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+    Level: MLB
Team Record:  88-74   .543
Result:   1st in American League - West Division
Manager(s):  Jim Fregosi
General Manager:   Buzzie Bavasi
Stadium:  Anaheim Stadium
Attendance:  2,523,575
Playoffs:  Lost ALCS (Orioles)

California Angels affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Willie Davis (39)
Youngest Player:  Brian Harper (19)
Longest Tenure:  Nolan Ryan (8)
Top Hitter:  Don Baylor (2)
Top Pitcher:  Nolan Ryan (5)
Top Draft Pick:  Mickey Saatzer (#67)

Roster Continuity:  65.35%
American League Standings
KC Royals8577.5253.0
Chi White Sox7387.45614.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-04-04@ SEA1L  4-50-1737,748Frank TananaGlenn AbbottJohn MontagueFrank Tanana 45-1
1979-04-06@ SEA2L  6-140-278,831Nolan RyanByron McLaughlinByron McLaughlinNolan Ryan 1019-9
1979-04-07@ SEA3W  5-41-2518,010Chris KnappOdell JonesMark ClearRick HoneycuttDave LaRoche1523-8
1979-04-08@ SEA4W  7-52-259,183Don AasePaul MitchellDave LaRocheShane Rawley 2228-6
1979-04-10vs MIN5L  1-82-3533,171 Frank TananaJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanFrank TananaMike Marshall2336-13
1979-04-11vs MIN6W  11-23-3521,633 Nolan RyanDave GoltzNolan RyanDave Goltz 3438-4
1979-04-12vs MIN7W  7-14-3522,211 Chris KnappRoger EricksonChris KnappRoger Erickson 41392
1979-04-13@ OAK8W  10-15-342,985Don AaseJohn Henry JohnsonDon AaseJohn Henry Johnson 514011
1979-04-14@ OAK9W  9-36-332,649Dave FrostRick LangfordDave FrostRick Langford 604317
1979-04-15@ OAK10W  8-17-332,243Frank TananaMatt KeoughFrank TananaMatt Keough 684424
1979-04-17@ MIN11W  6-08-3237,529Nolan RyanDave GoltzNolan RyanDave Goltz 744430
1979-04-18@ MIN12W  11-69-323,776Chris KnappRoger EricksonDyar MillerRoger EricksonMark Clear855035
1979-04-19@ MIN13W  6-410-323,537Don AasePaul HartzellDon AaseMike MarshallDave LaRoche915437
1979-04-20vs OAK14W  7-411-3127,417 Frank TananaRick LangfordFrank TananaRick LangfordDave Frost985840
1979-04-21vs OAK15W  13-112-3134,728 Nolan RyanMatt KeoughNolan RyanMatt Keough 1115952
1979-04-22vs OAK16L  6-712-4136,130 Chris KnappMike NorrisDave HeaverloDave LaRoche 1176651
1979-04-24vs BAL17L  2-712-5122,343 Don AaseJim PalmerJim PalmerDon Aase 1197346
1979-04-25vs BAL18L  2-512-6219,939 Frank TananaSteve StoneSteve StoneFrank TananaDon Stanhouse1217843
1979-04-26vs BAL19L  2-412-7221,598 Nolan RyanDennis MartinezTim StoddardDave LaRoche 1238241
1979-04-27vs BOS20W  8-613-7129,408 Chris KnappMike TorrezMark ClearAndy Hassler 1318843
1979-04-28vs BOS21W  5-014-7141,954 Dave FrostChuck RaineyDave FrostChuck Rainey 1368848
1979-04-29vs BOS22L  0-214-8135,206 Don AaseSteve RenkoSteve RenkoDon AaseBill Campbell1369046
1979-04-30vs NYA23W  2-115-8137,180 Jim BarrEd FigueroaDave LaRocheEd Figueroa 1389147
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-05-01vs NYA24L  8-1215-9238,858 Frank TananaLuis TiantTommy JohnDave LaRoche 14610343
1979-05-02vs NYA25W  1-016-9240,648 Nolan RyanRon GuidryNolan RyanRon Guidry 14710344
1979-05-05@ BAL26L  1-916-10220,455Don AaseJim PalmerJim PalmerDon Aase 14811236
1979-05-06@ BAL27L  0-616-11225,630Frank TananaDennis MartinezDennis MartinezMike Barlow 14811830
1979-05-07@ BOS28L  4-916-12223,319Nolan RyanMike TorrezMike TorrezNolan Ryan 15212725
