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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  90-71   .559
Result:   1st in National League - West Division
Manager(s):  John McNamara
General Manager:   Dick Wagner
Stadium:  Riverfront Stadium
Attendance:  2,356,933
Playoffs:  Lost NLCS (Pirates)

Cincinnati Reds affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Fred Norman (36)
Youngest Player:  Frank Pastore (21)
Longest Tenure:  Johnny Bench (13)
Top Hitter:  George Foster (15)
Top Pitcher:  Tom Seaver (6)
Top Draft Pick:  Dan Lamar (#20)

Roster Continuity:  89.46%
National League Standings
LA Dodgers7983.48811.5
SF Giants7191.43819.5
San Diego6893.42222.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-04-04vs SFN1L  5-110-1352,115 Tom SeaverVida BlueVida BlueTom Seaver 511-6
1979-04-06vs SFN2L  2-70-2615,343 Tom HumeJohn MontefuscoJohn MontefuscoTom HumeGary Lavelle718-11
1979-04-07vs SFN3L  2-40-3615,763 Bill BonhamBob KnepperTom GriffinFrank PastoreDave Roberts922-13
1979-04-08vs SFN4W  7-61-3430,196 Mike LaCossEd HalickiDoug BairJohn Curtis 1628-12
1979-04-09@ ATL5W  9-42-3430,433Tom SeaverMickey MahlerTom SeaverMickey Mahler 2532-7
1979-04-10@ ATL6L  4-62-445,624Fred NormanPhil NiekroPhil NiekroFred NormanGene Garber2938-9
1979-04-11@ ATL7W  9-53-443,021Tom HumeEddie SolomonTom HumeEddie SolomonFrank Pastore3843-5
1979-04-13@ SDN8W  4-24-4344,858Bill BonhamBob ShirleyBill BonhamBob ShirleyFrank Pastore4245-3
1979-04-14@ SDN9L  2-34-5424,644Tom SeaverGaylord PerryGaylord PerryTom Seaver 4448-4
1979-04-15@ SDN10L  3-65-630Fred NormanRandy JonesRandy JonesFred NormanJohn D'Acquisto4754-7
1979-04-15@ SDN11W  7-55-6331,842Mike LaCossMickey LolichDoug CapillaMark LeeDoug Bair5459-5
1979-04-17vs ATL12W  7-46-6316,211 Tom HumeLarry McWilliamsTom HumeLarry McWilliamsDoug Bair6163-2
1979-04-19vs ATL13W  2-07-6316,182 Tom SeaverPhil NiekroTom SeaverPhil Niekro 63630
1979-04-20@ SLN14W  10-38-6317,311Fred NormanBob SykesFred NormanBob Sykes 73667
1979-04-21@ SLN15W  4-19-6216,776Mike LaCossSilvio MartinezMike LaCossSilvio MartinezDoug Bair776710
1979-04-22@ SLN16L  3-49-7212,696Tom HumeJohn DennyBuddy SchultzTom Hume 80719
1979-04-24vs PIT17L  2-99-8218,372 Frank PastoreDon RobinsonDon RobinsonFrank Pastore 82802
1979-04-25vs PIT18L  2-39-9220,155 Fred NormanBert BlylevenKent TekulveDave Tomlin 84831
1979-04-27vs SLN19W  4-310-9223,285 Mike LaCossJohn DennyFrank PastoreMark Littell 88862
1979-04-28vs SLN20L  1-1210-10219,471 Tom HumePete VuckovichPete VuckovichTom Hume 8998-9
1979-04-29vs SLN21W  5-111-10240,153 Tom SeaverBob SykesPaul MoskauBob Sykes 9499-5
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-05-01vs CHN22L  1-511-11215,378 Fred NormanKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanFred Norman 95104-9
1979-05-02vs CHN23W  4-112-11217,218 Mike LaCossRick ReuschelMike LaCossRick ReuschelDoug Bair99105-6
1979-05-04vs HOU24W  6-513-11220,988 Tom SeaverVern RuhleDoug BairFrank Riccelli 105110-5
1979-05-05vs HOU25W  6-214-11225,044 Tom HumeJoaquin AndujarTom HumeJoaquin AndujarFrank Pastore111112-1
1979-05-06vs HOU26W  17-515-1220 Bill BonhamJ.R. RichardPedro BorbonJ.R. Richard 12811711
1979-05-06vs HOU27L  2-815-12233,618 Fred NormanFrank RiccelliFrank RiccelliFred Norman 1301255
