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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Queens,NY
Team Record:  67-95   .414
Result:   5th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Joe Torre
General Manager:   Frank Cashen
Stadium:  Shea Stadium
Attendance:  1,192,073
Playoffs:  -

New York Mets affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jose Cardenal (36)
Youngest Player:  Wally Backman (20)
Longest Tenure:  Craig Swan, Ron Hodges (8)
Top Hitter:  Lee Mazzilli (20)
Top Pitcher:  Pat Zachry (23)
Top Draft Pick:  Darryl Strawberry (#1)

Roster Continuity:  66.16%
National League Standings
St. Louis7488.45717.0
NY Mets6795.41424.0
Chi Cubs6498.39527.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-04-10vs CHN1W  5-21-0112,219 Craig SwanRick ReuschelCraig SwanRick ReuschelNeil Allen523
1980-04-11vs CHN2L  5-71-134,460 Ray BurrisDennis LampDennis LampRay BurrisBruce Sutter1091
1980-04-12vs CHN3L  3-61-2410,781 Tom HausmanMike KrukowMike KrukowNeil AllenBruce Sutter1315-2
1980-04-13vs CHN4W  5-02-2411,273 Pete FalconeGuillermo HernandezPete FalconeGuillermo HernandezNeil Allen18153
1980-04-15vs MON5L  3-72-353,207 Craig SwanSteve RogersSteve RogersCraig SwanFred Norman2122-1
1980-04-16vs MON6W  3-23-332,052 Ray BurrisBill LeeRay BurrisBill LeeNeil Allen24240
1980-04-17@ CHN7L  1-43-4433,313Tom HausmanDennis LampDennis LampTom HausmanBruce Sutter2528-3
1980-04-19@ CHN8L  9-123-5620,328Pete FalconeMike KrukowDick TidrowNeil AllenBruce Sutter3440-6
1980-04-20@ CHN9L  3-63-6623,554Craig SwanRick ReuschelRick ReuschelKevin KobelDick Tidrow3746-9
1980-04-21@ PHI10W  3-04-6523,856Ray BurrisSteve CarltonRay BurrisSteve CarltonNeil Allen4046-6
1980-04-22@ PHI11L  8-144-7521,341Tom HausmanDick RuthvenKevin SaucierKevin Kobel 4860-12
1980-04-23@ PHI12W  3-25-7523,025Mark BombackLarry ChristensonMark BombackLerrin LaGrowJeff Reardon5162-11
1980-04-25@ HOU13L  4-75-8624,140Pete FalconeJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardPete Falcone 5569-14
1980-04-26@ HOU14L  0-65-9644,540Craig SwanJoe NiekroJoe NiekroEd GlynnFrank LaCorte5575-20
1980-04-27@ HOU15L  3-45-10620,828Ray BurrisNolan RyanFrank LaCorteNeil Allen 5879-21
1980-04-30vs PHI16W  2-06-1064,559 Mark BombackRandy LerchMark BombackRandy Lerch 6079-19
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-05-01vs PHI17L  1-26-1165,928 Pete FalconeSteve CarltonSteve CarltonPete FalconeTug McGraw6181-20
1980-05-02vs SDN18L  0-16-1268,037 Ray BurrisRick WiseRick WiseRay BurrisSteve Mura6182-21
1980-05-03vs SDN19L  1-26-1369,462 Craig SwanGary LucasGary LucasCraig SwanRollie Fingers6284-22
1980-05-04vs SDN20L  3-47-1460 Kevin KobelJohn CurtisJohn CurtisJeff ReardonBob Shirley6588-23
1980-05-04vs SDN21W  6-27-14626,980 John PacellaEric RasmussenEd GlynnEric RasmussenNeil Allen7190-19
