GarlandWayne GarlandTom Underwood 405305100
1980-07-04@ CLE76W  11-550-26121,312Ron GuidryLen BarkerRon GuidryLen Barker 416310106
1980-07-05@ CLE77W  3-251-26136,614Tommy JohnDan SpillnerTommy JohnDan SpillnerRich Gossage419312107
1980-07-06@ CLE78L  3-551-27143,209Ed FigueroaRick WaitsRick WaitsEd FigueroaSid Monge422317105
1980-07-10@ TEX79W  13-552-27134,463Ron GuidryFergie JenkinsRon GuidryFergie JenkinsTim Lollar435322113
1980-07-11@ TEX80L  8-1052-28132,378Tom UnderwoodJon MatlackJon MatlackTom UnderwoodJohn Henry Johnson443332111
1980-07-12@ CHA81W  8-053-28134,308Tommy JohnRoss BaumgartenTommy JohnRoss Baumgarten 451332119
1980-07-13@ CHA82W  3-154-28128,984Rudy MaySteve TroutRudy MaySteve Trout 454333121
1980-07-14@ CHA83W  7-655-28125,185Ed FigueroaRich WorthamRon DavisEd FarmerRich Gossage461339122
1980-07-15vs MIN84L  4-555-29130,747 Ron GuidryJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanRon GuidryDoug Corbett465344121
1980-07-16vs MIN85W  11-156-29128,005 Tom UnderwoodDarrell JacksonTom UnderwoodDarrell Jackson 476345131
1980-07-17vs MIN86W  10-357-29125,035 Tommy JohnGeoff ZahnTommy JohnGeoff Zahn 486348138
1980-07-18vs KCA87L  1-1357-30144,170 Rudy MayLarry GuraLarry GuraRudy May 487361126
1980-07-19vs KCA88W  13-758-30153,583 Doug BirdPaul SplittorffDoug BirdPaul SplittorffRon Davis500368132
1980-07-20vs KCA89L  3-1458-31150,328 Ron GuidryRich GaleRich GaleRon GuidryDan Quisenberry503382121
1980-07-21vs MIL90L  4-758-32132,097 Tom UnderwoodMike CaldwellMike CaldwellTom UnderwoodBob McClure507389118
1980-07-22vs MIL91W  3-059-3310 Tommy JohnLary SorensenTommy JohnLary Sorensen 510389121
1980-07-22vs MIL92L  1-459-33153,668 Rudy MayBill TraversPaul MitchellRudy May 511393118
1980-07-23vs MIL93W  4-060-33141,015 Ron GuidryMoose HaasRon GuidryMoose Haas 515393122
1980-07-25@ KCA94L  1-660-34140,039Luis TiantRich GaleRich GaleLuis Tiant 516399117
1980-07-26@ KCA95W  5-461-34141,860Tom UnderwoodDennis LeonardRich GossageDennis Leonard 521403118
1980-07-27@ KCA96L  0-861-35140,057Tommy JohnLarry GuraLarry GuraTommy John 521411110
1980-07-28@ MIN97W  7-662-35123,182Rudy MayDarrell JacksonDoug BirdJohn Verhoeven 528417111
1980-07-29@ MIN98L  2-362-36126,501Luis TiantGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnLuis Tiant 530420110
1980-07-30@ MIN99L  1-262-37127,020Tom UnderwoodJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanRich Gossage 531422109
1980-07-31@ MIL100W  7-663-37143,308Tommy JohnMike CaldwellRich GossageJohn Flinn 538428110
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-08-01@ MIL101W  9-464-37148,317Ron GuidryBill TraversRon GuidryBill Travers 547432115
1980-08-02@ MIL102W  5-365-37152,283Rudy MayPaul MitchellRudy MayPaul MitchellRich Gossage552435117
1980-08-03@ MIL103L  0-265-38151,749Luis TiantMoose HaasMoose HaasLuis Tiant 552437115
1980-08-04vs TEX104W  10-466-38128,603 Tom UnderwoodGaylord PerryTom UnderwoodGaylord PerryTim Lollar562441121
