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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Bronx,NY
Team Record:  89-71   .556
Result:   4th in American League - East Division
Manager(s):  Billy Martin, Bob Lemon
General Manager:   Cedric Tallis
Stadium:  Yankee Stadium
Attendance:  2,537,765
Playoffs:  -

New York Yankees affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jim Kaat (40)
Youngest Player:  Dave Righetti (20)
Longest Tenure:  Roy White (15)
Top Hitter:  Willie Randolph (22)
Top Pitcher:  Tommy John (3)
Top Draft Pick:  Todd Demeter (#51)

Roster Continuity:  86.86%
American League Standings
NY Yankees8971.55613.5

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-04-05vs MIL1L  1-50-1652,719 Ron GuidryMike CaldwellMike CaldwellRon Guidry 15-4
1979-04-07vs MIL2L  3-40-2617,387 Ed FigueroaBill TraversBob McClureEd FigueroaReggie Cleveland49-5
1979-04-08vs MIL3W  2-11-2526,954 Tommy JohnLary SorensenTommy JohnLary SorensenRich Gossage610-4
1979-04-10@ BAL4W  7-62-2516,721Ron GuidryScott McGregorRich GossageSammy StewartDick Tidrow1316-3
1979-04-11@ BAL5L  5-62-3416,249Ed FigueroaJim PalmerDon StanhouseRich Gossage 1822-4
1979-04-12@ BAL6W  5-03-3418,367Tommy JohnMike FlanaganTommy JohnMike Flanagan 23221
1979-04-13@ CHA7L  2-123-4521,124Luis TiantRich WorthamRich WorthamLuis Tiant 2534-9
1979-04-14@ CHA8W  8-54-4443,373Catfish HunterKen KravecDick TidrowDewey RobinsonRon Guidry3339-6
1979-04-15@ CHA9W  6-55-4318,681Ed FigueroaRoss BaumgartenEd FigueroaMike ProlyRich Gossage3944-5
1979-04-17vs BAL10W  5-16-4320,135 Ron GuidryMike FlanaganRon GuidryMike Flanagan 4445-1
1979-04-18vs BAL11W  3-17-4225,562 Tommy JohnDennis MartinezTommy JohnDennis MartinezRich Gossage47461
1979-04-19vs BAL12L  3-67-5321,201 Luis TiantJim PalmerJim PalmerPaul Mirabella 5052-2
1979-04-20vs TEX13W  5-38-5226,651 Ed FigueroaSteve ComerEd FigueroaSteve ComerDick Tidrow55550
1979-04-21vs TEX14L  0-58-6225,530 Catfish HunterFergie JenkinsFergie JenkinsCatfish Hunter 5560-5
1979-04-22vs TEX15W  5-19-6235,250 Ron GuidryDock EllisRon GuidryDock Ellis 6061-1
1979-04-24@ OAK16W  3-110-629,158Tommy JohnJohn Henry JohnsonTommy JohnJohn Henry Johnson 63621
1979-04-25@ OAK17L  0-110-727,135Ed FigueroaCraig MinettoCraig MinettoEd FigueroaJim Todd63630
1979-04-27@ SEA18L  5-610-8424,658Ron GuidryRick HoneycuttMike ParrottDick TidrowShane Rawley6869-1
1979-04-28@ SEA19L  2-310-9435,048Catfish HunterGlenn AbbottShane RawleyCatfish HunterJohn Montague7072-2
1979-04-29@ SEA20L  5-610-10429,041Tommy JohnOdell JonesRafael VasquezPaul Mirabella 7578-3
1979-04-30@ CAL21L  1-210-11437,180Ed FigueroaJim BarrDave LaRocheEd Figueroa 7680-4
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-05-01@ CAL22W  12-811-11438,858Luis TiantFrank TananaTommy JohnDave LaRoche 88880
1979-05-02@ CAL23L  0-111-12440,648Ron GuidryNolan RyanNolan RyanRon Guidry 8889-1
1979-05-04vs OAK24L  5-1111-13417,705 Ed FigueroaMike NorrisMike NorrisJim BeattieBob Lacey93100-7
1979-05-05vs OAK25W  5-412-13430,167 Tommy JohnJohn Henry JohnsonTommy JohnDave Heaverlo 98104-6
1979-05-06vs OAK26W  6-513-13446,750 Catfish HunterCraig MinettoRon GuidryDave Heaverlo 104109-5
1979-05-07vs SEA27L  4-1213-14414,065 Luis TiantByron McLaughlinRick HoneycuttPaul Mirabella 108121-13