1980-05-05vs CIN22W  3-28-14611,412 Mark BombackTom SeaverJeff ReardonDoug Bair 7492-18
1980-05-06vs CIN23L  10-128-1566,884 Pete FalconeMike LaCossDave TomlinJeff ReardonPaul Moskau84104-20
1980-05-07vs CIN24L  2-38-1665,215 Ray BurrisFrank PastoreTom HumePat Zachry 86107-21
1980-05-09@ MON25W  2-19-1668,674Craig SwanSteve RogersCraig SwanSteve Rogers 88108-20
1980-05-10@ MON26L  3-59-17614,012Mark BombackBill LeeBill LeeKevin KobelElias Sosa91113-22
1980-05-13@ CIN27L  4-159-18618,732Ray BurrisFrank PastoreFrank PastoreRay BurrisPaul Moskau95128-33
1980-05-14@ CIN28W  7-610-18621,785Craig SwanCharlie LeibrandtJeff ReardonTom Hume 102134-32
1980-05-16@ ATL29W  5-311-1866,135Pete FalconePhil NiekroPete FalconePhil NiekroNeil Allen107137-30
1980-05-18@ ATL30L  1-212-1960Pat ZachryRick MatulaRick MatulaPat ZachryRick Camp108139-31
1980-05-18@ ATL31W  2-112-19611,807Ray BurrisDoyle AlexanderNeil AllenGene Garber 110140-30
1980-05-20vs HOU32L  2-312-2068,466 Craig SwanKen ForschKen ForschCraig Swan 112143-31
1980-05-21vs HOU33W  5-113-2054,233 Pete FalconeJ.R. RichardPete FalconeJ.R. RichardNeil Allen117144-27
1980-05-22vs HOU34L  5-813-2167,812 Mark BombackJoe NiekroJoe NiekroKevin KobelFrank LaCorte122152-30
1980-05-23vs ATL35W  2-114-2157,864 Ray BurrisRick MatulaRay BurrisRick MatulaNeil Allen124153-29
1980-05-24vs ATL36W  5-415-2157,221 Pat ZachryDoyle AlexanderNeil AllenRick Camp 129157-28
1980-05-25vs ATL37W  3-016-21513,624 Craig SwanPhil NiekroCraig SwanPhil Niekro 132157-25
1980-05-26@ SLN38L  5-816-2258,470Pete FalconeBob ForschBob ForschPete Falcone 137165-28
1980-05-27@ SLN39W  9-517-22510,658Mark BombackSilvio MartinezMark BombackSilvio Martinez 146170-24
1980-05-28@ SLN40W  6-518-22512,161Ray BurrisJohn FulghamKevin KobelGeorge FrazierNeil Allen152175-23
1980-05-30@ PIT41W  5-119-22517,101Pat ZachryJohn CandelariaPat ZachryJohn Candelaria 157176-19
1980-05-31@ PIT42L  0-519-23513,901Craig SwanBert BlylevenBert BlylevenCraig Swan 157181-24
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-06-01@ PIT43L  3-1319-24549,626Pete FalconeJim BibbyJim BibbyPete Falcone 160194-34
1980-06-03vs SLN44L  1-819-2556,368 Ray BurrisJohn FulghamJohn FulghamRay Burris 161202-41
1980-06-04vs SLN45L  0-119-2658,566 Pat ZachryJim KaatJim KaatNeil Allen 161203-42
1980-06-05vs SLN46W  2-120-2657,202 Craig SwanBob SykesCraig SwanGeorge Frazier 163204-41
1980-06-06vs PIT47W  9-421-26518,352 Pete FalconeBert BlylevenTom HausmanBert Blyleven 172208-36
1980-06-07vs PIT48W  6-522-26513,509 John PacellaJim BibbyNeil AllenGrant Jackson 178213-35
1980-06-08vs PIT49W  6-423-2750 Ray BurrisDon RobinsonRay BurrisEnrique RomoEd Glynn184217-33
1980-06-08vs PIT50L  0-323-27529,329 Mark BombackEddie SolomonEddie SolomonMark BombackKent Tekulve184220-36