1979-05-08@ BOS29W  10-217-12221,160Chris KnappChuck RaineyChris KnappChuck Rainey 16212933
1979-05-09@ BOS30L  8-917-13224,815Dave FrostSteve RenkoBill CampbellDave LaRoche 17013832
1979-05-10@ BOS31W  5-318-13224,990Don AaseDennis EckersleyDon AaseDennis EckersleyMark Clear17514134
1979-05-11@ NYA32W  4-119-13237,988Jim BarrCatfish HunterJim BarrCatfish Hunter 17914237
1979-05-12@ NYA33L  5-619-14228,783Dyar MillerLuis TiantDick TidrowDave Frost 18414836
1979-05-13@ NYA34L  10-1219-15330,083Chris KnappJim BeattieJim BeattieChris Knapp 19416034
1979-05-15vs MIL35W  2-120-15321,235 Nolan RyanMike CaldwellMark ClearMike Caldwell 19616135
1979-05-16vs MIL36W  4-321-15321,533 Dave FrostJim SlatonMark ClearJerry Augustine 20016436
1979-05-17vs MIL37W  8-522-15322,060 Don AaseLary SorensenJim BarrLary SorensenDave LaRoche20816939
1979-05-18vs CHA38W  7-323-15225,598 Frank TananaRon SchuelerFrank TananaRon SchuelerMark Clear21517243
1979-05-19vs CHA39W  10-624-15241,941 Chris KnappRich WorthamChris KnappRich WorthamDave LaRoche22517847
1979-05-20vs CHA40W  4-025-15227,189 Nolan RyanRoss BaumgartenNolan RyanRoss Baumgarten 22917851
1979-05-22@ MIL41L  1-725-1629,857Dave FrostLary SorensenLary SorensenDave Frost 23018545
1979-05-23@ MIL42L  0-125-1728,408Don AaseBill TraversBill TraversDon Aase 23018644
1979-05-24@ MIL43L  6-925-18316,314Chris KnappMoose HaasJerry AugustineChris Knapp 23619541
1979-05-25@ CHA44L  1-625-19220,554Nolan RyanRoss BaumgartenRoss BaumgartenNolan Ryan 23720136
1979-05-26@ CHA45W  8-426-19231,576Frank TananaFred HowardFrank TananaFred HowardMark Clear24520540
1979-05-27@ CHA46W  4-228-1910Dave FrostFrancisco BarriosDave FrostFrancisco Barrios 24920742
1979-05-27@ CHA47W  9-128-19125,025Don AaseRich HintonDon AaseRich Hinton 25820850
1979-05-29@ SEA48W  6-429-1914,068Jim BarrMike ParrottJim BarrMike ParrottDave LaRoche26421252
1979-05-30@ SEA49W  3-230-1915,206Nolan RyanRick HoneycuttNolan RyanShane Rawley 26721453
1979-05-31@ SEA50L  10-1230-2015,266Frank TananaGlenn AbbottByron McLaughlinMark ClearShane Rawley27722651
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-06-01vs CLE51L  4-730-21220,070 Dave FrostRick WiseRick WiseDave FrostVictor Cruz28123348
1979-06-02vs CLE52W  5-231-21141,969 Don AaseWayne GarlandMark ClearWayne Garland 28623551
1979-06-03vs CLE53L  3-531-22224,409 Jim BarrMike PaxtonMike PaxtonJim Barr 28924049
1979-06-04vs TOR54W  4-232-22116,979 Chris KnappPhil HuffmanMike BarlowPhil HuffmanMark Clear29324251
1979-06-05vs TOR55W  3-033-22118,862 Frank TananaTom UnderwoodFrank TananaTom Underwood 29624254
1979-06-06vs TOR56L  4-533-23118,835 Dave FrostJesse JeffersonJesse JeffersonDave LaRoche 30024753
1979-06-08vs DET57W  6-434-23128,298 Don AaseMilt WilcoxDon AaseMilt WilcoxMark Clear30625155
1979-06-09vs DET58W  9-135-23136,499 Nolan RyanDave RozemaNolan RyanDave Rozema 31525263
1979-06-10vs DET59L  7-1035-24130,229 Frank TananaJack BillinghamFernando ArroyoFrank TananaJohn Hiller32226260
1979-06-11@ CLE60W  9-436-24110,674Jim BarrEric WilkinsMark ClearDan Spillner 33126665
1979-06-12@ CLE61L  10-1136-2519,945Dave FrostRick WiseDon HoodMark Clear 34127764
1979-06-13@ TOR62L  8-937-2610Steve EddyBalor MooreDave FreislebenDave LaRoche 34928663