1979-05-08vs SEA28W  5-314-14415,981 Jim BeattieFloyd BannisterJim BeattieFloyd BannisterRon Guidry113124-11
1979-05-09vs SEA29W  5-015-14414,738 Ed FigueroaGlenn AbbottEd FigueroaGlenn Abbott 118124-6
1979-05-10vs SEA30W  8-116-14414,394 Tommy JohnOdell JonesTommy JohnOdell Jones 1261251
1979-05-11vs CAL31L  1-416-15437,988 Catfish HunterJim BarrJim BarrCatfish Hunter 127129-2
1979-05-12vs CAL32W  6-517-15428,783 Luis TiantDyar MillerDick TidrowDave Frost 133134-1
1979-05-13vs CAL33W  12-1018-15430,083 Jim BeattieChris KnappJim BeattieChris Knapp 1451441
1979-05-14vs DET34L  1-318-16415,650 Ed FigueroaMilt WilcoxMilt WilcoxEd Figueroa 146147-1
1979-05-15vs DET35W  11-319-16418,876 Tommy JohnSteve BakerTommy JohnSteve Baker 1571507
1979-05-16vs DET36W  6-220-16443,843 Ron GuidryMark FidrychRon GuidryMark Fidrych 16315211
1979-05-18@ BOS37W  10-021-16333,694Jim BeattieMike TorrezJim BeattieMike Torrez 17315221
1979-05-19@ BOS38L  3-421-17333,224Ed FigueroaChuck RaineyBill CampbellEd FigueroaDick Drago17615620
1979-05-20@ BOS39W  2-022-17333,932Tommy JohnDennis EckersleyTommy JohnDennis Eckersley 17815622
1979-05-21@ DET40L  1-322-18326,153Ron GuidryJack BillinghamJack BillinghamRon Guidry 17915920
1979-05-22@ DET41W  12-823-18333,497Luis TiantMark FidrychLuis TiantMark Fidrych 19116724
1979-05-23@ DET42L  3-423-19321,671Jim BeattieJack MorrisJohn HillerKen Clay 19417123
1979-05-26@ CLE43L  4-823-20427,710Tommy JohnRick WaitsRick WaitsTommy John 19817919
1979-05-27@ CLE44L  0-524-2140Ron GuidryRick WiseRick WiseRon Guidry 19818414
1979-05-27@ CLE45W  5-424-21440,648Luis TiantMike PaxtonRay BurrisSid Monge 20318815
1979-05-28@ MIL46W  2-125-21339,291Jim BeattieBill TraversRon DavisBill Travers 20518916
1979-05-29@ MIL47L  3-725-22421,891Catfish HunterMoose HaasMoose HaasCatfish Hunter 20819612
1979-05-30@ MIL48W  5-226-22327,338Tommy JohnMike CaldwellRon DavisBob McClure 21319815
1979-05-31@ MIL49L  4-526-23424,707Luis TiantJim SlatonJerry AugustineRay Burris 21720314
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-06-01vs CHA50W  4-027-23433,230 Ron GuidryFrancisco BarriosRon GuidryFrancisco Barrios 22120318
1979-06-02vs CHA51L  0-727-24453,539 Jim BeattieKen KravecKen KravecJim Beattie 22121011
1979-06-03vs CHA52W  3-228-24355,073 Catfish HunterRich WorthamRon DavisRandy Scarbery 22421212
1979-06-04vs KCA53W  8-329-24330,164 Tommy JohnRich GaleTommy JohnRich Gale 23221517
1979-06-05vs KCA54L  1-329-25424,968 Luis TiantLarry GuraLarry GuraLuis Tiant 23321815
1979-06-06vs MIN55W  3-230-25434,075 Ron GuidryJerry KoosmanRon GuidryJerry Koosman 23622016
1979-06-07vs MIN56L  1-430-26420,722 Jim BeattieGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnJim BeattieMike Marshall23722413
1979-06-08@ KCA57W  11-1031-26435,589Ed FigueroaRich GaleKen ClayEduardo Rodriguez 24823414
1979-06-09@ KCA58L  8-931-27438,025Tommy JohnLarry GuraMarty PattinKen Clay 25624313
1979-06-10@ KCA59W  10-432-27341,095Luis TiantSteve MingoriLuis TiantSteve Mingori 26624719
1979-06-12@ MIN60W  4-133-27327,733Ron GuidryJerry KoosmanRon DavisJerry Koosman 27024822
1979-06-13@ MIN61L  7-833-28319,660Jim BeattieDave GoltzPete RedfernRay BurrisMike Marshall27725621