1980-06-10vs LAN51W  5-424-27414,759 Pat ZachryBob WelchTom HausmanBob Welch 189224-35
1980-06-11vs LAN52W  6-225-27423,540 Craig SwanJerry ReussCraig SwanRick Sutcliffe 195226-31
1980-06-12vs LAN53W  6-526-27419,501 John PacellaDave GoltzJeff ReardonBobby CastilloNeil Allen201231-30
1980-06-13vs SFN54L  1-326-28424,679 Ray BurrisVida BlueVida BlueRay Burris 202234-32
1980-06-14vs SFN55W  7-627-28422,918 Pete FalconeJohn MontefuscoJeff ReardonAllen Ripley 209240-31
1980-06-15vs SFN56L  0-327-29444,910 Pat ZachryBob KnepperBob KnepperPat Zachry 209243-34
1980-06-16@ SDN57L  2-327-3048,395Craig SwanJohn CurtisRollie FingersJeff ReardonBob Shirley211246-35
1980-06-17@ SDN58L  1-227-31411,448John PacellaGary LucasRollie FingersTom Hausman 212248-36
1980-06-18@ SFN59L  5-827-3245,035Ray BurrisJohn MontefuscoJohn MontefuscoRay BurrisGreg Minton217256-39
1980-06-19@ SFN60L  3-427-3355,179Mark BombackBob KnepperGary LavelleNeil Allen 220260-40
1980-06-20@ LAN61L  3-427-34548,608Pat ZachryBob WelchSteve HowePat Zachry 223264-41
1980-06-21@ LAN62L  0-527-35541,605Craig SwanJerry ReussJerry ReussCraig Swan 223269-46
1980-06-22@ LAN63W  9-628-35543,298John PacellaDave GoltzMark BombackDave GoltzNeil Allen232275-43
1980-06-24@ CHN64W  6-529-35515,961Ray BurrisRick ReuschelMark BombackRick ReuschelJeff Reardon238280-42
1980-06-25@ CHN65W  9-130-3650Pat ZachryMike KrukowPat ZachryMike Krukow 247281-34
1980-06-25@ CHN66L  1-430-36519,144Pete FalconeLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenPete FalconeBruce Sutter248285-37
1980-06-26@ CHN67W  4-331-36411,094Craig SwanDennis LampEd GlynnDick TidrowNeil Allen252288-36
1980-06-27@ PHI68W  3-232-36437,123John PacellaSteve CarltonJohn PacellaSteve CarltonTom Hausman255290-35
1980-06-28@ PHI69W  2-134-3640Ray BurrisDick RuthvenNeil AllenRon Reed 257291-34
1980-06-28@ PHI70W  5-434-36447,169Mark BombackDan LarsonTom HausmanKevin SaucierNeil Allen262295-33
1980-06-29@ PHI71L  2-534-37441,113Pat ZachryBob WalkBob WalkPat ZachryLerrin LaGrow264300-36
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-07-01vs CHN72L  3-434-38417,531 Craig SwanDennis LampDennis LampCraig SwanBruce Sutter267304-37
1980-07-02vs CHN73W  3-135-38410,511 John PacellaRick ReuschelJohn PacellaRick ReuschelNeil Allen270305-35
1980-07-03vs MON74W  7-236-38412,585 Ray BurrisCharlie LeaTom HausmanCharlie Lea 277307-30
1980-07-04vs MON75W  9-537-3940 Pat ZachryDavid PalmerEd GlynnDavid PalmerJeff Reardon286312-26
1980-07-04vs MON76L  5-637-39425,323 Mark BombackBill GullicksonWoodie FrymanMark BombackElias Sosa291318-27
1980-07-05vs MON77W  7-538-39451,097 Pete FalconeScott SandersonPete FalconeScott SandersonNeil Allen298323-25
1980-07-06vs MON78L  4-938-40421,880 Craig SwanSteve RogersWoodie FrymanJeff Reardon 302332-30
1980-07-10vs PIT79W  2-039-40421,540 Pat ZachryJohn CandelariaPat ZachryJohn Candelaria 304332-28
