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+    Level: MLB
Location:  Queens,NY
Team Record:  63-99   .389
Result:   6th in National League - East Division
Manager(s):  Joe Torre
General Manager:   Joe McDonald
Stadium:  Shea Stadium
Attendance:  788,905
Playoffs:  -

New York Mets affiliate history
Oldest Player:  Jose Cardenal (35)
Youngest Player:  Neil Allen (21)
Longest Tenure:  Ed Kranepool (18)
Top Hitter:  Lee Mazzilli (10)
Top Pitcher:  Craig Swan (5)
Top Draft Pick:  Tim Leary (#2)

Roster Continuity:  70.13%
National League Standings
St. Louis8676.53112.0
Chi Cubs8082.49418.0
NY Mets6399.38935.0

DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-04-05@ CHN1W  10-61-0135,615Craig SwanRick ReuschelCraig SwanRick Reuschel 1064
1979-04-07@ CHN2W  9-42-019,805Pat ZachryKen HoltzmanPat ZachryKen HoltzmanSkip Lockwood19109
1979-04-10vs MON3L  2-32-1310,406 Craig SwanBill LeeDavid PalmerDale MurrayStan Bahnsen21138
1979-04-11vs MON4L  2-32-235,980 Pete FalconeSteve RogersElias SosaSkip LockwoodStan Bahnsen23167
1979-04-12vs PHI5W  3-23-238,719 Pat ZachryRandy LerchPat ZachryRandy Lerch 26188
1979-04-15vs PHI6L  2-33-450 Craig SwanDick RuthvenDick RuthvenCraig SwanTug McGraw28217
1979-04-15vs PHI7L  3-63-4518,401 Neil AllenNino EspinosaNino EspinosaNeil AllenRon Reed31274
1979-04-17@ MON8L  4-53-557,912Pete FalconeScott SandersonWoodie FrymanSkip Lockwood 35323
1979-04-18@ MON9L  5-63-6510,059Pat ZachryRoss GrimsleyDavid PalmerDale Murray 40382
1979-04-20@ PHI10L  0-83-7633,253Craig SwanDick RuthvenDick RuthvenCraig Swan 4046-6
1979-04-21@ PHI11L  0-33-8631,851Neil AllenNino EspinosaNino EspinosaNeil AllenTug McGraw4049-9
1979-04-22@ PHI12W  4-24-8535,020Pete FalconeSteve CarltonJesse OroscoSteve CarltonSkip Lockwood4451-7
1979-04-24vs SFN13W  10-35-8510,170 Mike ScottVida BlueMike ScottVida Blue 54540
1979-04-25vs SFN14W  2-06-855,665 Craig SwanTom GriffinCraig SwanTom Griffin 56542
1979-04-28vs LAN15L  1-36-9511,426 Pete FalconeBurt HootonBurt HootonPete Falcone 57570
1979-04-29vs LAN16L  3-87-1050 Neil AllenDon SuttonDon SuttonNeil Allen 6065-5
1979-04-29vs LAN17W  6-37-10519,982 Mike ScottAndy MessersmithDale MurrayRick SutcliffeSkip Lockwood6668-2
1979-04-30vs SDN18W  4-38-1056,154 Craig SwanBob OwchinkoCraig SwanBob ShirleySkip Lockwood7071-1
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-05-01vs SDN19L  5-108-1155,614 Wayne TwitchellGaylord PerryGaylord PerryDale MurrayRollie Fingers7581-6
1979-05-03@ SFN20L  5-78-1255,123Pete FalconeEd HalickiEd HalickiPete FalconeGary Lavelle8088-8
1979-05-04@ SFN21L  3-48-13519,275Neil AllenVida BlueVida BlueSkip Lockwood 8392-9
1979-05-05@ SFN22L  4-68-1466,960Craig SwanPhil NastuGary LavelleJesse Orosco 8798-11
1979-05-06@ SFN23W  5-49-14519,818Kevin KobelBob KnepperDale MurrayRandy MoffittSkip Lockwood92102-10