1979-05-08@ CHN28W  8-716-12212,254Mike LaCossKen HoltzmanMike LaCossKen HoltzmanFrank Pastore1381326
1979-05-09@ CHN29W  7-417-12210,922Paul MoskauMike KrukowPaul MoskauLynn McGlothenDoug Bair1451369
1979-05-10@ CHN30L  8-917-1329,164Tom HumeDennis LampLynn McGlothenManny Sarmiento 1531458
1979-05-11@ PIT31W  8-418-13114,115Bill BonhamBert BlylevenDave TomlinEd WhitsonDoug Bair16114912
1979-05-12@ PIT32L  2-318-14118,745Fred NormanBruce KisonJim BibbyFrank PastoreGrant Jackson16315211
1979-05-13@ PIT33W  7-319-14110,253Mike LaCossJohn CandelariaMike LaCossJohn Candelaria 17015515
1979-05-14vs SDN34W  7-420-14119,133 Paul MoskauEric RasmussenPaul MoskauEric RasmussenDave Tomlin17715918
1979-05-15vs SDN35L  1-220-15120,090 Tom HumeGaylord PerryRollie FingersFrank Pastore 17816117
1979-05-16vs SDN36W  7-021-15125,327 Bill BonhamSteve MuraBill BonhamSteve Mura 18516124
1979-05-18vs LAN37W  7-622-15134,192 Mike LaCossBurt HootonPedro BorbonJerry Reuss 19216725
1979-05-19vs LAN38W  5-423-15146,753 Paul MoskauRick SutcliffePaul MoskauRick SutcliffePedro Borbon19717126
1979-05-20vs LAN39L  4-623-16140,087 Tom SeaverDon SuttonDon SuttonTom HumeBob Welch20117724
1979-05-22@ SFN40L  2-1223-17120,058Bill BonhamEd HalickiEd HalickiBill Bonham 20318914
1979-05-23@ SFN41W  5-024-17121,080Mike LaCossVida BlueMike LaCossVida Blue 20818919
1979-05-24@ SFN42L  1-224-18121,337Paul MoskauPhil NastuPhil NastuPaul MoskauRandy Moffitt20919118
1979-05-25@ LAN43L  6-1724-19149,372Tom SeaverRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeTom Seaver 2152087
1979-05-26@ LAN44W  3-125-19139,533Fred NormanDon SuttonFred NormanDon Sutton 2182099
1979-05-27@ LAN45L  7-825-20144,150Bill BonhamAndy MessersmithLerrin LaGrowPedro BorbonBob Welch2252178
1979-05-28@ LAN46W  3-226-20149,114Mike LaCossDoug RauDave TomlinCharlie HoughTom Hume2282199
1979-05-29@ HOU47L  1-226-21117,458Paul MoskauRandy NiemannRandy NiemannPaul Moskau 2292218
1979-05-30@ HOU48L  3-626-22221,757Tom SeaverJoe NiekroJoe NiekroTom SeaverJoe Sambito2322275
1979-05-31@ HOU49L  0-326-23225,453Fred NormanRick WilliamsRick WilliamsFred Norman 2322302
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-06-01vs PHI50W  4-227-23248,968 Bill BonhamSteve CarltonDoug BairSteve CarltonPedro Borbon2362324
1979-06-02vs PHI51W  4-228-23237,907 Mike LaCossRandy LerchMike LaCossRandy LerchDoug Bair2402346
1979-06-03vs PHI52L  4-629-2420 Paul MoskauDick RuthvenRon ReedPedro BorbonTug McGraw2442404
1979-06-03vs PHI53W  12-229-24250,262 Tom HumeJim LonborgTom HumeJim Lonborg 25624214
1979-06-04vs NYN54L  2-629-25221,063 Tom SeaverCraig SwanCraig SwanTom Seaver 25824810
1979-06-05vs NYN55W  6-130-25222,209 Fred NormanKevin KobelFred NormanKevin Kobel 26424915
1979-06-06vs NYN56L  3-530-26228,970 Bill BonhamJesse OroscoDale MurrayManny SarmientoEd Glynn26725413
1979-06-08vs MON57W  3-231-26227,833 Mike LaCossSteve RogersMike LaCossDan Schatzeder 27025614
1979-06-09vs MON58W  7-132-26236,207 Tom SeaverBill LeeTom SeaverBill Lee 27725720
1979-06-10vs MON59W  3-233-26231,810 Paul MoskauScott SandersonTom HumeElias SosaDoug Bair28025921
1979-06-11@ NYN60L  2-333-2724,917Fred NormanJesse OroscoWayne TwitchellFred Norman 28226220
1979-06-12@ NYN61L  6-1233-2829,805Bill BonhamPete FalconeDale MurrayManny Sarmiento 28827414