1979-06-14@ MIN62L  2-433-29424,129Tommy JohnGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnTommy JohnMike Marshall27926019
1979-06-15@ TEX63L  5-933-30435,452Ed FigueroaJon MatlackJon MatlackEd Figueroa 28426915
1979-06-16@ TEX64W  3-234-30441,097Luis TiantDave RajsichRon DavisSparky Lyle 28727116
1979-06-17@ TEX65L  3-634-31437,405Catfish HunterSteve ComerSteve ComerCatfish Hunter 29027713
1979-06-19vs TOR66L  4-534-32436,211 Tommy JohnPhil HuffmanPhil HuffmanTommy JohnTom Buskey29428212
1979-06-20vs TOR67W  2-135-3340 Jim BeattieTom UnderwoodDon HoodTom UnderwoodRon Davis29628313
1979-06-20vs TOR68L  2-335-33432,129 Ed FigueroaBalor MooreBalor MooreRay Burris 29828612
1979-06-21vs TOR69W  3-136-33419,278 Luis TiantDave LemanczykLuis TiantDave LemanczykRon Davis30128714
1979-06-22vs CLE70W  3-237-33433,776 Catfish HunterEric WilkinsCatfish HunterEric WilkinsKen Clay30428915
1979-06-23vs CLE71W  6-538-33435,818 Tommy JohnRick WiseTommy JohnVictor Cruz 31029416
1979-06-24vs CLE72W  8-239-33455,409 Ed FigueroaRick WaitsJim KaatRick WaitsRon Davis31829622
1979-06-25@ TOR73L  1-339-34437,612Ken ClayTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodKen Clay 31929920
1979-06-26@ TOR74W  11-240-34438,696Luis TiantDave LemanczykLuis TiantDave Lemanczyk 33030129
1979-06-28@ TOR75W  5-341-34439,347Tommy JohnBalor MooreRon DavisMark Lemongello 33530431
1979-06-29vs BOS76L  2-341-35453,306 Ron GuidryMike TorrezDick DragoJim Kaat 33730730
1979-06-30vs BOS77L  2-341-36450,253 Luis TiantBob StanleyBob StanleyLuis Tiant 33931029
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-07-01vs BOS78W  6-542-36451,246 Catfish HunterDennis EckersleyRon DavisDennis EckersleyJim Kaat34531530
1979-07-02vs BOS79W  7-243-36451,211 Tommy JohnJoel FinchTommy JohnJoel Finch 35231735
1979-07-03vs MIL80L  2-743-37435,158 Ken ClayMike CaldwellMike CaldwellKen Clay 35432430
1979-07-04vs MIL81W  4-344-37420,084 Luis TiantBill TraversLuis TiantBill TraversRon Davis35832731
1979-07-05vs MIL82L  0-344-38431,878 Ron GuidryLary SorensenLary SorensenRon Guidry 35833028
1979-07-06@ OAK83W  4-346-3840Catfish HunterSteve McCattyRon DavisSteve McCatty 36233329
1979-07-06@ OAK84W  3-046-38419,538Tommy JohnDave HamiltonTommy JohnDave Hamilton 36533332
1979-07-07@ OAK85W  8-347-38410,413Don HoodMike MorganDon HoodMike MorganKen Clay37333637
1979-07-08@ OAK86W  2-048-38413,483Luis TiantBrian KingmanLuis TiantBrian Kingman 37533639
1979-07-10@ SEA87L  1-548-39420,375Ron GuidryRick HoneycuttRick HoneycuttRon Guidry 37634135
1979-07-11@ SEA88L  1-1648-40431,186Tommy JohnFloyd BannisterFloyd BannisterTommy John 37735720
1979-07-12@ SEA89W  14-249-40423,774Catfish HunterMike ParrottCatfish HunterMike Parrott 39135932
1979-07-13@ CAL90L  1-649-41441,805Luis TiantNolan RyanNolan RyanLuis Tiant 39236527
1979-07-14@ CAL91L  7-849-42441,693Tommy JohnDon AaseMark ClearRon Davis 39937326
1979-07-15@ CAL92L  4-549-43440,739Ron GuidryDave FrostJim BarrRon Guidry 40337825
1979-07-19vs OAK93W  10-250-43422,648 Luis TiantMike MorganLuis TiantMike Morgan 41338033
1979-07-20vs OAK94L  1-550-44430,481 Tommy JohnBrian KingmanBrian KingmanTommy JohnDave Hamilton41438529
1979-07-21vs OAK95W  12-451-44449,284 Ron GuidryCraig MinettoRon GuidryCraig Minetto 42638937