1979-06-13@ TOR63W  10-237-26128,577Don AaseMike WillisDon AaseMike Willis 35928871
1979-06-14@ TOR64W  10-238-26115,097Nolan RyanPhil HuffmanNolan RyanPhil Huffman 36929079
1979-06-15@ DET65W  8-739-26141,151Jim BarrDave RozemaMark ClearDave Tobik 37729780
1979-06-16@ DET66W  4-240-26139,240Dave FrostJack MorrisDave FrostJack MorrisDave LaRoche38129982
1979-06-17@ DET67L  4-840-27132,744Don AasePat UnderwoodAurelio LopezDon Aase 38530778
1979-06-18vs TEX68W  5-041-27137,096 Nolan RyanFergie JenkinsNolan RyanFergie Jenkins 39030783
1979-06-19vs TEX69L  1-241-28126,553 Jim BarrJohn Henry JohnsonJohn Henry JohnsonJim BarrJim Kern39130982
1979-06-20vs TEX70W  5-442-28126,895 Dave FrostJon MatlackDave FrostJon MatlackMark Clear39631383
1979-06-21vs TEX71L  2-342-29126,422 Don AaseDanny DarwinSparky LyleDave LaRoche 39831682
1979-06-22vs KCA72L  5-942-30130,737 Nolan RyanRich GaleRich GaleNolan Ryan 40332578
1979-06-23vs KCA73L  4-1342-31141,002 Jim BarrLarry GuraLarry GuraJim BarrEduardo Rodriguez40733869
1979-06-24vs KCA74L  2-542-32132,210 Dave FrostDennis LeonardDennis LeonardDave Frost 40934366
1979-06-26@ TEX75L  1-242-33128,695Don AaseJon MatlackJon MatlackDon AaseJim Kern41034565
1979-06-27@ TEX76L  2-442-34328,899Nolan RyanSteve ComerSteve ComerNolan RyanJim Kern41234963
1979-06-28@ TEX77L  4-1442-35329,101Jim BarrFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsJim Barr 41636353
1979-06-29@ KCA78W  6-543-35336,705Dave FrostDennis LeonardMark ClearMarty PattinDave LaRoche42236854
1979-06-30@ KCA79W  8-544-35241,451Don AaseRich GaleDon AaseRich GaleDave LaRoche43037357
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-07-01@ KCA80W  14-245-35232,636Nolan RyanPaul SplittorffNolan RyanPaul Splittorff 44437569
1979-07-02vs OAK81W  8-346-35227,639 Jim BarrMike MorganJim BarrMike Morgan 45237874
1979-07-03vs OAK82W  3-047-35222,498 Dave FrostBrian KingmanDave FrostBrian Kingman 45537877
1979-07-04vs OAK83W  17-648-35241,958 Don AaseMatt KeoughMark ClearDave Heaverlo 47238488
1979-07-05vs OAK84L  0-348-36223,793 Nolan RyanRick LangfordRick LangfordNolan Ryan 47238785
1979-07-06vs BAL85W  7-349-36124,679 Jim BarrSteve StoneJim BarrSteve Stone 47939089
1979-07-07vs BAL86W  10-150-36137,382 Dave FrostDennis MartinezDave FrostDennis Martinez 48939198
1979-07-08vs BAL87L  2-350-37229,062 Don AaseScott McGregorScott McGregorDon AaseDon Stanhouse49139497
1979-07-09vs BOS88W  6-051-37127,692 Nolan RyanMike TorrezNolan RyanMike Torrez 497394103
1979-07-10vs BOS89W  4-352-37136,619 Jim BarrBob StanleyJim BarrBob StanleyMark Clear501397104
1979-07-11vs BOS90L  3-952-38139,210 Dave FrostDennis EckersleyDennis EckersleyDave Frost 50440698
1979-07-13vs NYA91W  6-153-38141,805 Nolan RyanLuis TiantNolan RyanLuis Tiant 510407103
1979-07-14vs NYA92W  8-754-38141,693 Don AaseTommy JohnMark ClearRon Davis 518414104
1979-07-15vs NYA93W  5-455-38140,739 Dave FrostRon GuidryJim BarrRon Guidry 523418105
1979-07-19@ BAL94W  4-356-3910Don AaseDennis MartinezDave LaRocheDennis Martinez 527421106
1979-07-19@ BAL95L  0-356-39133,603Dave FrostMike FlanaganMike FlanaganDave Frost 527424103
1979-07-20@ BAL96L  1-256-40125,682Jim BarrScott McGregorScott McGregorJim Barr 528426102
1979-07-21@ BAL97L  2-1056-41151,381Nolan RyanSammy StewartSammy StewartNolan Ryan 53043694