1979-06-13@ NYN62W  4-134-28212,468Mike LaCossTom HausmanMike LaCossTom HausmanTom Hume29227517
1979-06-15@ PHI63W  6-335-28250,222Tom SeaverLarry ChristensonTom SeaverLarry Christenson 29827820
1979-06-16@ PHI64L  3-435-29250,224Paul MoskauSteve CarltonTug McGrawDoug Bair 30128219
1979-06-17@ PHI65L  3-935-30246,153Fred NormanRandy LerchRandy LerchDoug Bair 30429113
1979-06-18@ MON66W  3-236-30225,086Bill BonhamSteve RogersBill BonhamSteve RogersDoug Bair30729314
1979-06-19@ MON67L  2-336-31235,222Mike LaCossBill LeeBill LeeMike LaCossWoodie Fryman30929613
1979-06-20@ MON68L  4-536-32225,233Tom SeaverScott SandersonElias SosaTom Hume 31330112
1979-06-22vs SFN69L  2-336-33236,184 Paul MoskauPhil NastuPhil NastuPaul MoskauTom Griffin31530411
1979-06-23vs SFN70L  2-536-34235,293 Fred NormanJohn CurtisJohn CurtisFred NormanGary Lavelle3173098
1979-06-24vs SFN71W  8-737-34232,829 Bill BonhamBob KnepperDoug BairDave Roberts 3253169
1979-06-25@ HOU72W  2-138-3520Tom SeaverJ.R. RichardTom SeaverJ.R. RichardDoug Bair32731710
1979-06-25@ HOU73L  0-438-35246,313Mike LaCossRandy NiemannRandy NiemannMike LaCoss 3273216
1979-06-26@ HOU74L  5-638-36237,114Paul MoskauJoe NiekroBert RobergeDoug BairJoe Sambito3323275
1979-06-27@ LAN75W  9-139-36240,768Fred NormanJerry ReussFred NormanJerry Reuss 34132813
1979-06-28@ LAN76W  2-140-36238,873Tom HumeBurt HootonTom HumeBurt HootonDoug Bair34332914
1979-06-29@ SFN77L  4-640-37218,870Bill BonhamBob KnepperPedro BorbonManny SarmientoGary Lavelle34733512
1979-06-30@ SFN78W  2-041-37228,512Tom SeaverJohn MontefuscoTom SeaverEd Whitson 34933514
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-07-01@ SFN79L  1-241-3920Mike LaCossJohn CurtisJohn CurtisMike LaCossPedro Borbon35033713
1979-07-01@ SFN80L  3-741-39250,924Paul MoskauPhil NastuGary LavelleMario Soto 3533449
1979-07-03vs HOU81L  2-341-40236,787 Fred NormanKen ForschKen ForschDoug Bair 3553478
1979-07-04vs HOU82L  2-341-41225,713 Bill BonhamJoaquin AndujarJoaquin AndujarBill BonhamJoe Sambito3573507
1979-07-05vs HOU83W  5-442-41228,249 Tom SeaverJ.R. RichardTom SeaverJ.R. RichardDoug Bair3623548
1979-07-06vs PIT84W  2-143-41232,264 Mike LaCossBruce KisonDoug BairGrant Jackson 3643559
1979-07-07vs PIT85W  6-244-41236,300 Paul MoskauDon RobinsonPaul MoskauDon Robinson 37035713
1979-07-08vs PIT86W  4-245-4220 Fred NormanJohn CandelariaFred NormanJohn Candelaria 37435915
1979-07-08vs PIT87L  1-245-42243,099 Tom HumeBert BlylevenGrant JacksonDave TomlinKent Tekulve37536114
1979-07-09vs SLN88L  3-645-43223,848 Bill BonhamPete VuckovichPete VuckovichBill BonhamMark Littell37836711
1979-07-10vs SLN89W  4-246-43224,922 Tom SeaverJohn FulghamTom SeaverJohn FulghamDoug Bair38236913
1979-07-11vs SLN90W  6-147-43224,546 Mike LaCossJohn DennyMike LaCossJohn Denny 38837018
1979-07-12vs CHN91L  8-1047-44221,804 Paul MoskauKen HoltzmanBruce SutterDoug Bair 39638016
1979-07-13vs CHN92L  1-347-45223,990 Fred NormanDennis LampDennis LampFred NormanBruce Sutter39738314
1979-07-14vs CHN93L  0-147-46250,335 Bill BonhamMike KrukowMike KrukowBill BonhamBruce Sutter39738413
1979-07-15vs CHN94W  7-148-46236,071 Tom SeaverRick ReuschelTom SeaverRick Reuschel 40438519
1979-07-19@ SLN95W  16-449-46227,228Fred NormanPete VuckovichFred NormanPete Vuckovich 42038931