1980-07-11vs PIT80L  2-439-41430,907 Craig SwanBert BlylevenBert BlylevenCraig SwanKent Tekulve306336-30
1980-07-12vs SLN81L  6-839-42426,313 John PacellaJim KaatJohn LittlefieldEd Glynn 312344-32
1980-07-13vs SLN82W  7-441-4240 Pete FalconeBob SykesPete FalconeBob Sykes 319348-29
1980-07-13vs SLN83W  10-441-42427,941 Mark BombackJim OttenMark BombackJim Otten 329352-23
1980-07-15@ ATL84W  9-242-42421,608Pat ZachryDoyle AlexanderPat ZachryDoyle Alexander 338354-16
1980-07-16@ ATL85L  2-542-4345,414Craig SwanLarry McWilliamsLarry McWilliamsCraig Swan 340359-19
1980-07-17@ ATL86W  6-043-4347,107John PacellaRick MatulaJohn PacellaRick Matula 346359-13
1980-07-18@ CIN87L  3-543-4540Pete FalconeFrank PastoreMario SotoPete Falcone 349364-15
1980-07-18@ CIN88L  3-843-45430,026Mark BombackBruce BerenyiBruce BerenyiMark BombackTom Hume352372-20
1980-07-19@ CIN89W  13-344-45440,079Roy Lee JacksonCharlie LeibrandtRoy Lee JacksonCharlie Leibrandt 365375-10
1980-07-20@ CIN90L  3-444-46424,081Pat ZachryPaul MoskauTom HumeJeff Reardon 368379-11
1980-07-21@ HOU91L  2-344-47420,548Tom HausmanKen ForschFrank LaCorteNeil Allen 370382-12
1980-07-22@ HOU92L  5-644-48426,815John PacellaJoe NiekroBert RobergeEd GlynnDave Smith375388-13
1980-07-23@ HOU93W  4-345-48430,236Pete FalconeVern RuhleJeff ReardonFrank LaCorteNeil Allen379391-12
1980-07-25vs CIN94W  2-046-48427,897 Pat ZachryPaul MoskauPat ZachryPaul Moskau 381391-10
1980-07-26vs CIN95L  1-546-49418,407 Roy Lee JacksonBill BonhamBill BonhamRoy Lee JacksonTom Hume382396-14
1980-07-27vs CIN96L  4-1046-50421,015 John PacellaCharlie LeibrandtJoe PriceJohn Pacella 386406-20
1980-07-28vs ATL97L  3-646-51412,737 Pete FalconeDoyle AlexanderDoyle AlexanderPete Falcone 389412-23
1980-07-29vs ATL98W  2-147-5149,512 Mark BombackLarry McWilliamsMark BombackLarry McWilliamsNeil Allen391413-22
1980-07-30vs ATL99W  3-048-51416,561 Pat ZachryTommy BoggsPat ZachryTommy Boggs 394413-19
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-08-01vs HOU100W  5-449-51416,612 John PacellaKen ForschJeff ReardonDave Smith 399417-18
1980-08-02vs HOU101W  5-350-51445,426 Roy Lee JacksonJoe NiekroNeil AllenJoe Niekro 404420-16
1980-08-03vs HOU102L  2-350-52422,492 Pete FalconeVern RuhleJoe SambitoJeff Reardon 406423-17
1980-08-04@ MON103L  3-451-5340Pat ZachrySteve RogersElias SosaNeil Allen 409427-18
1980-08-04@ MON104W  4-351-53451,466Mark BombackBill LeeMark BombackBill LeeNeil Allen413430-17
1980-08-05@ MON105L  5-1151-54433,821John PacellaBill GullicksonBill GullicksonJohn Pacella 418441-23
1980-08-06@ MON106L  1-451-55425,437Roy Lee JacksonScott SandersonScott SandersonRoy Lee JacksonElias Sosa419445-26
1980-08-07@ MON107W  7-152-55420,962Ray BurrisFred NormanRay BurrisFred Norman 426446-20