1979-05-07@ LAN24L  2-59-15627,230Pete FalconeBurt HootonBurt HootonPete FalconeBob Welch94107-13
1979-05-08@ LAN25L  2-39-16627,092Mike ScottRick SutcliffeRick SutcliffeDale MurrayBob Welch96110-14
1979-05-09@ LAN26L  2-79-17623,313Neil AllenDon SuttonDon SuttonNeil Allen 98117-19
1979-05-10@ LAN27L  1-149-18626,399Craig SwanAndy MessersmithAndy MessersmithCraig Swan 99131-32
1979-05-11@ SDN28W  4-010-18643,142Kevin KobelSteve MuraKevin KobelSteve Mura 103131-28
1979-05-12@ SDN29L  1-210-19618,409Pete FalconeBob OwchinkoBob OwchinkoNeil Allen 104133-29
1979-05-13@ SDN30L  4-510-20612,245Mike ScottRandy JonesBob ShirleySkip Lockwood 108138-30
1979-05-15@ PIT31W  3-011-2066,097Craig SwanDon RobinsonCraig SwanDon RobinsonSkip Lockwood111138-27
1979-05-16@ PIT32L  3-411-2167,621Kevin KobelBert BlylevenEnrique RomoSkip Lockwood 114142-28
1979-05-17@ PIT33L  5-611-2266,295Pete FalconeEd WhitsonKent TekulveJesse Orosco 119148-29
1979-05-19vs SLN34L  4-911-2366,782 Mike ScottPete VuckovichDarold KnowlesDwight Bernard 123157-34
1979-05-20vs SLN35W  8-712-2368,180 Craig SwanBob SykesNeil AllenDarold Knowles 131164-33
1979-05-22vs CHN36W  4-213-2366,550 Kevin KobelDennis LampKevin KobelDennis LampDale Murray135166-31
1979-05-24vs CHN37L  7-914-2460 Pete FalconeKen HoltzmanKen HoltzmanPete FalconeBruce Sutter142175-33
1979-05-24vs CHN38W  4-214-2464,320 Pat ZachryMike KrukowPat ZachryMike KrukowSkip Lockwood146177-31
1979-05-25vs PIT39W  3-315-2466,611 Craig SwanJim Rooker 149180-31
1979-05-26vs PIT40W  10-816-24620,272 Mike ScottBert BlylevenSkip LockwoodKent Tekulve 159188-29
1979-05-27vs PIT41L  1-216-25625,545 Kevin KobelJim BibbyGrant JacksonDale Murray 160190-30
1979-05-28vs PIT42L  1-616-26610,619 Pete FalconeJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaPete FalconeGrant Jackson161196-35
1979-05-29@ SLN43W  6-217-26614,149Pat ZachryPete VuckovichPat ZachryPete VuckovichSkip Lockwood167198-31
1979-05-30@ SLN44L  3-717-27611,111Craig SwanSilvio MartinezSilvio MartinezCraig SwanDarold Knowles170205-35
1979-05-31@ SLN45L  6-917-28615,110Mike ScottBob SykesBob SykesMike ScottDarold Knowles176214-38
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-06-01@ ATL46W  5-418-2865,748Kevin KobelEddie SolomonSkip LockwoodAdrian DevineEd Glynn181218-37
1979-06-02@ ATL47L  6-718-29625,240Pete FalconePhil NiekroPhil NiekroEd GlynnGene Garber187225-38
1979-06-03@ ATL48W  9-419-2963,526Pat ZachryMickey MahlerPat ZachryMickey MahlerSkip Lockwood196229-33
1979-06-04@ CIN49W  6-220-29621,063Craig SwanTom SeaverCraig SwanTom Seaver 202231-29
1979-06-05@ CIN50L  1-620-30622,209Kevin KobelFred NormanFred NormanKevin Kobel 203237-34
1979-06-06@ CIN51W  5-321-30628,970Jesse OroscoBill BonhamDale MurrayManny SarmientoEd Glynn208240-32