1980-08-05vs TEX105L  1-866-39138,337 Tommy JohnFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsTommy John 563449114
1980-08-06vs TEX106W  2-167-39134,746 Rudy MayDoc MedichRudy MayDoc MedichRich Gossage565450115
1980-08-08vs BAL107L  2-567-40154,130 Ron GuidryJim PalmerJim PalmerRon GuidryTim Stoddard567455112
1980-08-09vs BAL108L  2-467-41148,109 Tom UnderwoodSteve StoneSteve StoneTom Underwood 569459110
1980-08-10vs BAL109L  5-667-42154,123 Tommy JohnMike FlanaganTim StoddardTommy John 574465109
1980-08-11vs CHA110W  3-168-42128,292 Rudy MayBritt BurnsRudy MayBritt Burns 577466111
1980-08-12vs CHA111W  8-469-42127,883 Luis TiantSteve TroutDoug BirdEd Farmer 585470115
1980-08-13vs CHA112L  1-469-43133,775 Ron GuidryRichard DotsonRichard DotsonRon Guidry 586474112
1980-08-14@ BAL113L  1-669-44149,952Tom UnderwoodSteve StoneSteve StoneTom Underwood 587480107
1980-08-15@ BAL114W  4-370-44150,434Tommy JohnMike FlanaganTommy JohnMike FlanaganRich Gossage591483108
1980-08-16@ BAL115W  4-171-44151,649Gaylord PerryDennis MartinezGaylord PerryDennis MartinezRich Gossage595484111
1980-08-17@ BAL116L  0-171-45150,073Luis TiantScott McGregorScott McGregorLuis Tiant 595485110
1980-08-18@ BAL117L  5-671-46151,528Ron GuidryJim PalmerJim PalmerRon GuidryTim Stoddard600491109
1980-08-19@ SEA118W  3-172-46115,043Tom UnderwoodRick HoneycuttTom UnderwoodRick HoneycuttRich Gossage603492111
1980-08-20@ SEA119W  6-473-46114,143Tommy JohnGlenn AbbottTommy JohnGlenn AbbottRich Gossage609496113
1980-08-21@ SEA120L  4-673-47116,400Gaylord PerryFloyd BannisterDave RobertsGaylord PerryShane Rawley613502111
1980-08-22@ CAL121L  4-873-48140,372Luis TiantJim BarrDon AaseLuis TiantAndy Hassler617510107
1980-08-23@ CAL122W  5-274-48138,331Rudy MayDave LaRocheRudy MayDave LaRocheRich Gossage622512110
1980-08-24@ CAL123W  4-275-48138,606Tom UnderwoodAlfredo MartinezRon DavisAlfredo MartinezRich Gossage626514112
1980-08-25@ OAK124L  1-975-49149,300Tommy JohnMike NorrisMike NorrisTommy John 627523104
1980-08-26@ OAK125L  1-375-50132,146Luis TiantRick LangfordRick LangfordLuis Tiant 628526102
1980-08-28vs SEA126W  6-576-50130,215 Rudy MayJim BeattieRon GuidryJim Beattie 634531103
1980-08-29vs SEA127W  5-177-50130,005 Tommy JohnRob DresslerTommy JohnRob Dressler 639532107
1980-08-30vs SEA128W  9-378-50140,047 Gaylord PerryGlenn AbbottGaylord PerryGlenn Abbott 648535113
1980-08-31vs SEA129L  0-178-51143,024 Luis TiantFloyd BannisterShane RawleyRon Guidry 648536112
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-09-01vs OAK130W  5-079-51131,103 Tom UnderwoodRick LangfordTom UnderwoodRick Langford 653536117
1980-09-02vs OAK131W  6-180-51123,516 Rudy MaySteve McCattyRudy MaySteve McCatty 659537122
1980-09-03vs OAK132W  8-381-51127,091 Tommy JohnBrian KingmanTommy JohnBrian Kingman 667540127
1980-09-04vs CAL133W  5-382-51120,967 Gaylord PerryFrank TananaGaylord PerryFrank TananaRon Guidry672543129