1980-08-08@ SLN108W  3-253-55422,932Pete FalconeBob ForschJeff ReardonJohn LittlefieldNeil Allen429448-19
1980-08-09@ SLN109L  6-953-56436,262Pat ZachryPete VuckovichJohn UrreaTom HausmanJim Kaat435457-22
1980-08-10@ SLN110W  4-154-56418,711Mark BombackSilvio MartinezMark BombackSilvio MartinezNeil Allen439458-19
1980-08-11@ PIT111L  1-254-57413,790Roy Lee JacksonEddie SolomonEddie SolomonRoy Lee Jackson 440460-20
1980-08-12@ PIT112W  3-155-57418,754Ray BurrisRick RhodenRay BurrisRick RhodenNeil Allen443461-18
1980-08-13@ PIT113W  5-356-57419,514Pete FalconeJohn CandelariaTom HausmanJohn CandelariaJeff Reardon448464-16
1980-08-14vs PHI114L  1-856-58420,149 Pat ZachryNino EspinosaNino EspinosaPat Zachry 449472-23
1980-08-15vs PHI115L  0-856-59440,436 Mark BombackLarry ChristensonLarry ChristensonMark BombackTug McGraw449480-31
1980-08-16vs PHI116L  6-1156-60423,514 Craig SwanBob WalkBob WalkCraig Swan 455491-36
1980-08-17vs PHI117L  4-956-6240 Ray BurrisSteve CarltonSteve CarltonRay Burris 459500-41
1980-08-17vs PHI118L  1-456-62425,458 Roy Lee JacksonRandy LerchRandy LerchRoy Lee JacksonRon Reed460504-44
1980-08-19vs SFN119L  4-556-63413,871 Pat ZachryBob KnepperBob KnepperJeff ReardonGreg Minton464509-45
1980-08-20vs SFN120L  1-256-64413,488 Mark BombackAlan HargesheimerAlan HargesheimerMark BombackGreg Minton465511-46
1980-08-21vs SFN121W  5-157-64410,505 Craig SwanVida BluePete FalconeVida Blue 470512-42
1980-08-22vs LAN122W  4-258-64421,936 Ray BurrisBob WelchRay BurrisBob WelchNeil Allen474514-40
1980-08-23vs LAN123L  2-458-65432,440 Roy Lee JacksonDave GoltzDave GoltzTom HausmanSteve Howe476518-42
1980-08-24vs LAN124L  2-358-66424,956 Pat ZachryBurt HootonBurt HootonPat ZachrySteve Howe478521-43
1980-08-26vs SDN125L  6-858-6749,844 Mark BombackJuan EichelbergerEric RasmussenPete FalconeDennis Kinney484529-45
1980-08-27vs SDN126L  1-458-68416,612 Ray BurrisRick WiseRick WiseRay BurrisRollie Fingers485533-48
1980-08-29@ SFN127L  0-158-6949,269Pat ZachryVida BlueVida BluePat Zachry 485534-49
1980-08-30@ SFN128W  9-559-69411,270Roy Lee JacksonAllen RipleyTom HausmanAllen RipleyJeff Reardon494539-45
1980-08-31@ SFN129L  4-1159-7140Pete FalconeAlan HargesheimerGary LavellePete FalconeAl Holland498550-52
1980-08-31@ SFN130L  4-959-71418,640Mark BombackBob KnepperJohn MontefuscoDyar MillerGreg Minton502559-57
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-09-01@ LAN131L  2-559-72430,460Ray BurrisBob WelchBob WelchRay BurrisSteve Howe504564-60
1980-09-02@ LAN132L  5-659-73427,543John PacellaDave GoltzDave GoltzJohn PacellaDon Stanhouse509570-61
1980-09-03@ LAN133L  0-259-74528,568Pat ZachryBurt HootonBurt HootonPat ZachrySteve Howe509572-63
1980-09-04@ SDN134L  2-359-7552,635Mike ScottJohn CurtisJohn CurtisNeil Allen 511575-64
1980-09-05@ SDN135L  2-459-7657,137Mark BombackJuan EichelbergerJuan EichelbergerMark BombackGary Lucas513579-66