1979-06-08vs HOU52L  0-521-31612,196 Pat ZachryJoe NiekroJoe NiekroPat Zachry 208245-37
1979-06-09vs HOU53W  4-022-31610,499 Craig SwanJoaquin AndujarCraig SwanJoaquin Andujar 212245-33
1979-06-10vs HOU54L  3-522-32615,879 Kevin KobelRandy NiemannGeorge ThroopKevin KobelJoe Sambito215250-35
1979-06-11vs CIN55W  3-223-3264,917 Jesse OroscoFred NormanWayne TwitchellFred Norman 218252-34
1979-06-12vs CIN56W  12-624-3269,805 Pete FalconeBill BonhamDale MurrayManny Sarmiento 230258-28
1979-06-13vs CIN57L  1-424-33612,468 Tom HausmanMike LaCossMike LaCossTom HausmanTom Hume231262-31
1979-06-15vs ATL58W  2-125-3369,808 Craig SwanPhil NiekroCraig SwanJoey McLaughlin 233263-30
1979-06-16vs ATL59W  2-026-33628,313 Kevin KobelMickey MahlerKevin KobelMickey Mahler 235263-28
1979-06-17vs ATL60W  2-127-33612,133 Pete FalconeTony BrizzolaraJeff ReardonGene Garber 237264-27
1979-06-18@ HOU61L  2-327-34614,076Dock EllisRick WilliamsBert RobergeTom Hausman 239267-28
1979-06-19@ HOU62L  1-327-35614,036Andy HasslerJoaquin AndujarJoaquin AndujarAndy Hassler 240270-30
1979-06-20@ HOU63L  4-527-36615,946Craig SwanJ.R. RichardJoe SambitoCraig Swan 244275-31
1979-06-22@ SLN64L  2-427-37618,852Kevin KobelSilvio MartinezSilvio MartinezKevin Kobel 246279-33
1979-06-24@ SLN65W  6-228-37648,693Andy HasslerBob ForschAndy HasslerBob ForschDale Murray252281-29
1979-06-25vs PIT66L  1-829-3860 Craig SwanJohn CandelariaJohn CandelariaCraig Swan 253289-36
1979-06-25vs PIT67W  4-029-38614,666 Pete FalconeJim RookerPete FalconeJim Rooker 257289-32
1979-06-26vs PIT68L  1-229-39611,903 Tom HausmanBert BlylevenBert BlylevenTom HausmanGrant Jackson258291-33
1979-06-27@ PIT69W  12-930-39613,168Dock EllisEd WhitsonWayne TwitchellGrant Jackson 270300-30
1979-06-28@ PIT70W  3-231-39610,137Kevin KobelJim BibbyNeil AllenJim BibbyEd Glynn273302-29
1979-06-30@ CHN71W  9-832-39628,394Craig SwanRick ReuschelWayne TwitchellDick TidrowEd Glynn282310-28
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-07-01@ CHN72L  4-532-4160Tom HausmanKen HoltzmanDick TidrowWayne Twitchell 286315-29
1979-07-01@ CHN73L  2-832-41636,609Pete FalconeLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenPete Falcone 288323-35
1979-07-02@ PHI74L  2-632-42629,142Dock EllisNino EspinosaNino EspinosaDock Ellis 290329-39
1979-07-03@ PHI75L  2-432-43656,285Kevin KobelLarry ChristensonWarren BrusstarWayne TwitchellTug McGraw292333-41
1979-07-04@ PHI76L  0-132-44640,215Andy HasslerSteve CarltonSteve CarltonAndy Hassler 292334-42
1979-07-05@ PHI77W  3-233-44628,720Craig SwanDickie NolesCraig SwanDickie Noles 295336-41
1979-07-06vs SDN78L  5-633-45610,021 Pete FalconeRandy JonesMark LeeTom Hausman 300342-42
1979-07-07vs SDN79L  3-1133-46614,048 Dock EllisJohn D'AcquistoJohn D'AcquistoDock EllisEric Rasmussen303353-50