1979-07-22@ BOS98L  5-656-42135,172Steve EddyBob StanleyBill CampbellMark Clear 53544293
1979-07-23@ BOS99W  9-257-42135,024Dave FrostJoel FinchDave FrostJoel Finch 544444100
1979-07-24@ NYA100L  5-657-43133,497Don AaseLuis TiantRon DavisDave LaRocheRich Gossage54945099
1979-07-25@ NYA101W  9-558-43147,449Nolan RyanTommy JohnRalph BottingTommy JohnMark Clear558455103
1979-07-26@ NYA102L  0-258-44143,136Jim BarrRon GuidryRon GuidryJim Barr 558457101
1979-07-27vs MIN103L  1-358-45138,945 Dave FrostGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnDave FrostMike Marshall55946099
1979-07-28vs MIN104W  5-059-45141,891 Don AaseJerry KoosmanDon AaseJerry Koosman 564460104
1979-07-29vs MIN105W  9-360-45133,510 Steve EddyDarrell JacksonSteve EddyDarrell JacksonDave LaRoche573463110
1979-07-30vs SEA106L  0-860-46135,584 Jim BarrMike ParrottMike ParrottJim Barr 573471102
1979-07-31vs SEA107W  8-161-46125,198 Dave FrostRob DresslerDave FrostRob Dressler 581472109
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-08-01vs SEA108L  6-761-47129,446 Don AaseRick HoneycuttRandy SteinDave LaRoche 587479108
1979-08-03@ MIN109L  1-461-48130,653Jim BarrJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanJim BarrMike Marshall588483105
1979-08-04@ MIN110W  7-162-48126,084Dave FrostDave GoltzDave FrostDave GoltzMark Clear595484111
1979-08-05@ MIN111W  11-763-4910Don AaseGeoff ZahnDave LaRocheRoger EricksonMark Clear606491115
1979-08-05@ MIN112L  1-763-49141,182Steve EddyPete RedfernPete RedfernSteve EddyMike Marshall607498109
1979-08-06@ OAK113W  5-264-4918,160Ralph BottingSteve McCattyRalph BottingSteve McCattyMark Clear612500112
1979-08-07@ OAK114L  5-964-5012,905Jim BarrRick LangfordRick LangfordJim Barr 617509108
1979-08-08@ OAK115W  8-165-5013,463Dave FrostMatt KeoughDave FrostMatt Keough 625510115
1979-08-10vs SEA116L  6-865-51128,969 Don AaseMike ParrottRandy SteinDave LaRoche 631518113
1979-08-11vs SEA117W  8-166-51141,940 Jim BarrRick HoneycuttJim BarrRick Honeycutt 639519120
1979-08-12vs SEA118W  4-367-51127,345 Dave FrostRob DresslerDave FrostRandy Stein 643522121
1979-08-13vs DET119L  3-567-52134,032 Nolan RyanJack MorrisJack MorrisNolan RyanAurelio Lopez646527119
1979-08-14vs DET120L  3-667-53129,465 Don AaseBruce RobbinsBruce RobbinsDon AaseJack Billingham649533116
1979-08-15vs DET121L  1-667-54131,885 Jim BarrDan PetryDan PetryJim Barr 650539111
1979-08-17vs TOR122L  5-667-55125,050 Dave FrostDave StiebDave StiebMark Clear 655545110
1979-08-18vs TOR123W  7-568-55130,361 Nolan RyanTom UnderwoodNolan RyanTom UnderwoodMark Clear662550112
1979-08-19vs TOR124W  4-269-55123,814 Chris KnappBalor MooreDon AaseBalor Moore 666552114
1979-08-20vs CLE125W  6-570-55135,497 Jim BarrLen BarkerDave LaRocheSid Monge 672557115
1979-08-21vs CLE126L  7-1270-56130,902 Dave FrostMike PaxtonPaul ReuschelDave Frost 679569110
1979-08-22vs CLE127L  3-1370-57130,625 Nolan RyanDan SpillnerDan SpillnerNolan Ryan 682582100
1979-08-24@ TOR128L  4-670-58118,077Chris KnappTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodChris KnappTom Buskey68658898
1979-08-25@ TOR129W  24-271-58125,207Dave FrostBalor MooreDave FrostBalor Moore 710590120
1979-08-26@ TOR130L  3-971-59122,619Nolan RyanButch EdgeButch EdgeNolan Ryan 713599114