1979-07-22vs SEA96W  4-052-44438,956 Don HoodRick HoneycuttJim KaatRick Honeycutt 43038941
1979-07-23vs SEA97W  6-253-44420,674 Ed FigueroaGlenn AbbottEd FigueroaGlenn AbbottRich Gossage43639145
1979-07-24vs CAL98W  6-554-44433,497 Luis TiantDon AaseRon DavisDave LaRocheRich Gossage44239646
1979-07-25vs CAL99L  5-954-45447,449 Tommy JohnNolan RyanRalph BottingTommy JohnMark Clear44740542
1979-07-26vs CAL100W  2-055-45443,136 Ron GuidryJim BarrRon GuidryJim Barr 44940544
1979-07-27@ MIL101L  5-655-46447,928Ed FigueroaMike CaldwellBob McClureRich Gossage 45441143
1979-07-28@ MIL102L  2-955-47451,952Luis TiantLary SorensenLary SorensenLuis Tiant 45642036
1979-07-29@ MIL103L  3-555-48449,842Catfish HunterBill TraversBill TraversCatfish HunterBob McClure45942534
1979-07-30@ CHA104W  7-256-48422,486Tommy JohnRich WorthamTommy JohnRich WorthamRon Davis46642739
1979-07-31@ CHA105W  7-357-48424,972Ron GuidryRandy ScarberyRon GuidryRandy ScarberyRich Gossage47343043
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-08-01@ CHA106W  9-158-48421,109Don HoodKen KravecDon HoodKen Kravec 48243151
1979-08-03vs BAL107L  0-158-49451,151 Luis TiantScott McGregorScott McGregorLuis TiantTippy Martinez48243250
1979-08-04vs BAL108L  4-558-50446,407 Catfish HunterSteve StoneDave FordJim KaatTippy Martinez48643749
1979-08-05vs BAL109W  3-259-50454,478 Tommy JohnMike FlanaganTommy JohnMike Flanagan 48943950
1979-08-06vs BAL110W  5-460-50436,314 Ron GuidryDennis MartinezRon GuidryTippy Martinez 49444351
1979-08-07vs CHA111L  5-960-51433,513 Don HoodRoss BaumgartenRandy ScarberyKen ClayEd Farmer49945247
1979-08-08vs CHA112W  4-361-51420,048 Luis TiantSteve TroutLuis TiantSteve TroutRon Davis50345548
1979-08-09vs CHA113L  1-561-52421,535 Catfish HunterRich WorthamRich WorthamCatfish Hunter 50446044
1979-08-10@ BAL114L  6-861-53444,646Tommy JohnDennis MartinezTippy MartinezRon Davis 51046842
1979-08-13vs TEX115W  3-262-53424,977 Ron GuidryFergie JenkinsRon GuidryFergie Jenkins 51347043
1979-08-14vs TEX116W  6-563-53424,125 Luis TiantDoc MedichLuis TiantJim KernRich Gossage51947544
1979-08-15vs TEX117W  4-364-53425,905 Tommy JohnJerry GleatonTommy JohnJerry GleatonRich Gossage52347845
1979-08-16vs MIN118L  1-564-54422,036 Catfish HunterGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnCatfish Hunter 52448341
1979-08-17vs MIN119L  2-564-55430,372 Jim BeattieJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanJim Beattie 52648838
1979-08-18vs MIN120W  5-365-55438,695 Jim KaatMike MarshallRon DavisMike MarshallRich Gossage53149140
1979-08-19vs MIN121W  4-366-55447,723 Ron GuidryDarrell JacksonRon GuidryDarrell JacksonRich Gossage53549441
1979-08-20@ KCA122W  17-467-55441,305Luis TiantRich GaleLuis TiantRich GaleDon Hood55249854
1979-08-21@ KCA123W  6-268-55438,514Tommy JohnPaul SplittorffRich GossagePaul Splittorff 55850058
1979-08-22@ KCA124L  1-368-56434,400Jim BeattieLarry GuraLarry GuraJim Beattie 55950356
1979-08-24@ MIN125W  7-569-56429,800Ron GuidryGeoff ZahnRon GuidryGeoff ZahnRich Gossage56650858
1979-08-25@ MIN126L  1-469-57436,363Luis TiantJerry KoosmanJerry KoosmanLuis TiantMike Marshall56751255
1979-08-27@ TEX127W  7-470-57424,922Tommy JohnFergie JenkinsTommy JohnFergie JenkinsRon Davis57451658