1979-07-20@ SLN96W  3-050-46230,280Tom SeaverJohn DennyTom SeaverJohn Denny 42338934
1979-07-21@ SLN97L  3-1250-47229,278Mike LaCossSilvio MartinezSilvio MartinezMike LaCoss 42640125
1979-07-22@ CHN98W  12-151-4820Bill BonhamKen HoltzmanBill BonhamKen Holtzman 43840236
1979-07-22@ CHN99L  4-851-48241,052Paul MoskauLynn McGlothenDick TidrowMario Soto 44241032
1979-07-23@ CHN100L  1-251-49236,993Tom HumeBill CaudillGuillermo HernandezTom Hume 44341231
1979-07-24@ PIT101W  6-552-49219,517Fred NormanBruce KisonFred NormanBruce KisonDoug Bair44941732
1979-07-25@ PIT102W  6-553-49217,296Tom SeaverJohn CandelariaDoug BairKent Tekulve 45542233
1979-07-26@ PIT103W  9-754-49220,339Manny SarmientoDave RobertsMario SotoDave RobertsTom Hume46442935
1979-07-27@ ATL104W  2-055-49221,927Mike LaCossPhil NiekroMike LaCossPhil NiekroDoug Bair46642937
1979-07-28@ ATL105W  8-656-5020Bill BonhamTony BrizzolaraBill BonhamTony BrizzolaraTom Hume47443539
1979-07-28@ ATL106L  5-856-50237,265Frank PastoreMickey MahlerMickey MahlerFrank Pastore 47944336
1979-07-29@ ATL107W  9-457-50213,065Fred NormanRick MatulaFred NormanRick MatulaTom Hume48844741
1979-07-30vs LAN108W  9-458-50234,562 Tom SeaverRick SutcliffeDoug BairKen Brett 49745146
1979-07-31vs LAN109L  6-758-51232,649 Paul MoskauDon SuttonDon SuttonPaul MoskauDave Patterson50345845
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-08-01vs LAN110W  10-559-51228,409 Mike LaCossCharlie HoughMike LaCossCharlie HoughTom Hume51346350
1979-08-03vs SDN111L  4-659-52235,311 Bill BonhamBob ShirleyBob ShirleyBill BonhamMark Lee51746948
1979-08-04vs SDN112W  7-160-52237,453 Fred NormanJohn D'AcquistoFred NormanJohn D'Acquisto 52447054
1979-08-05vs SDN113W  9-161-52242,812 Frank PastoreRandy JonesFrank PastoreRandy Jones 53347162
1979-08-06vs ATL114W  3-162-52223,891 Mike LaCossMickey MahlerMike LaCossMickey Mahler 53647264
1979-08-07vs ATL115L  2-362-53225,079 Tom SeaverTony BrizzolaraGene GarberDoug Bair 53847563
1979-08-08vs ATL116W  3-163-53224,022 Bill BonhamPhil NiekroBill BonhamPhil Niekro 54147665
1979-08-09vs ATL117W  5-264-53228,950 Fred NormanRick MatulaFred NormanGene GarberTom Hume54647868
1979-08-10@ SDN118L  2-364-54225,261Frank PastoreRandy JonesRandy JonesFrank Pastore 54848167
1979-08-12@ SDN119W  9-265-5520Tom SeaverGaylord PerryTom SeaverGaylord Perry 55748374
1979-08-12@ SDN120L  4-565-55225,049Mike LaCossBob ShirleyMark LeeMike LaCossEric Rasmussen56148873
1979-08-14vs PHI121W  2-166-55238,442 Bill BonhamSteve CarltonTom HumeSteve Carlton 56348974
1979-08-15vs PHI122L  2-366-56236,678 Fred NormanNino EspinosaNino EspinosaFred Norman 56549273
1979-08-17vs NYN123W  4-367-56232,854 Tom SeaverKevin KobelTom HumeDale Murray 56949574
1979-08-18vs NYN124W  4-368-56237,694 Mike LaCossAndy HasslerMike LaCossNeil Allen 57349875
1979-08-19vs NYN125W  6-569-56234,765 Bill BonhamDock EllisDoug BairDale MurrayTom Hume57950376
1979-08-20vs MON126L  2-569-57225,597 Fred NormanDan SchatzederDan SchatzederFred NormanWoodie Fryman58150873
1979-08-21vs MON127W  3-270-57227,065 Tom SeaverDavid PalmerTom SeaverRudy MayTom Hume58451074
1979-08-22vs MON128W  7-271-57228,382 Mike LaCossSteve RogersMike LaCossSteve Rogers 59151279
1979-08-24@ NYN129W  1-072-57212,057Bill BonhamRay BurrisBill BonhamNeil AllenTom Hume59251280