1980-09-05vs CAL134W  6-583-51130,109 Luis TiantRalph BottingRich GossageAndy Hassler 678548130
1980-09-06vs CAL135W  7-484-51137,781 Tom UnderwoodDave FrostTom UnderwoodDave FrostRich Gossage685552133
1980-09-07vs CAL136W  4-185-51138,794 Rudy MayJim DorseyRudy MayJim DorseyRich Gossage689553136
1980-09-08@ TOR137W  7-486-51123,020Tommy JohnDave StiebTommy JohnDave StiebRich Gossage696557139
1980-09-09@ TOR138L  4-686-52122,471Gaylord PerryJackson ToddJackson ToddGaylord PerryMike Willis700563137
1980-09-10@ TOR139W  7-687-52123,031Tom UnderwoodJim ClancyRon DavisJim ClancyRich Gossage707569138
1980-09-11@ BOS140W  8-588-52132,979Luis TiantDick DragoRon DavisTom Burgmeier 715574141
1980-09-12@ BOS141W  4-289-52133,787Rudy MaySteve RenkoRudy MaySteve RenkoRich Gossage719576143
1980-09-13@ BOS142W  4-390-52133,375Tommy JohnMike TorrezTommy JohnMike Torrez 723579144
1980-09-14@ BOS143W  5-391-52133,296Gaylord PerryDennis EckersleyRon DavisDennis Eckersley 728582146
1980-09-16vs TOR144W  5-492-52120,281 Ron GuidryJim ClancyRon GuidryJim ClancyRich Gossage733586147
1980-09-17vs TOR145W  8-793-52122,516 Rudy MayJoey McLaughlinTom UnderwoodJack Kucek 741593148
1980-09-18vs TOR146L  1-293-53120,129 Tommy JohnLuis LealLuis LealTommy John 742595147
1980-09-19vs BOS147W  2-194-53150,505 Luis TiantSteve RenkoLuis TiantSteve RenkoRich Gossage744596148
1980-09-20vs BOS148L  1-494-54150,257 Gaylord PerryDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyGaylord Perry 745600145
1980-09-21vs BOS149W  3-095-54154,033 Ron GuidryJohn TudorRon GuidryJohn TudorRich Gossage748600148
1980-09-22vs CLE150W  4-396-54116,024 Tommy JohnLen BarkerTommy JohnLen BarkerRich Gossage752603149
1980-09-23vs CLE151W  5-497-54124,061 Rudy MayWayne GarlandRon DavisMike Stanton 757607150
1980-09-24vs CLE152W  7-398-54122,159 Luis TiantBob OwchinkoLuis TiantBob OwchinkoTom Underwood764610154
1980-09-25vs CLE153L  0-598-55121,441 Gaylord PerryRick WaitsRick WaitsGaylord Perry 764615149
1980-09-26@ DET154W  7-599-55130,864Ron GuidryDan SchatzederRon GuidryDan SchatzederRon Davis771620151
1980-09-27@ DET155L  1-599-56127,318Tommy JohnJack MorrisJack MorrisTommy JohnAurelio Lopez772625147
1980-09-28@ DET156L  5-699-57125,142Tom UnderwoodDan PetryAurelio LopezMike Griffin 777631146
1980-09-30@ CLE157L  9-1299-58111,919Luis TiantRick WaitsSid MongeRich GossageSandy Wihtol786643143
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-10-01@ CLE158W  18-7100-58119,037Tommy JohnLen BarkerGaylord PerryLen Barker 804650154
1980-10-02vs DET159W  3-2101-58124,316 Ron GuidryJack MorrisRon GuidryJack MorrisRich Gossage807652155
1980-10-04vs DET160W  5-2102-5910 Rudy MayRoger WeaverRudy MayRoger WeaverRich Gossage812654158
1980-10-04vs DET161L  6-7102-59155,410 Mike GriffinDave TobikDave TobikMike Griffin 818661157
1980-10-05vs DET162W  2-1103-59135,879 Tim LollarDan SchatzederTim LollarDan SchatzederDoug Bird820662158

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