1979-07-08vs SDN80L  3-534-4760 Kevin KobelGaylord PerryGaylord PerryKevin Kobel 306358-52
1979-07-08vs SDN81W  4-134-47617,320 Andy HasslerBob ShirleyAndy HasslerBob ShirleyTom Hausman310359-49
1979-07-10vs LAN82L  4-734-48612,218 Craig SwanBob WelchCharlie HoughCraig SwanDave Patterson314366-52
1979-07-11vs LAN83W  4-335-48611,401 Pete FalconeJerry ReussNeil AllenDennis Lewallyn 318369-51
1979-07-12vs LAN84W  12-536-48613,218 Dock EllisBurt HootonDock EllisBurt Hooton 330374-44
1979-07-13vs SFN85W  7-638-4860 Kevin KobelBob KnepperKevin KobelBob KnepperDale Murray337380-43
1979-07-13vs SFN86W  5-238-48616,110 Andy HasslerEd HalickiAndy HasslerEd HalickiDale Murray342382-40
1979-07-14vs SFN87W  3-239-48628,254 Tom HausmanVida BlueTom HausmanVida Blue 345384-39
1979-07-15vs SFN88L  0-439-49614,319 Craig SwanEd WhitsonEd WhitsonCraig SwanPedro Borbon345388-43
1979-07-19@ SDN89L  1-339-50620,382Kevin KobelRandy JonesRandy JonesKevin Kobel 346391-45
1979-07-20@ SDN90L  1-239-51616,381Craig SwanGaylord PerryGaylord PerryCraig Swan 347393-46
1979-07-21@ SDN91W  2-140-51625,327Tom HausmanBob ShirleyNeil AllenBob ShirleyAndy Hassler349394-45
1979-07-22@ LAN92L  3-440-52634,198Dock EllisCharlie HoughLerrin LaGrowEd Glynn 352398-46
1979-07-23@ LAN93L  1-340-53625,351Pete FalconeJerry ReussJerry ReussPete Falcone 353401-48
1979-07-24@ SFN94W  6-541-53624,821Kevin KobelJohn MontefuscoWayne TwitchellPedro BorbonTom Hausman359406-47
1979-07-25@ SFN95W  3-042-53611,497Craig SwanBob KnepperCraig SwanBob Knepper 362406-44
1979-07-26vs CHN96L  2-942-5464,315 Tom HausmanMike KrukowMike KrukowTom Hausman 364415-51
1979-07-27vs CHN97L  2-442-55613,144 Dock EllisLynn McGlothenDick TidrowDock EllisBruce Sutter366419-53
1979-07-28vs CHN98W  6-443-55611,359 Pete FalconeKen HoltzmanPete FalconeKen HoltzmanNeil Allen372423-51
1979-07-29vs CHN99W  4-044-55627,605 Kevin KobelDennis LampKevin KobelDennis LampEd Glynn376423-47
1979-07-30@ PIT100L  5-844-56611,837Craig SwanJohn CandelariaGrant JacksonDwight BernardKent Tekulve381431-50
1979-07-31@ PIT101W  2-145-56610,739Tom HausmanBert BlylevenWayne TwitchellBert BlylevenEd Glynn383432-49
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-08-01vs PHI102L  6-945-57612,295 Dock EllisDickie NolesDickie NolesDock EllisRawly Eastwick389441-52
1979-08-02vs PHI103L  4-746-5860 Andy HasslerRandy LerchRon ReedAndy Hassler 393448-55
1979-08-02vs PHI104W  2-146-58615,319 Pete FalconeKevin SaucierPete FalconeKevin SaucierNeil Allen395449-54
1979-08-03@ MON105L  6-1046-59628,734Kevin KobelSteve RogersStan BahnsenDale Murray 401459-58
1979-08-04@ MON106W  3-247-59632,108Craig SwanBill LeeCraig SwanBill LeeNeil Allen404461-57
1979-08-05@ MON107W  4-248-6060Dock EllisRoss GrimsleyDock EllisRoss GrimsleyEd Glynn408463-55
1979-08-05@ MON108L  3-748-60646,613Wayne TwitchellDavid PalmerRudy MayWayne Twitchell 411470-59