1979-08-25@ NYN130W  8-473-57216,635Fred NormanCraig SwanDoug BairJeff Reardon 60051684
1979-08-26@ NYN131W  8-074-57220,619Tom SeaverPete FalconeTom SeaverPete Falcone 60851692
1979-08-27@ PHI132W  4-275-57228,421Mike LaCossLarry ChristensonTom HumeLarry Christenson 61251894
1979-08-28@ PHI133W  5-276-57131,113Frank PastoreSteve CarltonFrank PastoreSteve CarltonTom Hume61752097
1979-08-29@ PHI134W  7-677-57130,133Bill BonhamNino EspinosaMario SotoKevin SaucierDoug Bair62452698
1979-08-31@ MON135L  7-877-58134,820Fred NormanDan SchatzederWoodie FrymanTom Hume 63153497
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCIN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-09-01@ MON136L  2-777-59242,752Tom SeaverDavid PalmerDavid PalmerTom Seaver 63354192
1979-09-02@ MON137L  1-1377-60241,096Mike LaCossSteve RogersSteve RogersMike LaCoss 63455480
1979-09-03@ ATL138W  6-578-6013,139Bill BonhamRick MatulaDoug BairGene GarberTom Hume64055981
1979-09-04@ ATL139L  6-778-6122,506Frank PastoreLarry McWilliamsJoey McLaughlinDoug BairLarry Bradford64656680
1979-09-05vs SFN140W  6-579-61220,867 Fred NormanJohn MontefuscoFred NormanJohn MontefuscoTom Hume65257181
1979-09-06vs SFN141W  12-380-61220,935 Tom SeaverBob KnepperTom SeaverBob Knepper 66457490
1979-09-07vs LAN142L  5-680-62233,937 Mike LaCossCharlie HoughBobby CastilloTom HumeGerry Hannahs66958089
1979-09-08vs LAN143W  4-181-62140,345 Bill BonhamJerry ReussBill BonhamJerry ReussTom Hume67358192
1979-09-09vs LAN144L  1-381-63239,066 Fred NormanRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeFred NormanLerrin LaGrow67458490
1979-09-11vs HOU145W  9-882-63140,574 Tom SeaverJ.R. RichardTom HumeJoe Sambito 68359291
1979-09-12vs HOU146W  7-483-63142,035 Mike LaCossJoe NiekroFrank PastoreJoe NiekroTom Hume69059694
1979-09-14@ LAN147L  0-283-64137,514Bill BonhamRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeBill Bonham 69059892
1979-09-15@ LAN148W  2-184-64127,892Fred NormanBob WelchMario SotoJoe Beckwith 69259993
1979-09-16@ LAN149W  2-085-64128,322Tom SeaverDon SuttonTom SeaverDon Sutton 69459995
1979-09-17@ SFN150L  4-785-6514,880Mike LaCossVida BlueVida BlueMike LaCossGary Lavelle69860692
1979-09-18@ SFN151L  1-385-6617,183Frank PastoreEd WhitsonEd WhitsonFrank PastoreGreg Minton69960990
1979-09-19@ SDN152W  3-286-66110,215Bill BonhamBob ShirleyBill BonhamBob ShirleyTom Hume70261191
1979-09-20@ SDN153W  8-587-6619,997Fred NormanRandy JonesDoug BairSteve Mura 71061694
1979-09-21@ HOU154L  2-387-67144,975Tom SeaverJ.R. RichardJoe SambitoTom Hume 71261993
1979-09-22@ HOU155L  1-487-68146,037Mike LaCossJoe NiekroJoe NiekroMike LaCossJoe Sambito71362390
1979-09-23@ HOU156W  7-188-68142,067Frank PastoreVern RuhleFrank PastoreVern Ruhle 72062496
1979-09-25vs SDN157L  2-888-69120,336 Fred NormanBob ShirleyBob ShirleyFred Norman 72263290
1979-09-26vs SDN158W  4-389-69121,146 Tom SeaverRandy JonesTom SeaverRandy JonesTom Hume72663591
1979-09-28vs ATL159W  3-090-69133,142 Frank PastoreEddie SolomonFrank PastoreEddie Solomon 72963594
1979-09-29vs ATL160L  0-290-70136,466 Mike LaCossLarry McWilliamsLarry McWilliamsFred NormanGene Garber72963792
1979-09-30vs ATL161L  2-790-71150,932 Bill BonhamPhil NiekroPhil NiekroBill Bonham 73164487

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