1979-08-28@ TEX128L  2-1070-58423,339Ken ClayJohn Henry JohnsonJim KernKen Clay 57652650
1979-08-29@ TEX129W  7-571-58418,117Ron GuidryDave RajsichRon GuidryDave RajsichRich Gossage58353152
1979-08-30vs KCA130L  3-871-59430,717 Luis TiantLarry GuraLarry GuraLuis Tiant 58653947
1979-08-31vs KCA131W  7-372-59435,229 Tommy JohnPaul SplittorffTommy JohnPaul Splittorff 59354251
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYA PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-09-01vs KCA132L  8-972-60430,130 Ken ClayRich GaleAl HraboskyJim KaatRenie Martin60155150
1979-09-02vs KCA133W  6-573-60434,008 Catfish HunterCraig ChamberlainRich GossageSteve Mingori 60755651
1979-09-03vs BOS134W  10-674-60446,298 Ron GuidryDennis EckersleyRon GuidryDennis EckersleyRon Davis61756255
1979-09-04vs BOS135W  3-275-60437,259 Luis TiantMike TorrezLuis TiantMike TorrezRich Gossage62056456
1979-09-05vs BOS136L  0-575-61438,644 Tommy JohnBob StanleyBob StanleyTommy John 62056951
1979-09-06@ DET137W  3-176-61419,196Don HoodMilt WilcoxRich GossageMilt Wilcox 62357053
1979-09-07@ DET138L  0-676-62428,943Ken ClayBruce RobbinsJack BillinghamKen Clay 62357647
1979-09-08@ DET139W  5-477-62430,069Ron GuidryJack MorrisRon GuidryJack MorrisRich Gossage62858048
1979-09-09@ DET140L  1-377-63430,836Tommy JohnMike ChrisMike ChrisTommy JohnAurelio Lopez62958346
1979-09-11@ BOS141W  8-378-63435,689Luis TiantJohn TudorRon DavisTom BurgmeierRich Gossage63758651
1979-09-12@ BOS142L  2-978-64434,336Catfish HunterChuck RaineyChuck RaineyCatfish Hunter 63959544
1979-09-13@ BOS143W  10-379-64432,474Ron GuidryMike TorrezRon GuidryMike Torrez 64959851
1979-09-15vs DET144L  3-480-6540 Tommy JohnJack MorrisJack MorrisTommy JohnAurelio Lopez65260250
1979-09-15vs DET145W  7-180-65430,050 Don HoodMike ChrisRon DavisMike ChrisJim Kaat65960356
1979-09-16vs DET146L  4-880-66440,192 Dave RighettiDave RozemaAurelio LopezRich Gossage 66361152
1979-09-17@ CLE147L  1-580-6840Jim BeattieRick WaitsRick WaitsJim Beattie 66461648
1979-09-17@ CLE148L  5-680-68414,063Catfish HunterDan SpillnerSid MongeDon Hood 66962247
1979-09-18@ CLE149L  3-1680-6948,908Paul MirabellaMike PaxtonMike PaxtonPaul Mirabella 67263834
1979-09-19@ CLE150W  2-081-6948,216Tommy JohnRick WiseTommy JohnRick WiseRon Davis67463836
1979-09-20@ MIN151L  1-381-7045,357Dave RighettiGeoff ZahnGeoff ZahnDave Righetti 67564134
1979-09-21@ TOR152L  2-381-71422,331Ron GuidryTom UnderwoodTom UnderwoodRon GuidryTom Buskey67764433
1979-09-22@ TOR153W  7-482-71437,408Luis TiantButch EdgeLuis TiantButch EdgeRich Gossage68464836
1979-09-23@ TOR154W  7-583-71428,137Tommy JohnPhil HuffmanTommy JohnPhil HuffmanRich Gossage69165338
1979-09-25vs CLE155W  7-584-71415,699 Jim BeattieRick WiseRon DavisRick WiseRich Gossage69865840
1979-09-26vs CLE156W  6-385-71416,354 Ron GuidryMike PaxtonRon GuidryMike Paxton 70466143
1979-09-27vs CLE157W  5-286-71412,111 Dave RighettiRick WaitsRich GossageSid Monge 70966346
1979-09-28vs TOR158W  7-387-71417,647 Luis TiantButch EdgeLuis TiantButch Edge 71666650
1979-09-29vs TOR159W  9-488-71430,016 Tommy JohnPhil HuffmanTommy JohnPhil Huffman 72567055
1979-09-30vs TOR160W  9-289-71428,150 Ron GuidryDave StiebRon DavisDave StiebMike Griffin73467262

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