1979-08-07vs SLN109L  2-948-6260 Kevin KobelJohn FulghamJohn FulghamKevin Kobel 413479-66
1979-08-07vs SLN110L  1-248-62610,651 Pete FalconeRoy ThomasRoy ThomasPete FalconeWill McEnaney414481-67
1979-08-08vs SLN111L  4-848-63610,024 Andy HasslerPete VuckovichPete VuckovichAndy Hassler 418489-71
1979-08-09vs SLN112L  0-448-6468,327 Dock EllisJohn DennyJohn DennyDock Ellis 418493-75
1979-08-10vs MON113W  7-149-6560 Craig SwanRoss GrimsleyCraig SwanRoss Grimsley 425494-69
1979-08-10vs MON114L  5-649-6569,161 Dwight BernardDavid PalmerDavid PalmerDwight BernardElias Sosa430500-70
1979-08-11vs MON115L  2-549-6669,764 Pete FalconeDan SchatzederDan SchatzederPete Falcone 432505-73
1979-08-14@ ATL116W  18-550-6665,770Dock EllisTony BrizzolaraAndy HasslerTony Brizzolara 450510-60
1979-08-15@ ATL117W  6-351-6665,120Craig SwanMickey MahlerCraig SwanMickey MahlerNeil Allen456513-57
1979-08-16@ ATL118W  6-352-6667,397Pete FalconePhil NiekroPete FalconePhil NiekroNeil Allen462516-54
1979-08-17@ CIN119L  3-452-67632,854Kevin KobelTom SeaverTom HumeDale Murray 465520-55
1979-08-18@ CIN120L  3-452-68637,694Andy HasslerMike LaCossMike LaCossNeil Allen 468524-56
1979-08-19@ CIN121L  5-652-69634,765Dock EllisBill BonhamDoug BairDale MurrayTom Hume473530-57
1979-08-20vs HOU122L  1-852-70610,922 Craig SwanJoe NiekroJoe NiekroCraig Swan 474538-64
1979-08-21vs HOU123W  5-053-7069,337 Pete FalconeFrank LaCortePete FalconeFrank LaCorte 479538-59
1979-08-22vs HOU124L  1-353-71610,477 Kevin KobelJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardKevin Kobel 480541-61
1979-08-24vs CIN125L  0-153-72612,057 Ray BurrisBill BonhamBill BonhamNeil AllenTom Hume480542-62
1979-08-25vs CIN126L  4-853-73616,635 Craig SwanFred NormanDoug BairJeff Reardon 484550-66
1979-08-26vs CIN127L  0-853-74620,619 Pete FalconeTom SeaverTom SeaverPete Falcone 484558-74
1979-08-27vs ATL128L  1-553-7565,474 Kevin KobelEddie SolomonEddie SolomonKevin Kobel 485563-78
1979-08-28vs ATL129L  4-653-7666,586 Dock EllisPhil NiekroPhil NiekroDock EllisJoey McLaughlin489569-80
1979-08-29vs ATL130L  4-553-7766,602 Ray BurrisRick MatulaRick MatulaRay BurrisJoey McLaughlin493574-81
1979-08-31@ HOU131L  0-253-78619,883Craig SwanKen ForschKen ForschCraig SwanJoe Sambito493576-83
DateOpponentGame#ResultRecordRankAttNYN PitcherOpp PitcherWin PitcherLose PitcherSv PitcherRFRADiff
1979-09-01@ HOU132L  1-353-79623,573Pete FalconeJ.R. RichardJ.R. RichardPete Falcone 494579-85
1979-09-02@ HOU133W  5-454-79614,215Kevin KobelJoaquin AndujarKevin KobelRandy NiemannNeil Allen499583-84
1979-09-03@ MON134L  2-754-8160Ray BurrisBill LeeBill LeeRay BurrisStan Bahnsen501590-89
1979-09-03@ MON135L  5-654-81648,366Juan BerenguerScott SandersonBill AtkinsonNeil Allen 506596-90