1979-08-27@ DET131L  2-371-60122,874Jim BarrJack BillinghamJack BillinghamJim BarrAurelio Lopez715602113
1979-08-28@ DET132L  2-1271-61119,178Don AaseBruce RobbinsBruce RobbinsDon Aase 717614103
1979-08-29@ DET133L  1-271-62119,880Dave FrostJack MorrisJack MorrisDave FrostAurelio Lopez718616102
1979-08-30@ CLE134L  1-771-6328,647Nolan RyanLen BarkerLen BarkerNolan Ryan 71962396
1979-08-31@ CLE135W  9-872-63110,501Chris KnappMike PaxtonMark ClearPaul ReuschelJohn Montague72863197
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttCAL PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-09-01@ CLE136W  7-473-63122,804Jim BarrDan SpillnerDave LaRocheWayne GarlandJohn Montague735635100
1979-09-02@ CLE137W  5-274-6316,359Dave FrostRick WaitsDave FrostRick WaitsMark Clear740637103
1979-09-03vs CHA138W  6-575-63134,684 Nolan RyanRoss BaumgartenNolan RyanRoss BaumgartenJohn Montague746642104
1979-09-04vs CHA139L  7-1075-64126,036 Frank TananaRichard DotsonMike ProlyJim BarrEd Farmer753652101
1979-09-05vs CHA140W  9-876-64123,705 Chris KnappRich WorthamJohn MontagueRandy ScarberyDave LaRoche762660102
1979-09-06vs CHA141W  10-977-64120,930 Dave FrostSteve TroutJohn MontagueEd Farmer 772669103
1979-09-07vs MIL142W  6-378-64130,685 Nolan RyanBill TraversNolan RyanBill Travers 778672106
1979-09-08vs MIL143W  3-279-64137,624 Jim BarrLary SorensenJim BarrJerry AugustineJohn Montague781674107
1979-09-09vs MIL144W  5-280-64127,341 Frank TananaMoose HaasFrank TananaMoose HaasJohn Montague786676110
1979-09-11@ CHA145L  7-880-6516,858Nolan RyanRich WorthamEd FarmerDon Aase 793684109
1979-09-12@ CHA146L  5-1180-6617,511Chris KnappKen KravecKen KravecChris KnappMike Proly798695103
1979-09-14@ MIL147W  8-781-66117,840Jim BarrLary SorensenDave LaRocheBill CastroDon Aase806702104
1979-09-15@ MIL148L  2-381-67145,732Nolan RyanMoose HaasMoose HaasNolan Ryan 808705103
1979-09-16@ MIL149L  1-281-68119,906Frank TananaJim SlatonJim SlatonFrank Tanana 809707102
1979-09-17@ KCA150L  4-1681-69138,327Chris KnappDennis LeonardDennis LeonardChris Knapp 81372390
1979-09-18@ KCA151W  6-482-69129,733Dave FrostRich GaleDave FrostRich GaleJohn Montague81972792
1979-09-19@ KCA152L  4-682-70131,412Nolan RyanLarry GuraLarry GuraNolan RyanDan Quisenberry82373390
1979-09-20@ KCA153W  11-683-70132,659Jim BarrCraig ChamberlainJim BarrCraig ChamberlainDon Aase83473995
1979-09-21vs TEX154L  1-383-71137,450 Frank TananaDoc MedichDoc MedichMark ClearJim Kern83574293
1979-09-22vs TEX155W  3-184-71133,730 Chris KnappSteve ComerChris KnappSteve Comer 83874395
1979-09-23vs TEX156W  6-185-71141,498 Dave FrostFergie JenkinsDave FrostFergie Jenkins 844744100
1979-09-24vs KCA157W  4-386-71140,423 Nolan RyanLarry GuraNolan RyanLarry Gura 848747101
1979-09-25vs KCA158W  4-187-71140,631 Frank TananaCraig ChamberlainFrank TananaCraig Chamberlain 852748104
1979-09-26vs KCA159L  0-487-72140,565 Dave LaRocheDennis LeonardDennis LeonardDave LaRoche 852752100
1979-09-28@ TEX160L  0-587-73111,965Nolan RyanFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsNolan Ryan 85275795
1979-09-29@ TEX161L  3-687-74119,167Dave FrostDoc MedichDave RajsichDave FrostJim Kern85576392
1979-09-30@ TEX162W  11-588-7419,086Chris KnappSteve ComerChris KnappSteve Comer 86676898

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