1980-09-06@ SDN136L  7-859-7757,877Ray BurrisRick WiseRick WiseRay BurrisRollie Fingers520587-67
1980-09-07@ SDN137L  2-559-7855,141John PacellaBob ShirleyBob ShirleyJohn PacellaGary Lucas522592-70
1980-09-09@ MON138L  0-359-79527,659Pat ZachrySteve RogersSteve RogersPat Zachry 522595-73
1980-09-10vs PHI139L  0-559-8056,748 Mark BombackMarty BystromMarty BystromMark Bomback 522600-78
1980-09-11vs PHI140L  1-559-8156,376 Ray BurrisDick RuthvenDick RuthvenRay Burris 523605-82
1980-09-12vs CHN141L  5-1059-8258,053 Mike ScottMike KrukowLee SmithTom Hausman 528615-87
1980-09-13vs CHN142W  4-260-8257,259 Ed LynchLynn McGlothenEd LynchLynn McGlothenRoy Lee Jackson532617-85
1980-09-14vs CHN143W  10-761-82510,003 Pat ZachryDennis LampNeil AllenBruce Sutter 542624-82
1980-09-16vs MON144L  3-561-8450 Ray BurrisCharlie LeaElias SosaJuan Berenguer 545629-84
1980-09-16vs MON145L  2-461-8455,832 Mark BombackDavid PalmerDavid PalmerRoy Lee JacksonStan Bahnsen547633-86
1980-09-17vs MON146W  5-262-8455,723 Mike ScottScott SandersonDyar MillerScott SandersonPete Falcone552635-83
1980-09-19@ PIT147L  3-462-85517,593Ed LynchRick RhodenRick RhodenEd Lynch 555639-84
1980-09-20@ PIT148W  9-663-85522,084Pat ZachryDon RobinsonNeil AllenKent TekulveDyar Miller564645-81
1980-09-21@ PIT149L  4-963-86520,320Ray BurrisJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaRay Burris 568654-86
1980-09-22@ CHN150L  2-363-8751,171Mark BombackRandy MartzBill CaudillDyar MillerBruce Sutter570657-87
1980-09-23@ CHN151L  5-663-8851,936Mike ScottMike KrukowMike KrukowMike ScottBruce Sutter575663-88
1980-09-24@ PHI152L  0-163-89524,258Ed LynchLarry ChristensonTug McGrawNeil Allen 575664-89
1980-09-25@ PHI153L  1-263-90520,525Pat ZachryMarty BystromMarty BystromRoy Lee JacksonSparky Lyle576666-90
1980-09-26vs SLN154L  1-563-9156,081 Ray BurrisAndy RinconAndy RinconNeil Allen 577671-94
1980-09-27vs SLN155L  2-463-9255,603 Mark BombackJeff LittleJeff LittleMark BombackGeorge Frazier579675-96
1980-09-28vs SLN156W  8-064-92516,309 Mike ScottAl OlmstedMike ScottAl Olmsted 587675-88
1980-09-29vs PIT157W  5-465-9251,787 Ed LynchRick RhodenJeff ReardonGrant Jackson 592679-87
1980-09-30vs PIT158W  3-266-9251,754 Pete FalconeDon RobinsonPete FalconeDon Robinson 595681-86
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1980-10-01vs PIT159L  5-1066-9352,392 Ray BurrisJim BibbyJim BibbyRay BurrisEnrique Romo600691-91
1980-10-03@ SLN160L  4-666-9458,309Mike ScottAl OlmstedGeorge FrazierRoy Lee JacksonJohn Urrea604697-93
1980-10-04@ SLN161W  5-267-94513,954Mark BombackJeff LittleMark BombackJeff LittleJeff Reardon609699-90
1980-10-05@ SLN162L  2-367-9559,460Pete FalconeJohn MartinJohn MartinPete Falcone 611702-91

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