1979-09-04@ MON136L  1-554-82614,064Dock EllisRudy MayRudy MayDock EllisBill Atkinson507601-94
1979-09-06@ PHI137W  5-355-8360Tom HausmanNino EspinosaEd GlynnNino EspinosaAndy Hassler512604-92
1979-09-06@ PHI138L  1-255-83621,091Pete FalconeRandy LerchRandy LerchPete FalconeRawly Eastwick513606-93
1979-09-07vs PIT139L  4-655-8468,290 Craig SwanJohn CandelariaGrant JacksonNeil Allen 517612-95
1979-09-08vs PIT140W  3-256-8468,095 Kevin KobelBert BlylevenDock EllisJim Rooker 520614-94
1979-09-09vs PIT141L  5-656-8569,093 Ray BurrisBruce KisonKent TekulveEd Glynn 525620-95
1979-09-11vs PHI142L  2-556-8664,713 Pete FalconeNino EspinosaNino EspinosaPete FalconeRawly Eastwick527625-98
1979-09-12vs PHI143L  0-456-8764,158 Craig SwanRandy LerchRandy LerchCraig Swan 527629-102
1979-09-13vs PHI144L  1-256-8863,890 Juan BerenguerSteve CarltonSteve CarltonJuan BerenguerTug McGraw528631-103
1979-09-15@ PIT145L  4-556-89618,060Kevin KobelBert BlylevenDave RobertsEd GlynnKent Tekulve532636-104
1979-09-16@ PIT146W  3-057-89625,364Pete FalconeJohn CandelariaPete FalconeJohn CandelariaNeil Allen535636-101
1979-09-18vs CHN147L  0-257-9160 John PacellaRick ReuschelRick ReuschelJohn PacellaBruce Sutter535638-103
1979-09-18vs CHN148L  1-257-9164,233 Juan BerenguerBill CaudillDick TidrowNeil AllenBruce Sutter536640-104
1979-09-19vs MON149L  1-357-9360 Craig SwanRoss GrimsleyRoss GrimsleyCraig SwanWoodie Fryman537643-106
1979-09-19vs MON150L  1-457-9364,973 Tom HausmanRudy MayRudy MayTom Hausman 538647-109
1979-09-20vs MON151L  3-657-9560 Kevin KobelDan SchatzederDale MurrayJeff Reardon 541653-112
1979-09-20vs MON152L  0-257-9564,229 Mike ScottScott SandersonScott SandersonMike Scott 541655-114
1979-09-22vs SLN153L  3-657-9760 John PacellaJohn DennyJohn DennyJohn PacellaRoy Thomas544661-117
1979-09-22vs SLN154L  2-357-9768,492 Pete FalconeBob ForschBob ForschPete Falcone 546664-118
1979-09-23vs SLN155L  4-757-98627,033 Juan BerenguerJohn UrreaMark LittellAndy Hassler 550671-121
1979-09-24@ CHN156W  3-158-9863,278Craig SwanDennis LampCraig SwanDennis Lamp 553672-119
1979-09-25@ CHN157L  3-1159-9960Mike ScottLynn McGlothenLynn McGlothenMike Scott 556683-127
1979-09-25@ CHN158W  4-359-9965,559Kevin KobelBill CaudillNeil AllenDick TidrowAndy Hassler560686-126
1979-09-26@ CHN159W  8-360-9965,827Tom HausmanDonnie MooreTom HausmanDonnie Moore 568689-121
1979-09-28@ SLN160W  6-262-9960Juan BerenguerTom BrunoJuan BerenguerTom BrunoJeff Reardon574691-117
1979-09-28@ SLN161W  7-662-9969,245Pete FalconeJohn UrreaNeil AllenGeorge FrazierAndy Hassler581697-116
1979-09-29@ SLN162W  8-763-9969,001Craig SwanBob SykesCraig SwanBob SykesNeil Allen589704-115
1979-09-30@ SLN163W  4-264-99613,618John PacellaSilvio MartinezRoy Lee JacksonMark LittellJeff Reardon593706-113

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